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Description: Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden used NIGGER 13 times while quoting others during in a 1985 hearing. Biden was caught on video twice using NIGGER: “We already have a NIGGER mayor (in New Orleans), and we don’t need another NIGGER bigshot.”

Next Video: Who's Dumber: Biden or Mr Burns? (put your answer in the comments).

Watch CNN’s Anderson Pooper help Biden through a boring town hall. I watched it so you don’t have to and bring you his best worst moments.

President Joe Biden, by order of his rancid Kamala Toe, has put out an APB for this child; described by Homeland Security as White, Terrorist and wearing the FROG uniform of the Alt-White ...

If seen, do not approach. May contain dangerous verbal views or be in possession of Its ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE flyers.

Not all fun and games.  Dim wit Biden has installed another Jew in a high position.


Believe he is short of a full deck. Thinks he can establish new laws by just signing executive orders, of which he holds the record for a new president. All signed one or two orders in their first few months.  Biden has signed 32 in just a few days.



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