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"Racist" TV: Bunker, Booth, Bullpit & Alf Garnett

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Note: These programs were designed to show that the White man that thinks racially or is racially aware is a total fool. Blacks, fags and poofs are normal. Here's the birth of your SJW society, brought to you by the BBC, American TV and last but no least, Australian TV.

Each of these TV shows has the same theme: A father that speaks plainly. His wife is sensitive to modern thought, but cares for her husband. The kids are adults and don't approve of their racist daddy. With Love Thy Neighbour, the kids as foils are replaced by Nig-Nogs next door.

 - First came the UK's Alf Garnett with Till Death Us Do Part - 1965
 - Then America copied Alf with their own Archie Bunker in All In The Family - 1971
 - The UK upped the racial comedy it with Eddie Booth & Sambo in Love They Neighbour - 1972
 - And Australia had Ted Bullpitt with the Bloody Wog & Neville the concrete Aboriginal in Kingswood Country - 1980
 - Curry & Chips with Spike Milligan as Paki Paddy (Another UK offshoot of Till Death)

Watch, enjoy and remember the days when the Anti-Racist lessons could be ignored and laughed at!

Eddie Booth: Love Thy Neighbour (UK)

Voice-Over: "The fun characters.
"A big mouthed White Honky ... A huge grinning Nig-Nog"

Ted Bullpitt: Kingswood Country (Australia)
Australia needed its own Alf Garnett/Till Death ... (See Below)

Why Kingswood Country? GM Australia made the Kingswood in the 70's. If it was American, it'd be Chevelle Country.

Kingswood Country TV Show

Kingswood Country Comedy Sketches from The Naked Vicar Show
The TV show was based on these
(And Alf Garnett)

Alf Garnett: Till Death Us Do Part (UK)
America's All In The Family was Hollywood's copy of this

Archie Bunker: All in the Family (USA)

Updated: Watch all the videos get banned because some Hebe monitors our site and bans everything from YouTube, DailyMotion and the rest that we publish ... But we can update them.

Love Thy Neighbour in Australia


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