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Author Topic: 2019-05-15 New Zealand: Attempt to Shut Down White Political Dissent

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Facebook moves to curb ‘live’ function after Christchurch massacre

The tech giant has announced how it will respond to the fury unleashed by the Christchurch terror attack video it was slow to remove.

Andrew Koubaridis | News Ltd (Australia) | 15 May 2019

Facebook has finally announced its response to the worldwide anger following the New Zealand terror attack and vowed to place restrictions on its popular Live feature.

An Australian white supremacist MARXIST ANARCHIST filmed himself shooting dozens of Muslims worshipping in a Christchurch mosque with the footage streamed live over Facebook for 17 minutes. It was then widely shared, despite New Zealand authorities urging Facebook and other social media companies to take action.

Fifty-one people died in the March 15 attack and dozens of others were wounded.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has joined forces with French President Emmanuel Macron to co-chair a summit in Paris today with an aim to co-ordinate international efforts to stop social media being used to organise and promote terrorism - an initiative dubbed “the Christchurch Call”.

Facebook today said there would be a “one-strike policy” banning those who violate new Facebook Live rules.

In a statement, Facebook said that anyone sharing “violating content” - like a statement from a terrorist group without context - would be blocked from using Facebook Live for a set period, possibly up to a month.

The tech giant has promised to extend the new restrictions to other areas of its business in the coming weeks, including to advertisers.

Facebook has also pledged money towards new research partnerships that would automatically detect banned content, after some users bypassed existing detection systems by uploading edited versions of the Christchurch attacks, which allowed the video to stay online longer and reach a bigger audience.

“Our goal is to minimise risk of abuse on Live while enabling people to use Live in a positive way every day,” the statement said.

Eventually 1.5m copies of the video had to be removed by Facebook.

Speaking from Paris, Ms Ardern said it was a “good first step”.

She said she herself inadvertently saw the Christchurch attacker’s video when it played automatically in her Facebook feed.

“There is a lot more work to do, but I am pleased Facebook has taken additional steps today ... and look forward to a long-term collaboration to make social media safer,” she said in a statement.

Twitter, Google, Microsoft and several other companies are also taking part, along with the leaders of Britain, France, Canada, Ireland, Senegal, Indonesia, Jordan and the European Union.

Officials at Facebook said they support the idea of the Christchurch appeal, but that details need to be worked out that are acceptable for all parties. Free-speech advocates and some in the tech industry bristle at new restrictions and argue that violent extremism is a societal problem that the tech world can’t solve.

Ms Ardern and Mr Macron both insist that it must involve joint efforts between governments and tech giants. France has been hit by repeated Islamic extremist attacks by groups who recruited and shared violent images on social networks.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the meetings, Ms Ardern said, “There will be of course those who will be pushing to make sure that they maintain the commercial sensitivity. We don’t need to know their trade secrets, but we do need to know what the impacts might be on our societies around algorithm use.” She stressed the importance of tackling “coded language” that extremists use to avoid detection.

Before the Christchurch attack, she said, governments took a “traditional approach to terrorism that would not necessarily have picked up the form of terrorism that New Zealand experienced on the 15th of March, and that was white supremacy.”

Meanwhile, Ms Ardern told reporters extremist groups use code words online to radicalise new recruits, hooking them with innocent terms with the intent on eventually brainwashing them, Newshub reported.

Governments and social media companies keep databases of the terms being used, which include: RAHOWA: an acronym for “Radical Holy War”, Gazillion: a holocaust denial term implying the number killed was made up, women might be called “femoids” or Female Humanoid Organisms - because they’re considered sub-human.

“It’s coded for a reason to try and avoid those kinds of interventions,” Ardern said.

Correcting the MSM: There is no so-called "code".
RAHOWA is an acronym for "Racial Holy War" - A phrase coined by Ben Klassen.
Gazillion is a normal every-day word used to exaggerate numbers - See Link;
Gorillion is mocking the HoloHOAX.
Fembots was made up for Austen Powers movies based on Star Trek;
Femoids is a natural extension of Fembots - Both can be used in reference to toxic feminism.

The meeting in Paris will run in parallel to an initiative launched by Mr Macron called “Tech for Good” which will bring together 80 tech chiefs to discuss how to harness technologies for the common good.

The heads of Wikipedia, Uber, Twitter and Google will attend, but not Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who held private one-to-one talks with Macron last week.

Leaders, tech giants vow to curb violence

Tech giants including Facebook and Google have joined with world leaders in an agreement aimed at keeping internet platforms from being used to spread hate.

Sylvie Corbet and Kelvin Chan | News Ltd (Australia) | 16 May 2019

Extract: The agreement, which was drafted by the French and New Zealand governments, aims to prevent similar abuses of the internet while insisting that any actions must preserve "the principles of a free, open and secure internet, without compromising human rights and fundamental freedoms".

The call was adopted by US tech companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube, along with France's Qwant and DailyMotion, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she herself inadvertently saw the Christchurch attacker's video when it played automatically in her Facebook feed.

Tech giants promise clampdown on WHITE extremism – but fail to say how or when: Google, Facebook and Twitter among firms announcing plans to help eliminate online violence after meeting world leaders in wake of Christchurch massacre broadcast

Extract: An Islamic group is even suing Facebook and YouTube for hosting footage of the New Zealand terror attack.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith is using laws that prohibit 'broadcasting a message with violent content abetting terrorism' in its attempt, made after the shootings in March. 
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