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Most will find this amazing, but many elements of modern Nazism actually began one hundred years ago, in 1898 France of all places! The French government, publishing, and finance at the time were being widely infiltrated by the Jews (sound familiar?), but many proud Frenchmen and women organized openly in "Anti-Semitic Leagues" against the horror. One woman in particular, the Countess of Martel, was a fabulously successful writer under the pen name of "Gyp" who began composing Anti-Jewish novels, while openly begging in the new Anti-Semitic press for some general with the balls to stage a coup.

Her classic characters from this period included: "Baron Wildswine", "Sant-Satan", "Slimererai", Messrs. "Pickledpork" and "Monopoly", Rabbi Moloch-Rahab, and the Judaskiss Brothers. She rewrote the French National Anthem (the Marseillaise) to a new Anti-Semitic text. She began having Aryan characters in her works propose "solutions to the Jewish problem" and soon developed a regular newspaper column with her own cartoons and encouragement for readers to write in and suggest "what can be done to clean up the Jewish filth". In response, one letter from an Army Doctor was published proposing medical experimentation with Jews, so as "save innocent animals", while a butcher suggested he could turn them into "the most delectable pate for dogs".

She was apparently famous for quietly mouthing "You'll burn!" when encountering Jews in public, while staring them down with her classic "sardonic smile". As for herself, she said "I would indifferently take those Jews I couldn't frighten out of France and grind them in a mortar." She once said "a Holocaust" (yes!) of "lives not worth living" would be justified if restorative of the soil of the Homeland sufficient for even a single future racially pure child. Like the later Streicher, she was accused of pornography and constantly found herself in court to face "libel" charges. Being sent a threatening dagger in the mail, she published a response which noted that she had "had it sharpened and would from now on wear it in public" (she also devised a bludgeon concealed in a bamboo cane). Finally, our "Lady of Aryanry" had the very-forward looking recommendation for jurors to free the most notorious criminals regardless of the evidence, in order to end public confidence in all aspects of government. In public, the Jews gave her the greatest compliment by saying "She merits our fear". The Anti-Semitic Leagues were the first to form roving meeting "protection squads", much like the later SS, armed with butcher blades, who would go from protecting Anti-Semitic public rallies to the even more dangerous task of accompanying Fascist "interrupters" to pro-Jew demonstrations. They also had neighborhood-based "don't buy from the Jews" organizations. These French paleo-Nazis, with a typical Gallic flair for satire, started an "Anti-Semitic Lodge" in Paris, with rituals parodying those of the Talmudic-Masonic Lodges. In a modern note, those confronted with court and police orders they thought illegal and/or immoral would often barricade themselves in their homes.

Sadly, with the turn of the century and finding that the "conservatives" had been bought out by the Jews and were now the nationalists' worst enemies, many French paleo-Nazis fled to northern Spain, as did surviving German Nazis at the end of the Second World War. Gyp's last newspaper account of Jewish ritual murder was published in 1903, as was the first plea (hers, of course) against allowing Algerian trash to immigrate to the beloved French homeland. Who can ever be trusted in such dire times? This tiny heroic woman had an answer: "Trust yourself and others to the extent your hate and theirs grows ...every day."

By Sister L. T.

The Second Commandment of The World Church of the Creator states: "Be fruitful and your part in helping to populate the world with your own kind......." Yet, the logical question arises: how can we fulfill thisHoly mandate if there are so few women in the Cause that our men are left standing alone! The numbers of women are increasing, which is a beautiful sight to see, but if the ratio of men to women continues to be so unbalanced that our Brothers in the Church and our male Comrades have no compatible, supportive White women to marry and raise a family with, how can we plant the seeds which will bring forth the shining White world we envision? Because of the unequal ratio of men to women, there is always the temptation to marry those who are not believers in our Creed, or whom we think we can "mold" after the the marriage vows have been taken. But, Brothers and Sisters,succumbing to these pressures is a tragic error and one which you must fight against with all your might. A strong family begins with a man and a woman who have bonded with one another in all ways,and are headed in the same direction, with the same goals. We've all seen shocking examples of "devoted" racial loyalists who break under the pressure and commit the grievous sin of race-mixing or marrying a person who, although White, is a lukewarm fence-sitter or one who misrepresents the depth of their racial beliefs during "courtship" in order to gain material or emotional security.

Several years ago, a friend of mine confided that he was having severe marital problems. Both he and his wife were White, but soon after marriage, he became increasingly interested in racial ideals and principles, while she had not. He was beginning to think for himself, while she was stuck in Never-Never Land.. His mind was awakening from the deep sleep brought on by endless years of brainwashing instilled in him by his parents, his school, and Christian bleeding heart propaganda. Meanwhile, his wife (who had been his "high school sweetheart"), was becoming increasingly angry at him for having "non-PC" ideas. She, in particular, was eager to establish herself in the community as a "respectable" person (i.e. someone who plays the JOG game.) She was not a bad person - far from it. She was a talented, warm woman who sincerely wanted to be a good wife and mother. But she was typical of the brainwashed, apathetic women who are so commonplace in today's society. Although she was White, she had no racial consciousness whatsoever. I heard many stories of terrible arguments between them due to his interest in racial matters. It was as if they were tearing each other apart, bit by bit. She didn't understand him - he didn't understand her. He couldn't decide whether to divorce her or stay with her. He was frustrated, restless, and guilt-ridden about not participating in activities for the White race because, as he put it: "Susan wouldn't like it." His non-believer wife was responsible for stamping out his strongest, finest instincts. Her negative influence continually stopped him from openly expressing himself because to do so would set off fiery arguments between them. He developed an ulcer from the stress. They also argued about how to raise their future children (he wanted 5, she wanted 1). He wanted to homeschool them and raise them in keeping with the racial Creed -she hated the very idea and went "ballistic" every time he talked about his ideas for bringing up proud White children.

CREATORS! Don't let this tragedy occur in your life! Happily, we in the Church are well-grounded in our beliefs and are not part of the herd who will succumb so easily to external pressures to pick mates who don't believe as we do. But even we must always be on our guard. There are many pressures and temptations out there, and moments when we all feel vulnerable. As Creators, we have a sacred duty to choose our mate with the utmost vigilance, not only from the obvious racial standpoint, but from the standpoint of being intellectually, emotionally and spiritually in agreement with our mate's views and values. My friend married a White woman, yes. But she was a misguided, materialistic person who broke her White man's spirit with negativity and fear. Those of us who have joined the WCOTC and committed ourselves to the path of defending the White Race and maintaining its purity are far ahead of the blind "sheeple" in terms of selecting a mate in keeping with Nature's Eternal laws. We can take great pride in that. I urge my Sisters to support and stand by our male Comrades, not only as a comforting presence, but as a fighting force, since our men are the ones who bear the brunt of JOG's wrath, and are on the firing line in this racial holy war. Let us never be like my friend's wife : shallow fools with our heads in the sand!

Here are some common sense ideas to guide Creators who are seeking their Perfect Racial Match:

* 1. KNOW YOURSELF. Don't enter into marriage until you fully know and understand your own racial feelings. Be grounded and educated about what you envision your role to be in building the future White society. Commit yourself 100% to Creativity.My friend's problem was that his beliefs were not fully crystallized prior to marriage - a situation which made it all too easy for him to marry a non-believing woman. If you are strong in your beliefs, don't fool yourself into thinking that you will be happy with someone who is "lukewarm".

* 2. LONELINESS is not an excuse to race-mix or marry a fence-sitter or traitor. Remember: being alone is not the same as being lonely. Loneliness is the ailment suffered by those who have no inner courage and no inner life. It is far better to channel your feelings into activism for our sacred Church and the Cause and meet another strong White Comrade along the way who will be a sincere mate than it is to involve yourself in a destructive relationship just to alleviate your "loneliness". Strength attracts strength! Loneliness and weakness simply attract more weakness into your life.

* 3. IF YOU MEET someone who doesn't initially share your racial ideals, but whom you feel has potential , discuss the Church Creed and racial ideas with them in a courteous, yet determined manner. Give him/her a copy of Nature's Eternal Religion as well as the other writings of our Founder, Ben Klassen and our Pontifex Matt Hale. Brothers - introduce your girlfriends to the Women's Frontier,letting them know that other White women are racial believers! Prove to them that you've "done your homework" and are well-informed about racial matters. If, after a reasonable amount of time, they don't begin to share your views or indicate an active desire to join with you, move on. Don't waste precious months or years of your life attempting to open a closed mind. While you are wasting your time on them, reflect that there may be your Perfect Match waiting for you, eager to travel with you down the beautiful path of Creativity and White Pride.

* 4. UTIILIZE the White dating or chat areas on the Internet, and seek out other Creators and White Comrades.In the future, I foresee that we Creators will possibly have our own "dating" areas on the Net and elsewhere to increase the chances of meeting those who share our Creed so that the Second Commandment can be fulfilled!

* 5. RELOCATE, if necessary, to an area of the country (or even the world) where a higher percentage of racially conscious people live. The Church strongly encourages committed and dedicated Creators to relocate to our future World Headquarters in Illinois, thus giving even more opportunity to meet someone compatible. Don't limit yourself to life in the urban jungle, filled with race-mixers and JOG lovers.

* 6. PATIENCE is a virtue! You must be willing to devote the time and have the strength of character to find your White mate. Some years ago, a Movement leader told me: "Gold isn't just lying on the ground, you have to mine it" . As we all know, mining is hard work, but the pay-off is the pure nugget of real gold, unearthed and shining in your hand. So.....don't waste your time on "fool's gold" .............

By Sister L. T.

Joan Ganz Cooney. The name is probably unfamiliar to most of you. It's not a household word. It's typical of the sort of "behind-the-scenes" individual who prefers to remain low-profile, while wielding incredible power. However, it's an important name for White activists to know, and especially White parents. Why? Because Joan Ganz Cooney - a Jewess - was the primary developer of Sesame Street, one of the most, if not THE most, influential and widely-watched children's television shows in history. Below is an excerpt from an essay I wrote on the subject of Sesame Street and Cooney's role in its development:

"'s important to know a few things about the founder of Sesame Street to understand the background and beginnings of this show. The concept for Sesame Street is the "brain child" of a woman named Joan Ganz Cooney. Remember that name. It's one you'll see popping up in the strangest places if you do a little research. Cooney (Jewish) developed Sesame Street and founded an organization called the "Children's Television Workshop" (CTW) in 1969. CTW should be renamed the AWTW - Anti-White Television Workshop, because that's what it really is. The CTW has grown into an umbrella organization responsible for the production of many leftist, "multicultural" children's shows filled with Third World slum kids extolling the virtues of One Worldism. Originally, Sesame Street was specifically designed for and aimed at "inner city" children. ("Inner city", of course, is the leftist code word for non-White.) Many people don't realize that Sesame Street always intentionally targeted the "minority" kids from the very beginning of its existence, and this emphasis continued to grow over the years, resulting in the version we see today - every color of the rainbow, all linking hands in "togetherness" as they skip down Diversity Lane into Never-Never Land. To give you an inkling of Joan Ganz Cooney's political agenda, she's a bonafide member of the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission -organizations which play huge roles in the formation and support of the New World Order. It doesn't get any worse than that, unless you count her continuous involvement with every horrible leftist cause on the face of the earth, an example of which could include her participation in November 1996 as a member of the Hosting Committee on behalf of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). In other words, Joan Ganz Cooney is just about as bad as they come. Yet, she has been given carte blanche to mold young, impressionable minds for almost 30 years with her perverse ideas and influence!"

Does that give you a taste of what this savvy political operator is all about? Our precious White children have been in the hands of a Jewish mind manipulator since Sesame Street made its debut back in 1969. Almost THREE GENERATIONS of White youth have been propagandized, twisted, brainwashed and gradually, subtly led down the path of racial chaos and destruction at the hands of this woman. If you haven't seen an episode of Sesame Street lately, read the full text of my essay referenced above. In it, I describe the mud garbage I saw after monitoring an episode. This is the kind of mental rot that pours into the minds of White children day after day, year after year and Joan Ganz Cooney is directly responsible for it. Sadly, most of our misled White parents have bought the "hype" that Sesame Street is "educational","wonderful", etc. It's high time they actually sit down and WATCH this stuff, instead of parking their kids in front of the "jew toob" without thinking.

It's unbelievable, but the Jew Cooney was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom -the highest civilian honor in the U.S. - for her "work" in all kinds of leftist, kike,dyke and other weirdo organizations. (Naturally - she's just the type of creep Clinton loves.) There's nothing lower, nothing more despicable and vicious, than intentionally setting out to twist and manipulate the minds of small children - White youngsters in the early stages of their mental development who aren't able to defend themselves or are being raised in day care with no guidance and no racial education. Joan Ganz Cooney is not a woman. She's a criminal. Women are interested in nurturing children, caring for them, truly educating them to be the best they can be. Real women aren't in the business of warping, confusing, misleading, or creating degenerate images. And certainly real WHITE women are not.

I call on all Creators and White activists to BOYCOTT SESAME STREET - switch it off, do not allow your children to view it, do not buy the shoddy merchandise that flows out of the garbage pail of Sesame Street. Don't increase the Jew bank accounts with your hard-earned money by supporting their anti-White filth. Make it a habit to talk to other White parents about this degenerate show and point out to them the race-mixing, the anti-White propaganda, the niggerfied "music", etc. By so doing, you will strike a powerful blow for White families and begin to restore our White Civilization! RAHOWA!

Rev. Turner was such an asset to the former Church. She was intelligent and dedicated. We may not get Rev. Turner but there must be a return of the Women's Frontier to North America.


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