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I think McCarty had a doctorate in psychology or something like that. Can't verify it or say where I got the info from. It's just something I remember.

Stanko stole the membership list back then. That's enough reason to leave him out of our history as anything else.

"Mark Wilson aka Brandon O'Roarke wasn't named in the history of Creativity as one of the PMs before McCarty" because according to Founder Klassen, he did not acknowledge receipt of the position (Pontifex Maximus), which forced Founder Klassen to retract his offer and choose another successor (McCarty). Everything that was written about him in TTT, is known only to those from that period, but I have been told by reliable sources that the accuracy of the text is on about the same level as that written about you, Will. Sister Michelle Wilson;u=793 in this forum who was a friend of Brian Kozel's was also a friend of Mark Wilson's. If you are interested, you can get the real information from her. I do know that Founder Klassen had a bias for the professional, educated types like McCarty that made him overlook the academically uneducated, common man such as Wilson. It's therefore understandable that Founder Klassen's natural bias for McCarty would force him to find fault with Wilson where there was none in an effort to protect both the Church and his personal reputation following his planned death. A conversation with Sister Michelle will either confirm or disprove what I've said re Wilson's side of the argument; I of course expect the former, but do look into it.


Post Script | December 7, 40 AC:

Pontifex Maximus Brandon O'Roarke (the Nom de Guerre of Reverend Mark Wilson) served as PM for approximately six months. In those long gone pre-internet days, Founder Klassen had many basis for his judgements, one of which was how successful you were putting out the Church newspaper, Racial Loyalty. We do have a copy here from PM O'Roarke:

We can leave Mark Wilson out of the Church history, but the fact is that he was one of the four young men who attended that one session of the School for Gifted White Boys, then was appointed PM and given $90,000 -- the entire proceeds of the sale of the Church property to Dr. Pierce. That's hard to overlook. It's that $$ that Eric Hawthorne aka George Burdi started Resistance Records, the vehicle that promoted his Skinhead band RAHOWA.

What impressed Ben Klassen was money. That was his measure of "success" in a man. Those who weren't rich were seen by him as failures somehow, though most pro-White activists are idealists, not driven by materialism. The main reason he hired Victor Wolf was that he donated several thousand dollars and a $5,000 computer. That's why he hired McCarty, who drove up at their first meeting in a Lincoln Continental. That's why he wanted STANKO, who had run a multi-million dollar beef operation. That's why he courted Prescott Rathborne, who drove a new Cadillac and owned thousands of acres of wetlands in Louisiana, etc., etc. One millionaire could launch CA to new heights, but we can't be bought by him.

I would like to see a decent picture of reverend Jackley so we can get a decent portrait of him painted for posterity. I am still friends with Mark Wilson, he never left the church or Creativity and remained on formal terms with Ben Klassen. My own view of Ben Klassen in his last year that he was "non compos mentis" not of sound mind- this following the death of his beloved wife- his judgements were compromised as was his handing the church to Mccarty .
What mark Wilson did do   was of significance because he did build the largest contingent grouping of Creators of about 200 people.
My own view on leadership is that it has to be earned and not bought. As in the Catholic Church a person must be judged by their deeds and works for Creativity. If Cailen relinquishes his title which he has earned then it must go to the Creator who has built the biggest contingent of Creators. I would prefer he not relinquish the title since the church needs authority and stability above all things. This  does not preclude him ever suspending his own leadership temporarily or a  decade interregnum without a formal Pontifex so that Creators can build without hinderence, schism or persecution.


--- Quote from: Rev.Albert on 06 December 2013 at 15:55 ---What mark Wilson did do   was of significance because he did build the largest contingent grouping of Creators of about 200 people.
--- End quote ---

Yes, given the time since my last comment in this topic, I've been thinking that we should honour Mark Wilson for his accomplishments. However, he would have to come to us; but I certainly wouldn't go any further than I already have and certainly nobody in the GFC would overrule me if Wilson chose not to have anything to do with us. Note: I am not talking about Wilson as a Church Member with the Alliance - that would be up to him to apply for Church Membership. I am simply saying that we are open to discussion and reminding that the invitation is always there to former Church Members.


Reverend Doctor Thomas William Jackley Jr
AKA Rev.Billy;u=100

Original Image Height: 1024 And Width: 1280;sa=view;id=1428

Rev. Dr Billy Jackley Desktop Photo Plaques from Creativity Storefront 8" x 10" $21.99, 6" x 8" $17.99, 5" x 7" $14.99

Reverend Albert, if you can supply a digital image of a painting you do of Rev. Billy that is large enough, I can add it to Creative Storefront as a product. You can also set up your own sub store with your paintings and sell them printed to canvas, photo plaques (as above), shirts and anything you like. It is free to set up and sell, and you can set your own prices - you can also arrange your own discount coupons. And because you are a brother, I offer my assistance for free. We need to cover costs, but we are not a tribe of wheeling and dealing Kosher Kapitalists from the Levant.

Rev.Billy (R.I.P.):
With Reverend Billy gone, I receive his email. ~ Cailen.

--- Quote ---Your friends at Racial Loyalty News would like to take a moment of your time to wish you a happy birthday, Rev.Billy (R.I.P.). If you have not done so recently, please visit our community in order for others to have the opportunity to pass along their warm regards.

Even though today is your birthday, Rev.Billy (R.I.P.), we would like to remind you that your membership in our community has been the best gift to us thus far.

Best Wishes,
The Staff of Racial Loyalty News
--- End quote ---

Here's to a good friend and a loyal brother. You will not be forgotten.



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