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One of the founders of the Creativity Alliance, Reverend William Jackley has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour and has approximately two months left to live. Like a true Creator, he has refused medical quackery and is on morphine to ease the pain.

You can add your condolences to his profile here

If he is able to get online, he will be sure to read your thoughts which along with the continuance of The Alliance, will be a comfort to him.

RAHOWA! My Friend and Brother, Reverend Billy.

Thomas "Billy" Jackley, Jr.
(Died July 12, 2010)

Thomas “Billy” Jackley Jr. passed away July 12, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Served in the US Army for 12 years. Ham Radio Operator. Enjoyed Morse code and doing CW on his HF Radios and talking to others on the local repeaters. Survived by his parents, Thomas and Cynthia Jackley; sister, Tammy Pietrowski (Rick); nephews, Sean, Seth.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday evening July 15, 2010, 7:00pm at the Olympus 2nd Ward, 3070 East Nila Way (4140 South) where friends may visit from 6:00pm until 6:45pm prior to services. Interment: Graceville Florida.

From Reverend Billy's father:

Hi Cailen,

Thank you so much for the very uplifting letter....yes, he spoke very highly of you, as well....the funeral here in Florida was very well attended, as was Salt Lake City....the Patriot Guard Riders (who also acted as pallbearers) and F.A.I.T.H. Riders, of which I am a member of both, did an outstanding job, as usual....Tom Jr's outlaw club friends were there and some of his Creativity friends too....there were around 50 motorcycles there and they escorted his body from the funeral home to the cemetary....the DAV did the honor ceremony and 3 volley was a sight to son in law took videos of the whole service, so when I get some copies, I'll send u one....thanks again for writing.....


Note Funeral video available on Rev.Billy's Creator Forum Profile at

Reverend Doctor Thomas Darwin was a nom de guerre used by Reverend Doctor Thomas William Jackley, AKA Reverend Billy. Yes, I and Billy lied about the name, but those that knew why accepted that all we did was change the last name to protect Billy from ... well, TCM's bull*. It didn't work.

I did what I did to protect Billy and if any of you disagree with my personal protection of a fellow soldier who was dying because he fought for his nation, then you are unworthy of being a Creator. Honi soit qui mal y pense. Tell me, what you think of the abuse that still continues against our Brother and Church founder, Reverend Billy.

Still, the CA survives and for the time being I am the PM. One day ... another PM will take over and for me, that will be the best thing I could ever see, because it would not only be a smooth changeover, but it would be the first smooth changeover of leadership in Creator history - barring of course Founder Klassen to his final in a long list of chosen successors, Dr McCarty. And yet, we can argue that even that was not a smooth change over: just read Founder Klassen's last auto biography which shows the problems he went through selecting Hasta Primii and a successor Pontfiex Maximus. No wonder the book has a prevailing overtone of bitterness, and many of the people mentioned in the book dispute both the accuracy and the veracity of Founder Klassen's final written word - three of whom are Will Williams, Tom Metzger and Mark Wilson. You can read the book here -->

At least for us, Billy with a brain tumour reaching into his spine could never be misconstrued as a bitter twisted bastard blaming the perceived failures of his life on everyone else. He was a friendly fellow who's only concern was Creativity. And in his last days he learned that Creativity in the CA was what Hale's never was and could never be, a real church looking after its own poor. Billy died with gratitude towards the CA in his thoughts. I know, because he spoke to me on Yahoo messenger in the minutes before he shot himself. (I didn't include this in his RL Obituary because I thought it was needlessly making me sound like a braggart. The Obituary was about Billy and that is what people will be reading in thirty years.)

So now you know. I did my job for a friend who although shortly up until his death could (well, he was a US Army Ranger and far stronger in his final years than he was as a super soldier in the army) in a world of wackos he could have killed anyone he met in person with his bare hands, but he was a kind person who felt guilt for some of the things he had done while a US Army Ranger. For your info, it all had to do with cutting the throats of families in Central America and he was unsure whether they were White or mud. Like a true soldier of the racial holy war, Billy only thought about whether those families were White and what use was Noriega after all?

These are things I could not include in his official obituary, but now you know and you know why we used the name Thomas Darwin to disguise Thomas Jackley (oddly all his WCOTC brothers who ripped him off remember him as "Tommy" so there's proof that none remain from Billy's era of the Florida WCOTC).

Yes, Billy and I lied about his name, but unlike others who often use fake names, you now understand that I was defending someone who wished to do his utmost for Creativity but knew he was on his way out. Furthermore, if you think using a pseudonym is unique, ask former Klassen era HP, Will White Williams about his replacement during Founder Klassen's era. You think Reverend Victor Wolf was a real name? LOL! And to be honest, for most of you, using a pseudonym in Creativity is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

Defend our brother, Reverend Billy where and when you can.



Your eulogy to Rev. Billy was quite appropriate; eloquent, even. Thanks for filling in those details for us. A s CA Founder he'll always have a spot in our Hall of Heroes. I'm surprised to hear that Randolph made fun of Rev. Billy. You know him better than I do.

About using aliases or 'noms de guerre,' I don't discourage the use of them if there is a good reason to for security purposes. But I want to know who I'm dealing with when someone becomes a member or Reverend, or even posts, I suppose. I also encourage folks who use names like "burnjewburn1488" to choose new usernames, if they must use an alias -- normal ones that are more suitable for a Church. Names of people who are heroes of our race are excellent. We honor them this way.

McCarty was a Dr.? Doctor of what? PM Klassen pinned the Church's hopes on a pig that turned out to be much worse than those who were savaged by BK in TT&T. I noted that PM Mark Wilson aka Brandon O'Roark wasn't named in the history of Creativity as one of the PMs before McCarty; nor was Charles Altvater, but I believe they are mentioned in TT&T also. We're going to have to write our own Church history, an accurate one. I have a 13-page history that Rev. James Finckbone wrote for Rev. Rudy Stanko (who BK had first tapped to replace him as PM) just before PM Klassen gave him the boot and smear treatment. Have any of y'all seen that? It covers the period when I was there through 1992. It's an objective analysis.

For a Whiter & Brighter World
Rev. Dr. Williams


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