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Title: Reparations in the U.S.
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Another pandering attempt by our enemies in the Congress. Unfortunately in this anti-white era we live in, this may become more than talk.


House To Hold Reparations Hearing With Testimony From Ta-Nehisi Coates

The hearing — the first time since 2007 that the House has heard testimony on the topic of slavery reparations — will be held on June 19, the day of Juneteenth.

Errin Haines Whack
06/13/2019 07:53 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) — The topic of reparations for slavery is headed to Capitol Hill for its first hearing in more than a decade with writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and actor Danny Glover set to testify before a House panel.

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is scheduled to hold the hearing next Wednesday, its stated purpose “to examine, through open and constructive discourse, the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, its continuing impact on the community and the path to restorative justice.” The date of the hearing, June 19, coincides with Juneteenth, a cultural holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved blacks in America.

Former Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, the longtime sponsor of House Resolution 40, first proposed the measure calling for a study of reparations in 1989. Conyers reintroduced the bill every session until his resignation in 2017.

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the resolution’s new sponsor, introduced it earlier this year and pushed for next week’s hearing. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in February that she supports a reparations study, a topic that hasn’t been the subject of a House hearing since 2007.

Reparations had been a fringe issue and occasional punchline until Coates’ 2014 essay in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations,” thrust the topic back into the national discourse. Glover, an activist as well as the star of the “Lethal Weapon” movies and the classics “The Color Purple” and “A Rage in Harlem,” has spoken in favor of the issue for years.

In an interview with Coates as he prepared to leave office, President Barack Obama questioned the implementation of reparations, but not the concept. And in a conversation Coates had earlier this year with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., the popular progressive endorsed reparations.

The reparations debate became part of the 2020 presidential race early, as several Democratic presidential primary candidates signaled their support for compensating the descendants of slaves, though not in the traditional sense of direct payouts to black Americans. Most have been vague on more specific ideas, but they have instead offered policies addressing economic inequality that could disproportionately benefit blacks.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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How silly!
A couple hundred years after slavery is over and they want to give them reconciliation payments! I guess that’d Give them a sense of entitlement !
Instead of being responsible for their actions they feel people constantly owe them stuff!
If they think they are suffering in the US ... well p1ss off back to Africa then!

Then where will the line be drawn on who is African and who isn’t?!
Don’t let it get ridiculous like Australia where you can look like a German and claim extra rights and benefits to be an Aboriginal , just because a distant relative may have been and the tribal elder wrote a bit of paper saying you are one!
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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JOG refuses to look at slavery from a historical view. They make out niggers only just got the chain unclipped. An honest look at history is that every single race-tribe participated in slavery. In fact, Whites were very late to the slave game. Niggers where selling other nigger tribes for thousands of years before they ever had contact with Whites. The Arabs colonised those niggers pretty good in the top of Africa; that's why you see every shop and street sign is in Arabic. In fact Whites suffered too when the Ottoman Empire captured thousands of our Brothers and Sisters as slaves - but nobody brings that up or the fact that jews owned 90 percent of the slave ships.

Reparations is a ridiculous idea. If you aren't happy, piss off back to where you came from. And where's​ our bloody reparations from the Turks because two can play that game.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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This new poll on reparations was released, numbers seem skewed. Of course it's no surprise that the majority of the niggers want free money from the Whites. Truthfully I believe that number should be higher. As for the Whites approving reparations, I hope that number is inflated. If not that 15% is real concerning.


Nearly 75% of African Americans support reparations for slavery. Only 15% of white Americans do, a poll says

By Scottie Andrew, CNN
Posted at 2:46 PM ET, Mon October 28, 2019


(CNN) — Slavery is a horrific, irremovable stain on US history. But Americans disagree on how to handle its legacy.

While nearly 75% of black respondents in an AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll said they believe the US government should pay reparations to the descendants of enslaved black people, just 15% of white participants supported the idea.

Overall, about 29% of the people questioned support reparations, or payment to African Americans whose family members were slaves, according to the poll conducted in September of nearly 1,300 black, white and Hispanic Americans.

Reparations have been adopted as a talking point among Democratic presidential hopefuls. But there's little consensus among average Americans.

The underwhelming support for reparations is most evident among the white people who were questioned, and just over half -- 54% -- said they believe the history of slavery continues to impact black Americans "a great deal."

Meanwhile, 83% of black respondents said slavery still deeply affects them (all I can say is get over it. It's been hundreds of years. Whites have also been enslaved throughout history and you don't see us crying about it daily).

More -- but still less than half of those polled -- said the government should issue an official apology for slavery.

Age was indicative of participants' beliefs, too: Those over 60 were the least likely age group to support reparations at 16%, compared to 45% of 18- to 29-year-olds.

The US government is split on reparations

The renewed interest in reparations was the impetus for this poll, Jennifer Benz, research scientist and deputy director of the AP-NORC Center, told CNN.

The government has taken small steps toward formally addressing the concept this year. The House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a hearing on reparations on Juneteenth, the June 19 holiday that celebrates the end of slavery.

But the day before the hearing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he opposed paying reparations, arguing that "none of us currently living are responsible" for what he called America's "original sin."

Many Democratic candidates for president have voiced support for reparations, but few of them have explained how they'd implement it or what forms it would take. Marianne Williamson is one of the only candidates to propose direct cash payouts to descendants of slaves, suggesting up to $500 billion in payments.

While the poll can't account for differences in beliefs among different race and age demographics, Benz said that over time, as the demographics that support reparations occupy a larger segment of the population, "support may also continue to increase" for those measures.

The legacy of slavery

To supporters of reparations, the idea that slavery's impacts are not widely felt some 150 years after it was abolished is a pervasive myth.

Slavery has molded institutions like capitalism, health care, culture and politics and created persistent wealth gaps between black and white Americans, said Chuck Collins, author and program director at the Institute for Policy Studies.

Related Article: A New Jersey religious college will set aside nearly $28 million for slavery reparations

"People say 'slavery was so long ago' or 'my family didn't own slaves.' But the key thing to understand is that the unpaid labor of millions -- and the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow laws, discrimination in mortgage lending and a race-based system of mass incarceration -- created uncompensated wealth for individuals and white society as a whole," he told CNN in April.

Collins said he's found that the median wealth of a white household is 41 times greater than the median wealth of a black family -- $147,000 versus $3,600.

"Immigrants with European heritage directly and indirectly benefited from this system of white supremacy. The past is very much in the present."

What could reparations look like?

There's no equation for reparations, but various academics, lawyers and activists have guessed -- based on formulations on the total value of slave labor to the US economy over about 250 years -- that the payments would fall anywhere between $17 billion and $5 trillion.

It's unclear who or what would pay for reparations, but some have suggested that federal and state governments, private companies and wealthy families who owned slaves could be made to pay, since all supported and benefited from slavery.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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At 51 trillion each nigger would receive over $1.2 million. How the hell do they figure a nigger that has never personally been enslaved deserves any money, let alone that much, especially from Whites who never personally owned or benefited (can never benefit from a nigger in your life) from a slave. It just seems like an absolutely outrageous and absurd concept. The only nigger reparations I would agree to with my taxes, would be a one way ticket to Africa.


Slavery Reparations Could Carry A $17.1 Trillion Price Tag. Or $51 Trillion. It Depends Who’s Doing The Math

Written by Dana Sanchez
Jul 25, 2019

A bill on slavery reparations will likely die in a Republican-majority Senate, but that won’t last forever and it hasn’t stopped people from trying to put a number on the bill taxpayers could pay to cover the cost of reparations.

Democrats raised the idea of reparations on Capitol Hill in June at the first hearing in 10 years on H.R. 40, the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. H.R. 40 is named after the 40 acres and a mule promised to freed slaves after hundreds of years of slavery.

Yahoo Finance calculated the cost of reparations could reach as high as $17.1 trillion. University of Connecticut researcher Thomas Craemer estimated reparations would cost $5.9 trillion-to-$14 trillion and Marketwatch came up with a bill of $16 trillion.

Reparations aren’t about playing victim or race-baiting, H.R. 40 co-sponsor Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) said. They’re about the legacy of slavery that persists today for African Americans.

Jamarlin talks about the recent backlash against Lebron James for not speaking up for Joshua Wong and the violent Hong Kong protestors.

“If the best policies are informed by data, the data supports the fact that Black Americans continue to be in the bottom of every outcome when it comes to health, education, and economics,” Pressley said in a statement to Yahoo Finance. “So much work remains to be done in order for us to bend the arc of justice to ensure the full freedom for Black Americans.”

Yahoo Finance came up with its $17.1 trillion reparations price tag by adding today’s value in upaid slave wages ($12.9 trillion) to the lingering economic impact of Jim Crow and discrimination in health care, education and criminal justice ($4.2 trillion).

Marketwatch looked at the values of successive generations of U.S. slaves — the total values in 1800, 1830 and 1860 — and applied Treasury bond interest rates to the money over the decades since to come up with a reparations bill of $16 trillion.

That’s about 75 percent of U.S. gross domestic product and slightly more than the total U.S. personal disposable income for a year. It comes out to around $1 million per African-American household, according to Marketwatch.

Craemer came up with the $5.9 trillion-to-$14 trillion figures by figuring out how many hours all slaves—men, women and children—worked in the U.S. from when the country was officially established in 1776 until 1865 when slavery was officially abolished. He published his report in 2015. He multiplied the amount of time slaves worked by average wage prices at the time, adding a compounding interest rate of 3 percent per year.

Previous calculations mostly looked at wealth created by slaves as opposed to services provided, resulting in underestimates, Craemer said.

Craemer’s interest in reparations derives in part from his upbringing in Germany, which had paid $89 billion in reparations to Jewish victims of the Nazis as of 2012.

“Reparations will never bring one life back, and it’s totally inadequate to the terror of the (past), but having a meaningful symbol of reparations is a good thing, not just for recipients but for the people who provide it,” Craemer said, according to Newsweek.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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And.... just think where the economy would benefit from the niggers getting reparations? How about opening up either a :- Footlocker, Liquor store or KFC franchise now? Those selling :- Red drink, Grape Soda and Melons will be rolling in it!
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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And.... just think where the economy would benefit from the niggers getting reparations? How about opening up either a :- Footlocker, Liquor store or KFC franchise now ? Those selling :- Red drink, Grape Soda and Melons will be rolling in it!

My fault Brother didn't mean to hit the thumbs down.

You're totally right. That's about all that would come from reparations.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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If every nigger in the US gets a million plus bucks handed to them, that means the term White Trash will no longer mean lazy Whites who do live like trash, but instead will mean EVERY middle class, working class and down White man, woman and child will be treated as White Trash, while the nigger lords it up and Jewish parasites suck nigger money like blood from a baby.

Rent a home? White? GET OUT! The landlord will triple the rent and move a nigger family in.

Black Reparations just means more so-called White Privilege
Title: California Planning on Paying Reparations for Just Being Black
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California, Which Entered U.S. as Free State in 1850, to Study ‘Reparations’ for Slavery


AB 3121 will create a nine-member “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, with a Special Consideration for African Americans Who are Descendants of Persons Enslaved in the United States,” according to the text of the bill.

California was admitted to the Union in 1850 as a free state and has no history of legal slavery.

Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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Another town in the U.S. pandering to the delusional niggers, who believe they actually built America.


Durham City Council approves resolution calling for federal reparations for descendants of enslaved people

Durham is one of three cities in North Carolina to move on the idea

By Lucas Manfredi | Fox News

Durham, North Carolina's city council voted 7-0 Monday to approve a resolution calling for a federal program that would give reparations "sufficient to eliminate the racial wealth gap” to the descendants of people who were enslaved, according to a report by The News & Observer.

The resolution reportedly follows a recommendation to the City Council by Durham’s Racial Equity Task Force, which delivered a 14-page report in July.

“This is a resolution responding to several of the recommendations by the race equity task force, which concerns areas of policy that are either outside of our legal scope or our financial size in order to be able to implement,” Mayor Pro Tem Jillian Johnson said.

In addition to reparations, the Racial Equity Task Force is seeking federal programs to provide universal basic income to all citizens and a guaranteed federal or federally funded living-wage job to all citizens. They are also calling for a federal minimum wage increase to $15 per hour or higher, with regular increases to account for increases in cost of living and inflation.

"The City of Durham commits itself fully to all necessary advocacy to ensure that these policies are implemented," the resolution states.

The Durham City Council did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment.

The move comes amid a reparations debate at the national level, with a bill, named the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, introduced in January 2019 by Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

The proposed legislation, which currently waits for further action from the House and the Senate, would "examine slavery and discrimination in the colonies and the United States from 1619 to the present and recommend appropriate remedies."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., previously said: "I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago for whom none of us currently living are responsible is a good idea."

Meanwhile, Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, said the legislation proposed by Democrats doesn't go far enough, pitching his own $14 trillion reparations plan that would give $350,000 in direct cash payments over 30 years to an estimated 40 million African-Americans.

"To me, this is rearranging the deck chairs on a racial titanic, Johnson told FOX News. "It's not going any place."

Durham is not the only city considering reparations. Asheville, North Carolina's city council signed a resolution in July to provide the Black community opportunities to build wealth, according to the city website. In addition, Buncombe County, N.C., joined Asheville in support of reparations with a resolution in August, telling the county manager to prioritize racial equity in policy-making

Meanwhile, Providence, R.I., Mayor Jorge Elorza issued an executive order in July to pursue a "truth-telling and reparations process" for Black and Indigenous people and California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed Assembly Bill 3121 into law, which will establish a task force to study and develop proposals for paying reparations to the descendants of enslaved Black people.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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Mexican Americans Are Now Begging for Reparations for the Mexican American War

By Pedro de Alvarado - October 15, 2020

2020 is shaping up to be one of the most bizarre years in recent American history.

The death of George Floyd has sparked widespread unrest across the Land of the Free, which has many Americans freaked out about the prospects of a full-fledged racial conflict

As far as policies are go, things are not much better. Several elected officials have stepped up calling for Blacks to receive reparations for allegedly suffering centuries of oppression at the hands of Whites. In any kind of political climate of mass hysteria, lunacy tends to grow even more.

Now, other groups such as Mexican Americans are asking for reparations. According to a report by ABC News titled “Mexican Americans seek atonement for ancestral lands that were taken over generations”, Mexican Americans are demanding reparations.

In a segment for Nightline, the topic of reparations for Mexican Americans was discussed, specifically for the lands that were allegedly stolen from them during the Mexican American War. We shouldn’t forget, that the American Southwest wasn’t part of the U.S. 172 years ago. It was still in the hands of Mexico, which gained its independence from Spain not long before in 1821.

Following the American annexation of Texas in 1845, Mexico and the U.S. went to war from 1846 to 1848, which resulted in a decisive American victory. As a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico ended up ceding half of its country to the U.S. Although this war became another part of history that Americans embraced and moved on from, some people still remain bitter.

A number of individuals believe that they are entitled to land grants that were supposedly not honored by the American government after it annexed Mexican territory with Mexican nationals still living in it after the Mexican-American war concluded.

“There’s a huge disparity here in terms of poverty and [in] terms of education,” said Arturo Archuleta, a land grant heir in New Mexico,.” “These communities have been left behind.”


People like Archuleta are busy trying to obtain reparations for the land that was allegedly seized from their communities, which existed prior to the ratification of the Treaty of Guadalupe, per the analysis of Jacobo Baca, a historian with the University of New Mexico’s Land Grant Studies Program.

According to documents at the University of New Mexico, a number of land grants have decreased substantially over the years. One of the documents demonstrated how an agreement for over 40,000 acres ended up being scaled down to less than 1,400 acres.

“I think for land grant heirs, there’s this recognition that this treaty was a promise that was made that wasn’t kept, and that the federal government owes the recognition of these communities,” Baca stated.

While this request was received with crickets, and rightfully so, we can only assume that it’s just another sign of the Pandora’s Box the Left has opened up. That is to say, never-ending anti-White politics with the aim of empowering non-wrote groups at the expense of legacy Americans.

While the notion of reparations for Mexicans may seem farcical, it operates as a trial balloon for the ethnic hustlers. What’s to stop leftist Hispanic hustlers from continuing to advocate for reparations for the lands that were supposedly stolen from them during the Mexican-American War?

Just think, we’re less than three decades away from the bicentennial of the Mexican American War. This is only the beginning. People may laugh but if mass amnesty is passed, Hispanic activists will have an army of ethnic foot soldiers at their disposal to make such a wacky idea a reality. That’s what happens when you import a new electorate.

In doing so, America’s political foundations will go down the tubes.
Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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It's bad enough I have to hear the niggers cry and whine about an astronomical cash value that the believe they are owed but now the Spanish speaking muds are expecting a handout from the Whites too.


Hispanic Professor at UCLA Calls for Americans to Give Hispanics Reparations

By Pedro Alvarado - November 24, 2020

Opening up Pandora’s Boxes appear to be the American Left’s speciality.

The normalization of reparations for Blacks discourse has been one of the most transformative developments over the last four years. In previous decades, a policy suggestion of that nature would have been laughed out the venue. But now we’re in 2020, where anything is possible.

Now, racial reparations are being openly discussed not just for Blacks but also for Hispanics.

In a book titled, Inventing Latinos: A New Story of American Racism, University of California Los Angeles School of Law professor Laura Gomez is pushing for the United States, more specifically, Whites, to dole out reparations to the Hispanic community.

Per Gomez’s website, the book’s main thesis centers around “the how and why of Latinx identity becoming a distinctive racial identity.” In addition, the website says, “this book explains how and why Latinos became cognizable as a racial group— a racial group that is Other and inferior to Whites.”

According to the Tennessee Star, UCLA interviewed Gomez about the book.

She responded to one of the questions by pushing for reparations for Latinos.

“Thankfully, we’re talking a lot more about reparations to African Americans. I think that’s a long-overdue conversation. How do we repair the damage that racism has done?” she inquired. Gomez argued that “because of the way that American military, government, and corporations infiltrated Central America and destroyed the indigenous way of life, and slaughtered so many people. People in Central America should get asylum here, like we had asylum for the Vietnamese, for Cubans. We must allow those folks in.”

In a similar vein, Gomez believes that granting amnesty to illegal aliens in America could also function as a form of reparations.

“Another is amnesty, a pathway to citizenship for undocumented persons who are here, have not committed violent crimes, and can prove that they’ve been here for a certain amount of time,” she stated. “Again, we’re looking at a different story of anti-Latino racism. And so what does that suggest in terms of what we might do as a society to make amends, repair the relationship, and bring people into the fold as full-fledged Americans.”

One can argue about the merits of previous U.S. interventions in Latin America. Most America First nationalists would agree that the American government should not meddle in the internal affairs of other countries that do not do the same to the U.S. Nor should the government appease defense corporations by getting involved in never-ending conflicts in regions that are of no national interest to the U.S.

But it’s another to argue that the U.S. should open the floodgates to foreigners simply because the country made mistakes in the past. We can acknowledge our policy errors but also make it clear that the European character of the U.S. must be maintained if we want to continue having a functional state. We should not let the politics of guilt cloud our better judgement.

Title: Re: Reparations in the U.S.
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The spiks n niggers have been pushing that for years, especially that Aztlan La Rasa shite about taking back land. It'll pick up steam unfortunately. Whites need to stop buying from stores and chain stores that are owned by spiks or niggers or food products owned by mud in general. They don't just want our land, they want our women too.

Buy from second hand stores and try grow your own veges as much as possible.