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Title: American Shops to be Boarded Up for Election
Post by: Private on 24 October 2020 at 09:24
Beverly Hills PD issues dire warning to retailers in the posh town to board up their windows and Rodeo Drive will be shut down before election night fearing rioting and chaos if Donald Trump WINS

 * The BHPD sent a text to all business owners in the area, strongly suggesting all buildings on Rodeo Drive to board up windows by 11pm on Monday, November 2

 * The department also said the famed street would be completely shut down by 12am that Monday, with no cars or pedestrians allowed to pass through
 * They also say no businesses should be operating 'out of safety for the community and business patrons' during the shut down

 * The text comes in anticipation of mass protests and possible rioting throughout the city on Tuesday, November 3, in the wake of the presidential election results

 * Beverly Hills has recently been a site for Trump supporters to gather, as they've been hosting rallies in the city every Saturday until Election Day

 * Officials fear peaceful demonstrations on either side could turn violent, as the country finds out if Trump or Biden wins the White House

 * New York City has similar plans in place, as the NYPD is training every day and deploying hundreds of extra cops as it braces for Election Day and its aftermath