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Title: Antifa Calls for Formation of “Red Army” to “Annihilate” White People
Post by: Private on 29 August 2018 at 03:36
Antifa calls for the formation of a “Red Army” to “annihilate” their enemies.


Extract: They affirm their commitment to terrorism and say they are prepared to “annihilate” people they believe to be “fascists” or “collaborators”. This militant rhetoric is a continuation of previous statements from this cell which include open calls for “revolutionary violence” and “armed resistance”. This antifa group is just one of many violent communist cells now openly operating across the country.


Like many antifa groups, Red Guards Austin uses social media to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize other far-left extremists. This particular cell has almost eight thousand Facebook followers. While big tech companies have been systematically censoring conservatives and right-of-center influencers, violent far-left groups are free to openly violate the Terms of Service for these platforms without any consequences.

If you are an Austin resident and you are concerned that this armed, violent, extremist group might present a threat to you or your family, we strongly encourage you to contact the FBI.

Admin Edit:  Never contact the FBI regarding any concerns you may have about the politically correct, or you will find yourself on an FBI Watch List treated as a White Terrorist.