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Jews: Race or Religion?

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Fri 16 Aug 2013

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It's an old argument with many arguments typically based on the views of peoples' favourite historical figures; but why should we argue when the Jews themselves tell us time and again that they are a RACE. Of course the typical comeback is that the Jews also deny that they are a distinct race and are as European as you or I, but have chosen to adopt the religion of a long dead biblical race ... an argument as preposterous as it sounds when you take into account the anti-Jewish stance of the same White "Nationalists" also arguing in favour of our own White Racial Purity without the Jewish mark of Cain upon us.

Quote from: Times of IsraelMigrants to Israel Might Need DNA Testing to Prove Jewishness

Asher Zeiger | Times of Israel | July 29, 2013

A number of people from the former Soviet Union [FSU] wishing to immigrate to Israel could be subjected to DNA testing to prove their Jewishness, the Prime Minister's Office said Sunday ... The Prime Minister's Office confirmed that many Jews from the FSU who were born out-of-wedlock can be required to bring DNA confirmation of Jewish heritage in order to be allowed to immigrate as a Jew. ... The issue cuts to the heart of Israel's Law of Return, which allows anybody with a Jewish parent, grandparent or spouse to move to Israel and be eligible for citizenship.
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Just as other animal kingdoms have parasites and other "mechanisms" to keep their populations in check, perhaps the same is true of mankind and the Jew.  Parasites don't make any meaningful contributions to their respective environments--Jews don't produce, they sell or market; parasites transmit diseases as a means of keeping a population in check-- Jews have been the cause of social upheaval, war, and financial ruin; lower forms of life are prolific, Jews promote mass immigration to white countries; in the Jurassic eon, the T. Rex (an inherently stupid creature) victimized other creatures--Jews use the legal system and the police (other stupid creatures) to force their agenda on others.

It's a shame the Nazis didn't kill more of them.

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