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Video: Promotion of the book "Theology Of Hate: A History of the WCOTC"

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This book "Theology of Hate" nearly got by me. It was published in July of this year by a fellow with the unfortunate name of George Michael (no not the same one). I have read everything that even mentions Creativity and I must admit it is pretty fair and accurate. I read nearly all the sources that Mr. Michael used so there were not too many surprises. Unfortunately he cites Dave & Neta Jackson's "No Random Act" quite heavily.
A good thumbnail history, some interesting facts, a short read. Objective as Mr. Michael is, I have not been able to ascertain where his loyalty is or where his money goes. To be on the safe side do not purchase this book. You can get it from your local library if they have an Interlibrary Loan service (ILL). If your library doesn't have it, chances are a local college or university will.
If you are curious about "No Random Act" it is a half fiction at best, filled with the nauseating history of the August Smith incident. Do not buy this book under any circumstances unless you find it on the side of the road for free. Any library can get you this one as well.

Its insane how anyone could be bothered buying or reading this book. I would expect it to outsell our own Holy Books. Its just like people want to ingest lies and poison instead of finding things out for themselves.


--- Quote from: Reverend Albert on 23 May 2010 at 23:02 ---Its insane how anyone could be bothered buying or reading this book. I would expect it to outsell our own Holy Books. Its just like people want to ingest lies and poison instead of finding things out for themselves.
--- End quote ---
That is the case with much of the literary industry now. People would much prefer reading an "exclusive" or gloss over on a topic or issue, than actually read a primary source or a scholarly, researched publication. For example, the growing "unofficial biography" writers getting around, making up all sorts of rubbish about people, yet they make heaps of money doing so. People would rather read some rubbish 200pg diatribe claiming to be an authoritative account of Hitler's true beliefs, than actually pick up a copy of Mein Kampf and draw their own conclusions.

This is largely stemming from the educational system, especially with the "Power of Google" offering young people a brief summary of any topic in the world, written by any nobody researcher. The ability to research primary and secondary sources is quickly being eliminated from the school curriculum, leaving our youth highly disadvantaged and unable to deeply research important topics and issues.


How was the book Brother Cochran?
Keep an eye on this website for the Podcast of this programme.

The reports from one of our brothers in the USA that watched the programme today are:

George Michael made PME Hale look like a total fool.
Much of the programme revolved around the Lefkow murders which no Creator had anything to do with.
He gloats that by 2050 the "right wing" will be destroyed and replaced with multiculturalism.

From that, we can ascertain where Mr Michael's loyalty stands and where his money goes.


Theology of Hate?

Saturday I caught the last half of a talk on C-SPAN's weekend Booknotes. The author, George Michael, discussed his 2009 book, Theology of Hate: A History of the World Church of the Creator. Michael teaches at a small Virginia college and was giving his talk at some VA bookstore. He is a court historian, at best. His "history" reinforces the standard boilerplate establishment anti-White viewpoint, as is summed up in Michael's title, Theology of Hate. From what I saw of the talk, Michael's information is accurate, but heavily biased against Creativity.

The book is still way overpriced at $45 from Amazon, new or used, so it's probably intended to be a college textbook rather than for the general market. Some Creator should purchase the book and give a proper Creator's review. There are no reviews as yet for Theology of Hate at Amazon.

I couldn't figure out how to view the show on C-SPAN's Web site, but found the following blurb here:

About the Program:
 George Michael talks about the history of the World Church of the Creator (now known as the Creativity Movement), a white supremacist organization that has been convicted of multiple acts of racial violence, including murder.  He spoke at  Tales of the Lonesome Pine Used Bookstore in Big Stone Gap, VA.   
About the Authors
 George Michael is an associate professor of political science at the University of Virginia's College at Wise.  He is the author of "Willis Carto and the American Far Right" and "The Enemy of My Enemy."    


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