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Church Members are offered email accounts and websites, but some of you will undoubtedly ask, "What can I use my blog for?"

NOTE: We no longer supply Church Primary Group Websites or Blogs for English speaking Creators. Non-English speaking Creators are however, urged to start a website or blog in their own language so that we may advance Creativity into yet another area.

First and foremost, the blog is an extension of your contact point. Given that, your blog is the public face of your local Church Primary Group, which is why I suggest you concentrate on commenting about local matters, while only when you feel there is a need for it, should you bother with national and international events - and then always attempt to view them for the local view point. It's also a place for you to write articles, host your own pictures and express your artistic talents. Lastly, it's a chance for you to get used to the modern blogging software, learn how to arrange and link to sites, pages and pictures as well as display pictures and videos. To the newbie, all of that might sound a little daunting, but if you've ever sent an email, posted in a forum or used word processing software, then you already have the skills to begin. A hint: Start from Admin/Login and then READ EVERYTHING YOU SEE.

Church Supporters are not offered sites or email accounts. However, if there is a Church Member in your region, you may be able to persuade him or her to allow you to assist with their blog.

RaHoWa Net RSS Feed
Church Members and trusted Supporters who have private blogs, may request to have their blogs added to the RaHoWa Net RSS Feed (and if you cannot access the content in that link, then go to and download and install Opera Web Browser).


Default Mailbox Size: 100MB
If you need a larger email box, let me know.

Webmail or

Using Outlook, Integrate with Windows Live Messenger & Hotmail or Other Email Programs

Incoming Server
POP3 or IMAP? Use IMAP if you want to check email from multiple computers or devices. Use POP3 if you want your emails accessible always, even when there's no internet connection.
Username   Enter your full email address.
Password   Enter your email account password.
POP3 server
Port   995 (for POP3) or 993 (for IMAP)

Outgoing Server
SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server)
SMTP server
Port   587
Be sure to select that "my server requires authentication" and enter your username ( and mail password.

Secure Email Settings
MTP, IMAP, and POP / POP3 are unencrypted transmission protocols by default (like HTTP). One method to run them securely is to use TLS, or its predecessor SSL, as in HTTPS.

Creativity Alliance mail servers support TLS automatically when you select TLS or SSL in your email client. You must also use the appropriate port for TLS connections:
 Secure SMTP - port 587 (can also use the legacy port 465 - this may solve problems with SSL) (port 587 has optional TLS encryption, possibly using STARTTLS now, or use port 465 for SSL encryption)
 Secure IMAP - port 993 (port 143 has optional TLS encryption, or use port 993 with SSL encryption)
 Secure POP3 - port 995 (port 110 has optional TLS access, or use port 995 for SSL access)

 Using Android 4.*
 Incoming: Recommend port 110 with STARTTTLS (accept all certificates)
 Outgoing: Recommend port 465 with SSL/TLS (accept all certificates)

Direct any questions through your usual method of contact.



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