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Author Topic: 2011-10-11 Australia: Creators a Threat to "National Security"

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Re: 2011-10-11 Australia: Creators a Threat to "National Security"
« Reply #5 on: 14 October 2011 at 11:09 »
As long as we are around ZOG will try to break us. But we need to keep to the teachings and keep our talk and actions legal. This way not only will it make it hard to break us, but it will make others who hear or see us more sympathetic to our aims. Harts and minds are what we need to convert
Its the only way to grow.

Very well said Brother!


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Re: 2011-10-11 Australia: Creators a Threat to "National Security"
« Reply #6 on: 14 October 2011 at 22:21 »
To Thine own self be true, if we show ourselves to be law abiding then we present as a more attractive organization for people to join. Alot have children and jobs and would not want to risk that for an organization which openly promoted violence and unlawful activities. Only by our own actions can we influence others to inquire.

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Re: 2011-10-11 Australia: Creators a Threat to "National Security"
« Reply #7 on: 31 October 2011 at 04:05 »

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''[The anti-fascist movement] aims to confront those it identifies as fascists, including some of the nationalist and racist extremist groups also of interest to ASIO,'' it states.
In Australia, the JOG doesn't actively look for people like us. That would be political persecution! No, what it does is wait for the reds to identify us as "fascists,"  the media to publish as part of their ongoing Hate Whitey Campaign, and then comes the obligatory knee-jerk demands from the political quarter followed by persecution from the political police.
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The next five years will be challenging both at home and abroad and will be characterised by:
radicalisation trends internationally and in Australia, which will influence the evolution of terrorism;
the potential for violent protest, nationalist/racist extremism and communal violence;


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The same story on page 27 of The Advertiser (Adelaide) gives mention of Blood & Honour, Church of Creativity SA, AFP, PYL, ANM and the KKK as being 'Far Right Groups in Australia'.

 It just goes to show how low the media and ZOG will stoop to try and discredit the cause of Racialists & Nationalism in Australia and its so blantantly obvious its almost laughable.

 Then again we all knew they would try and invent that connection sooner or later.

If life wasn't so perfect in our wonderful, freedom loving, democratic land Downunder, I'd swear that from the way the system works, it appears that it might not be ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE!  :o

See this article by Jim Saleam of Australia First Party

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Re: 2011-10-11 Australia: Creators a Threat to "National Security"
« Reply #8 on: 31 October 2011 at 09:28 »
Look at the world. Africa is full of aids the  muslim countries are in the middle of in civil war, The jews under pressure to give ground.
why do we need to do anything but wait, let the mud races * themselves up.
It might not be as fast as we like but it will be a whiter and brighter future. as long as we keep to the teachings ZOG can only sit and whine, keep to the law. Keep to the teachings. and watch them all tear each other apart   
as we watch laugh and grow stronger.
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