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I agree 100% that Hollywood wants everyone to think that skinheads are dumb a** or on drugs. The White race is the smartest and the greatest race. We must change to way people think when they see a White man with a short hair cut. I also agree 100% with the posting that Rev. Cambeul posted about the way to dress. R!!!

This is a good topic. I always try to keep in mind that I am an ambassador to Creativity (whether a member or a supporter) and what I do, say and look like matters. If you want to be taken seriously look the part.  8)

If you feel this way, then why not write to a skinhead online store like tightrope to get their Creativity stuff removed? How do you feel about skinheads rocking Creativity merchandise?

I don't know If a person if white and is dedicated why should they be judged on their appearance?Sorry but this is "fashion policing"to an extent. Their skin is the only uniform they need and a strong heart that goes along with those beliefs.

I respect your right to an opinion.. but just putting it out there. One man's "terrorist" is another man's "freedom fighter."

Who cares what the public think of working class white men in boots and jeans and braces? They Jew will tell people what to hate weather anybody else likes it or not. I'd rather go talk to a skinhead than some poofy metro sexual.

I hate this mad world and some of the lefties in it,what it is becomming. Seems to me nationalists, skinheads or not are the only people with any brains left at times.


--- Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 16 August 2015 at 14:20 ---Who cares what the public think of working class white men in boots and jeans and braces? They Jew will tell people what to hate weather anybody else likes it or not.
--- End quote ---

It's our Church, and we accept no lurch! We choose who can join us and even who can post on our forum; because everything said here, everyone that represents Creativity in the street, is judged by the rest of the world. Our standards are pretty lax, but they are OUR standards and we don't need any P.O'S maggot low life that we know is going to die slow in the gutter joining and corrupting our Holy Cause. Yes, we've unfortunately had that type in the past and we will not have that again!

You know how I dress, Brother IVT. You know I'm not a skinhead but every damned skin and coon thinks that's exactly what I am! And you know I tell the truth with both lots as well - and then I stand up to both when they take offence, as they both often do.

I have no problem with skins, as long as they remain decent folk and don't lurch to the idiot side.

As for demanding that Tightrope remove CREATOR materials, a retarded skinhead offshoot of CREATIVITY once tried that and failed. They thought they owned CREATIVITY and they should be the only ones to profit. Tightrope was began by CREATORS from the New England area - Massachusetts Creators that once upon a time referred to themselves as MASSCREATIVITY, under a good friend of mine (I've been out of contact with him for some years) Reverend Tony Menear. 


I guess it really just depends on what you define a skinhead to be? There are white power skins, there are a-political skins, must all skinheads have tattoos to be skinheads? People from all walks of life have tattoos.

What if people like skinhead music but aren't actually skinheads? What if the person is a long haired metal head that prefers pagan metal or right wing metal?

What if the person who wants to join is racially aware but dresses in hip hop style and likes Aussie hip hop music?Would that person be more welcome than a skinhead who wants to join but listens to rock /metal or oi!?

Would a  serious surfer type that got into:- yoga, reiki,meditation, lived a transient lifestyle, picks fruit and weaves baskets be more welcome than a skinhead  if he was willing to follow the rules?

What if the white person is right wing but is a bi-sexual or a drug abuser? Is that person more welcome than a skinhead?

What if they aren't working class but have a white collar job.. then want to listen to skinhead music and associate with white working class skinheads?

Would someone who looks like a full on biker be able to join over a skinhead?

How do you feel about skinhead "gangs"talking about Creativity on their forums?

It all depends on what skinheads mean to you. Personally I think any white person that is white and is right wing deserves a fair go unless they do stuff like break the law or do stuff to great detriment of the white race.

Yes there are some clowns in skinhead gangs.. But I have met some clowns in the nationalist scene that are not skinheads. People who have masqueraded as being a nationalist group, taken donated money and not telling people where that money went, make them believe they are helping build a group to help other white people.

Or people who teach people to be "national anarchists"take people on trips to Thailand to see how villagers farm their own raw produce if the time comes to "live outside the system".


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