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Rudy Stanko: Conman, Fraud - Stolen Creator Books



The Creativity Alliance – Incorporating Your Church of Creativity – hereby reissues the denunciation of conman Rudy STANKO of Nebraska, U.S.A.

Address: P.O Box 509 Gordon, NE. 69343 U.S.A.

 * STANKO stole books, patches and paperwork from Ben Klassen, and continues to profit from such to this day.

 * STANKO fraudulently uses the title Pontifex Maximus as his own.

 * STANKO continues to use the name Church of the Creator in defiance of US Federal Court orders finalised under Judge Joan Lefkow in 2003.

Any Creator who knowingly associates in any way with Rudy STANKO does herewith lose the right to name themselves “Creator.” All books, patches, flags, other paraphernalia are forfeit and must be promptly returned to the Creativity Alliance in acceptable condition. Any tattoos must be removed or covered over.

Persons who refuse to comply will be dealt with whenever and however it is decided by individual Creators. No Creator paraphernalia is permitted to be allowed to remain in the possession of those deemed to be in non-compliance with this order.

By Order:

 – Reverend Doctor Joseph Esposito,
    Pontifex Maximus – Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity
 – Reverend Cailen Cambeul,
    Church Administrator

More - including statement from Ben Klassen - at
Let's put it the Hollywood way: We're gonna kill that muthafucka!

You know, it's YOUR job to remind us all of traitors like The Stench ...




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