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A Brother Has Died: Reverend Guy Lombardi

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Guy Lombardi passed away recently.  I was actually quite fond of  him. RIP brother you did your duty and will not be forgotten.


Very sad indeed. At least from what I last heard he was a solid brother. Any knowledge on how he passed on? He was still very young...

Another good Creator chased out by the same reprobates that brought our religion so low. Reverend Lombardi (ordained by Ben Klassen) had exited the WCOTC prior to my joining so I did not have the honour of meeting or corresponding with him, but, Reverend Billy knew him well; And like Reverend Billy, Reverend Lombardi remained a Creator right up to the end.

Hail Reverend Lombardi!


Apparently he died of artherosclerosis. Hardening of the arteries. You would think a Creativity Reverend would know better. This disease blocks the areteries through lack of exercise and overweight. Is it too much to ask people to stop smoking, slim down and clear your arteries. Every Creator is so precious we can't afford to loose anyone. I'm not perfect myself and following Reverend Lombardis passing I am loosing weight and cutting back on "sinful" foods. I will try to do two hours walking a day also.

After speaking with his former partner we are commissioning a portrait sculpture of Reverend Lombardi so that history remembers him.


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