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A Thought on the Jews


I do not understand why some people (especially within the so-called (((alt-right))), I find) who claim to be pro-White activists or some-type of White Nationalist at the least, make ridiculous claims that there is such thing as a "good Jew". Making the claim that they even admire them for traits like IQ, socioeconomic status, and their "work ethic" (the only thing they put any "work ethic" into is organizing White genocide...) that we should respect them, at the very least.

I raise three points.
1. There is absolutely no such thing as a good Jew.
2. Jews cannot lose their status as Jews and be assimilated into a pre-exsisting culture. They are the one who infiltrate and destroy cultures.
3. We owe Jews absolutely nothing. They can also not be trusted.

Jewry, in all of its forms that manifest on this Earth, is and always will be biological. Jews have an identifiable genetic lineage. You will also find them playing the habit of playing sides with different political ideologies, for example Marxism, that they have created to divide and conquer the various nations of the Earth.

We must always call them out on what they are: a biological race that plays on multiple sides, to bring down the pre-exsisting races and pre-existing culture that are organic to the Nation they now possess, in order to fill advance and fulfill their own interests as best they can. They provide nothing to the Nation that is now their host, infiltrating and corrupting it for their own needs.

The Jewish elites and community leaders play a symbiotic role with the rank and file “everyday Jews“. Unlike the case for whites, where white elites are actively working against their race’s interest in collusion with the Jews, in the Jewish group organism, the head is connected to the body. This means that while on an individual level, some Jews may outwardly come across as relatively normal people, claiming to not even be consciously aware of what their race is doing in full, they’re still playing an integrated role in a group organism that’s committing genocide against our race.

 After all, it was street level activists and agitators that helped build Bnai Brith into what it is today , starting with only 12 fresh off the boat Jewish immigrants in a cafe. It’s street level activists and volunteers that help push (((AIPAC))) propaganda and recruit on college campuses. It’s everyday Jews networking at the JCC, benefiting from and solidifying Jewish nepotism as they become increasingly upwardly mobile. It’s everyday Jews providing donations and membership dues for Jewish groups that aggressively work to shut down all criticism of their actions and to actively undermine all ethnonationalist efforts at organization on our part. Groups such as the ADL go to lengths as providing training for police forces to identify and shut down groups in conflict with their interests. If charges are laid, juries can be manipulated into delivering a “guilty” verdict even if no crime was committed, allowing Jewish activist groups to abuse the legal system for their own ends.

If each individual jew is consciously working to exterminate our race is beside the point – they all play an active role in a group organism that’s hellbent on killing us. Further, given the existence of established global Jewish networks, wealth solidified through Jewish banking, media, and corporate dynasties, and the significantly high average IQ found within Jews, it’s very easy for “everyday Jews” to be upwardly mobile and become elites. If those networks are destroyed, they’d be very easy to rebuild them especially if the Jewish problem is framed in a manner that allows a portion of Jewry to go crypto, infiltrate existing institutions, and form their own networks within there for eventual takeover. Given the existence of global Jewish networks and money, it’d be very easy for them to maintain back-channel funds and connections to assist in that process.

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