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Author Topic: Bullies (NIGGERS) Make (WHITE) Girl's Life a Nightmare

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Bullies make girl's life a nightmare
May 6, 2010

Lyric Elliott's mom is refusing to send her to school because the eight-year-old says she is being repeatedly bullied by several other students.

Eight-year-old Lyric Elliott says life at her Scarborough school has been an absolute nightmare for the last 18 months thanks to bullies who refuse to leave her alone and an education system that has done too little to protect her.

Now, after 163 visits to the office at William Tredway Junior Public School — and repeated pleas to school staff to keep her daughter safe — the young girl’s mother has decided “enough is enough.

“I pulled her out of school last week,” Jacqueline Elliott told the Toronto Sun Wednesday. “I just couldn’t take it any more.”

She said the final straw came last Thursday when five boys pushed Lyric to the ground, then poked and prodded her with sticks.

“She was bruised and scratched from head to toe,” Jacqueline said of her daughter’s injuries.

Lyric said she loved going to school before she, her baby sister and mom fled an abusive situation in Calgary and moved to the Markham Rd. and Lawrence Ave. E. area in 2008.

But now she’s simply terrified because of the constant harassment she claims she faces.

“It happens just about every day,” the soft-spoken youngster said of the abuse she has allegedly endured. “It’s a bad dream that I can’t wake up from.”

Lyric now has nightmares quite regularly because of the bullying. All she wants is to go to school and feel safe.

“Just stop bullying me and leave me alone,” Lyric said, reaching out to her alleged abusers. “They think it’s funny when they see me cry or get hurt.”

The little said she believes her fellow students single her out “because I’m white.” Her mother said she couldn’t help wonder if race was a factor when Lyric came home from the predominantly black school asking to take a bath.

“I asked her why and she told me it was because the kids were calling her a ‘dirty white girl,’” added Jacqueline.

In one of the worst incidents, Lyric’s mother claims three first-grade boys threw Lyric on the ground and took turns “dry humping her.”

“Only one of the boys was suspended,” Jacqueline said. “I was told the other two hadn’t been in any trouble before.”

Despite the recent passing of Bill 157 by the province, which is suppose to combat bullying by requiring school staff to file a report on all such incidents, the frustrated mom insisted she has had difficulty getting action.

Jacqueline said there are about five kids, girls and boys, who are terrorizing her daughter. She said she complained to the principal more than 40 times about one girl before her parents were finally notified.

And Jacqueline added she was told by school staff there is no point in suspending the bullies because they would just consider it “a holiday.”

Tired of fighting with Lyric every morning and “dragging” her to school only to have her call home part way through the day claiming to be sick, Jacqueline is now refusing to bring her daughter back to William Tredway even though she could face legal ramifications for withdrawing her child from school.

The mom said she has spoken to the school principal countless times; she has called Toronto Police but they can’t lay charges because the alleged bullies are under 12 years old; education ministry officials told her she must contact her school’s superintendent; and the superintendent, Kerry-Lynn Stadnyk, has told her the principal is dealing with it.

Jacqueline said she has made more than 100 calls to Stadnyk, but she has only actually spoken to her a handful of times.

“I’ve asked many times to meet with her and she won’t,” Jacqueline contended.

However, after a Sun reporter called the Toronto District School Board Wednesday, Jacqueline said she suddenly received a call from Stadnyk offering to meet with her next week.

She said they spoke for 45 minutes on the phone.

A TDSB spoeksman said Stadnyk was unavailable for comment until Thursday.

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Re: Bullies (NIGGERS) Make (WHITE) Girl's Life a Nightmare
« Reply #1 on: 07 May 2010 at 01:06 »
The only way to handle this situation is for parents of the bullied child to beat the living * out of the bullies, and by that I mean send them to the emergency room if necessary. Brut force is the only thing they understand, especially niggers.

That is the only right thing to do by your child. Screw the principal and the other public school bureaucrats. The only thing they give a damn is their paycheck and covering up non-white social pathologies.

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Re: Bullies (NIGGERS) Make (WHITE) Girl's Life a Nightmare
« Reply #2 on: 10 May 2010 at 06:15 »
rev sinn you're right but not only should you beat the kids, you should use violence against those kids parents also
jail time is nothing compared to the safety of your kids
a father is supposed to be a protector of the family and this absolutely means using violence

this mother should not have waited 163 times, she should have pulled her kid out of school and used violence at the time of the dry hump incident
an 8 year old kid should never be dry humped

if that happened to my kid I'd never get out of jail for multiple murders or maimings

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Re: Bullies (NIGGERS) Make (WHITE) Girl's Life a Nightmare
« Reply #3 on: 14 May 2010 at 03:32 »
The nigger simply cannot help itself.

It would be completely justified for not only the child but the parent of the child to use any force necessary to make a very clear message to every mud in the school that even looking at a White child the wrong way will be scrutinised and responded to. Justified of course but we should not advocate such behaviour.

It is fact beyond any doubt that schools with a highly multiracial demographic has more bullying and illegal behaviour than a mostly White school. This is the case in any country around the world.

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Re: Bullies (NIGGERS) Make (WHITE) Girl's Life a Nightmare
« Reply #4 on: 23 May 2010 at 22:25 »
The children of all liberal parents should become racially aware the hard way. Its happening verywhere. The White Race has completely lost control of its destiny.
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