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Title: White Nations Forum is Closed
Post by: Private on 08 February 2021 at 04:39
https://WhiteNations.com is no more.

I was going to refuse to go into the details, but since the owner has started mouthing off ...

The reason I closed it was because having worked on it since before 2014 without asking for payment, the owner (Stan Diggs / AKA Fred O'Malley) has simply pissed me off too many times. The original agreement was either payment of $350 per year, or I place advertising on WHITENATIONS.COM. The owner, a millionaire, wanted it free, and I'm not a profiteer, so advertising it was. Another major point was that the owner had originally paid a DOT-HEAD to set it up with vBulletin Forum software from the 1990's.

When I was called in a few months later to fix it up, I discovered that the database was corrupt, files were incomplete, and that there was almost no chance that it could be repaired. Still, I did the work, got things running smoothly ... but with it being software that was over twenty years old, the forum had a limited lifespan, so it eventually had to be upgraded to the latest tech nerd standard or shut down. I upgraded it, but the owner didn't understand how to operate the newer vBulletin Forum software (and didn't like the styling or the NA Radio, Creator, other White Racialist and Holohoax exposure links I added to it), and so he complained to others that I had stolen his forum, while telling me that he wanted me to put it back the way it was. Which I could have done, but it would have ceased to work at all.

The owner bitched about it, but continued to use the new vBulletin forum software, and was incompetent. Not knowing how to mark Topics as read, he instead deleted all new Topics. I repaired hundreds of them, instructed the owner how to mark Posts and Topics as read, and the next day he did the same again. I edited the owner's account, took away his ability to Moderate his own forum, and gave that ability to others. When I found that the owner was accusing me, behind my back, of stealing his forum, I got angry, gave him back the ability to Moderate his forum and warned him that next time I was accused of ripping off his forum, that's exactly what I would do.

So, this morning I was accused again of altering the owner's details, preventing him from Moderating, changing his password and keeping him out of his own forum. He was warned. He pissed me off. That's the end of it.

The owner has his Usernames and Passwords - tough sht if he lost them. If he was capable of learning anything, he would have figured out that I still haven't ripped off anything. I've simply switched off the forum and redirected the domain name WHITENATIONS.COM to here at CREATIVITYALLIANCE.COM/FORUM. It can all be restored in less than a minute ... but not by me. Not free of charge anyway.

Stan, if you can't do the work yourself or get some other poor sucker to do it, then pay up for services rendered: (Rounded to) 2014 to 2021 @ $350 per annum means you pay me US$2,450. CREATIVITY can do with the money ... And P.M. Joe believes you owe him. Pay up and I'll open it up. I'll remove all my posts and my account, so it looks like I was never there. Then I'll give you everything you need to have some scamming DOT-HEAD run it for you.

No Payment?

 If White Nations Forum is not re-opened by some DOT-HEAD or poor White sucker conned by its owner, then ...
 - I may take a final backup of the database.
 - I may make a final backup of all the files on the server.
 - I may take the domain name for myself.
 - I may sell the domain name, database and files to the highest bidder.

One thing is for sure, the domain name WHITENATIONS.COM and the webhost has two months left before it has to be paid again. I have no intention of paying a single cent for either. I am not the owner, and I don't give a damn what happens to it - but I will own a copy. Not because I ripped it off, but because I did the right thing by the owner and always kept a backup, ready to restore.

Title: Re: White Nations Forum is Closed
Post by: Private on 08 February 2021 at 08:37

Was a regular contributor to WNF, and don't need to say who!  Very unfortunate, and if WNF isn't back up, would like to redirect my focus here.  Have only so much time to devote each day, post and contribute to other sites.  So I am spread out so to speak.  Took the liberty of posting this news on Stormfront, since there are going to be people in the next while, asking what happened to WNF.  I know your feelings about SF.  Shows you the state of our cause.  But the same situation exists with our enemies.  We rarely if any discussed issues on WNF and I am guilty of that.  Thank you for what you've done for WNF.  Not a "millionaire" but mentioned on SF that I would also be interested in WNF if others were.  That post already has 500 views. 

Title: Re: White Nations Forum is Closed
Post by: Private on 08 February 2021 at 09:04
Welcome brother, and thanks.

500 views already? That's probably just the Chink bots sent by the CCP to shut down SF. I blocked WNF from view in China and Israel - which pissed off the owner because he got his rocks off watching the view count rise. Although his site was mysteriously faster and no longer prone to being shut down for hours at a time.

Regarding WNF, just so you know, the database was corrupted by that DOT-HEAD hired by the owner and it's still corrupt to this day. The faults you saw when using it are due to that corruption. The Gooks that own the vBulletin Forum software claim they can repair it, but there was no way I was handing that site over to a Gook. Other reports by the same Gooks are that you cannot inject data from an old database into a new one. If that's true, and I tried it again and again over months with a separate experimental site, then it cannot be repaired.
Title: Re: White Nations Forum is Closed
Post by: Private on 09 February 2021 at 06:35
Nothing surprises me anymore.Onto the next chapter.88
Title: Re: White Nations Forum is Closed
Post by: Private on 16 February 2021 at 09:29
I was reading through the comments on Stormfront after Private kind announcement and comments there. Unfortunately, the rest of you there prove that SF is more than anything a soap opera, always has been, and so it remains to this day. However, hidden amongst the typical SF hyperbole from people whom I should treat as brothers, are genuine queries that I perhaps, should answer:

We that know Stan/Fred O'Malley know that he could be a pain in the arse. He tended to blame others for his failures, but he is overall a decent bloke. What people don't understand is, when you work for free, you do not have to put up with abuse and false accusations.

As a CREATOR I believe in the Golden Rule/23 WORDS: "What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue; What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin." WNF was not good for the White Race. It was just somebody's pet project; a somebody who got tired of arguing with fools and decided to put his money where his mouth was. And then he got bored with it.

I ran the Admin behind WhiteNations.com (WNF). It was not my forum. I deliberately kept out of the daily running of that forum and very occasionally commented. Typically, my comments were to answer questions or introduce new additions to WNF. Most recently (in the last couple of years), I appointed Archangel and Reynolds as Mods there with limited Admin abilities. I did it because Stan could not.

Today, Stan has a choice, figure out his own passwords, and he's got his own forum back, or buy it back and I'll give it to him myself. I don't own the domain name, so failing Stan paying for my services, I'll probably just make the Post Area of the database available for all to read. Which means nobody has lost any of their posts - they will all be available for search engines, and you can copy them if you so wish.

2013 http://web.archive.org/web/20130514124906/http://www.whitenations.com/
2014 http://web.archive.org/web/20140625105535/http://whitenations.com/
2018 http://web.archive.org/web/20180220155916/http://www.whitenations.com/
2021 http://web.archive.org/web/20210108161748/https://whitenations.com/

From Stormfront: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1331138

Aryan 7: I liked it better when Stanley Diggs owned it. In fact, he created the forum.

Answer: Stan Diggs still owns it. He paid a Dot-Head to install old software a decade out of date. I did my best, but the database was rooted.

Ole Massa: I remember when Fred O'Malley posted here. I believe he was a mod who got power mad or something, then he went rogue.

Answer: Yes, After the upgrade in 2019, Stan didn't understand how the new system worked, and deleted all new posts instead of just Marking them Read. So I was forced to temporarily take away some of his control over his own forum.

Archangel: Accusations are the webmaster 'Rev' hijacked the ownership of White Nations, so it's now under control of the esteemed Rev. I thought at first having White Nations as a back up to Stormfront was wise is strategy wise. I still do.

The 'Haunted House look and vibe wasn't interesting to very many. Frankly, under Rev's control, it's gone into an even stranger and darker vibe.

I hereby disavow any and all parts of Administration of that site on this day..

Answer: Archangel, you were one of those that told me that Stan was bitching about me "hijacking" his forum back in 2019/2020 when it was either upgrade to the latest or let it die. And I told you then, just as I told Stan, that if he ever accuses me of hijacking his forum again, then that's precisely what I will do.

I ran WNF for nearly a decade, and you, Archangel, complain that under my control, WNF has "gone into an even stranger and darker vibe"? So you didn't like the colour scheme and chose one of the other half dozen that were there as an option. Or was it the evil, nasty advertising for Ben Klassen's Nature's Eternal Religion - available from our good friends at the National Alliance, or their NA 24 Hour Radio that can also be seen here (https://cosmotheistchurch.org/product/natures-eternal-religion-by-ben-klassen)? Or did you just dislike the advertising for information from other White Racialist and Holohoax info sites? Finally, Stan did tell you that he had given WNF to me, and that I was responsible for paying for it? Or did you make that up? Because sure as hell he did not tell me. And what was my response? I DON'T WANT WNF! That dumb-naive-arse, Stan, did mention in public that he wanted me to install MSM Paid Advertising on WNF so that it could pay for itself. LOL!

Jotunn: The rant at that link is somewhere between hilarious and painful.

I've pretty much given up on webmastering because my HTML skills are now obsolete. Clearly I'm not the only aspiring webmaster who must confront their own ineptitude.

If everything this Cailen fellow is saying is accurate - such as Fred O'Malley being a millionaire - it's amazing that O'Malley can't simply find someone he can communicate with effectively to set up a website to his liking. What's the point of being a millionaire if all you do is set yourself up for frustration?

Answer: Firstly, I didn't take on WNF for profit or glory - I did it as a favour when asked, because it was the right thing to do. Never Again. If it's not CREATOR, it's not for me. Let it die.

Secondly, your webskills are obsolete because instead of old fashioned, easy to read HTML, today it's PHP and databases. Your old HTML skills would barely work in modern PHP with software such as vBulletin and WordPress. As I pointed out in my "rant" that you disapprove of, vBulletin software is Chink owned. While I can edit databases to a point, there is a limit. And while I may learn, I admit I do not understand everything about vBulletin databases. While the earlier versions of vBulletin made more use of PHP and old fashioned HTML, the modern version is almost entirely database driven. The Gooks themselves claim that you cannot inject data into a vBulletin database and have it work properly. I installed a test-bed WNF hidden on the CREATOR site, and attempted to inject the Users and Post Tables into the clean and fresh database; and I failed. I did not fail because I was "inept." I failed because vBulletin software is expensive Chink garbage. If it was just about any other Forum Software, the addition of those Post and User Tables would have taken. Should WNF have been turned over to the Chinks?

Your own Stormfront has its share of laughable problems of late - but every one of them I could have fixed within two minutes. SF doesn't have database problems, it has problems with its owner and generally inept admin.

And yes, Stan's a millionaire that spends his days playing about on his swamp property down on the bayou, camping and running down Fogerty wannabes from Frisco on his RV toys. He can either pay me for my work, or pay someone else; but to suggest Stan pay somebody who's not a WRL to do the job is naive. Fortunately, it's no longer my problem.

folkabovedogma: Had it not been for the OP would anyone have actually noticed?

Answer: Approximately 250 people a day would have noticed, brother. Oh yeah, out of those 250, about 200 were bots from Search Engines - maybe then, 50 random and 4 regular people actually noticed. So, your initial scepticism is correct.

ReviloPOliver: That place certainly didn't seem to be getting the traffic it used to. VNNForum isn't too active anymore either but still seems to have hundreds who browse it.

Answer: It was Facebook that took away the posters from all the White Racialist forums.

reynoldsg: The traffic was an enigma to many who posted comments about it. But better to have these forums than not.

Answer: See the folkabovedogma answer above.

And finally (because I will only do this interforum Q&A once) to all of you at Stormfront: I was once in your boots, but as much as you now love SF, I hate it.