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Reprint Little White Book


Reprint Little White Book

Not sure where this goes, so it goes here.

Brothers!  Before we get going with reprinting AET we first and foremost ought to see “The Little White Book” reprinted.  The concise distillation of our Creed is a great propaganda for those who are trying to sell our Faith to potential new converts.

I'd strongly suggest we get mass copies of these reprinted for getting the message out.  The only necessary change would be to change the ending address from Matt Hale's in Peoria to a few webpage addresses.

I have to  agree with SG. Little white book is of better propaganda value than AET which ranks fairly low in my estimation of credo relevance at this stage.

If I was working on the LWB it would be done in an afternoon. The WMB on the otherhand takes longer.

Experience speaks LOL Hey SG?



--- Quote ---But my main concern now is for the WMB and NER and to get them out in a organized storefront-Housing (storage),shipping cost, Reliable Order of packaging and shipping- which in the end comes out to be a part time job-( so in the end we have created a worthwhile exchange)

Creativity must have this once again-
--- End quote ---

Understood.  I'm just poking around to ensure we have some good priorities as far as the reprinting project is concerned. 

So far everything looks good.

--- Quote ---Experience speaks LOL Hey SG?
--- End quote ---

Damn straight.  WMB is a nightmare as far as formatting is concerned.  The layout and style are a bit different as well.  NER is more traditional in the writing format, but WMB is written almost like some of the newspapers of old, what with the paragraph / sectional titles that announce the main idea of the next paragraph in question.  A unique and admittedly successful way to approach the issue of getting the facts out and about but overall pretty hard on the bold button!

Each has their place in the grand scheme of things, so I don't begrudge Klassen too much in that regard.  :D


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