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2022-05-15 New Zealand Maori Party Frightened of "White Supremacist" Flyers


Just further proof that It's NOT Alright to be White in New Zealand ...

--- Quote from: New Zealand Maori Supremacist Party ---Te Pāti Māori says for safety reasons and concerns about white supremacist hate speech it won't stand any candidates in the upcoming Tauranga byelection.

"A Department of Internal Affairs Report published in April this year confirmed that hate speech from white supremacists on social media is the largest form of hate speech in this country," Te Pāti Māori president Che Wilson said.

"Tauranga is a hotspot," he added.

"The first hate-speech conviction and the belittling of te reo Māori at a public event took place in Tauranga, Tauranga residents have been subjected to white supremacist leaflet drops."

He said the party wanted a more just and Tiriti-centric Aotearoa.

"By standing in the byelection, we would be consciously sending our people into an unsafe environment and can only imagine how hard this is for our whanaunga and iwi of Tauranga Moana."
--- End quote ---

News Headings

 * Tauranga byelection: Te Pāti Māori says white supremacists and hate speech make it unsafe to stand candidate
 * Te Pāti Māori won't stand a candidate in Tauranga by-election
 * Tauranga by-election: 'Absolutely no evidence' to back up Te Pāti Māori decision
 * Te Pāti Māori says it will not stand a candidate in Tauranga by-election
 * Tūkākī reveals ‘horrific abuse’ he receives over NZ’s hotspot of racism

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