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Who Stole the Damn Books!


A.H. PureGenius:
Okay, this is old news, but I like to be accurate in my knowledge of the going ons in around the Creativity Religion. I think it is always good to know who the traitors are and stay away from them forever. I remember years ago reading that somebody stole 4100 Creator Holy Books in Montana back around 2003 or 2004. I remember the person was eventually figured out. Could anybody tell me the persons name?

Good question. And everyone needs to know the answer to that: The books were stolen by "JR" as the Montana (in)Human Rights Network called him in an effort to protect his identity, but we know him as “Karl” John Haase.

--- Quote from: Creator History ---Finally in December, the Northwest Church of the Creator dissolves. The Missoula based Northwest Church of the Creator was separate from the Illinois based World Church of the Creator (See 29 AC above). At its head were Reverends Slim Deardorff, Dan Hassett as HP and Dane Hall of California as Church Leader. Soon after, Reverend Hassett left and “Karl” John Haase took over as Hasta Primus. In an act of treachery, Haase stole the key to storage facility containing thousands of first print Creator Holy Books and sold them to the Montana Human Rights Network for the sum of $300 and a bus ticket out of the state. The local sheriff’s office were complicit in the crime as they had helped to facilitate the deal. Montana Human Rights Network in a sacrilegious act of hatred turns thousands of books into a so-called art exhibit called Speaking Volumes Art: Transforming Hate.
--- End quote ---

Discussion: Over 4,000 of our Books Destroyed & Desecrated in Creativity in the News,3322.0.html

A.H. PureGenius:
Thanks! Rahowa!

Nature's curse upon him and lets hope he gets his comeuppance.

Scum like that rarely live long.


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