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An Apology from Matt Hale


Originally posted 23 Jul 2011

--- Quote from: Matt Hale, 5 July 37 AC ---I regret to inform you that all this time, you have been laboring under false information: neither Rev. Jacobs [Logsdon's predecessor] nor anyone else but me ever had the authority to expel you from the Church and thus you were never expelled from the Church and thus remain a member of it just as much as anybody else. I never authorised Rev. Jacobs to expel you or anybody else and apologize that this error and all of its consequences occurred. there can be no doubt but that your attitude towards many matters would have been different these years had this error not occurred and again , I apologize. Expelling a Creator from the Church is way too serious a matter to be left to anyone but the PM. As a fellow member of The World Church of the Creator, I wish you well.

Creatively Yours,
Rev. Matt Hale
PM pro trempore

P.S. There is only one church reflecting the teachings of Creativity, all Creators are part of that Church, and all Creators owe allegiance to the PM whether minister or not and even if membership dues have lapsed (as everyone's has).
--- End quote ---

And the eventual response from PM Cambeul - One year later and taking into account matters alluded to here, but which are still important to Creators today:

--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul.PM, July, 38 AC ---Matt Hale's private apology for the serious wrong done to myself and countless other Creators is outweighed by his refusal to take that treasonous few to task for their crimes against Creativity. And his preference to honour their name and their word above all others, means that his apology comes to naught.

Further: Matt's audacious assumption of authority over myself, the Church of Creativity and every White man, woman and child that is, has ever been or will become a Creator is totally preposterous. However, speaking for myself only, if perchance, Matt's presumption of authority over me is a consequence of my former membership of the World Church of the Creator, then I hereby resign my position in the World Church of the Creator, and backdate my resignation to 9 January 30 AC.

... The Creativity Alliance incorporating every Church of Creativity is by necessity a separate organisation - a separate church from the irreligious The Creativity Movement. Like Hale's "New Church of the Creator" founded in 1996, we have a right to exist, and nobody that presently claims to be a Creator has the right to assume authority over or judge the Alliance. That includes Hale with his dishonourable acceptance of those that foully desecrate the beloved White Emblem of Creativity with their vile actions. Hale's choice to honour the gang known as The Creativity Movement is his personal validation of the presumption that a mob of foul mouthed, illiterate, habitual criminal thugs who claim to be the Elite Soldiers of the Racial Holy War, are the only true Creators. It follows that - Hale believes as TCM claims - we do not have the right to exist as a church of our own - to freely promote Creativity, or to even see ourselves as proud White Racial Comrades in the struggle to free our glorious White Racial brethren from their Jewish shackles. Instead, we are to be considered traitors to the White Race and are marked for death.

In short, if Matt Hale cannot own Creativity, he intends to take it away from the White Race.

Matt Hale, you have in full knowledge chosen those whom you wish to call brother. And as you claim representation and leadership of these people, I hold you responsible for their heretical actions, now and forever.

Lastly: Throughout all these years living as the butt for the often childish but always malevolent behaviour of your honoured representatives in the so-called The Creativity Movement, and despite my own former beliefs on the subject, I have come to the same conclusion as you: there really is only one church reflecting the teachings of Creativity, and that is the Church of Creativity embodied in the Creativity Alliance. If you believe that is an engagement "in treachery, libel, and sheer malice towards" you as you have claimed in your letters, then I am a thousand times guilty - and proudly so.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul,
Pontifex Maximus, Creativity Alliance,
July 38 AC.
--- End quote ---

Originally posted 01 Aug 2011

Matt Hale is a Martyr for the Creativity Religion but he is now completely out of the picture. He is as a man fallen in battle and cannot influence Creativity as a world view and living Religion beyond his prison cell. If he is being permitted to communicate after all this time it is only with permission of Morris Dees (now on US homeland security). They are trawling for information and contacts.

The concept of a monolithic Creativity was indeed Ben Klassen's original aim, but the actions of Dees and the SPLC showed that legally any monolithic organisation can be broken and sued. Do not forget that it was Dees and the SPLC that broke the back of the KKK, Butler's Aryan Nations, Metzger's WAR and Ben Klassen's COTC.

In response we need globally, hundreds and thousands of dispersed local churches and independent global activists to allow our Holy message to spread. Our response to Dees and the SPLC must be to be the splinters of the broom (in Disney's Sorcerers apprentice.)

Is there any historical precedent of a group leader being held hostage and still having authority over his followers? I can think of only one... Montezuma of the Aztecs. The Spaniards seized him, then made him give orders dismantling his civilisation. Gold effigies were stolen and melted down and the entire Aztec civilisation compromised to its destruction. In time the Aztecs rose up and even killed Montezuma to resist the Spanish.

Matt Hale has to be assumed to be in the same position. Just as anyone arrested in the USA can be threatened with male rape by AIDS infected niggers if they don't cooperate. The chain of command is broken and security compromised. Matt may well be being threatened if he doesn't dismantle Creativity... So sadly he has to be ignored and assumed to have been a casualty of war.



Aleister Adams:

--- Quote from: . on 25 September 2021 at 08:30 ---Bump!


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Well said comrade.88


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