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Randolph Dilloway Excommunicated

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An old email to James Logsdog from Randolph Dilloway re the Creativity Alliance

We have nothing to fear from bullsh*t as long as we face it ...

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 To: James Logsdon <>
 You and Cambeul are one of a kind. I leave his sorry ass and he cannot even wait a day before slandering me, like he has done with Vic, Mark, and several others.

Hell, Cambeul is so two faced that he ridicules anyone who does not stay with the CA, telling everyone that he “knew” all along that that particular person was………(insert lies here).

Here is some truth about the Creativity Alliance:

It is advisable that all Creators stay away from the Creativity Alliance and their Creator Forum.

The organization has turned into the cult of Calien Cambeul and William Jackley. As long as you remain doctile to their whims, you will be fine. However, should you leave, you will be branded as a traitor to the White Race and have your name slandered openly.

Cambeul saves and stores any and all posts, private messages, and chats from the chatroom. He will use them against you.

Cambeul, when he is drunk out of his mind (his excuse is having migraines often), he will sometimes post pornography in the chatroom and uses vulgar language with our White women. That is why the CA could never hold onto their female members for more than a few months.

William Jackley, if he evers shows up to the CA chatroom, it is usually to tell us that he is broke and is thinking about committing suicide to make us feel sorry for his dumb ass.

Dr. Darwin does not exist. He was created because William Jackley is too afraid to use his own name in relation to Creativity. Do you want this guy to have total control of all of your hosting? My own website is hosted with his hosting company. Found out today that he allowed Cambeul to high jack it again. Jackley gave me his word that my site will stay offline permanently. He is just as untrustworthy as Cambeul.

Both Cambeul and Jackley are cripples and unemployable. Nature’s Finest, yea right.

Cambeul gives out Vic’s real name and address, and where he works, to try to get him fired.

Cambeul knows the library that O’Sullivan uses and has tried to get him banned there.

I tried just promoting the CA by taking the upper road. Even told all of the CA members, when I was HP to ignore the attacks from your TCM members. But Cambeul was going behind my back and stirring up *.

Back in February, I just got tired of all of the bull* and useless fighting and resigned as HP and just stayed on as a regular member.

The week before your speech for Hitler’s birthday, Cambeul wanted me to call your probation officer on you, but I refused.

Finally, that Friday morning, I said my good byes and left. Not even 24 hours goes by and Cambeul starts attacking me. The title of PM has gone to his *ing head, he is worse than Hale.

You may repeat what I say as coming from an inside source, but keep my name out of it. I am done with the White Movement, good riddance to you all.
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