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Author Topic: Contested Memories: Poles and Jews During the Holocaust and its Aftermath

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Contested memories: Poles and Jews during the Holocaust and its aftermath

 By Joshua D. Zimmerman - 2003 - 324 pages - PreviewThis collection of essays, representing three generations of Polish and Jewish scholars, is the first attempt since the fall of Communism to reassess the existing historiography of Polish-Jewish relations just before, during, and after the Second World War.


Prior to the Soviets clamping down on Poland after White War II, the Jew had free reign and always sided with the Soviet power against the Pole. This led to what Jews refer to as Pogroms in Poland. Something they will refer to here and there but probably don't push too much, because if the truth were to come out, the world would find that the Jew was directly responsible for the enslavement of Poland under the Yiddish Soviet Empire. Ergo, no Jew, no Communism. Read the book, it's all there.

Considering that in 1939 the Jew was in control of much of the global financial system and media, as well as the governments of the major powers (except of course for Germany), and after the war attained a total domination in every field - making first the Germans and then every White man, woman and child, the scapegoats of Jewish Supremacy - perhaps it is time to rename WWII, and instead call it what it was, The Great War of Jewish Aggression?

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