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2022-04-21 New Zealand Members of Parliament Targeted by White Supremacist Flyer

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They might be white skinned, but these duly elected Members of New Zealand's Parliament are outright Black Supremacists with a hatred for those who dare to entertain the heretical belief that It's Alright to be White ...

Labour MPs Jan Tinetti, Angie Warren-Clark's office targeted for white supremacist flyers

New Zealand Herald | 21 April 2022

White supremacist flyers have been pasted to the shared office of Labour list MPs Jan Tinetti and Angie Warren-Clark.

And a researcher says the recent growth in vitriol and misogyny of such bullying attacks on centre-left and woman politicians is "very concerning".

The flyers were the same as those distributed in Matua two weeks ago, and were headlined "it's all right to be white".

Tinetti, who is Minister for Women, and Internal Affairs, told the Bay of Plenty Times one of her staff members arrived at the office on Tuesday morning and had to remove three flyers pasted to the windows.

Is it Alright to be White? Not so say MP's

"I am disgusted that people think that that's okay to put that sort of information out there. It is not okay [to be White], and it is certainly not something that we want to see whatsoever.

"Those are not values that anybody that I've been associated with, or the Labour Party, or anyone in that office is associated with whatsoever.

"In fact, we find it quite abhorrent and quite distressing that anybody would [It's Alright to be White] think like that."

She said it was "absolutely appalling behaviour that even they've [the flyers] been created in the first place".

Tinetti's message for those who had pasted the flyers was that their behaviour was "seriously wrong".

"You are talking against people who are my friends, and friends of this community, and community members. Stop it now."

Tinetti thought she may have been targeted by those with white supremacist views "because we will be vocal against it".

She thought those who were spreading the flyers wanted it to seem as if this was something the community believed in, "and we know that that's just not the case at all".

"I do believe it's a very tiny minority of people who think [It's Alright to be White] like this ... it's good that the vast majority of people stand solidly against this sort of nonsense."

She said it was incumbent on people in her situation "to publicly come out and talk against this, and why this is so abhorrent".

"We need to talk in support of them [our Māori whānau in Tauranga], and talk in support of their whakapapa and who they are."

But Tinetti also understood it may be too distressing for some to address topics like this.

"If you are in that position that you can do that, do it, but if it's that distressing for you, just ignore it, because we don't want to add fuel to the fire."

She urged the Tauranga community to "stand united" against the behaviour and views.

Angie Warren-Clark said she "felt sorry" for the people who "felt the need" to post the flyers.

"It is this kind of behaviour that shows that these people and their groups are in the minority of New Zealanders.

"We know that the majority don't condone or support this kind of behaviour."

She said she thought their office was targeted "as we're pretty obviously supportive of the advancement of true partnership under Te Tiriti and addressing inequity."

"We've all had a really difficult time over the last two years with COVID-19. People are divided in their beliefs, and there's heightened anxiety and anger amongst a small minority... racism is a cheap opportunity to divide us and Jan and I call it out for what it is."

Warren-Clark encouraged the community to stand up to racism in any way they can, such as by not laughing at racist jokes and studying New Zealand history.

She said those who left the flyers should "come and have a talk and let's see if we have some common ground".

"Also, it would be pretty embarrassing to you if we had to go through CCTV footage to track you down if this behaviour continues."

Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley at Massey University, who has monitored white supremacist groups for decades, said putting up targeted posters or messages was a typical strategy.

"In the last few years, politicians, especially on the centre-left, have been targeted and especially female politicians. The vitriol and misogyny of these attacks has grown considerably in the last two to three years and is very concerning. It is a form of intimidation and bullying," he said.

"It is important to understand that these activists are small in number but they can cause harm and undermine the safety of politicians."

Spoonley said it was important for the Tauranga community to "affirm the importance of respect for those who take on a political job".

"We should always say it is okay to disagree with policies and decisions but do not attack the person, especially if you are not prepared to front and own up to your views."

Race relations commissioner Meng Foon said the ideals expressed in the flyer "have no place in Aotearoa New Zealand".

He called on the authorities to use "the full force of the law and their powers to address this ongoing issue".

"In the meantime, the community should come together and condemn such behaviour and but also unite under the realisation that the wider public is living harmoniously and welcome diversity in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.

"Tauranga Moana iwi are tangata whenua and kaitiaki of the rohe and have made a great contribution to the wellbeing of all there. Other community groups have also done positive work in the area and none deserve to be targeted or belittled in any way."

He said he hoped to visit Tauranga soon, and wanted to speak to as many people as possible to "resolve some of the animosity, no matter how widespread or not the distributors of such inappropriate and racist messages are".

Jan Tinetti can be emailed at:

Gallery Link;id=3099

On Facebook, people are clamouring to know what was said on the "White Supremacist Flyers". We have also been told that Facebook/NZ Govt Censors are deleting comments that don't fit the anti-White agenda. NZ Government and the MSM are hiding the information that the flyers simply said "It's Alright to be White." People don't like being lied to.

They left one person to rightly question the narrative. We wonder how long his posts will remain? He's already being personally attacked for merely asking questions. Will NZ Police soon be paying him a visit? UPDATE: They deleted his posts and others that they didn't approve of. The Government Narrative is BLACK LIVES MATTER. If you suggest otherwise, you too will be CENSORED.

From what we could see - that weren't already deleted - we selected a reasonable amount of posts to copy and paste in order to give you an idea of the balance in comments. Of the posts you can see below, half have already been deleted.

People are Not happy, Jan.

Jan Tinetti MP
On Tuesday one of my staff arrived at work to find white supremacist flyers pasted on our Greerton office windows, the same flyers that have been circulated in the suburb of Matua. The actions of these people will not deter me in speaking out against racism when I see and hear it. The actions of this group, whoever they are, appall me and I know they are not reflective of our community.

* * * *
Jan Tinetti MP
A reminder - racist comments will be deleted and those that post them, blocked from this page. I have no time for racists.
Creator Comment: According to Jan Tinetti, a "Racist Comment" is saying that It's Alright to be White or White Lives Matter. Your democratically elected MP is the very person that is censoring your comments as if it was already Illegal to be White.

Whitney Davis
We were so appalled to get one of these in our letterbox, disgusting rhetoric and there’s no place for it in our community ☹️

Daniel Tither - Politics
Whitney Davis What did they say?

Beverley Dibble
I phoned the Police last week. They are taking it very seriously and welcome further reports.

Daniel Tither - Politics
Beverley Dibble I hope it's something worth taking seriously then. The p*lice have already shown to have the wrong priorities this year.

Beverley Dibble
Daniel Tither - Politics Yes it’s worth taking seriously. The offices Labour MP , Jan Tinetti, have had these flyers pasted all over their windows. Have you even seen these flyers or have any idea just who these people are.? Google Wiki on The Church of Creativity if you’re interested.

Daniel Tither - Politics
Beverley Dibble I don't take Labour or Jan seriously though. Or people who talk about s*xism one week then r*cism the next. I mean, grow up!

Carolyn Buchanan
Like the BNP in the UK these folk are truly scary ☹️☹️

Roger Peddle
Jan, sorry to hear this, any sort of racism is appalling. I notice with interest your comment that it won’t stop you speaking out against racism when you see it, I admire this statement. Can I ask you please talk to the PM, Willie Jackson, Nania Mahuta and Tamati Cofey for starters as they would have to be the most racist people in New Zealand. In my opinion there is no justification for anything less than one person one vote equally as written in Article 3 of the Treaty of Waitangi. ie; true democracy which co governance doesn’t provide. However all credit to you IF you are going to do something about it. I look forward to your comments.

Alana Bennett
Jan, this has been going around now for approximately 3 weeks, what is being done about it (if anything) from a government level? Given what happened in Chch we know the extent these lunatics will go so why a we not taking it a step further and revoking residency and sending them back to where they came from (if and when caught) = zero tolerance. These people don’t belong in Aotearoa

Daniel Tither - Politics
Alana Bennett Relating this to Christchurch is pure fantasy. You do not solve problems by running on fantastical ideas that have no basis in reality.

Gregory Bradbury-Reardon
Shouldn’t be hard for the police to figure out whom is behind it… only need to look to the followers & admin of the TRA group & the culprit(s) will be found - so they better watch themselves.

Robert Anderson
Roger Peddle That will get a few out wetting their panties and telling you off. But its quite correct. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. Sadly Timeti and others would only allow their view of the world which is hardly freedom of speech. I would actually like to see a copy of this posted p for the rest of us to read. . Lots of whinging and moaning in an attempt to silence others.

Oh look who wrote the article, everyone's favourite Black Supremacist journalist and former university lecturer Talia Parker. And lo and behold, they quoted from everyone's other favourite anti-White, university professor, Paul Spoonley. He just couldn't hold back from getting his anti-White opinion in the paper again.

Same anti-White circle jerk, different article we sure didn't see that coming. Much more Activism on its way.

Tamaki antifa, don't cry to much. Your boss Spoonley and your George Soros money still can't stop our Message and Recruitment.

What is racist about the poster? “It’s Alright to be White”?!

Apparently the slogan was fabricated by evil Nazis so they want to distance themselves?! I guess “White Lives Matter more than Black Lives” could be the next flyer? Next big thing to stir them up.

As for that White woman politician.. she needs to have a White bloke knock her up a few times and raise some kids instead of sitting around that office! Be best of use that way!


--- Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 23 April 2022 at 00:23 ---I guess “White Lives Matter more than Black Lives” could be the next flyer? Next big thing to stir them up.
--- End quote ---


White Version:;id=2874
Black Version:;id=3103
White Lives Matter flyers have already gone out along with the "It's Alright to be White" in NZ, and the government, MSM, Marxist university dwellers and Heap Big Chief Maori Elite have all denounced the message, crying "THAT'S RACIST!".


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