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Julius Caesar was Jesus Christ

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I personally knew toth.. i knew him before the hammer incident (a long story), he was as mad as a hatter .

There is a historical process called syncretism ...

Whereby belief systems that coexist gradually merge. For example christian churches being built on pagan sites with Yew trees and having gargoyles. (The pagans decorated their sacred buildings with severed heads). Or incorporating pagan traditions such as the Christian hijacking of Roman Saturnalia as christmas and pagan "Eostre" as easter.

Creators have to beware of any adulteration of their own Credo, we don't want to  end up merging with odinism/ christian identity etc though there is a strong pull to incorporate things like Hitler worship etc. We just have to stay objective, scientific and rational. Give credit where it is due and criticism where it is due. e.g The catholic church has good organisation but its beliefs are nonsense. Hitler was a great white leader but made many mistakes. Islam is admirable in many ways such as jihad and the dedication of its followers but is essentially  a mud empire.


--- Quote ---I know Carrotta's (in my opinion) proven theory quite well. I was the one who introduced Reverend Hogue to it some years ago. Until then he, and I beforehand stuck with the argument that Jesus never existed. We still do to a certain extent, but for the more intelligent person, we go that extra step and make sure to inform them that the unholy New Testament of the Christinsane Babel was a mistranslation of Caesar's own text on the Roman Civil War and his eventual death.
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Or, Caesar wrote the original Bible? Either way, I want to thank you for enlightening Rev Hogue which passed to me. It was an answer I was seeking for some time.


--- Quote from: John52 on 05 August 2013 at 06:40 ---I want to thank you for enlightening Rev Hogue which passed to me. It was an answer I was seeking for some time.
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I know what you mean Brother, I know exactly what you mean.


--- Quote from: John52 on 02 August 2013 at 07:35 ---But since you brought up Toth and Idolatry, I would just like to point out that a physical object like a statue has less to do with Idolatry than the belief in a false character. There is really nothing wrong with a religious icon as long it is understood in its proper context.

True Idolatry would be likened to our Modern day Christians who believe the Jews are G-ds chosen people without even knowing them. There is also the literal belief in Jesus, that he can walk on water etc..That would be Idolatry, or putting the persona before the Life Force.

So in my view Idolatry is basically how we view a persona of a religion. The one who commits Idolatry would be the one who doesn't understand who the characters actually were. That's when we cross the line and start believing in imaginary beings who never existed. That's when it's a problem, but for example.....I believe this would be a healthy state of mind in regards to religion.. 


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Well you see Catholics are commonly accused of worshipping Idols as they say "heil Mary's" these are prayers directed to Mary. The Bible doesn't say to worship Mary, it says to worship God and Jesus. Many Catholics have idols like crucifix pendents that they believe will bring them good luck and rosary beads etc.This is worshiping an idol.
Then there are these clowns that see "Mary" in the form of salt damp on a church .. or they found a potato chip that looks like her.. or some silly apparition... and they all go down to observe this "magic salt damp on the church wall" and say prayers to it. This is Idolatory.
Many Christians feel the Catholic church is all about traditionalism and they don't follow the Bible by the book, they believe they are Idiolators if anyone doesn't worship God or Jesus and no body but them.. that simple. If you don't worship God or Jesus they think you are born in "original sin" due to Adam and Eve being corrupted by demons.. and you can't take your sins to heaven as you have to be "born again" and Accept Jesus as your saviour.
If you try and talk about things like Pyramid power, aincient buildings and things like crystal healing or Pyramid power they instantly don't see these things as sciences.. they say these are people who are possessed by demons.


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