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White Flight ... It's Been Done Before by Neanderthals


Modern humans 'crowded out Neanderthals'

A SWELL of modern humans outnumbered Neanderthals in Europe by nearly 10 to one, forcing their extinction 40,000 years ago, a study of French archeology sites suggests.

Scientists have long debated what caused the Neanderthals to die off rather suddenly, making way for the thriving population of more advanced Homo sapiens who likely moved in from Africa.

The latest theory, published in the journal Science today, is based on a statistical analysis of artifacts and evidence from the Perigord region of southern France, where the largest concentration of Neanderthal and early modern human sites in Europe can be found.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found more sites where modern humans settled, larger settlement areas, greater densities of tools and bigger amounts of animal and food remains, suggesting Neanderthals were crowded out.

Homo sapiens also likely had more elaborate social networks and possibly sharper brains, as evidenced by the stone tools, jewellery and artwork they left behind which was much more advanced than Neanderthal creations.

Their arrival in such large numbers likely forced Neanderthals from their habitual settlements and into places where food and shelter were harder to find, said lead author Paul Mellars of Cambridge University.

"It was clearly this range of new technological and behavioural innovations which allowed the modern human populations to invade and survive in much larger population numbers than those of the preceding Neanderthals across the whole of the European continent," he said.

"Faced with this kind of competition, the Neanderthals seem to have retreated initially into more marginal and less attractive regions of the continent."

The last traces of Neanderthals, who had survived on the continent for some 300,000 years, have been uncovered in caves in modern-day Spain and Gibraltar.

Mr Mellars suggested a final death blow may have been delivered by a harsh cold snap, a theory that has been debated in the scientific community for many years.

The Neanderthals' extinction may have been "accelerated further by sudden climatic deterioration across the continent around 40,000 years ago", he said.

This looks like a model we can work with.  But first we need more White people to crowd with.  Have more babies!


I juts did some research on this family and aside from their reasons for it all they have some pretty good practices:

The Duggars are conservative Christians, and due to their fundamentalist biblical beliefs ( ::)), they practice the following:

* The only television the family watches are wholesome family programming on DVDs, and various [me:White] historical events.
* Internet use is restricted
* The male family members keep their hair cut short (by cutting their own hair to save money), while the females keep their hair long.[me: Remember the standards of classical beauty? Think of Roman, Greek, and Renaissance sculpture.]
* The children are home-schooled using a mix of materials, including those of Switched On Schoolhouse, IBLP, and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE).
* The kids are discouraged from dating, but rather undergo courtship, wherein all meetings between a couple are chaperoned, and the couple abstains from physical contact. [This is extremely important and should be revived.  Courtship rituals used to be a very integral part of a White person's coming-of-age.]
* Also, the young man seeks permission from the young woman's father to become engaged. [Again, very important]


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