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Do Not Attempt to Re-Invent Creativity in Your Own Image!


This is for all the people that are new to Creativity and to those that are former Creators or active Creators that have chosen (until now) to remain outside the Alliance.

* If you think Creativity is missing something, do not go making demands we change Creativity to match your outside influences. Instead READ OUR BOOKS!

* If you have not read the CA Handbook, the Little White Book, Natures Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible, you do not know the very basics of Creativity.

* If you have not read any of our other Holy Books and Racial Loyalty News, you do not know how Creativity has since expanded from its earliest origins.

* If you have not read our History Page at and Ben Klassen's two-part autobiography Against the Evil Tide and Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, then you do not know the history of Creativity.

Creators are naturally resistant to change to such a degree that we Creators are hostile to change. Us older Creators that have been active for decades do not want to know how your Christinsane or Pagan spook loving friends girate in jigaboo voodoo rituals, or bow their heads mumbling in prayer. We are not Cosmotheists so quit handing down directions from Dr Pierce.

With regards to how our Church Organisation is run, do not angrily demand we make changes to suit you just because you do not understand how our organisation is run.

And finally, unless you are a Reverend, it is your job to Obey. Your task is to put out flyers, to add topical posts and socialise in the forum, and proselytize and advertise wherever and whenever you can. With very few exceptions, Church Officers will not tolerate basic Church Members and hang-arounds campaigning for changes within Creativity. Hang-Arounds and Prospective Church Members - be they newbies or Patch-Overs have absolutely no rights within the Church. It is up to you to prove that you are worthy of the title CREATOR, and membership in the CREATIVITY ALLIANCE.

Read our Holy Books. Learn our history. Become respected for your dedication as a Brother or Sister. And if you are so suited, aspire to become a Minister in the Church of Creativity - a Reverend. Then, as an Officer of the Church, we will give your ideas the respect they deserve.

For a Whiter and Brighter World - RaHoWa!



On a personal note, Our Church has been active for nearly fifty years now. We have Creators that have done service with the Church for almost as long, and many others that have served for ten, twenty and thirty years. We are a brotherhood with decades-long friendships.

Anyone who thinks they can just show up and start screwing with that long history of brotherhood is really going to piss us off. We do not care whether you are a lone nutter or who you work for, don't piss us off or we will come after you.

Racial Greeting from Texas,
I have been involved with many groups over the course of the last 45 years. I will not go into detail on each, but will say this, each and every one had one thing in common, no niggers, or mud race type was permitted what so ever... I personally have been involved with Creativity since 1993 and must confess that after reading our first Holy Book, NER I knew I had found my calling. I will also say that it is no crime or better put SIN to have a disagreement with a brother or sister, but if such does happen, go back to our Holy Books and seek the answer, or discuss the problem with other church members and if it merits it bring it to the attention of a church elder, I assure you that if you will read and look closely into the Creativity Alliance Handbook, you should be able to find near all of the answers that are needed to live a successful life as a creator as well as being productive to our cause, to grow our religion and help Building a Whiter and Brighter World! RaHoWa!!!


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