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Title: Membership Changes
Post by: Private on 27 October 2019 at 10:15
This is just a quick update. I have resumed responsibility for new and ongoing Membership duties.

* New Prospective Member Certificates will be supplied.
* Initial Membership costs will rise depending on the Membership Package you order: $100, $50 or $25 for new Members and $25 per annum for continued membership.
* The extra financial intake will initially be used for patches and flags - Afterwards, we shall decide.

Current Members: If you don't pay your dues in February, you will have three months leeway, and after that, you will be considered AWOL. After that, there will be a $25 fine added should you choose to renew your Membership, bringing your renewed Membership cost to $50.

Assuming certain leading American members are OK with the proposed changes, simpler payment methods will be added and the Storefront will be expanded. Everything will go forward ASAP.

Running a Successful Organisation Takes Ca$h: You may say that I have chosen the path of the Profiteer - I'd rather call it driving the Church in a Mercenary direction - but yes, you are correct. However, I am not profiting from Creativity. It is the Church that desperately needs funds - and Membership costs have not changed in twenty-five years. Creativity has run at a deficit ever since Founder Ben Klassen's death. Together, we can change that and take the next step forward in the evolution of Creativity.



BTW As most of you know, I'm poor. I can barely afford to keep my car running and Nigger healthy, and add desperately needed security to my home, but on an average, I pay about US$300 per year just keeping your website running. And the Australian $ is worth only about 65% of the American. If I can handle that, you can handle your own expected fees. So I will not be tolerating any complaints from self-confessed destitute Creators. Give up the Starbucks and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and sort your damned lives out.