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Title: US Election: Australian MSM Bitching About Gun Sales in the US - Again
Post by: Private on 27 October 2020 at 07:35
Australian MSM is bitching about Gun Sales in the US, raving about White Supremacist Militias roaming the countryside, police killing Blacks at random on the streets - and it's all Orange Man's fault claim Australian/Global MSM; but the truth is that weapons sales have been declining since hitting an all-time high at the onset of the Chinese Death Virus.

What Happens in America, Will Happen in Britain and Australia ...

Of course, everything is just scare tactics for a Global MSM that has it in for the White Population. The goal is simple: Only White people can be Racist, therefore all Racists are White people; Racists are Terrorists, so only White people can be classified as Terrorists. The next step is the activation of a whole new raft of Anti-White/Anti-Terror Laws aimed solely at Whites. The US Democratic Party wants those laws passed through the Senate. Australia and the UK have avoided the need for new Anti-White laws, because current Hate Crime Legislation combined with current Anti-Terrorist Legislation is already in place, ready to be wielded against any perceived White Resistance to the preferred Genocide of the White Race ...

Alarming rise in gun and ammo sales ahead of US election

As the presidential election date looms, US citizens are stocking up on guns and ammo at a frightening rate as they preparing for chaotic days ahead.

Jamie (((Seidel))) | Fox News (https://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 27 October 2020


Excerpt: Left, right, black, white: Americans are frantically buying assault rifles, body armour and ammunition. All are flying out the door as fearful US citizens prepare for the worst even as they hope for the best.


The economy has tanked. Unemployment has spiked. Social media is awash with hate and conspiracy theories. Add a string of police killings, and a bitterly contested presidential election and the outcome is a volatile rift extending through all sectors of US society.

Which is why citizens of all colours and creeds are spending up big on combat gear.

Gun shops across the country are reporting they have sold out of ammunition. Firearm stocks are running low. And there’s been a run on body armour, helmets, gas masks and tactical webbing, too.

A slew of studies reveal it’s a trend being seen across the US.

And its outcome can be seen in the streets.

Camouflage-clad demonstrators are everywhere, adding the severity of their uniforms to whatever their message may be. Their weapons stand testament to the rigidity of their beliefs.



“The militias and the white supremacists … they’re going to put out the call to arms,” 73-year-old Milwaukee resident Jim Jackson told the Los Angeles Times. “That’s my worst nightmare.”

Meanwhile, Trump supporter Jeanine Davis said she expected a violent backlash from disaffected Democrats: “It’s going to be like war among citizens,” she said.

While weapons sales usually rise during US election years, this year has been unlike any other.

Such statistics don’t record race or political ideology. But shop owners are reporting a flood for first-time buyers – and women – among their exploding new clientele.

“If I dial 911, I’m not going to get the police officer,” Texas gunshop owner Michael Cargill explained his customers’ reasoning to Politico, “I’m going to have to be my own first responder. I’m going to have to get a gun.”

Another Texas gun shop owner, Roman Zrazhevsky, told media that sentiment was universal.

“It doesn’t matter who gets elected,” he said. “They think that no matter who wins, Biden or Trump, there are going to be people who are upset about the result.”


Tactical gear speaks “to a form of militaristic patriotism, a way for them to find their identities,” said Neumann.

Which may be why US militias are experiencing a surge in membership.

Once the domain of disillusioned vets and kids wanting to wear camo, these armed groups have surged into the streets in recent months.

Their profiles have exploded across social media.

And they’re not just the usual suspects.

Standing against the ranks of the largely white, far right armed gangs is an all-African American group called the “Not F**king Around Coalition” (NFAC). The Atlanta-based group’s ranks has swelled amid the frustration and outrage fanned by months of protests against police brutality.

“We’re not ‘effing’ around anymore with the continued abuses within our community and the lack of respect for our men, women and children,” founder John Johnson told CNN.

He’s claiming the same Second Amendment right to bear arms as the largely white groups standing opposite him. And trade group studies indicate a 60 per cent surge in gun sales to black Americans in the first six months of the year.

This has not gone down well.

Louisiana Republican Representative Clay Higgins used Facebook to declare he would “drop 10 of you where you stand,” if NFAC was to visit his state.

But NFAC insists it has the constitutional right to do the same as its opponents.

“Nobody says anything when other demographics pick up weapons, decide to arm themselves and confront the government over anything from wearing a mask to being cooped up in the house, but when certain demographics arm themselves all of a sudden people tend to act as if the Constitution doesn’t matter,” Johnson, who also calls himself “Grand Master Jay”, said.

And adding to the uncertainty is President Donald Trump’s reluctance to willingly embrace the idea of handing over power if he is defeated.

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