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Title: White People Are Indigenous to New Zealand - Polynesians Are Invaders
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Few people know that the Polynesians only got to New Zealand in about 1500CE. There were people already living in New Zealand that were White. They are believed to have arrived 2,000 years previously from Peru via Easter Island.

Their DNA tells an interesting story ... in short, 3,000 years ago, they were Welsh or Basque.

What happened to them? They were cannibalised by Polynesians. The few that survived are fighting for recognition against New Zealand Maoris that want to remove them from history ...



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The quest for the earliest inhabitants of New Zealand continues with Gabi Plummís search under the layers of lava, volcanic ash, sand and embargoes to discover the truth about discarded history, destroyed archaeological records and hidden data that show just howmuch information is being kept from New Zealandís people.

And who is doing the hiding?

This fascinating documentary takes us back to our planetís oldest people: their origins and their incredible voyages across oceans and seas, the natural catastrophes that have wiped out whole nations leaving barren earth barely fit for habitation, the dogged survival techniques of people forced to become warriors to protect their families, and the resulting archaeological discoveries that remain to tell the tale.

But this history is being hidden from New Zealanders, they are not taught about their ancient ancestry; decisions have been made to keep the truth hidden and write only what suits a political agenda.

But, Gabi has uncovered information that can no longer be suppressed, will she be allowed to share it with the world, or will it, too, be removed from the shelves and filed under ífictioní?

There is a world beyond what the history books tell us, and Gabi is determined to find out what should have been written and what has been left out.

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Title: Re: White People Are Indigenous to New Zealand - Polynesians Are Invaders
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Books about Celtic artefacts in NZ . Martin Doutre