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Title: Hunter Biden Fears His Laptop Was Hacked Or Worse 'It Was The Russians' Again
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Hunter Biden: Maybe laptop was stolen, or hacked, or it was 'Russians'


President's scandal-ridden son vague on information suppressed during 2020 campaign
 April 2, 2021

Hunter Biden says the laptop computer possessed by a Delaware repair shop owner with images of him in compromising situations and with texts and emails regarding his controversial foreign business deals might be his. The computer might have been stolen, the hard drive might have been hacked or the whole thing might be, as media and former intel officials have suggested, "Russian disinformation," he told CBS News' Tracy Smith in an interview to be aired April 4. "For real, I donít know. I really donít know what the answer is. That's the truthful answer," Biden said "Of course, certainly [it could have been my laptop]. There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be I was hacked. It could be that it was Russian intelligence." During the interview, Hunter Biden also claimed his father staged an intervention "to get him to give up drugs last year, during the presidential election." He said Joe Biden, sobbing, chased him down the driveway of their Wilmington, Delaware, home, in front of Hunter's daughters, to stop him from getting in his car.


 Hunter Biden is promoting his new book ... The repair shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, claims Biden dropped off the laptop for repair and never picked it up. Because of its contents, the repairman turned over a copy to the FBI in December 2019. After judging that the FBI was not taking action, he gave a copy to President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and some of its explosive contents ended up in stories in the New York Post in October, just before the 2020 election. The messages reported by the Post, which have never been disputed, indicated that Joe Biden was aware of his son's foreign business deals while he was vice president and profited from them. There also are images of Hunter Biden smoking a crack pipe in bed and in a bathtub. And there are videos of him engage in sexual acts with prostitutes. Hunter Biden has not previously discussed the laptop publicly, but he announced in December he has been under federal investigation since 2018 over taxes related to foreign business ventures.
Hunter Biden: Maybe laptop was stolen, or hacked, or it was 'Russians' (https://www.wnd.com/2021/04/hunter-biden-maybe-laptop-stolen-hacked-russians/)