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Title: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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I'm so tired of the way these "White governments" bend over backwards for our enemies as they're removing our rights.


Sikh Airman Makes History As Hes Given Permission To Wear Turban And Beard

By Amy Russo

A Sikh airman made history when the U.S. Air Force granted him permission to wear a turban, beard and unshorn hair.

Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa, an active duty crew chief at McChord Air Force Base near Lakewood, Washington, confirmed in a statement released Thursday by the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund that he was given a religious accommodation, meaning he is partially exempt from the grooming and dress code that once prevented him from fully expressing his faith.

Im overjoyed that the Air Force has granted my religious accommodation, he said. Today, I feel that my country has embraced my Sikh heritage, and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity.

Born to an immigrant family, Bajwa joined the Air Force as a first-generation American in 2017. However, at the time, he was required to cut his hair and maintain a clean shave, which went against his Sikh beliefs. He then learned about accommodations granted by the U.S. Army to Sikh service members in addition to one granted to Muslim Air Force Cpt. Maysaa Ouza, a Judge Advocate General Corps officer who was permitted to wear a hijab in 2018 with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Bajwa reached out to the Sikh American Veterans Alliance to see whether he, too, could qualify for such an accommodation and was connected with the ACLU.

According to SALDEF, the Air Force approved Bajwas request in response to a letter sent from the ACLU on his behalf. The Sikh American Veterans Alliance confirmed to HuffPost that the accommodation was granted in March.

Lt. Col. Kamal Kalsi Singh, president of the Sikh American Veterans Alliance, said Bajwa was the first active Airman allowed to wear his Sikh articles of faith while in uniform.

Though the exceptions remain a source of debate, in 2014, the Pentagon eased regulations on religious attire with an updated policy noting that military departments will accommodate individual expressions of sincerely held beliefs (conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs) of service members as long as it does not impact unit cohesion or military readiness.
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So..... school policy is officially There are multiple genders. If you want to challenge that be punished and excluded from class!

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You, yes you. Stand still laddie! ...


Scots Git!
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California Is Poised To Ban Hair Discrimination

June 28, 20199:11 PM ET

California lawmakers have passed a bill banning discrimination against people who wear natural hairstyles such as braids.

Afros, braids, dreadlocks and twists. California lawmakers have passed a bill to protect black employees and students by outlawing discrimination against people who wear those hairstyles.

"The history of our nation is riddled with laws and societal norms that equated 'blackness,' and the associated physical traits, for example, dark skin, kinky and curly hair to a badge of inferiority," the bill notes.

It contends that professionalism was, and still is, tied to European standards and that restrictive grooming policies have unfairly targeted black workers and students more than any other group.
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California Is Poised To Ban Hair Discrimination

June 28, 20199:11 PM ET

California lawmakers have passed a bill banning discrimination against people who wear natural hairstyles such as braids.

Afros, braids, dreadlocks and twists. California lawmakers have passed a bill to protect black employees and students by outlawing discrimination against people who wear those hairstyles.

"The history of our nation is riddled with laws and societal norms that equated 'blackness,' and the associated physical traits, for example, dark skin, kinky and curly hair to a badge of inferiority," the bill notes.

It contends that professionalism was, and still is, tied to European standards and that restrictive grooming policies have unfairly targeted black workers and students more than any other group.


I am all for freedom of choice and expression, however if I was an employer I sure wouldnt employ anybody who groomed themselves like these Africans!

I wouldnt like to go to a Hotel and have this as a Concierge come to my room , or bring my food out to me.
Or go to the Dentist and have this funny looking nigger work on my teeth!

Can you imagine going on a flight to have a jigaboo like this be either a Pilot or a flight attendent?
Or being pulled over by Police and given instruction to by a Nigger like this?

So now in California its prohibited to discriminate under those grounds? Will all this work?!
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As if we don't give the niggers enough, lets give them a holiday. It ain't like they don't have a whole month to call their own. Plus what difference will this holiday make. It's not like the majority of them are hard workers, so it's not like they will benefit from the day off. As for the nigger loving Whites that approve this holiday, they can piss off. We shouldn't celebrate the end of something we should have never been envolved in. Slavery was one of the most devastating events in United States history. If we didn't have slavery, we wouldn't have the nigger problem we have now.


TN Representative seeks to make Emancipation Day a state holiday

Joey Gill, Digital Content ProducerUpdated 4 hrs ago | Posted on Jul 11, 2019

NASHVILLE (WSMV) - A Democratic state representative from Knoxville wants a state holiday for the day a former president freed his slaves nearly 156 years ago.

State Representative Rick Staples said the Emancipation Day celebrations are traditionally held on August 8 and commemorate a day in 1863 that future President Andrew Johnson freed his slaves in Greene County, prior to the implementation of the Emancipation Proclamation.

The resolution states celebrations are documented in Greene County at least as early as 1875 in The Greeneville American, and over one hundred years ago in The Greeneville Herald and Knoxville Sentinel. It also notes that Emancipation Day ceremonies have been observed in Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas and Missouri.

Rep. Staples said, In 2007, the legislature recognized August 8 as a day of special observance. This is the next logical step in honoring the history of Tennesseans of African descent in this state, said Rep. Staples in a statement.

The bill, HB1544, is the first legislation filed for consideration when the lawmakers return to their regular, called session in January 2020.
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Muslim woman sues Louisville over jail photo taken without her hijab


LOUISVILLE, Ky. A Muslim woman is suing Louisville Metro Corrections and the city, saying she was made to remove her hijab in front of men for her jail booking photo in violation of her religious rights.

Clara Ruplinger, 24, was arrested in July 2018 along with eight other people after they blocked elevators to the immigration court inside the Heyburn Building. The protest was one in a string calling for the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement amid outrage over the separation of families at the U.S. southern border.

All nine of the protesters were charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing.

In her lawsuit, filed July 25, Ruplinger alleges that while she was being booked, male officials made her take off her hijab and take a booking photo although "removing her headscarf in the presence of men with no familial relation violated her religious beliefs."

Islamic beliefs call for "people to have modesty and specifically for women to exhibit their modesty through some sort of head covering," said Soha Saiyed, one of Ruplinger's lawyers.

New Jersey police: First hijabi officer at department welcomed in all-female class

Ruplinger's lawsuit says that she was examined by female officers in a private room, during which time she willingly removed her hijab. She then put her headscarf back on and went to the booking area to have her photo taken in a room with 50 to 60 people of both genders, according to court documents.

Ruplinger was first allowed to wear her headscarf for a photo, her lawsuit says, before a male officer told her it had to be retaken without her hijab so officials could get "proper head dimensions."

What followed was a debate about the importance of Ruplinger's hijab to her, after which the lawsuit alleges that officers succeeded in "coercing" her to remove her headscarf, which she said caused her to be "embarrassed, humiliated and intimidated."

Jeremiah Reece, another lawyer for Ruplinger, said "the fact that she was required to remove her headscarf in front of dozens of male officers and inmates in the first place is a problem, is a constitutional violation."

The lawsuit says that the Jefferson County Attorney's Office had explained that the Metro Corrections officers were following policy. Officials were required to "take the inmates photograph, including pictures of any scars, marks and/or tattoos without compromising the inmates privacy (i.e., revealing private areas)."

Despite those contentions, the lawsuit says, "Ruplinger had no scars, marks, or tattoos on any portion of her head or neck that were both coverable by her headscarf and requiring photographic documentation."

However, this policy was changed around February 2019, the lawsuit states, and it now allows for "male and female detainees to retain religious headwear while incarcerated, and specifically, during booking photography."

The county attorney's office hasn't replied to a Courier Journal request for comment on this piece of the suit.

Saiyed said now that the policy has been changed, officers need to be trained on how to comply with it.

Reece said there's still public confusion over what is required when people are being booked at a corrections facility.

Federal law doesn't place a mandate on metropolitan jails to take a mugshot, he said, and Kentucky doesn't have any mandatory requirements for booking photograph to be taken.

What booking and jail admissions must include, Reece said, is important identifying information such as gender, height and weight.

On the other hand, Reece said, jails are required to "allow their inmates to practice their religious beliefs freely unless there is some sort of justifiable risk posed to the safety and order of the facility." In this case, he said, there was no question of facility security or safety. "This was simply just an arbitrary requirement."

Because Ruplinger's mugshot was made public through Metro Corrections and published in news reports, the lawsuit says, she was further humiliated.

The suit asks that her mugshot without her hijab be removed from public record and that she be awarded an undecided dollar amount for "damages for physical, mental and emotional pain, suffering and humiliation, now and in the future."

Spokespersons for Metro Corrections and the mayor's office both told the Courier Journal that they cannot comment on pending legal action.
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How is this not obstruction of justice or at least aiding abetting criminals.


Buttigieg reportedly helped create a phone tree to alert families about ICE raids

By Sam Dorman | Fox News

South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigiegreportedly helped create an alert system that would notify families if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided his residents' homes or businesses.

The "phone tree," according to The Daily Beast on Wednesday, was one of several actions Buttigieg took to protect illegal immigrants in his town. Phone trees consist of an automated calling system that helps spread messages quickly and efficiently.

Those would presumably help alert immigrants to the type of surprise raids that resulted in nearly 700 arrests in Mississippi.

His approach to immigration came under legal scrutiny when Judicial Watch, a right-leaning organization, sued the city over a "Community Resident Card" program that Buttigieg reportedly developed with the help of La Casa, a left-wing, pro-immigration group.

The program allowed residents to open bank accounts, fill prescriptions, and use public services without fear that authorities would find out their immigration status. Buttigieg specifically partnered with local businesses on the program and directed utilities and other services to accept the cards as a valid form of identification.

Buttigieg was just one of many 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who sought to help immigrants avoid interactions with federal immigration enforcement.

A long list of Democrats has criticized the Trump administration's immigration policy as racist, xenophobic, and even as a way of terrorizing families.

On Monday, the administration prompted criticism by releasing a controversial rule that would limit green card recipients depending on whether they met a certain income threshold or relied on public assistance.

Trump has also leveled fierce criticism at "sanctuary cities" that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement on requests to continue detaining illegal immigrants. Buttigieg has blasted that type of cooperation as "conscription," although Indiana has banned "sanctuary cities" in the state.
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^ This “Butt-plug-gig” fella ! He’s the Mayor but aides and abetting illegal activity! It’s like he has an agenda to import beaners for votes or something!?

Why can’t somebody deal with this corrupt politician? He doesn’t want a country he wants a “free for all”!
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So now any sexual deviant that wants to mutilate their body can have it performed on the tax payer's dime, if they go to prison in the right state. I wish I could say I'm shocked but nothing surprises me anymore.


Idaho must provide sex reassignment surgery for trans inmate, court rules

Depriving a transgender inmate with severe gender dysphoria of sex reassignment surgery is cruel and unusual punishment, a federal appeals court ruled.

Aug. 26, 2019, 4:27 PM CDT
By Tim Fitzsimons

Depriving a transgender inmate with severe gender dysphoria of sex reassignment surgery is a form of cruel and unusual punishment, a federal appeals court ruled Friday, affirming a lower court ruling.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the state of Idaho to provide the surgery for trans inmate Adree Edmo. The ruling is the first time an appeals court has ordered a state to provide gender-affirming surgery to a prisoner, and the decision is at odds with a ruling issued earlier this year by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Idaho's Republican governor, Brad Little, vowed to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Edmo, who was featured in the Boise State Public Radio podcast Locked, repeatedly inflicted self-harm and twice attempted to castrate herself with a razor blade, according to court documents.

Responsible prison authorities were deliberately indifferent to Edmos gender dysphoria, in violation of the Eighth Amendment, the 9th Circuit ruling stated, adding it was established that "Edmo had a serious medical need, that the appropriate medical treatment was GCS [gender confirmation surgery], and that prison authorities had not provided that treatment despite full knowledge of Edmos ongoing and extreme suffering and medical needs.

Idaho's governor decried the ruling as extremely disappointing and said the state "cannot divert critical public dollars away from the higher priorities of keeping the public safe and rehabilitating offenders."

Amy Whelan, a senior staff attorney at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, called Little's promise to appeal the case to the high court a very disappointing and reprehensible reaction by the state.

Whelan, one of the attorneys representing Edmo, added that the NCLR took the case because of its focus on the most marginalized of the LGBTQ community and because medical care is essential for transgender people.

Whelan called Edmos case very, very severe gender dysphoria, as evidenced by her repeated attempts to take surgical action on her own body.

There are decades of Eighth Amendment precedent by the U.S. Supreme Court, where the court repeatedly has found that when youre assessing whether prison officials are deliberately indifferent which is the legal standard with regard to the provision of medical care in prison, that you look to the consensus of the medical community, Whelan explained.

There is an extremely robust medical consensus by both the medical and mental health communities that these procedures are part of the standard of care," she said of gender confirmation surgery for patients diagnosed with severe gender dysphoria," adding that "foreseeable pain and suffering will result if people do not receive the care that they need."

Whelan said, absent a stay on the ruling, other courts in the 9th Circuit which includes Hawaii, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Arizona will likely follow the appeals court ruling for similar cases that may arise.

The 5th Circuit which covers Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi ruled in March 2019 that "A state does not inflict cruel and unusual punishment by declining to provide sex reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate."
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Remind me again. Why do they have to give these niggers and muds all these advantages in their schooling, especially since I'm continuously told the Bell Curve is untrue.


SAT Drops Plans For Adversity Score Reflecting Students Privilege

The College Board will instead use a tool that assesses various socioeconomic factors and documents them as separate data points.

By Antonia Blumberg
08/27/2019 04:01 PM ET

The College Board said Tuesday it would not move forward with a planned adversity score intended to help level the playing field for students of diverse social and economic backgrounds who take the SAT admissions test.

The company, which administers the admissions exam, said its attempt to address inequality in college admissions through a single score was a mistake.

The idea of a single score was wrong, David Coleman, College Boards chief executive, told The Associated Press. It was confusing and created the misperception that the indicators are specific to an individual student.

The College Board said it would instead rely on an updated version of its environmental context dashboard, a tool called Landscape.

The original tool was set up to collate 15 socioeconomic metrics, including the crime rate and poverty levels in a students home neighborhood, into a single adversity score for each applicant. But critics questioned the College Boards assumption it could score adversity as it scores academics and worried it could complicate SAT results.

We listened to thoughtful criticism and made Landscape better and more transparent, Coleman said in a release.

The updated tool will include detailed high school and neighborhood information to admissions officers as separate data points so they can fairly evaluate each student, the company said.

UCLA and other UC campuses have considered applicants context for many years, said Youlonda Copeland-Morgan, the vice provost of enrollment management for the University of California, Los Angeles, in a statement.

We are excited about the research and additional information Landscape will provide us as we continue our efforts to better understand the full range of academic and personal achievements of all students applying for admission, she said.

First announced in May, the adversity score attempted to address systemic racial and socioeconomic inequality in college admissions. It came after federal prosecutors charged dozens of wealthy parents and college officials in a massive college admissions cheating scam.

Dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, the case accused some parents of paying a college admissions consultant thousands of dollars to fraudulently boost their childrens SAT scores or other admissions factors in the hopes of securing their admission to elite colleges and universities.

Its no secret that wealthy families in the U.S. already have myriad ways to help get their kids admitted to certain schools, including by making large donations and hiring exam tutors, essay coaches and interview prep professionals. They also often benefit from legacy admissions policies that privilege students whose parent or other relative attended the school.

Those advantages are reflected in SAT scores, too. In 2017, white students scored an average of 177 points higher than Black students and 128 points higher than Hispanic students, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

There are a number of amazing students who may have scored less [on the SAT] but have accomplished more, Coleman told The Wall Street Journal in May. We cant sit on our hands and ignore the disparities of wealth reflected in the SAT.
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I'm sure the backlash was due to the equal amount of White chocolate in the candy bar. We all know "diversity" means less White.


Cadbury facing backlash over new chocolate bar meant to promote diversity

By Chris Perez | New York Post


The British confectionery giant Cadbury has been facing some backlash on social media for a new candy bar that it introduced in India, which features four types of chocolate dark, blended, milk and white to promote diversity.

This is as absurd as Kendall Jenner fighting police brutality with a Pepsi, tweeted legal analyst Imani Gandy.

Congratulations to cadbury for solving racism, wrote restaurant critic Tejal Rao.

Cadbury rolled out the multi-flavored chocolate bars on Aug. 15 teaming up with the global advertising agency Ogilvy to celebrate Indias Independence Day.

India is a diverse country, with people of different castes, creed, languages, regions, religions. Everyone living together, but not always with love, said Ogilvy in a statement. Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is loved by everyone, wanted to send a powerful message of unity. So we worked with the brand to create the Unity Bar: Indias first chocolate made of dark, blended, milk and white chocolate all united in one bar.

Some people were praising the idea on social media, but many users have poked fun at it.

This is everything wrong with diversity, tweeted one person. You force in a set amount of predefined difference and its going to taste awful. I would rather see a range where you dont know what youre going to get, but its going to taste amazing whatever it is.

Another person said, You would THINK, if they were going for unity, that all of the types would be interspersed instead of segregated (from light to dark, no less). This is the problem with playing to the woke crowd; you BETTER get it right.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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•Cadbury's released the bar in India on its independence day, August 15
'To celebrate India and her people, because sweet things happen when we unite'

•It features four shades - dark, blended, milk and white - 'united in one bar'

•It has been mocked on social media and compared with other failed campaigns

Admin Edit:  At least the white chocolate is up the top

Next week they are going to launch a “Gay pride bar” ..... for the poofs who constantly try “knock a Mars bar out of other people’s vending machines”.

We all know it’s a marketing ploy to keep the Curry munchers in business who are drawn to managing :- convenience shops and Petrol stations like moths to a light!
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This changing of word definitions has always frustrated me. Especially when done to pander or make us jump through hoops ( like the "acceptable" names for the niggers, from negro to people of color ).


Merriam-Webster adds nonbinary 'they' pronoun to dictionary

The new entry explicitly refers to nonbinary people those who identify as neither exclusively male nor female.

Sept. 18, 2019, 1:38 PM CDT
By Liam Knox

Merriam-Webster's dictionary is adding anew entry to the definition of the pronoun they: a way to refer to a nonbinary individual, one who identifies as neither exclusively male nor female.

Its been a year of heightened visibility for nonbinary people, from the popularity of MTVs sexually fluid season of the dating show Are You the One? which counted nonbinary folks among its cast members to the Grammy-winning artist Sam Smiths recent decision to use gender-neutral they/them pronouns. Merriam-Websters addition is yet another recognition of the cultural relevance and growing acceptance of nonbinary identity, and it gives new credence to the increasingly common use of they/them pronouns.
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I don't even know how to comment to this madness. All I can say is, we are living in a clown world.


Absolute Queen Rocks Gown As Hes Crowned High School Homecoming Royalty

By Josephine Harvey
09/30/2019 07:23 AM ET

White Station High School student Brandon Allen was crowned Homecoming Royalty. (Emmett Campbell)

Memphis, Tennessee, high school student Brandon Allen gives the title of homecoming queen new meaning.

The White Station High School senior was crowned Homecoming Royalty on Friday night ― and accepted his title in a fabulous gold sequin gown.

Allen, who is the self-proclaimed Queen of Extra and identifies as gay, told HuffPost he chose to wear the gown because he truly believes he is royalty. So I want to rock a dress and look like a queen, he said.

The school shared a snap of Allen in his dress on Facebook, congratulating him on the win:

The post drew hundreds of comments and shares from people around the country who praised Allens bravery and the schools progressive outlook on the competition.

Principal Carrye Holland had a measured reply for haters.

Heres the thing: its Brandons right to run for homecoming court under Title IX. Its the students choice of who they want to support as homecoming royalty, Holland wrote in the comments section.

Im exceedingly proud to be the principal of our amazing school, she continued. You dont have to agree but disrespectful comments will be deleted. WSHS loves and supports everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe. Thank you for the love and light from so many of you.

White Station High School made the switch to gender-neutral titles this year, forgoing the traditional titles of homecoming king and queen.

Emmett Campbell, the student photographer who snapped the picture of Allen, said his principal had made a phenomenal impact at the school since she stepped up from her previous role as vice principal this year.

She genuinely cares about us as students and puts in the effort to make us feel comfortable at school, Campbell told HuffPost.

Joris Ray, the superintendent of Memphis Shelby County Schools, said he supported efforts to boost student voice and expression:

Allen said hed been stressing before the event, and described his win as a big relief. Of the negative Facebook posts, he said: I dont really care.

I am so happy my principal stood up for me, Allen added. She is such an awesome principal.

His message to other students looking to break down barriers: Dont you dare ever change yourself for anyone else but you! You are beautiful you are unique and youre special. Dont ever second guess your existence or feelings for a second.
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Unbelievable. I'm amazed that this is a real thing and the society around us has got to a point of thinking this is acceptable to celebrate.


National Coming Out Day: 2019's top LGBTQ coming out stories

From singer-songwriter Sam Smith revealing they are nonbinary to Lil Nas X coming out as gay, 2019 saw a long list of noteworthy revelations.

Oct. 11, 2019, 6:38 AM CDT
By Gwen Aviles

Founded in 1988 by psychologist Robert Eichberg and activist Jean O'Leary, National Coming Out Day is observed annually on Oct. 11, and it's day to celebrate and promote the increased visibility of the LGBTQ community. The date was chosen to mark the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, which drew an estimated 500,000 people to the nation's capital.

"Most people think they don't know anyone gay or lesbian, and in fact everybody does," Eichberg said in a 1993 interview. "It is imperative that we come out and let people know who we are and disabuse them of their fears and stereotypes."

In honor of National Coming Out Day, here are some of our top coming out stories of 2019.
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"White Guilt" is destroying Columbus Day to pander to the prairie niggers.


Here Are The States Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day Instead Of Columbus

At least five states and Washington, D.C., have done away with Columbus Day celebrations in deference to Native Americans.

Russell Contreras
10/14/2019 08:52 AM ET

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) A handful of states are celebrating their first Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday as part of a trend to move away from a day honoring Christopher Columbus.

From Minnesota to Vermont, at least five states and Washington, D.C., have done away with Columbus Day celebrations in deference to Native Americans, though the federal Columbus Day remains in place.

Since 1992, Native American advocates have pressed states to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day over concerns that Columbus helped launched centuries of genocide against indigenous populations in the Americas.

New Mexico is marking its statewide Indigenous Peoples Day with an invocation by several tribal leaders in unison in their native languages. There also will be a parade and traditional dances at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque.

I think its great and its about time, said All Pueblo Council of Governors Chairman E. Paul Torres, a member of Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico.

State offices in Maine also are scheduled to close for the holiday. Maine, home to four federally recognized tribes, ditched Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day with an April bill signing by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills.

She said at the time she hoped the move would represent a move toward healing, toward inclusiveness. Tribes in Maine have had a rocky relationship with the state government over the years, and the Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes withdrew representatives to the Legislature in 2015, when Republican Gov. Paul LePage was in office.

The change to Indigenous Peoples Day prompted some backlash in conservative circles and among Italian Americans. University of Maine College Republicans, for example, have described the move as part of a radical left-wing agenda.

But Native Americans in some states have welcomed the change and said it was time to pay homage to Native Americans instead of Columbus.

Democratic New Mexico state Rep. Derrick Lente of Sandia Pueblo, the sponsor of the New Mexico legislation that changed the holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day, said the day allows reflection on the United States complicated history. Adopting the holiday, he said, provides some restorative justice for indigenous communities.
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Well, at least they cannot take away America's celebrations of James Earl Ray Day.

Which reminds me, they now have an AI Martin Lucifer Coon: It's called I Have an Electric Dream - It's an app for nigger phones that informs them best places to go Marchin', Lootin' and Killin'.

MLK's Electric Dream was Where the White Women Are
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The changing of movies frustrates me almost as much as when our enemies try to destroy our history.


transgender Cinderellas godmother youve all been waiting for (or so the woke media tells us)

13 Oct, 2019 21:11 / Updated 5 days ago

Whos really clamoring to see a black, transgender fairy godmother on cinema screens? Certainly the liberal media. But do audiences really care for woke remakes of childhood classics?

Is there any phrase more guaranteed to ruin a sweet childhood memory than a modern re-imagining of? Especially when modern means sanitized and injected with pointless social-justice twaddle.

Enter the black, transgender fairy godmother. According to Hollywood Reporter, Emmy-award winning actor Billy Porter will play the role in Sony Pictures upcoming remake of the 1950 Disney classic, alongside Cuban-American actress Camila Cabello as the titular princess. Billy Porter, for the uninitiated, is a gay man.

So commonplace is the woke makeover these days that the news was greeted with nothing but syrupy enthusiasm from the media. Billy Porter Should Absolutely Be Cinderellas Fairy Godmother,gushed Vanity Fair, to the deafening squeals of a hundred Yass Kweens in the comments section.

If Fairy Godmother Billy Porter doesnt have an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor written all over it, we dont know what does, sassed gay magazine PinkNews. Its safe to say, chirped womens magazine site Refinery29, Cinderella will be nothing short of fabulous.

To be clear, this author has no attachment to the 1950s Cinderella story. Whether producer James Corden butchers the story or crafts an era-defining fairy tale from it is of no concern to yours truly. But audiences might disagree.

You see, while the woke makeover replacing women with men, injecting transgender roles where there were none, and sprinkling formerly white casts with other colors for diversitys sake delights magazine writers and cultural commenters, audiences are sick to the teeth of it.

Remember Ghostbusters? The 2016 remake of the beloved Bill Murray/Dan Aykroyd comedy flopped at the box office, losing Sony Pictures an estimated $70 million. Cinemagoers didnt warm to the movies all-female cast and watered-down jokes, and review aggregation site RottenTomatoes was flooded with negative comments.

Ditto for Oceans 8, the all-female remake of Oceans 11, which itself was a remake of the 1960s Rat Pack movie. The movies cast preemptively deflected negative reviews, with Cate Blanchett claiming men would view it through a prism of misunderstanding, and Mindy Kaling declaring that white men simply dont understand it. 

Though Oceans 8 fared well at the box office, audience reviewers on RottenTomatoes pelted the flick with a 45 percent rating, compared to the critics 69.

ALSO ON RT.COMDisney makes Little Mermaids Ariel black, a win for diversity or pandering to PC culture?

When the female-led Captain Marvel hit theaters earlier this year, RottenTomatoes simply changed their ratings system in preparation. Its audience score now reflects the number of people who rated the movie 3.5 stars or higher, which means in all likelihood, the 45 percent awarded to Oceans 8 is actually inflated.

Still, Hollywood hasnt learned. How about a black, female 007 in the next James Bond flick? Or a female Thor? None of these tickle your fancy? Okay, well how about a live action remake of The Little Mermaid, only with a black Ariel? Who says the movie industry is out of ideas!

As for the quality of the movies themselves, who cares! The recent live-action Lion King remake was panned, even without any nods to social justice or diversity. Yet by the looks of things, studios wont stop until every childhood classic has been updated to include a requisite number of disabled transgender multiracial characters more fitting with the times we live in.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 20 October 2019 at 13:13
As our enemies vandalize and remove our historic statues and monuments, they reinforce this nigger b.s. Definitely makes you realize where our Race ranks in the eyes of our current society and government.


Bulletproof Emmett Till marker replaces vandalized sign


A new bulletproof memorial to Emmett Till was dedicated Saturday in Mississippi after previous historical markers were repeatedly vandalized. The brutal slaying of the 14-year-old black teenager helped spur the civil rights movement more than 60 years ago.


Patrick Weems, executive director of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission, said the new marker was dedicated Saturday.

Members of Till's family, including a cousin who was there the night Till was kidnapped, attended the ceremony at the site where the teen's body was pulled from the Tallahatchie River.

This is the fourth historical marker at the site. Previous ones became a target for vandals.

The first historical marker was placed in 2008. Someone tossed it in the river. The second and third signs were shot at and left riddled with bullet holes.

Provided by CBS Interactive Inc.This image from the Emmett Till Interpretive Center shows the vandalized historical marker in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

The new 500-pound steel sign has a glass bulletproof front, Weems said.

Weems said the markers were placed as an attempt to acknowledge the truth of what happened there and hopefully spark "new conversations."

"For 50 years nobody talked about Emmett Till," Weems said.

"I think we just have to be resilient and know there are folks out there that don't want to know this history or who want to erase the history. We are just going to be resilient in continuing to put them back up and be truthful in making make sure that Emmett didn't die in vain."

The inquiry was reopened two years after a book indicated a key witness had lied. "The Blood of Emmett Till," by Timothy B. Tyson, quotes a white woman, Carolyn Donham, as acknowledging during a 2008 interview that she wasn't truthful when she testified that Till grabbed her, whistled and made sexual advances at a store in 1955.

Two white men Donham's then-husband Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam were charged with murder but acquitted in the slaying of Till, who had been staying with relatives in northern Mississippi at the time. The men later confessed to the crime in a magazine interview, but weren't retried. Both are now dead.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Next week they are going to launch a Gay pride bar ..... for the poofs

Not quit a "gay pride bar" but close. Definitely just as ignorant as the diversity candy bar.


Kellogg's issues special 'All Together' box for LGBTQ anti-bullying campaign

In the spirit of anti-bullying, Kellogg's created a one-of-a-kind box of cereal that's bringing everyone together.

The company announced the new, limited-edition "All Together Cereal," that combines six different mini cereal boxes inside one large purple box, for its partnership with GLAAD as an official sponsor of Spirit Day.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 30 October 2019 at 11:48
Being a sexual deviant and forcing others to except it or pay. What a world we live in.


St. Louis County officer who said he was told to 'tone down his gayness' awarded $19M

Sgt. Keith Wildhaber sued the department and claimed that he was told to "tone down his gayness" if he wanted to be promoted.

St. Louis County police Sgt. Keith Wildhaber returns from lunch break to the St. Louis County courthouse on the third day of his discrimination case against the county on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019, in Clayton, Mo. Wildhaber, an Army veteran and a St. Louis County cop, alleges in a lawsuit filed in 2017 that he was passed over for promotion because he is gay and then retaliated against when he sought legal redress.Cristina M. Fletes / St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP

Oct. 28, 2019, 11:20 PM CDT
By Phil Helsel

A St. Louis County police sergeant who claimed he was told to "tone down his gayness" if he wanted to be promoted has reportedly been awarded nearly $19 million.

Sgt. Keith Wildhaber filed a discrimination suit against the police department in 2017, claiming that he was passed over for promotions because he is gay.

A jury on Friday awarded $1.9 million in actual damages and $10 million in punitive damages for discrimination, and $990,000 in actual damages and $7 million in punitive damages for retaliation after a weeklong trial, NBC affiliate KSDK of St. Louis reported.

Wildhaber joined the department in 1994. He previously served four years in the armed forces.

"We wanted to send a message," the jury foreman, who was not identified, told reporters, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. "If you discriminate, you are going to pay a big price. ... You can't defend the indefensible."

County Counselor Beth Orwick told the newspaper Friday that the county was exploring its legal options.

"We are ecstatic for our client," lawyers for Wildhaber said after the jury's decision, which they called a "historic verdict," according to KSDK.

"His bravery and courage in standing up for what is right should be an inspiration for employees everywhere. Justice was served in this trial, and no client could be more deserving than Keith. The jury acted as the conscience of the community and spoke loud and clear in its verdict," his attorneys said in the statement.

Leadership changes would be coming to the county police department as a result of the verdict, St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said Sunday, according to the station. He said in a statement on Twitter that those changes will include the appointment of new members to the police board, which oversees the police chief.

Wildhaber's suit said that in 2014, then-St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners member John Saracino allegedly told Sgt. Wildhaber: "The command staff has a problem with your sexuality. If you ever want to see a white shirt [i.e. get a promotion], you should tone down your gayness."

Wildhaber reportedly filed a discrimination charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Missouri Commission on Human Rights in 2016, and according to the suit, a month later he was moved from afternoons in a precinct to overnight shifts in Jennings, which is in the northeast section of the county.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 30 October 2019 at 12:17
Like these kikes deserve/need anymore money. They already receive billions from the countries of the world that have been tricked by the lies of the jews. It's time to cut all funds to the kikes and watch how long it takes for these parasites to wither on the vine.


Mark Levin, John Hagee fight anti-Semitism, raise more than $1M for Israeli and Jewish charities

By Caleb Parke | Fox News

Conservative commentator Mark Levin and Pastor John Hagee contributed to the fight against anti-Semitism with a "historic" event Sunday night that raised more than $1.35 million for Israeli and Jewish charities.

More than 5,000 people attended the annual Night to Honor Israel event at Hagee's church in San Antonio, Texas, in which Hagee and Levin made resounding remarks as those gathered marked the first anniversary of the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history, when 11 people were killed and six injured after a man entered the Tree of Life Synagogue on Oct. 27, 2018, in Pittsburgh.

“Think about it, never in the history of Christianity have millions of Christians united for the sole purpose of defending the nation of Israel and to protect the Jewish people from every vestige of anti-Semitism," Hagee, the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, told the crowd. "Anti-Semitism is a daily event in America and is something that should concern us all.”

You can be forgiven for believing this photo was taken in Israel, but ...
No, this photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas.
Aren't the BILLIONS that US taxpayers annually give Israel not enough?

Pastor John Hagee and Mark Levin addressed a Night to Honor Israel Sunday as they raised more than $1.35 million in support of Israeli and Jewish charities. (Christians United for Israel)

The founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, which now boasts over 7 million members, said the members of his organization are "ready to fulfill the words of the Prophet Isaiah, 'For Zion's sake we will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem's sake, we will never be quiet.'"

Levin, the host of "Life, Liberty and Levin,"railed against anti-Semitism spreading at an alarming rate and attacks against Israel.

"America and Israel are forever bound," the talk radio host said. "The people who love America love Israel ... and the one place that Christians flourish in the Middle East is the state of Israel."

Mark Levin addresses 5,000 people gathered at the annual Night to Honor Israel Sunday. (Christians United for Israel)

Levin praised President Trump for his actions toward the Jewish State saying, "We used to subsidize the Palestinian Authority, but the president said, 'enough is enough.'"

The organizations that received donations include the Afikim Family Enrichment Association, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Bikur V’Ezras Cholim, Galilee Medical Center, Just One Life, Koby Mandell Foundation, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Ohr Torah Stone, Save a Child’s Heart, Shurat Hadin, The American Friends of the International Young Israel Movement and the Women’s International Zionist Organization.

Hagee Ministries has donated more than a total of $100 million to Israeli and Jewish charities to date.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 12 November 2019 at 14:49
I'm not familiar with this show, and by the description it doesn't sound like one that I would watch anyways. But it does bring up the point of how our enemies continue their attempt to decrease the White Races footprint in the world. Whether it's through changing/destroying historical statues and murals, eliminating the number of Whites portrayed in movies and television shows, to many more examples that I don't have the time to list.

This changing of characters in my shows has been a pet peeve of mine for years. Disney (which includes the Star Wars franchise) has played a huge role in this anti-White, pro-queer movement. The Marvel franchise has played a large role also. And I won't even go into how the CW television studios changed one of my favorite superheroes, The Flash, into a niggers lover raised by a nigger family.

What aggravates me about this black washing/gaying of shows and movies is how blatant they are with their agenda. This injecting of niggers, muds, and queers is just to try and normalize them in our White lives. I mean we have 13% niggers in the U.S. but they are portrayed around 35% plus on our television and movies from statistics I've seen. I definitely feel like it's a lot more.

All this should show us Creators the importance of paying attention to what our children are watching, whether t.v. or internet. We should be talking to our children about the war our race is in and explain how our enemies uses this as propaganda to try to attack and belittle us.


Gossip Girl Reboot Will Be Less White, More LGBTQ, But Just As Twisty

The HBO Max reboot is getting a much-needed update with nonwhite leads and a lot of queer content.

By Cole Delbyck
11/11/2019 04:40 PM ET

Heres some gossip to chew on: HBO Maxs forthcoming reboot of Gossip Girl will actually reflect the diversity of the city its set in.

The next chapter, centered around a new crop of elite New York City teens, received a 10-episode, straight-to-series order from WarnerMedias new streaming service this summer.

And if the reboot is anything like its predecessor, these Upper East Siders will be blowing off class, owning nightclubs by junior year and confessing to murder in no time.

But a key difference in the reboot will be the makeup of the cast. Showrunner Joshua Safran revealed that not only will the leads of the series be nonwhite, but there will be a lot of queer content in the new iteration.

There was not a lot of representation the first time around on the show, Safran said at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend. I was the only gay writer I think the entire time I was there. Even when I went to private school in New York in the 90s, the school didnt necessarily reflect what was on Gossip Girl. So, this time around the leads are nonwhite. Theres a lot of queer content on this show. It is very much dealing with the way the world looks now, where wealth and privilege come from, and how you handle that.

He went on to add that theres a twist to all these new elements of the series but stopped short of spoiling too much.

The new characters will, however, still walk the halls of the Constance Billard School for Girls, following in the footsteps of Blake Livelys Serena van der Woodsen and Leighton Meesters Blair Waldorf.

It is 12 years, I guess 13 years after the original. So we are in real time from the original where we are in the show, Safran added. 

The reboot will explore how the proliferation of social media affects the high schoolers of today, given how much has changed since the CW drama signed off after six seasons in 2012.

Eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl, the series logline reads. The prestige series will address just how much social media and the landscape of New York itself has changed in the intervening years.

Casting details are being kept under wraps, but we do know that Kristen Bell is set to return as the omnipresent narrator, cattily informing the audience once again about everybodys sure-to-be sordid extracurriculars.

While theres no word on who else will participate in the reboot ― series creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are on board to executive produce ― Chace Craword, who played Nate Archibald, expressed some interest.

Id play a dad now, I guess! Crawford said about reprising his role in a recent interview. No, I have no idea. I just love Josh and Stephanie and if they wanted me to come and do anything it would be hard to say no. Im always grateful for the opportunity they gave me and that whole experience it was all of my 20s, it was like my college, living in New York for that time. Ill always have fond memories of it.

A premiere date for the Gossip Girl reboot has yet to be announced, but HBO Max is set to launch in May 2020.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 20 November 2019 at 14:27
I don't even know where to start. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Sprites new LGBTQ ad is a rainbow-coated, pandering mess with no soda

November 16, 2019 | Sierra Marlee |  Print Article

You can now safely add Sprite to the list of corporations pandering to the LGBTQ community.

In a new, bizarre advertisement for their lemon-lime soda, the company clipped together scenes of various members of the LGBTQ community getting ready to attend a Pride event. In one scene, a girl helps her friend put on a binder, or an article of clothing commonly used by LGBTQ members to flatten their chests to present as male. In another, an older woman is seen helping a drag queen lace-up his corset. Yet another depicts two young children painting a heart onto a rainbow flag, the symbol of LGBTQ pride.

Describing the ad, however, simply doesnt do it justice. These scenes play back-to-back with seemingly no context. In fact, the Sprite logo doesnt even appear until the very last scene, leaving viewers wondering exactly what theyre seeing and why. More importantly, how does this tie in with carbonated beverages?


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While the ad itself feels like a trip through a progressive television show meant for young adults questioning their sexuality, ultimately it is a money grab. It screams, Hello, gays! Pay us because we give you airtime!

But Sprite isnt the first company to needlessly pander to the gay community. In 2014, Lucky Charms posted their #LuckyToBe campaign, encouraging people to share what makes you colorful. Starbucks posted the stories of three transgender partners and how they found unconditional acceptance at the coffee company. Apple, which boasts an openly-gay CEO who is a loud supporter of the community, supported the Equality Act of 2015.

The reaction to the sodas companys advertisement was swift and confused. Many users questioned the marketing strategy of not featuring your product at all during the commercial.

Does anyone else remember when soft drink companies made ads about the deliciousness of their products and it's effectiveness at quenching ones thirst?...

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 23 November 2019 at 14:15
Looks like there was a list made of 11 cities that I won't be visiting.


11 gay-friendly small cities in big red states

From West Virginia to Alaska, LGBTQ-inclusive cities can be found across the U.S., according to Human Rights Campaign's annual Municipal Equality Index.

Nov. 22, 2019, 4:36 PM CST
By Quinn Gawronski

While large cities in blue states like New York and San Francisco are well known for their LGBTQ inclusivity, accepting environments can now be found across the country, even in some unexpected places.

The Human Rights Campaigns annual Municipal Equality Index rated more than 500 cities and towns based on how inclusive their municipal laws, policies and services are of the LGBTQ people who live and work there. Each municipality was rated on a scale of 0 to 100 based on 49 different criteria including nondiscrimination laws and city leaderships public position on equality.

This years report heralded 88 cities with a perfect score of 100, and many of the index's high-scoring municipalities can be found in states not typically thought of as being inclusive to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

Here are 11 small cities (less than 200,000 residents) in red states (those that havent voted for a Democrat for president in the 21st Century) that scored at least an 80 on HRCs Municipal Equality Index.


Columbia, Missouri
MEI score: 100, Population: 122,000

The Midwestern town is home to the University of Missouri and has a bustling nightlife scene with a multitude of gay-friendly spots. The citys MEI score has risen sharply since 2015 when it received a 74, in large part due to city initiatives like the hiring of a LGBTQ liaison to its police department.


Missoula, Montana
MEI score: 100, Population: 73,000

For six years, representatives in the mountain state of Montana fought to decriminalize consensual same-sex relations, which was formerly classified as a felony. The law was ruled unconstitutional in 1997, and Missoula has continued to advocate for the equal rights of its LGBTQ citizens since. Last year, the town unveiled a rainbow crosswalk that was planned by Empower Montanas youth program, Youth Forward.


Brookings, South Dakota
MEI score: 100, Population: 24,000

After Brookings received a score of 12 out of 100 in 2013, local leaders embarked on a multiyear mission to bump their rating to 100. It wasnt until 2018, when the town adopted a nondiscrimination ordinance, that it finally achieved the coveted score. Brookings is an outlier in South Dakota, where the average MEI score is 31, well below the national average of 58.


Huntington, West Virginia
MEI score: 100, Population 47,000

Since Huntington was first placed on the index in 2012, the small town has more than doubled its MEI score. Aside from anti-discrimination ordinances, the city also launched the Open for All campaign, which encourages businesses to post a sticker that signifies their support of the LGBTQ community. The Human Rights Campaign called the town a shining beacon of hope in a part of the country not known for LGBTQ inclusivity.


Covington, Kentucky
MEI score: 94, Population: 40,000

In 2003, Covington passed one of the states first fairness ordinances, which prohibited LGBTQ discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations. This year, the city celebrated Northern Kentucky Pride's 10-year anniversary with a vibrant rainbow crosswalk. The annual pride event's slogan reads Yall Means All.


Norman, Oklahoma
MEI score: 92, Population: 123,000

Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma, became the first city in the conservative state to pass a nondiscrimination ordinance for LGBTQ people. Normans progressive policies toward gay residents is evident in its index score, which is 30 points above the second-highest ranked Oklahoma city in the index.


Charleston, West Virginia
MEI score 91, Population 45,000

The capital and most populous city in West Virginia has moved to improve the lives and rights of its local LGBTQ community. In May, Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin announced the creation of the citys first LGBTQ working group, which will develop anti-bullying policies and LGBTQ-awareness training within the city.


Flagstaff, Arizona
MEI score: 88, Population: 72,000

Nestled next to ponderosa pine forests and mountain ranges, Flagstaff is particularly inclusive to the LGBTQ community. The city is home to Pride in the Pines, an annual LGBTQ celebration that has featured neon dance parties and performers from RuPauls Drag Race.


Juneau, Alaska
MEI score: 86, Population 32,000

Juneau is home to the Southeast Alaska LGBTQ+ Alliance, also known as SEAGLA. The group began meeting in 1980 and offered a safe space to same-sex couples, with events that included dance parties, solstice celebrations and potlucks. In 2014, SEAGLA planned Juneaus first pride event, and the organization has continued to meet and advocate for the LGBTQ community since its inception.


Manhattan, Kansas
MEI score: 83, Population: 54,000

Kansas made strides toward equal protections this year, with the states MEI score increasing by 12 points. Manhattan is the second-highest rated city behind Overland Park, a much larger suburb of Kansas City. Kansas State University is in Manhattan and was recently ranked as one of the 25 most LGBTQ friendly universities in the U.S. by Campus Pride.


Charleston, South Carolina
MEI score: 81, Population 130,000

The city's historic cobblestone streets are a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, with year-round celebrations that extend far beyond pride week. The city holds an annual LGBTQ Wedding Expo, where spouses-to-be can connect with wedding professionals.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 06 December 2019 at 12:45
This push for diversity (a.k.a. less White people) makes me Sick. These is just another attempt to remove the White Race from the world. They pull this b.s. in everything from ballets/plays like this, to our schools, our governments, places we live, and even our history. I don't see them telling the nigger or other muds races to diversify with more Whites. I don't think we'll be seeing a remake of Roots anytime soon, starting a White playing Kunta Kinte.


New York City Ballet's 'Nutcracker' has cast a black Marie for the first time

By Harmeet Kaur | CNN | December 4, 2019

Charlotte Nebres, right, was cast as Marie in New York City Ballet's annual production of "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker."

It's Not ALRIGHT TO BE WHITE with the New York City Ballet
The New York City Ballet is proud to have removed all Whites

(CNN)For the first time, New York City Ballet has cast a black Marie in its annual production of "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker," which premiered in 1954.

This season, the leading role of the young heroine is being played by 11-year-old Charlotte Nebres.

But for Charlotte, who grew up with role models like Misty Copeland, it just reaffirms that nothing can hold her back.

When her mother Danielle Nebres told her she was the first black Marie, the New York Times reported, she simply responded: "Wow. That seems a little late."

Dena Abergel, children's ballet master at New York City Ballet, acknowledged that the casting decision was a significant milestone. But Charlotte wasn't cast because of the color of her skin or as part of a diversity initiative, she said.

Charlotte simply had everything she was looking for in the character of Marie. "When I'm looking for someone who can do Marie, I'm looking for someone primarily who has an ability to act on stage and to convey a story," said Abergel. "... It has to be someone who can command the stage and who has enough confidence and spontaneity to handle whatever comes her way."

Abergel already knew Charlotte quite well.

She had her as a student at the School of American Ballet, a feeder school for New York City Ballet. And Charlotte had also performed with the ballet company in last year's Nutcracker and a production of Sleeping Beauty.

And when the time came for casting for this season's production of the Nutcracker in late September, Charlotte impressed again.

Sometimes when Abergel tells young dancers that they have a role, they jump up and down and scream excitedly.

An interesting thing about Charlotte, Abergel said, is that she's more expressive onstage than offstage. She's "not an extroverted person," so it was hard to tell how she really felt about landing the role.

When Charlotte emerged from her "Nutcracker" audition, she surprised even her mother.

"With that poker face of hers, she said, 'Well, I'm Marie,'" Nebres told The New York Times. "And I just thought, oh my goodness -- they really did it. I couldn't believe it."


The school has made an effort to diversify

The cast of New York City Ballet's production is particularly diverse this season.

In addition to Charlotte, the other young leads are also children of color.

Tanner Quirk, who plays Charlotte's Prince is half-Chinese, according to The New York Times. The children are always double cast, and Sophia Thomopoulos, who plays the other Marie, is half-Korean, half-Greek. Her Prince is Kai Misra-Stone, who is half-South Asian.

Abergel said she had no idea what backgrounds the dancers were from until it was reported in the media. Instead, she said, this year's cast is a reflection of the "tremendous" effort that the School of American Ballet has made to diversify its student body in recent years.

About half of the students of the school are "diverse," she said, which means that the students in front of her while she's casting will inevitably come from varied backgrounds.

"Because I have the diversity of students and the pool to choose from that is diverse, some of those students will end up being the leads and it just happened to work out without my even realizing it that all four were of some mixed diversity," Abergel said. "And that's just mirroring what's happening in New York City and around the world."

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 18 December 2019 at 04:30
If we want to pander to the kike, we need money and a open position for a doctor (if there is no Jews around, we give it to the Muslim)

If we want to pander to the nigger, we need a 40oz of Colt 45 and a hit of PCP. Ya know, that gangsta life...I mean as they call it; "the game"

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 22 January 2020 at 02:57
The niggers, muds and race traitors won't be happy until they change or destroy all White history. It's a damn shame this is allowed to happen.


3 buildings at Dickinson College may be renamed due to ties to slavery

POSTED 3:48 PM, JANUARY 20, 2020
UPDATED AT 05:58PM, JANUARY 20, 2020

Proposal raised to rename 3 buildings at Dickinson College following report on slavery

Dickinson College will soon consider a proposal that would rename three campus buildings because the people whose names adorn the buildings were advocates for slavery. The proposal includes Armstrong and Cooper Residential Halls, named after John Armstrong and Thomas Cooper. The third building is Montgomery Hall, named after John Montgomery, otherwise known to students as the home of the Theatre and Dance Department.

The proposal follows a 35-page report that took a hard look at the history of Dickinson College's ties to slavery and anti-slavery. The report identified a total of 7 former slaveholders who are currently being honored on campus. However, it notes Armstrong, Cooper, and Hall were the only three among the seven that never renounced slaveholding.

The report also found that John Armstrong, Thomas Cooper and John Montgomery were not always publicly commemorated on campus. Armstrong and Cooper residential halls received their names in the 1990s. Montgomery Hall received its name during the 1950s.

Soon to be graduate and history major Cooper Wingert was just one of the many students involved in the project entitled 'Dickinson & Slavery' prepared by the House Divided Project.

"Over 60 percent of Dickinson's founding board of trustees were slaveholders," said Wingert. But he said, the most surprising part the students uncovered in their report was "the role that formerly enslaved people played on the Dickinson Campus after the Civil War."

The report also notes there are multiple African-American's who helped shape the history of the campus who are not recognized including:

- Noah Pinkney: "A former slave and Union army veteran who served food to the students for decades. Pinkney was so popular that he was honored with a plaque on East College gate during the 1950s."
- Henry Spradley: A "former slave and Union army veteran, was employed for years as a college janitor. Dickinson cancelled classes to host Spradley`s memorial service in the 1890s."
- Robert Young: "The longest-serving employee of the college (until recently), a former slave who worked for over forty years as a domestic servant, janitor, and campus policeman. Young is now best known, however, for initially helping to integrate the school in the 1880s by insisting in the face of delays and some objections that his son get admitted as the community`s first African American student."

"It's (the report) to bring some of these stories back to life that had not been part of the college's history," said Wingert. "We're arguing that we should recognize these figures and that obviously prompts the debate on how to recognize these long-overlooked individuals."

Wingert said the students behind the project encourage the discussion to take place as well across the larger Carlisle community. The students' work has persuaded the creation of an Ad Hoc Committee to discuss the renaming of buildings and to add commemoration for the people they recognize in the report as unsung heroes on campus. Wingert said the committee will meet at the end of the month to make recommendations that will then go to the Board of Trustees for consideration in March.

Dickinson College released the following statement:

"A committee of faculty, staff, students and trustees are currently considering the renaming of three campus buildings due to the namesakes ties to slavery. Recommendations to rename the buildings are one of the outcomes of faculty and student research that began in 2017 to explore the colleges ties to both slavery and anti-slavery. The committees recommendations will be shared with the administration, and ultimately the Board of Trustees. The college commends everyone involved in this critical work and the thoughtful discussions taking place around this important subject."

Those involved in The Dickinson & Slavery Report include: House Divided Project Matthew Pinsker,Sarah Aillon, `19, Amanda Donoghue, `19, Sarah Goldberg, `18, Frank Kline, `18, Rachel Morgan, `18, Rebecca Stout, `19, Naji Thompson, `19, Sam Weisman, `18, and Cooper Wingert, `20
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 22 January 2020 at 03:54
Next they'll be outlawing modern spoken English as a language due to its Colonial/Slaver background and enforcing Ebonics as the Woke Language of Acceptance. If you doubt me, there's already a campaign to internationalise English in that exact way.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 22 January 2020 at 13:33
In my opinion this list is way too many "proud" companies promoting and protecting the degeneracy of homosexuality, which is a blatant offence against the Laws of Nature. So here's the list for Creators to boycott.


58 companies in Illinois were named LGBTQ friendly

Tuesday, January 21st 2020

Illinois 58 companies in Illinois were named LGBTQ friendly by the Human Rights Campaign.

These companies were selected for their polices for protections for LGBTQ employees.

More than 1,000 companies and law firms in Illinois were officially rated by 2020 the corporate equality index.

These include hotels, fast food restaurants, and cell phone companies.

The average score for companies and law firms based in Illinois is 87.7 percent.

Of the 85 companies ranked, 58 earned 100 points, 10 earned 90 points and above, and four earned 80 points and above.

Here's the list:

A.T. Kearney Inc.ChicagoIL100

AbbVie Inc.North ChicagoIL100

Aon Corp.ChicagoIL100

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.Rolling MeadowsIL100

Astellas Pharma US Inc.NorthbrookIL100

Baker & McKenzie LLPChicagoIL100

Barilla America Inc.NorthbrookIL100

Baxter International Inc.DeerfieldIL100

BMO Bankcorp Inc.ChicagoIL100

Capgemini America, INCChicagoIL100

CDW Corp.LincolnshireIL100

Chapman and Cutler LLPChicagoIL100

CME Group Inc.ChicagoIL100

CNA Financial CorporationChicagoIL100

Conagra Brands Inc.ChicagoIL100

Cushman & WakefieldChicagoIL100

Discover Financial ServicesRiverwoodsIL100

Exelon Corp.ChicagoIL100

Faegre Baker DanielsChicagoIL100

Federal Reserve Bank of ChicagoChicagoIL100

Grant Thornton LLPChicagoIL100

Groupon Inc.ChicagoIL100

Health Care Service Corp.ChicagoIL100

HERE North America LLCChicagoIL100

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLPChicagoIL100

Huron Consulting Group Inc.ChicagoIL100

Hyatt Hotels Corp.ChicagoIL100

Information Resources Inc.ChicagoIL100

Janus Henderson InvestorsChicagoIL100

Jenner & Block LLPChicagoIL100


Katten Muchin Rosenman LLPChicagoIL100

Kirkland & Ellis LLPChicagoIL100

Kraft Heinz Company, TheChicagoIL100

Leo Burnett Company Inc.ChicagoIL100

Mayer Brown LLPChicagoIL100

McDermott Will & Emery LLPChicagoIL100

McDonald's Corp.Oak BrookIL100

Mesirow Financial Holdings Inc.ChicagoIL100

Mondelez International Inc.DeerfieldIL100

Morningstar Inc.ChicagoIL100

Motorola Solutions Inc.ChicagoIL100

Northern Trust Corp.ChicagoIL100

Peapod Digital Labs LLCChicagoIL100

Perkins and Will Inc.ChicagoIL100

RSM US LLPChicagoIL100

Schiff Hardin LLPChicagoIL100

Seyfarth Shaw LLPChicagoIL100

Sidley Austin LLPChicagoIL100

State Farm GroupBloomingtonIL100

Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.DeerfieldIL100


U.S. CellularChicagoIL100

United Airlines Holdings, Inc.ChicagoIL100

W.W. Grainger Inc.Lake ForestIL100

Walgreen Co.DeerfieldIL100

Winston & Strawn LLPChicagoIL100

ZS Associates Inc.EvanstonIL100

Alight SolutionsLincolnshireIL95

Allstate Insurance Co.NorthbrookIL95

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.ChicagoIL95

West Monroe Partners LLCChicagoIL95

William Blair & Company LLCChicagoIL95

Abbott LaboratoriesAbbott ParkIL90

Boeing Co.ChicagoIL90

Deere & Co.MolineIL90

Old National BankEvansvilleIL90

Zurich North AmericaSchaumburgIL90

Univar Solutions Inc.Downers GroveIL85

Caterpillar Inc.DeerfieldIL80

Crate and Barrel / CB2NorthbrookIL80

Navistar International Corp.LisleIL80

True Value Co. LLCChicagoIL75

Archer Daniels Midland Co.ChicagoIL70

Illinois Tool Works Inc.GlenviewIL60

USG Corp.ChicagoIL40

Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions Inc.ChicagoIL30

US Foods Inc.RosemontIL30

Anixter International Inc.GlenviewIL20

Old Republic InternationalChicagoIL20

Packaging Corporation of AmericaLake ForestIL20

TreeHouse Foods Inc.Oak BrookIL20

Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & FragranceBolingbrookIL20

Dover Corp.Downers GroveIL0

LKQ Corp.ChicagoIL0
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Post by: Private on 28 January 2020 at 03:13
Not a show that I watched but y'all know my feelings on this changing of my White shows.


Doctor Who Makes History With The First Black Doctor And Fans Are Loving It

Long-running series reveals Jo Martin as a previously unknown incarnation of The Doctor.

By Ed Mazza

01/27/2020 04:29 AM ET

Doctor Who on Sunday night revealed its first-ever Black incarnation of the title character, known as The Doctor, portrayed by actor Jo Martin.

And fans quickly took to social media to celebrate the moment.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 28 January 2020 at 04:49

Doctor Who Makes History With The First Black Doctor And Fans Are Loving It

Long-running series reveals Jo Martin as a previously unknown incarnation of The Doctor.

By Ed Mazza

The Fans are NOT Loving It!

FYI: The BBC - and Doctor Who - is funded by the British Taxpayer. And considering that as well as the BBC, Doctor Who airs on the CBC (Canada) and the ABC (Australia), which are also Taxpayer funded broadcasters, we all have a right to air our grievances about Taxpayer funded anti-White and anti-Male propaganda. And for those in the United States watching the new Doctor Who, you are being force-fed Marxist indoctrination by a foreign power.

The fans are not happy with Doctor Who. The fans who have not already abandoned Doctor Who are dropping off episode by episode. The BBC now only caters to misandrist White women, Angry Black Ladies and anyone in general who hates White Men. You know, the kind that refuse to tune in and denounce any movie or TV show as being White, Male, Misogynist and Racist but will tune in when the movie or show is Woke and White Men have their Privilege kicked to the gutter with their testicles.

Get Woke & Go Broke: Doctor Who ratings are at an all-time low. Doctor Who is dead.

Watch Below: Doctor Who Fans Video Review
(Starts at 9 minutes and 40 seconds into the video review)

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 28 January 2020 at 13:29
You know, the kind that refuse to tune in and denounce any movie or TV show as being White, Male, Misogynist and Racist but will tune in when the movie or show is Woke and White Men have their Privilege kicked to the gutter with their testicles.

Get Woke & Go Broke: Doctor Who ratings are at an all-time low. Doctor Who is dead.

It really pisses me off is how our enemies will destroy a movie/show in the name of "social justice" and then not even watch the b.s. they cried for.  It's like icing on the cake of anti-White hate.
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Transgenderism is a form of mental insanity. So shouldn't this be all the more reason not to release this thing to the streets. Better yet just get rid of it and save tax revenue for something more useful.


Convicted Child Molester Let Out Of Prison Because Theyre Transgender, No Longer A Threat, Government Says


A convicted sex offender is being let out of prison in Iowa because they identify as a woman and the Iowa Attorney Generals Office says that the transgender criminal is no longer a threat because they have different hormones.

The Storm Lake Times reported that Joseph Matthew Smith, a 23-year-old convicted of molesting a fellow MCS student in 2014, also molested up to 15 kids, according to a report prepared by the state.

A preliminary report prepared by the states expert, Dr. Jeffrey Davis, says Smith molested as many as 15 victims, ranging from ages 1 to 13, before being sentenced to prison in December 2015, The Storm Lake Times reported. The report found the likelihood of re-offending within five years of release exceeded 20% because victims were of both genders, and because Smith was under age 25 and never had a long-term relationship.

Mr. Smith has not had an intimate relationship, the government report stated. His sexual encounters appear to have primarily involved molestation, including his own molestation by multiple perpetrators, or his victimization of others.

The Iowa Sex Offender Registry shows Smith was convicted of 2nd degree sexual abuse against a female victim in 2012, and lascivious acts with a child against a male victim in 2014, The Blaze reported. The registry does not give the victims ages; they are listed as children under the age of 13.

Smith received transgender treatment for the last two years at Newton Correctional Facility and started using female pronouns.

We dont believe we have evidence sufficient to prove Josie Smith has a significant chance of reoffending, Iowa AG spokesman Lynn Hicks said. Josie Smith will be subject to strict sex-offender reporting required of those who commit the crimes [they] did. [Theyll] be subject to supervision for the rest of [their] life.

The report recommended Smith be confined at the Cherokee Civil Commitment Unit for Sex Offenders (CCUSO) in Cherokee for an indefinite period, The Storm Lake Times added. But it was premised upon Smith having the sex drive of a man.
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For a group (transgenders) that is only around 0.6%, I can't understand how these sexually perverse got such a loud voice in the mind polluted U.S. population.


Brooklyn park to be renamed after trans activist Marsha P. Johnson

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans to rename a state park after the transgender woman of color.

#MonumentalAmerican: Legendary LGBT advocate, Marsha P. Johnson

Feb. 2, 2020, 9:14 AM CST
By Doha Madani


A state park in Brooklyn is to be renamed after Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman of color who fought for LGBTQ rights and was a prominent figure in the 1969 Stonewall Uprising.

The plan was announced Saturday by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during a speech at a Human Rights Campaign gala. While speaking about expanding protections for the LGBTQ people, Cuomo said that the state was "fighting back" against hatred toward marginalized communities.

"New York State is the progressive capital of the nation, and while we are winning the legal battle for justice for the LGBTQ community, in many ways we are losing the broader war for equality," Cuomo said Saturday.

The governor called Johnson an "an icon of the community" and explained that the East River State Park in Brooklyn would be the first in New York to be named after an openly LGBTQ person.

Johnson died at the age of 46 in 1992 of undetermined causes after decades of activism. She worked waiting tables in New York City, becoming a fixture in the Greenwich Village neighborhood and earning the nickname the Mayor of Christopher Street.

She was reported to be one of the central figures in the Stonewall Uprising, when a group of LGBTQ people fought back against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. The raid was an attempt by the NYPD to enforce a law that made it illegal to serve alcohol to known homosexuals.

After Stonewall, Johnson co-founded Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) with fellow transgender activist Sylvia Rivera. The two led the political organization in finding housing and other forms of support to homeless queer youth and sex workers in Manhattan.

New York City officials announced last year that the pair would be honored with a public monument as part of an initiative to increase the diversity of the statues around the city.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 07 February 2020 at 16:34
Virginia is the next state to go against Nature as they openly accept/protect and try to force others to accept/protect these sexual deviants.


Virginia lawmakers pass protections for LGBTQ people

The legislation bans discrimination in housing, employment, public spaces and credit transactions on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Feb. 7, 2020, 8:06 AM CST
By Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. Virginia lawmakers passed comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation Thursday that advocates said makes the state the first in the South to enact such protections for LGBTQ people.


The measures advanced on bipartisan votes, 59-35 in the House and 30-9 in the Senate as newly empowered Democrats continued to advance bills that Republicans blocked for years. Each chamber still must take up the others measure in procedural votes before the legislation can be sent to the governor, who supports it, for final approval.

While opponents have raised concerns about impacts on religious freedom, advocates praised the passage of what they called urgently needed landmark human rights legislation.

Its important to know that discrimination is still happening in Virginia. It is time to drive it out, bill sponsor Sen. Adam Ebbin, who is openly gay, said at a press conference ahead of the votes.

The legislation prohibits discrimination in housing, public or private employment, public spaces and credit transactions on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. It also lays out causes of action that would allow individuals or, in certain circumstances the attorney general, to sue over alleged discrimination.

It's past time we protected LGBTQ Virginians from discrimination under the law. This bill will make us stronger and more inclusive of all -- I'm proud to support it," Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, said in a statement.

The legislation drew criticism from religious advocacy organizations that said it went too far and would effectively punish people who oppose gay marriage for faith-based reasons.

Make no mistake, this bill is intended to dismantle religious freedom and to force the government to make everyone conform to its version of marriage and sexuality," Republican Del. David LaRock said in a speech opposing the measure.

LaRock said the bill would punish religious people who decline work at gay weddings and would force employers and employees to use a transgender person's preferred pronoun, an assertion that drew applause from some in the room.

Some of Virginias largest employers, including Capital One, Dominion Energy and Verizon, backed the legislation.

Passing a comprehensive nondiscrimination law isnt just the right thing to do its crucial to the state economy, those companies and more than two dozen others wrote in a letter to legislative leaders. Because many LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ workers prefer to live and work in communities with nondiscrimination protections, such a law will give Virginias employers tangible advantages in recruitment and retention.

The legislation also extends protections on the basis of other characteristics, including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age and status as a veteran.

The measure would make Virginia the first state in the South to enact nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people, said Alphonso David, president of Human Rights Campaign, a national LGBTQ rights organization.

Democrats retook control of the General Assembly in November for the first time in a generation and have begun enacting sweeping policy changes. Lawmakers noted that similar measures have been introduced in recent years but didn't survive in what was then a Republican-controlled body.

GOP Sen. Jill Vogel said she thought provisions of the bill addressed concerns about religious liberty and that she was proud to vote for it.

I can assure you that if we embrace equality and protect everybody equally under the law we will be a better community, she said on the floor.
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So-called "White Supremacy in the Military" hearings are just another way to get guns out of Whitey's hands. Anti-Whites will not be satisfied until the US Military is turned into a Black Militant Guerilla Training Centre. Every day we are drawn a little closer to Dr Pierce' work of fiction, The Turner Diaries. Ben Klassen was right, we truly are On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War (https://creativityalliance.com/23/ebooks/HolyBooks/eBook-BenKlassen-OnTheBrinkOfABloodRacialWar.pdf) ...

Watch Live: Democrats Hold Hearing on ‘White Supremacy in the Military’



“White supremacy in the military” will be the focus of a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing on Tuesday, chaired by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Eastern.

Entitled, “Alarming Incidents of White Supremacy in the Military—How to Stop It?”, the hearing will feature figures from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Global Project Against Hate and Extremism Heidi Beirich, who has ties to the SPLC, will testify alongside Lecia Brooks, the SPLC’s “chief workplace transformation officer,” and Mark Pitcavage, an ADL senior research fellow who has linked President Donald Trump to “the militia movement” — a group, he claims, “against Muslims, immigrants, and antifa.”

A second panel will consist of testimonies from a variety of defensive and intelligence officials.

The Military of America's New World Order
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More changing of only White culture in the name of diversity (a.k.a. less Whiteness).

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Stupid monkey un-person calls peaceful Whites rayciss for existing in her general lard ass area.


America is fucking stupid to put up with this *. I sure hope she is advocating for segregation and finally repatriation of of all congoids to their continent of origin.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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It amazes me to how we not only allow a race that hates us to protect us. But it's even more ridiculous to how we bend over backwards and change our rules and regulations for any type of nigger.


Air Force to allow uniformed members to wear turbans, hijabs, beards in new dress code update, officials say

 By Paulina Dedaj | Fox News


The United States Air Force updated its official dress code policy this month, in observance of religious practices, to allow military personnel to wear turbans or hijabs as a part of the uniform.

The Air Force released an update to the Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel code on Feb. 7, now permitting airmen to request a waiver to wear religious apparel while in uniform as long as they are neat and conservative.

The material used for headwear must resemble the color of the assigned uniform. This includes camouflage, and must be worn in a fashion that presents a professional and well-groomed appearance.

Airman 1st Class Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa was granted an historic religious accommodation by the Air Force allowing him to wear a turban, beard, and unshorn hair in keeping with his Sikh faith. (ACLU)

In addition to religious apparel, members also can request permission to have unshorn beards and unshorn hair. If the length of the beard exceeds 2 inches, it must be rolled an or tied to meet the new standards.

The code has been updated to include hijabs, beards, turban or under-turban/patka, unshorn beards, unshorn hair, and indoor/outdoor head coverings.

The Air Force will be able to deny any request if it furthers a compelling governmental interest.

Special requests to observe religious practices previously have been approved.

In 2018 Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan became the first Muslim airmen to receive a beard waiver for religious reasons, according to the Air Force Times.

Airman 1st Class Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa became the first active-duty Sikh to be permitted to wear a turban, beard and long hair the following year.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 20 February 2020 at 02:59

New York City aims to fight anti-Semitism with ad campaign highlighting Jewish community


Amid rising anti-Semitism in New York City, a new branding campaign aims to fight back with ads highlighting the multiplicity of the Jewish community in Americas largest city.

The new marketing, which was launched Wednesday by the citys Commission on Human Rights, features a photograph of four residents with the caption: Jewish New Yorkers belong here. Anti-Semitism does not.

Marques Hollie, a Manhattan resident and queer Jew of color, is featured in the ad.

He said: My hope is that this campaign will remind us that the Jewish community is multi-faceted and that we are pillars of support for one another in times of joy as well as times of adversity.

Yosef Rapaport, a Hasidic Brooklynresident and community activist, is also featured.

He noted: "My hope is that the campaign will have the desired effect of making Jewish New Yorkers visible, that we belong.

Two extreme attacks in December further fueled the sense of alarm.

In Jersey City, N.J., a man and woman killed a police officer and then stormed into a kosher grocery, fatally shooting three people before dying in a gunfight with police. The slayings happened in a neighborhood where Hasidic families had recently been relocating.

In Monsey, N.Y., a man rushed into a rabbis home during a Hanukkah celebration, hacking at people with a machete. Five people were wounded.

In a press release announcing the campaign, Carmelyn P. Malalis, chair and commissioner of the NYC Commission on Human Rights, said: Every New Yorker has the right to practice their religion, celebrate with loved ones, and be who they are proudly and without fear of harassment, discrimination, or violence..

The campaign cost $50,000, city officials said.

Admin Note (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff): Anti-Whiteness remains the approved sport of choice for the black masses of New York.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Another company acting "woke" as they're hurting Whites. Now it's even easier for these illegal muds to burrow and infest deeper into the interior of our country.


Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

By GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press

SEATTLE Greyhound, the nation's largest bus company, said Friday it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents without a warrant to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks.


The company's announcement came one week after The Associated Press reported on a leaked Border Patrol memo confirming that agents can't board private buses without the consent of the bus company. Greyhound had previously insisted that even though it didn't like the immigration checks, it had no choice under federal law but to allow them.

In an emailed statement, the company said it would notify the Department of Homeland Security that it does not consent to unwarranted searches on its buses or in areas of terminals that are not open to the general public. It said it would provide its drivers and bus station employees updated training regarding the new policy, and that it would place stickers on all its buses clearly stating that it does not consent to the searches.

Greyhound has faced pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, immigrant rights activists and Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to stop allowing sweeps on buses within 100 miles (160 kilometers) of an international border or coastline.

They say the practice is intimidating and discriminatory and has become more common under President Donald Trump. Border Patrol arrests videotaped by other passengers have sparked criticism, and Greyhound faces a lawsuit in California alleging that it violated consumer protection laws by facilitating raids.

Some other bus companies, including Jefferson Lines, which operates in 14 states, and MTRWestern, which operates in the Pacific Northwest, have made clear that they do not consent to agents boarding buses.

The memo obtained by the AP was dated Jan. 28, addressed to all chief patrol agents and signed by then-Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost just before she retired. It confirms the legal position that Greyhound's critics have taken: that the Constitution's Fourth Amendment prevents agents from boarding buses and questioning passengers without a warrant or the consent of the company.

When transportation checks occur on a bus at non-checkpoint locations, the agent must demonstrate that he or she gained access to the bus with the consent of the companys owner or one of the companys employees, the memo states. An agent's actions while on the bus "would not cause a reasonable person to believe that he or she is unable to terminate the encounter with the agent.
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Post by: Private on 13 March 2020 at 02:08
Our enemies start early with the brain pollution of our children.


Following trans teen's suit, minors can now change New York birth certificates

Transgender adults in the state have been permitted to change their birth certificate gender markers since 2014.

March 12, 2020, 2:22 PM CDT
By Cynthia Silva

New York State will now allow transgender minors to change the gender marker on their birth certificates to reflect their gender identity, instead of their sex assigned at birth.

Effective immediately, transgender individuals born in New York will have the right to make this deeply personal decision without the governments unwarranted denial or without having their privacy violated, New York Attorney General Letitia James announced on Tuesday. We will not allow an outdated policy to stop us from providing every individual with equal dignity and respect.

James announcement came just two months after a 14-year-old trans boy, known only as M.H.W., sued the state over its policy barring minors from changing their birth certificate gender marker, which has been legal for adults since 2014. M.H.W. called the new policy awesome.

Now all my identity paperwork matches, and I can go forward not having to worry about legal documents conflicting with who I am again. I get to just go on being me, he said following the announcement, according to a statement from Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ civil rights group that filed the case on M.H.W.s behalf.

Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, one of the Lambda Legal attorneys working on M.H.W.s case, said this weeks announcement is a victory for all transgender people in New York.

Every person should be recognized and respected for who they are, Gonzalez-Pagan said in a statement. It shouldnt take a minor and his family suing the state to get their rights recognized, but with this announcement, New York State eliminates an outdated and unjust barrier to transgender minors ability to be themselves and have accurate, essential identity documents.

M.H.W. was born in Ithaca, New York, but now resides in Houston, where he attends high school. Assigned female at birth, he began the process of changing his name and gender marker on his various identification documents in Texas last October. Following a Texas district court ruling in his favor, M.H.W. was able to change a number of his official documents, including licenses, certificates and eventually his passport and social security records.

However, M.H.W. and his parents were informed by New York State that it did not allow birth certificate changes for anyone under 18. This inconsistency, they feared, could potentially expose M.H.W. to harassment and discrimination. According to the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey, nearly one-third (32 percent) of respondents who have shown an ID with a name or gender that did not match their gender presentation were verbally harassed, denied benefits or service, asked to leave, or assaulted. In New York, it's 34 percent, and in Texas, its 32 percent.

There is currently a patchwork of laws across the U.S. when it comes to birth certificate gender marker changes. Some states including New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington allow both transgender adults and minors to update their birth certificate gender markers, according to Lambda Legal. However, at least two states, Ohio and Tennessee, dont allow for amending the gender marker on birth certificates at all. Lambda Legal is currently suing Ohio and Tennessee over these policies.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 19 April 2020 at 13:24
When 13% of the population commits over 50% of the murders, I can't see why there would be any concerns over niggers wearing something that would conceal their identity.


Senators Fear Black Americans In Face Masks Will Be Exposed To Racial Bias

Democratic lawmakers say people of color are concerned they will be profiled while wearing masks or other face coverings in public.

04/17/2020 04:16 PM ET


NEW YORK (AP) Democratic lawmakers want police departments to be vigilant about any racially biased policing during the coronavirus pandemic, as people in communities of color express fears of being profiled while wearing masks or other face coverings in public.

In a letter sent Friday to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, Sen. Kamala Harris of California and other Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urged federal law enforcement agencies to provide anti-bias training and guidance to police officers. The officers may increasingly encounter masked residents as the nation weighs a gradual reopening of the economy in the coming weeks, the senators said.

With the ongoing public health emergency, it is more important than ever for law enforcement to build trust with communities of color, the senators said in the letter, which was first shared with The Associated Press.

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that people who go out in public wear a surgical mask or a cloth covering their nose and mouth to prevent the spread of the virus. And already, some black men have reported incidents of racial profiling while following the recommendations.

If communities of color especially African American communities feel at risk of disproportionate or selective enforcement, they may avoid seeking help or adopting precautionary measures recommended by the CDC, the letter reads. This, in turn, could have dire public health consequences.

The toll of COVID-19 on African Americans has been disproportionate, preliminary public health records show. The latest AP analysis of available state and local data shows that nearly one-third of those who have died from COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, are black.

African Americans are roughly 14% of the population in the areas included in the analysis.

Since the CDC issued its recommendations on April 3, several states, including New York, New Jersey and California, began requiring people to wear masks when riding public transportation, visiting grocery stores and pharmacies, or in other spaces where it is difficult to be socially distant.

Less than one week after the CDCs mask recommendations, two black men in surgical masks recorded themselves being followed by a police officer as they left a Walmart in Wood River, Illinois. In another incident, an African American doctor who wore a mask as he volunteered to test homeless people for COVID-19 was handcuffed and detained by police outside his home in Miami, Florida.


Black men also are reportedly being harassed for not wearing face coverings. A day after the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority began requiring customers to wear facial coverings on buses and trains, an African American man without a mask was seen on video being forcibly dragged from a bus by Philadelphia transit officers.

These incidents suggest mask requirements could expose Black Americans to unfair and dangerous treatment from law enforcement, Harris, a former prosecutor, said in an email to the AP.

We cant let this become a bigger problem, she said.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police, a union of more than 330,000 members, pushed back on the senators request. He said the vast majority of the nations police officers already receive anti-bias training.

In the circumstances we currently find ourselves in, I find it troubling that anyone is asking the nations already overworked officers to take time out of their work for training, based on a few allegations of improper conduct, Pasco said in a phone interview. This seems like political opportunism, at the least opportunistic time for the country.

The FBI asked for more time to respond to a request for comment.

Systemic racism and discrimination in law enforcement isnt a new issue. However, various studies of criminal justice data show that African Americans are more likely than whites to be pulled over by police, and are as much as three times more likely to be searched. They have also been arrested and shot by officers at twice the rate of whites.

In the email, Harris, who is black, said the onus cannot be on black men to ensure that taking precautions against the virus outbreak doesnt also make them vulnerable to biased policing.

We need to place more responsibility on the system, particularly in this moment, she said. During this crisis, it is more important than ever for law enforcement to prioritize building relationships of trust with the communities they serve.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 20 April 2020 at 09:39
“If communities of color — especially African American communities — feel at risk of disproportionate or selective enforcement, they may avoid seeking help or adopting precautionary measures recommended by the CDC,” the letter reads. “This, in turn, could have dire public health consequences.”

The toll of COVID-19 on African Americans has been disproportionate, preliminary public health records show. The latest AP analysis of available state and local data shows that nearly one-third of those who have died from COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, are black.

African Americans are roughly 14% of the population in the areas included in the analysis.

Since the CDC issued its recommendations on April 3, several states, including New York, New Jersey and California, began requiring people to wear masks when riding public transportation, visiting grocery stores and pharmacies, or in other spaces where it is difficult to be socially distan


Time they switched “Hart Island” to “Island of the vanquished slaves”!
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 26 April 2020 at 14:29
Nigger loving Kim Kardashian continues her pursuit to free the colored murdering scum of our prison system.


Child sex trafficking survivor supported by Kim Kardashian West freed from jail

"She will be sent to an appropriate group home and she will be under supervision for an extensive period of time," Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said.

April 22, 2020, 1:57 PM CDT
By Janelle Griffith

A child sex trafficking survivor whose case was recently featured on Oxygen's "Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project," was freed from jail Friday.


Alexis Martin, who was sentenced to prison at 17 for her role in the fatal shooting of her pimp during a robbery in 2013, had her sentence commuted by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

"She is a child sex trafficking survivor," DeWine said Friday when he announced Martin was among a group of seven Ohio inmates he would free. "She will be sent to an appropriate group home and she will be under supervision for an extensive period of time."

DeWine said Martin's case was "of particular interest."

Martin was 15 at the time of the slaying. Martin collaborated with a female friend and two men to rob the home of her pimp, Angelo Kerney, in Akron, Ohio, according to court documents. Though Martin was not accused of firing a gun, the documents state she and the other female distracted Kerney "with dancing and sex." Kerney was killed in the shooting. Martin's forced prostitution was cited as a factor leading to her involvement in the fatal shooting.

Martin pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and other charges and was sentenced to 21 years to life in prison.

In 2018, Martin appealed her sentence arguing her history as a sex trafficking victim was not properly explored by a juvenile judge during a hearing that determined if she should be charged as an adult. The court upheld her conviction in a 6-1 vote, the Associated Press reported.

Her story became a cause celebre among advocates of criminal justice reform, including Kardashian West, who has become a force in the world of criminal justice reform.

The Oxygen documentary revealed that while in prison, Martin earned her GED, became a certified dog trainer and ran a group for survivors of human trafficking.

Kardashian West tweeted about DeWine's decision Friday, writing: "Alexis Martin is a sex traffic survivor and I was honored to be able to share her story on the Justice Project. Thank you Governor DeWine for commuting her sentence."


Kardashian West has advocated for the release of numerous inmates, most notably Alice Marie Johnson who was sent to prison for life in federal court in Tennessee in 1996 for attempted possession of cocaine and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Kardashian West persuaded President Donald Trump to commute Johnson's sentence in 2018.
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After Ahmaud Arbery killing, push for Georgia hate crime law sees "newfound resurgence"

MAY 14, 2020 / 4:30 PM / CBS NEWS

There's a new push in Georgia for a state hate crime law after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man pursued by two white men and shot dead while jogging through a Brunswick neighborhood on February 23.

Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, who told police they thought Arbery was a burglary suspect, were charged with Arbery's murder 74 days after his death. The killing, captured on a disturbing video, and the delay in the arrests, drew a national outcry.

Many have said Arbery was targeted because of his race, but Georgia is one of four states with no hate crime statutes, which generally allow for harsher sentencing for perpetrators of crimes ruled by a court to be bias-motivated. South Carolina, Wyoming and Arkansas also remain without hate crime laws, and some advocates also include Indiana on the list, calling a law passed in that state last year "uniquely and problematically broad."

(http://andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Black-On-White-Violent-Crime.jpg) (http://andrewcarringtonhitchcock.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Black-On-White-Violent-Crime.jpg)
Click on Image to Enlarge
According to Attorney General Eric Holder (Obama Administration)
White people cannot be victims of Hate-Crime (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=black+violence+against+whites&iax=images&ia=images)

Previous efforts to pass a hate crimes bill in the Georgia general assembly have faltered, but since Arbery's killing there's been a "newfound resurgence of interest in making sure Georgia gets this on the books," Georgia Rep. Karen Bennett, chairwoman of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, told CBS News.

HB 426, the latest proposed hate crimes bill, was introduced with bipartisan support last year and passed the state house of representatives. But the bill appeared stalled in a state senate committee when the legislative session was suspended in March over coronavirus concerns. Speaking at a press conference at Arbery's gravesite Tuesday, Georgia Rep. Gloria Frazier called for the bill to come to the senate floor for a vote when the legislature resumes next month. Frazier, along with Rep. Al Williams and Sen. Lester Jackson, also called on Tuesday to rename HB 426 the Ahmaud Arbery Hate Crime Bill.

"The passage of HB 426, the hate crime bill, would allow citizens to feel safe knowing the state of Georgia does not accept or tolerate behavior rooted in hate," Frazier said.

The new urgency has come from legislators from both sides of the aisle. Speaking to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ga. Republican Rep. David Ralston, speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, called for the state senate to pass the bill "with no delay and no amendments."

"The time for being silent ended last week," Ralston told the paper. "It's time to do what's right. It's going to take some leadership and some courage, but I think it's time to act."

That Georgia is among only a handful of states without the statute "is a clear sign we are well past time and ready to get a hate crimes bill passed," said Allison Padilla-Goodman, vice-president of the southern division for the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL has joined a coalition of 35 advocacy groups known as Hate Free Georgia to call for HB 426 to pass. Padilla-Goodman said she's  "cautiously optimistic" about its prospects.

"There's a long path ahead and there's a lot of work to do, but we were seeing politicians who maybe were not originally supportive of this stepping up and speaking out," Padilla-Goodman said.

The ADL has lobbied for years to pass a hate crimes bill in Georgia, she said. The Georgia general assembly in 2000 passed a hate crimes bill that called for enhanced sentencing for crimes motivated by "bias or prejudice," but in 2004, the bill was struck down by the Georgia Supreme Court as unconstitutionally vague.

The latest bill was crafted with more specific language. It would mandate enhanced sentencing for defendants convicted of targeting a victim because of their "actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origins, sexual orientation, gender, mental disability, or physical disability."


While states are the primary prosecutors of hate crimes, the federal government also has the authority to bring charges under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The Department of Justice can act as a "backstop" to prosecute hate crimes in states without the statutes or where state laws don't cover the crime.

State hate crime laws vary widely. While most include crimes motivated by bias over race, ethnicity or religion, some don't include bias crimes motivated by the victim's sexual orientation or gender identity, said Kami Chavis, professor of law and director of the criminal justice program at Wake Forest University.

The Department of Justice has said it is reviewing the Arbery case to determine whether federal hate crime charges are appropriate. It's also weighing a request by the Attorney General of Georgia to investigate the conduct of the first two district attorneys assigned to the case. They recused themselves amid questions over their links to Gregory McMichael, a former law enforcement officer, and handling of the case.

Even if Georgia passes the hate crimes bill, Chavis said she's troubled that it would be difficult to enforce. She said the "blatant disregard for prosecution" by the initial district attorneys points to the importance of the federal government's role in investigating hate crimes.

"This should not have taken two months, this should not have taken a video to have this prosecution," Chavis said.

Chavis said prosecutors typically need strong evidence to prove a crime was motivated by hate, something potentially lost by the delay.

"Make no mistake, I do not believe that if Ahmaud Arbery had been a white person jogging that he would have been treated that way," Chavis said. "But that's not going to be enough to prosecute those men for a hate crime. We need additional evidence that we might have had but for the complete disregard into investigating his death."

In a statement released to the Macon Telegraph, lawyers for McMichael said the public has rushed to judgment based on "a narrative driven by an incomplete set of facts."

Franklin Hogue said in a statement, "while the death of Ahmaud Arbery is a tragedy, causing deep grief to his family a tragedy that at first appears to many to fit into a terrible pattern in American life this case does not fit that pattern. The full story, to be revealed in time, will tell the truth about this case."

A state hate crime statute could be used to prosecute cases where the federal government typically wouldn't step in, such as a swastika painted on the door of a synagogue, said Padilla-Goodman. And there have been other troubling cases where a state law could come into play. Bennett cited the case of a white teenager accused of plotting an attack on a historically black church in Gainesville. Police said in November the girl's high school classmates told school officials the teen had detailed plans to kill worshippers in a notebook. The teen went to the church on a night when Bible studies are usually held, but no events were planned that day, the church's pastor told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Gainesville police chief Jay Parrish said at the time the girl wanted to target the church "because of the racial demographic of the church members." It's not clear how she allegedly planned to carry out the attack, but the paper reported she collected knives. She was charged as a juvenile with criminal attempt to commit murder, but hate crime charges were not an option under state law.


Rep. Bennett also said a state hate crime law is important because of the message it sends.

 "Georgia wants to send a message that we don't condone hatred of any kind in our society," Bennett said. "It's just important for the sanctity of humanity that we are able to recognize this evil in our society and to be able to say no to it and prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law."
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ADL's new "hero" in the gaming community.


“I Have Power!”: Trans Twitch Moderator Who Identifies as a Deer Threatens to Censor Critics


A transgender Twitch “Safety Advisory Council” member who identifies as a deer (yes, really) bragged on a live stream about having the “power” to censor critics, asserting, “some people should be afraid of me.”

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that has become notorious for its draconian levels of censorship which in many cases outstrip even YouTube.

Last week, transgender streamer “Steph” Loehr, AKA FerociouslySteph, who was born a man and apparently had his genitals removed, was announced as a new member of Twitch’s “Safety Advisory Council,” giving Loehr the power to influence Terms of Service and potentially ban individual users.

Before we get to Steph’s comments on this, let’s get to know xe a little better.

Here Loehr explains how he likes to prance around in his back yard acting like a deer while munching on grass.

Invalid Tweet ID

In this clip, Loehr mewls like a deer while having a “deergasm” as his lover massages his head.

Invalid Tweet ID

Here’s Loehr tweeting about what appears to be a sex change operation, remarking, “If your testicles make you depressticles, it’s time to put them to resticles.”

Here we discover that Loehr thinks many gamers are “white supremacists.”

As you can tell, Loehr is obviously a really balanced individual who would totally be expected to remain impartial and neutral when deciding what opinions are allowed to be voiced on Twitch.

YouTuber KeemStar highlighted how Loehr is now bragging about having the power to censor critics who made fun of him for identifying as a deer, commenting, “Twitch really need to put a end to this! It really is going to cause something like a Gamer Gate. I really believe this!”

In the clip, Loehr states, “I have power, they can’t take it away from me and honestly there are some people that should be afraid of me and that they are because I represent moderation and diversity and I’m gonna come for people if you’re a really shitty person – I’m gonna stand up against you period and Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”

“This is pretty much like all the authoritarians who want to control your speech, thoughts and administer punishments to you if you disagree with them,” remarked YouTuber Count Dankula. “This one, as soon as she got the power, her mask didn’t slip, she ripped it off and frisbee’d it over the horizon.”

After Loehr was appointed to Twitch’s safety council, the mainstream media immediately rushed to his defense, claiming that questioning his neutrality represented a “harassment campaign.”

As the Ralph Retort highlights, Loehr’s ascension to becoming a Twitch Moderator was almost certainly helped along the way by the ADL.

“The promotion actually goes back almost two years. This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. The ADL has been working overtime to get its hooks into gaming. Too much money and influence on the table for them to ignore!”

These are the kind of people who now have the power to control free speech online.

From a broader perspective, these are the kind of people being handed power over society.

And we wonder why we’re in such a mess.
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More mind polluting propaganda directed at our children.


Pixar short 'Out' features the studio's first gay lead character

By David Williams, CNN
Updated 12:40 PM ET, Mon May 25, 2020

Pixar's animated short "Out" features a young man who's afraid to tell his parents about his boyfriend.

(CNN)Pixar's new short film "Out" is reminiscent of classic Disney body-swap comedies like "Freaky Friday" and the "Shaggy Dog" movies, but it's also a first for the studio, because its main character is gay.

'Arthur' character Mr. Ratburn came out as gay and got married in the season premiere and Twitter loved it

The story revolves around a young man named Greg, who's afraid to tell his parents that he's gay and is worried that they will see a picture of him and his boyfriend when they come help him move.

Thanks to some magic from a rainbow-riding purple sparkly cat and a pink dog, Greg switches bodies with his dog right in the middle of his parent's visit.

There are wacky hijinks, as you'd expect, but the story focuses on the pain that Greg and his mother are experiencing.

Pixar is owned by Disney and the short, which is just under 10 minutes, debuted on Friday on the Disney+ streaming service.

It was written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter, who's worked on many Pixar films, including "Toy Story 4" and "Finding Dory," as part of Pixar's SparkShorts series, which is designed to discover new storytellers and experiment with different techniques.

People shared their reactions on Twitter with the hashtag #PixarOut. Many said they cried watching it and wished that it had been around when they were growing up. A few people posted that they thought it wasn't an appropriate message for children.

'She-Ra and the Princesses of Power' is the rarest of television feats

A study released last year by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) found that only 18.4% of mainstream films released in 2018 included LGBTQ characters. None of Disney's releases that year had an LGBTQ character, according to GLAAD.

Some people really want Elsa to come out in 'Frozen II'

Disney has included LGBTQ couples in some of its blockbusters -- Gaston's sidekick LeFou was portrayed as gay in the live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast," and there was a brief kiss between two female rebel fighters in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."

Pixar's feature film "Onward," which was released earlier this year, also included a cyclops, unicorn police officer, who talks about her girlfriend.

A character also came out as gay on the Disney Channel series "Andi Mack," which ran for three seasons before wrapping up last year.
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As American politicians and some people are bending over backwards for the uppity niggers. The nigger mayor of D.C. is giving its race whatever they want. The D.C. mayor's most recent catering to its people has been to rename a street for B.L.M. as it helps to discourage the order the national guard would bring to her city.



DC Ceremonially Names Street to White House After Black Lives Matter; Emblazons Name on Road


Utah National Guard confirms they were kicked out of DC hotel, mayor claims budget issue
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So now, if a Ghetto Gorilla breaks into your home and rapes your wife, when you ring 911, Crisis and Mental Health workers will be despatched to assist the poor Jigaboo that must be traumatised by the White Racists that called 911 ...

Minneapolis city council president says fear of having someone break into your home 'comes from a place of privilege' as she defends disbanding the police force - but can't quite explain what replaces it

* Minneapolis' City Council president Lisa Bender defended the move to disband the city's police department on Monday

* She explained George Floyd's death was a 'wake-up call' that the police 'is not keeping every member of our community safe'

* When asked what will happen if a home is broken into, Bender explained that her worry and expectation police will help comes from a place of privilege

* She said council is already working on community-based safety strategies and analyzing how to shift some 911 calls to crisis and mental health workers



The End Result

Don't ever call the police on a so-called person of colour, because all you do is notify the police that YOU are the one that needs to be watched. And one word out of place, and it'll be you that is locked up. Handle it yourself. Be as violent as you need. Why? Because the police no longer protect decent, law-abiding Whites - and that NIGGER, once released, will ultimately come gunning for you, and all you are allowed to do is lie down and await your punishment for being White.


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And this is one of the major reasons why I stopped watching the NFL. There is way to much pandering to those overpaid niggers.


NFL Apologizes for Not Listening to Players Earlier on Racism

By Sebastian Tong
June 5, 2020, 6:21 PM CDT

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell on Friday apologized for not listening to NFL players earlier when they spoke out about racism, saying the league backs the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We, the National Football League, admitwe were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier, and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest,” Goodell said in a video posted on Twitter.

Goodell said the protests are “emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of black players, coaches, fans, and staff.”
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Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey Announces Juneteenth Will Be a Company Holiday 'Forevermore'

Jason Duaine Hahn
1 hr ago
Provided by PeopleJack Dorsey

Twitter and Square employees in the United States will now honor Juneteenth a day that commemorates the freeing of slaves in Texas in 1865 as a company holiday moving forward, CEO Jack Dorseyannounced on social media.

The 43-year-old's decision comes amid worldwide Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer who forcibly kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes.

Dorsey said the holiday will mark a time of "celebration, education, and connection" for employees at the two companies, he detailed in a pair of tweets posted on Tuesday afternoon.

"Both Twitter and Square are making #Juneteenth (June 19th) a company holiday in the US, forevermore," Dorsey tweeted.

"Countries and regions around the world have their own days to celebrate emancipation, and we will do the work to make those dates company holidays everywhere we are present," he added.

Juneteenth short for "June Nineteenth" is a  nationally nigger celebrated holiday that marks the end of slavery in the U.S.

According to Juneteenth.com, it was on June 19, 1865, that Union soldiers led by Major General Gordon Granger arrived at Galveston, Texas, and informed slaves they were free.

But Granger's announcement in Galveston came two and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation which freed all slaves in the Confederate states went into effect.

Since the Union did not have a strong presence in Texas at the time, the Emancipation Proclamation was not widely enforced. It wasn't until General Robert E. Lee's surrender in April 1865 and Granger's arrival that the Union was able to impose the law, the website said.

Dorsey has been active in addressing national issues and announced in April that he was transferring $1 billion of his Square equityto a limited liability company that will provide relief for victims of coronavirus and then shift to girls health and education.
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NASCAR bans Confederate flags at its events


NASCAR announced on Wednesday it would ban Confederate flags from its events, two days after the only black driver in the league's top series called on NASCAR to make the change.

The flag will no longer be allowed at races or displayed at any NASCAR properties, the league said in a statement posted to its Twitter account.

"The presence of the confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors, and our industry," the statement said.

Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. told CNN's Don Lemon on Monday that the flags have no place at the races.

"No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race. It starts with confederate flags," Wallace told Lemon.

Wallace is the first black driver in 50 years to win one of NASCARs top three national touring series and has been an outspoken voice in the sport following the death of George Floyd. Floyd's deadly arrest in Minneapolis on May 25 has reinvigorated the longstanding conversation on racial inequality in America and drawn protests across the world.

Wallace told CNN that in the past, he had not been bothered by the flag. But he said, after educating himself, he sees how uncomfortable it makes people.

"There's going to be a lot of angry people that carry those flags proudly but it's time for change," he said. "We have to change that, and I encourage NASCAR to have those conversations to remove those flags."

Wallace appeared in a video with other drivers that was broadcast on Sunday in which they vowed to "listen and learn" from the protests that have rocked the nation and to "no longer be silent." The drivers, which included seven-time champion Jimmie Johnson and retired star Dale Earnhardt Jr., pledged to work together to make "real change."

The league announced Tuesday that Wallace would drive with a special paint scheme honoring Black Lives Matterduring a race Wednesday at Martinsville Speedway.

And while many applauded NASCAR's decision on Wednesday, some fans replied to the organization's tweet with disdain. One user vowed to still bring a flag to every race.

"This is the final straw. Ive been watching NASCAR since the 70s," another Twitter user wrote. "I used to go races proudly with my pops. All lives matter. Stay out of politics. You lost a fan."

NASCAR began asking fans to stop bringing Confederate flags to races in 2015 after Dylann Roof killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. After the massacre, photos circulated online of Roof posing with the flag.

In recent weeks, a number of protesters have demanded cities and other institutions remove symbols of the Confederacy.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Thursday that a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee that has stood in the heart of Richmond since 1890 would be brought down in the coming weeks. The state is home to 110 Confederate monuments, 13 of which are in Richmond, according to 2019 data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

President Donald Trump held a contrary position Wednesday, when he tweeted that he "will not even consider" renaming military bases that hold titles of former Confederate leaders.

Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military! Trump said, calling the bases part of a Great American Heritage.
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Band-Aid Announces New Bandages That Embrace The Beauty Of Diverse Skin

The companys new selection of skin tones has prompted many to ask, Why did this take so long?

By Jeremy Blum
06/12/2020 02:02 PM ET


Band-Aid announced on Wednesday that it would produce a line of new bandages celebrating a wider range of skin tones, prompting a mixed response from audiences.

We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, collaborators and community in the fight against racism, violence and injustice, said Band-Aids Instagram message announcing the initiative. We are committed to taking actions to create tangible change for the Black community. We are committed to launching a range of bandages in light, medium and deep shades of Brown and Black skin tones that embrace the beauty of diverse skin. We are dedicated to inclusivity and providing the best healing solutions, better representing you.

Band-Aids message received thousands of likes and comments in the days to follow, with some applauding the decision and others wondering why the company, founded in 1920, had taken so long to produce a greater variety of bandages.

Some commenters argued that Black-owned companies such as Browndages had been catering to people of color for years and urged consumers to support those smaller businesses rather than Band-Aid.
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More indoctrination of our children by the fags.



SpongeBob SquarePants' sexuality has entered the chat -- and lo and behold, the Bikini Bottom dweller is, as many suspected for years, gay.

Nickelodeon officially made the reveal Saturday in a tweet shouting out Pride month (June), and attaching photos of three of their canon characters as a clear indicator that they're all part of the LGBTQ+ community ... but without actually saying it outright.

The studio writes, "Celebrating #Pride with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies this month and every month 🌈.⁣" All of the characters -- which include Sponge, Schwoz Schwartz from 'Henry Danger,' and Korra from the 'Avatar' spin-off show 'Legend of Korra' -- are featured in a rainbow color background, further signaling they are, in fact, part of the community

Fans have known for a while Korra was gay/bisexual -- as it was revealed in the show itself and actually written into the script. Again, not so much with words ... but just action.

As for Schwoz, the actor who plays him -- Michael D. Cohen -- is a transgender man in real life ... something that wasn't revealed until recently. He transitioned decades ago. Now, when it comes to the Krusty Krab fry cook ... well, let's just say folks had their suspicions for a long time now. If you know, you know ... we won't break it down for boomers.

Funny enough, Nickelodeon AND the series creator Stephen Hillenburg came out firmly in the early 2000s and explicitly said SBSP was NOT gay ... but asexual. Change of heart?

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June 16, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The long-running PBS children’s television program Sesame Street showed its support for LGBT “Pride Month” with a social media post shared on Twitter and Facebook last week.

“On our street, we accept all, we love all, and we respect all. Happy #PrideMonth!” says the Twitter post dated June 11, from the official Sesame Street account @sesamestreet.

Sesame Street was not the only kids’ show that voiced a message of support for the LGBT activist–backed “Pride Month,” which promotes the homosexual lifestyle and gender-fluidity

Also tweeting in support of “Pride Month” was the kids’ network Nickelodeon, which posted a tweet featuring a trio of its popular characters in colorful dress.

“Celebrating #Pride with the LGBTQ+ community and their allies this month and every month,” said the June 13 Nickelodeon tweet.

The LGBT-backed “Pride Month” was also supported by the Cartoon Network, who celebrated with social media advertising and special videos along with shows approved by the LGBT lobby

Sesame Street is known for its Muppet characters and educational content, which is targeted to young audiences. The June 11 “Pride Month” Facebook and Twitter Sesame Street posts feature an image of multiple Sesame Street characters’ arms holding hands in the colors of the rainbow. Two of the arms in the image appear to be similar to be those of the well known Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie. For a long time, LGBTQ activists and pundits have insisted tha the two puppet characters are a “gay couple.”

Bert and Ernie “gay” rumors were addressed in 2018 when Sesame Street Workshop, as well as Muppet creator Frank Oz, denied that Bert and Ernie are “gay.”

Despite this, a 2019 report from The Hollywood Reporter highlights a conversation with Brown Johnson, who at the time was the executive vice president of the Sesame Workshop. She was asked if Bert and Ernie are a “committed gay couple.” She gave a reply that people can wish what they want to.

“People can think whatever they want” about Bert and Ernie, Johnson told THR. “You want to think they’re gay? OK

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Thanks to Crayola, children of many different backgrounds can have access to crayons that are reflective of their own skin tone.

The handicraft company announced its "Colors of the World" line featuring 24 new crayon colors representing 40 global skin tones.


In partnership with CEO of MOB Beauty Victor Casale, the shades were carefully crafted to go from extra light to deepest while incorporating rose, almond and golden undertones.

Casale has over 30 years of experience in creating foundation colors for global skin tones and was formerly chief chemist and managing director R&D of MAC cosmetics as well as co-founder and chief innovation officer of Cover FX.

"Inclusivity should be accessible for all ages and a discussion about diversity should be encouraged in order to foster a sense of belonging," Casale told "GMA." "Whether at home or in a classroom this collection gives children a greater opportunity to accurately represent themselves through creativity and self-expression

There are also plans for a presale on Walmart's website, featuring all 24 new colors in addition to four hair- and four eye-color crayons.

This launch feels near and dear to Casale as he relates to it from two specific past experiences: "As a kid, I had to use pink and brown crayons to try to get my color; it was almost impossible to do."

He continued, "Also, as a product formulator for complexion products, I have witnessed the feeling people show when they find their skin shade. It gives them a sense of being acknowledged and represented."

Forget Niggers, Abos, Lens, Beaners and Co-co nuts using crayons ! You know what they use to write with?!

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I'm so sick of all this pandering to the niggers.


Uncle Bens Evolving Its Brand Identity After Aunt Jemima Name Change


Aunt Jemima to remove image from packaging and rename brand

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 20 June 2020 at 11:32
Next they'll be claiming Quaker Oats and Uncle Toby's Porridge are "Racist!" because it portrays a White Gentleman dressed in Colonial style clothing that signifies Colonialism, Slavery, Murdering Red Nigs, Murdering Abos, Stealing Lands, Reading and Writing, Philanthropy, Fighting Wars to Put a Stop to Slavery ... all the nasty things Whitey does.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 24 June 2020 at 17:55
The nigger lives matter organization now has the power to topple States.  This is craziness. Throughout history when a nation, state, or tribe's flag was changed or captured it meant the end of that group. It's amazing to me that such a small fraction of our country has received such power through victimhood.


Walmart no longer displaying Mississippi flag in stores

by Justine Coleman

Walmart will no longer display the Mississippi state flag "in its current form" at its stores, a company spokesperson told The Hill Tuesday.


Walmart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez said the retail company decided to remove the Mississippi state flag, which includes the Confederate emblem.

"We know the design of the Mississippi state flag is being discussed by various stakeholders," Lopez said in a statement. "While the issue continues to be discussed, we've made the decision to remove the Mississippi state flag from display in its current form from our stores.

"We believe it's the right thing to do, and is consistent with Walmart's position to not sell merchandise with the confederate flag from stores and online sites, as part of our commitment to provide a welcoming and inclusive experience for all of our customers in the communities we serve," Lopez continued.

Walmart spokesperson Anne Hatfield told Memphis newspaper Commercial Appeal that the Mississippi state flags were removed "a couple of weeks ago."

Calls for changes to the Mississippi state flag come as protests requesting racial justice have erupted across the country after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody.

Demonstrators across the U.S. have also asked for statues dedicated to Confederate leaders to be taken down, with some protesters taking matters into their own hands by toppling or defacing the memorials.

Stay Up To Date With Bloomberg.comBloomberg.com

The Mississippi flag is the only state left that includes the Confederate emblem, which includes a blue "X" with thirteen white stars.

The Mississippi Baptist Convention also requested a modification of the flag, with its executive director and treasurer calling it a "relic of racism and a symbol of hatred," the Clarion Ledger reported.

The NCAA Board of Governors and Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey said the SEC may not hold championship events in the state until the flag is changed.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Princeton To Drop Woodrow Wilson’s Name From Public Policy School

Amid worldwide protests against racial injustice, Princeton University is renaming its public policy school in light of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s racist policies.

Sinad Carew
06/27/2020 03:20 PM ET

June 27 (Reuters) - Princeton University is renaming its public policy school and Wilson College after concluding that U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s racist thinking and policies “make him an inappropriate namesake.”

Announcing the move on Saturday, Princeton University President Christopher Eisgruber said it related to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Rayshard Brooks, Black Americans who died at the hands of police in recent months.

Woodrow Wilson
28th president of the United States

The board’s Friday vote to rename the School of Public andInternational Affairs and Wilson College follows a wave of protests in the United States and around the world against racial injustice that were prompted by the deaths.

It contrasted with a 2016 decision to keep the schools’ names intact after considering a change following student protests in November 2015.

Eisgruber said Wilson’s “racism was significant and consequential even by the standards of his own time,” citing his segregation of the federal civil service after it had been racially integrated for decades.

The policy school will be renamed The Princeton School ofPublic and International Affairs.

Wilson was the university’s president before becoming governor of New Jersey, and then president of the United States from 1913 to 1921.

His policies make him an “especially inappropriate namesake for a public policy school,” as it suggests he is a model for students at the school, which “must stand firmly against racism in all its forms,” Eisgruber said.

Wilson College will instead be known as First College, accelerating the retirement of the name by two years. Princeton had already planned to close the college and drop its name when it opens two new residential colleges that are being built.

However, the university’s highest honor for undergraduates -The Woodrow Wilson Award - will keep its name as it was the result of a gift, which gives the university a legal obligation to name the prize for Wilson, Princeton’s board said.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 28 June 2020 at 12:25
Save the "protected species" since they are incapable of saving themselves. Unfortunately this is the mindset of our enemies. If we could just separate from the inferior races, Straighten out the White Man's thinking and allow the coloreds to fend for themselves, they would wither on the vine in no time.


Bill Gates rips US for turning inward during COVID crisis and Melinda says Black people should get vaccine first


BILL Gates ripped United States leadership last week for "turning inward" during the coronavirus outbreak as his wife, Melinda Gates, said Black people should be the first after first responders to get a COVID-19.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Lewis Hamilton will race in an all-black Mercedes to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement when the Formula One season finally begins this week

The reigning world champion has been outspoken about the lack of diversity in the sport and last month hit out at his fellow drivers for 'staying silent' in the wake of George Floyd's shocking death at the hands of a police officer in the US.

But in a bid to show they 'stand against racism and all forms of discrimination', Mercedes have abandoned their traditional 'Silver Arrows' trim for the 2020 season

Hamilton and his team-mate, Valtteri Bottas, will instead race in an all-black base livery 'as a public pledge to improve the diversity' of Mercedes when the delayed season starts with the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Both drivers will also wear black overalls and adapt the designs of their helmets in order to reflect the campaign.

The message 'End Racism' will be displayed on the halo of both cars, while the new F1 initiative #WeRaceAsOne will feature on the mirrors.

Hamilton, who attended a Black Lives Matter protest in London earlier this month, worked closely with Mercedes and team principal Toto Wolff on the project.

Speaking about Mercedes' decision to design the black car, Hamilton said: 'It's so important that we seize this moment and use it to educate ourselves whether you are an individual, brand or company to make real meaningful changes when it comes to ensuring equality and inclusivity.


Alright! ... so they cant get a black driver who is good enough to be a pro racer? ..So they build a black car now to try please Niggers?! Whatever next!


Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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California Democrats pass resolution calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed

The resolution calls for the reversal of the 1979 decision to rename it after Duke.

By Adam Shaw | Fox News

California Democrats in Orange County are demanding that the countys John Wayne Airport be renamed and all likenesses of Wayne be removed from the airport, over racist and bigoted statements made by the American icon decades ago.


The Democratic Party of Orange County condemns John Waynes racist and bigoted statements, and calls for John Waynes name and likeness to be removed from the Orange County airport, and calls on the OC Board of Supervisors to restore its original name: Orange County Airport, the resolution, passed Friday, says.

The resolution, first reported by the Los Angeles Times, calls on the Orange County Board of Supervisors to reverse the 1979 decision to rename it after Duke, and cites remarks he made in a 1971 interview with Playboy.

I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I dont believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people, he said in that interview nearly 50 years ago.

I dont feel guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago these people were slaves, he said at another point in the interview.

There have been a number of pushes to rename the airport as a result of those comments after they resurfaced. Waynes defenders have said it is unfair to judge him based off remarks made nearly 50 years ago, and when he is no longer alive to defend or even retract them.

The latest push comes amid a movement across the country to tear down monuments and rename buildings and institutions that are named after people deemed to have held racist views or committed racist acts.

The Democratic resolution hails a national movement to remove white supremacist symbols and names is reshaping American institutions, monuments, businesses, nonprofits, sports leagues and teams, as it is widely recognized that racist symbols produce lasting physical and psychological stress and trauma particularly to Black communities, people of color and other oppressed groups, and the removal of racist symbols provides a necessary process for communities to remember historic acts of violence and recognize victims of oppression."

According to the LA Times, Wayne lived a good portion of his life in Newport Beach in Orange County, was a political power broker in the county and was buried in the city after his death in 1979.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 01 July 2020 at 11:42
More ridiculous pandering to the black plague. When will these fools learn that the niggers don't want change and equality with the White Race. What they want is destruction and removal of the White Race. And until they achieve that goal, they will never be content.



Texas realtor group will no longer use word master to describe bedrooms due to association with slavery

by: CNN Wire
Posted: Jun 25, 2020 / 06:55 PM PDT / Updated: Jun 25, 2020 / 06:55 PM PDT


L'Oreal to remove words like 'whitening' and 'fair' from its products

By Jazmin Goodwin, CNN Business
Updated 9:52 AM ET, Sun June 28, 2020
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 01 July 2020 at 13:19
About fifteen years ago, I did an IT course. I learned some Microsoft Office things I have no use for, and I learned the Computer Geek language. I also assisted the teachers by teaching HTML, DOS and BASIC, and giving demonstrations on how to answer phones properly, before launching into a racist, hate filled tirade, to force that Paki bastard to hang up.

And then we  told jokes. One of the teachers' jokes was:
Q. Why has Microsoft banned the terms Master Hard Disk Drive and the Slave Hard Disk Drive?
A. Because Black people are offended.

Q. Why does Microsoft only manufacture white coloured Hard Disk Drives?
A. Because you cannot have black slaves.

Another teacher had spent her younger years in South Africa as an overseas student. Her question was, Why does my South African family have to sleep with guns under the pillows at night? It was a rhetorical question and she gladly filled in the class, with my eager assistance.

Getting back to the subject: Those jokes were fifteen years ago. They don't look so much like jokes anymore, do they?


Texas realtor group will no longer use word ‘master’ to describe bedrooms due to association with slavery

by: CNN Wire
Posted: Jun 25, 2020 / 06:55 PM PDT / Updated: Jun 25, 2020 / 06:55 PM PDT


L'Oreal to remove words like 'whitening' and 'fair' from its products

By Jazmin Goodwin, CNN Business
Updated 9:52 AM ET, Sun June 28, 2020

I'll be keeping the term Master Bedroom in my home - after all, it is where Nigger's Master sleeps. And from now on, I guess I'll just have to refer to my Second Bedroom as the Slave Bedroom.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 02 July 2020 at 14:40
About fifteen years ago, I did an IT course. I learned some Microsoft Office things I have no use for, and I learned the Computer Geek language. I also assisted the teachers by teaching HTML, DOS and BASIC, and giving demonstrations on how to answer phones properly, before launching into a racist, hate filled tirade, to force that Paki bastard to hang up.

And then we  told jokes. One of the teachers' jokes was:
Q. Why has Microsoft banned the terms Master Hard Disk Drive and the Slave Hard Disk Drive?
A. Because Black people are offended.

Q. Why does Microsoft only manufacture white coloured Hard Disk Drives?
A. Because you cannot have black slaves.

Another teacher had spent her younger years in South Africa as an overseas student. Her question was, Why does my South African family have to sleep with guns under the pillows at night? It was a rhetorical question and she gladly filled in the class, with my eager assistance.

Getting back to the subject: Those jokes were fifteen years ago. They don't look so much like jokes anymore, do they?

Just talking about these tech term and of course nigger loving Twitter feels the need to make a big deal out of them.


Twitter engineers replacing racially loaded tech terms like 'master,' 'slave'
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Since the niggers and muds excessive criminal activity can't be solved or controlled, I guess we are just suppose to use the out of sight, out of mind approach. With the attempt to change the meaning of words, limit what we can and can't see/say, and removal of unwanted history, our enemies are working overtime to bend reality to their lie of the truth.


San Francisco police halt release of most mug shots in effort to stop fueling racial bias


San Francisco police will stop releasing most mug shots in an effort to curtail any racial bias they may perpetuate, the department's chief announced Wednesday.

San Francisco Chief of Police William Scott said that the booking photos would not be released any longer, effective immediately, "except in circumstances where their release is necessary to warn the public of imminent danger or to enlist the publics assistance in locating individuals, including at-risk persons."

Booking photos are taken when someone is arrested. They are often made public whether or not the person is prosecuted for the alleged crime, which undermines the presumption of innocence and oftentimes contributes to racial stereotypes, the chief said.

This policy emerges from compelling research suggesting that the widespread publication of police booking photos in the news and on social media creates an illusory correlation for viewers that fosters racial bias and vastly overstates the propensity of black and brown men to engage in criminal behavior, Scott said in a statement posted to the San Francisco Police Department website.

The policy change was influenced by "academia, community groups, news organizations and members of San Franciscos Police Commission, Public Defenders Office, District Attorneys Office and Department of Police Accountability," according to the statement.

By implementing this groundbreaking new policy today, SFPD is taking a stand that walks the walk on implicit bias while affirming a core principle of procedural justice that those booked on suspicion of a crime are nonetheless presumed innocent of it," Scott said.

But even if cases are dropped or charges dismissed against someone, their mug shot doesn't go away an issue that also disproportionately affects people of color.

After George FloydSt. Louis mayor slammed for broadcasting names, addresses of 'defund the police' supporters

Jack Glaser, a public policy professor at the University of California Berkeley who researches racial stereotyping and whose work Scott consulted, said data shows Black people who are arrested are more likely to have their cases dismissed by prosecutors.

That may be just be part and parcel of the same issue that police will stop and search Blacks at a lower threshold of suspicion in the first place and so, their arrests are more likely to be unsubstantiated, Glaser said.

Mug shots, even of people who haven't been convicted of any crime, can still circulate online.

Numerous websites post photos of mug shots and then charge a fee to those who want their photo taken down. The phenomenon prompted Californias attorney general to charge one of the biggest operators with extortion, money laundering, and identity theft. Georgia and New York stopped releasing most mug shots in an effort to prevent such online activity.

Mug shots contribute to Americans making an unfair association between people of color and crime, Scott said. "This is just one small step but we hope this will be something that others might consider doing as well, he said of the SFPD measure.

Large cities like Los Angeles and New York already have policies against releasing booking photos, but make exceptions. The New York City Police Department, the nations largest, releases information on arrests, but doesnt put out mug shots unless investigators believe it will prompt more witnesses to come forward or if it will assist in finding a suspect.

But San Francisco will be the first to adopt the policy specifically as part of an effort to stop spreading negative stereotypes of minorities, something Scott who is Black said he is all too familiar with when not in uniform.

You walk into a department store and you get followed around and the security is looking at you suspiciously Ive experienced that, Scott said.
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Blackout Day 2020 is tomorrow. Here's what you need to know


New York (CNN Business)Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020, when many Black Americans plan to showcase their combined economic might by refusing to spend any money on anything at all. Those who have to buy something are being encouraged to spend their money at a Black-owned business.

Social media personality and activist Calvin Martyr has spent the last two months promoting the campaign after raising the idea in a video that has been shared thousands of time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Major companies like Procter & Gamble (PG) and Cisco Systems, organizations like the historically Black sorority Zeta Phi Beta and celebrities like rapper T.I. have expressed support for the initiative on social media.

The objective of #BlackoutDay2020 is to force politicians and the business world to end institutionally racist policies and practices that have led to the deaths and marginalization of Black Americans.

Black Americans spent more than $1 trillion on consumer goods in 2018 alone, according to Nielsen.

Martyr has likened the initiative to the year-long Montgomery bus boycott of 1955, when Black Alabamans who were legally required to sit at the back of city buses refused to pay to ride them until they were allowed to sit wherever they wanted.

"The only way we're going to get change is when they fear hurting us like we fear hurting them," Martyr said in a May video introducing the idea.

The #BlackOutDay2020 campaign started in early May following the February 23 vigilante killing of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia, and the March 13 police shooting death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. It was introduced about a month before the George Floyd tragedy that sparked a wave of civic, political, and economic action addressing anti-Black institutional racism.

Since then, city government officials in Minneapolis, New York and Los Angeles, among others, have introduced proposals to defund or restructure the police departments. President Trump has signed a controversial executive order on police reform measures. And major corporations have set aside billions of dollars for social justice causes in addition to changing some of their own systemically racist practices.

Still, on Friday, Martyr suggested many of the actions politicians and companies have taken in the wake of Floyd's death don't go far enough.

"I don't care about BLM painted across streets, I don't care about syrup, rice or bandaids," Martyr wrote on his Facebook page Friday. "What I DO CARE ABOUT: #JUSTICE for BREONNA TAYLOR; #JUSTICE for VANESSA GUILLEN; #JUSTICE for Elijah McClain; Tearing down systemic strongholds built to maintain privilege for some and keep others in bondage (mass incarceration, poverty, redlining wage gaps, education, healthy food options etc) ... Y'all can have all that other stuff."

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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New York (CNN Business)Tuesday is #BlackOutDay2020, when many Black Americans plan to showcase their combined economic might by refusing to spend any money on anything at all. Those who have to buy something are being encouraged to spend their money at a Black-owned business.

So, they'll stay out of White shops  :-\

No Niggers in White owned shops means no Black sales, but it also means no Black thievery. How many White owned shops will make a profit by the end of the day because they got rid of thieving niggers?  :ok
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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I've lost count of the amount of times coppers have banged on my door because a nigger was bored and thought it'd have some fun watching me dragged off. They can't do it because my security cameras protect me from bullshit accusations - and my cameras protect the niggers from me. Over the last few years I've started getting nasty with the coppers, putting them in their place for doing the nigger's bidding and not dragging them off for making false police reports. And that's my life ...

‘Central Park Karen’ charged after calling police on black man who claims to have "asked her to leash dog"

Amy Cooper, 41, faces an arraignment over the Central Park incident - with filing a false report being considered a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison

Jonathan Stempel & Ryan Merrifield | Daily Mirror (https://www.mirror.co.uk/) (UK) | 7 July 2020


Excerpt: The woman dubbed 'Central Park Karen' has been charged with filing a false police report after accusing a black man of threatening her life.

Manhattan's District Attorney Cy Vance said Amy Cooper, 41, will face misdemeanor charges over the incident, which happened on May 25 and quickly went viral.

"We are strongly committed to holding perpetrators of this conduct accountable," Mr Vance said in a statement.

Filing a false report is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.


Ms Cooper had been walking her dog in an area of Central Park known as the Ramble when she encountered a rabid, salivating buck nigger, behaved in such a manner to terrify Ms Cooper. Then when she was sufficiently scared, the park prowling pavement ape put on a smile and whipped out his phone to record the poor frail, White woman in the midst of an emotional breakdown, as she called for assistance from the police.

Ms Cooper was arrested because, for a White woman to admit reasonable fear of a Black man and seek assistance is now considered to be a Hate Crime.

The Moral: Do not ever call the police. The typical police of today are university trained Blue Niggers desperate to prove they are not Racist. Do not ever allow a nigger to film you, as the camera has become the nigger's new weapon of Political Correctness, and Chimping Out is Black Privilege. Meanwhile, Whites falsely accused of committing Hate Crimes are easy convictions for the Blue Nigger and the  anti-White court of injustice.

The Racial Holy War is real, and you are living it. RaHoWa!


Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 08 July 2020 at 03:29
Black Privilege is the privilege to be able to vandalise and destroy anything that is related to Whiteness or White People, without any consequences ...

Two Californians Charged With Hate Crime For Painting Over Black Lives Matter Mural

Marlo Safi - Culture Reporter | Daily Caller (https://dailycaller.com/) (US) | 7 July 2020



Two Californians have been charged with a hate crime for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural, numerous sources reported.

Nichole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, were charged with violation of civil rights, vandalism and possession of tools to commit vandalism after they covered up the mural in front of a courthouse with paint on July 4, KRON 4 reported Tuesday.

Anderson was caught on camera by a witness using black paint to cover the mural, which was permitted by the city and was painted the day of the vandalism. The mural was restored after being vandalized.

If convicted, Anderson and Nelson face up to a year in county jail. The alleged offenses are exempt from a specific bail amount due to the current bail schedule, according to KRON 4.

We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention, Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton stated.

Black DA abuses law to attack White Americans & to advance Black Privilege

Martinez, which is in Contra Costa County, is around 25 miles from San Francisco.

George Soros-backed DA Charges Couple with Hate Crime for Painting Over Black Lives Matter


The relevant section of the California penal code reads as follows:

(b) No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall knowingly deface, damage, or destroy the real or personal property of any other person for the purpose of intimidating or interfering with the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to the other person by the Constitution or laws of this state or by the Constitution or laws of the United States, in whole or in part because of one or more of the actual or perceived characteristics of the victim listed in subdivision (a) of Section 422.55.

Breitbart News attempted to contact the DAs office to explain how these provisions apply to the couple that has been charged, and has not yet received a response.

Soros spent roughly $50,000 in support of Becton in 2018 through the California Justice & Public Safety Political Action Committee. She won a narrow victory one of the only successes Soros enjoyed in DA races in California that year, when he backed progressive prosecutors against establishment candidates.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Beshear promises health insurance for all black Kentuckians


June 08, 2020 05:43 PM , Updated June 10, 2020 11:22 AM

Beshear commits to health insurance for every black Kentuckian

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced his commitment to providing health insurance to every black Kentuckian. By Governor Andy Beshear

After more than a week of protests against police brutality and racial injustice, Gov. Andy Beshear announced several actions Monday aimed at reducing racial inequality in Kentucky.

The biggest promise by far was a pledge to make sure every black Kentuckian has health insurance. He also announced plans to provide anti-bias and other training for police officers and teachers

My commitment today is were going to begin an effort to cover 100 percent of our individuals in our black and African American communities, Beshear said. Everybody. Were going to be putting dollars behind it, were going to have a multifaceted campaign to do it.

Beshear provided few details to back up his pledge, but said his administration will work to connect black Kentuckians with private health insurers and Medicaid.

The inequalities have been laid bare, have been exposed by this COVID-19 pandemic, Beshear said. It simply cant be allowed to continue any longer and it shouldnt have taken this type of pandemic and it shouldnt have taken these types of demonstrations for us to commit to ending it.

Black Kentuckians have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic. About 8 percent of Kentuckys population is black, but black Kentuckians make up 15.44 percent of all COVID-19 cases and 16.44 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths in the state.

There are about 20,000 uninsured black Kentuckians, according to the 2018 American Community Survey, which means about 5.8 percent of black Kentuckians are uninsured. The states overall uninsured rate, according to the same survey, was 5.6 percent.

While there has been a push among protesters to defund the police (shorthand for shifting resources in government to focus on preventative measures rather than law enforcement), the Beshear administration committed to adding training classes for Kentucky police officers.

J. Michael Brown, Beshears executive cabinet secretary, said officers will receive training on implicit bias, use of force, civil rights laws, ethics, emotional intelligence and community relationships. The state trains all police officers except those in the Lexington Police Department and Louisville Metro Police Department.

While we dont expect that we will be able to get 40 hours of in-person training for all of our officers this calendar year, we are committed to getting at least 8 hours of training for all of our officers this calendar year, Brown said.

Beshear said there was only one course in police training that dealt with community relations and that it was only offered to dispatchers.

This will be a significant step that will apply to the majority of law enforcement throughout this commonwealth, Beshear said.

Kate Miller, advocacy director for the Kentucky ACLU, said investments should focus on systems that provide opportunities for people rather than law enforcement.

There needs to be more than more training, Miller said. We like the idea of providing training to all, including law enforcement officers, but this definitely, definitely does not go far enough.

Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, who is secretary of the Cabinet for Education and Workforce Development, also said she has recommended three changes to public education. Public education was made to meet this moment, she said.

She recommended the state add a current student as a non-voting member of the state school board, that all faculty and staff go through implicit bias training and that the state start to develop new strategies and programs for recruiting people of color to become teachers.

Kentuckys kids of color deserve to see themselves reflected in their community leaders, Coleman said.

Beshear said he did not know the percentage of teachers that are black, but said that it is far too low and that it is lower than the 8 percent of the population that is black.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 09 July 2020 at 05:51
City of Seattle held segregated training session for white staff aimed at 'undoing their whiteness' and told them 'not to take undeserved promotions' to be better allies for racial justice

 * The City of Seattle held a segregated training session for white staffers last month in which they instructed workers on how to ‘undo their whiteness’

 * Titled ‘Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness’, the training session was reportedly held by the Office of Civil Rights on June 12

 * One handout distributed in the two-and-a-half hour session reportedly read that ‘racism is not our fault but we are responsible'

 * Another said white staffers must give up ‘the land’ and their ‘guaranteed physical safety’ in order to be an ‘accomplice’ for racial justice




The goal of the session was to teach White workers how they have been 'complicit in the system of white supremacy’ and must be held ‘accountable to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.’

San Francisco lawmakers propose the CAREN Act, which would make it a HATE CRIME to file a false police report against a person of color


While filing a false police report is already a crime, the CAREN Act would add a 'hate crime' extension to the offence.

The CAREN Act would also make it illegal for people to contact law enforcement solely to discriminate on the basis of a person's religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity', according to a press release.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 09 July 2020 at 16:39
These niggers won't be content until every city has this sh!t on their streets.


Black Lives Matter mural goes up in front of Trump Tower

Fifth Avenue is being decorated

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 11:12 AM CDT|Updated: 19 minutes ago

(CNN/Gray News) Painters along New Yorks posh Fifth Avenue are working on a Black Lives Matter mural on New Yorks posh Fifth Avenue.

And, at the direction of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the big yellow letters are going on the street right in front of Trump Tower.

President Donald Trump is less than pleased.

On Twitter, the mayor said black people built Fifth Avenue and much of the nation.

We are honoring them, de Blasio tweeted in response to the president. The fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump called the mural a "symbol of hate" that he says will "further antagonize New York's finest."

Black Lives Matter murals are being painted on streets in cities across America in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 09 July 2020 at 16:53
On Twitter, the mayor said black people built Fifth Avenue and much of the nation.

We are honoring them

No, Fifth Ave was built by White slaves called Convicts that were bought and sold throughout the American colonies. Earliest White America was built on the White Slave's back.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 10 July 2020 at 16:03

Driver Orchestrated a Gesture of Hate For Skidding on Pride Crosswalk

Posted by goofball  on 7/9/20 at 3:47 pm

West Vancouver Police accused a man of carrying out a gesture of hate for defacing a rainbow-colored gay pride crosswalk after he left tire marks on the road.

West Vancouver Police accused a man of carrying out a gesture of hate for defacing a rainbow-colored gay pride crosswalk after he left tire marks on the road.

On July 7, 2020 at 4:04 pm staff inside the police station heard a loud and sustained tire squealing outside, according to the West Vancouver Police website. When officers took a closer look, they discovered that someone had just left tire marks across a portion of the crosswalk, at the intersection of 16th St and Esquimalt Ave.

The man then left the area at high speed but has since been identified by authorities.

This is very upsetting, said Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy. For whatever reason, this person has chosen to leave a gesture of hate on a crosswalk that stands for the exact opposite.

The gesture of hate is a tire skid mark that covers part of the crosswalk but is by no means substantial.

Respondents to the tweet questioned whether West Vancouver Police should be concentrating on finding more dangerous criminals than those who leave tire marks on the road.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 11 July 2020 at 12:00

Melrose Mayor, Police Chief Apologize For All Lives Matter Traffic Sign

July 8, 2020 at 7:11 pm

MELROSE (CBS) The Melrose mayor and police chief have apologized for a traffic sign that read The safety of all lives matter. The electronic message was displayed on a police traffic trailer on Main Street.

I have ordered that it be taken down immediately and am taking steps to find out how this happened, Mayor Paul Brodeur wrote on Facebook Wednesday afternoon. I apologize to the residents of Melrose.

In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been a common rebuttal that all lives matter which has provoked conflict.

Melrose Police Chief Michael Lyle said a traffic officer was recently ordered to update the message from a reminder about fireworks to a more general safety message.

I am aware that the phrase all lives matter is commonly used as a misguided counter to the Black Lives Matter movement, Lyle said. The sign was immediately changed and at the request of the Mayor, I launched an investigation, which is ongoing.

The officer who typed the message told Chief Lyle he did not post the message with malicious or political intent.

On behalf of the Melrose Police Department, I sincerely apologize to our residents and anyone who drove past the sign today, Lyle said.

All electronic messaging on signage will now be approved by Lyles office prior to going live.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 11 July 2020 at 19:43
This pandering has gotten out of control. These sexual deviants are so unnatural. If anything we need to be figuring out what is the mental defect that makes these things want to live this way. Not to promote it like it's normal and act like they're a protected species. It's repulsive and makes me sick. 


Transgender model Valentina Sampaio makes Sports Illustrated Swimsuit history

This isn't the first time the 23-year-old Brazilian beauty has broken barriers for trans models.

July 10, 2020, 3:40 PM CDT
By Alexander Kacala

Sports Illustrated will feature its first openly transgender model for the magazine's annual swimsuit issue. Valentina Sampaio was named a 2020 Rookie of the Year for the upcoming issue that hits stands on July 21, marking the first time a trans beauty is featured on the pages of the iconic publication.


"I am excited and honored to be part of the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue," she wrote on Instagram. "The team at SI has created yet another groundbreaking issue by bringing together a diverse set of multitalented, beautiful women in a creative and dignified way."

The 23-year-old Brazilian called on her upbringing to highlight how far she has come, but also to shine a light on the staggering violence against trans women in that part of the world.

"I was born trans in a remote, humble fishing village in northern Brazil," she shared. "Brazil is a beautiful country, but it also hosts the highest number of violent crimes and murders against the trans community in the worldthree times that of the U.S."

According to 2017 data from the National Association of Trans People and Transsexuals (ANTRA), a trans person is killed every 48 hours in Brazil.

"Being trans usually means facing closed doors to peoples hearts and minds," she continued in her post. "We face snickers, insults, fearful reactions and physical violations just for existing. Our options for growing up in a loving and accepting family, having a fruitful experience at school or finding dignified work are unimaginably limited and challenging."

In a statement sent to TODAY.com, the magazine said, Our goal in selecting who we feature in the SI Swimsuit Issue is centered around identifying some of the most inspiring, interesting and multidimensional women that we can find.

"Valentina has been on our radar for some time now and when we finally met face-to-face it became apparent that besides her obvious beauty, she is an impassioned activist, a true pioneer for the LGBT+ community and just simply embodies the well-rounded woman we are proud to have represent SI Swimsuit across our platforms."

On Friday, Sampaio sat down for a conversation with GLAAD, an LGBTQ media advocacy group, to talk about her historical inclusion in this year's issue.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit joins institutions from the Girl Scouts of the USA to Miss Universe in recognizing the simple fact that trans women are women," Anthony Ramos, GLAAD head of talent, told TMRW. "Talented women like Valentina Sampaio deserve to be spotlighted and given equal opportunities. Her work in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is a significant step forward as the modeling industry continues its evolution on traditional standards of inclusion.

This is not the first time Sampaio has broken barriers for trans models.

Last year, she was hired by Victoria Secret's as the lingerie brand's first openly trans model. And in 2017, she became the first trans model to appear on the cover of any edition of Vogue after posing for Vogue Paris. Translated from French, the cover read, Transgender beauty: How theyre shaking up the world.

My cover is another small step an important step to show we have the force to be Vogue cover girls," Sampaio said in a Buzzfeed News interview at the time. "Many times transgender women find the doors are already closed for them professionally, which only marginalizes us further but everyone has something to show.
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Hollywood's identity crisis: Actors, writers and producers warn of 'reverse racism' in the film industry which has created a 'toxic' climate for anyone who is a white, middle-age man


Shaken by #MeToo, paralysed by Covid-19, the $50 billion film industry is finally emerging from a four-month lockdown – only to find a new and very different world, where tension is rising as surely as the thermometer.

For if the very public Black Lives Matter protests have polarised America, the silent fallout has now reached Hollywood

A revolution is under way. White actors are being fired. Edicts from studio bosses make it clear that only minorities – racial and sexual – can be given jobs.

A new wave of what has been termed by some as anti-white prejudice is causing writers, directors and producers to fear they will never work again. One described the current atmosphere as 'more toxic than Chernobyl', with leading actors afraid to speak out amid concern they will be labelled racist.

The first sign came with one of the most powerful black directors in Hollywood, Oscar-winning Jordan Peele – the man behind box office hits such as Get Out and Us – stated in public that he did not want to hire a leading man who was white.

'I don't see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie,' Peele said. 'Not that I don't like white dudes. But I've seen that movie before.'

As one studio executive responded privately: 'If a white director said that about hiring a black actor, their career would be over in a heartbeat.' Few doubt it.

Peele is more vocal than most about his hiring policy, but his outlook is increasingly widespread. Dozens of producers, writers and actors have spoken to The Mail on Sunday about the wave of 'reverse racism' pulsing through the industry.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the executive confirmed that the climate is now toxic for any 'white, middle-aged man in showbusiness'. Their careers, 'are pretty much over'.

They continued: 'We're only hiring people of colour, women or LGBT to write, star, produce, operate the cameras, work in craft services. If you are white, you can't speak out because you will instantly be branded 'racist' or condemned for 'white privilege

'The pendulum has swung so far, everyone is paralysed with fear by the idea anything you say could be misinterpreted and your career ended instantly. There are a lot of hushed conversations going on, but publicly everyone is desperate to be seen to be promoting diversity and too terrified to speak out. It's imploding: a total meltdown

The failure to nominate actors of colour for the Oscars has been seen as a stain on Hollywood in recent years. But there are fears that the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction – and that the movie and TV industries are 'on the edge of a collective nervous breakdown'.

The latest buzzword in Tinseltown is 'Bipoc' – an acronym for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour – and 'Menemy', which means a white, male enemy of the diversity movement. 'Everyone wants to be able to check all the boxes for each new hire,' according to one Oscar-nominated insider.

'Directors normally have a say about who is in their project. Not any more. It's all about 'Bipoc hiring'. And it's coming directly from the heads of the studios who know their jobs are on the line. White middle-aged men are collateral damage. They are the Menemy

 :o So the Hollywood Jew wants to stop white from being an actor now?! Like don’t we all like watching movies full of mud?

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Play school , Australian childrens TV has a new multicultural vision mission.

In this special episode, presenters Luke Carroll, Miranda Tapsell and Hunter Page-Lochard give an Acknowledgement of Country celebrating Australia's first people.

The joyful provocations throughout this episode share knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and highlight the importance of caring for Country together. The stories, songs, music, dance and creative projects included can extend perspectives around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture for young children and their families
(http://Miranda Tapsell, Hunter Page-Lochard and Luke Carroll with Kiya)

These shows love force feeding kids with multiculturalism and pro gay crap.


Join Rachael and Luke as they speak about racism; what it is, how it makes people feel and how we can all play a part in stopping it. Play School has always welcomed opportunities to discuss the importance of respect and kindness. Perhaps this message will help facilitate further discussion about treating everyone fairly and equally

I wonder if theyll talk about equality in Australia when Abos get jobs ahead of whites because the Government  gives Subsidies to the business for employing them due to their race? What about equality when Abos get more rights and benefits over other citizens and can order other citizens out of their area?

I am just waiting for an Abo Big Brother show. Where they send in house mates from different Indigenous clans! Imagine the viewing there?!

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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All the kids need to be taught about Abo mob in a positive way


I wonder if they’d care to discuss Abo crime statistics with the kids ? Or just how they smash everything?
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Billionaire George Soros To Spend $220 Million On Racial Justice Initiatives


Billionaire philanthropist George Soros Open Society Foundations pledged Monday to invest up to $220 million in organizations and leaders working to improve conditions in Black communities,  a move that further solidifies Soros standing as a major backer of racial justice  initiatives and a major villain to right-wing groups who decry his support for terrorists.



Soros has long used his considerable wealth estimated at $8.3 billion by Forbes to address systemic inequality experienced by communities of color, including Open Societys launch of a Racial Justice Initiative in 2003.

The  largest share of the funding in Mondays announcement $150 millionwill be issued through five-year grants to Black-led justice organizations that helped to create and now sustain the momentum towards racial equality, the Foundations said in a news release.

The recipients of this set of investments include groups such as Black Voters Matter and Circle for Justice Innovations along with organizations pushing for civil rights and legal justice, such as Repairers of the Breach and the Equal Justice Initiative, which is well known for founder and attorney Bryan Stevensons hit book and movie Just Mercy.

Open Society also will make up to $70 million in investments in efforts to advance racial justice, including in cities that are rethinking public safety, moving beyond the culture of criminalization and incarceration, and aiming to create safe, healthy, and racially just communities, the release said, echoing chants from protesters following the death of George Floyd who have pushed for smaller police budgets and more funds spent on social services.

The release hints at future announcements regarding funding to improve working conditions, especially for workers of color, as labor, racial, and social justice organizations prepare for a national Strike for Black Lives July 20.

Soros is a frequent target of right-wing publications, including Breitbart, and a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, who Soros has called a con man.

crucial quote

This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America. These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long.

Soros already has used his financial heft to back efforts gaining attention now as protesters push for an end to systemic racism. The Foundations gave $50 million to help the ACLUs campaign to reduce mass incarceration and last year invested $25 million in multiyear grants to state organizations led by people of color, as well as $15 million to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

But some of that support has made him the subject of numerous unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, including allegations that groups he backed have paid protesters speaking out against racial injustice.

Soros often is described by the right as a globalist, a term seen by many as anti-Semitic, and is said to be at the heart of a nebulous global conspiracy.

In January, Soros pledged $1 billion to fund a new university network to tackle the spread of nationalism.
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This is no more than a "virtue signal". These niggers won't be happy with reparations unless it's cash in hand. If not they would have been content with the billions/trillions of dollars spent on welfare that they soak up like a sponge.


North Carolina city approves reparations, apologizes for role in slaveryThe council voted 7-0 on a measure to mitigate racial disparities

By Morgan Phillips | Fox News

North Carolinas Asheville City Council apologized for its role in slavery and racial discrimination, voting unanimously to provide reparations in the form of community investments to help Black residents.

The council voted 7-0 on Tuesday night on the measure to mitigate racial disparities. The reparations will not provide direct cash payments, as some have suggested, but will provide investments in housing, health care and career growth in Black neighborhoods.

Councilwoman Shaneika Smith, who is Black, said the council had gotten emails from those "asking, 'Why should we pay for what happened during slavery?'"

"[Slavery] is this institution that serves as the starting point for the building of the strong economic floor for white America, while attempting to keep Blacks subordinate forever to its progress," said Smith, as reported by the Asheville Citizen Times.

The resolution calls on the city to create a Community Reparations Commission to make concrete recommendations of where to funnel programs and resources.

"The resulting budgetary and programmatic priorities may include but not be limited to increasing minority home ownership and access to other affordable housing, increasing minority business ownership and career opportunities, strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, closing the gaps in health care, education, employment and pay, neighborhood safety and fairness within criminal justice," the resolution reads.

"Hundreds of years of black blood spilled that basically fills the cup we drink from today," said Councilman Keith Young, who is one of two African American city council members and spearheaded the proposal.

"It is simply not enough to remove statutes. Black people in this country are dealing with issues that are systemic in nature," Young continued.

Councilman Vijay Kapoor, who is known to split with Smith and Young on police and budget issues, said he supported the resolution for moral reasons, but urged skeptics to look at the practical reason data showing large disparities between African Americans and other Asheville residents.

We don't want to be held back by these gaps," Kapoor said. "We want everyone to be successful."
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UNC-Chapel Hill adopts policy for scrubbing buildings of racist links

Posted July 16, 2020 12:31 p.m. EDT
Updated July 16, 2020 7:27 p.m. EDT

By Matthew Burns, WRAL.com senior producer/politics editor

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees on Thursday approved a policy for removing the names of people who backed slavery or promoted segregation from buildings or public spaces on campus.

The move comes a month after the board decided to lift a moratorium on renaming buildings amid the national debate over systemic racism and police and public accountability.

"In this moment in the history of our university, our state and our nation, I believe that we are called to be a light that shines in the dark corners in which racism has festered for far too long," said Vice Chairman Gene Davis, who helped draft the policy, "to not simply make a change but to establish a process for change ... that provides opportunities for not just changed names but changed hearts."

Trustee John Preyer was the lone vote against adopting the policy, saying that the university should be focusing its attention on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

"At a time when UNC is at risk of an unprecedented financial shortfall, the likes of which we really dont even know, and at a time when the traditional model of higher education is at a critical juncture, made even more so over the past four months, and at a time when the health and safety of students and UNC employees is still being figured out, I dont think the board should be spending time crafting a policy dealing with the names of buildings," Preyer said in an email to WRAL News.

In 2015, the Board of Trustees voted to rename Saunders Hall, which had been named in 1992 for William Lawrence Saunders, as Carolina Hall. Saunders was an alumnus who served as a Confederate colonel in the Civil War and also founded the Ku Klux Klan in the state, and the trustees called it "an error" that he was considered for the honor of having his name on a campus building.

After Saunders Hall was renamed, a 16-year moratorium was put in place. But students and faculty continued to press for renaming other buildings.

UNC workers say concerns about resuming classes ignored

Under the new policy, people who want to remove a name need to submit a written request to the chancellor spelling out why, including historical details about the person's conduct and how association with the person damages the university's integrity, values and mission. A special committee would then investigate the claims and forward a final report to the chancellor, who would decide whether to send it on to the Board of Trustees for action.

The main debate over the policy involved a provision for providing context for why a name was removed from a building, including a plaque inside a building that included the previous name.

"I'm concerned that keeping the haze of something that was determined to be repulsive too much in that space can be a form of racism," Trustee Kelly Hopkins said.

"I don't want to lose the history," said Trustee Chuck Duckett, who noted a display now inside the former Saunders Hall providing information about the Jim Crow era.

"I think we want contextualization so that we can educate," Davis added.

The language about a plaque was dropped before the final policy was approved.

The university's Commission on History, Race & A Way Forward has already recommended to Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz that four buildings be renamed:

Daniels Building, which is named after former newspaper publisher and lifelong white supremacist Josephus DanielsCarr Building, which is named for Ku Klux Klan supporter Julian Carr. He gave a racist speech during the dedication of the "Silent Sam" Confederate monument on campus, which protesters pulled down two years ago.Aycock and Ruffin residence halls, which are named after former North Carolina Gov. Charles Aycock and Thomas Ruffin Sr. and Thomas Ruffin Jr. Aycock led a white supremacy campaign that suppressed black voters, while the elder Ruffin was a chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court who enslaved more than 100 people.

A statue of Ruffin Sr. was recently removed from the state Court of Appeals building in Raleigh.

Guskiewicz said he plans to have a committee review those requests next week so that he can get a report back before the Board of Trustees by the end of the month in a possible specially called meeting.
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I'm not sure who's more sick in the head, the sexual deviants or the people that pander to make it normal behavior.


LGBT+ elected officials in US increased by 21% over last year, report shows

Number of out representatives more than doubled since 2016

James Crump @thejamescrump14 hours ago

The number of openly LGBT+ elected officials in the US has increased by 21 per cent over the last year, according to a new report by the LGBTQ Victory Institute.


Bisexual representation increased by 53 per cent in the last year, while the number of individuals who identify as queer elected to office rose by 71 per cent.

However, the report did not find an increase in openly transgender men in the last 12 months, but did show that the amount of trans women elected to office rose by 40 per cent.

The findings, which were published on Wednesday as part of the organisations Out for America 2020 digital report, also showed that the number of LGBT+ elected officials more than doubled in the last four years.

The report found that there were 843 openly LGBT+ elected officials over all forms of government serving in June 2020, which is an increase from the 417 in 2016.

Last month, Rosemary Ketchum became West Virginias first openly transgender elected official, when she became a city council representative, and this week, Peyton Rose Michelle became the first openly transgender woman elected in Louisiana, after joining the Democratic State Central Committee.

Other out officials are tipped to be elected in November, and Mondaire Jones is predicted to become the first openly LGBT+ black congressman in November, following his victory in the Democratic primary in the 17th District of New York.

Ritchie Torres, who currently serves as a New York City councilman and is running in the areas 15th Congressional District, is expected to become the first Afro-Latino LGBT+ representative, according to the Hill.

However, LGBTQ Victory Institutes CEO Annise Parker said that more needs to be done in terms of government representation.

In a statement that accompanied the report, Ms Parker wrote that LGBT+ people continue to be severely underrepresented in every state and at every level of government, despite the advancements made in the last four years.

The Former Houston mayor said that LGBT+ people only hold 0.17 per cent of 510,00 elected positions, despite making up 4.5 per cent of the US population.

The hateful legislation targeting our community in city councils, state legislatures and at the federal level is a byproduct of this gap in representation, Ms Parker added.

Allied elected officials are critically important. But when LGBTQ elected officials are in the halls of power, they change the hearts and minds of their lawmaker colleagues, defeat anti-LGBTQ bills, and inspire more inclusive legislation.
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I've never been able to grasp why who or what they want to have sex with is the showpiece of their character.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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I was having a conversation with my flat mate.
We were talking about the 1990s. The Grunge era.  People wore :-flannelette shirts , long hair, army pants and Dr Martens to be alternative. Now kids are being Gay and trans to be alternative.
Or to rebel against their folks.

Piercings, coloured hair and Tattoos dont shock people so much now. Whatd irk the parents would be either LGBTG stuff of race mixing!

In this one Catholic school of all schools. They renovated the boys and girls toilet and put up cubicles for either gender now. To stop bullying in the loo and to make gays welcome in a neutral toilet!

If you know where your daughter got pregnant now its these cubicles!
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AP changes writing style to capitalize ''b'' in Black


The Associated Press changed its writing style guide Friday to capitalize the b in the term Black when referring to people in a racial, ethnic or cultural context, weighing in on a hotly debated issue.

The change conveys an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa, John Daniszewski, APs vice president of standards, said in a blog post Friday. The lowercase black is a color, not a person.

The news organization will also now capitalize Indigenous in reference to original inhabitants of a place.

Daniszewski said the revisions aligned with long-standing identifiers such as Latino, Asian American and Native American. He said the decision followed more than two years of research and debate among AP journalists and outside groups and thinkers.

Our discussions on style and language consider many points, including the need to be inclusive and respectful in our storytelling and the evolution of language, he wrote. We believe this change serves those ends.

The AP said it expects to make a decision within a month on whether to capitalize the term white. Among the considerations are what that change might mean outside the United States.

An ongoing debate over capitalization of Black accelerated in many U.S. newsrooms in recent weeks as journalists grappled with massive protests and sweeping changes in the aftermath of George Floyds death at the hands of police.

The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and NBC News last week embraced capitalization, and the National Association of Black Journalists urged other news organizations to follow.

The AP Stylebook of usage policies is highly influential in the industry, with many news organizations, government and public relations agencies using it as a guide.

The death of Floyd, a Black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee to his neck, sparked nationwide protests and lent momentum to a variety of social changes, from police reform and the public removal of Confederate statues and flags to the capitalization of Black.

Its certainly long overdue, said Doris Truong, director of training and diversity at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank. Its something that people who are Black have been calling for for a long time.

Its also a relatively simple step for news organizations dealing anew with many complex issues, such as whether their journalists can be opinionated on social media or march in Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Nearly a century ago, sociologist W.E.B. DuBois waged a letter-writing campaign to get newspapers to capitalize Negro, saying a lowercase n was a sign of disrespect and racism. The New York Times took his advice in 1930, calling it an act of recognition and respect for those whod spent generations in the lower case.

Negro fell out of fashion with the Black Power movement of the 1960s, coming to symbolize subservience. African American was often used, but is not always accurate some Black people dont trace their lineage to Africa.

One Black communications professional who published an open letter to the AP earlier this week calling for the capitalization said Friday he was pleased that the change happened on Juneteenth, which commemorates when the last enslaved African Americans learned they were free 155 years ago.

Not having a capital letter has felt disrespectful, said David Lanham, director of communications for the Brooking Institutions Metropolitan Policy Program. There is a shared cultural identity with Black Americans and that goes through our shared experiences. That also goes to the lack of geographic history as a result of slavery.

The Seattle Times and Boston Globe both changed their practices to capitalize Black late last year. The Globe explained that the word has evolved from a description of a persons skin color to signify a race and culture, and deserves the uppercase treatment much the way other ethnic terms do.

Lanham, who spearheaded an internal process to capitalize Black at Brookings last year, said he expects APs shift will lead many other news organizations and other groups to make a similar change.

Knowing how closely their Stylebook is viewed as the Bible for journalism, this is now the big domino to fall, he said.
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I purposefully use a lower case b
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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This "racist" White hating nigger isn't even in the ground yet and our enemies are already removing our White history to rename for this provocateur.


A Virginia high school named for Robert E. Lee will be renamed for Rep. John Lewis

By Rebekah Riess and Connor Spielmaker, CNN
Updated 10:40 PM ET, Thu July 23, 2020

Presidential historian talks about legacy John Lewis is leaving behind 02:37

(CNN)A Virginia high school named for Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee will be renamed to honor the late US Rep. John Lewis, effective this fall, the local school board said Thursday.


The Fairfax County School Board held a one-month period of public comment on possible new names, and held a virtual town hall meeting and a public hearing, before voting to change the school's name Thursday to John R. Lewis High School.

This Texas student says she won't wear the name of her high school, Robert E. Lee, on her jersey

"The name Robert E. Lee is forever connected to the Confederacy, and Confederate values are ones that do not align with our community," said school board member Tamara Derenak Kaufax, who had proposed the name change, according to a news release from Fairfax County Public Schools.

"We heard from so many community members, students, and alumni about the amazing things that John Lewis did during his life. And I think many people would be proud to have that as the name of their school. I think it would be an honor for the community as well as I hope, the congressman's family," said Kaufax, according to CNN affiliate WJLA.

Lewis died last week at age 80 following a six-month battle with cancer. He served as the representative for Georgia's 5th Congressional District, which covers Atlanta, for three decades.

But he was also a leader in the civil rights movement, often alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He took part in lunch counter sit-ins, joined the Freedom Riders in challenging segregated buses and was a keynote speaker at the historic 1963 March on Washington.

"The Board heard from students, teachers and staff members, families, and the community about the old name," school board Chair Ricardy Anderson said in the news release.

"It was important for us to be mindful of these comments and to select a name that reflected the diversity and multiculturalism that currently exists at the school and in our community. Rep. Lewis was a champion of the Civil Rights movement, and our Board strongly believes this is an appropriate tribute to an individual who is a true American hero."

The board said the name change will be effective for the 2020-2021 school year.

Sean Perryman, the president of the Fairfax County NAACP, tweeted that the vote to change the name was unanimous.

"Y'all, we just renamed Robert E. Lee High School to John Lewis High School. When I was the education chair of @FairfaxNAACP in 2019, we were told we would never remove Lee from this community. We proved that we are this community. Step up and speak out, everyone!"

There have been calls to change the names of other high schools named for Lee, in Texas and Louisiana.
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Criminal acts by Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, Marxists, Insert PC Term Here ... MSM and JOG agree: BLAME WHITEY!

Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists disguised as Black Lives Matter


RICHMOND, Va. Riots in downtown Richmond over the weekend were instigated by white supremacists under the guise of Black Lives Matter, according to law enforcement officials.

Protesters tore down police tape and pushed forward toward Richmond police headquarters, where they set a city dump truck on fire.

Police declared the event an unlawful assembly and ordered people to leave, later deploying tear gas.

Six people were arrested. The mayor of Richmond thanked the Black Lives Matter protesters he said tried to stop the white supremacists from spearheading the violence.  :alien
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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A George Floyd hologram will light up the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond tonight

By Alicia Lee, CNN

BEAM ImaginationRodney Floyd in front of a hologram that honors his brother, George Floyd, at a private showing on Monday at the site of the former Jefferson Davis confederate monument that was taken down by protesters in June. CNN obscured portions graffiti on the statue that contained profanity.

A statue of Robert E. Lee has stood in historic city of Richmond, Virginia, for over a century. But on Tuesday night, the focus will not be on the Confederate general, but instead George Floyd, a Black man who died at the hands of police.


Starting at 9:30 p.m. ET, a hologram of Floyd will light up the statue on Monument Avenue, which has since been covered in spray paint with phrases like "Black Lives Matter" and "Stop White Supremacy" following the widespread protests demanding racial equality.

The area in which the statue sits was named unofficially named by protesters as the Marcus David Peters Circle, a reference to the Black biology teacher who was killed by police while experiencing a "mental health crisis," according to CNN affiliate WHSV.

"A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project" was created by Change.org and the George Floyd Foundation. Floyd's family was able to get a preview of it on Monday night during a private event held at the site of the former Jefferson Davis monument.

"Since the death of my brother George, his face has been seen all over the world," Rodney Floyd, brother of George Floyd said in a statement. "Now by partnering with Change.org, the hologram will allow my brother's face to be seen as a symbol for change in places where change is needed most."

The hologram show features a "myriad of fireflies that form into a beautiful image of George Floyd," according to a news release. His name is depicted in graffiti, mirroring the mural memorials that have popped up around the world to remember his life.

The event at the Lee statue is just the first of five stops in North Carolina, Georgia and other states this week. Following the route of the 1961 Freedom Rides, the hologram will replace Confederate statues as a "symbolic call to continue the fight for racial justice," the project's organizers said.

Black artists, musicians, poets and leaders will be attending to commemorate the launch.
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The indoctrination and mind pollution of our White children starts early.


Public Schools Are Teaching The 1619 Project in Class, Despite Concerns From Historians

"Mandating the use of The 1619 Project in K-12 curricula is at best premature until these issues are resolved."

ROBBY SOAVE | 1.28.2020 9:57 AM

The 1619 ProjectThe New York Times Magazine's much vaunted series of essays about the introduction of African slavery to the Americaswill now be taught in K-12 schools around the country.

School districts in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Buffalo, New York, have decided to update their history curricula to include the material, which posits that the institution of slavery was so embedded in the country's DNA that the country's true founding could be said to have occurred in 1619, rather than in 1776.

"One of the things that we are looking at in implementing The 1619 Project is to let everyone know that the issues around the legacy of enslavement that exist today, it's an American issue, it's not a Black issue," Dr. Fatima Morrell, associate superintendent for culturally and linguistically responsive initiatives for Buffalo Public Schools, told Buffalo's NPR station.

Buffalo teachers and administrators have already begun studying the 1619 material so they can implement it into their curricula. The NPR story correctly notes that the essays examine "lesser-known consequences of slavery," like "how plantation economics led to modern corporate, capitalist culture."

Many historians, though, have questioned The 1619 Project's accuracy. Five of them penned a letter to The New York Times expressing dismay "at some of the factual errors in the project and the closed process behind it." These historians said the project's contention that the American Revolution was launched "in order to ensure slavery would continue" was flat-out wrong.

Another historian, Phil Magness of the American Institute for Economic Research, has criticized Matthew Desmond's 1619 Project essay, which claimed that modern American capitalism has its roots in plantation slavery. Magness has persuasively argued that this claim lacks verification, and that Desmond relied on bad data about cotton-picking rates in the pre-Civil War south.

"Desmond's thesis relies exclusively on scholarship from a hotly contested school of thought known as the New History of Capitalism (NHC)," wrote Magness in a second article. "Although NHC scholars often present their work as cutting-edge explorations into the relationship between capitalism and slavery, they have not fared well under scrutiny from outside their own ranks."

Some conservative critics have overreached: Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called The 1619 Project "propaganda" and suggested that the Times was trying to brainwash readers. That line of attack goes too far, but there are valid criticisms of the project's ideological slant.

Citing Magness' article, New York magazine's Jonathan Chait hailed The 1619 Project as a valuable corrective, but cautioned that it shouldn't be taught in schools a history. Magness agrees.

"Mandating the use of The 1619 Project in K-12 curricula is at best premature until these issues are resolved and the Times makes a good faith effort to answer its critics," Magness tells Reason. "While there is merit to some of the themes raised by The 1619 Project, it continues to be marred by its empirically debunked and explicitly anti-capitalist assessment of the economics of slavery."

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the Times reporter who spearheaded the project, has in general taken umbrage at the idea that there's anything seriously wrong with the work. She came close to accusing The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf of racism for mildly critiquing the project. In an interview with Friedersdorf's Atlantic colleague Adam Serwer, she insisted that history was not objective.

"I think my point was that history is not objective," said Hannah-Jones. "And that people who write history are not simply objective arbiters of facts, and that white scholars are no more objective than any other scholars, and that they can object to the framing and we can object to their framing as well."

Hannah-Jones is correct that the keepers of histories have always employed spin: History is written by the victors is a great aphorism because it's true. School textbooks have often been filled with ideological nonsensesometimes as part of a conservative or religious agenda. But that's the irony of requiring The 1619 Project in high school history courses: It is itself a form of spin, and significant aspects of it are up for debate.

"The Buffalo school district's decision also risks further politicizing the classroom with explicitly ideological content, not unlike the notorious cases we often hear about coming from the other side of the spectrum such as the Texas textbook review process, which has long been a bastion of the religious right," says Magness.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Rutgers Declares Grammar Racist

English Department pledges to incorporate 'critical grammar' into   

Chrissy Clark - JULY 24, 2020 4:00 PM

The English department at a public university declared that proper English grammar is racist.

Rutgers University's English department will change its standards of English instruction in an effort to "stand with and respond" to the Black Lives Matter movement. In an email written by department chairwoman Rebecca Walkowitz, the Graduate Writing Program will emphasize "social justice" and "critical grammar."

Walkowitz said the department would respond to recent events with "workshops on social justice and writing," "increasing focus on graduate student life," and "incorporating critical grammar' into our pedagogy." The "critical grammar" approach challenges the standard academic form of the English language in favor of a more inclusive writing experience. The curriculum puts an emphasis on the variability of the English language instead of accuracy.


"This approach challenges the familiar dogma that writing instruction should limit emphasis on grammar/sentence-level issues so as to not put students from multilingual, non-standard academic' English backgrounds at a disadvantage," Walkowitz said. "Instead, it encourages students to develop a critical awareness of the variety of choices available to them [with] regard to micro-level issues in order to empower them and equip them to push against biases based on written' accents."

Additionally, the department said it will provide more reading to upper-level writing classes on the subjects of racism, sexism, homophobia, and related forms of "systemic discrimination."

Leonydus Johnson, a speech pathologist and libertarian activist, said the school's change makes the racist assumption that minorities cannot comprehend traditional English. Johnson called the change "insulting, patronizing, and in itself, extremely racist."

"The idea that expecting a student to write in grammatically correct sentences is indicative of racial bias is asinine," Johnson told the Washington Free Beacon. "It's like these people believe that being non-white is an inherent handicap or learning disability. That's racism. It has become very clear to me that those who claim to be anti-racist' are often the most racist people in this country."

Rutgers's new anti-racist language standard comes alongside a litany of changes at other universities. Princeton University's board of trustees voted to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from its public policy school and one of its residential colleges to denounce the former president's "racist thinking and policies." The James Madison residential college at Michigan State University is considering making a similar change. Activists at the University of Pittsburgh have called for the firing of any employee deemed racist or discriminatory by students, and the school said it will give the demands "serious consideration."

The Rutgers English department created a Committee on Bias Awareness and Prevention in 2012. In light of Black Lives Matter protests, the school has moved past bias awareness and prevention and into a focus on "decolonization." Walkowitz's email talks of "decolonizing the writing center." The department offers a specific internship titled "Decolonizing the Writing Center" to "make the writing centers more linguistically diverse."

The university and Walkowitz did not respond to requests for comment.

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I don't even know how to comment on this nonsense. WTF is going on with society.


A woman pretending to be a man married to a man pretending to be a woman has become pregnant, and TLC has given these new transgender parents their own reality television show.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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A woman pretending to be a man married to a man pretending to be a woman has become pregnant, and TLC has given these new ‘transgender’ parents their own reality television show.

The full explanation should be: Two gorillas pretending to be human; a femaile pretending to be a male married to a male pretending to be a female have become pregnant, and TLC has given these new transreality parents their own fictional television show.  :obama
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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More removal of anything White, just to appease the black plague.


Illinois State University will change dorm floor names that reflect Jefferson, Madison, Monroe

by: Associated Press
Posted: Jul 31, 2020 / 07:52 PM CDT / Updated: Jul 31, 2020 / 07:52 PM CDT

NORMAL, Ill. Illinois State University said it will rename floors in a residence hall that are named for U.S. secretaries of state who had slaves.

They include Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.

The path seeking social justice has circled back to the historical artifacts that continue to reflect our countrys pattern of intolerance and systemic racism, university President Larry Dietz said Thursday.

Watterson Towers consists of 10 houses, which are named after the first 10 secretaries of state. Eight took part in slavery, the university said.

Asking students to live in places that carry the names of those who represent centuries of oppression and systemic injustice becomes part of the trauma that racism inflicts on people every day, said Doris Houston, interim assistant to the president for diversity and inclusion.

A campus committee is working on new floor names for fall.
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Here we go again. More "virtue signaling" over an incident that happened more than a 100 years ago.  Truthfully by the niggers own animalistic actions, zoos are the perfect places for them.


Bronx Zoo operator apologizes for racist display of African man in 1906

Ota Benga, a Central African man, was put on display in the monkey house in 1906 before Black ministers "brought the disgraceful incident to an end," the zoo operator said.

Visitors at an entrance to the Bronx Zoo in New York on July 24, 2020.Gabriela Bhaskar / Bloomberg via Getty Images

July 31, 2020, 12:31 PM CDT / Updated July 31, 2020, 3:37 PM CDT

By David K. Li

The operator of the venerable Bronx Zoo, one of the world's most famous wildlife parks, has apologized for two "unconscionable" racist episodes in its past, including placing an African man on display in a monkey house in 1906.

The Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Bronx Zoo in addition to three other zoos and an aquarium in New York City, said in a statement this week that in the "name of equality, transparency, and accountability, we must confront our organization's historic role in promoting racial injustice."

The society cited its treatment of a young Central African man from the Mbuti people in the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ota Benga circa 1915.Library of Congress via AP

"His name was Ota Benga," the statement said. Bronx Zoo officials "put Ota Benga on display in the zoos Monkey House for several days during the week of September 8, 1906.

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NASA drops "insensitive" nicknames for cosmic objects

AUGUST 9, 2020 / 10:44 AM / CBS NEWS

NASA is joining the ever-growing list of organizations and companies reexamining its naming system, removing names that are "insensitive" and "harmful" from its vocabulary. Aunt Jemima, The Chicks, Lady A, Mrs. Butterworth's, the Washington Football Team  and now, celestial objects are all undergoing a rebrand. 

"Eskimo Nebula" and "Siamese Twins Galaxy" are just two examples of nicknames that will be retired, the space agency announced this week. "Often seemingly innocuous nicknames can be harmful and detract from the science," it said.

Celestial objects such as planets, galaxies and nebulae are often given unofficial nicknames, since their official names are typically a series of letters and numbers. However, NASA said some of the names are offensive, and they plan to retire them.

"As the scientific community works to identify and address systemic discrimination and inequality in all aspects of the field, it has become clear that certain cosmic nicknames are not only insensitive, but can be actively harmful," the agency said. "NASA is examining its use of unofficial terminology for cosmic objects as part of its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion." 

NASA said it will no longer refer to planetary nebula NGC 2392, the glowing remains of a sun-like star near the end of its life, as the "Eskimo Nebula." It acknowledged the term's racist origins. 

Many indigenous people consider Eskimo a derogatory term because non-native colonizers used it to mean "eater of raw meat," connoting barbarism. In June, Dreyer's Ice Cream dropped the name "Eskimo Pie" after nearly 100 years. 

Additionally, the agency will no longer refer to the spiral galaxies NGC 4567 and NGC 4568 as the "Siamese Twins Galaxy." 

Trending NewsULA, SpaceX win massive Pentagon contractsThere may be 36 intelligent alien civilizations in the Milky WayBackground on the International Space Station

"Siamese twins" is an outdated expression used to refer to conjoined twins, originally inspired by brothers Chang and Eng Bunker, who were born in Siam, modern-day Thailand. The twins performed in "freak shows" in the 19th century for European and American audiences.

NASA said that it will only use official International Astronomical Union designations to refer to the objects that previously had "inappropriate" nicknames. 

"Our goal is that all names are aligned with our values of diversity and inclusion, and we'll proactively work with the scientific community to help ensure that. Science is for everyone, and every facet of our work needs to reflect that value," said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. 

The agency said it is working with diversity, inclusion and equity experts to recommend other nicknames and terms for objects moving forward. 

"These nicknames and terms may have historical or culture connotations that are objectionable or unwelcoming, and NASA is strongly committed to addressing them," said Stephen T. Shih, Associate Administrator for Diversity and Equal Opportunity. "Science depends on diverse contributions, and benefits everyone, so this means we must make it inclusive." 

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The University of Oregon is covering racist murals in its library, one of which references the need to conserve 'our racial heritage'

By Leah Asmelash, CNN
Updated 8:21 PM ET, Fri August 14, 2020

Knight Library, the largest library on Oregon's campus, where the murals are located.

(CNN)The University of Oregon is covering the controversial murals that have decorated the halls of its largest library after years of protest over the murals' racist language and portrayal of Indigenous people.

The university made the announcement Wednesday, saying the move was in part an acknowledgment of the larger conversations occurring about racism in the US.

"In a move to acknowledge conversations about anti-racism taking place around the world amid the Black Lives Matter movement, the University of Oregon has ordered four murals in the Knight Library that contain racist, exclusionary language and imagery to be covered," a statement from the school reads.

These four murals date to the Knight Library's construction back in 1937. Because the murals are affixed to the walls, the university said they cannot be removed without risking damage to the building -- hence why they are being covered up instead.

"This is something that is long overdue," said Patrick Phillips, the university's provost and senior vice president, in a statement. "This is a historic time in our country, and we need to listen to members of our community who have felt the hurt and sting of racism on our campus."

The three most controversial murals are: "The Mission of a University," "Development of the Arts," and "Development of the Sciences."

"The Mission of a University" mural, which refers to the school's "racial heritage."

The "Mission of a University" mural refers to the "conservation and betterment" of the school's "racial heritage," a reference to White people. The text of the mural is taken from a 1909 speech given by a sociology professor at the university, Frederick George Young.

The two others, "Development of the Arts" and "Development of the Sciences," both depict examples of seemingly Indigenous peoples at the bottom, using less-advanced tools and equipment, while the White scholars and colonizers at the top are shown using more advanced equipment while doing their work. The two "Development" murals clearly draw a parallel between the "primitive" Indigenous folks and the "superior" White settlers.

"Development of the Sciences" mural.

And though the murals are now set to be covered, the push to have them removed has been a long one. The "Mission of a University" mural has been vandalized multiple times, as recently as June 2020.

"I am firmly against the destruction or censoring of art in any form, but it would be disingenuous for anyone to say that these pieces, especially in a library whose central mission is to welcome and support the entire campus, are 'just art,'" Phillips said. "They represent much more and it is incumbent upon us to address that fact."

The murals are set to be covered by October 1. And for some students at the University, that day can't come soon enough.

Temerity Bauer, a student and co-chair of the university's Native American Student Union, said in the university's statement that she used the library reguarly and the murals shocked her.

"Development of the Arts" mural.

"How are we going to be successful and confident in an environment like that?" she told the school.

A 2017 petition to remove the "Mission" mural expressed similar sentiments.

"Upon reading this mural, I immediately felt unwelcome and disconnected from a sense of fellowship and safety in the space meant for learning," the petition states, garnering more than 1,000 signatures.

Mark Watson, interim dean of the university's libraries, said in the statement it was time for the university to act.

"These murals have been controversial as long as I've worked in the library, and that's over 30 years," Watson said.

The University of Oregon isn't the only school experiencing a reckoning with its racist past.

Just this summer, numerous students and alumni -- including two NFL stars -- have called on Clemson University to sever its ties with John C. Calhoun, the slave-owning former US vice president whose plantation became its campus.

And even before this year's mass protests, schools like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had its own reckoning regarding a Confederate statue on its campus.
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When I first saw the article where they sent this bill, I thought Great. White tax payers weren't going to have to eat the bill for other chimp out. I should have know that was to good to be true in these anti-White times.


New Jersey mayor rescinds $2,500 police overtime bill sent to student who organized BLM protest


New Jersey mayor rescinds $2,500 police overtime bill sent to student who organized BLM protest

Katie Sobko   | NorthJersey.com

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS A day after making national headlines for sending a police overtime bill to the 18-year-old organizer of a local Black Lives Matter protest, Mayor Mario Kranjac says he reached out to the organizer to rescind the bill.


Kranjac said Saturday that he sent information to the organizer, Emily Gil, saying he had been told that all private events requiring police overtime should be paid for by the organizers.

It was never intended as a fine, but rather as a fee, Kranjac said. I have researched the issue further with my own counsel and I am hereby rescinding the bill, subject to our Councils ratification of my action.

After holding the protest in July, Gil received a letter from Kranjac that said that she owed the borough $2,499.26 for police overtime.

Gil confirmed that Kranjac had reached out but "also made excuses as to why he billed me in the first place."

"He said that it was routine and that he was given advice to give me a fee," she said.

"Which makes no sense because it wasnt an official fee --- again, it was a letter. He also didnt apologize to me which is infuriating."

State legislators called the bill outrageous and county officials referred to it as an onerous charge.

There have even been calls for the ACLU to investigate the legality of such a charge.
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So this is the b.s. that will be replacing the White historic statues our enemies have been destroying. I don't want my environment polluted with these eye soars or pay for them (out of the tax revenue l guarantee is used). If these are the monuments the niggers, muds, and race traitors plan to erect, I'll be looking forward to the day when its our turn to tear them down.


Transgender icon Marsha P. Johnson to be honored with monument in N.J. hometown

Aug. 31, 2020, 10:00 AM CDT
By Sakshi Venkatraman

The legacy of LGBTQ civil rights leader Marsha P. Johnson will be set in stone after 166,000 people signed a petition to have her honored posthumously in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey.


Officials in Union County, where Elizabeth is the largest city with approximately 125,000 residents, announced Thursday that a statue of Johnson will be erected near her hometown's City Hall. County officials, Johnsons family and statewide LGBTQ group Garden State Equality plan to host a series of public events during LGBTQ History Month in October to encourage the public to participate in the planning and creating of the monument, which officials anticipate will be the first public monument in New Jersey to honor an LGBTQ person.


Petitions Call For Chadwick Boseman Memorial To Replace Confederate Statue


Thousands have signed petitions to swap the monument in the actors hometown of Anderson, South Carolina.

By Josephine Harvey
08/31/2020 03:09 AM ET

Thousands of people have signed petitions calling for a Confederate monument in Chadwick Bosemans hometown to be replaced with a memorial for the late actor.
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How can anyone look at that picture and not see a serious mental problem?
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Niggers & Mud Races demand pandering ... White House slams DC committee's 'ludicrous' suggestion that the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial should be 'removed or relocated' because they are 'inconsistent with the city's values'



 * On Monday a Washington DC committee published the results a review into the capital's monuments and statues
 * The committee had been asked in July to evaluate 1,330 named places
 * Among the sites were schools, residential housing, streets, and monuments
 * Of those, 153 were named after 'persons of concern'
 * They included Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial and Jackson statue
 * Nine such sites were listed with the category 'remove, relocate or contextualize'
 * The mayor has said she will look at the recommendations
 * White House press secretary said the suggestions were 'ludicrous'

Muds & Race Traitors Destroying White History


We know who is pandering, but who's behind the faces in the MSM?

Microsoft Funding and Assisting Attacks on White America

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Video: 'It's vile, but this is the new norm': Urinating woman is seen 'performing sex act on a man' on Upper West Side street as the upmarket neighborhood experiences surge in crime after Mayor de Blasio moved 13,000 homeless into the area

Homeless people on Manhattan's Upper West Side were seen throwing trash, urinating and drinking in public. Mayor Bill De Blasio has pushed for New York City to purchase empty buildings and turn them into affordable.

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
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Just more groveling to JOG orders.

A federal court ruling will allow the City of Pensacola to remove the Confederate Monument from what was known as Lee Square on Palafox Street.

A lawsuit was tossed by a federal judge. U.S. District Judge M. Casey Rodgers found the lawsuit seeking to stop the removal lacked legal standing. The lawsuit was filed by The Ladies Memorial Association, the Stephen Mallory Camp 1315 Sons of Confederate Veterans, Veterans Monuments of America and Save Our Southern Heritage Florida Chapter.

The suit was filed after the Pensacola City Council voted in July to remove the 129-year old monument. The council also voted to revert the name Lee Square back to its original name of Florida Square. Old maps show Florida Square was the original name of the parcel on North Palafox Street one block south of East Cervantes.
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Nigger plays retarded after murdering and raping young White child in 1985.
JOG wants to grant him clemency.
The U.S. Sixth District Court of Appeals has issued a ruling that could keep the man convicted in the case of a 12-year-old boy scout who was tortured, raped and murdered, off the execution table.

Fifty-year-old Danny Lee Hill has filed several unsuccessful appeals, the most notable of which was a claim that he is mentally retarded and should not be subject to the death penalty.

However, the ruling of the Sixth District Court of Appeals says that in the eyes of the court, Hill demonstrates several of the prerequisites to be considered mentally deficient.

The ruling upheld Hill's conviction on the murder charge but argued that because of the intellectual deficiencies, Hill cannot be sentenced to the death penalty. 

According to the ruling, Hill's IQ varies between a low of 48 and a high of 71. After review of videotapes of Danny Lee Hill's interrogation, the court found Hill to be "childlike, confused, often irrational, and primarily self -defeating".

The case was remanded back to the lower court to be resentenced.

However, Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins issued a release Monday saying he has requested that the Attorney General's Officer appeal the decision either to a full panel of judges at the Sixth District of the Court of Appeals or to the Supreme Court of the United States.
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Every single time.

600-plus Jewish groups sign full-page ad supporting Black Lives Matter

Excerpt: As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us, they state. When black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against black people, including Jews. :kike

(August 28, 2020 / JNS) More than 600 Jewish groups signed a full-page New York Times ad in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are Jewish organizations and synagogues from across the racial and political spectrum; from different streams of Judaism; whose members trace their lineage from countries around the world, state the groups in the Friday ad.

We speak with one voice when we say, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.

The groups also state, We support the black-led movement in this country that is calling for accountability and transparency from the government and law enforcement. We know that freedom and safety for any of us depends on the freedom and safety of all of us.

There are politicians and political movements in this country who build power by deliberately manufacturing fear to divide us against each other. All too often, anti-Semitism is at the center of these manufactured divisions.

The groups make a connection between anti-black and anti-Jewish hatred.

As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us, they state. When black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against black people, including Jews.

Anti-Semitism is part of the same machinery those politicians use to blame black and brown people, people who are immigrants, people who are Muslim and more, they continue. But whether they generate division and fear based on our religion, our skin color, or how long weve been here, their goal is to keep us from working together to win the things we all need to survive and thrive.

Groups that signed the ad include the Anti-Defamation League, J Street, IfNotNow, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, HIAS, Hebrew College, Jewish Voice for Peace, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Truah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, Zioness Movement, Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus and NCSY (New York).

The Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum with the continued shootings of African-Americans by police officers.  >:D

Delenda est judaica!
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Is there a more useless societal leech than the PC psychologist?
Oh, and wear your goy muzzle to protect yourselves against the racism pandemic.


The American Psychological Association is calling for true systemic change in U.S. culture because of institutional racism, says a September 1 statement from the group.

The statement says:

    Todays inequities, psychologists say, are deeply rooted in our past, and the status quo is no longer acceptable. Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalismand thats the disease, says Theopia Jackson, PhD, president of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).


    Psychologists have a role as activists in their own local communities as well. They can make their voices heard by contacting their lawmakers, volunteering for a cause or candidate, speaking up on social media and more.

For example, in May, the APAs 2020 president Sandra Shullman portrayed racism as a medical issue instead of a political, civic, or cultural issue:
    We are living in a racism pandemic, which is taking a heavy psychological toll on our African American citizens. The health consequences are dire. Racism is associated with a host of psychological consequences, including depression, anxiety and other serious, sometimes debilitating conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders. Moreover, the stress caused by racism can contribute to the development of cardiovascular and other physical diseases.

It is not clear if the task forces agenda is representative of the APAs claimed membership of 121,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students.

In June, the psychology group announced:

    We plan to appoint an APA Presidential Task Force to develop science-based recommendations aimed at reducing the incidence of police killings, particularly of unarmed black men and women. To be both relevant and timely in its recommendations, the task force would work under an expedited timeline.

The American Psychiatric Association is also getting involved in the issue, with a task force called the APA Presidential Task Force to Address Structural Racism Throughout Psychiatry.

In June, the psychiatric associations president, Jeffrey Geller, described the agenda of its task force:

    It is a massive endeavor, and we understand the need to clean our own house first. But as we look inward at APA, we also intend to educate our members about structural racism to begin to change a culture that has had such a serious health impact on Black Americans for 400 years. (In 1619 the first slaves, about 20 of them, arrived in what would become the United States, landing in what would become the state of Virginia.)

Two surveys of the members of the psychiatric association got just 485 and 731 responses.

The first survey asked, What are the top three areas the Task Force should focus on to address the impact of structural racism on our patients? Just 65 of the 485 respondents said the APA should work on racial discrimination in criminal justice, while almost 140 respondents said they were concerned about a Lack of Minority Psychiatrists.

The second survey asked, What are the top three ways that institutional racism is reflected in APA as an organization? Just 13 of roughly 731 respondents claimed the association has problems with racial privilege, although 328 respondents said the group lacks Leadership Diversity.

Oh lawdy Dem jewzes solded all'o'us'en to Dem honkey krakas, and demz made us'n pick da kottun.  :obama
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 07 September 2020 at 11:28
If the blacks are physically feeling ill due to the white man running the place, either go back to Africa or go move to Alaska where it’s more quieter, see how well they’d go starting from scratch up north?!
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 09 September 2020 at 21:45
Georgia has grown to be a haven for knuckle draggers, in fact they've declared a small city in Wilkinson county a black only city. Its common in the south to pander to the muds. I've bought a home in the Northwest and soon leaving this African nightmare behind.
Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 13 September 2020 at 12:16
I was unaware of this "saggy pants" law. Obviously it's not a common law or is never enforced. I travel through many states and normally when you see a colored, you see its ass hanging out its pants.


Florida city repeals 'saggy pants' law critics claimed unfairly targeted African AmericansCritics have opposed law since it was passed 13 years ago

By Peter Aitken | Fox News

A south Florida city has repealed an ordinance against saggy pants, after critics argued that the law unfairly targeted African Americans.


The Opa-locka City Commission voted 4-1 during a video conference Wednesday to repeal that ordinance and another that extended the law to include women who exposed undergarments, the Miami Herald reported.

Signs still bear the warning NO Ifs, Ands or Butts... Its the City Law! They depict two men from behind who appear to be African American and are wearing their pants low, exposing their underwear.

The law stood for 13 years, with some critics arguing that it was unnecessary from the beginning.

I was never in support of it, even as a resident, Vice Mayor Chris Davis, who sponsored the repeal, told the Herald. I felt it disproportionately affected a certain segment of our population, which is young African American men.

Commissioner Alvin Burke, the only member to oppose the repeal, argued that the law did not target our young Black men, but was intended to uplift them.

As of today, we still have our young men walking around with saggy, baggy pants, Burke said. If yall see fit to do away with it and just continue to let our young Black men walk around into our buildings like that ... then so be it.

The ACLU of Florida welcomed the decision, calling the original law an affront to the constitutional principles of fairness, free expression, and due process of law.

Criminalizing the way someone wears their clothing serves no one, the group told the Herald in a statement.

Its not clear how often the ordinance was enforced, how much money the city collected in fines, or how often the ticketed offenders were Black. City officials said Wednesday that they could not immediately provide enforcement data.
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Black Lives Matter protests in the sporting arena have now spread from the football field to the waves, as Australia’s athletes join their international counterparts in confronting racism and discrimination.

It comes as the federal attorney-general is pushed to give greater powers to agencies monitoring racism and vilification online, including to address a string of high-profile vile incidents of abuse against sporting stars.

Aussie surfer Tyler Wright is just the latest to voice her support of the global BLM push, inscribing the movement on the bottom of her board and taking a symbolic knee at the Tweed Coast Pro in northern NSW.

It’s the first major surfing competition in Australia since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and Wright – world champion in 2016 and 2017 – wasted no time in lending her support to the international anti-racism push.

Athletes from countless major sporting codes have kneeled on the competition arena before starting play, or made other symbolic gestures in support of Black Lives Matter, since the American-born movement was reignited following the death of Minnesota man George Floyd in May

She’d change her tune if she lived in a black area like Redfern
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Shed change her tune if she lived in a black area

No doubt Brother
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What a waste of tax revenue. A niggress who associated with drug dealers gets killed when her new boyfriend has a shoot out with the police. Now for the niggress' bad/criminal decisions and unwillingness to follow a decent lifestyle, we have to pay.


City of Louisville reaches $12 million settlement with Breonna Taylor's family

"As significant as today is," said Breonna Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, "it's only the beginning of getting full justice for Breonna."

Breonna Taylor family attorney: 'We would not be here today' without protesters

Sept. 15, 2020, 8:42 AM CDT / Updated Sept. 15, 2020, 6:56 PM CDT
By Janelle Griffith, Laura Strickler and Gabe Gutierrez

The city of Louisville, Kentucky, has reached a $12 million settlement with Breonna Taylor's family six months after she was killed in her home during a police drug raid.

Mayor Greg Fischer announced the terms of the settlement at a news conference Tuesday afternoon with Taylor's family and their attorneys, Benjamin Crump, Sam Aguiar and Lonita Baker.

The settlement does not require the city to admit any wrongdoing.

"It is just an acknowledgment of the need for reform and the need for a settlement to take place," Fischer said.

He described Taylor's death as a tragedy and noted that it had been 186 days since she was killed.

"Her death has ignited a movement in Louisville, in the nation, for racial justice, sending thousands into our streets and cities all across the country and the world," he said. "All crying out for justice for Breonna."

He said he was "deeply sorry" for Taylor's death.

"While we await a decision from Attorney General Daniel Cameron on whether or not charges will be filed in this case, my administration is not waiting to move ahead with needed reforms to prevent a tragedy like this from ever happening again," Fischer said.

Breonna Taylors family agrees to $12 million settlement with city of Louisville

The settlement will include police reforms like changes to the approval process for and execution of search warrants, a housing credit program to provide incentives for officers to live in certain low-income areas in the city and the expansion of random drug testing of officers. In addition, social workers will be hired to assist with dispatched runs.

"It's important to note here that a financial settlement was nonnegotiable without significant police reform, and that's what we were able to do today," Baker said, adding that there is still work to be done.

Baker thanked Fischer for committing to the reforms and said it was "unheard of" to reach an agreement of this type in a civil lawsuit.

Crump and Baker said they are still demanding that the state attorney general, who is leading the investigation, bring charges against the three white officers who shot into Taylor's apartment. At the very minimum, Crump said, they should face second-degree manslaughter charges.

"It has been so long getting to this day, where we could assure that Breonna Taylor's life wouldn't be swept under the rug like so many other Black women in America who have been killed by police, marginalized," Crump said.

He credited Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., whose help he said he enlisted to bring attention to the case, with having been the first national elected official to discuss Taylor's death on national television. He also applauded activists on the ground who continue to call for justice.

"Breonna Taylor is a light to help heal what is happening in America," he said.

The settlement was first reported by The Courier-Journal newspaper of Louisville.

Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, sued three Louisville Metro Police Department officers in late April, accusing them of wrongfully causing her daughter's death. The lawsuit alleged that police used excessive force and that the search was grossly negligent. In an amended complaint filed in July, Taylor's family claimed that the raid was connected to a gentrification project.

Palmer, who, along with her attorneys, wore a black mask with Taylor's name in white lettering, spoke briefly at the news conference.

"As significant as today is, it's only the beginning of getting full justice for Breonna," Palmer said. "We must not lose focus on what the real job is. It's time to move forward with the criminal charges, because she deserves that and much more."

She said her daughter's "beautiful spirit and personality are working through all of us on the ground," and she implored people to "continue to say her name."

Many people have used the hashtag #SayHerName to remember Taylor and other Black women, such as Atatiana Jefferson, who was shot and killed in her home by a Fort Worth, Texas, police officer in October. The hashtag has helped to raise awareness about their deaths.

In an interview after the news conference, Palmer expressed optimism for the police reforms announced by Fischer.

They wont help Breonna, but they will definitely make sure that we hopefully dont have another Breonna, Palmer said. If we do that, the cases will be handled different and the people will be held more accountable for those actions.

Breonna Taylors family agrees to $12 million settlement with city of Louisville

But she said the settlement was not enough to make up for the loss of her daughter and doubled down on charges being brought against the officers involved in Taylors death.

Its a start in the right direction, but I dont know that you can put a dollar amount on her life. She was so much more than that, said Palmer, who held a face mask with a portrait of Taylor on it.

There was a crime committed and they should have to pay for it I understand that they're police officers, but that doesn't make you above the law.

Louisville police Officer Brett Hankison, who shot 10 rounds blindly into Taylor's apartment where no drugs or money were found was fired in June.

Officer Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly have been placed on administrative leave, along with the detective who requested the warrant.

None of the officers involved in the case have been charged. An attorney representing the officers declined a request for comment.

Officers killed Taylor, 26, an emergency medical technician, after midnight March 13 while serving a "no knock" warrant. Mattingly was shot in the thigh by Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who said he thought an intruder was breaking into the home.

Taylor had no criminal record and was never the target of an inquiry.

Police were executing the no-knock search warrant in a drug investigation involving Taylor's ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, a convicted drug dealer. He had listed her apartment as his address and used it to receive packages, authorities said.

Taylor's case gained national attention after the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes in May. Their deaths sparked global protests and calls for a national reckoning over racism and police brutality.

Many celebrities, including NBA star LeBron James and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, have called for the officers to be charged. Winfrey ceded the September cover of O: The Oprah Magazine to Taylor. Winfrey also had 26 billboards put up around Louisville. Each billboard one for each year of Taylor's life demands justice and displays a quotation from Winfrey: "If you turn a blind eye to racism, you become an accomplice to it."

In June, Louisville officials passed Breonna's Law. The measure banned the use of no-knock warrants, which allow police to forcibly enter people's homes without warning.
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News Releases
The latest news and announcements from Mayor London N. Breed
Mayor London Breed Announces Launch of Pilot Program to Provide Basic Income to Black and Pacific Islander Women During Pregnancy
Monday, September 14, 2020
The Abundant Birth Project is the first program of its kind in the country, and will study the health impacts of providing people with targeted supplemental income during pregnancy and for six months postpartum

San Francisco, CA Mayor London N. Breed, in partnership with Expecting Justice, today announced the launch of the Abundant Birth Project, a pilot program that provides targeted basic income to women during pregnancy and after giving birth. The pilot will provide an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000 to approximately 150 Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco for the duration of their pregnancy and for the first six months of their babys life, with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy. Expecting Justice, a collective impact initiative led by Dr. Zea Malawa at the San Francisco Department of Public Health and supported by the Hellman Foundation and the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative, will study the resulting health impacts of the pilot program, which is the first of its kind in the United States.

The Abundant Birth Project is a simple, yet novel, approach to achieving better maternal health and birthing outcomes: provide pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women a monthly income supplement for the duration of their pregnancy and during the postpartum period as an economic and reproductive health intervention. Prematurity is a leading cause of infant mortality and has been linked to lifelong conditions, such as behavioral development issues, learning difficulties, and chronic disease. In San Francisco, Black infants are almost twice as likely to be born prematurely compared with White infants (13.8% versus 7.3%, from 2012-2016) and Pacific Islander infants have the second-highest preterm birth rate (10.4%). Furthermore, Black families account for half of the maternal deaths and over 15% of infant deaths, despite representing only 4% of all births. Pacific Islander families face similar disparities.

Providing guaranteed income support to mothers during pregnancy is an innovative and equitable approach that will ease some of the financial stress that all too often keeps women from being able to put their health first, said Mayor Breed. The Abundant Birth Project is rooted in racial justice and recognizes that Black and Pacific Islander mothers suffer disparate health impacts, in part because of the persistent wealth and income gap. Thanks to the work of the many partners involved, we are taking real action to end these disparities and are empowering mothers with the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies and births.

The project is a fully funded public-private partnership designed under the collaborative change model, a process which directly involves all impacted and interested parties in decision-making. The Abundant Birth Project entered its design phase after receiving a Hellman Collaborative Change Initiative grant from the Hellman Foundation, and has since gone on to also receive an award of $1.1 million from Jack Dorseys #startsmall campaign, $200,000 from Genentech, and $200,000 from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Additional funders include California Preterm Birth Initiative at UCSF, WKKF (Kellogg Foundation), San Francisco Health Plan, Tipping Point, Economic Security Project, Walter and Elise Haas, San Francisco Foundation, and Friedman Family Foundation.

Structural racism, which has left Black and Pacific Islander communities particularly exposed to COVID-19, also threatens the lives of Black and PI mothers and babies, said Dr. Zea Malawa. Providing direct, unconditional cash aid is a restorative step that not only demonstrates trust in women to make the right choices for themselves and their families, but could also decrease the underlying stress of financial insecurity that may be contributing to the high rates of premature birth in these communities. It is exciting to be in a city that not only calls out racism as a problem, but also takes steps to heal the wounds left by decades of injustice and anti-Black sentiment.

San Francisco has seen lasting health disparities in the Black and Pacific Islander communities, which we cannot allow to continue, said Dr. Grant Colfax, Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. The Abundant Birth Project addresses those disparities in a positive and active way, to directly benefit expecting mothers and their babies in those communities.

One theory for these unacceptable disparities is the growing racial wealth gap in San Francisco. Even before the pandemic, Black and Pacific Islander families faced some of the greatest degrees of income inequality in San Francisco. The median annual household income for Black and Pacific Islander families in San Francisco is close to $30,000 and $67,000 respectively, compared with over $104,000 citywide.

The Abundant Birth Project will work with local prenatal care providers and the Citys own network of pregnancy support services to identify and enroll eligible clients over the next two years. The project will target low-income and middle-income pregnant people with the income supplement given the high cost of living in San Francisco.

The community itself was involved at every phase of development of the Abundant Birth Project program. Black and Pacific Islander mothers were part of the design team and have been recruited and trained as community researchers to engage pregnant mothers and women with children to obtain accurate on-the-ground data about the actual needs of potential participants.

The Abundant Birth Project is exactly the kind of innovative, community-driven social policy solution that the Hellman Collaborative Change Initiative was designed to support, said Susan Hirsch, Executive Director of the Hellman Foundation. When we made the first grant to this project a year ago, we did so cognizant of the fact that Black and Pacific Islander mothers have long faced structural racism that impacts the ability to have healthy birth outcomes, and that for too long those concerns went unaddressed by those in power. What we never could have imagined was how the current pandemic would rip open a chasm within our society and make clear exactly why we all must listen to those with lived experiences the very people who have been sounding the alarm and providing cogent and restorative solutions all along. It is our responsibility not just as a donor community but as human beings to listen to one another, to encourage others to do the same, and to partner with local government to address seemingly intractable problems that are the consequences of years of inequality.

Whitey gets the blame and the bill, yet again.
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Wray Claims White Supremacists Make Up the Largest Share of Racially Motivated Terrorists in the US as BLM Burns Businesses to the Ground



FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday said white supremacists make up the largest share of racially motivated terrorists in the United States.

Wray made these statements during a testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee.


Just another day in the open air gulag known as the jew.S.S.A.
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I guess the fags get two months to celebrate their sexual deviance while the Whites still have no month dedicated to them.   


SIU will recognize October as LGBTQ History Month

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. Be courageous. Be kind. Be you. Thats the theme of Southern Illinois University Carbondales 2020 LGBTQ History Month celebration in October. A variety of special activities, many virtual or livestreamed, will mark the occasion.

The kickoff event, set for 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, will be an SIU System celebration. Guest speakers will include SIU President Daniel Mahony, SIU Carbondale Chancellor Austin A. Lane, SIUE Chancellor Randy Pembrook, and Lizette Chevalier, associate provost for academic affairs at SIU Carbondale.


The kickoff will be available via Facebook livestream at facebook.com/SIULGBTQResourceCenter.

Next up on the schedule is a 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2 online showing of the documentary Stonewall Uprising, which tells of the police raid on Stonewall Inn in June 1969. The raid of the popular gay bar in the Greenwich Village area of New York City resulted in almost a week of violent protests that marked a turning point in the gay civil rights movement.

Later in the month, the movie Moonlight will also be available online at 7 p.m. Oct. 20. This award-winning movie tells of a young black man coming of age in Miami, Florida, and exploring his identity, sexuality and other issues.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion for the College of Business and Analytics is sponsoring the virtual event, Diversity in the Workplace: The Importance of LGBTQ+ Leadership Programs at 4 p.m. on Oct. 8 to discuss improving diversity in leadership pipelines. It focuses on the award-winning Woolworths Groups Proud Leadership program, its unique insights, the inclusive workplace it provides across its various brands to support LGBTQ+ leaders. Pre-register online no later than Oct. 7 at http://evite.me/TdsrMMZyYT.

SIUs Coming Out Day Instagram Challenge is slated for Oct. 11; use the hashtag #SIUComingOut to enter to win a DIY rainbow face mask kit.

Safe zone ally development training is set for Oct. 22 from 2 to 4:30 p.m. via Zoom. Its a chance to learn to be more inclusive and develop skills to be better allies for LGBTQ people, both professionally and personally.

SIU students will be the focus of several events, including Clear the Closet, De-Stress and Doodles, LGBTQ+ Training and Power Up Queer Kickboxing. The Career Development Center gives students the chance to enhance their wardrobes for free from 4-7 p.m., Oct. 8, during Clear the Closet. Three different sessions allow for social distancing.

Wellness and Health Promotions will present the relaxing interactive art and mindfulness workshop via Zoom from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 15. The focus of the LGBTQ Zoom training from 5:30 to 7:30 on Oct. 27 is Addressing Isms in Our Community with the goal of helping participants better understand various forms of oppression so they can become better allies.

Find the complete schedule of LGBTQ History Month events and additional information on the Student Multicultural Resource Center website at smrc.siu.edu.
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Nancy Pelosi Can't Stop Pandering | Spitting Image


Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCov3Uxwgh6Fq_2F7oW9-hA
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Decades after Klansmen killed 5 during protest, a North Carolina city's apology comes too late for some


Over 40 years later, the North Carolina city has formally apologized for the deaths of five people during an attack by Ku Klux Klan members and the American Nazi Party.

Recently, Greensboro City Council voted 7-2 to pass a resolution that said the Greensboro Police Department "failed to warn the marchers of their extensive foreknowledge of the racist, violent attack planned against the marchers by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party with the assistance of a paid GPD informant."

Additionally, the resolution said the police didn't do anything to stop or arrest the members of the KKK and American Nazi Party as they approached the housing development where the protesters gathered, despite knowing they were armed.

The Greensboro Police Department has declined to comment on the resolution.

The resolution is the latest in efforts by cities and states across the US to acknowledge past tragedies. The shifts in response come as the country reckons with racism and police reform in the wake of nationwide protests and the deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police.
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This changing of the meaning of words, like preference, racist/racism, marriage, gender, and more is not only to help our enemies to win/justify their non factual arguments. But it's also to help them change the meaning of our laws without going through the political process of actually changing the law.


Merriam-Webster changes its definition of 'sexual preference' as Barrett gets called out for using term


Merriam-Webster dictionary changed its definition of sexual preference to include the word offensive as Democrats slammed Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett for using the term during Tuesdays Senate confirmation hearings. 

Prior to Tuesday, the fifth definition listed for preference referred to orientation, as in sexual preference.

But as of Wednesday, the fifth definition for preference included the word offensive when used to describe sexual orientation. 

"Our scheduled updates, which add new words and also add new definitions, usage guidance, and example sentences to existing dictionary entries, take place several times per year. From time to time, we release one or some of these scheduled changes early when a word or set of words is getting extra attention, and it would seem timely to share that update," Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster's editor-at-large, explained in a statement to Fox News. 

"In this case, we released the update for sexual preference when we noticed that the entries for preference and sexual preference were being consulted in connection with the SCOTUS hearings," Sokolowski continued. "A revision made in response to an entry's increased attention differs only in celerityas always, all revisions reflect evidence of use."

On Tuesday, Sen. Mazie Hirono slammed Barrett for saying she would not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference. 

"Sexual preference is an offensive and outdated term, it is used by anti-LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice -- it is not," the Hawaii Democrat said.  

Sexual orientation is a key part of a person's identity, Hirono continued. 

She said she was disappointed that the circuit court judge declined to weigh in on whether she agreed with the majority in Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court case that granted same-sex couples the right to marry. 

So even though you didnt give a direct answer I think your response did speak volumes, Hirono said. Not once, but twice you used the term sexual preference to describe those in the LGBTQ community. 

The LGBTQ community should be rightly concerned whether you would uphold their constitutional right to marry, Hirono concluded. 

"I certainly didn't mean and would never mean to use a term that would cause any offense in the LGBTQ community. So if I did, I greatly apologize for that, the Supreme Court nominee said. 

Later Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., asked Barrett about her use of the term again.

In using that word I did not mean to imply that it is not an immutable characteristic or that its solely a matter of preference, she said. I fully respect the rights of the LGBTQ community. Obergefell was an important precedent of the court. 

"But by what you just said, you understand about that immutable characteristic. That in other words, that ones sexuality is not a preference, it is who they are. Is that what youre saying?" Booker followed.

"Senator, Im saying I was not trying to make any comment on it," Barrett explained. "I fully respect all the rights of the LGBT community. Obergefell is an important precedent of the court. I reject any kind of discrimination on any sort of basis."

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By Joe Guszkowski on Oct. 12, 2020

Business-review site Yelp will now alert users when a business has been accused of racist behavior.


The new feature comes after a summer of nationwide protests against racial injustice, during which many businesses including restaurants came under increased scrutiny for racism.

There is a clear need to warn consumers about businesses associated with egregious, racially-charged actions to help people make more informed spending decisions, Yelp said in a blog post announcing the news.

The Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert steps up an existing alert that warned people when a business page was seeing increased media-driven activity, resulting in reviews that were not always first-hand. It will be used for businesses accused of overtly racist actions and will link to a news story on the subject. The alert will also temporarily disable reviews for that business.

We dont allow people to leave reviews based on media reports because it can artificially inflate or deflate a businesss star rating, Yelp said.

Yelp reviews driven by media reports have risen 133% so far this year, and between May 26 and September 30, the company had placed alerts on 450 businesses that were either accused of or the target of racist acts.

The national focus on racial justice has made consumers more deliberate about the businesses they patronize. For example, 45% of younger consumers said they would increase visits to a restaurant that donates a portion of proceeds to civil rights organizations, according to a July report by Restaurant Business sister company Technomic. And Yelp reviews mentioning Black-owned businesses were up more than 617% this summer year over year.

With those reviews came an increase in warnings of racist behavior by businesses. Thus, the new alert.
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Reminiscent of the forever lost dirty Groid infested south which is Ran by the inferior pavement ape. I've long gave up on bout 85% of the USA. Lost cause.838
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Disney Now Warns Viewers Of Racist Stereotypes With Strengthened Label

npr.org (http://npr.org)

Disney added a warning on its streaming service to some of its titles with racist depictions, including Dumbo. The crows' appearance and musical number in the movie "pay homage to racist minstrel shows," Disney said.


Many people have long said certain Disney classics like Peter Pan, Dumbo and The Aristocats contain racist stereotypes and overtones.

Disney agrees. Viewers will now encounter a warning on Disney+ when streaming those and other titles containing racist material.

"We can't change the past, but we can acknowledge it, learn from it and move forward together," Disney said on its website detailing the new advisory, "to create a tomorrow that today can only dream of."

Disney began labeling titles with a disclaimer in November 2019 but recently strengthened the message, explicitly calling some depictions "racist" on its website.

The new message appears before the title plays for several seconds and in the program's description.

"This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures," the message reads. "These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together."

When viewing certain old Disney movies, a message appears before the title plays for several seconds and in the program's description.

Other movies that include this warning are The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp and Swiss Family Robinson.

Disney's initial message last year was more brief.

"This program is presented as originally created," the message read. "It may contain outdated cultural depictions."

Although the original move received some praise, some critics thought the language was nonspecific and dismissive.

Racism in Disney movies

In Peter Pan, Native people are referred to as "redskins," a slur against Native Americans. The main characters sing a song titled "What makes the Red man Red?"

Disney calls this a "form of mockery and appropriation of Native peoples' culture and imagery."

In Dumbo, one of the crows is named Jim Crow, the same name as the set of laws that enforced segregation.

He is voiced by a white actor and performs a musical number that pays "homage to racist minstrel shows," Disney says. In the same movie, faceless Black workers are shown laboring to offensive lyrics like "When we get our pay, we throw our money all away."

The Aristocats features a cat named Shun Gon with stereotypical East Asian features who plays the piano with chopsticks. He is voiced by a white person singing in a poorly accented voice.

"What message are we sending to little kids at the most vulnerable age, if characters are one-dimensional, stereotyped, sidelined, hyper-sexualized, or simply, not there at all?" asked Geena Davis, actor and gender equality advocate, in a video posted to Disney's webpage.

Disney acknowledges "that some communities have been erased or forgotten altogether, and we're committed to giving voice to their stories as well." The company did not further specify how it would work toward that goal.

"There is incredible power in seeing someone who's like you on screen," Davis said. "What children see sets the framework for what they believe is possible in life."
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What should have been done was grant them Israeli citizenship while revoking their American citizenship. And then leave them in Israel.


US alters passport ruling for Jerusalem births

Americans born in Jerusalem can declare Israel as their country of birth in US passports, the Trump administration says, in a reversal of US policy.

Before now, Jerusalem was identified without a country because of its contentious status as Israel's self-declared capital.

The latest move further cements Donald Trump's 2017 recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the entire city.

Palestinians claim the occupied East as the capital of a hoped-for state.

President Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital broke with decades of US policy and was met with outrage across the Arab world.

media captionWhy the ancient city of Jerusalem is so important

Israel occupied East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war and later effectively annexed it in a move not recognised internationally.

The fate of the city is one of the most heated issues between Israel and the Palestinians, with both sides having agreed to negotiate over it in the last stage of peace talks.

More than 25 years of on-off peace talks have never reached that stage.

Why Israel's peace deals with Gulf states matterIsrael opens tentative new chapter with Gulf ArabsWhat does Trump's Mid-East plan say on key issues?

The issue of whether Jerusalem-born Americans had the right to declare Israel as their country of birth on their passports reached the US Supreme Court in 2015. It ruled that it was not permissible, saying only the president had the right to effect the change.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the new position on Twitter:

The latest move comes a week before the US elections, in which Republican Donald Trump is standing against Democrat Joe Biden.

Mr Biden has said he disapproves of the relocation by the US of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018 but says he will not reverse the step.

The Palestinians have accused President Trump of bias towards Israel and froze relations with his administration in response to his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

In January, Mr Trump unveiled a roadmap for peace between Israel and the Palestinians which did not advocate a two-state solution - a formula supported by the international community which envisages an independent Palestinian state existing alongside Israel.

Mr Biden has said a two-state solution should remain on the table.

This week, a poll of Arabs in 18 countries across the Middle East and North Africa suggested neither Mr Trump nor Mr Biden were considered good for the region, though most respondents favoured a Biden presidency.
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It's a pathetic/cowardly act for the state of Mississippi to bend the knee to the black plague.


Mississippi Just Dumped Its Confederate-Themed Flag For This One


Mississippi voters approved a new flag on Tuesday, replacing one that prominently featured a Confederate battle emblem. 

The new flag features a magnolia ― the state flower ― along with 20 white stars, a nod to Mississippi being the 20th state to enter the union. 

It also has a single gold star at the top representing the indigenous tribes, along with the legend In God We Trust below the magnolia:

Mississippi lawmakers voted over the summer to remove the states previous flag, in use since 1894, amid growing calls for racial justice and the removal of Confederate and white supremacist symbols.

The guidelines for the new flag required the legend In God We Trust. 

Rocky Vaughan, who designed the new magnolia flag, said in September he hoped the new design would help give the state a positive image. 

From Washington to the campaign trail, get the latest politics news.

The New Magnolia Flag represents the warmth and strength of the good people of Mississippi, he said in a statement cited by The Hill. Now is the time we show the world that were from Mississippi, the Magnolia State.

He celebrated the vote on social media: 

Title: Re: Pandering to the Kikes, Niggers, Mud Races and Fags
Post by: Private on 09 November 2020 at 03:19
The state flower for Mississippi should be a bloody Pansy!
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South Florida county may ban work discrimination of natural hairstyles

By Brie Stimson | Fox News

A Democratic-leaning county in South Florida may make discriminating against people with hairstyles that are a "trait of race" -- like an afro or braids -- in the workplace illegal, according to a report.

Broward County commissioners Tuesday decided to give the issue a public hearing, and if approved natural hairstyles would be protected under the countys Human Rights Act, which already protects residents from sex, age, sexual orientation or race discrimination, according to the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale.

California and New York were the first two states last year to ban discrimination of natural hairstyles.

Broward County Commission Mayor Dale Holness, who is Black, introduced the legislation and said discrimination based on African American hairstyles happens frequently. He said his sister wasnt hired for a job once because she has braids and the company said that wasnt the "image" they wanted for their employees.

Holness explained his sister decided to get braids because she got tired of constantly putting chemicals in her hair to make it straight.

 White folks dont have that problem because your hair is naturally straight for the most part, right? he asked, according to the Sentinel.

Holness accused Commissioner Mark Bogen of being nave after he said hes never seen anyone fired because of their hair in 37 years as a lawyer.

Its real life, its not making stories up, Holness added. We can pretend this stuff doesnt happen, but it does, its real.

The chair of the countys Human Rights Board, Michael Rajner, said the legislation would allow people to be respected for the characteristics they are born with," according to the Sentinel.

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Ritz takes a bite out of holiday ad space with LGBTQ-inclusive commercial



A new holiday-themed commercial from Ritz crackers features a gay couple as part of a message about the beauty of chosen families.

Released this week, "Where There's Love, There's Family" opens with a series of vignettes of people yearning for connection a young gay man texting his mother to ask Can we talk?," a child staying in a homeless shelter over Christmas, and a grandmother unable to celebrate the holidays with her family.

As the ad continues, a person with a beard applies lipstick before welcoming the young gay man from the opening vignette into a festive gathering with other LGBTQ partygoers. The grandmother puts out a tray of hors d'oeuvres at her retirement home, and the girl in the homeless shelter shares a Ritz cracker with a man across the table from her.

The holidays are about spending time with family, a voice-over says. Whether its the one youre born into, or the one you make.

Mondelēz, Ritzs parent company, said in a statement that the commercial sets out to remind consumers that there is strength and love in togetherness, and a blood relation isn't the only way to define family.

"At a time when our families may be strained as a result of social distancing, political tensions or personal orientations and identities, the Ritz brand's campaign is intended to encourage Americans to help build a more accepting world and welcome in those that may be feeling disconnected or alone," Patty Gonzalez, the companys senior director of marketing, said in the statement.

Produced by Virginia-based advertising firm The Martin Agency, the spot is inclusive in its casting, as well featuring two gay men of color and transgender and nonbinary extras.

"During casting, it became apparent to us how closely linked the actors' personal experiences were to those they were portraying, making our message about inclusion and belonging that much more palpable and powerful," Sara Kuhs, creative director of The Martin Agency, said in a release.

As part of its "Where There's Love, There's Family" campaign, Mondelēz is donating $50,000 to the It Gets Better Project, a global movement to imbue LGBTQ youth with hope; the homeless advocacy group Invisible People; and Hispanic Star, which showcases the Latino communitys contributions to the United States.

Its not the first time Mondelēz, which owns Nabisco, has crafted an inclusive campaign for one of its snack brands: Last month, a limited-edition rainbow-colored Oreo pack was released in partnership with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. An accompanying short, Proud Parent, portrayed a young woman bringing her girlfriend home to meet her parents and her fathers struggle to be affirming and supportive.

Launched in January, Oreos #ProudParent campaign aimed to shine a spotlight on the powerful impact love & acceptance can have on LGBTQ+ youth, Mondelēz said in a statement.

Other brands have used the holiday season to share support for the LGBTQ community. One of the spots in Etsys new Gift Like You Mean It campaign features a Black gay couple visiting family for Christmas and receiving a personalized ornament for their tree.

Last year, hair care brand Pantene and LGBTQ media advocacy group GLAAD released Coming Home Should Be BEAUTIFULGBTQ, with members of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles singing Ill be Home for Christmas.

Also in 2019, H&Ms Moments in Between featured two women flirting in a laundromat and a gay male couple kissing under the mistletoe as Judy Garlands Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas played.

NBC OUTTrailer drops for Kristen Stewart's lesbian Christmas rom-com 'Happiest Season'

But these campaigns are fueled by more than just the holiday spirit: LGBTQ Americans have an estimated $1 trillion in spending power, according to veteran marketing strategist Bob Witeck. These ads also reach a large universe of non-gay consumers that are very supportive, Witeck told NBC News.

Some of these legacy brands have been around for 50, 100, 150 years or more, he said. Adding LGBTQ representation suggests your brand is contemporary. Younger generations expect brands to be reflective of their values, and its an easy way to do it.

This year, theres also an abundance of gay-themed Christmas movies, including Hallmark Channels The Christmas House, Hulus Happiest Season and Lifetimes The Christmas Set Up.

The holidays can be a particularly difficult time for LGBTQ people, as many are afraid to travel back to nonaffirming homes or may feel isolated from their chosen families, said GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis, who praised Ritzs "Where There's Love, There's Family" campaign as a powerful example of how brands and media can step up and tell LGBTQ stories not just during Pride Month, but all year round.
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All this pandering to the niggers and muds make no sense to me. It's not like it will convince them to use the products more or even save the company from the looting and burning down of their businesses as the colored masses chimp out.


Mutual of Omaha unveils new logo, replacing Indian chief with African lion

By Associated Press
November 12, 2020

Mutual of Omaha on Thursday unveiled a new corporate logo depicting an African lion, replacing the Indian chief head that had been the symbol of the insurance and financial services company for 70 years.


The Omaha, Nebraska-based company announced in July its plans for a change as corporations and sports teams around the country face increasing pressure to dump nicknames and depictions that reference American Indians amid a nationwide movement calling for racial justice.

The company said in a news release Thursday that its new logo not only projects protection and strength but also delivers a strong brand connection to the company that might be as well known for its longtime sponsorship of the wildlife television program “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.”

“We chose the symbol of a lion not only as a nod to our ‘Wild Kingdom’ heritage, but to represent the strong company we’ve always been,” said Keith Clark, the company’s senior vice president of marketing.

The new logo now appears on the company’s website. Officials said that over the next year, it will replace the old logo on the company’s printed materials, signs and on the face of its headquarters building in Omaha.
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London university that boasts of being one of the most diverse in the UK failed one year to admit a single white working class student, shows document

 * SOAS, Uni of London failed in  2017 to admit single white working class student
 * There are concerns white working class boys are forgotten in education system
 * White pupils eligible for free school meals are half as likely as their peers from poor ethnic minority families to achieve strong passes at GCSE

Julie Henry | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 15 November 2020


A university that boasts of being one of the most diverse in the UK failed one year to admit a single white working class student.

The startling fact appears in a document detailing plans to improve access to SOAS University of London.

The document says the number of white undergraduates living in poor neighbourhoods that were recruited through the main UCAS admission round in 2017 was zero.

The disclosure will fuel growing concerns that white working class children, particularly boys, have become the education systems forgotten dispossessed.


Pictured (Above): The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, which boasts of being one of the most diverse universities in the UK, failed in 2017 to admit a single white working class student

White pupils eligible for free school meals are half as likely as their peers from poor ethnic minority families to achieve strong passes at GCSE. They are also more likely to attend a failing school.

All ethnic minority groups in England are now, on average, more likely to go to university than their white British peers.

SOAS, where more than half of the intake is from ethnic minority backgrounds, describes itself as having an exceptionally diverse student body and says its mission is to recruit and teach diverse students.

Yet its Access and Participation Plan for 2020-2025, which all universities must submit to the regulator to demonstrate how they will recruit and support under-represented groups, shows a worrying absence of white working class youngsters.

The recently-published document admits: SOAS had zero acceptances (rounded to the nearest five) from white students from low participation neighbourhoods via the UCAS main scheme in 2017. (This excluded clearing and direct applications).


Coming from a low participation neighbourhood one in which few youngsters go to university is one of the main measures of disadvantage used by higher education.

Other universities in London have admitted very low proportions under the measure. Imperial College recruited 30 white applicants from poor neighbourhoods in 2017 just one per cent of its intake.

Conservative MP Ben Bradley said the figures showed a drive for diversity was leaving white working class communities behind.

Our institutions value diversity of skin colour more than background or experience, he said. Thats a huge shame, but more importantly, it disadvantages the poorest. Its simply wrong. On the plus side, Im pleased that this is now being recognised, that these figures are gathered and looked at and that some institutions are trying to rectify things.

A report by the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON) last year found that at more than half of institutions, less than five per cent of students were white and from areas where very few young people go to university.

Graeme Atherton, director of NEON, said its analysis of universities 2020-2021 access plans showed only four had specific targets relating to white working class students compared with 27 in 2019-20.

He said: If they dont feature, they are not a strategic priority and if they are not a priority, universities are less likely to do work with them.

Poor White Kids Don't Matter

Founded in 1916, SOAS describes itself as the worlds leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Alumni include Myanmars leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the socialite Jemima Khan and former Conservative Minister Enoch Powell.

A SOAS spokesman acknowledged the challenges of attracting white, working class students but said the university had improved since 2017 and it was now working with schools in London, Sheffield and Northampton. The spokesman said a different measure of poverty, the index of multiple deprivations, showed SOASs intake of white disadvantaged teenagers rose from nine per cent in 2017-18 to 14 per cent the following year.
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Twitch officially bans blackface, swastikas and the Confederate flag in new, targeted guidelines

By Shannon Liao, CNN Business
Updated 12:00 PM EST, Wed December 09, 2020

New York(CNN Business)In one of the most targeted and far-reaching social media guidelines issued by a major tech company, Twitch said it is beefing up its policy against hateful images on its platform and adding a ban on the Confederate flag. The new rules will take effect January 22.

Amazon's livestreaming service, Twitch is home to millionaire content creators and billions of hours of video content watched every year. It also has a harassment problem, which the platform is seeking to address in Wednesday's announcement.

Although Twitch previously banned hateful images, this is the first time blackface, swastikas and the Confederate flag have been specifically designated as out of bounds. The new language is also more explicit. "This is not new, but the new guidelines will make the standard clearer for everyone," the company wrote in a blog post.

Twitch has been working on the policy since early 2020 and said it consulted social media experts and conducted research for months.

The company said it was announcing the policy weeks ahead of instituting it to give users ample time to understand what's changed. The ban applies only to content posted on or after January 22.

In its announcement, Twitch acknowledged that "women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, Black, Indigenous and people of color unfortunately continue to experience a disproportionate amount of harassment and abuse online, including on our service," a written post on its site read. That kind of harassment hurts people's chances of pursuing livestreaming as a career, the company added.

Twitch said it is also improving its guidelines covering sexual harassment to ensure a lower tolerance for objectifying behavior. It will now ban repeated, unwelcome compliments about a person's attractiveness, sexually explicit comments and unsolicited links to nude images.

The platform also indicated it would continue to permit the acerbic humor that some online communities are known for.
Insults meant as jokes will still be allowed, the company said, adding that it would rely on "indications that a behavior is unwanted" before taking any action against users whose posts have been reported. Depending on the circumstances, these may include time-outs, bans or suspensions, the company said.

The expanded guidelines forced Twitch to double the size of its safety operations team in 2020, although the platform declined to say how many such team members it employs.

"It's questionable that banning [symbols like the Confederate flag] will overall transform behavior on the site," said Ramesh Srinivasan, professor and author at UCLA. "We know that on platforms like Facebook and Twitter that more inflammatory content that is predicted to be attention-grabbing often goes viral."
Twitch had a big year in 2020. Viewership hit 1.6 billion hours watched in October, double the amount compared to the same month last year, according to StreamElements. Twitch also attracted new talent with lucrative deals, banned some on its platform following a violation of its rules and fell under the scrutiny of the music industry for not paying artists to license songs. It also saw some unexpected users joining the platform, including US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the US Navy.
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As I've said before, the only flag I fly is the Creator Battle Flag. But Race traitor, gov. Andrew Cuomo must be drunk off power, from the Emmy award that has gone to his head (https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/21/937445923/andrew-cuomo-to-receive-international-emmy-for-masterful-covid-19-briefings), destroying people's livelihoods with the kung flu, to now violating people's first amendment right. If he's so brazen to remove constitutional rights in New York, I'll hate to see what he does as U.S. Attorney General (https://ktla.com/news/politics/new-york-gov-cuomo-among-contenders-for-attorney-general-pick/).


Cuomo signs bill banning sale of Confederate flag on New York state grounds


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Wednesday signed a bill into law banning the sale or display of Confederate battle flags on state property.

The bill also banned other "symbols of hate," including swastikas and other known insignias historically associated with racism and other violent acts against targeted religious or ethnic groups, a local NBC affiliate reported.

Public display of such symbols will only be permitted if proper educational or historical purposes can be provided.

The law will go into effect immediately.

The newly enacted law comes at the end of a tumultuous year. Following the death of the unarmed Black man George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May, many institutions, including NASCAR, banned the display of Confederate battle flags.

Additionally, the state of Mississippi approved a new design for its state flag last month after voters moved to update the flag due, which had been the last one in the nation that included a Confederate symbol.

Cuomo said in a bill-signing memo Tuesday the law is intended to counter intolerant racist and anti-Semitic behavior, the New York Post reported.

The governor added he thinks the law will need "technical changes" to ensure free speech protections in the U.S. are not infringed.

While I fully support the spirit of this legislation, certain technical changes are necessary to balance the States interests in preventing the use of hate symbols on state land with free speech protections embodied in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, Cuomo said.

A First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams said Cuomo could face more problems beyond a quick technical fix.

Governor Cuomo is correct that the First Amendment may require changes in the law in light of the First Amendment. A private entity can choose to sell or not sell offensive symbols but when the government bans the sale of offensive, but constitutionally protected symbols, on its property the First Amendment comes into play, Abrams told The Post.

A spokesperson for Cuomo's office told The Post his legal team would review the bill alongside the state Legislature to include a potential amendment.

The Hill reached out to the governor's office but has not immediately received a response.
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Virginia Judge Wont Try Black Man In Courtroom With White Portraits


FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) A Black defendants right to a fair trial would be harmed if the jury heard the case in a courtroom lined with portraits of white jurists, a northern Virginia judge has ruled.

The upcoming trial of Terrance Shipp on charges of eluding police will be held in a courtroom that has no portraits on the wall, said Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Bernhard.

Bernhard noted that his usual courtroom has no portraits. But jury trials that were postponed during the coronavirus pandemics are now being held in larger courtrooms. The walls of those rooms are lined with portraits of retired judges who are overwhelmingly white, he said.

Public defenders raised the issue in a motion titled Motion to Remove Portraiture Overwhelmingly Depicting White Jurists Hanging in Trial Courtroom.

While to some the issue of portraits might be a trivial matter, to those subject to the justice system it is far from the case, Bernhard wrote in his ruling, issued Sunday.

He said he was concerned that the portraits may serve as unintended but implicit symbols that suggest the courtroom may be a place historically administered by whites for whites.

Bernhard said 45 of the 47 portraits hanging in the courtrooms are of white jurists.

Prosecutors offered no objection to the request, Bernhard said in his ruling.

Dawn Butorac, the chief public defender in Fairfax County, called the judges ruling a very, very, very small step in a long overdue journey to battle systemic racism in the judicial system.

Shipps trial is scheduled for Jan. 4. Bernhards ruling does not affect whether other judges in the courtroom must take judicial portraits into account.

Earlier this year, a judge ordered a portrait of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee removed from a courtroom in Louisa County.

Bernhard was born in El Salvador and elected to the bench in 2017 by the state legislature.
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Nazi headstones emblazoned with swastikas removed from Texas cemetery

Jessica Schladebeck

A pair of headstones marking the graves of two Nazis from WWII have been removed from a Texas cemetery and replaced with ones that have not been emblazoned with swastikas.

The pair of markers at Sam Houston National Cemetery, belonging to German prisoners of war Alfred P. Kafka and Georg Forst, have long been subject of controversy.

He died far from his home for the Fhrer, people and fatherland, the inscriptions read.

While critics have slammed the stones for also bearing a modified Iron Cross which depicts a swastika within a cross others have argued that they are historic artifacts that should be preserved. The ongoing argument reached its end on Wednesday however, when cemetery director, Aubrey David, brought several workers to the graves to retrieve the markers.

Clearly, it took a long time for this to happen, and its obviously the right thing to have been done, said Michael Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The organization, which advocates against unwanted religious proselytizing in the armed services, in May called on Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilke to get rid of the stones as well as to apologize to all military families for the display.

The VA initially refused, saying that it has a responsibility to preserve historic resources, but later reversed course after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Reps. Will Hurd of San Antonio and Kay Granger of Fort Worth joined the cause.

Im glad that the headstones have been replaced, Rep. Joaquin Castro. Its jarring to think that symbols of the Third Reich and the Nazi regime would stand in an American military cemetery.
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With what looks like a Biden election win, along with his anti-White intentions (which includes amnesty for illegal muds, shutting down the construction of the border wall  and basically removal of any borders or border security). We should all expect more changes to pander towards the Spanish speaking muds.


No More Space for Whites: Denver City Council Voted to Rename Columbus Park as La Raza Park

By Pedro Alvarado - December 25, 2020

The city of Denver is not interested in preserving white history.

On December 21, 2020, the Denver City Council unanimously voted in favor of legislation to rename Columbus Park as La Raza Park.

La Raza means “the race” and is usually a term that Hispanic activists use to define themselves as a separate group from the rest of normal America. This name change reflects the slogan the Chicano movement used during the 1960s and 1970s, when they routinely chanted “Viva la raza” (Long live the race).

Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval was one of the main sponsors of the park’s name change. Her district encompasses the park, which was allegedly called by its new name of La Raza.

“‘La raza is a word of unity and about celebrating community,” Sandoval declared.

Naturally, there was opposition to this move, which came from the Italian-American community in Denver. Makes sense. Italian Americans hold Christopher Columbus in high esteem and the explorer is viewed as a hero to Italians all over the globe. Columbus was a courageous man who opened up a new frontier by discovering the New World.

If it weren’t for Columbus’ brave exploits, the North American continent would have never been conquered and settled. America as we know it, would have likely never come into being. As distant as Columbus’s feats may be, we are still feeling the very implications of his discoveries. And we should be thankful for the Italian explorer’s valor and determination in discovering a new frontier for free men to conquer.

However, there are many people who remain unappreciative of men like Columbus’s exploits. They would prefer to moan about how Columbus “oppressed” them and represents a symbol for white supremacy for doing so.

“Mexican Chicanos and Indigenous peoples have suffered genocide over the last 500 years,” declared Arturo Gonzalez, a retired Chicano studies professor. “We live with that trauma. We continue to live with that trauma.”

This isn’t the first time that Denver approved of destroying its own history. Earlier this year, the city decided to rename the Stapleton neighborhood as Central Park due to the fact that the previous name was based off a former mayor and member of the Ku Klux Klan

This is a national trend that will not stop. A Left consumed by political correctness and anti-white historical revisionism presents a unique danger to America. A serious nationalist movement would be confronting each and every one of the Left’s attempts to erase our history.

The conservative movement has clearly dropped the ball and is not up to the task of defending our country’s heritage.The nationalist movement will have no choice but to fill this void and stand up for what is right.
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Statue in Boston of Abraham Lincoln with freed slave kneeling at his feet is removed

"Its clear that residents ... have been uncomfortable with this statue, and its reductive representation of the Black mans role in the abolitionist movement," Mayor Marty Walsh said.

Dec. 30, 2020, 1:29 PM CST
By Stefan Sykes

A statue depicting a freed slave kneeling at the feet of President Abraham Lincoln was removed from its perch in Boston's Park Square this week.

Workers took down the statue, called The Emancipation Group, early Tuesday morning after Boston officials voted to dismantle the 141-year-old monument over the summer.

The bronze statue, a replica of one in Washington, aimed to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 and honor President Lincoln, but critics have long deemed the display degrading and racist. In June, nationwide protests over racial injustice reignited calls for the statues removal, prompting the Boston Art Commission to vote unanimously in favor of taking it down.

As we continue our work to make Boston a more equitable and just city, its important that we look at the stories being told by the public art in all of our neighborhoods, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said in a statement at the time. After engaging in a public process, its clear that residents and visitors to Boston have been uncomfortable with this statue, and its reductive representation of the Black mans role in the abolitionist movement."

The statue is based on Archer Alexander, an escaped slave who helped the Union Army and later became the last man recaptured under the Fugitive Slave Act. It was donated by Moses Kimball, a politician and founder of the Boston Museum, and installed in the park in 1879, according to the Mayor's office.

The statue depicts a shirtless Alexander rising to his feet from broken shackles while Lincoln towers over him, a hand outstretched, to symbolize emancipation. At its base, an inscription reads: "A race set free and the country at peace. Lincoln rests from his labors."

Boston activist Tory Bullock emerged as an ardent critic of the statue over the summer, spearheading the campaign for its removal. His online petition calling on the city to take down the statue has since garnered nearly 13,000 signatures.

"It brings a feeling of validation," Bullock told NBC Boston. "A feeling of, if we see something that we don't agree with, we can stand up and say something and a lot of people may listen and may force the process that wouldn't have happened otherwise."

City officials have promised to hold a public event to acknowledge the statue's history and will determine a new public setting for the statue, such as a museum.

The decision for removal acknowledged the statues role in perpetuating harmful prejudices and obscuring the role of Black Americans in shaping the nations freedoms, said a spokesperson for Walsh in a statement to NBC News.

As expressed by so many during the public process this year, we fully agree that the statue should be relocated to a new publicly accessible location where its history and context can be better explained.
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Ex-Klansman race traitor sells his "racist" business to a nigger. All so he can virtue signal to the colored masses. It's just another example of how christ-insanity can even corrupt the racial concious. The brain pollution of the christian religion, no matter how many made up hoops one jumps through to try and make it "work" in ones life, will always find a way to rot and destroy. It does exactly what the kikes created it to do.

As a true Creator this story wouldn't have happened. It's a violation of the 7th Commandment of Creativity:

"Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family." (Commandment #7 of Creativity's 16 Commandments (https://creativityalliance.com/16commandments))


Work begins to turn SC racist store into racial harmony site

Jeffrey Collins

LAURENS. S.C. (AP) Renovations are starting for an old theater in South Carolina that spent decades as a store that sold racist merchandise and a meeting spot for the Ku Klux Klan.


The Echo Project wants to rehabilitate the theater in Laurens and turn it into a community center and museum on racial reconciliation.

The Rev. David Kennedy owns the theater now.

A former Klan member sold it to him for $1,000 after Kennedy helped him get food and a place to stay.

But he let the Redneck Shop owner still lease his store.

Kennedy won a 15-year legal fight in 2012.

The Echo Project has raised $300,000 for the work.
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Since they won't allow the sexual deviants to fly their flags due to an ordinance to suppress what they identify as "hate groups". The town decided to build an overly extravagant building for the fags. Which I'm sure will be done at the expense of the tax payers.


LGBTQ center to open in Utah town embroiled in rainbow flag controversy



Residents of Heber City, Utah, may not see rainbow banners waving along their Main Street during Pride Month, as they have in years past, but they'll soon get an LGBTQ center to call their own.

Inspired by headlines about a controversial ordinance that may prevent advocates from installing Pride banners on city lampposts during Pride Month in June, the LGBTQ nonprofit Encircle announced that it will erect an LGBTQ resource center in Heber City. Encircle Heber, which will be just blocks from the public high school, will take the shape of a newly constructed house with a large gathering area, therapy rooms, a music room and an art room.

"The house, of course, is a safe space; it makes it feel like home, look like home, so that these individuals have a place to come every day and feel loved and accepted, maybe when they don't feel at home in a school or church or even their own homes," Encircle Executive Director Stephanie Larsen said.

Since 2019, the sight of rainbow flags on Heber City lampposts during June has ignited debate in the small, predominantly Mormon town, with some conservative residents viewing the banners as city-sanctioned "political" speech. In response to the backlash, the City Council passed an ordinance in August to restrict "political" banners and require that all banners on city lampposts get sponsorship from the city, Wasatch County or the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce. Because of the debate within the community over whether Pride banners are "political," it's unclear whether city officials will approve them this year.

"We call flags 'political,' yet behind every flag there is an individual who, I believe, those flags are sending a message of acceptance and love for those who are in the community who are LGBTQ," said Larsen, whose organization has built LGBTQ community centers in three other cities in Utah.

While proponents argue that the ordinance is necessary to prevent potential hate groups from displaying their own banners, LGBTQ advocates claim that the ordinance is a thinly veiled attempt to ban rainbow flags from being publicly displayed in the city. Similar controversy over Pride banners flared in other cities last year, including Reading, Pennsylvania; Woonsocket, Rhode Island; Foster City, California; and Minot, North Dakota.

Heber City is far from the only community in Utah where Pride flags have stirred contention. For the last two years, the Salt Lake City-based nonprofit Project Rainbow has rented out rainbow flags for $14 to people across Utah so they could stake them in their yards during the city's Pride festivities. While the group staked about 1,400 rented flags in 2019 and more than doubled that number in 2020, many flags were stolen or vandalized, said the group's founder, Lucas Horns. Horns estimated that 10 percent of the group's flags staked across the state last year were stolen or vandalized, and he said the organization even got backlash on social media from people accusing it of "forcing their beliefs" on communities.

Heber City resident Allison Phillips Belnap, 47, is a lesbian, a suicide survivor and a former Mormon. She raised money in 2019 and 2020 to install the rainbow banners on the city's lampposts hoping to show support for LGBTQ youths and to help curb the suicide rate of young people in Utah, where the youth suicide rate has tripled since 2017. She said it's "so exciting" that Encircle, which provides suicide prevention services for queer youths, will open a center in Heber City.

"I think it's going to create a space that hasn't existed," she said. "That's going to prove very important as we support [LGBTQ] youth and try to diminish the negative mental health effects that have been happening in that population and the troublesome trends towards increased suicidality in that population."

Over 42 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual students nationwide seriously considered attempting suicide in 2015, compared to nearly 18 percent of straight students, according to a 2015 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than $350,000 has been raised to build the resource center, which is expected to open in the fall. In addition to therapy and suicide prevention services, the center will host "friendship circles" for LGBTQ youths and will also offer support to parents who need help understanding and accepting their LGBTQ kids, Larsen said.

Mayor Kelleen Potter, the mother of two LGBTQ teens, said she is "elated" that an Encircle center is opening in the city, where she said 12 percent of high school students have self-reported being LGBTQ.

"I just think about myself, you know, 10 years ago, and the years I went through struggling with no one to talk to and how that will never have to happen to anyone again," Potter said. "I just think it's just so incredible. I could not be happier."

In addition to being a safe space for LGBTQ youths and their families, Encircle will strive to educate the wider community about their LGBTQ neighbors.

"Encircle's approach is to bring the family and the community together and help LGBTQ individuals thrive," she said. "We really hope that by going to Heber we can help bring the community together through meaningful conversations and through people getting to know each other. I think that's when the change happens."
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The internship was provided by Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a professional development organization tied to major financial corporations such as CitiBank, IBM, and Goldman Sachs, the College Fix noted. It was advertised as a financial position under the title of SEO Career 2021 Paid Summer Internship.

The internship application enumerated a list of qualifications, all of which the student met, including a minimum GPA of 3.0, a declared economics major, and class status of at least sophomore. The application failed to note that whites need not apply.

Its not like I was underqualified or anything, I met everything else, the student told the College Fix, while asking to remain anonymous to protect her future career in the finance field.

I had the right major, I had the right GPA, I was the right year in college, she said, but I was white so they wouldnt help me.

Its just frustrating that my skin color can stand in the way of my future career when Ive worked so hard for my grades and do well in my classes, the student told The College Fix.

I do all of these things to try and help my resume look better to future employers and I end up being rejected for the color of my skin, she added. It just feels like were going backwards.

Our mission is to create a more equitable society, where people from all racial backgrounds are represented at every level of American society, SEO said in an explanation of its policies. While we do not host internships or use race in our hiring decisions, we provide supplemental education and training to support the advancement of underserved and underrepresented individuals, with a special focus on those who will benefit most from SEOs services and intervention.

SEO did not explain how favoring underserved and underrepresented individuals does not constitute using race in its hiring decisions.


It would seem that SEO is well suited to partner with the incoming Biden administration, which has already stated that race will figure prominently in its decision-making.

In a recent post on Twitter, Mr. Biden said that he will be favoring ethnic minorities and women over whites and men.
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Jews playing both sides against the middle as usual. Gab is run by a kike and so is the AntiDefecation League. ;D

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Jews playing both sides against the middle as usual. Gab is run by a kike and so is the AntiDefecation League.

Yeah, Gab claims that if you don't break the law, they don't censor you - but they deleted all of our flyers I uploaded there, and probably reported me to the FBI. All of our flyers are legal, as confirmed by British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and American JOG and its agents. They don't like who we are, nor do they like what we have to say, but they have to admit, we are 100% Legal.

Quote from: Private
The Church of Creativity is a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. We do not promote, tolerate nor incite illegal activity.
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Oy vey!  :-\

One of Israel’s most respected rabbis, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, has released a statement on the status of America as a waning world superpower and a message of hope for Israel to fill the void. Rabbi Eliyahu is the Chief Rabbi of Safed and a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council

Regarding the outcome of the US elections, Rabbi Eliyahu explains that the schism is deeper than last week’s incident on Capitol Hill saying: “The big crisis that is currently happening in America didn’t start with the storming of Capitol Hill. It started with the Democratic party’s’ lack of confidence in Trump’s presidency expressed in fiery protests across the United States, and his being labeled in every possible derogatory manner.”

The rabbi added that the lack of Republican trust in America’s election process also contributes to the crisis.

“With tremendous sorrow we can recall this event as part of the process of the US descending from the stage of world history. It’s a sad moment, but it’s happening.”

Recalling the fall of ancient Egypt, the rabbi uses historic precedent to back up his claim saying: “This is not the first time a superpower fell because of a crisis of values and returns to being an ordinary country among other nations. That is what happened to Egypt and Rome in the old days. That is what happened to the Ottoman Empire approximately a century ago, all the way to the Russian Empire that collapsed 30 years ago, both of whom collapsed due to a failure of values that led to their demise as well as a decline in their great power as world leaders.”

Rabbi Eliyahu also recalled the collapse of France and Great Britain who were once “considered part of the four powers that rule the world,” He added that they collapsed just as Europe as a whole is collapsing because of values…or lack thereof.

The one thing all these empires had in common is the subversion of a jewish minority who had a stranglehold on positions of power. I was just reading some RPO about the way the jews always destroy the leaders of any society they are destroying and graft themselves in their place. Of course with the White societies it also plans to destroy our People as a Race through murder and miscegenation. Also notice the shameless begging for shekels and pandering to the christardians to help the cho-simba ones of jewhovahs book. Aloha Snackbar! >:D
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Stevie Niggs Uses MLK Day to Urge Biden to Establish ‘Truth’ Commission

Singer Stevie Nig, who supported and campaigned for Joe Biden, is using the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to urge the president-elect to create a truth commission whose goal would be to investigate inequality in this country. But he said the commission will also hold accountable those “who promote lies and false truth.”

He added: “Those in leadership who won’t or don’t acknowledge the truth should be held accountable.”

Stevie Wonder is asking the incoming Biden-Harris administration to launch the federal commission as a way to ultimately achieve “reconciliation.”

“I’m calling on President Biden and Harris to launch a formal government investigation to establish the truth of inequality in this country,”  he said, later adding: “We must define the truth in the facts that support them and declare them absolute. Those who promote lies sand false truth must be held accountable. It is the only way we can move forward.”


I hope it leads a million un-people march off a cliff. The MiniTruth will be ran by retarded nigs and imbecilic wigs? :-\