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CA Founder Dead

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RaHoWa my dead friend ...

Rest easy, Rev. Billy.

I did not personally know Rev. Billy, but I only hope he has children to carry on his legacy, we as Creators don't believe in the big spook in the sky B/S but figured out that we can have eternal life through our children and there children, my genes and genetics will be carried on for many generations as will all true Creators who have done there part to make this a Whiter and Brighter World through there children. I will also say that I wish to express my condolences to Rev. Billy's family and friends. I have read the post from start to finish here and will say one more thing, in order for us to accomplish our ultimate goals " The Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of the White Race!" We must establish some unity between all of us where we can focus on growing our religion and set positive goals about bringing in White people to help us expand our cause! RaHoWa!!!


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