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Author Topic: White Kids Sue School After Being Suspended for Social Media Sins

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Four white high school students in Michigan sue the school district after being suspended for posting racial slurs against black students on social media

* The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, alleges that district officials have violated the first amendment rights of the white students

* School officials suspended the white students after they used the 'N' word and white supremacy statements in a Snapchat group in January

* Then, at a meeting to talk about the posts, a white parent was then caught on camera asking a Latino dad: 'Why didn't you stay in Mexico?'

* The suit admits the students used 'offensive terms like the `N´ word' but it was 'between friends and in a joking manner'

* District officials also lack the authority to suspend the students over the posts because they took place outside of school grounds, the attorney said

* Two of the students have returned to school 

* Around 200 people in Saline took to the streets Wednesday for a rally to promote unity and inclusion

Whitey asks why crying school-kid didn't stay in Mexico
Beaner bursts out laughing
Darky gets menacing
Noli Nothis Permittere Te Terere
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