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Title: 2019-02-19 Texas: Hate Groups on the Rise
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Hate groups on the rise in US and Texas, civil rights center finds

Julian Gill | Chron (https://www.chron.com/) - Huston Texas | 19 February 2019


A virulently Black Supremacist Hate Group protests a lone innocent
White man going about his business with a Confederate rag on his head

Excerpt: Among the 55 groups identified in 2018, 14 were located in Houston, including the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, Proud Boys and A Voice For Men.

The report emphasized a surge in white supremacist anger.

"In the U.S., white supremacist anger reached a fever pitch last year as hysteria over losing a white-majority nation to demographic change and a presumed lack of political will to stop it engulfed the movement," according to a summary of the report.

The report added that white supremacists being forced away from mainstream web platforms, President Donald Trump's failure to build a wall, and a surge of Democratic victories in the midterm elections all partially contributed to the surge in hate groups.

The slideshow (at source) includes the major Texas hate groups identified in the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate map," which was updated this week, according to SPLC officials.

Several hate groups on the map were not included in the slideshow, such as A Voice For Men, Asatru Folk Assembly, Black Riders Liberation Party, Concerned Christian Citizens, The Creativity Alliance, Free American, G416 Patriots and Great Millstone.

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