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Eurovision Joke Contest

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Sat 13 May 2017

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Eurovision Song Contest was once something people ... Okay, other people thought was the most important event of the year in the European calendar; but times have changed. Ever since a bearded cross-dressing mud freak won Eurovision - not for its singing talent, but rather for being a non-White cross-dressing freak - the contest has become a free for all ... free for ridicule.

It's the third year since the Europeans for Downunder, Australia has been allowed to participate, and this year, an Australian gatecrasher looks to be the popular winner.

Although the official winner is expected to be Israel's entrant ??? The Jew Man Group.

The Jew Man Group
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No, they are saying the gatecrasher was a Ukrainian serial pest.
Imagine if AC/DC was Australia's entry? Angus might do something like that?

If it was just as easy as this meme suggests, We'd have the answers to our trouble!No chink
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