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Title: Good News: Drama Queens Expelled
Post by: Private on 11 February 2019 at 02:53
I know that some of you have interacted with these two - whom I wont bother to name - that have been expelled from Racial Loyalty Forum. As always the movement drifters, there was always more going on in the background than I care to repeat.

Of those two: One also had his Application for Membership rejected. The other is in the legal business and we reject her offer of pro-bono services - and if she reads this or someone wants to pass on the message, we do not want her partner either. We don't hate him, we just don't want anything at all to do with him. All three have a long but off-and-on history with Creativity and are connected through Hale. All three are drama queens and we do not consider any of them to be Creators.

We don't consider any of them to be race-traitors, but all three nevertheless portray certain attributes that we will not accept for Church Members, Official Supporters, or friends and acquaintances. In short, the Church does not need the drama that follows them around in their journey through the WP (so-called) Movement.