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Title: Uncle Sam Wants You: FBI Setting Up Community Spy Network
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FBI is Enrolling Church Leaders, Social Workers and Community Leaders to Spy on You

May 16, 2016

http://www.northjersey.com/news/n-j-anti-terrorism-plan-aims-to-spot-those-vulnerable-to-being-radicalized-1.1556340 (http://www.northjersey.com/news/n-j-anti-terrorism-plan-aims-to-spot-those-vulnerable-to-being-radicalized-1.1556340)

http://www.blacklistednews.com/FBI_is_Enrolling_Church_Leaders%2C_Social_Workers_and_Community_Leaders_to_Spy_on_You/51188/0/38/38/Y/M.html (http://www.blacklistednews.com/FBI_is_Enrolling_Church_Leaders%2C_Social_Workers_and_Community_Leaders_to_Spy_on_You/51188/0/38/38/Y/M.html)

http://americanintelligencereport.com/fbi-is-enrolling-church-leaders-social-workers-and-community-leaders-to-spy-on-you (http://americanintelligencereport.com/fbi-is-enrolling-church-leaders-social-workers-and-community-leaders-to-spy-on-you)

Kristan T. Harris (http://twitter.com/kristantharris) | American Intelligence Report (http://americanintelligencereport.com/)

The FBI is expanding their operation and looking to enlist religious leaders, social workers, mental health professionals, and leaders in local communities in order to prevent terrorism, North Jersey’s The Record reports.

The plan is to establish a network of Shared Responsibility Committees (or SRCs) across America that would keep an eye out for potential rabble-rousers, a 4 page FBI letter acquired by the Intercept implies.

The document states “the primary goal of an SRC intervention is disengagement,” and the “FBI’s primary objectives in referring an individual to the SRC are to enable community partners to develop community-led multidisciplinary solutions and to build community resilience and foster greater community trust, while also fulfilling the FBI’s national security and public safety responsibilities.”

Some of these solutions decided by the committee may include “mentoring support, life skills, anger management, cognitive or behavioral therapies, constructive pursuits, education skills, career building and support, family support, health awareness, housing support, drug and alcohol awareness and treatment, engagement and exposure with perceived adversaries, and mental health care.”

Civil-liberties groups and Muslims are upset over the FBI’s connection to the committee, predicting that SRCs will become “government informants,” and that “private conversations could become part of criminal investigations.”

Law enforcement officials believe the organization is justified, claiming, “it targets not just Muslim extremists but also people influenced by U.S.-based extremist groups, and it seeks to help people before they turn to violence.”

How does the FBI intend to identify individuals who need rehabilitation? Local police forces across America are acquiringReal Time Crime Centers (RTCC) which use a “citizen ranking” system that compiles data from social media,smartphones and even pizza deliveries to compute your threat score.

The FBI has adopted a similar style of policing using a “$1 billion Next Generation Identification project, which is creating a trove of fingerprints, iris scans, data from facial recognition software and other sources that aid local departments in identifying suspects,” The Washington Post reports.

The FBI does not consider these community groups a form of “government spying,” since they may not see every incident. An FBI official interviewed by The Record stated, “I don’t think it’s spying by the government because some of this stuff may never arise to us.”

The FBI document claims that these committees will not be used “as a means to gather intelligence,” however, it also makes a few clear contradictions to this claim throughout the rest of the document.

For example, the letter explains, “the SRC can, but will not be required to, inform the FBI of an individual’s progress throughout the course of the program.” So what happens to the information that is voluntarily given up? The FBI document forewarns that, “the FBI may share any information the SRC provides with other law enforcement agencies, members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and foreign government agencies as needed.”

SRC members are required to “immediately notify the FBI of any civil, administrative, or criminal claim, complaint, discovery request, or other request for information of which the SRC member receives notice, concerning or arising from any FBI referral or otherwise relating to any FBI referral,” indulging the FBI with intelligence they’ve gathered.

“The community sees problems first. When the FBI sees it, it’s too late. If the community can be empowered to take over, it will save us time in the end [instead of] having to arrest people,” an FBI official told North Jersey‘s The Record. Justifying the pre-crime tactics by SRCs, the agent said, “We want to get to him when he’s 16 and not 20 and shooting up a place.”


Part 1 (http://i1.wp.com/americanintelligencereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FBI-SRC-Letter-1.jpg) Part 2 (http://i1.wp.com/americanintelligencereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FBI-SRC-Letter-2.jpg) Part 3 (http://i2.wp.com/americanintelligencereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FBI-SRC-Letter-3.jpg) Part 4 (http://i1.wp.com/americanintelligencereport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/FBI-SRC-Letter-4.jpg)


It'll only be innocent White Americans that are targeted, as Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Asians and any other non-White group will consider this as a high potential for racial profiling and vilification.

Meanwhile, the White priests, White school teachers, White doctors, libtards and commies will finally have that opportunity they have always craved to feel important as they report the politically incorrect (i.e. evil and recalcitrant Whitey) to an interested government official. ... As is the real intention: Their going to get to HIM when he’s 2 in kindergarten and not 6 in primary school "shooting up a place."

In reference to numerous claims that the US Government are acting just like the "Nazis"

Historically, the Nazis did not set up a system for reporting. In Germany during the Nazi era, it was the general public willingly reporting on their neighbours - and really it was only the typical, nosy, busy-bodies and political types that did that ... you know the types that report you to your landlord or the community let's-keep-our-lawns-mowed panel for their own nefarious reasons.

It was the Soviets in Russia using the NKVD that set up a system with specific community leaders selected and expected to report on the people around them. Later, the STASI in Communist era East Germany built upon that by ordering selected ordinary people to report on others in their street, workplace and other family members. With both the NKVD and the STASI, anyone that did not have anything to report was immediately suspicious.

The Russians like to pretend that their Soviet regime was economically flawed, but otherwise perfect, so no information has been released as to how in depth their home spying system was. The Germans, on the other hand, have released all of their info re the East German security agency, revealing how the selected informants would often make up stories about their co-workers, neighbours, friends and family, to hand to their masters, with the intention that they could keep themselves out of the political prisons.