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--- Quote from: Ben Klassen ---"I have said it time and time again: CREATIVITY defies classification into any present categories of racial, political, or religious movements. It is not similar to, or a copy of any other movement, past or present. It is not a re-tread of Hitler's Nazi movement, nor are we "Neo-Nazis." It is not similar to, or affiliated with, any of the Klans. It is not a White Supremacy group." Ben Klassen, September 1983.
--- End quote ---

What few fail to realise is that Creativity did not begin as a Hitler worshipping skinhead religion, accepting the one that has tattooed the most swastikas onto his body and a (backwards) !AWOHAR on his forehead as the latest leader in the Cult of Personality - but to many, this is what Creativity has become.

And this is where it stops.

I have spoken on this subject many times in the past with Rev. Billy on this subject, and I'm glad to see that Reverends Williams and others are on board with us for this. Many will not agree with us, and indeed, we are not going to agree one-hundred percent with eachother on this matter, however, for the main part, we ARE in agreement.

Creativity is not a skinhead religion. It was not created by skinheads or for any one particular fad, class or nation - Creativity is for ALL White People, no matter where they happen to be, or their choice of hair and clothing. If you are here under the misconception that Creativity bends to the will of the skinhead fad, then you are in the wrong place and may aswell stop reading and leave now.

Now, let's get a few things straight. People will argue forever on what it is to be a skinhead, but we have absolutely no interest in that. All we are interested in are public (mis)conceptions. I.e. Hollywood enforced beliefs of what it means to be a skinhead. Drunk, violent, of limited intelligence and criminally oriented. That is the public perception of a skinhead and to many, that is how they perceive Creativity.

How do we stop this? The answer is simple: First we remove from Creativity those that glorify in that manner of behaviour. Note that I said behaviour. The second and more difficult answer is to change people's perceptions by changing how we appear to them. I.e. Dropping the skinhead fetish many seem to have and convince people to leave their swastikas at home.

Skinheads: Hollywood's response to a dwindling use of the Ku Klux Klan as an effective tool to keep the masses enthralled at the pure evil that Whitey can do, was to turn the skinhead into the bald neo-Nazi hiding under your bed. It might sound laughable, but it was effective. Whether skinheads ever were of any use as White activists is highly speculative. However, if skinheads were of any use, that time has long since passed. Today's skinheads are more often desciples of fashion, music and hard partying than they are dedicated White activists. Where skinheads go, infighting occurs as they attempt to follow the doctrines set out for them by Hollywood script writers and prove that each is harder than the other.

Are you a Skinhead?: The style of your hair means nothing these days. Let's face it, a shaved head is probably more popular with the average person in the street than it is with those who like to call themselves "Skins." Jeans with a collared shirt and heavy boots are traits of the White working class which skinheads co-opted for themselves. Again it is simply a style of clothing that is worn by your average White male of middle to low income around the world. Denim/jean jackets and bomber jackets are also something that has been co-opted by the skinhead fad - and just like shaving your head, if that's what you want to do, we are not going to tell you to hide your scalp under a cap or to remove your bomber jacket. However, if you have gone to the extreme and have carefully decked yourself out in an early 1970's style skinhead outfit, then I'm here to tell you that you will never be permitted to form a Primary Group attached to the Creativity Alliance. Even though you may very well be the opposite of Hollywood's portrayl of skinheads, you will still NOT be permitted to fill any role in the Creativity Alliance because your chosen style of dress does nothing but reaffirm public misconceptions about Creativity.

Those who fit the behaviour of the Hollywood skinheads - no matter how they dress - will be thrown out. Those who are model skinheads who fit the look but not the behaviour, we ask that you do what is good for the White Race and modify your clothing style - roll your jeans down and hide your braces - and then join with us.

Tattoos: Many of us have tattoos, but we don't go poncing about the place trying to show off. If you aren't swimming or doing something that requires removing your shirt, then leave it on. If you feel that you must take your shirt off everytime you are with your brothers, then I suggest you find the local gay bar, buy some ecstacy and dance until you drop dead of dehydration.

Costumes: There is no better way to sum up the myriad styles of getup that people like to get around in. American Civil War toy soldier's hats, stitching arms on a bedsheet pretending they are with the Klan, imitation National Socialist SA and SS uniforms, or all dolled up in camouflage imitating GI Joe; whatever your fancy, leave it at home. What you probably didn't know is that many groups such as the Klan that still wear such uniforms now do so only at private functions. It is as much a matter of public perception for them as it is for us.

Flags: Leave your Confederate and swastika flags nailed to the wall at home. The only flag a Creator needs is the flag of Creativity. If you feel that it is essential to show the public that you are proud of your home region, then bring along your state, national or other regional flag.

Recommended Clothing: This will depend on your financial status and the situation you find yourself in. If you can afford a suit, then get one - get three if possible. Failing that, plain white collared shirts, black pants (or skirts if the ladies so desire) and black shoes. This is not meant to be a uniform, it is just a minimum standard that Creators should aim for. Jeans, joggers/boots, t-shirt/collared shirt are all that is required for many situations. Just make sure that there are no offensive patches or logos on your jacket or shirt.

Overall, dress for effect. Have some pride in your appearance. If you have a beard and/or moustache, keep them trimmed - if you don't, then shave before you go out.  Same with your hair, keep it tidy or shave it off. If you have dredlocks, you're a disgusting piece of excrement whom we do not wish to associate with.

Behaviour: There's nothing wrong with a few cold beers, just try not to allow yourself to get blind drunk. Don't start fights with people just because they disagree with you. Don't knowingly commit crimes and never attempt to convince others to commit criminal offences on your behalf. If you are known to be inclined to bullying, intimidation of others and/or criminal behaviour, you will not be permitted to fill any role in the Creativity Alliance whatsoever. If you were once given a ministerial title - whether it was in Ben Klassen's, Matt Hale's or any other Church or group dedicated to Creativity, that title will be removed from you by a majority vote of the Guardians of the Faith Committee, and you will be declared unfit to call yourself a Creator.

I hope that this sets things straight with people. I know that some who read this will complain that I've insulted this person or alienated that type of supposedly hardcore activist. The reality is that we just don't care. If you feel insulted, then go elsewhere. Creativity has been brought to an almighty low in recent years thanks to those who fit the negative descriptions above claiming they represent Creativity.

I do believe that if we all follow the guidelines set out above and do what is good for the White Race, then we can take Creativity from the lowest it has ever been to heights never before seen - and then together, we CAN win this racial holy war.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q. If you want people to stop using Nazi flags, why does Ben Klassen, P.M. have a Nazi flag and a painting of Adolf Hitler on the wall?

A. The above video was recorded on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday. P.M. Klassen addressed The Church on that particular day to answer specific questions relating to Adolf Hitler. The flag you see in the recording is what was known by the National Socialists as a Blood Flag. It is only right that such historical items be displayed in any dialogue about Adolf Hitler or National Socialist Germany.

For the complete video, go to

Reverend Cailen Cambeul


--- Quote from: Ben Klassen, Guideposts Along the Path of Life (NER: Book II, Chapter 23) ---'sEternalReligion.pdf

Anyone who achieves anything in life must have pride of accomplishment. Pride and confidence in one’s self is one of the first prerequisites in winning distinction and becoming a success.

Therefore, first of all take pride in yourself in what you are, in what you think you can become, and in what you think you can do. Take pride in your dress and in your grooming. Be neat and clean and tastefully dressed no matter what you happen to be dressed for. Take pride in your speech, in keeping it clear and cultivated and articulate. Take pride in your family. Be proud of your achievements without being arrogant, and develop the desire to excel, the desire to win. Take pride in your hometown. Above all take pride in your race, be proud to be a member of the great White Race which you have the great good fortune to be a part of, and will bear the responsibility of perpetuating in the future.
--- End quote ---

Great read. Awesome.

As a original skinhead from the UK in the late sixties  I would like to say I have always been called a skin and thought of myself as one also. But the PM is correct Hollywood made us all to be the same thugs, and idiots. I know this is not true, but if it is the way people see us, and it stops our fight for our race being effective, then we need to read learn and change. 


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