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Title: American Mud Crime
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Formerly: American All-Species NIGGER Crime

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This topic describes the criminal activities of America's non-White infestation of niggers: Afro-American Niggers (the Sons of Obama), Red Niggers (American Indians), Taco Niggers (Mestizos), Ice Niggers (Eskimos), Sea Niggers (Hawaiians), Sand Niggers (Arabs), Dot Niggers (Indians and Pakistanis) Rice Niggers (Asians) ....

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A man was convicted of strangling the mother of his child in Sacramento, driving her body 80 miles to San Francisco and setting it ablaze in a car in the Lower Haight neighborhood.

Almon Johnson, 33, of Sacramento was found guilty Tuesday by a San Francisco Superior Court jury of first-degree murder and arson in the 2011 slaying of preschool teacher Vanessa Herrera, 23, of Sacramento, police said.

Herrera had previously been the victim of domestic violence by Johnson, including an August 2010 incident in which he was arrested for physically abusing her and their child, authorities said.

Almon Johnson was found guilty on all counts.

“This is an incredibly tragic death that reminds us that domestic violence is a cycle,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “I cannot stress enough the importance of early intervention. It is absolutely essential to protect these vulnerable victims.”

By: SF Gate

Link: http://www.dailystormer.com/black-father-convicted-of-strangling-mother-of-his-infant-to-death-and-setting-her-on-fire/ (http://www.dailystormer.com/black-father-convicted-of-strangling-mother-of-his-infant-to-death-and-setting-her-on-fire/)
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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A woman was beaten, stabbed and sexually assaulted by an intruder in a home in suburban Willowbrook Saturday afternoon.

The woman, who is 26 years old, was pulling her car into the driveway of her parents’ home in the 700 block of 73rd Court at about 1 p.m. when a dark brown or dark blue older model Nissan Altima followed her into the driveway, Willowbrook police said.

A man then got out of the car and asked the woman for money. She refused and went inside the house. The man then began knocking on the side door of the home and asking to make a phone call. When she refused again, he forced his way inside the house, police said.

Nobody else was home at the time of the incident.

Inside the home, the man stabbed the woman multiple times with an unknown sharp object, according to police. The victim’s family told NBC Chicago she was beaten “like an animal,” stabbed 16 to 18 times and sexually assaulted.

The suspect is as usual a Black.

When the offender left, the woman was able to run to a neighbor’s home and call police.

The woman remained hospitalized overnight with broken bones in her face and multiple stab wounds in her throat, face, torso, abdomen and back, her father said. On Sunday, police said she was alert and cooperative, providing investigators with details about the attack.

“This is something you never want to see,” the woman’s father said. “No human being should ever be treated like this.”

The suspect is described as an African-American man in his 30s, standing about 5-foot-10-inches and weighing 160 to 180 pounds. He was wearing a blue short-sleeve shirt and dark-colored khaki shorts and white socks.

By: NBC Chicago

Link: http://www.dailystormer.com/white-woman-beaten-stabbed-and-raped-by-black-intruder/ (http://www.dailystormer.com/white-woman-beaten-stabbed-and-raped-by-black-intruder/)
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Hours before police say she was brutally slain, Nadine Skow was supposed to visit her parents at their home in Beaumont, Alta.

She had just come back from a camping trip and wanted to see her three-month-old niece.

“But she had come back with a cold,” her mother Helen Skow said. “And so she didn’t want to come over.”

Nadine stayed home that Sunday night but kept texting her mother throughout the evening, asking for pictures of the baby. The next morning Harvey Skow, Nadine’s father, sent her a text.

Nadine never replied. Unusual for a woman who called her parents at least once a day.

Harvey and Helen kept calling Nadine all day Monday but the phone kept going to voicemail.

“And when it was still going to voicemail Tuesday morning, I said to Harvey, ‘there’s something wrong,’ Skow said.

Harvey Skow phoned Nadine’s co-workers at work and asked them to check on her. That’s when they discovered her body in her apartment near 106th Avenue and 104th Street.

Nadine had been stabbed multiple times. The killer allegedly mutilated her body by removing her organs.

Silva Koshwal, 38, Nadine’s ex-boyfriend, is charged with second-degree murder and offering an indignity to a human body.


Link: http://www.dailystormer.com/black-disembowels-white-girlfriend-and-stabs-her-to-death/ (http://www.dailystormer.com/black-disembowels-white-girlfriend-and-stabs-her-to-death/)
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Maplewood police are asking for the public’s help in locating the husband of a woman shot dead in the family’s townhouse early Sunday.

The couple was heard in a heated argument around 5:30 a.m., just before 41-year-old April Tennin was shot to death.

On Monday, investigators named 31-year-old Todd Larry Tennin as a suspect in the killing.

Tennin has an extensive criminal history and was out on parole from the Moose Lake Correctional Facility.

Sunday’s shooting death of the mother of four has rocked this close-knit townhome neighborhood.

Todd Larry Tennin was out from prison on parole when the shooting occurred.

Family and friends had the grievous task of gathering personal belongings for the Tennin’s three children. Neighbors awoke to the kids screaming out in the street that their mother was dead.

“The impact on these kids is unimaginable,” Police Chief Paul Schnell said.

Police say Todd Larry Tennin is wanted in connection with his wife’s death. Police recovered two vehicles they believe he was driving, but Tennin remains on the run.

Tennin has a lengthy criminal record, including assaults, child endangerment and weapons violations. He was released from prison on a firearms violation in 2014 and was still on parole with Department of Corrections when Sunday’s shooting occurred.

By: Minnesota CBS local

Link: http://www.dailystormer.com/police-look-for-black-husband-after-pregnant-woman-shot-dead/ (http://www.dailystormer.com/police-look-for-black-husband-after-pregnant-woman-shot-dead/)
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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STAUNTON — Nearly 16 months after a city worker found the body of a mentally disabled Staunton man who was stabbed 11 times in the head and eight times in the neck, the teen accused in the killing will stand trial Tuesday on a charge of first-degree murder.

Isaiah D. Stuart, 17, of Staunton, is charged in the slaying of 26-year-old Julian Parrott, killed in May 2014 on the city's public golf course in Staunton.

The case has seen delays in part because of two psychological evaluations and a postponement in July by Stuart's defense attorney, who asked that the trial be pushed back when personal family issues arose.

Based on evidence heard at Stuart's preliminary hearing last summer, police said the suspect, 16 at the time, told them he met Parrott the night of May 7, 2014, at the golf course in Gypsy Hill Park. Stuart claimed Parrott paid him for sexual favors in the past, and said on the night in question he again met with Parrott for sex.

Based on police testimony, Stuart claimed he refused the alleged sex request. Stuart said Parrott, in an effort to get him to stay, grabbed him as he tried to leave. Stuart told police he responded by pulling a knife and stabbing Parrott multiple times.

A city employee cutting grass near the golf course's 18th hole discovered Parrott's body the next morning.

An autopsy report revealed Parrott was stabbed 11 times in the head and eight times in the neck. Parrott also had numerous cuts to his upper extremities, which were consistent with defensive wounds. In all, he was stabbed or cut 35 times, according to a report.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Roanoke said the fatal blow occurred when Parrott was stabbed in the back of the neck, cutting his spine and severing an artery.

Stuart, despite his juvenile status, is being tried as an adult. The charge of first-degree murder carries a minimum of 20 years in prison and a maximum of life.

Stuart has undergone two psychological evaluations and has been deemed competent to stand trial.

A bench trial in Staunton Circuit Court is expected to start Tuesday at 9 a.m.

The last teen tried for murder in Staunton was Ashkea P. Johnson, who was 17 when she smothered her baby to death in 2009. In 2012, a judge sentenced Johnson to 28 years in prison.

By: Brad Zinn

Link: http://www.newsleader.com/story/news/local/2015/08/31/stuart-parrott-staunton-murder/71449334/ (http://www.newsleader.com/story/news/local/2015/08/31/stuart-parrott-staunton-murder/71449334/)
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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New York City cops tracked a man wanted in North Carolina for a violent string of murder, robbery and rape crimes when he stole a running car from a street downtown and was located through a GPS phone app, authorities say.

Kendrick Keyanti Gregory, 21, was arrested Tuesday when NYPD officers caught him driving in a car that had been reported stolen from a Tribeca parking lot. The NYPD says officers were called to the area of Warren Street and Broadway, where a 55-year-old woman reported that someone drove away with her 2014 Honda Pilot after she left it running with the keys in the ignition. She told police she had a GPS tracker installed in the car and the car could be located using a cellphone app.

One of the officers downloaded the app on his phone, had the woman log into her account, and tracked the car traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge, police said. Cops responded to the Smith Street between Pacific and Dean streets in Brooklyn, pulled over Gregory in the stolen Honda Pilot, and took him into custody.

Police found a handgun in Gregory's pocket and another one beneath the driver's seat. He was taken to the 1st Precinct stationhouse, where investigators learned he was wanted in the North Carolina violent crime spree.

The crime spree there began Monday morning when he shot and robbed 27-year-old Lenin Alvaringa in Raleigh. Later that night, he allegedly shot and killed 64-year-old Thomas Melvin Duran in a robbery, according to police. Shortly afterwards, police say Gregory raped a 15-year-old girl.

Gregory is charged with rape, murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill and inflicting serious injury, and robbery with a dangerous weapon in the North Carolina crimes. He's charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of a weapon in the New York City incidents.

It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the police work was particularly commendable because the suspect was accused of committing "extraordinarily serious, violent crimes'' in such a short period of time.

"God knows what he would've done here in New York,'' Bratton said. "He was an individual totally out of control. Their quick action and response to that woman's call really may have saved us from a very significant set of problems.''

Carlos Gomez, chief of patrol for the NYPD, said the officers found two .45-caliber handguns in Gregory's possession, one in his pocket and another beneath the driver's seat. Police believe one of the weapons had been taken from the pawn shop owner after he was killed.

"He was a one-man crime spree,'' Gomez said.

By: NBC New York

Link: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/North-Carolina-Murder-Rape-Arrested-New-York-City-Police-323804001.html (http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/North-Carolina-Murder-Rape-Arrested-New-York-City-Police-323804001.html)
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SHREVEPORT, La. - Judge John Mosley found Robert Calvin Farris, of Bossier City, guilty as charged on two counts of second degree murder Wednesday afternoon.

Farris waived a jury trial, therefore the judge reached the verdict on his own.  The decision came in the second week of the trial.

Farris was arrested for the deaths of Stephen Bryant, 57, and Madonna Wachter, 49, of Shreveport.  The couple was shot and killed in their Highland home more in January 2013.

By: KTBS 3

Link: http://www.ktbs.com/story/29946442/farris-guilty-as-charged-in-double-homicide (http://www.ktbs.com/story/29946442/farris-guilty-as-charged-in-double-homicide)
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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HARRISBURG- A large group of juveniles (all Black) "savagely assaulted" two Newville brothers (Both white) who had visited the city to watch fireworks at the Kipona festival, Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter said Tuesday.

The victims, ages 16 and 19, were jumped near Third and Walnut streets as they walked to their vehicle after the fireworks ended Sunday night, Carter said.

Harrisburg Police Chief Vows To Find Juveniles Who 'Savagely Assaulted' Two Brothers After Kipona Fireworks

Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter said his officers are looking for video footage and other evidence to ID suspects who participated in an unprovoked attack with racial overtones Sunday night near Third and Walnut streets.

The younger brother suffered a possible broken jaw, he said. The older brother tried to shield his younger brother from the attack and suffered bruising and swelling, he said.

The victims were able to run away from the group of attackers, who represented an overwhelming threat because of their sheer number, Carter said.

The beatdown also had a "racial overtone," to it, Carter said. He said the attackers, who were black, yelled racial comments at the white victims, who had been "minding their own business."

"That should not have happened," he said. "Believe me, we're not going to tolerate it."

Carter called the Cumberland County teens to offer his support and let them know about the state's victim compensation fund to cover their medical bills.

He described the brothers as "very nice, well-mannered" and didn't hide his disgust over the actions of the attacking juveniles.

"It really irks me that it happened," he said. "Hopefully we can arrest the people responsible for this."

The attack occurred near the federal building, which has cameras mounted outside that could help police identify the attackers.

The attackers could be the same group that went on a wilding in midtown Saturday night, jumping on cars, smashing vehicle mirrors and ransacking a convenience store, Carter said.

Carter said his officers planned to take video images from from the vandalism spree Saturday night, and any that they can find from the beating Sunday night, to every school in the city to help identify suspects.

By: Christine Vendel

Link: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2015/09/large_group_of_juveniles_savag.html (http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2015/09/large_group_of_juveniles_savag.html)
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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A topless maid has been convicted of killing her elderly client by repeatedly hitting him a shotgun until it broke and then almost sawing off his head with a knife.

Centia Renee Martin, 36, was sentenced to 35 years to life for the brutal crime after a jury found her guilty of killing the 74-year-old retired police officer.

The jury took four hours to decide the verdict, following a 21-day long trial in which she attempted to represent herself.

Steven Gates, deputy district attorney, said retired officer Robert Crigler originally hired her as a topless maid and masseuse on January 10.

However, at some point during the the next three days, the maid bludgeoned the former Redondo Beach Swat team member to death with a shotgun.

She also nearly decapitated him by sawing at his neck with a knife during the attack inside his Inglewood, LA, home.

Prosecutors claimed the killing occurred sometime between January 10, when Crigler hired Martin, and January 13, when police found his body inside his home.

Evidence presented at trial included video surveillance footage and forensic evidence that tied Martin to the crime.

An obituary published by the LA Times in early February stated Crigler had also been a naval reservist, a civil air patrol pilot and he had owned his own real estate company.

Topless maid services have long been popular within LA, and there are a large number of companies offering both topless maids and waiters for a hefty price.

In May, a self-confessed 'voyeur' pensioner made headlines for his local paper ad seeking a £20-an-hour nude cleaner.

The 69-year-old from Bristol asked for a woman to wash the dishes and dust and tidy his home naked, for which they would recieve above the market rate.

Quoted only by his first name John, the divorcee said he enjoyed getting to know the women and slammed 'left-wing feminists with nothing else to say' who have criticised his adverts.

He said: 'I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm not harming anyone. I'm a voyeur, in the truest sense of the word.

'If I was a pervert, I would use an escort agency. If I wanted sex, I would go to a red light district.

'Often they say to me after their first shift: "That was not as bad as I thought it would be". I get to know them and become friends.'

By: Corey Charlton

Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3227775/Topless-maid-convicted-killing-elderly-client-74-bashing-repeatedly-shotgun-sawing-neck-knife.html#ixzz3ldoNlGT7 (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3227775/Topless-maid-convicted-killing-elderly-client-74-bashing-repeatedly-shotgun-sawing-neck-knife.html#ixzz3ldoNlGT7)
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Dallas, Texas - Nigger Murders White Couple: Hacks Husband to Death - Wife Kills Herself

Naomi Martin (http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/author/nmartin/) | Dallas Morning News | 26 October 2015

http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2015/10/patti-stevens-wife-of-slain-white-rock-runner-took-her-own-life-police-say.html (http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2015/10/patti-stevens-wife-of-slain-white-rock-runner-took-her-own-life-police-say.html)

Dave and Patti Stevens married in 1990 in Michigan.

Dave Nigger Johnson

Dave was slain Oct. 12 randomly while running around White Rock Lake. Patti took her own life on Oct. 25, police said.

Stevens, 53, ran 10 miles around White Rock Lake every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning before heading to his electrical engineering job at GE in Plano.

Police said Thomas Linze Johnson, 21, a mentally ill former Texas A&M football player, randomly picked out Stevens and hacked him to death with a machete around 8 a.m. Oct. 12 on the White Rock Creek Trail.

Johnson, a high school football star at Skyline High School, is currently in the Dallas County jail in lieu of $500,000 bail. Police said Johnson admitted killing Stevens, who he did not know. [more ... (http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2015/10/patti-stevens-wife-of-slain-white-rock-runner-took-her-own-life-police-say.html/)]
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Obama's Son Kills Again ...

US teen sentenced to life for murder of maths teacher Colleen Ritzer

http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/02/27/09/30/philip-chism-sentenced-to-life-for-murder-of-maths-teacher-colleen-ritzer (http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/02/27/09/30/philip-chism-sentenced-to-life-for-murder-of-maths-teacher-colleen-ritzer)

A US teenager has been sentenced to at least 40 years in prison for raping and murdering his maths teacher when he was 14.

Philip Chism sexually assaulted Colleen Ritzer, 24, before cutting her throat in a bathroom at Danvers High School, Massachusetts, in October 2013.

Obama's son, Philip Chism
Colleen Ritzer, 24, raped and murdered by Obama's son

Chism, now 17, had pleaded not guilty under reasons of insanity being a nigger.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Taco Nigger Eulalio Tordil Goes on Shooting Spree

https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/one-person-shot-at-montgomery-mall-in-bethesda-police-say/2016/05/06/f510d2aa-139f-11e6-81b4-581a5c4c42df_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-banner-high_montgomery-1245pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/one-person-shot-at-montgomery-mall-in-bethesda-police-say/2016/05/06/f510d2aa-139f-11e6-81b4-581a5c4c42df_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-banner-high_montgomery-1245pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory)

A FEDERAL officer who had threatened to “commit suicide by cop” is alleged to have shot six people — killing his estranged wife — in a two-day shooting spree that left two others dead.


Eulalio Tordil, 62, a police officer with the US Department of Homeland Security, was arrested Friday afternoon and taken into custody after a massive police manhunt.

Authorities said Tordil followed his 44-year-old wife Gladys to their children’s high school in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and killed her as she waited in an SUV at approximately 4:40pm.

When a bystander tried to intervene in an argument between the pair, Tordil shot and wounded the man before pointing his handgun at his wife and shooting her multiple times.

Documents show Ms Tordil had previously told authorities he threatened to harm her if she left him.

Tordil escaped and on Friday, as cops hunted for suspects, three more people were shot — one fatally — in a parking lot at Westfield Montgomery Mall in affluent Bethesda, Maryland at around 11:00am.

Tordil allegedly targeted one person before firing on two others that came to help, said Montgomery County Assistant Police Chief Darryl McSwain.

One unidentified man was killed, another was critically injured and a woman suffered “non-life-threatening injuries”.

About half an hour later, a woman was fatally gunned down outside the Aspen Hill Shopping Center in Silver Spring, some 13km away.

The shootings and capture brought an erie reminder of the 2002 sniper shootings, in which 10 people were killed and others wounded in the Washington area. Authorities said those killers, niggers John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, ate at the same Boston Market during their rampage. [more ... (https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/one-person-shot-at-montgomery-mall-in-bethesda-police-say/2016/05/06/f510d2aa-139f-11e6-81b4-581a5c4c42df_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-banner-high_montgomery-1245pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory)]
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White People MADE Me Do It

This is a story we've all heard so many times. Some black kid get's shot, but he dindu nuffin and was just a good boy trying to get that education, and we need mo money for dem programs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zxHt91FRk0&ab_channel=NakedApe (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zxHt91FRk0&ab_channel=NakedApe)

http://www.nationalreview.com/article/420565/charleston-shooting-obama-race-crime (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/420565/charleston-shooting-obama-race-crime)
http://www.brookings.edu/research/testimony/2012/06/05-poverty-families-haskins (http://www.brookings.edu/research/testimony/2012/06/05-poverty-families-haskins)

https://twitter.com/Nakidape (https://twitter.com/Nakidape)
https://www.facebook.com/Naked-Ape-1523423101318644/ (https://www.facebook.com/Naked-Ape-1523423101318644/)
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Breaking News: Nigger Shooting Random People & Cops in Washington DC

A police special weapons tactical team has been deployed to hunt a black male described as wearing a black mask and black Adidas jacket with blue jeans.

Three people have been wounded and a police officer hit by a car after a shooting in Washington DC’s NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue) neighbourhood
The area is about 1.6km north of the US Capitol.

According to police, a gunman walked up to the corner in front of a liquor store and opened fire. Media were told at a police conference a short time later that one of the victims was the intended target of the shooter.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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A fat jigaboo 'ho has been arrested after punching a female Mestizo reporter in the face during a live cross.

Telemundo 62 journalist Iris Delgado was wrapping up a report outside Philadelphia’s City Hall on Wednesday night when she was approached by Waheedah Wilson.


Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/...bf26ab259ff593 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/...bf26ab259ff593)

POLICE continue to negotiate with a suspect in the Dallas shootings who is holed up on a garage and exchanging gunfire with officers.


 During a press conference, Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown said the suspect had warned more officers would be hurt and killed, and there were bombs all over the place in the garage and downtown Dallas.

“This suspect we’ve been negotiating with has been exchanging gunfire with us and has not been very cooperative in negotiations,” he said.

“The suspect ... has exchanged gunfire with us over the last 45 minutes (and) has told our negotiators that the end is coming, and he’s going to hurt and kill more of us.”

He said the suspect had warned there were “bombs all over the place in this garage and in downtown.

“So we are being very careful in our tactics so that we don’t injure or put any of our officers in harm’s way, including the citizens of Dallas, as we negotiate further.

 Brown confirmed the police had a woman in custody who was in the same area of the garage.

“We followed a Mercedes with two suspects who had camouflage bags who officers ended up stopping on traffic,” he said. “They are in custody and being interviewed.”

Snipers are believed to have shot 11 police officers, with four confirmed dead.

 It comes as one of the shot transit officers who survived was identified by her father as Misty McBride. He said his daughter had been a transit officer for about five years, and was wounded in the shoulder and abdomen.

 Eleven police officers were shot and at least four of them are dead after they were hit during a protest following the recent police shootings of black men.

“The person of interest whose picture has been circulated just turned himself in,” the Dallas Police Department confirmed.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/dallas-police-shot-in-dallas-protest/news-story/2f6ee162afb6e5af75bf26ab259ff593 (http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/dallas-police-shot-in-dallas-protest/news-story/2f6ee162afb6e5af75bf26ab259ff593)

He said the suspect was lucid and clearly stated he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."

“He was upset about Black Lives Matter. He was upset about police shootings, upset at white people.”

“The suspect stated he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone.

What a sense of justice! Shooting any white personal because he believed they deserve to die because of what two completely unrelated police did in a different state!See this is a difference between America and other western nations. In America any fruitcake can go get access to firearms  easily and do these things.
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Ha ha!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-leaves-nation-reeling-our-hearts-are-broken/news-story/d45c6b7be044efbcba24cf87d88c922a (http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-leaves-nation-reeling-our-hearts-are-broken/news-story/d45c6b7be044efbcba24cf87d88c922a)

http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-gunman-micah-johnson-wanted-to-kill-white-people-especially-white-officers/news-story/7286a44f2bd0ac505d88cbb14c69152c (http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-gunman-micah-johnson-wanted-to-kill-white-people-especially-white-officers/news-story/7286a44f2bd0ac505d88cbb14c69152c)

http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shootings-five-officers-killed-include-brent-thompson-patrick-zamarripa-and-michael-krol/news-story/32127ab0ba81f13fa8ac74abc0bcdd4f (http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shootings-five-officers-killed-include-brent-thompson-patrick-zamarripa-and-michael-krol/news-story/32127ab0ba81f13fa8ac74abc0bcdd4f)

Murdering Coon: Micah X. Johnson

Johnson’s Facebook page bore a selfie taken with Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin, 55, a member of the influential rap group Public Enemy. The band, whose heyday was in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, was controversial for its political, pro-black political stance. A statement from the Dallas Police Department said Johnson “embraces a radical form of Afrocentrism” and is the author of an audio book called Warriors Tapestry.

Brett Thompson and Michael Krol: White Americans
Misty McBride (will perhaps survive): White-American
And Patrick Zamarripa (Left): Mexican-American

Lorne Ahrens and Michael Smith: White-Americans
The murdered and the wounded

The Dallas shooting has heightened racial tensions across the US, with former Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh firing off a series of tweets blaming both HNIC Obama and the #BlackLivesMatter movement for the attack on police. “This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you,” he wrote, in a since deleted tweet.

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/us-race-shootings-race-rally-cops-killed-in-dallas-sniper-ambush/news-story/559a755abd0cc56530f6eefb6ae8115c?nk=8567981df3c02c009e717979aef88822-1468033617 (https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwigpOKvs-XNAhVEFZQKHWDZC2QQqQIIHTAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theaustralian.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnation%2Fus-race-shootings-race-rally-cops-killed-in-dallas-sniper-ambush%2Fnews-story%2F559a755abd0cc56530f6eefb6ae8115c&usg=AFQjCNHRh0RiILKdiMUGXy03cHZbg6O2Sg&sig2=GAw9HVX4VfgoZpCk8hfFkg)

As the FBI and local authorities launched an investigation, their focus was expected to probe militant black rights groups set up in Dallas. Anti-police groups include the New Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the founder of the 1960s activist Black Panther Party.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club includes a coalition of BARC (Blacks Against Racist Cops) and other African-American groups, who agitate against police ­brutality.

The group ­attended the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad mosque in Dallas in April to monitor protests by an anti-­Islamic group, the ­Bureau of American ­Islamic Relations. Both sides were armed, and moved on by police.

http://www.dailywire.com/news/7264/5-statistics-you-need-know-about-cops-killing-aaron-bandler (http://www.dailywire.com/news/7264/5-statistics-you-need-know-about-cops-killing-aaron-bandler)

The Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings have caused an uproar among leftists because they fuel their narrative that racist white police officers are hunting down innocent black men. But the statistics – brought to light by the superb work of Heather MacDonald – tell a different story.

Here are five key statistics you need to know about cops killing blacks.

1. Cops killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks in 2015. According to data compiled by The Washington Post, 50 percent of the victims of fatal police shootings were white, while 26 percent were black. The majority of these victims had a gun or "were armed or otherwise threatening the officer with potentially lethal force," according to MacDonald in a speech at Hillsdale College.

Some may argue that these statistics are evidence of racist treatment toward blacks, since whites consist of 62 percent of the population and blacks make up 12 percent of the population. But as MacDonald writes in The Wall Street Journal, 2009 statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties.

"Such a concentration of criminal violence in minority communities means that officers will be disproportionately confronting armed and often resisting suspects in those communities, raising officers’ own risk of using lethal force," writes MacDonald.

MacDonald also pointed out in her Hillsdale speech that blacks "commit 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime" in New York City, even though they consist of 23 percent of the city's population.

"The black violent crime rate would actually predict that more than 26 percent of police victims would be black," MacDonald said. "Officer use of force will occur where the police interact most often with violent criminals, armed suspects, and those resisting arrest, and that is in black neighborhoods."

2. More whites and Hispanics die from police homicides than blacks. According to MacDonald, 12 percent of white and Hispanic homicide deaths were due to police officers, while only four percent of black homicide deaths were the result of police officers.

"If we’re going to have a 'Lives Matter' anti-police movement, it would be more appropriately named "White and Hispanic Lives Matter,'" said MacDonald in her Hillsdale speech.

3. The Post's data does show that unarmed black men are more likely to die by the gun of a cop than an unarmed white man...but this does not tell the whole story. In August 2015, the ratio was seven-to-one of unarmed black men dying from police gunshots compared to unarmed white men; the ratio was six-to-one by the end of 2015. But MacDonald points out in The Marshall Project that looking at the details of the actual incidents that occurred paints a different picture:

The “unarmed” label is literally accurate, but it frequently fails to convey highly-charged policing situations. In a number of cases, if the victim ended up being unarmed, it was certainly not for lack of trying. At least five black victims had reportedly tried to grab the officer’s gun, or had been beating the cop with his own equipment. Some were shot from an accidental discharge triggered by their own assault on the officer. And two individuals included in the Post’s “unarmed black victims” category were struck by stray bullets aimed at someone else in justified cop shootings. If the victims were not the intended targets, then racism could have played no role in their deaths.

In one of those unintended cases, an undercover cop from the New York Police Department was conducting a gun sting in Mount Vernon, just north of New York City. One of the gun traffickers jumped into the cop’s car, stuck a pistol to his head, grabbed $2,400 and fled. The officer gave chase and opened fire after the thief again pointed his gun at him. Two of the officer’s bullets accidentally hit a 61-year-old bystander, killing him. That older man happened to be black, but his race had nothing to do with his tragic death. In the other collateral damage case, Virginia Beach, Virginia, officers approached a car parked at a convenience store that had a homicide suspect in the passenger seat. The suspect opened fire, sending a bullet through an officer’s shirt. The cops returned fire, killing their assailant as well as a woman in the driver’s seat. That woman entered the Post’s database without qualification as an “unarmed black victim” of police fire.

MacDonald examines a number of other instances, including unarmed black men in San Diego, CA and Prince George's County, MD attempting to reach for a gun in a police officer's holster. In the San Diego case, the unarmed black man actually "jumped the officer" and assaulted him, and the cop shot the man since he was "fearing for his life." MacDonald also notes that there was an instance in 2015 where "three officers were killed with their own guns, which the suspects had wrestled from them."

4. Black and Hispanic police officers are more likely to fire a gun at blacks than white officers. This is according to a Department of Justice report in 2015 about the Philadelphia Police Department, and is further confirmed that by a study conducted University of Pennsylvania criminologist Gary Ridgeway in 2015 that determined black cops were 3.3 times more likely to fire a gun than other cops at a crime scene.

5. Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops. This is according to FBI data, which also found that 40 percent of cop killers are black. According to MacDonald, the police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than a cop killing an unarmed black person.

Despite the facts, the anti-police rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and their leftist sympathizers have resulted in what MacDonald calls the "Ferguson Effect," as murders have spiked by 17 percent among the 50 biggest cities in the U.S. as a result of cops being more reluctant to police neighborhoods out of fear of being labeled as racists. Additionally, there have been over twice as many cops victimized by fatal shootings in the first three months of 2016.
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Obama Says US Not Divided After Shootings

http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/obama-says-us-not-divided-after-shootings/news-story/765a5071349e986c912aff6a50688d6d (http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/obama-says-us-not-divided-after-shootings/news-story/765a5071349e986c912aff6a50688d6d)

http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-micah-johnsons-sister-nicole-johnson-ranted-against-police-on-facebook-a-day-before-her-brother-killed-five-officers/news-story/bcd0a9b694d77353ad840a58a4db554e (http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/dallas-shooting-micah-johnsons-sister-nicole-johnson-ranted-against-police-on-facebook-a-day-before-her-brother-killed-five-officers/news-story/bcd0a9b694d77353ad840a58a4db554e)

US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has rejected the assertion America is divided by race.

Obama labelled the Dallas sniper “demented”, saying he was not representative of all African-Americans.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD7QfC0Xjwk&ab_channel=RevSpitz26 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD7QfC0Xjwk&ab_channel=RevSpitz26)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elM4Q1l8G-w&ab_channel=USAFreedomAtRisk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elM4Q1l8G-w&ab_channel=USAFreedomAtRisk)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEqa90XpPw0&ab_channel=luisernestopozo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEqa90XpPw0&ab_channel=luisernestopozo)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztdCpHRsQ_U&ab_channel=UFPnews (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztdCpHRsQ_U&ab_channel=UFPnews)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtuYWlh6fJ4&ab_channel=RhythmOfOurSouls (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtuYWlh6fJ4&ab_channel=RhythmOfOurSouls)

Donald Trump blames Barack Obama for race divide

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/us-race-shootings-donald-trump-blames-barack-obama-for-race-divide/news-story/14676997bced539ecbe011b186e56f3e (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/us-race-shootings-donald-trump-blames-barack-obama-for-race-divide/news-story/14676997bced539ecbe011b186e56f3e)

Donald Trump attacked President Obama yesterday, saying that America’s first black president had only worsened racial tensions.

“Our nation has become too divided,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said after five White police officers were shot dead by a black gunman in Dallas. “Crime is harming too many citizens. Racial tensions have gotten worse, not better. This isn’t the American Dream we all want for our children.”
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http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/shootings-in-dallas-show-how-hate-colours-debate-on-racism/news-story/2a2b881105e828986fac364d24996cfb (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/andrew-bolt/shootings-in-dallas-show-how-hate-colours-debate-on-racism/news-story/2a2b881105e828986fac364d24996cfb)

THE Dallas race murders are a warning to us: the Left’s hate campaign against whites is deadly dangerous.

In Dallas, a black racist, Micah Johnson, shot 12 people and killed five of them, all white and Latino police officers.

Before he was killed, Johnson told police negotiators he wanted to kill white people, especially white police.

His hatred is excused in many media reports as a reaction — almost understandable — to the shootings last week of two black men, including an armed robbery suspect, by white and Latino police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Take this reader’s comment published by Fairfax on Saturday: “If it leads to fewer shootings by police of African-Americans, then in a perverse way it was a statement worth making.”

But such grotesque excuse-making ignores three things.

First, Johnson hated whites before the two shootings that are said to have inspired his rampage.

Second, police in the US actually kill more whites than blacks.

And third: if there really is a race war, it is not of racist whites attacking blacks. It is blacks attacking whites.

Let me give you some of the evidence for those three claims — evidence that helps show that Johnson was peddling a lethal and dishonest race hatred that’s been whipped up by influential race-baiters and their Leftist appeasers.

Johnson was already posting racist rants against whites before the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota last Tuesday and Wednesday. Days earlier he wrote on the Facebook page of the black nationalist Black Panther Party Mississippi: “Why do so many whites (not all) enjoy killing and participating in the death of innocent beings.”

Johnson also “liked” a small Facebook group called the African-American Defence League, which on Wednesday wrote after the Louisiana shooting: “We must ‘Rally The Troops!’ It is time to visit Louisiana and hold a barbecue. The highlight of our occasion will be to sprinkle Pigs Blood!” On Thursday night, after Johnson had killed his five victims, the League posted a picture with the caption: “We must kill white police officers across the country!”

This pumping up of racial resentment and anti-police hate isn’t just on the very fringes of black culture, incited only by marginal groups such as the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam.

It is a feature of many hip-hop and gangsta groups, including Public Enemy, whose Professor Griff posed with Johnson for a picture on Johnson’s Facebook page.

As one of Public Enemy’s big hits says: “We’ve got to fight the powers that be ... Nothing but rednecks for four hundred years if you check.”

Johnson also had a president who seems to supercharge these racial divisions. For instance Barack Obama appeared to side with the African-American Trayvon Martin after he attacked a Latino Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and was shot dead.

He seemed to side with the African-American Michael Brown after he robbed a store and then attacked a policeman, who killed him.

And on Thursday, hours before the Dallas shooting, Obama implied the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota were also the work of a racist white culture.

“They’re symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system ...

“And when incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if because of the colour of their skin ...”

All this fuelled the aggressive Black Lives Matter movement, which has stormed political rallies and blocked streets to claim that racist white police murder blacks.

And it was at a Black Lives Matter rally that Johnson started firing.

But so many on the Left now think it fashionable to encourage this new racism and, like Obama, they leave out the context that exposes the lies on which it feeds.
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To momentarily drop down into conspiracy theory possibilities...  I have a strange feeling that this was a public relations campaign to have a calming affect on the recent outrages over these last few crime chimp killings. I'm sorry for the officers that lost their life but there is just this weird idea ping-ponging in my head that it was all set up, there was no real shooter, shots were blanks, the dead cops were just stunt men, and now, all the rowdy niggers that were thinking about doing something stupid because of it, are now a little more at ease because a few cops got shot in some, similar to, "pay back" manner.

As I said, this is just a hunch and I'm sorry for the loss of officer lives.
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Gee the coons have a shocking nature! Such a poor level of courtesey.
The video is a good laugh. Hot headed clowns!
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Russia is planning to place Black Lives Matter (BLM) on their ‘terror list’, officially recognising the group as a “racist terrorist organisation”.


The Federation Council is setting in motions plans to place BLM on the Federal Security Service’s (FSB) “Unified List of Organizations, Including Foreign and International Organizations That Have Been Recognized As Terrorist [Groups] By Russian Law”.

According to this report, SLEDCOM derives its authority to conduct this terrorist investigation of Black Lives Matter based on its authorization under Federal Law of 28.12.2010 No 403-FZ to conduct preliminary inquiries relating to “the protection of rights and freedoms of man and citizen” regardless of international borders.

The initiating document issued by Chairperson Matviyenko advocating that Black Lives Matter, its founders, and its funders, be listed as a terrorist organization, this report continues, relates to this “racial-hatred” groups advocating the killing of American law enforcement officers in order to “incite/inflame” “racial passions” in the United States—and whose “tactics/rhetoric”, if transferred to Europe, would pose a grave threat not only to the Federation, but, indeed, all of the continent.

Black Lives Matter hits Australia https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,9081.0.html (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,9081.0.html)

Evidence presented to SLEDCOM by Chairperson Matviyenko supporting her request, this report notes, contains both public and classified materials—including the Black Lives Matter “tacit support” of the assassination this week of 5 American police officers in Dallas, Texas, and the attempted assassinations of American police officers in Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee too.

The Black Lives Matter “racial-hatred” group, this report continues, was founded by American-based communist activists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi who self describe themselves as “queer Black women” and whose organizations members have penetrated into the top echelon of US political elites as evidenced by their over 90 minute meeting with President Obama in the White House this past February.

To the greatest concern(s) of Chairperson Matviyenko relating to Black Lives Matter, however, this report says, are the tens-of-millions of dollars being given to it by billionaire Obama regime supporters Tom Steyer and the heir to the Taco Bell fortune, Rob McKay (otherwise known as “Obama’s trust fund baby”)—as well as US tech giants Google, who gave $2.3 million to this “racial-hatred” group, and Facebook—who stunningly erected in front of their main headquarters building a massive “Black Lives Matter” sign just hours after the Dallas police officers were gunned down.

Rob McKay, this report continues, provides the main “funding conduit” to Black Lives Matter through his communist inspired Democracy Alliance (DA) organization aided by hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—both of whom have raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As to why these elite, and white, billionaires, along with US tech giants, are funding the “racial-hatred” group Black Lives Matter and its “queer Black women” founders, this report notes, is listed as the “highest concern” of Chairperson Matviyenko in her referral—but which answers for have yet to discovered.

SLEDCOM investigators, though, this report continues, do note that many American dissidents have long voiced concerns that the Obama regime is attempting to incite a race war in the United States—including former US Congressman Allen West who in 2013 wrote about his fears of a race war occurring, and just yesterday, another former US Congressman, Joe Walsh, threatening President Obama with “war” and warning Black Lives Matter demonstrators to “watch out”.

With Black Lives Matters gangs being tear gassed in Phoenix (Arizona) last night, and in Oakland (California) their attacking a police building and calling for more police deaths too, this report concludes, Chairperson Matviyenko’s referral to place this “racial-hatred” group, it founders, and it funders, on the FSB’s terrorist organization list has been “provisionally approved” pending further investigation.
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This time in Louisiana 3 police get assassinated.
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#BLM Black Panthers: Bomb Nurseries ... Kill White Babies ... Kill Whites for Facebook ... Kill All Da White People

This #BlackLivesMatter BS is out of hand. I seen on the news this morning that they were having "sit in" in downtown stores in Greenville SC. The niggers were saying  that ... when a cop gets shot or hurt the store owners would have fund raisers and get on the news to talk about it. BUT if a cop shoots or hurts a COLORED, the store owners would do nothing. NO fund raisers or even talk about it.

SO ... I guess they want people to start having fund raisers for criminals? REALLY ???
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They expect the whole world out of playing the pity card. 

Just another nigger in the wrong place, wrong time, doing the wrong *. Asking to get shot.   Their race is nothing but a problem. I think that's fair enough.   No need for promoting it's Good Riddance.

William Christo Gibbs    >:D 5150
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It's one thing to have a peaceful protest about the police and the fact they feel there is an injustice.It's another to go around in a mob :- hurting,rioting,looting and destroying. That's all they know! They can't reason they just tantrum.

Even though a nigger could have been born in a time when slavery wasn't around they just won't get the chip off their shoulder!

Get with it! Cops shoot anyone who is dangerous and commits a crime!

America needs to have this talk that nobody born now is a slave! Take responsibility for your actions and quit focusing hate on others!
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Mainstream media caught tampering with footage so that nigress calling for the burning of White suburbs appears to be calling for peace.

‘Burn that s*** down’: Sister of Milwaukee shooting victim’s ‘call for peace’, according to CNN
Amid the violence following the shooting, Smith’s sister fronted the media. “Burning down s*** ain’t gon’ help nothing,” she said in her full comments edited from the broadcast. “Ya’ll burning down s*** we need in our community. Take that s*** to the suburbs. Burn that s*** down.”

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Another black thug has threatened to murder Donald Trump in an online video posted to Instagram. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana resident Demarcus Davis who goes by "Maine Musik" says he's going to go to war with Trump with his arsenal of guns and hand grenades if Trump becomes president and takes away his mom's food stamps. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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(c)Rapper David Banner finds himself in the middle of controversy after releasing a new video showing a police officer being kidnapped, tortured, and hanged by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Rapper David Banner finds himself in the middle of controversy after releasing a new video showing a police officer being kidnapped, tortured, and hanged by Black Lives Matter supporters.

There are already several online petitions calling for Banner and all participants in the video to be charged for inciting violence against police officers.

WARNING: The video is graphic and likely to piss you off. [scroll down for video]

The video starts off, showing a police officer, in uniform, smiling while watching the news about him having shot a young black suspect while callers say it was unnecessary. The officer then hears a knock on the door, but when he answers, he’s attacked and kidnapped.

The next time we see the officer, he’s tied to a chair against his will as a fake court finds him guilty. Strangely, the document showing the charges lists three charges: Fraudulent use of a visa, and aggravated identity theft, so nothing to do with the shooting showed earlier.

We’re then shown the officer being dragged over to a waiting noose. It’s not just actors being vile, as this shot shows Banner himself beating the officer in the video.  The video also shows the cop being tortured and beaten.  And even drowned in a sink.  Finally, the video ends with Banner holding up the black fist symbol as the screen fades out.

But don’t worry, it’s all cool because they ran this disclaimer before it, right?


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White Kids Don't Matter ...

According to Jewish school principal, Phyllis Schwarting, White kids don't matter. Recently, a 17 year old black man, Tavon Walters, with a long history of violence and currently out on probation, bashed a 5 year old White girl on a school bus. According to Schwarting, this is "normal" acceptable behaviour. That's what happens when little White girls go to school with black thugs.


Security footage shows the assault, which had the races of the victim and the perpetrator been reversed, would be international news. As it is, this news barely made it to the local MSM.

Only Black Lives Matter to the MSM.



Source: http://dailyheadlines.net/2016/09/video-superintendent-defends-thug-17-in-assault-on-girl-5
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Take the Kaepernick Challenge on White Racism and Black Murder

Take 2% of the country in any urban area and count the amount of White deaths due to black on White crime.
Now take the entire country and count the amount of black deaths due to White on black crime.
The White deaths always far outnumber the black deaths.

Your government and your mainstream media already know this. That's a fact that they know well ... but Black Lives Matter and you do not. Remember that when go to the polls to vote for your latest oxygen thief of a candidate.


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Extract: Rapist — and former Vanderbilt University football player — Cory Batey, was sentenced to 15 years, the lightest sentence possible, for his part in the gang rape of an unconscious woman in 2013.

Batey is black and the woman he and three others raped is white. In the courtroom, prosecutors acknowledged that Batey made a sickening racist statement but that — being the pathetic coward scum that he is — it wasn’t made publicly.

Multiple sources claimed that Batey said “That’s for 400 years of slavery you b****,” in regard to why he raped the woman, according to The Tennessean.

Link: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2016/07/14/cory-batey-faces-least-15-years-friday-sentencing/86953944

Batey couldn't muster up the courage to make his racist statement in open court and instead “apologized” and asked for forgiveness even calling the rape an “unintentional tragedy.”


The woman gave a powerful statement in court that showed extraordinary courage.

In her statement she said that, “Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn't even know who I was.”
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He "din do nuffin" just a good boy...he go
To church!
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Nigger Kills White Family: Torches Little Child >:(


Quote from: Private
23 May 2015

Daron Dylan Wint, 34, brutally murdered Savvas Savopoulos, 46, his wife, Amy, 47, their son, Philip, 10, and the family housekeeper in Washington D.C.

He held the Savopoulos family hostage before torturing and murdering them in cold blood. He collected a ransom of $40,000 before killing everyone.

He lit the home a blaze on the following day, which eventually lead to the bodies being found.

Wint ordered a Domino’s pizza while waiting for the money to arrive, which Police used to recover DNA that led to the identification of Wint.

According to Conservative Tribune, “Wint, 34, wanted for first-degree murder, is believed to be armed. U.S. Marshals along with the New York Police Department think he had gone to the New York City area after his crime. On Wednesday, police were seen questioning individuals at Wint’s last known address in Prince George’s County, Md”

A seemingly meaningless story in the eyes of the media, considering there are no riots. Just goes to show you how one sided the news really is. No race baiters, no Al Sharpton, no nothing.

This is one of the most moving and upsetting articles. I have found. This fucķing Nigger needs trial by fire over a period of months.
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This Plegue Of Nigger's there Lives don't matter anymore than thay did before thay smashed this innacent girls teeth with a pipe. I think it's a tragic recurring epasode that thay keep thinking that harming People and killing Whites is gonna make there lifes matter to any fucķing body. None the less there Trash  :obama and that's where thay belong in the heap with the rest of the garbage.
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This whole misuse of MSM that black-Nigger lives should matter don't make no damn sense. Fucķing Animals.
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Black Lies Matter

Heather MacDonald - Washington Examiner (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/)


Extract: The Black Lives Matter movement has been feted repeatedly at the White House and honored at the Democratic National Convention ... Yet the Black Lives Matter movement is based on a lie ... The idea that the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic of racially driven police shootings is also false, and dangerously so. Several studies released this year show that police officers are less likely to shoot blacks than whites ...   Blacks commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined ... For the past two decades, the country has been talking about phantom police racism in order to avoid talking about a more uncomfortable truth: black crime.
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Face Slashing Shït Skin


Extract: Kari Bazemore, a crazed Negro who like to slash white people arrested - 43-year-old Deborah Memmolo who bravely chased down and snapped a photo of a man who attacked her in November was thankful Friday that the NYPD finally nabbed the serial slasher
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Baton Rouge Killer Was Racist Member Of "Nation Of Islam", Railed Against 'Crackers' On YouTube



Long, who operated a self-motivation website called “Convos with Cosmo,” also appears to have tweeted hours before the attack unfolded. In one video posted in recent weeks, Long left a cryptic message that may have foretold Sunday’s attack. And though he said he was once a member of the Nation of Islam, the radical sect led by Louis Farrakhan, Long also said that he had no affiliations with outside groups.

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Jungle Apes In Police Uniform NYC Beat White Man

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White Veteran Stabbed To Death by Gang of Nigger's


Extract: In Lakewood, Washington, a 20-year-old soldier named Tevin Geike was stabbed to death in a parking lot. According to reports, he was walking along the Pacific Highway SW with two other white soldiers when a group of black men drove by and yelled at the group.

Allegedly, the men driving by were yelling racial slurs, and when one of the soldiers responded, the car turned around. Then, the driver of the vehicle recognized that they were fighting soldiers.

One of the suspects bumped into Geike, and the soldiers saw him fall to the ground. Meanwhile, the car sped away into the distance. Geike bled to death from multiple stab wounds.

“He was already dead in my brother’s arms,” Glenn Zimmerman, a friend of Geike, told reporters.

The group of soldiers had been at a party that night, celebrating the end of Geike’s contract, and honoring his service to his country.

“I don’t understand how someone can do this—that man, he almost gave his life for people to enjoy the freedoms they have and he was just stabbed for no reason,” Zimmerman continued.

Given the racial implications of the incident, investigators are considering whether the killing is classified as a hate crime. In the meantime, Police are searching for the vehicle and the five suspects, all five of whom are black men in their 20s.
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#BLM Black Lives Matter Hunt White Americans

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Black man charged in death of White man

Lester “Roy” Jones Malik Mayer A man faces murder charges in connection with the death of a missing Union City man, police said. Malik Mayer was arrested Thursday, six days after Lester “Roy” Jones’ body was found near an abandoned house off Cotter Drive. Police ruled Jones’ death a homicide Sept. 9, about a week after he was reported missing. Patrick McDonald said he gave Jones his car and bank card to go to Wal-Mart, but Jones never returned. Surveillance video shows three men in the car attempting to use the card at an ATM, and one is wearing a surgical mask, the station reported. The stolen car was found crashed in Chicago, after being used to commit more crimes. Additional suspects may be juveniles and may be in custody. Mayer was also charged with financial transaction card fraud.

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Extract: LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington police say a third person has been arrested in the murder of Joseph Trevor Dilger, whose body was found in a burned-out car in Lexington.

Officers say they charged 23-year-old Justin Slone on Thursday in connection to the case.

He is facing charges of tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.  Additionally, the Lexington Fire Department has charged him with arson.

Harris is charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Hanley is charged with with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse.

Investigators say Harris killed Joseph Trevor Dilger and Hanley helped cover up the crime.

According to court documents, Harris killed Dilger with a handgun on September 4th.

After killing him, documents say Harris took Dilger’s car, placed his body in it, drove it to Redd Road and Elkchester Road and set the vehicle on fire.

ABC 36’s Fadia Patterson spoke to one of Dilger’s friends, and has more on the story in the video at the source link above.
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District attorney to seek death penalty in killing of Shelby police officer


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - SWAT team members took the man accused of killing Shelby police Officer Tim Brackeen into custody early Wednesday morning in Rhode Island, Rhode Island State Police confirmed.

Officials picked up Irving Fenner Jr., who is accused of shooting Officer Tim Brackeen, at around 2:30 a.m. at an apartment in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Officers in Rhode Island tracked Fenner to a family member's home and gave him a stark greeting Wednesday morning.

"Irving Fenner, this is the Rhode Island State Police. Come out with your hands up right now,” police announced outside the home.

IMAGES: Memorial grows on cruiser of fallen officer Tim Brackeen

Fenner surrendered 15 minutes later.

"We'll pursue you and if you want to fight, we'll fight back," Col. Steven O'Donnell, the Rhode Island State Police superintendent, told Channel 9 about capturing Fenner.

The three suspects' arraignment occurred Wednesday evening in Rhode Island.

The district attorney told reporter Ken Lemon that he will seek the death penalty for Fenner.

Fenner appeared Thursday morning in courtroom in Rhode Island where he said he will fight extradition to North Carolina.
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PA: Nigger Attacks Coppers

Attack on US cop leaves two dead, including gunman

Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 17 September 2016


Extract: A “RAMBLING” note expressing hatred for police was found after a man opened fire on a Philadelphia police officer.
He then went on a shooting spree, injuring a second officer, killing a woman and wounding three other people before he was shot and killed by police in an alley, authorities said on Saturday.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said police found what he called a “rambling” note at the scene of the Friday overnight rampage that police believe was written by the gunman and that expressed hatred toward law enforcement and named a probation officer.

Ross said police believe only the one gunman was involved in the violent events.

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Mississippi Nig Rapes and Kills Nuns

Suspect confessed to brutally killing two nuns in Mississippi

Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 17 September 2016

Extract: A MAN charged with killing two nuns confessed to investigators that he went into their home, struggled with them, stabbed them to death and stole their car, a state law enforcement agent testified on Friday.


Rodney Earl Sanders, 46, of Kosciusko, Mississippi, is charged with capital murder in the slayings of Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, both 68. Their bodies were found August 25 after they failed to show up at the health clinic where they worked as nurse practitioners in one of the poorest counties in the nation.

Oliver said Sanders had been staying in a shed across the street from the sisters’ home for three days before the slayings. He testified that he was not in the room when Sanders confessed, but Sanders’ questioning by other investigators was captured on an audio recording.

“He did acknowledge killing Paula Merrill and Margaret Held,” Oliver testified.

Sanders told investigators that he went through the back door of the sisters’ home, uninvited. Sanders said Merrill saw him first before a struggle took place with both women, Oliver testified. Oliver also said Sanders told officers that after stabbing the women, “He washed himself up because his hands were sticky.”

Rape kits are pending at the Crime Lab, Oliver said. Sanders has not been charged with rape, however.
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In Northern Birmingham an arrest was made in the Slaying of a White 29 year old male. Resources say the white remains was found in a crawl space of a North Birmingham Home .
   Lee Patrick Harris (“Shlt Skin Nigger”) is charged with Murder in the strangulation death of 29 year old Joshua Morris. His decomposed remains was found Sept .3 at 1104 35TH Street North.
Investigators said the street ape nigger and White fellow knew each other. But a motive hasn’t been released. (“When around Black’s don’t relax”)
The body discovery was made Saturday about 7 a.m. Police whet to the home to follow up on a prior complaint. Two days earlier an undisclosed person had said that “he had knowledge of a homicide that took place that week  earlier”.
Detectives went out found no sign of homicide. They returned joined with Huntsville’s K9 Recovery and Search Unit. It was then that they found the human remains in the basement of the home.
Jefferson county coroner’s office responded and confirmed the remains where human. Coroner took custody of the remains .
Family of the White fellow said Morris was raised in Gardendale, but graduated from  high school in Gulf Shores. He married and moved to Minnesota and had a son with his wife, who now is 6 years old. The couple got divorced two years prior, Morris moved back to Alabama.
A missing persons report was filed two weeks ago by the victims mother and stepfather, Cheryl Bentley, had filed a report several weeks prior. “It had been several weeks since we had heard from Josh, and that wasint like him,” said Morris’ stepfather Bobby Bentley.
The family is all devastated by there loss.”Josh was kind of a clown. He was a fun-loving kind of guy that made people smile.” Bentley said.,“For someone to harm him this way, we just don’t understand.”
Court records show that the ( “Mud Nigger”) has a lengthy criminal history to his whole life. In 1987 the ("Shlt Skin”) was convicted of Rape, robbery, burglary and theft. The Nigger was sentenced to 25 years in prison. It’s not being released how long the Vicious Ape Nigger served on it’s sentence.
The Ape Shlt Nigger was booked into the Jefferson County  Jail at 5:01 p.m. It needs the electric chair with a low amp simotanius trigger switch attached to the power supply. I would Fry that Jungle Monkey for hours. But It remains behind bars on small bond of 500.000.
                                                        Editors Note's":
“I have always seen a murder bonds set at one million. With this Shlt Skin Ape’s Niggers Priors, It looks as if It could be set free again to kill and rape the civil public and to cause disorder”.


Source Address: http://www.al.com/news/birmingham/index.ssf/2016/09/felon_charged_with_murder_in_c.html
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Extract: STOCKTON — A 46-year-old white woman and her two teenage daughters said they were viciously assaulted by more than a dozen male and female Black Lives Matter protesters in a racially charged attack Friday night outside a popular Stockton restaurant.

The woman said her daughters — ages 17 and 19 and slightly built at about 5 feet tall and 100 pounds — were jumped by 12 to 14 protesters. The protesters repeatedly punched them in the face, head and ribs, threw water bottles at them, poured water on them and made racist remarks during the assault. Both said they were struck by male and female protesters.

“It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through in my whole life,” the 19-year-old victim said.

Stockton police said Tuesday they were seeking surveillance videos from the area in an effort to identify the assailants. Protester Xavier Rapadas said he participated in the assault in a video that was broadcast live on his Facebook page moments after the attack occurred.

“Them little white girls got beat up,” Rapadas said. “ ... I ran up on them little white b------ ... got my little hit in and I dipped off. Got lost in the crowd. I had to get my one hit in.”
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It is just getting stupid now! America can't function like this! Either the black clowns get locked up .... or you round them up and deport them some place like Antarctica.

Well the elite don't care.. with white people out the road they can give cheap labour to all the beaners and crap they have to replace you!

It's no wonder Russia claim BLM to be a terror group!

These black bastards want justice.. but have no sense of Justice! How many white people have to get bashed or killed that have nothing to do with cops shooting black people?
Because somebody offered a black man a banana they think it's a good excuse to tantrum?
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A woman stabbed during an officer-involved shooting is speaking out, saying she's alive tonight because of two Cedar Rapids police officers. 25-year-old RaeLynn Finn said the father of baby had a plan to kill her.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call at the Valley High Apartments in Cedar Rapids last week. When they arrived, Markell Bivins (* Skin Ape Nigger)  was attacking RaeLynn, stabbing her multiple times. Cedar Rapids police then shot Markell, who later died from his injuries.

Raelynn had emergency surgery and is recovering. She is in a lot of pain, she has stab wounds on her face and neck, her jaw is wired, and she has a ruptured eardrum.

She says while the police officers were standing just inches away, the nigger attacked her.

"Even after they shot the nigger, he continued to stab me and they actually had to taser him three times after," she says.

She says their relationship has been toxic but it rarely got violent. Last Monday, he came into her apartment upset that she broke things off. She says the nigger told her "neither of us will make it out of this apartment alive tonight."

Hiding her phone in her shorts, she says she went into the bathroom and texted her best friend to call 911. Then she got out, running down the stairs to an apartment that was unlocked downstairs. She said the nigger quickly followed and he had a knife. Minutes later, the police arrived.

"The male officer tried to grab him, but then he (the Nigger) tackled me on the couch. For him to do that in front of police, I feel that he wanted to still carry out his plan to kill me," she says.

It's a tough story to tell , but RaeLynn says she hopes by sharing her story that she will inspire others to leave dangerous relationships.

The officers are on administrative leave as the DCI continues to investigate

Address Source:
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Four * Skin Nigger's have been arrested in connection with a beating death last week in Escambia County.
On September 15, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue where Sabrina McManus was found severely beaten in a parking lot. She was transported to an area hospital were she was pronounced dead.
Michael Culliver, 28, Stanley Olds, 20,  Marcus Olds, 24, and Willie Tynell Dixon, 29, have all been arrested and charged with second degree murder

Source Address:
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police have arrested two people in connection with a homicide that happened in Radcliff.

Aaron Lee Pearson, 23, is charged with murder, burglary, receiving a stolen firearm, receiving property under $500 and tampering with physical evidence.

Police have also arrested a female juvenile on the same charges. The juvenile suspect was arrested on Broadway in Louisville on Wednesday.

Radcliff Police Chief Jeff Cross says they don't believe it was a random burglary.

"We don't know how well the suspects knew the victim, but we do believe they were acquaintances and that they did live in the area where he was at," Chief Cross said.

Authorities say the pair were involved in the death of 71-year-old Norman Hall. He was found dead at his apartment on Pin Oak Court earlier this month. According to officials, he died of a stab wound.

Pearson is being held at the Hardin County Jail. He is due in arraignment court on Tuesday morning.

Copyright 2016 WDRB News. All rights reserved
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Just see this video! Niggers try burgle  a place and a little took chases them out with a gun!
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Police were searching Saturday for a gunman dressed in black who fled on foot toward an interstate highway after opening fire in the makeup department at a Macy's store in Burlington, Wash., killing five people.

Initial surveillance footage from the Cascade Mall showed the suspect entering the building late Friday without a weapon but walking into Macy's about 10 minutes later carrying a "hunting-style" a rifle, police said.

Pictured suspect is possibly Middle Eastern or Mestizo
Update: The suspect is in custody, but police are refusing to release his name

The suspect, described as in his teens or early 20s, went into the store's makeup area where he shot four women and a man, Lt. Chris Cammock of the Mount Vernon Police Department said at a news conference.

He then left on foot, out of range of cameras

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Black American Gun Culture: Kill Whitey!

Extract: If cops were viewed as their own distinct social category, they are per capita much more likely to die by gunfire than whites, black, Hispanics or Asians. But because most cop deaths have no political context, they don’t make news in Australia, let alone outside their home states in America.

At a police barricade preventing Black Lives Matter protesters surging into Graceland, where a vigil is being held to commemorate the anniversary of the 39th death of Elvis Presley, they hurl insults at the black cops for defending “the white God of Memphis”.

Much has changed since Elvis lived and died here. There is a black police chief and a majority black police force. Yet the abuse directed against the black men in blue is visceral. “Black cops are bad cops,” they scream. “You are traitors to your race.”

Members of the New Black Panther Party, an anti-white militia, have seized on the killings of black citizens by police to advance its cause. They stand in the faces of the black cops, berating them.

“Y’all lost your niggerhood when you laid down with the pigs,” the Panther’s leader tells them, as two drones fly overhead scanning the vicinity for citizen-snipers. “Y’all murderers.”

We have spent time with some of these same cops, touring the most violent parts of Memphis, where shootings occur daily, if not hourly. We have done the same in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Arcan Cetin: Facts You Need to Know

He's voting for Hillary and wants her ugly mug added to the $10 note.

Online records show that Cetin was arrested in July 2015 on charges of assault in the fourth degree. KIRO reports that as a result of the charges, Cetin was ordered to undergo mental health counselling that he completed in March 2016. During which time, he was ordered not to take drugs or drink alcohol. As of August 25, 2016, Cetin was found in compliance with the court order.

Initial descriptions had described Cetin as being Hispanic. According to his Facebook page, Cetin is a native of Adana in Turkey. He’s a graduate of Oak Harbor High School, class of 2015. Cetin describes his nickname as “The Turk.”

Turkey is officially a Muslim nation.

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Nigger, Perry James Ford Jr., 18, was wanted for questioning in the death of Carolyn Barnes, 75, whose body was found in her home Sept. 9 in the 5300 block of Flintwood Circle. A friend of the victim found her body when she went to check on Barnes after she didn’t answer her phone. An autopsy confirmed foul play was involved in Barnes’ death, but the cause is not being released, the release said.

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Double fatality accident on I-35 near Covell

The two people in the mini-van, 43-year-old Philip John Hess and a two-year-old girl, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Blair and his passenger were transported to a local hospital in critical condition.

The passenger later passed away, officials said.

Now, officials are searching for Blair in connection to the three deaths.

If you know of his whereabouts, please call (405)713-1017 or call OCSO Dispatch at (405)869-2501 and ask for the Warrant Team.

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A former Xerox Corp. employee who once sued the company for racial discrimination is now accused of the 2003 robbery and fatal shooting at a credit union on the company's Webster campus.

Little information was available Tuesday about the suspect, Richard Leon Wilbern, who was charged in federal court Tuesday with the robbery and the homicide of Raymond Batzel, 51, of Lima, Livingston County.

Federal authorities did not announce the arrest Tuesday, and plan a press conference for 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. The Democrat and Chronicle was in court Tuesday when the charges against Wilbern were unsealed.

Two Xerox employees who were in the Xerox Federal Credit Union to transact business were shot by the man in the course of the robbery. Batzel was struck in the head and later pronounced dead at the scene. Joseph Doud, then 28, of Rochester was shot in the shoulder but survived.

Rowena Bennett, Batzel's mother, said she learned Tuesday of Wilbern's arrest..

"All my other children were calling me to say, 'Are you OK?" said the 89-year-old Bennett, who lives in Bloomfield, Ontario County. "I said, 'This is the best day of my life.' "

The charge against Wilbern makes him eligible for the federal death penalty; though federal executions are rare.

Records show that Wilbern worked at Xerox in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and sued the company in 2000. According to a 2003 article from The Daily Record, Wilbern claimed in the lawsuit that he was harassed and retaliated against because of his race. He is African-American.

During the lawsuit, Xerox fired Wilbern, claiming he was constantly absent from work. He said in a deposition that he was often late and took long breaks, but said that the company allowed other workers to make the same lapses while being tougher on African Americans, according to The Daily Record.

A judge dismissed Wilbern's lawsuit in December 2002, eight months before the robbery and homicide.

An appellate court later upheld the dismissal.

The robbery unfolded on the morning of Aug. 12, 2003, when a man entered the credit union and identified himself as an FBI agent. He questioned employees for a moment about their security arrangements, then pulled two handguns from under his windbreaker and announced a robbery. He shot the two men during the robbery.

The credit union, now known as Xceed Financial Credit Union, is on the campus of the Xerox Corp. manufacturing center in Webster.

The entire Xerox campus was locked down for hours as police frantically searched for the gunman, but with no success. The robbery-homicide continued to garner a great deal of public attention for weeks, and authorities released a photograph of the robber, but his identity remained unknown.

Batzel's mother, Rowena Bennett, said she intends to be at the news conference Wednesday. Her son was one of nine siblings, and he suffered from meningitis of the brain when an infant, she said

Address Source :

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Watched 11pm news on a New York City TV channel last evening.  The first five stories were all about some form of crime.  Child abuse, robbery, sexual assault, explosion of a meth factory in a residential home.  In each case the criminals were niggers or other muds.  It is just mind boggling that all Whites don't see the trend and wake-up. 
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Md. Nigger Arrested for Threat to ‘kill all white people'



LA PLATA, Md. (WUSA9) – A Waldorf man that took to his social media to make a threat against people in La Plata, Maryland has been arrested, police said.

Carlos Anthony Hollins, 20, was arrested Wednesday after the La Plata Police Department was alerted to a tweet written by him.

"I'm not gonna stand for this no. more. Tonight we purge! Kill all the white ppl in the town of La Plata #BlackLivesMatter" Hollins posted on his Twitter account Tuesday.

Hollins is facing charges for threats of mass violence, police said.

Police have also added extra officers to patrol the area to protect the public.
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 A Nigger shït skin shooting a gun from a car on southbound Interstate 15 struck two people in another car Saturday, injuring a man and killing a woman, Las Vegas police said.

The Metropolitan Police Department received calls just before 9:30 a.m. from several witnesses reporting there had been a shooting on southbound I-15 near Charleston Boulevard, Metro Lt. Patrick Charoen said about 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police believe a man in his late 20s or 30s shot a gun from his vehicle, striking the driver and front-seat passenger of a second car. Late Saturday, police identified 29-year-old Kenneth McDonald as a suspect in the shooting.

After the woman and man were shot, their car crashed into a barricade on I-15, just south of the Spring Mountain Road overpass.

The 48-year-old woman who was shot was rushed to University Medical Center with three gunshot wounds, Metro Lt. Dan McGrath said. She was pronounced dead just before 11 a.m., he said.

The 55-year-old man, who was driving the second car and was one of the witnesses who called police, is in stable condition at UMC, McGrath said.

About 20 minutes after they learned of the shooting, police were called by employees of a CVS at Windmill Lane and Las Vegas Boulevard South who reported a man had entered the store armed with two handguns.

One employee, whom McGrath called a “very good witness,” told police the shooting suspect pulled his pants down and tried to sexually assault her. She pushed him away, and CVS employees moved to the back of the store, where police were evacuating the building.

Police surrounded the pharmacy. And at about 10:20 a.m., nearly 40 minutes after officers were called, McDonald entered the enclosed entryway to the CVS, where “there was a bit of a standoff,” McGrath said.

“He did not have a gun in his hand, but they didn’t know if there was a gun on his person because he was seen with two handguns,” McGrath said.

McDonald wouldn’t listen to officers’ commands, the lieutenant said.

“They weren’t going to allow him back in the store or back in the vehicle,” which was parked in the middle of the lot, outside the store’s glass doors, McGrath said. “So since he was not complying, they let the dog loose.”
The police dog bit McDonald on the lower leg and thigh, and he was promptly arrested. McGrath said he continued to disobey officers as he was herded into the back of an ambulance.

McGrath couldn’t say whether McDonald was intoxicated. But McGrath added that McDonald wasn’t coherent enough to answer questions when he was in the back of the ambulance. He was taken to UMC to be treated for the bites.

“I’m told he has a criminal history, but I don’t know exactly what it is,” McGrath said. “I was told also he has a gang affiliation.”

The lieutenant didn’t have details on McDonald’s gang involvement and said as far as he knew, the shooting on I-15 was “totally random.” In a statement Saturday, police said they believe McDonald randomly shot at vehicles while driving south on the freeway and eventually pulled into the CVS.

Metro officers had to sweep the interstate between Charleston Boulevard, where the initial call came from, and Spring Mountain Road, closing the freeway for at least an hour Saturday morning, McGrath said. The crashed car was towed to police headquarters about 1:45 p.m., and Nevada Highway Patrol officers opened the remaining three of five lanes, he said.

McDonald was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on charges of murder, attempted murder with deadly weapon and several counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle, Metro said in the statement. He will be held without bail. Because of the number of victims and multiple crime scenes, Metro added, detectives will file further charges later this week.

This is the 134th homicide investigated by Metro this year. The Clark County coroner’s office will release the identity of the woman who died later, police said.
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4 charged in fatal shooting near outdoor party in La Plata

LA PLATA, Md. - Four young people have been charged with the fatal shooting of a man near an outdoor party in La Plata, according to The Charles County Sheriff's Office.

On Sept. 25, two groups of people got into an argument after being asked to leave a party on Mona Farm Place, according to officials. Deputies say punches were thrown and some of the individuals were pepper-sprayed.

Detectives say as some people tried to flee in a car, someone fired several shots into the car. Police say 18-year-old Mason Cameron Atkins of Deale was struck and pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies on Wednesday arrested Tyreq Tilghman and Kevin Averell Jones, both 18, and two 17-year-old girls. All four are charged with first-degree murder and are being held without bail, according to officials

Address Link: http://www.fox5dc.com/news/211187646-story
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Syracuse woman beaten, killed; police arrest 47-year-old man

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A 47-year-old Syracuse woman died this weekend after she was badly beaten at her home, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler announced at a news conference Monday night.


Kimberly M. Rhoades, of 134 Eureka St., was attacked in her home around 1 a.m. Friday, Fowler said.

Neighbors called 911 at 1:05 a.m. after hearing a woman scream, Fowler said. When police arrived, Rhoades was bleeding from her head and complained of pain to her ribs and abdomen area, police said.

American Medical Response ambulance took her to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, where she later lost consciousness. Rhoades was pronounced dead Saturday, the police chief said.

Syracuse police collected evidence and interviewed witnesses, Fowler said.


Syracuse police on Monday arrested Kevin D. Johnson, 47, of 611 Ash St., Syracuse, in connection with Rhoades' death, Fowler said.

Johnson, who police said has a lengthy criminal past, turned himself in to police, the chief said. Johnson was charged with first-degree manslaughter and first-degree burglary, both felonies. More charges are pending.

"Additional charges may very well be forthcoming against Kevin Johnson regarding his connection and relationship with our current victim and other females, as well," Fowler said.

Rhoades and Johnson knew each other, Fowler said. Johnson was not at Rhoades' home when police arrived early Friday, however "there are witnesses to the crime," the chief said.

"Our suspect came to the house and entered the house unlawfully for the purposes of attacking our victim," Fowler said.

The police investigation revealed Rhoades suffered multiple head injuries and internal bleeding to her brain.

Family members said they don't think this was the first time Johnson assaulted Rhoades, a divorced mother of three whose married name was Kimberly Samson. She was assaulted about three weeks ago, but never reported it to police, according to a family member.

Syracuse police said they are looking into possible motives to find out why Johnson assaulted Rhoades on Friday. Police said no weapon was used in the attack.

They are looking into whether the victim's prostitution arrest last year could be somehow connected to her death.

"You're asking if her murder and her connection to Kevin (Johnson), if that had anything to do with her prior arrest of prostitution?" Fowler responded to a question at the news conference. "It very well could be. That's one of the avenues that we are exploring."

Johnson was arrested for third-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment in June 2003, according to syracuse.com | The Post-Standard archives. In October 2003, he was arrested for resisting arrest and two drug charges. The disposition of those arrests was not available.

After Johnson turned himself in to police Monday, he spoke with detectives briefly, but then asked for a lawyer, Fowler said. Johnson was arrested and sent to the Onondaga County Justice Center, where he is waiting to be arraigned on the manslaughter and burglary charges Tuesday morning.

"It's just a sad occasion when a member of our community has lost their life," Fowler said. "I'm sure the family and loved ones of this victim are extremely saddened. Hopefully by this rather quick arrest, this will help them at some point along the way to bring closure."

Rhoades' death marks the 24th homicide so far this year in the city of Syracuse.

"It's always tough to find the words when someone has lost their life," Fowler said. "I can't stand here at this podium or any place else and foster any magic words that's going to make a difference because the worst has already been done. Someone took another person's life in the city of Syracuse. That's extremely sad."

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7 Black Thugs Arrested for Burning White Girl Alive…

The FBI has rounded up 17 black gang members that were in connection with the murder of Jessica Chambers in Mississippi. She was a white 19 year old girl that had disappeared from a gas station while she was filling up her car with gas; her body was found burning just a few miles from the station. The thugs doused her with gasoline and then burned her alive.

Even though this happened more than a year ago, the mainstream media was covering it non-stop…oh, wait, just kidding. There was little to no coverage about this story. Now, especially because there are 17 black thugs that have been arrested, we really aren’t going to hear squat about it.

This is just another example of another White life that doesn’t matter to the media, and certainly not to the idiot residing in the White House.

Lyndon Mosely, Jr., 24
Edward House, 39
Joshua Cannon, 25
Anand Vijay Shegog, 39
Mondarious Armstead, 23
Gregory B. Andrews, 22
D’Irian Case, 18
Janicholas Vankeith Scott, 34
James Mosely, Jr., 26
George Todd, 23
Dedrick Ivery, 39
Antonio Johnson, 28​
Xavier Hooks, 25
Kevin Windfield, 37
Elgin Lamar, 38
Deon Smith, 20
Stanley Coleman, 40

JESSICA CHAMBERS: Teen Murdered Immediately After Local Blacks Called For Rape & Burning Of White Women

The truth about murder and race in Mississippi may prove reducible to black and white after all, as with fifty years ago in the infamous “Mississippi Burning” case.  Breaking, bombshell social media evidence in the Jessica Chambers case suggests the dynamic is reversed, but similar.

In trying to follow and sort out the details surrounding the grisly immolation death of the white former cheerleader two weeks ago, one encounters a cast of very shady characters a country mile long and wide, with the sordid backstory of small-town police corruption in Panola County, and a troubled family tale, all of it murky and convoluted almost beyond belief.

Nailing the actual guilty party, however, could turn out to be not all that complicated.  That’s because some black terrorists in the victim’s immediate circle have left a rather obvious trail of specific, racially-oriented murder threats.

For readers familiar with the concept of Occam’s Razor, what seems to be an incredibly tangled mystery might instead just fit the boilerplate template of what I’m calling Occam’s race war.

One week before, and on just the day before Jessica Chambers was carjacked and burned to death, certain blacks among her intimate circle and acquaintance were involved in Facebook exchanges wherein calls for the rape and burnings of white women and children, especially the families of white police officers, were posted.  

Although not a police officer himself, Jessica Chambers’ father is an employee of the Panola County sheriff’s department, in the vehicle maintenance section.

You’ll need to grab a cup of coffee or an energy drink to slurp on, while you try to get a grip on what follows.

In the first Facebook comment in question, on November 30th, a woman using the name “Teapooh Itiswatitis Latrice” reacts to a fake news story carrying the headline “Cop Shoots 1Yr Old Black Baby After Mistaking Pacifier For Gun.”

“Teapooh,” apparently not being very bright, looks to have shared the story without realizing it was actually absurd satire, typical of incendiary internet hoax sites.  In sharing the bogus article, “Teapooh” typed the comment, “Somebody need to rape all his kids in front of him then sit(sic) the house on fire an watch them burn….i bet he was a white man SAD”

She shared it via the Facebook timeline of a woman named Sandy Rudd (now please bear with me for a minute while I outline some crucial connections before giving you the rest of the specific, criminal threat).

Sandy Rudd is the aunt of Bryan Rudd, Jessica’s abusive, criminal ex-boyfriend and local gang member.  Sandy, who gave the false name of  “Cassandra Market” to a reporter in an interview, is herself alleged to be a member of at least one notorious criminal gang —  she denies it, even though at least one picture of her has surfaced showing her making gang signs in a group picture with others, all of them defiantly throwing gang signs.

Sandy Rudd acknowledges that she is the one at the gas station who asked Jessica Chambers for a cigarette, when Jessica is seen on the store surveillance video walking over to someone who is off-camera.

Jessica lived with Bryan Rudd and his mother, Theresa Rudd Fleming, for two years in the period leading up to her murder, before a brief stay in a Christian-run rehab/shelter for troubled women.  Bryan Rudd has since moved away, to Iowa.

Now get this:  “Teapooh” is, according to the “hacktivists” who have accessed various social media accounts of the people involved, actually Teanna Rudd, the wife or live-in girlfriend of a man named Brejuan Buyers.

Brejuan Buyers is the man seen on the gas station’s surveillance video with the gas can in the hours just prior to Jessica being burned over 98% of her body.  He rode with Sandy Rudd in her car to the gas station, on that same night the murder victim is seen at the store — while he is filling the gas can at the pump — only 90 minutes before she is found burned.

“Teapooh” made more than just that one murderous comment on Facebook.  On the day before Jessica’s murder, on December 5th,she shared a video via someone posting as “Derrick Jaxn” (Jessica’s last word, uttered to a first responder, is reported to have been “Eric” or “Derrick”).  The post was accompanied by her comment, “Somebody needs to rape all they(sic) kids in front of them then set them on fire there(sic) learn then white bitches need to be dead”

The clock is ticking, and the FBI was brought in to work on the case as of a few days ago.  Many persons of interest have been interviewed, and no arrests have been made.

Brejuan Buyers, the gangsta “gas can man,” can also be seen in two homemade videos here and here, getting high and hurling angry obscenities at whoever watches.

Incidentally, just because whichever authority initially declares some person to have been interviewed and “cleared” doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be implicated later on, upon further investigation/developments.

Gas station “owner” Ali Alsanai, about whom I’ve previously written, has now been said by the local District Attorney to be not officially suspected of any direct involvement in the case.  However he remains a very suspicious figure in all of this, to those who pay close attention to his story’s inconsistencies, his body language, outward displays, mannerisms, and deceptive speech patterns (for one thing, honest people don’t constantly use the phrase “to be honest with you” when answering questions).  In spite of his openly flashy gangsta-jihad persona, he’s definitely covering up some kind of illegal activity in and/or around the store.

In one interview, Alsanai blatantly and very casually contradicts himself on timeline details, and says that pictures of himself posing with powerful guns are “photoshopped.”

At the 11:48 mark of that same interview video, the reporter asks him about the small bags being dealt out to people from inside and in front of the store by a black woman (seen carrying and handing out the packets on the CCTV recording on the night of the murder).  Alsanai has claimed that the bags contain “chicken” — some say “chicken” is street slang for methamphetamine or cocaine.  Yet when the interviewer brings them up as supposedly being “chicken,” Alsanai completely blows the straight face he’d been making an attempt to maintain, andstarts laughing, obviously breaking up at how preposterous a lie he is telling.

Just prior to her demise, Jessica Chambers is reported by numerous sources as having been trying to leave the gang and move on with her life, and had been telling people she was planning to write a book about having survived the gang lifestyle.   She is also reported to have been in an altercation with someone at the same gas station a week before her murder.

Many blacks and even some whites on social media are accusing Jessica’s father of her murder, for no other reason than her having intimate relationships with dangerous and abusive black men.

After police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo were recently exonerated by grand juries in the deaths of black criminals Michael Brown and Eric Garner, and when George Zimmerman was acquitted last year in the Trayvon Martin case, blacks rioted, looted, burned, and murdered random whites, just as they did after the initial acquittals of the white cops in the Rodney King case in 1992.  It’s plain to every honest person that blacks wantonly and savagely attack and murder whites all the time throughout the country, often for no reason at all except the thrill of racially-motivated malicious mayhem.  Particularly, we have just seen and heard Michael Brown’s mother’s boyfriend, repeat felon Louis Head, violently screaming “burn this bitch down!!!” over and over again, accompanied by blacks rampaging, burning, looting, and attacking — sometimes fatally, with hammers or other deadly means — random, innocent whites in St. Louis and elsewhere.

Speaking of Louises, Farrakhan just recently stood before a crowd of cheering blacks at a prominent Maryland college and renewed his nationwide public exhortations for blacks to mass-murder whites, whenever and wherever.

In philosophy and problem solving, there’s the principle of reasoning known as Occam’s (or Okham’s) Razor, which goes like this:  Among multiple alternative explanations, all of which require various assumptions in order to arrive at possible solutions, often the simplest and plainest answer — involving the least number of assumptions — turns out to be the right one.

So, we have local black gang associates posting terror threats on social media — threats of murder, by burning, directed at the women and children family members of white police employees — immediately before the murder, by burning, of the white teenage daughter of a local police department employee.  Plus, the killing took place only minutes after the victim was seen on video at the same location as the husband or boyfriend of the person who posted the threats, as he was filling a handheld can with gasoline.

The entire case could simply be one more incident in the modern, one-sided race war of black on white; a war which is never talked about in the mainstream media.  Or, it could be more complicated than just black and white.

The evidence so far suggests that, despite the murkiness of elements and complicated roster of suspicious players, the truth in Courtland, Mississppi might come with the simplest and most obvious explanation.

Expect things to blow wide open very soon.  The blogosphere’s best and the brightest are all over this caper like George Zimmerman on a Chipotle burrito bowl.

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Man arrested in robbery, fatal shooting of teen riding home on bike


A 37-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the broad daylight robbery and fatal shooting two weeks ago of an 18-year-old Joshua man targeted while riding his bike.

James E. Murphy was arrested on a capital murder warrant Tuesday, accused in the slaying of Chaz Gilley.

He was being held in the Mansfield Jail on Tuesday night with bail set at $300,000 in the capital murder case and $100,000 on an unrelated aggravated robbery case stemming from an Oct. 14 game room robbery.

Homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman said investigators believe Gilley was randomly targeted Oct. 7 after the suspect spotted him at the Wal-Mart off East Berry Street. Gilley’s mother, Chesala Sanderson, said her son went to the First Convenience Bank inside the Wal-Mart that day to open an account so that he could cash his first paycheck.

Sanderson said her son was riding home on East Berry Street when he was struck by a black car — an occupant of which then shot the teen multiple times.

Loughman declined to say whether the suspect got away with any of Gilley’s property before fleeing.

A passerby picked up Gilley, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and extremities, and drove him to an area fire station, where an ambulance was summoned. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital where he died from his injuries almost 24 hours after the shooting while in the operating room.

Relatives have said Gilley attended Mansfield Lake Ridge High School and had only recently moved to the East Berry Street area to live with his mother and begin working at Goodwill in Fort Worth.

Sanderson said Tuesday’s arrest was bittersweet.

“I was praying for this,” Sanderson said. “ I want these people off the streets so they can’t take the lives of someone else’s family members. They haven’t destroyed us. They’ve made us stronger, but our family will never be the same without my son.

“The sad thing is their family is going to be torn up over this too,” she added. “It’s so senseless.”

‘My son is dead’

Sanderson said that since her son’s death, she finds herself constantly looking for black cars that might have damage from striking her son.

“I see the killers everywhere. I told my husband I have to get away from here. We have to move,” Sanderson said. “I cannot bear to go to the grocery story. I cannot bear to come down the street. Everywhere I look I see my baby just riding down the street and they’re shooting him.”

She said she felt torn Tuesday between wanting prosecutors to seek the ultimate punishment of death in the case and “not wanting vengeance because I am a Christian and vengeance is not mine to get.”

“Maybe life in prison without the chance of parole would be sufficient enough,” Sanderson said. “The mother in me that lost her son is torn because my son doesn’t get to live. My son doesn’t get to watch TV when he wants, to have family visit. My son is dead. He will never grow up. He will never reach the age of 37. It’s hard to not want them to pay the ultimate price.”

She said Murphy’s age, 37, makes it harder to wrap her head around the situation.

“That’s not a child. If it was kids, it might make a little more sense because they wouldn’t know any better ... this was a grown man,” she said.

Prior record

Tarrant County court records show that Murphy has previous convictions dating to 1996 for criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery, burglary, assault and theft.

He was charged in 2007 with capital murder in the December 2007 fatal shooting and robbery of O.D. Wyatt freshman Kelvin Collier. but the case was dismissed more than a year later at the request of prosecutors, court records show.

Collier, 16, was shot repeatedly after answering a knock at the door of his family’s southeast Fort Worth apartment.

Murphy and a second man, Wesley Eugene Davis, were arrested within days of the slaying.

The boy’s mother told police she had heard a scuffle after her son opened the door and recognized Davis’s voice saying, “Where’s it at? Go get the money” before five shots rang out. The mother jumped through a window to escape, then played dead after being shot in the thigh.

Collier’s sister told police that Murphy, whom she identified in a photo line-up as the second gunman, had come into her bedroom, pointed a black handgun at her and asked her where the money was. She told investigators she discovered her brother fatally injured and asking for help after the man walked out of her room and she heard the front door slam.

Case records show the capital murder charges were dismissed in February 2009 against both Murphy and Davis. The records do not list a reason for the dismissal beyond “prosecutor discretion.”

Samantha Jordan, a spokeswoman for the Tarrant County district attorney’s office, said Tuesday, “The prosecutor did not feel that there was sufficient evidence to proceed in that case.”

Address Link: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article109090427.html#storylink=cpy
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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A second person has been arrested in connection to the double murder involving an 8-month-old boy in south Minneapolis.

Gustav Christianson and Jayden Redden (credit: CBS/Source)

Minneapolis police say 25-year-old Nigger Rashad Rahyim Austin was booked into Hennepin County Jail Tuesday on probable cause murder.

Seventeen-year-old Nigger Jquan LeeArthur McInniswas charged as an adult with two counts of first-degree murder last Thursday for the killing of 8-month-old Jayden Eric Redden and 20-year-old Gustav Duane Christianson II on the afternoon of Oct. 9.

Police say they were gunned down while sitting in a parked car near Abbot Northwestern Hospital. Investigators believe it was a targeted attack.

Source: http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2016/10/18/austin-arrested
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Absolute scum, don't waste the tax payers money.... just get rid of those criminal thugs who will never be "rehabilitated" anyway. Firing line would work, forget all those insanely expensive drugs to give them a lethal injection like they deserve peace in death, they deserve hot lead at several thousand ft. per second in my opinion.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Forget all those insanely expensive drugs to give them a lethal injection like they deserve peace in death, they deserve hot lead

Good solid hemp rope is cheaper than wasting the lead. Cannabis is environmentally friendly to grow and it acts as a natural pesticide between other crops, grows quickly and is reusable. The bodies should also be left hanging in a public gallery of some kind in the local area where the crime was committed as a warning to other scum. The other benefit is that without the THC content, the druggies can't get off on it ... so share the seeds far and wide and screw up the hippy induced anti-social order.

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Pavement Ape Rapes White Woman "Because She's WHITE." No Hate-Crime Charges



Alleged rape suspect arrested; Woman says he raped her 'because she's white'

Lee Harris, 47, allegedly ordered a woman at knife-point into an abandoned building than raped her

Kelly Brennan (http://www.wtae.com/news-team/12ea4739-faff-442e-80d8-458b8619b864) | Action News Pittsburgh (http://) | 5 November 2016


A man was arrested after being accused of raping a woman in Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood “because she’s white.”

Public safety spokeswoman Sonya Toler said officers determined 47-year-old Lee Harris was inside an apartment in the 5200 block of Gertrude Street in Hazelwood early Saturday morning.

SWAT was called to the scene.

Harris was taken into custody at 2:30 a.m. after being found in the basement.

Toler said Harris refused commands by officers and a K9 was utilized.

According to the criminal complaint, Harris ordered a woman at knife-point into an abandoned building in September.

The victim, who is not being identified since she is a victim of sexual assault, told police she knew Harris from seeing him in the neighborhood before but she never knew his name and didn’t have a relationship with him.

When she walked home, Harris passed her then decided to walk with her.

In the criminal complaint, police state the victim and Harris approached the intersection of Watson and Jumonville streets, and Harris “pulled out a knife from his pocket, put it to her neck and ordered Jane Doe to walk to an abandoned building.”

She complied, fearing he would kill her.

Once inside, “she was forced to go to the second floor where Harris pushed her into a small room.” It’s there he allegedly assaulted, raped and threatened the woman.

When she asked why he was doing it, he told her “because you’re white.”

Harris was arrested on a series of charges including rape, sexual assault and ethnic intimidation.

He was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital where a bite to his lower leg was treated and then taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Google Search: Rape "Because Shes White" (https://www.google.com/search?q=rape+"because+she%27s+white"&num=100&newwindow=1&safe=off)
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A 13-year-old South Carolina boy fatally shot one burglary suspect and scared off a second with his mother's gun, police said.


The unidentified teenager told the Charleston County Sheriff's Office that he was alone on Tuesday afternoon in his family's home, north of North Charleston, when someone tried to break in, according to NBC affiliate WCBD.

The boy grabbed his mother's gun, and then waited at the back door of the home, the station reported. Police say the boy fired repeatedly through the door, and someone outside shot back.

Ira Bennett, left, and Lamar Brown. Charleston County Sheriff's Office

The suspect was hit three times, and a getaway driver rushed him to a hospital in Charleston, where he died of his gunshot wounds, according to an affidavit. A gray Chevy Sonic used in the incident was found with bullet holes, and a gun was retrieved from the home's backyard, the affidavit said.

A neighbor sitting in his driveway with his girlfriend during the alleged break-in described a burst of gunfire coming from the home.

"We heard like four or five gunshots coming from the back and then a car came creeping from the backyard," John Griffin told WCBD. "It went slow and then the dude went in the front door and he just started shooting his gun, so I ducked down and (my girlfriend) ran in the house."


The burglary suspect was identified by authorities as Lamar Brown, 31. His rap sheet includes six felony drug charges and an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge.

Related: Man Arrested After Home Invasion in Which 11-Year-Old Killed Teen Intruder (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-arrested-home-invasion-which-11-year-old-killed-teen-n421946)

His alleged partner, Ira Bennett, also 31, was apprehended and charged with first-degree burglary and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. He made a court appearance Wednesday.

A sheriff's deputy on Wednesday asked the judge to deny bond on the burglary charge because of "the serious nature of this crime. Unfortunately, we lost an individual who died, a 13-year-old child lost his innocence after having to fire."

Bond was denied on the burglary charge, but Bennett was given a $50,000 bond on the weapons charge, the station reported.

Following the incident, the boy's mother told The Post and Courier newspaper that she taught her children to be prepared.

"I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to," the teen's mother said. "I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today."

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Bennett was wounded. He was not wounded; the unidentified boy scared him away

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4 Racist Nigger’s In Altercation That Turned Into Attack  On Trump Voter


Four * Skin’s have been charged in connection with an attack on a White motorist last week in which witnesses jeered at the victim for being a Donald Trump supporter.

The 50-year-old motorist was involved in a traffic accident Nov. 9 in the 1100 block of South Kedzie and says he was attacked when he tried to get insurance information from another driver. He says he was beaten by multiple suspects (Nigger’s)  and his car was stolen.

On a video posted online, driver David Wilcox was pummeled by several Nigger’s, while onlookers shouted “You Voted Trump!”

Chicago police say they took four Nigger suspects into custody this week: Julian Christian, 26; Dejuan Collins, 20; Rajane Lewis, 21; and a 17-year-old female police declined to identify.

All were charged with one felony count of vehicular hijacking. They appeared in court Friday, but no details were available.
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A Rockford IL Nigger who spent four decades in prison for murder is released today.

The State Prisoner Review Board granted murdering  * Skin Calvin Madison parole yesterday, after he served only part of his sentence for the murder of the White Man John Hogan.

Nearly 50 years ago, Hogan was working at his family's gas station when he was held up by two men.

It was then when the Nigger Madison shot Hogan execution style four times in the back of the head.

The * Skin Calvin was sentenced to death originally, but that was later changed to 75 to 100 years in prison. He only served 47. (WTF!! Execution four to the back of the head)

He'll now stay at a halfway house in Chicago that provides housing for men who have been incarcerated.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 20 November 2016 at 09:57
We took care of this SHYT skin 47 years and didn't execute him. SHOULD HAVE FRYED HIS ASS THE FIRST DAY F-K HIS REHAB VACATION
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GAITHERSBURG, Md. (ABC7) — Montgomery County Police have charged two Nigger’s in connection with an October homicide in Gaithersburg.

On October 25, police say they received a call for a shooting around 10 p.m in the 7900 block of Muncaster Mill Road. Upon arrival, they located 23-year-old Ronald Michael Lone III (White Man) with a gunshot wound. Lone III died at the scene.

"Just before 10 we heard two quick shots and then a lot of commotion. Yeah, it was bad," said neighbor Michael Muratore.

Police said two men dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered, entered the home through an unlocked back door. One of the Nigger’s shot Lone III during an apparent home invasion. According to police, multiple people were in the home at the time of the incident, but no one was harmed.

According to neighbors, the residents of the home host a lot of parties-- a tiki bar was visible in the back yard. One neighbor even stated there had been noise complaints in the past-- but on that Monday evening, all was quiet until the gunshots broke out.

On Nov. 16, police arrested and charged The Muslim Nigger Mohammed Sirleaf, 20, with first-degree murder, armed robbery, consipracy to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault in connection with the the homicide of Lone III. He is being held without bond.

 The Shlt Skin Timario Gregg, 19, was also arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a minor. He is also being held without bond.

Source: http://wjla.com/news/crime/man-shot-to-death-inside-gaithersburg-md-home
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 20 November 2016 at 10:13
it confounds me how there is no first degree burglary charge on these two niggers as well, stupid fukin niggers never think of gettin a job, thay just run around taking what ever from the hard working whites and the civil society
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Criminal Mob of Nigger’s Commit Racist Hate Crime Against White Man in Memphis Kroger Parking Lot
Black on white crime is out of control, though completely ignored by the majority of the media.


This racist Nigger mob of 100 to 125 black criminals in Memphis attacked a 25-year-old white man and others because they were white. It was horrible to watch, but the Nigger woman taking the video was laughing that the Nigger mob of racist criminal blacks “Hood Rats shlt skin niggers” were starting to viciously attack, kick and stomp on the head of the white man outside the Kroger store.

The vicious Nigger mob of criminals then even tried and kill the innocent white man by throwing very large pumpkins on the already unconscious white man’s head.

Two of the grocery store employees ran to try and help the initial man being attacked, and the Nigger  mob of violent criminals attacked the store employees as well, beating all three victims unconscious.

Most of the media only cares about white on black crime, which may happen from time to time, but black on black crime is the number one killer of black Niggers, and the huge majority of actual hate crimes are committed by Niggers who are attacking, robbing and killing white people, just because they are white.

Memphis Police Department Director Toney Armstrong released a statement about the “young people” involved in the “incident”, but made no mention of the color of the criminals and victims, and Armstrong would not call it a hate crime for some reason.

“We are fully aware of the last night’s incidents. It is extremely troubling to see how many young people were involved, especially on the heels of last week’s youth forum. A lot of our citizens are working to provide safe and productive alternatives for our youth. For those that choose not to take advantage of these opportunities, we will work tirelessly to identify, locate and hold you accountable. Last night’s events clearly demonstrates a lack of parental controls and if warranted these parents will also be held accountable.”

I guess if it is white on black crime, it is automatically a race/hate crime, but a black on white crime never is considered a hate crime, when it obviously is a hate crime.. Why?

Let’s see if race hucksters Obama, Sharpton, or Jackson come out and say anything to condemn the disgusting racist hate crime, and the horrid actions of these Nigger criminals.

Source: http://usbacklash.org/criminal-mob-blacks-commit-racist-hate-crime-white-man-memphis-kroger-parking-lot
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 05 December 2016 at 20:16
Niggers threw a cat off a third story floor ...

Extract: A New Jersey nigger who threw a pet cat off a third-floor balcony has been arrested after boasting about it in a video posted online.

Police tracked down Tikeemah Lassiter, 19, and charged her with animal cruelty after a woman had watched the video and complained to police.

Tikeemah Lassiter, 19, of New Jersey.

The video shows Nig-Nog Lassiter tossing the poor pussy onto the footpath below, while other jigaboos stand around laughing.

The good news is that the cat is alive and well, and being looked after by the SPCA.

An even better ending would be learning that someone threw that black bitch off a thirty story balcony.

Source: http://www.9news.com.au/world/2016/12/05/11/18/us-teen-arrested-after-throwing-cat-off-balcony-authorities-say
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Post by: Private on 09 December 2016 at 11:10
11-Year-Old Girl from Memphis Suffered a UNIMAGINABLE Crime

SHOCK CRIME: Man Allegedly Hits 11-Year-Old Girl WITH CAR . . . But Instead Of Calling For Help . . . He RAPES THE CHILD And Tosses Her In A DITCH!!

http://mtonews.com/13983-2-terrible-rape-child-tragedy (http://mtonews.com/13983-2-terrible-rape-child-tragedy/)

December 7, 2016: An 11-year-old girl from Memphis suffered a UNIMAGINABLE crime. She was struck by an SUV on her way to school – but that was only the start of her HORRIFIC NIGHTMARE.


According to police after she was hit, the 11-year-old was kidnapped and raped by the driver before being left in a ditch.
Larry Ward, 20, has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, rape of a child and aggravated assault.

The girl was walking to the bus stop on her way to Geeter Middle School when she was hit by a blue SUV around 7 am on Monday.

told police that the driver then got out of the car and forced her inside, driving off before brutally assaulting her.

Cameron Fifer was on his way to work when he saw the girl crying in a corner of the road. It was just minutes after the attack.

The girl was treated at a local hospital and is expected to be physically okay.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 09 December 2016 at 23:51
Thanks all for the information.
All these crimes should be sanctioned hard.
Men or woman doing  these  crimes are crazy.
The law should  protect the society first and not protect criminals.
It's not an easy opinion!
It's a right opinion for justice for the survival of our society.
Kind  regards.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 December 2016 at 10:08

Georgia southwester state university, Jody smith safety officer, died Thursday from fatal gunshot wound he received Wednesday in Americus.


   Smith and Officer Nicholas were both injured by gunshot wounds on Wednesday relating to a disturbance  call to a apartment complex.

   The school released a statement after the school  was informed of smiths death from the sustained injury.” We have just received word that GSW Public Safety Officer Jody Smith has succumbed to his injuries and has passed away. We offer our deepest condolences to his family during this very difficult time. Officer Smith was a bright, young and energetic officer, and he will be sorely missed.”

A manhunt was already on the way looking for the suspect Sh1t Skin Minquel Lembrick 32. On Thursday, the nigger had no chance at a standoff with the law enforcement he was found dead soon after with a self-inflected gunshot wound. The * skin assailant was pronounced dead at the seen.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 December 2016 at 11:24

St. Louis cab driver found dead in the central west end. An 18 year old shlt skin nigger has been charged in the death of the shot victim
The nigger is charged with 2nd degree murder robbery and two counts of armed criminal action.
The nigger is setting on a 250.000 cash only bond by the judge
The victim Timothy Grice 38 body was found in the vehicle  it had been setting in the cab for a extensive period of time on the 4900 block of Laclede at 10 o’clock in the morning after someone seen and reported the cab hadn’t been moved in a few days
Grice had been shot in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene.
No word on how long Grice had been deceased.
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94 Year old WW2 Vet Beat During Robbery with Stolen Car


Chicago 94 year old woman beat and robbed of her purse suspect crazed stolen sub in Chicago’s Garfield ridge community.


The victim's daughter, Judy Dusk, said her mother, Josephine Regnier, is a World War II Navy veteran.

Dusk said she was waiting for one of her daughters outside her building in the 5100-block of South Long Avenue to pick her up to go to the dentist when she was attacked around 11:50 a.m. Wednesday. Police said a man pushed Rangier into the hallway of her building.

"This man just came in the gangway and assaulted her, beat the **** out of her, took her purse and ran," Dusk said.

Rangier was rushed to McNeal Hospital, where police said her condition stabilized.

Dusk said her mother was transferred to Edwards Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital, where she is in serious condition, but stable.

"She's in the hospital right now with three fractured ribs, a black eye, and a big goose egg on her head and a possible concussion," Dusk said.

Police said a short time after the attack, officers found an abandoned SUV in an alley in the 5700-block of South Archer Avenue, behind Villa Rosa Pizza, about a block away from Ringer’s home. Police learned the vehicle had been reported stolen.

Surveillance video from the restaurant shows the suspect ditched the black SUV after hitting a dumpster. He appeared to be holding the woman's purse as he ran away. Police have not said who the vehicle belongs to.
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Two police officers were killed in a shooting near the campus of a Georgia university on Wednesday morning, locking down the campus and prompting a sprawling manhunt, according to authorities.

A day later, following an extensive manhunt and efforts from multiple law enforcement agencies, the suspected shooter — identified as Minquell Lembrick — was found dead having apparently taken his own life, officials in Georgia said.

The officers were shot not far from Georgia Southwestern State University, a school in Americus, Ga., about 150 miles south of Atlanta, officials said.Both officers were responding to a call about a domestic dispute at an apartment complex at about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, said Americus Police Chief Mark A. Scott.

The two officers — one with the Americus Police Department, the other a public safety officer with the school — encountered a suspect outside the apartment complex and were shot there, Scott told reporters during a briefing.

[The number of officers this year has climbed over 2015]

The Americus officer was killed, while the university police officer was critically injured and flown to Macon, Ga., for treatment, he said. The university said on Thursday afternoon that their injured officer, Jody Smith, died from his injuries.

“There are no words to express the pain and the sorrow that we as a family here in Americus feel,” Scott said.

According to a law enforcement official who asked not to be identified discussing the shooting, Lembrick had been previously known to police. (Some reports had spelled his first name “Minguel” and “Minguell” on Wednesday.)

A search stretched on for more than a day as officials sought Lembrick, who police say they believe was acting alone during the incident.

On Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed that Lembrick had been found dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshow wound, a spokeswoman said.The shooting comes in the waning weeks of 2016, a year that has been deadlier for law enforcement officers than 2015.

While the number of police officers fatally shot by suspects fell last year — and remains far below what it was in recent decades — that number has spiked again in 2016, fueled in part by a series of ambush attacks in cities like Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Through Tuesday, 62 officers had been shot and killed this year, up significantly from the 38 officers fatally shot at the same point last year.

While ambush killings have helped worsen that toll, many officers have been fatally wounded doing what can be considered routine police work — like responding to a domestic call or serving an eviction notice — and officers in Philadelphia, San Antonio and Miami Gardens, Fla., were sitting in their cars.University officials, in a statement posted online Wednesday, had urged people to remain sheltered in place after the shooting until police officers released them from buildings. The school said there would be no classes on Thursday because Wednesday, the day of the shooting and lockdown, was the final day of finals for the fall semester.
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Blacks kidnap, tie up and mutilate a spastic White man. Force him to tell them he "loves blacks".
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Retarded White Man Kidnapped by Ghetto Gorillas, Tortured & Threatened with Murder Live on Facebook Streaming Video

Note: This is not headline/front page news anywhere in America or the world. If you find this story, it will be buried where you are not supposed to notice it. :rahowa

Full Original Video

The victim was an 18-year-old White male with "mental health challenges" from Crystal Lake. In the initial disturbing video, four blacks are seen cutting the teen’s hair until his scalp bled, all while he was bound and gagged. This young White man thought these animals were his friends. His libtard had parents dropped him off at McDonald’s to hang-out with his new black friends. He thought he was going for a sleep-over. Instead, he was driven around in a stolen van for two days – probably smoking crack (libtard parents will state that they prefer their kids to be crack-heads than racist) – and then tied up and tortured on a Facebook live video stream.

The Ghetto Gorillas: Jordan Hill, 18, of Carpentersville; Tesfaye Cooper, 18, of Chicago; Brittany Covington, 18, of Chicago and Tanishia Covington, 24, of Chicago, were each charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Hill, Cooper and Brittany Covington also face charges of residential burglary. Hill was also charged with robbery and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

* The majority of MSM reports have refused to mention the race of the victim or his attackers.

* Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said that investigators believe the victim may have been targeted because he has "special needs," not because of his race.

* Hate crime and kidnapping charges were filed Thursday against four people who Chicago police say bound, gagged and beat a teenager with special needs while broadcasting the attack on social media.

* Vilification or deprivation of civil liberties due to physical or intellectual disabilities are legal grounds for laying hate crime charges.


* The victim was forced to say "F*** White people" and "F*** Donald Trump."

* The victim was repeatedly beaten, forced to drink out of a toilet, nearly scalped and told he would be murdered live on Facebook video.

* "The actions in that video are reprehensible. That have absolutely no place in the city of Chicago or anywhere else for that matter against anyone regardless of their state of mental health or any other identifying factor," Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at a news conference Thursday.

* The typical black and libtard response on social media is that some wealthy White people had slaves for a short while a hundred and fifty years ago, so this (like every Black on White crime) is justified revenge.

* Libtards have further declared on social media that black people are nice ... he must have said something racist to have provoked them to do this.




A reply to http://www.dailystormer.com/upshot-of-blm-torture-stream-we-can-say-nigger-now-around-normies

According to Daily Stormer, it's NOW OKAY for us Whites to SAY NIGGER around the slow to keep up, ordinary unawakened people. Bollocks! It has ALWAYS been OKAY TO SAY NIGGER.

Those who know me know that even when shopping, I enjoy testing the limits of what is considered PC polite, and rarely do I ever have any problems. In fact, my dog is named Nigger. As she should be, my Nigger is registered with the local council. My Nigger is also desexed and my Nigger is chipped for her own protection.

As any true Creator will know, it is a major part of the Creed of Creativity to not succumb to political correctness and instead always push back using terms such as nigger that may be out of fashion today, but are a requirement for every White man, woman and child with the balls to do so. It is so much a part of Creativity, that any self-proclaimed Creator that does not make use of decidedly politically incorrect speech is no Creator at all.

To do anything less is to accept the hypocrisy of political correctness and join the silent, cowardly majority on the path to the extermination of themselves and their kin; and if they have their way, you, me and the entire White Race along with civilisation itself.

Say no to #WhiteGenocide. Join the Church of Creativity - grow some damned balls and learn to speak up. Can you say "Nigger" ???


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Rebel Media discusses the kidnapping and torture of the young, White "special needs" chap.

They acknowledge that the kidnappers were charged with a felony and hate-crime charges, but raise the question: Were they charged with hate-crime charges based on the victim being targeted because he's White, or because he just happened to be a "special needs" case? And how quickly will this criminal act fade from the media? - Answer: It already has faded and never even made it as a headline.




Meanwhile, back in the grease-ball pit, a NO-NEWS item labelled as a heinous HATE-CRIME against black people has been HEADLINED right across the globe ...

Waitress left racist note from white couple that says they ‘don’t tip black people’
Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia)

Kelly Carter was serving a white couple at a restaurant in Virginia when she saw “great service don’t tip black people” scrawled across the bill.
“It was just total shock, that’s all I can say,” she told NBC Washington (http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Shocking-Message-On-Waitress_-Receipt_Washington-DC-410044465.html) ... Ms Carter has worked at Anita’s New Mexico restaurant in Ashburn, in Virginia’s Loudoun County, for years and she said there was nothing abnormal about the white couple she was serving.

The store manager can be contacted at tommy@anitascorp.com
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Reasons for Hate Crime charges: Was it due to the racial nature of the crime or the fact that the victim was a retard?

"Six of one, half a dozen of the other" says the top cop. That's your indication that without the retarded aspect in the case, there would be no hate crime charges.

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Gee! So South African parliament is about law making? More like Law breaking! From 3:00 onward it makes a Gorilla colony seem civil!
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Quote from: Private
“If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch you in the mouth.” “Stop doing that.”

Source: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/leslie-jones-threatens-white-women-who-support-black-lives-matter/news-story/3fe2faa12404b8f049af6a21b107efe8
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http://abc7.com/news/video-florida-mom-pulls-shotgun-on-burglar/1814063/ (http://abc7.com/news/video-florida-mom-pulls-shotgun-on-burglar/1814063/)

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (KABC) -- A frightening burglary attempt was caught on surveillance video in Miami Gardens, Florida.

But the alleged thief didn't know there was a mother armed with a shotgun on the other side of the door, protecting her two children, ages 3 and 10.As soon as the burglar broke through the door, he was greeted by the barrel of the gun."He was running for his life and he kept looking back making sure I wasn't going to just shoot him in the back," said the mother, who asked to not be identified .Video on the original of nigger leaving!
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A new Pepsi ad campaign invoking a Black Lives Matter protest drew immediate backlash on social media for appropriating a movement highlighting the killings of black Americans by police.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/wonk/wp/2017/04/05/pepsi-tried-cashing-in-on-black-lives-matter-with-a-kendall-jenner-ad-heres-how-thats-going/ (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/wonk/wp/2017/04/05/pepsi-tried-cashing-in-on-black-lives-matter-with-a-kendall-jenner-ad-heres-how-thats-going/)

In the 2½ minute ad, celebrity model Kendall Jenner notices a passing rainbow coalition of marchers while she’s in the midst of a modeling shoot. She tosses her blond wig, wipes away her lipstick, and struts purposefully into the crowd.

The now-brunette Jenner makes a beeline toward a row of uniformed police, wading through a diverse group of beaming protesters flashing peace signs and flirtatious glances. She passes an ice bucket, reaches in to grab a can of Pepsi.

A photographer wearing a hijab captures the denim-clad Jenner handing the Pepsi to one of the stoic police officers. Click. The world stops for a second. The officer sips. The crowd erupts in cheers and hugs — as if institutional racism had been magically erased by her Pepsi peace offering.
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A man faces misdemeanor charges after police said he urinated on 50 pairs of children’s shoes at a Tennessee Walmart, according to multiple reports.

If you see the original , you'll see the dirty black bastard who did this!
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Niggers steal woman's phone then send her their photos ...

A pair of US thieves who stole a woman's phone have had their faces plastered over the internet after they accidentally uploaded a video to the victim.

"This just keeps getting better," Bianca Dabi from Dallas, Texas wrote on Facebook after receiving photos and a video of the pair using her phone.

"The culprits actually took video and pics on the stolen phone, which went to iCloud. I like the ones with the cash. Sure they didn't earn that either. These kids prey around uptown claiming they need donations for their high school basketball."


Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/04/10/11/44/teen-thieves-steal-phone-then-accidentally-send-video-to-owner#ZyqLKwaOdvfibGvp.99
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 It's Coon Hunting Season once again ...

Manhunt in Cleveland After Killing Broadcast on Facebook Live

Alex Johnson and E.D. Cauchi | NBC News (http://www.nbcnews.com/) | 16 April 2017


Cleveland police were searching Sunday for a man who they said killed a person live on Facebook and bragged about having committed many other homicides.

The suspect, identified as Steve Stephens, is considered armed and dangerous, police said after the homicide in northeast Cleveland near the Lake Erie shore. The FBI was providing assistance, a spokeswoman told NBC News.

Police said Sunday that the man "broadcast the killing on Facebook Live and has claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be verified."

A series of posts Sunday on what authorities said was Stephens' Facebook page complained that he had "lost everything" to gambling. The posts named specific people whom the user wanted to talk to, and at one point he wrote "I killed 12 people today" and wouldn't stop until he could speak to his mother and a second woman.

Later, the user posted: "I killed 15 today because of [the second woman]." The user called it his "Easter day slaughter."

NBC News archived the posts before the account was removed. Police stressed that no other victims had been found.

Stephens was described as black, 6 feet, 1 inch tall, weighing 244 pounds and bald with a full beard. He was last seen wearing a black or dark blue and gray striped polo shirt and was driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags, authorities said.

As a precaution, students at Cleveland State University were told to shelter in place or stay away from the school.

No other information was immediately available.
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California: Muslim kills three on shooting spree ...

A 39-year-old man went on a shooting spree in the central California town of Fresno, randomly killing three people and injuring another before being arrested, authorities said.

The suspect, an African-American man named Kori Ali Muhammad, is believed to have shot a security guard last week outside a motel in the city. The guard died in hospital.

Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer told reporters that Mr Muhammad shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he was being taken into custody.

Lieutenant Mark Hudson, a police spokesman, said the FBI had been contacted about the killings and it was too early to say whether they were terror-related.

A spokeswoman for the FBI declined comment, referring media inquiries to local police.

Hudson said Muhammad had also indicated as he was being arrested that he hated white people and the government.

Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/04/19/06/28/three-dead-after-gunman-randomly-opens-fire-in-fresno-california#UOSPj5c20oJTWE4Q.99

Invalid Tweet ID

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Invalid Tweet ID
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Nigger teen body-slams 68 year old White woman onto concrete then dumps her in pool ...

Teen arrested after woman violently thrown into North Lauderdale pool

Brandon Bever | North Lauderdale WSVN (http://wsvn.com/) | 8 May 2017


Extract: 68-year-old Nancy James, reportedly went to try and quiet down a rowdy pool party, Saturday evening. James is on the board for the apartment complex where the party was taking place.

When she arrived, the crowd appeared not to take her seriously. The video shows a man, identified by police as Balfour, picking James up, slipping on the ground and knocking them both down before picking her up again and walking towards the pool to throw her in.

The partygoers fled after James was thrown in the water.
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A Sand-Nigger turned Snow-Monkey screamed Allahu Akbar while stabbing a Michigan copper in the neck.

Michigan cop Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck.



Extract: A POLICE officer has been stabbed in the neck at a Michigan airport in what US authorities were reportedly investigating as a possible terror attack.

The suspect, from Quebec with a Canadian passport, was taken into custody following the attack at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan on Wednesday morning local time.

NBC News reported that the suspect deliberately targeted the officer and stabbed him multiple times while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.
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Canada: Sand-Nigger attempted to kill Whitey ...


Britain First (http://www.britainfirst.tv/) | 27 June 2017



Extract: A 32-year-old woman charged with uttering death threats while allegedly armed with a knife at a Toronto store before pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group earlier this month told a courtroom Monday that she would attempt to do it “again and again” if released.

“I meant to harm those people,” Rehab Dughmosh told Justice Kimberley Crosbie through an Arabic interpreter during a court appearance.

“I reject all counsel here. I only believe in Islamic Sharia law. I would like to revoke my Canadian citizenship that I received. I don’t want to have any allegiance to you.”

Toronto police responded to a Canadian Tire store at Scarborough’s Cedarbrae Mall, in the Lawrence Avenue East and Markham Road area, on June 3 at 5:10 p.m.

Police said a woman walked to the paint section of the store with a golf club and began swinging it at employees and a customer while uttering threats.

A source confirmed to Global News the woman was reportedly wearing a niqab and a bandana adorned with what appeared to be a symbol for IS at the time of the alleged incident.

Police said employees and customers managed to subdue the woman and contact police, when she pulled a “large knife” out from under her clothing.

When asked by the judge if she was willing to take responsibility and plead guilty, Dughmosh indicated she was.

“I would like to be guilty right now,” she said. “When Canadian-American coalition countries attack [IS] and we defend ourselves, that’s not considered an attack, that’s considered a defence.”

“I renounce Canadian law. I renounce any man-made law. I only believe in any law made by Allah,” she told the court Monday.

“I would like the word of Allah to be the supreme word. And I will go on and I will keep on fighting. And I will fight anyone who will fight against Islamic beliefs.”
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Niggers rape White woman to teach her a ‘lesson about dating black men’

New York Post | 28 June 2017


"White don't mean shït this town."


Extract: Justin Akeen Fedrick, 27, and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26, are accused of kidnapping and sexually battering a woman on June 22 at a Clermont home, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Police said the victim was “hanging out” when a third suspect, Rodney Cooper, 32, forced her into a room and locked the door. Cooper kept guard while Fedrick and Gordon allegedly attacked her.

The woman said that they told her, “We’re going to teach you a lesson about dating a black man and white [women] don’t mean [expletive] in this town.”
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Bello, New York hospital shooter identified as Nigerian

Vanguard (Nigeria) | 1 July 2017


New York – Dr Henry Michael Bello, the gunman who shot six people at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Centre in New York on Friday, has been identified as a Nigerian.


Extract: Some Nigerians in New York, who knew Bello, confirmed to the Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday. And the NYPD has also identified him to be a Nigerian-born doctor.

Bello, 45, shot dead a woman, on the 17th floor and injured at least six others on the 16th floor, before killing himself the New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner James O’Neil, said.

Five of his victims were seriously injured and “fighting for their lives”, Bello went into his former workplace wearing a white lab coat with an AR-15 machine gun hidden underneath with the intention of targeting the same individual. NYPD officials said Bello asked for a specific doctor on the 16th floor but when he was told the doctor was not there, he became angry and started shooting at everyone.

Officials said Bello tried to set himself on fire before committing suicide. Reports said Bello, who was hired at the hospital in August 2014 as a house physician, had past arrests for sex abuse, turnstile jumping, burglary and public urination. In September 2004, he was arrested and charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment after a 23-year-old woman told officers he had grabbed her crotch area outside a building on Bleecker Street in Manhattan and tried to penetrate her through her underwear, reports said.

Court records indicated that in September 2004, Bello pleaded guilty to unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, a misdemeanour, and was sentenced to community service, while the felony sexual abuse charge was dismissed, according to reports.

He was going to be fired by the hospital, after reports of sexual harassments, but instead chose to resign in February 2015 in lieu of termination, reports further said.

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/07/bello-new-york-hospital-shooter-identified-nigerian
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Arkansas: Nigger escapes prison. Immediately seeks out and kills White Girl ...

Fox News (http://www.news.com.au/) (Australia) | 17 July 2017


Black Privilege: Deltra the-big-lipped-nigga Henderson murdered White teen, Amanda Carney

Extract: Amanda Carney, 18, died at the hands of escaped prisoner Deltra Henderson, 39, after he walked out of David Wade Correctional Center in Louisiana on Thursday afternoon.

He stole a car and abducted Carney, who lived on the prison grounds with her family, including her assistant-warden stepdad, James Arnold, Claiborne Parish Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The 18-year-old’s body was found in a bush area near the prison where Henderson crashed the car. It’s not known at what stage of the afternoon she was stabbed to death.

Henderson then stole a second vehicle and crashed it, before he holed up in a home on the grounds of the prison, found as gun, and the standoff began.

He barricaded himself inside after a gunfight with prison guards.

Police found his body inside the home after the stand-off ended, AP reports.

It’s thought he was fatally wounded while he traded gunfire with prison guards, before police arrived.

[The nigger] was listed as a ‘trusty’ at the prison: an inmate given special privileges, according to authorities.
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https://www.google.com.au/amp/wgntv.com/2017/07/28/security-guard-accused-of-stealing-100k-on-first-day-of-new-job/amp/ (https://www.google.com.au/amp/wgntv.com/2017/07/28/security-guard-accused-of-stealing-100k-on-first-day-of-new-job/amp/)

FAIRFIELD, N.J.  — A security guard at a New Jersey company allegedly stole $100,000 in cash on his first day alone on the job,

Larry Brooks, 19, who had been employed at Garda Security for just one day (http://pix11.com/2017/07/28/security-guard-accused-of-stealing-100k-in-first-day-alone-at-new-job-in-nj/), was arrested and charged with theft after company officials noticed the money was missing.

The alleged theft was captured on surveillance video.
Security officials recovered over $85,900 from a vehicle before they contacted police. It remains unclear what happened to the rest of the stolen money.
Brooks was charged with second-degree theft and was arraigned before being released on his own recognizance.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Indian man’s parents fly to Florida to beat son’s wife for being ‘disobedient,’ police say

POLICE rescued a woman on Saturday who was beaten by her husband and his parents who had travelled from India to help assist him with the assault.




Extract: The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Silky Gaind, 33, called her parents in India to tell them of the abuse. They then called the authorities.

Police said Gaind was being held in the Riverview home by her husband Devbir Kalsi, 33, and his parents Jasbir, 67, and Bhupinder Kalsi, 61, who travelled from India to help their son “counsel and discipline his wife for being disobedient”.
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MSM is just calling them protesters, but we know better ...

Three arrested after Georgia Tech protests turn violent
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 September 2017 at 20:32
MSM is just calling them protesters, but we know better ...

Three arrested after Georgia Tech protests turn violent
I just read the original ,This maniac with a knife was a white guy who was bi-sexual,who had previously tried to kill himself. Obviously a nut who shouldn't be in the community. I don't know if blacks would have torched the police vehicle?They know race is real and it matters unlike our :-white,left,hipster/hippie generation who seem to be egalitarian due to ZOG'S influence.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 20 September 2017 at 02:36

An 18-year-old man has been charged with raping and murdering a homeless mother before allegedly sexually assaulting her corpse.

Police said James Arthur House was arrested in Baltimore on Monday when he allegedly confessed to slaying and raping 35-year-old Jessica Gibson.

The mother-of-four's body was found dumped behind large pallets on a downtown Baltimore access road last Wednesday.

Police say she had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

Investigators do not yet have a motive for the crime, but they say House and the victim were known to each other. Their exact relationship is not yet clear. 

Surveillance footage from around the area showed House and Gibson interacting before the attack took place.

After the victim's body was found, police released surveillance video of House inside a convenience store saying they believed he was the last person to see Gibson alive.

The teenager called 911 to hand himself in after spotting the footage of him on social media. 

House was charged with murder, rape, perverted practice, reckless endangerment and sex offenses.

Some of the sex acts House is charged with were allegedly carried out on Gibson's dead body.

'His confession was complete. Very sad,' Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said. 'Our victim was sexually assaulted in a most brutal way.'

While Gibson was homeless, police say she did have surviving relatives including her four young children.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith said: 'She had some of life's issues going on. Of course, that doesn't make her any less of a victim.'

Gibson's relatives have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of her funeral. 

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Canada terror attack in Edmonton: Man arrested after stabbing police officer, ramming police car
A ‘TERRORIST’ has been detained after he rammed a cop car before stabbing a police officer, and running over nearby pedestrians in Canada.



Police confirmed that there was an Islamic State flag in the car.

Invalid Tweet ID
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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NYC: Once you go Dune-Coon, your life will end soon ...

Driver Saeed Ahmad ‘left friend Harleen Grewel to burn to death’ after Brooklyn car crash




Harleen Grewel and her killer Saeed Ahmad

Extract: The New York Post reports that Saeed Ahmad, 23, of Brooklyn took a taxi to Maimonides Hospital in Borough Park, leaving his flaming 2007 Infiniti G35 sedan with the victim inside, police said.

The charred body of Harleen Grewel, 25, of Astoria, Queens, was discovered in the front passenger seat after fire fighters extinguished the flames from the 4am (7pm AEDT) crash.

Police caught up with Ahmed at Maimonides, where he was being treated for burns to his extremities.

He was later arrested on charges of criminally negligent homicide, leaving the scene of an accident, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and speeding.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 October 2017 at 06:17
Philadelphia, PA: Black mob goes on HATE CRIME rampage ...

NOTE: MSM largely ignored this incident and has since almost completely covered it up

Packs of wild black animals went from street to street and ATTACKED WHITE PEOPLE RANDOMLY and when the people would fall to the ground, they would rob them and then kick them more before they went to the next victim.

25 October 2016



Investigators found that this event was planned on social media, with a call to meet up at the Pearl Theater in PHILADELPHIA, PA.

Too many showed up to get into the theater, so they decided to split up into groups and go attack white people and steal what they could.

Students, police officers and a police horse were involved up in the chaos. Video shows the mob and the violent attacks near Temple’s campus.

More than 150 teens were involved in the attacks, they split up and went in groups of 20-30 then fell upon the campus around 8:30 pm.  The mobs continued to attack students for 2 hours before they were finally dispersed by Police.

Joe Lauletta’s daughter was one of the victims.

“Her head was stomped on,” he said.

“Her whole side of her face, the back of her head was black and blue. Her arms, her legs, her back, her ribs. She was on the ground. They were kicking her.”

During a separate incident, a 16-year-old black male targeted a mounted Philadelphia police officer — punching his horse twice in the mouth as the cop tried to break up a crowd on a street corner.

It was the second assault on law enforcement that night, after a 15-year-old black male knocked over a university cop who was chasing him on a bicycle earlier in the evening.

Christina Laulette was beaten to a bloody pulp and hospitalized after a group of youths between 30-40,  ganged up on her and two of her friends.

Quote from: Private
“I spent last night in the ER at St. Mary’s Hospital. I received a call from my daughter Christina after my son’s football game. She was crying, I couldn’t understand her, my heart dropped, I became scared, I said what is the matter? Dad, I was jumped, I’m beat up pretty bad. Where r u? Temple, they stole my phone. We’re heading to the police station. I do not hear from her until she gets to her apartment. Rage is running through my mind the whole time. She said she is getting a ride home and wants to go to St. Mary’s. I find out that her and her 2 male friends where badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly. Thank god, the people from the pizza place intervened. They arrested 2 people at the scene. I have not let Christina out of my sight, she is resting. Every part of her body is badly bruised; it makes me cry just thinking about it. No broken bones. If you have children at Temple, tell them to be careful. Please keep Christina in your thoughts.


Temple University officials scrambled on Friday to send out warnings to students and staffers on campus to stay indoors while the mobs careened through the area, many however, felt it was too late of a warning.

The mob of mostly black teens had arranged the attacks using Instagram, per Police Investigator’s.

“It just doesn’t make sense to be destructive or disruptive towards traffic that’s right there, people, pedestrians walking down the street, to engage in behavior where you’re assaulting someone,” said police Lt. John Stanford.

Police have arrested 4 black teen males between the ages of 15-17 and the investigation is still ongoing.

Can you imagine what would have happened if 150 white students randomly beat some black students and police?  All hell would be breaking out across our nation.  Yet these gutter punks get away with it all across our nation.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 18 October 2017 at 23:18
Nigger kills three in suspected Hate-Crime and is on the run, armed and dangerous. Barely a mention in the media ...


Extract: A manhunt is underway after a gunman opened fire on five of his co-workers at a Maryland office park today, killing three.

The gunman was linked to a later shooting at a used car dealership in Delaware about 90 kilometers away.

At least one victim was targeted, authorities said, but the extent of their injuries was not released.

Authorities said it wasn't clear why the man they identified as 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince arrived at work as scheduled and opened fire with a handgun on five of his colleagues.

Harford County, Maryland, Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said Prince shot his victims about 9am and fled the Emmorton Business Park in Edgewood, eluding deputies who arrived in four minutes.

Radee Labeeb Prince
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 March 2018 at 08:40
March For Our Lives massacre? Texan couple's enormous stash of weapons including AR-15s and grenades is found in Boston hotel room along with parking tickets which suggest they had been surveilling protest site for days

Francho Bradley, 59, and Adrianne Jennings, 40, were arrested on Saturday

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5550063/Couple-arrested-huge-stash-weapons-Boston-March-Lives-protest.html
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 01 April 2018 at 02:38
LMWAO! Washington Post slogan is Democracy Dies in Darkness. It sure bloody will!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 22 April 2018 at 07:21
Ventura, California: Black on White Crime

Black homeless man 'bursts into a steakhouse and randomly stabs White father to death while his five-year-old daughter sits on his lap'

* Anthony Mele, 35, was having dinner with his wife and daughter on Thursday
* Homeless suspect Jamal Jackson walked into the Aloha Steakhouse at 9.20pm
* Witnesses said he targeted Mele at random and stabbed him in the neck
* As the father bled at the table, Jackson fled to the beach but was followed by waiters and witnesses
* Mele was rushed to hospital but died there and Jackson, 49, was arrested
* Three hours before the attack, someone reported Jackson acting strangely
* Police did not send anyone to arrest him but watched on surveillance cameras
* He walked out of their view but they did not consider him a threat, they said

Homeless murderer Jamal Jackson, 49

Anthony Mele, 35, was stabbed in the neck while his five-year-old daughter sat on his lap

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5641551/Father-stabbed-homeless-man-daughter-sits-lap-California-restaurant.html
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 25 April 2018 at 02:32
New York City Subway: Pack of Niggers attack White man. Pet Pitbull comes to White Master's rescue ...


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5654025/Shocking-moment-pit-bull-attacks-woman-NYC-subway.html
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 May 2018 at 19:28
New York City Subway: Pack of Niggers attack White man. Pet Pitbull comes to White Master's rescue ...


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5654025/Shocking-moment-pit-bull-attacks-woman-NYC-subway.html

A dog don't lose his Loyalty unlike the nigger
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 May 2018 at 22:25
I own pit bulls and am known for having pits that will bite, I teach them from a young age to bite and key on the word nigger... I assure you that in certain times a good biting pit bull is better than a gun... I love the bred and hate it when I see niggers with them... should any of my racial comrades want to own one, my door is always open and if you prove yourself worthy, I will give you a pit, I do not sell them...There is no better animal to own to protect your family from the Black Plague that is upon us... RaHoWa!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 17 May 2018 at 07:41
I own pit bulls and am known for having pits that will bite, I teach them from a young age to bite and key on the word nigger...

I guess we'll just have to keep your dogs away from my dog - Nigger.

Hopefully your dogs will live a long and happy life - unlike these poor unfortunate puppies that decided to eat Mexican takeout. All seven of the little dogs were killed. This is so wrong. After all, it's not like they killed a human being ...


Eh Chihuahua! Fat Taco Nig Tracy Garcia eaten by Sausage Dogs
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 25 June 2018 at 11:01
Niggers dragging a 15-year old outside a bodega in the Bronx, New York and stabbing him to death.


Article with another video on the subject: https://www.vladtv.com/article/246587/bronx-teen-pulled-out-of-bodega-and-stabbed-to-death-after-dispute

And people still think Black Lives Matter?
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 June 2018 at 07:03
Six Black 'Dominican gang members' arrested in New Jersey 'for beating and stabbing 15-year-old Bronx teen to death outside a bodega in a case of mistaken identity' - bringing the total number to seven

* Six more men have been arrested in connection to a Bronx teen's murder
* Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, was beaten and stabbed to death outside a bodega last week
* On Monday, New York City officials announced that 19-year-old Kevin Alvarez had been booked on charges of murder, manslaughter and gang assault
* Shortly after, New Jersey officials said they had nabbed six more men
* Those men are Jose Muniz, 21; Jose Taverez, 21; Manuel Rivera, 18; Danel Fernandez, 21; Joniki Martinez, 24; and Santiago Rodriguez, 24
* A eighth person was picked up in the Dominican Republic but is cooperating with authorities and has not been charged yet
* The six men arrested in New Jersey were caught at a hangout spot popular with the Dominican gang believed to be behind the attack
* Police say the victim was killed as the result of a case of mistaken identity
   Admin Edit:  Apparently all Mestizos look the same.



21-year-old Jose Muniz of Paterson, New Jersey; 21-year-old Jose Taverez, 18-year-old Manuel Rivera, 21-year-old Danel Fernandez, and 24-year-old Santiago Rodriguez of the Bronx; and 24-year-old Joniki Martinez of Freeport, New York.

Local authorities arrested the six men after raiding a local home known as a hangout spot for the Dominican gang suspected in the murder, around 2pm on Sunday.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 June 2018 at 13:18
Looks to me  like its just a bunch of niggers, good riddance, its a shame they couldn't get more than one nigger... Of course the  media will keep the lid on this deal, nigger on nigger, but until some significant changes are made in the world, that's just the way it is...Biggest problem with this whole deal is now the little niggers will become tax burdens for those of us who work... I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that these liberals Democrats, especially the niggers will keep pushing, eventually the White Man will get enough (I Hope) and we will turn this deal around and make this world  a Whiter and Brighter World! RaHoWa!!!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 01 July 2018 at 20:03
Watched the full video to this and they savaged him, plunging the knife where ever they could hit...They done his face, neck, body and multiple times in the legs.

They got an artery because he staggered around squirting a fook load of nigger blood.

Six Black 'Dominican gang members' arrested in New Jersey 'for beating and stabbing 15-year-old Bronx teen to death outside a bodega in a case of mistaken identity' - bringing the total number to seven
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 18 September 2018 at 20:43


Niggers being Niggers. Marching Looting Killing. Looting ... pinching multiple boxes of sneakers. What can you expect from these pricks? Not pinching any work boots you bet!

Hurricane Florence should’ve blown them out to sea!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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'Hurry, my baby's already been stabbed twice': Harrowing 911 call from inside illegal Chinese birth center in Queens where foreign mothers come to give birth in the US after worker, 52, stabbed three baby girls and two adults

Extract: The center is one of many other similar clandestine facilities across the country where foreign pregnant women come to give birth to their babies on US soil so that they may later gain citizenship.


Extract: Office of Child and Family Services said “OCFS is saddened by this horrific situation and investigating it as a possible illegal operation.”


POLICE in New York say at least five people, including three infants, have been stabbed at an overnight day care centre in Queens.


NBC New York reports that authorities say the stabbings happened just before 4am (6pm AEST) on Friday.

One of the infants, a girl, is in serious condition, but none of the injuries is considered life-threatening

Police say a 52-year-old daycare worker, identified as Yu Fen Wang, Bug eyed Ching-Chong stabbed a female co-worker with a kitchen knife before stabbing three baby girls and injuring a dad of one of the babies.

One of the children was just three days old, another 20 days old and the third was just a month old.

It remains unclear how many stab wounds they each suffered and where on the body they were struck.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Late term abortions - Chinese style. It's entirely culturally appropriate. Nothing to see here.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 October 2018 at 11:18
Muslim in Burqa Attacks American Family ...

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 October 2018 at 12:08
Racial Greeting from Texas,
Well to add insult to injury that nigger boy from Kenya who was a queer who married another nigger boy from Chicago who is a transsexual allowed all of them muslims into our country for 8 years, no telling  how long we will have to suffer for it... But its time that we stand strong and let these people know that if you stay here we will help you on your way to meet Allah or whatever you call your spook in the sky... Every time I see one of the rag heads I call them out and tell them to get that rag off there head... We must remember that these people have a religion that flat out declares war on the Infidels, and in short that covers everyone who is not a muslim... So remember if you employ people in your business or have any influence on people that do, our first priority is to our White race, hire strong White people, keep in mind that you will need to be on the look out for race traitors, because they are out there... What is good for the White race is of the highest Virtue, what is bad for the White race is the ultimate sin... RaHoWa!!!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 October 2018 at 23:31
As I have said before Hardy, America saved Australia and NZ from being invaded by Japanese.

Yes we lost our White Australia policy because we had to pay back America by going to assist in the fight in Vietnam. (A dumb war for Gook freedom).We took Vietnamese asylum seekers due to being a force at work there.

I can see how you can be cross at America allowing multiculturalism to ruin things , be Glad I am around to write this today because of what America achieved.

There are a lot  of things about America I find wrong and I wouldn’t live there over Australia but you have something a lot of people are breaking their necks to have.

I’ve travelled. I’ve been to Some of those places like Russia and Hungary. If you live there half of your wage goes on rent. Jobs are harder to come by and money is harder to save. Pay is lower that what you’d earn in America.

Hungary is full of Gypsies they are bad people!
I hung out with some Nationalists in Russia. They tell me they constantly fight with Muslims from former Russian states.
The cops will target you if you are a traditional looking skinhead.
The skins are now soccer hooligans.

Think of it what you want but this kind of nonsense of people fighting others over soccer is dumb stuff!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 01:17
Concerning the mudlim attack with the flag:

Hard to support the White family for the following two reasons.

1 - They support the JOG!
2 - They probably hate WRLs and Nazis. Well, you let the muds in, your family fought against Hitler...

This is what ya get.

Edit: The following can be considered to be Church Policy.
See https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,10609.0.html

We avoid insulting flag-waving self-described patriots and nationalists because they are our recruiting pool. It is our job to make sure they understand that not only are they deluded victims, but why they have been deluded and turned into victims. And by whom and by what.

We may not wave their flag because we stand opposed to what it represents TODAY, but we will use it IF it will gain support for our Holy Cause.

Pissing on or burning national or state flags is just needless antagonism that sets us out as the enemy. By the same token, we are not the IRA: We do not seek out the enemy of our enemy. The IRA used the Germans against the English for a time - which amounted to nothing in the long term - but after the Germans, the IRA used the Marxists. And as a result, their once White Erin Isle is now rapidly turning BLACK. If we proclaim solidarity with the enemies of our our nations merely because their form of JOG is less oppressive than our own, then we mark ourselves out as the enemy of the very people we are trying to recruit and to save. And worse still, we run the risk of influences such as the IRA and their Marxist allies, and the anti-Zionist Christinsane that claim to have allied with Islam to fight their Jewish oppressors.

We are CREATORS. We do not delve into grey areas, hedge bets and seek out foreign allies (with their own agenda) just to make apparent our opposition to the current regime. We strive to educate the innocent and the naive. We stand opposed to all alien presence in our land. We seek to Destroy and banish all alien thought and influence from society. We work hard to bring about a White World as soon as possible.

We may not agree 100% with the flag-wavers of today, but those flags they wave did once represent something important for our White Racial Nations. As CREATORS we respect the Racial History of all White Nations. Therefore, we have no choice other than to respect and defend the right of the self-declared Patriots and Nationalists to wave their national, state and cultural flags. For if we don't respect and defend the rights of Patriots and Nationalists, then we do not have a recruiting pool, and CREATIVITY dies.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 01:59
We may not agree 100% with the flag-wavers of today, but those flags they wave did once represent something important for our White Racial Nations. As CREATORS we respect the Racial History of all White Nations. Therefore, we have no choice other than to respect and defend the right of the self-declared Patriots and Nationalists to wave their national, state and cultural flags. For if we don't respect and defend the rights of Patriots and Nationalists, then we do not have a recruiting pool, and CREATIVITY dies.

Very nicely worded brother.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 14 October 2018 at 03:02
The only thing that is going to overthrow America as it is now would be a Country with a huge supply of Chemical and Nuclear weapons.

It won’t be like “Red dawn” where freedom fighters pick off commies.

The Chindians are “white-anting” Canada and Australia. They are doing the same in places like San Francisco where Americans can’t afford to buy now. Beaners look like they are running rampant.

This “all people are equal” * message. That’s what’s screwed the west up.

We fed the Chinks with our jobs for the last 40 years. Now they are in the South China Sea having a Mexican stand off with the US. Threatening to ram ships, flexing their muscles.

Just imagine if that kicks off?!

What would we do? Our countries are full of these pricks who are white-anting us!

It’s like they are good chess players and they got good because we bloody taught them to maximise our profits.... so our rich bastards can bugger off and retire in Philippines and Thailand and screw Prostitutes all day. While the nation they left is given to Chindia.

They never used to make good stuff but since we taught them how it’s coming back to bite us.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 January 2019 at 15:16
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 07 February 2019 at 04:48

After a Popeyes robber could not open a cash register, New Orleans police said, he resorted to making off with some fried chicken instead.

The man entered the Popeyes in the 8700 block of Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East just before noon Monday (Feb. 4) and attempted to steal money from the register. But the register wouldn’t budge so he grabbed some fried chicken and fled the business, according to initial police reports.

Police later located and arrested Phillip Lee, 27, in relation to the botched robbery. He was arrested on allegations of simple robbery and simple battery. He appeared in court later that day where Magistrate Judge Brigid Collins set his bond at $13,500

Now you know where the stolen chicken went
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 09 February 2019 at 18:56
Niggers are animals and at the bottom of the food chain as far as I am concerned, what bothers me is why a White man or Woman for that matter would move in a nigger community! I have read about people who say they had no choice, to me that is not a valid excuse, once the niggers or mexicians move into a White community it is no longer white and now at best could be considered mixed, and for my money the White people need to move on to a better place. I have never comingled with niggers or mexicians at a personal level, which includes sitting down and breaking bread with them. That being said I do admit that we have worked them over the years, but it is a well known fact that I call them nigger and mexician when I address them, bottom line White people must take a stand and draw their lines deep and stand by them.
23/23 What is good for the White Race is of the Highest Virtue; What is bad for the White Race is the Ultimate Sin! RaHoWa!!!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 24 March 2019 at 20:33
An African Miss Australia finalist could spend 21 years in an American jail after being found guilty of assaulting a flight attendant during a long-haul flight.


Adau Akui Atem Mornyang, 24, was on a United Airlines flight from her hometown of Melbourne to Los Angeles when she became disorderly after she was refused alcohol.

The Sudanese-born model lashed out at two United Airlines staff during the flight on January 21, and was verbally and physically abusive to staff and patrons.

She faces up to 21 years in prison after she was found guilty of assault and interference with flight crew.

Several passengers were forced to complain to staff about Mornyang's disruptive behaviour about nine hours into the flight.

They said she was 'flailing her arms, and yelling obscenities and racial slurs', according to a release by the Department of Justice.

'When the flight attendant approached to assess the situation, Mornyang began to shout at the flight attendant and then slapped him across his face,' the court heard.

'The flight attendant attempted to restrain Mornyang until federal air marshals could assist. The federal air marshals were forced to stay with Mornyang in the rear galley of the plane for the remainder of the flight.'

The former Miss Australia contender claims to have no recollection of the commotion.

'All I remember was waking up after sleeping for eight hours,' she said in a text message after the incident.


She claims to have mixed two glasses of wine with prescription pills to help her sleep, but attendants insist it was closer to five or six glasses before she was cut off

Mornyang, who moved to Australia as a refugee when she was 10, said: 'I was so confused and begging and pleading for them to tell me what I did.

'I was ignored, I was in and out of consciousness, and was later locked up in federal prison still with no memory of what I was arrested for.

'This whole alleged slapping is a big shock to me and I cry every night wondering why I have no memory of it. How I could of done it while asleep,' she told The Herald Sun.

She said the accusations have ruined her burgeoning career, having just landed her biggest contract to date before she was arrested


Mornyang was born in South Sudan and moved to Australia aged 10 as a refugee.

In 2017 she posted a video on Facebook saying she was raped by two [African] male friends at 17 in Adelaide.

She has also spoken out about racial tensions in parts of Melbourne.

She could be sentenced to a maximum 21 years in prison.

Admin Note: Under Australian law, she may be deported back to Africa where she belongs.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 March 2019 at 20:28
Chicago's mayor and chief police officer tore through Jussie Smollett and slammed prosecutors' decision to drop all charges against him as a 'whitewash of justice' on Tuesday after the Empire actor jubilantly celebrated escaping a possible 48 year prison sentence and protested his innocence



Speaking at a press conference with the equally enraged Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson on Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel insisted repeatedly that Smollett was guilty of staging a hoax attack on January 29 and that he did it for a raise.

He slammed Assistant State's Attorney Joe Magats decision to drop the 16 felony charges Smollett was hit with by a grand jury, a move he said he took because Smollett is not a 'violent threat' to the community.

Magats' decision comes amid calls for his boss, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, to face investigation an from the Attorney General for exchanging text messages with Smollett's relatives in the early stages of the investigation.

She is accused of trying to wrestle it out of the hands of the Chicago PD and have the FBI take it over at the request of Smollett family friend Tina Tchen, who is Michelle Obama's former chief of staff. Foxx recused herself from the case because of it and Magats took over but the police union in Chicago says it should have gone to a special prosecutor and believe it is especially suspicious given Tuesday's outcome

Mayor Emanuel said the sudden decision to drop the charges proved there is 'one set of rules for the powerful and influential' and another for others which he said sent a 'clear' and 'wrong' 'message'.

He and Johnson were blindsided by the announcement which they learned of while attending a police academy graduation ceremony. 

'Without a doubt this is a whitewash of justice and sends a clear message that if you are in a position of influence and power, you'll be treated one way. It is wrong,' Mayor Emanuel said.

'Not only do I support the hard work of the police department, I'd like to remind everybody a grand jury indicted this individual based on only a piece of the evidence the police had gathered,' he said.

He went on to condemn Smollett for speaking out after the court hearing and protesting his innocence

'Mr. Smollett is still saying that he is innocent, still running down the Chicago Police Department... how dare him. How dare him after everybody saw. Is there no decency in this man

'He did this all in the name of self promotion. And he used the laws of the hate crime legislation 

Johnson, who publicly condemned Smollett last month and said his lies were 'despicable', also slammed the star for asking that the evidence be sealed.

'I would want my day in court to clear my name.

'They wanted their day in court with TV cameras,' he said, referring to Smollett's team's eagerness to allow cameras in the courtroom.

'[Now] they chose to hide behind secrecy. You all know what the bond proffer said.

'We all know what it said if they want to dispute those facts the place to do that is in court not in secrecy,' he said.

'Our job as police officers is to present them with the evidence.

'If you want to say you are innocent of a situation then you take your day in court

'I would never, if someone falsely accused me, I would never hide behind a brokered deal and secrecy,' he said.

Emanuel added: 'This is not on the level. From top to bottom' when asked if they had been told about the decision.

Smollett was indicted on 16 felony counts that were returned by a grand jury which Emanuel said it proved that it was not just the police department which thought he was guilty. 

'This is not the superintendent's word against his.

'The grand jury saw a sliver of the evidence and they came to a conclusion,' he said, adding that the judge's decision to grant make all of the evidence sealed meant that the truth would never come out.

'This is a person now who has been left off scot-free with no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions, from top to bottom,' Emanuel said
He also slammed Smollett's $10,000 bond forfeiture which is a tiny fraction of the amount spent trying to investigate the case, he said.

'This $10,000 doesn't even come close to what the city spent in resources to actually look over the cameras, gather all the data , get all the information that actually brought the indictment by the grand jury.

'Where is the accountability in the system? You cannot have, because of a person's position, one set of rules apply to them and another set of rules apply to everybody else,' he added.

He compared the incident to the college bribery scandal and said: 'You have a person because of their position and their background who is getting treated in a way that nobody else would ever get close to this type of treatment

Smollett had been facing up to 48 years behind bars on 16 felony counts of lying to police by claiming he was attacked on January 29 by two men he said he could not identify and who he said called him racial and homophobic slurs.

On Tuesday, an emergency hearing was scheduled during which the charges were suddenly dropped. Smollett agreed to surrender his $10,000 bond but walked out of court a free man.

There is no doubt that brothers Abel and Ola Osundairo attacked him but so far, no other motive other than that Smollett asked them to and paid them to do it has emerged.

The question of why prosecutors who had boasted about their evidence against him suddenly dropped the case remains.

In his statement on Tuesday, Smollett gave no other explanation for the attack - which his personal trainers carried out on him - but said he had been truthful all along in his claims that he did not recognize them when they jumped him. 

'I want to thank my family, my friends, the incredible people of Chicago and all over the country and world who have prayed for me, supported me and shown me love.

'No one will ever know how much that has meant to me. Not for a moment was it in vain,' he said.

After making his statement, Smollett took selfies with fans outside the courthouse then got into a waiting car. 

He refused to say whether he planned to fight against Chicago Police Department or the prosecutor's office for accusing him of staging the January 29 attack, but said he would continue to 'fight for justice' and for the 'marginalized' people of the world.

It remains unclear what prompted the decision but the Cook County's State's Attorney's office said it was due in part to Smollett's 'volunteer service in the community.' 

20th Century Fox said it was 'gratified' that he had been cleared.

'Jussie Smollett has always maintained his innocence and we are gratified that all charges against him have been dismissed,' a spokesman said.

On Tuesday morning, a State's Attorney's Office spokesman told DailyMail.com it was confident in the police investigation into him and still satisfied with its decision to bring charges but would not say why then he was not being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

'After reviewing all of the facts and circumstanced of the case, including Mr. Smollett's volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case,' they said.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 25 May 2019 at 23:52

A Maine sub-human was found guilty of raping and killing his high school friend at a playground after being caught on camera dragging her body into the woods.

Jalique Keene, 22, of Bar Harbor, Maine, was found guilty of gross sexual assault and murder Friday following a four day trial for the June 2018 death of his high school friend, Mikaela Conley, 19, the Bangor Daily News reported.

Keene, a star running back, and Conley were schoolmates at Mount Desert Island High School. He graduated in 2015, while Conley was still a sophomore

Police said that on May 31, 2018, Conley had gone to pick up Keene from a Boston airport after he flew back from playing amateur football in Serbia.

They were said to have arrived back in Bar Harbor on June 1 at 1am, at which point they walked to the playground near Conners Emerson School, across the street from where Conley lived with her mother, who reported her missing later that day.

Searchers found Conley's body hidden in the woods near the school on June 2 and Keene was arrested on June 4.

An autopsy report later revealed that Conley had died by strangulation and suffered blunt force trauma to the head

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 02 June 2019 at 09:59
This is the crazed gunman who 'brushed his teeth and chatted to a colleague' before 'indiscriminately' shooting dead 12 {MOSTLY WHITE} innocent workers and dying in a police gun battle at the Virginia Beach municipal center on Friday



{An obvious nigger named} DeWayne Craddock, 40, has been described as a 'loner ex-National Guardsman' who had worked for the city for 15 years.

He was wielding two .45 caliber pistols, purchased legally in 2016 and 2018, during the massacre while a warrant search of his home revealed two further legal handguns. Police continue to refuse to say whether there was an intended target or motive to the attack.

Bizarrely, just moments before going on the shooting rampage, Craddock was spotted brushing his teeth in the office restrooms where he exchanged pleasantries with a colleague and wished him a good weekend.

Joseph Scott, an engineering technician with the department of public works, said: 'He was in there brushing his teeth, which he always did after he ate. I said "Hey, how you doing? What are you doing this weekend?" It was just a brief conversation.

'I'm sure I'm going to hear all kinds of things about DeWayne, but I liked him,' Scott told CNN. 'I worked with him. He was what I thought was a good person. When we were together, we would talk about family, friends, things that we were going to do, trips we were going to take and things like that.'

Scott said he worked with Craddock, whom a Virginia government source has called a 'disgruntled employee,' for several years. Scott said he doesn't want the shooter 'painted as an evil person' adding that 'something happened, but it wasn't his nature.'

Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen said at a press conference Saturday that Craddock was employed by the city for 15 years as an engineer, and that Craddock was still employed at the time of the shooting, meaning he possessed a security pass allowing him access to nonpublic areas of the municipal building.

Neither Hansen nor Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera would comment on whether Craddock was facing disciplinary or termination proceedings at the time of the shooting

After studying civil engineering at Old Dominion University he started at the Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities.

A press conference at 3pm Saturday gave further insight to the shooter, who began his rampage at around 4pm Friday.

A city spokesperson said: 'Virginia beach is a city of heroes, the strength is the people and there's no doubt going forward we will define ourselves s a city of love and compassion. This is going to be a long term thing.' 

Neighbors told WAVY Craddock kept to himself. Cassetty Howerin said: 'You heard him walking around; he would drop stuff at like 2 a.m., and me and my roommate would try to figure out what he was doing.   

'In the year I've been there, we've maybe had three conversations and that's about it. I know what gym he goes to. That's about it.

'I never saw him take trash out, never saw him bring groceries in, never saw people coming in or out. He was very to himself.'

Another neighbor - Clarisa Morel, 22, - told CNN Craddock was in front of his apartment with two others smoking what smelled like marijuana around two months ago.

She added: 'He catcalled me. He said, 'Oh, hey girl, how you doing,' stuff like that. I was intimidated by him. I know when I'm uneasy about people.'

Craddock’s department director, Bob Montague, told The Washington Post: 'There is no answer to explain an event like this.'

His family posted this note on their front door: 'The family of DeWayne Craddock wishes to send our heart felt condolences to the victims. We are grieving the loss of our loved one.

'At this time we wish to focus on the victims and the lives loss during yesterdays tragic event. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who loss their lives, and those recovering in the hospital.

Some 11 city employees and one contractor, Herbert 'Bert' Snelling, were killed in the shooting. Craddock was killed in the ensuing gunbattle with police. One police officer was hurt but was expected to recover.

One of the dead employees had worked for the city for 41 years. Six worked in the same department as Craddock, though authorities have declined to say if anyone was specifically targeted or if the suspect had issued threats before. The victims were found throughout the building, on three floors, police said.
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This news has flooded of M.S.M. for the last couple of days. I had never looked into the ethnicity of the shooter. It makes sence that it was a nigger. Especially since the propaganda media never brought race into the reporting and went straight to the gun rights rhetoric. 

Because we all know if it was a White that shot niggers and muds it would be a totally different narrative throughout the media.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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True ... Can't get much more NIGGER than with a name like DEWAYNE. I realised what it was as soon as I saw the name in MSM and added it to the June RL Bookmarks:

Racial News to Use Headlines
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I could post thousands of attacks on Whites by niggers and muds, but we're the ones that are suppressing and mistreating the coloreds with our racism. When will our race wake up to the war that we're currently in.




Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com - MAY 30, 2019 

Video footage released by Baltimore Police shows what appears to be deliberate targeting of white people during running street battles in Baltimore on Memorial Day.

“Footage from Baltimore Police body cameras and the downtown CitiWatch surveillance network shows groups of youths gathered Saturday night at the Inner Harbor randomly breaking into fights with each other — and at times committing more serious assaults,” reports Officer.com.

One body cam video shows a white man on the ground surrounded by black youths who viciously beat him until the officer is able to intervene.

Another clip shows a black teen wait for a white man to walk past before kicking him in the head.

The teen then receives a high five for his action.

Other footage shows general chaos and running battles as some of the mob turn on each other.

Six people were arrested during the fracas and Baltimore Police officials released footage of what happened in response to a request by the Baltimore Sun.

“They were just randomly fighting with each other,” said Col. Richard Worley, the Baltimore Police Department’s chief of patrol, noting that such scenes are completely routine and “were similar to other events that occur in districts all across the city on any given night”.

One wonders whether the story would have been bigger if gangs of white youths had been caught on camera attacking individual black people.
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Other footage shows general chaos and running battles as some of the mob turn on each other.

Six people were arrested during the fracas and Baltimore Police officials released footage of what happened in response to a request by the Baltimore Sun.

“They were just randomly fighting with each other,” said Col. Richard Worley, the Baltimore Police Department’s chief of patrol, noting that such scenes are completely routine and “were similar to other events that occur in districts all across the city on any given night”

So it starts off on a “Hunt down whitey game” and later the blacks
Fight amongst themselves once they have hurt whites for no reason? That just goes to show that even though they have been in America for 200 years or so and have had the benefit of white man’s Education that you can take the monkey out of the jungle but can’t take the jungle out of the monkey!

In Sub Saharan Africa there was no :- Mining, Farming , notable construction work. Just hunting and gathering from the Stone Age.
No evolution with reasoning and problem solving abilities.

“Me want ! Me get!....Or Hulk Smaaaash!”



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They should of dragged this nigger out of the mall to the nearest tree.


Minnesota man sentenced to 19 years for throwing child off Mall of America balcony


Emmanuel Aranda was sentenced to 19 years in prison Monday for forcing a 5-year-old boy off a mall balcony.The boy, who fell nearly 40 feet, has had a miraculous recovery, his parents said.

MINNEAPOLIS – The parents of a 5-year-old Minnesota boy who survived being thrown from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America decried the assailant’s actions as “evil” while saying they forgive him at a hearing Monday where a judge handed down a 19-year prison sentence.

Emmanuel Aranda showed little emotion during his hearing. When Hennepin County District Judge Jeannice Reding asked whether Aranda wanted to say anything on his own behalf, the 24-year-old Minneapolis man responded with a simple “no.” Reding then sentenced Aranda to the term he agreed to when he pleaded guilty last month to attempted premeditated first-degree murder in the attack April 12.

Aranda told investigators that he went to the mall “looking for someone to kill.” According to the complaint, he had tried to talk to women in the mall but their rejection “caused him to lash out and be aggressive.” He said he had planned to kill an adult before choosing the child instead.

The boy, identified in court only as Landen, plunged almost 40 feet and needed multiple surgeries for head trauma and broken bones. No update on his recovery was provided in court Monday, though his parents described it as miraculous.

“Your act was evil and selfish, you chose to listen to the worst parts of yourself that day,” the boy’s father said in a statement read by prosecutor Cheri Ann Townsend. “You chose evil over good and chose to take your hate and hurt out on my precious boy. That is where your impact on us stops, you will take nothing more from us.”

Both parents, whose statements included references to their Christian faith, said they forgave Aranda because they believe God expects them to.

“You chose to think about yourself that day, what you were feeling and wanted to do to someone else,” Landen’s mother said in a separate statement read by the prosecutor. “I’m sad you chose anger and hatred.”

Aranda’s attorney, Paul Sellers, did not raise a mental illness defense. Aranda did acknowledge in response to a question from the judge that he had been in mental health court before and had completed required treatment. No more details were given.

Aranda’s mother, Becky Aranda, and family friend Jessica Harris told reporters afterward that he had been in and out of mental health treatment while growing up in Chicago with frequently changing diagnoses, including attention deficit disorder, depression, autism and schizophrenia. They said that as far as they know, he was homeless before the attack. They said his comprehension level is more like a 5-year-old child’s than an adult’s.

Becky Aranda said her son belongs in a mental hospital, not prison. She said she last saw him in November and that she had been rebuffed in her efforts to visit him in jail.

“We’re trying to figure out what happened, what led him to do this,” she said. “We need answers as much as everybody else.”

Mary Moriarty, chief public defender for Hennepin County, said afterward that her office must honor its duty of confidentiality to its clients. She indicated defense attorneys were following Emmanuel Aranda’s wishes in resolving the case quickly.

“One of our jobs, one of our goals as public defenders is to build a trusting relationship with the client and to try to achieve what the client’s goals are,” she said.
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That video of the nigger fighting and spitting on WHITES ...

It's America. Stand your ground and shoot that mother*ing jigaboo dead. Every nigger, gook and white-skinned race-traitor there needs executed on the spot! They either learn to get out of the way of the WHITE MAN or they die.

Don't have a gun? It's TEXAS. Lasso and tie it to the back of a pick-up truck, then head for the highway.
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Operation targeting MS-13 gang in Texas nets nearly 2 dozen arrests, officials say

By Travis Fedschun | Fox News

Three MS-13 gang members charged with the killing of a rival gang member who was hacked to death were among nearly two dozen recently arrested in the Houston area as part of an operation targeting the notorious gang, federal officials announced Tuesday.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcementsaid in a news release that 23 gang members and gang associates were arrested in Texasover the course of the 26-day "surge operation" that ended May 31.

Of those arrested, 13 were confirmed MS-13 gang members or gang associates, according to ICE.

“Transnational criminal gangs like MS-13 pose an immediate threat to the safety and security of our local communities,” Assistant Special Agent in Charge  Mario Trevino said in a statement. “Our ongoing efforts with our law enforcement partners targeting gang activity helps make our communities safer for everyone to live and work.”

Nearly two dozen gang members and gang associates were arrested in a 26-day operation that targeted MS-13 in the Houston area, according to federal officials. (ICE)

The three MS-13 gang members charged with murder are Francisco Flores-Salazar, 19, Mario Guevara-Flores, 26, and Francisco Alberto Ancheta-Aquino, 21, who were all in the country illegally.

All three are from El Salvador and were each charged in the killing of a rival gang member whose decomposing body was discovered next to an elementary school in northern Harris County last August, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Jose Alfonso Villanueza, 24, was hacked to death by MS-13 gang members on July 29, 2018, after he was lured by a 17-year-old girl with the promise of a belated birthday present -- marijuana, the Chronicle reported at the time.

How can Mexico help fix the crisis at the southern border?

Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan says Mexico needs to be a partner with the U.S. in solving the border crisis.

The federal agency said that gang activity has increased in the Houston-area in recent years, prompting Homeland Security Investigations Houston and the Texas Anti-Gang Center to "ramp up" efforts to confront the problem.

In the fiscal year 2018, HSI arrested 959 MS-13 gang members and associates nationwide, according to ICE.

During a Wednesday morning appearance on "FOX & friends," acting ICE director Mark Morgan said there were 34,000 criminal arrests last year including 5,000 gang members, thousands of child exploitation and human trafficking cases handled and $1.2 billion in U.S. currency seized from illegal activities.
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These animals are absolutely appalling.


Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy Coerced Mother To Perform Oral Sex On 1-Year-Old, Police Say

Shaderick Jones allegedly filmed the rape of the child while in uniform, St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said.

By Dominique Mosbergen
06/09/2019 09:17 AM ET

A sheriff’s deputy in Louisiana coerced a mother to perform a sex act on her infant child and filmed her committing the crime, local police said on Saturday.

St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau told reporters that Shaderick Jones, a deputy in the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office, had been arrested and terminated from his post after a video surfaced allegedly filmed by Jones of a woman performing oral sex on her 1-year-old son.

Ambeau said someone brought the two-minute video to the police station on Friday. The clip had allegedly been shared via Facebook, WBRZ-TV reported.

“In my 16 years as the chief of police, I have not seen anything more disgusting and sickening,” Ambeau said of the video.

According to the police chief, Jones had gone to the home of Iyashasa Todd last week and allegedly persuaded her to perform the sex act on her son by threatening her with a traffic arrest warrant. Todd told police that she’d been afraid of going to prison.

“Mr. Jones coerced her to perform the act on the child; he said that was his fantasy,” Ambeau said.

The chief said Jones filmed the rape of the child while still in uniform.

“He’s disgusting to the badge,” Ambeau said, according to WGMB-TV.

Jones, 42, who joined the Iberville Sheriff’s Office in 2015, was arrested and charged with possession of child porn and principle to first-degree rape.

Todd, 26, was arrested on Saturday and charged with first-degree rape and incest, WAFB-TV reported. Her son is in the custody of his grandmother, WGMB-TV reported, adding that Child Protective Services was involved in the case.
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You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.


Cuba Gooding Jr. Allegedly Gropes Woman At New York City Club

A woman accused the Oscar-winning actor of grabbing her breast, and police say they are investigating a possible charge of forcible touching.

By Ron Dicker
06/10/2019 12:31 PM ET

A 30-year-old woman has accused Cuba Gooding Jr. of groping her at a Manhattan club on Sunday, according to the New York Police Department.

The woman filed a report, and police are investigating a possible charge of forcible touching, an NYPD spokeswoman told HuffPost on Monday..

According to the New York Post, the clubgoer told police that the “Jerry Maguire” star grabbed her breast, sparking an argument between the two that was broken up by security.

The incident allegedly occurred around 9 p.m. at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge. The woman called 9-1-1 later that night, the Post noted.

HuffPost did not immediately hear back from a listed legal rep for the Oscar-winning actor in a request for comment.

A woman who answered the phone at a corporate office for Magic Hour said she was unaware of the incident and referred HuffPost to an email address. The club did not immediately respond to our email inquiry.

Gooding, 51, was accused of a similar act by women at a New Mexico bar in 2012. He called those allegations “bullshit.”
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Typical of these monkeys, a nigger will always nig.
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Niggers chimping out after F.B.I. shoots a dangerously unruly suspect resisting arrest. (Suspect unidentified but easily presumed to be another nigger by the reaction)


Memphis protesters hurl bricks and rocks at police, wounding 24 officers in outcry over a man's death

By Madeline Holcombe and Holly Yan, CNN
Updated at 7:38 AM ET, Thu June 13, 2019

Dozens of Memphis cops injured in clash with protesters

(CNN) — What started as a protest over the death of a Memphis man devolved into chaos Wednesday night after demonstrators threw bricks at police and vandalized squad cars, officials said

At least 24 officers and deputies were injured in the melee, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said Thursday morning. Six of them were taken to a hospital.

Shelby County sheriff's deputies brace against the crowd as protesters throw rocks Wednesday night.

The turmoil came after US marshals shot and killed a man Wednesday night in north Memphis, the mayor said.

Marshals were trying to stop the man, who was wanted on multiple warrants, outside a home as the man was getting into a vehicle, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said.

The man "reportedly rammed his vehicle into the officers' vehicles multiple times before exiting with a weapon," the bureau said. "The officers fired striking and killing the individual. No officers were injured."

The suspect has not been publicly identified. But news of his death spread quickly as protesters hurled rocks at police, tore down a concrete wall outside a business and smashed the windows of squad cars and a fire station.

A squad car was damaged in the protests Wednesday in Memphis.

In addition to the 24 wounded officers, two journalists were also injured, the mayor said.

"Let me be clear -- the aggression shown toward our officers and deputies tonight was unwarranted," Strickland said.

But he lauded the composure of the officers as they became targets of attack.

"I was proud of our first responders," the mayor said. "I'm impressed by their professionalism and incredible restraint as they endured concrete rocks being thrown at them and people spitting at them."
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According to our lying government these illegal mud races just assimilate into our country and work the jobs Americans aren't willing to do.



Illegal immigrant charged in 3 DUI deaths now also facing weapons counts, authorities say

By Dom Calicchio | Fox News

An illegal immigrant from Mexico, charged with being drunk and crashing his vehicle into a mobile home in California last month, killing a couple and their 10-year-old son, now also faces federal weapons charges, authorities said.

A pistol that had been reported stolen in Idaho in 2017 was found inside the suspect’s vehicle several days after it was towed from the crash scene, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Later, another weapon was found during a search of the suspect’s home, the report said. Authorities believe the second weapon also had been stolen but was never reported as such.

The suspect, identified as Ismael Huazo-Jardinez, was already facing manslaughter and drunken driving charges when he was indicted Thursday on two counts of being an alien in possession of firearms while in the U.S. illegally, the Bee reported.

Word of the newest charges came from the office of U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott, the report said.

According to authorities, Huazo-Jardinez was behind the wheel on May 4, speeding around a curve on State Route 113 in Sutter County when he lost control and crashed into the mobile home.

Killed in the crash were three residents of the home: Parents Jose and Anna Pacheco, ages 38 and 34, and their son Angel, 10. The couple’s 11-year-old daughter was seriously injured but survived, according to the Bee.

Huazo-Jardinez was said to be “severely impaired,” with a blood-alcohol level far above the state limit, according to the report. He was initially released on bail but was then detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The search of the suspect’s home also uncovered $12,000 in cash, more than two dozen cellphones and a Mexican passport, making authorities believe he was preparing to leave the U.S.

He is currently in Sacramento County jail without bail, the Bee reported.
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I thought niggers were at least one rung up the evolutionary ladder. Guess I was wrong. They're on the same sh!t throwing rung.


Defendant throws feces at Miami judge, gets acquitted on burglary charges

By David Aaro | Fox News

A defendant charged with burglary decided to play dirty during his criminal trial in a Miami-Dade courtroom on Friday.

Dorleans Philidor, 33, was reportedly sitting in a wheelchair next to Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Lisa Walsh, when court officials say he tried to throw his feces at her.

The excrement missed, but the Miami Heraldreported Philidor yelling, "It's protein! It's good for you!"

During the incident, the bailiff yelled for Walsh to run as police and corrections officers ran into the courtroom.

Witnesses reportedly saw Philidor eat some of the bowel movement as well.

“It was intense. The corrections officers and police officers were swarming. Like 60 of them,” witness Allen Rios told the Miami Herald. “They told everyone to leave and you couldn’t go back in. It was a hazardous area.”

Once the incident concluded, the courtroom was closed for cleaning, and Walsh moved the closing arguments to another courthouse later on Friday morning, according to public relations director Eunice Sigler.

After they returned, the jurors found Philidor not guilty in the burglary crime, but he will stay behind bars because of a separate grand theft auto case. It's not clear what charges he will face for his fecal outburst.

A day earlier, Sigler said Philidor also defecated on himself and spread it over the walls and his body in a holding cell next to the courtroom. After officials took him away, half of the courthouse's second floor was closed. Thursday’s outburst prompted a doctor's evaluation, which determined he was well enough to be present at Friday's trial.

Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman Juan Diasgranados says Philidor will receive extra security to prevent these events from happening again.
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Get a rope and find a tree.


Man nabbed for Bronx rape allegedly said she ‘deserved it’ for ‘slavery’

By Larry Celona and Stephanie Pagones
June 18, 2019

A black parolee arrested for raping and bashing a white woman on the roof of his Bronx apartment building allegedly told a witness that she “deserved” the brutal attack because of slavery, according to court papers.

“She was a white girl. She deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery,” Temar Bishop, 23, allegedly said to someone who witnessed the bloodied 20-year-old woman after the assaults, according to a criminal complaint.

“This is what they used to do to us. This is what they did to us during slavery. They used to beat us and whip us.”

Temar Bishop, 23, was arrested by authorities on Friday in Virginia on a slew of charges connected to the early morning June 1 assault, which officials have deemed a hate crime, according to authorities.

The 20-year-old met Bishop — who was on parole after serving just over a year behind bars for robbery — around 5 a.m. and joined him on the rooftop of the public housing building on Alexander Avenue near East 137th Street in Mott Haven, police said.

Bishop allegedly punched her repeatedly before raping her, then continued his assault — kicking and punching her in the head and body until she fell unconscious, cops said.

He then fled, but returned with the unnamed witness — who saw the woman “laying on the roof landing with blood covering her face” — and then allegedly made the remarks about slavery, court documents say.

The woman was treated at an area hospital for several injuries, including a broken nose and broken teeth. She was also “vomiting blood,” the complaint states.

Police sources previously told The Post a Special Victims Division investigator described the attack as “one of the worst he’s ever seen.”

Bishop was charged with two counts of predatory sexual assault, attempted murder, rape, two counts of assault, sexual abuse, assault and a hate crime.

He was arraigned in Bronx court on Saturday, where he was ordered held without bail, a spokeswoman for the Bronx District attorney’s office said.

Admin Edit:
Original video removed at source
So here's a video of a gang of Niggers attempting to rape a Ginger pussy
(It's not bad to watch - Pussy wins)
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Sudanese-born Miss Australia finalist's shocking foul-mouthed tirade at a United Airlines flight attendant is revealed for the first time

* Adau Mornyang was arrested after becoming disorderly on a flight in January
* The Miss Australia finalist, 25, verbally abused United Airlines flight attendants
* Audio of the Sudanese-born model's tirade has been heard for the first time
* Mornyang became disruptive after she was refused any more alcohol


The former Miss Australia finalist who verbally abused airline staff has been heard unleashing her foul-mouthed tirade for the first time in shocking audio


Adau Mornyang was arrested after lashing out at two United Airlines flight attendants during a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles on January 21. 

The 25-year-old beauty is now facing up to 21 years in prison after she was found guilty of assault and interference with flight crew.

In a shocking audio clip obtained by A Current Affair, Mornyang is heard drunkenly hurling abuse at crew and calling a flight attendant a 'white trash b***h.'

'You need to shut the f**k up and tolerate whatever the f**ing bull***t you are getting! Ya b***h!' Mornyang says

'Don't you ever dare come up to me and tell me, "oh, you are disturbing everybody else."

'How am I disturbing everybody else? Right now I am disturbing everybody else....because of f***ing you, you f***ing white trash b***!'

Court documents revealed Mornyang had asked for a glass of wine but a flight attendant discovered an empty bottle of wine near her seat when he went to serve her. 

Several passengers began to complain to staff about Mornyang's disruptive behaviour nine hours into the flight.

They said she was 'flailing her arms, and yelling obscenities and {anti-White} racial slurs', according to a release by the Department of Justice.


'When the flight attendant approached to assess the situation, Mornyang began to shout at the flight attendant and then slapped him across his face,' the court heard.

The clip, which was used as evidence in court, captured only two and a half minutes of the 20-minute incident. 

'But guess what? I am a black African woman who is unstable, who needs to be controlled, who needs to shut the f**k up!' she continues.

'What did you do? Exactly the same thing as what you doing right now, crying on the phone, calling the captain.
'B***h! You're my flight attendant! I am supposed to have some trust in you, no matter my skin colour or what!

'But right now you're calling the cops on me because of s**t I didn't do, because some white-a** b***h complained to you about me.

'I'm ready! I'm ready for your white a**!'

Mornyang then removed her socks and began to throw them at other travellers.


Looks and acts like Grace Jones in that Conan movie! So ... faces 21 years in Gaol. America can have her! She’s he better off in Sudan though! Damn, uppity Jigaboo!
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Who says late term abortion is a bad thing.


Wisconsin father punched, killed 5-year-old son for eating Father's Day cake, prosecutors say

By Travis Fedschun | Fox News

A Wisconsin man allegedly punched and killed his 5-year-old son after he got angry the child had eaten his Father's Day cake, according to prosecutors.

Travis Stackhouse told police he punched the boy in the stomach and hit him in the face Friday because he was "upset that others were eating" his Father's Day cake, a criminal complaint stated.

The criminal complaint obtained by FOX6stated the child sustained bruising to both eyes, a cut to his lip and a laceration to his sternum.

Stackhouse, 29, initially told police he saw his son “somersaulting down the stairwell," but the boy did not appear to be injured.

Travis Stackhouse, 29, faces one count of first-degree reckless homicide after allegedly fatally punching his 5-year-old son after the child ate his Father's Day cake.(Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office)

When paramedics were called on Saturday around 2 a.m., paramedics didn't believe the injuries were consistent with a fall, and the boy's 6-year-old brother told police he did not fall down the stairs.

An autopsy revealed the child suffered blunt force trauma to the abdomen, and his death was ruled a homicide.

When police interviewed Stackhouse, he told police his girlfriend often warned him "not to hit the children so hard," according to the complaint.

Prosecutors charged the 29-year-old on Wednesday with one count of first-degree reckless homicide.

Stackhouse is being held on a $25,000 bond at the Milwaukee County Jail and faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 June 2019 at 00:07
I guess it must be pretty rare for a Nigger to receive a “Father’s day cake”?

Looks like he won’t be getting another Father’s Day cake any day soon!

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 June 2019 at 00:16
The real Darth Vader is a White Man who appeared in Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

The NIGGER just did the voice.

You know that Br. IVT but LOL with the Nigger.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 01 July 2019 at 11:41

Florida driver seen dragging deputy over 100 yards on interstate on-ramp is charged

By Vandana Rambaran | Fox News

RAW VIDEO: Florida Seminole County deputy dragged by car.

A Florida driver has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault after police video showed him dragging a Seminole County deputy over 100 yards on an interstate on-ramp.

Deputy Aaron Blais conducted a traffic stop on Rocky Rudolph Jr., 38, because he was driving in a vehicle with illegally tinted windows, Sheriff Dennis Lemma told reporters at a news conference Saturday.

The officer said he smelled marijuana on the suspect, whom police identified as a convicted felon, but when prompted, Rudolph told Blais he did not have a card for medical marijuana. Rudolph refused to turn off his engine when Blais asked him to do so and while the officer was still speaking to him, Rudolph took off in the black Escalade, dragging the officer about 20 feet.

When the car came to a stop, Blais pulled out his gun, pointing it into the vehicle and radioing for backup but Rudolph grabbed Blaise and drove another 100 yards toward I-4.

"Deputy Blais falls off the car, rolls into the median and is witnessed by eyewitnesses all around,” Lemma said.

Sheriff Lemma: This was a very dangerous situation. Our deputy could have been killed. Was dragged towards I-4. Suspect in custody facing charges of attempted murder of LEO.

At some point during the incident, Blais shot Rudolph in the leg. It was unclear how many shots were fired in all, but The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate further, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bob Kealing said.

Rudolph ultimately ran off, throwing a gun into the bushes, according to eyewitnesses, and was pursued by law enforcement including the sheriff's office SWAT team for almost 8 hours before he was caught inside another vehicle.

Lemma said he was “absolutely convinced that Rudolph was reaching for his gun” during the incident, and that body camera and dashboard footage would “clearly show that.”

"This was a very dangerous situation," Lemma said. "Our deputy could have been killed." Doctors later released the officer from the hospital.
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Disturbing footage captured the moment a 13-year-old girl fought off a man who tried to kidnap her after following her home from summer school on Long Island.

The rattled victim recounted the incident to PIX11 on Wednesday as Nassau County authorities confirmed they had arrested a suspect in the attack. 

She said the man, whom she'd never seen before, was on her heels as she walked from Lawrence Road Middle School to her home a mile and a half away at just after noon on Tuesday.

'I was thinking, why not let him go in front of me because there was something strange about him,' she said

Video from a surveillance camera mounted at the girl's doorstep shows the man chasing her down, grabbing her from behind and placing his hand over her mouth.

She manages to struggle out of his grasp before he grabs her again and tries to drag her behind a parked car.   

She continued to fight him off and was ultimately able to run up to the door and bang on it until a family member let her in.

The same family member then walked outside and confronted the attempted kidnapper on the lawn, prompting him to flee the scene on foot.

The girl said that while the man never spoke a word to her, she is sure he was trying to abduct her.   

I thought his t-shirt read “negro” at first glance. Video on the original.
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Illinois man agrees to child porn production plea

Bill Dolan Times Correspondent Jul 4, 2019

HAMMOND — A Lynwood, Illinois, man has agreed to plead guilty in federal court to producing child pornography.

U.S. District Court records indicate Philip A. Rice, 43, has signed a plea agreement in which he would admit to production of child pornography in exchange for leniency from the U.S. Attorney’s office.

A federal grand jury indicted Rice in 2016 over allegations he intimidated an underage girl into taking naked photos of herself between October 2013 and June 2016.

The Lake County prosecutor’s office also charged Rice in 2018 with child molestation.

Court records indicate the federal authorities didn’t arrest Rice until January this year.

The government alleges Rice first met an East Chicago girl when she was 8 years old, while he was living in her home, for a time, as a friend of her family.

Rice later began communicating to her through Facebook and asking her to pose for naked pictures when she was between the ages of 10 and 12.

She said she eventually felt she had to comply because if she refused, Rice would send her emoticons with angry faces or emoticons being punched.

Authorities first learned of the pornography in March 2016 when a Lake Station man visited the Deja Vu Showgirls strip club in Lake Station and found Rice’s cell phone, which had fallen out into a space between chair cushions.

The Lake Station man saw multiple photos of nude children on the phone’s SIM card and turned it over to police, who extracted more than 200 nude photos of preteen children and traced it to Rice through his Facebook Messenger account.

Rice has agreed to admit in court he photographed the East Chicago girl and possessed child pornography.

Rice also has agreed to register as a sex offender and pay restitution to his victims. The U.S. Attorney’s office has agreed to argue for a sentence for Rice that would be reduced from the maximum penalty of 15 years to 30 years in prison.

No date has been set for Rice to appear in court and formally plead guilty.

The Lake County prosecutor’s office has dismissed its child molesting case against Rice.
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This is what you get when you live in a sanctuary city/state, in a country over flowing with niggers and muds. It definitely doesn't help that the U.S. has 32,000 - 33,000 gangs that are currently terrorizing our streets.


Three people were stabbed and at least 13 others were trampled leaving a fireworks display in Chicago

By Christina Maxouris, CNN

(CNN) — Three people were stabbed Thursday night at Chicago's Navy Pier and more than a dozen others were injured after being trampled when someone set off firecrackers, according to police.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Spicuzza said in a news release Friday morning that a fight broke out among a group of men at the fireworks display after someone displayed "gang signs."

A 14-year-old boy was stabbed in the arm and rib, according to Spicuzza, and a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the armpit. Another man, 30, who was not involved with the fight, was stabbed in the face and arm but couldn't recall details of the stabbing and didn't see who was responsible.

All three are at local hospitals in stable condition, Spicuzza said.

Three people were stabbed and more than a dozen injured at Chicago's Navy Pier Thursday night.

Police initially believed that a fourth person, a 16-year-old boy, had been stabbed, he added, but it was later determined he punctured his leg after running into a table.

At least two unidentified male offenders connected to the incident are not in police custody.

Additionally, someone threw what police believe were firecrackers, Spicuzza said, prompting a crowd of people to attempt to flee the venue at the same time.

About 13 people were injured after being trampled, according to police.

Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi previously said 16 were hospitalized after being trampled while leaving the fireworks. Earlier he'd said there were "heavy crowds" following the fireworks display.

"It was the scariest thing ever," witness Lucila Pulido told CNN affiliate WLS. "Then we saw people running with strollers. There's shoes everywhere. People just ran for their lives."
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The propaganda media tries to down play the title of this article. It should be titled, "Packs of Niggers Terrorizes Store Stealing $30G of Merchandise"


'Flash mob' stole $30G worth of merchandise at North Face store in Wisconsin, police say

Fox News

Wisconsin police are searching for 10 young men who they say were part of a 'flash mob' group accused of stealing $30,000 in merchandise this week from a North Face outlet, all in under 30 seconds — and captured on surveillance footage.

The camera footage shows a group of men entering the store around 7:45 p.m. Monday and then abruptly scurrying through several racks of outerwear and clothing, in footage released by the Pleasant Prairie Police Department.

The crew fled the store after about 20 or 30 seconds, after grabbing “as much merchandise as they could carry before running to the cars and leaving the property,” Sgt. Aaron Schaffer of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department told Kenosha News.

Police say the employees didn’t confront the thieves but immediately contacted the police department.

The group appeared to be a “flash mob," Schaffer added.

Police are still searching for the suspects — who they say are possibly connected to another outlet mall case nearby -- and released pictures of the men on July 4.  (Pleasant Prairie Police Department)

The store's security footage captured the faces of the suspects.

According to authorities, the men fled the scene in three vehicles: a maroon Pontiac Grand Prix, a Dodge Magnum and a car described as either a Chevrolet Cobalt or a Pontiac.

Police are still searching for the suspects — who they say are possibly connected to another outlet mall case nearby -- and released pictures of the men on July 4.

This incident remains under investigation and anyone with information is asked to call local police at 262-694-7353.
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Florida woman accused of urinating in ice cream machine at local shop

Posted: 1:02 PM, Jul 09, 2019
By: Sarah Hollenbeck

INDIAN SHORES, Fla. — A St. Petersburg woman was arrested Monday and charged with tampering with food. An arrest affidavit claims she peed in an ice cream churning machine and picked her nose and stuck her fingers in ice cream containers.

Indian Shores Police say the incidents happened at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop at 19823 Gulf Blvd. in Indian Shores.

According to arrest documents, Jung Soon Wypcha, who police officers say owns the adjoining Indian Shores Food Mart business next to the ice cream shop, was seen on video using the shared bathroom with the door open five different times in the month of June.

Arrest reports say she did not wash her hands after using the restroom. In at least one of those bathroom breaks, she walked over to a freezer containing cartons of ice cream and shoved her hands into the ice cream containers. On another occasion, cameras captured her picking her nose and sticking her hands in the ice cream. Wypcha was also seen on surveillance video spitting into the ice cream containers.

On a final occasion, Wypcha allegedly used the ice cream churning machine as a makeshift toilet then emptied her urine in a sink used to rinse out ice cream equipment and bowls.

Indian Shores Police officers say all the incidents were captured on video surveillance.

According to arrest records, Wypcha caused $2,000 worth of damage to the products and the store also had to close down to clean equipment and throw away any tampered ice cream products.

Officers arrested Wypcha on July 8 and charged her with criminal mischief and violating Florida’s Anti-Tampering law.

An attorney for Wypcha tells ABC Action News it is too early to comment on the arrest.

Paul Chiulli and his wife Beth, who own Lu Lu's Ice Cream shop say they are devastated. “Stuff like this can ruin our business and can ruin our lives,” Paul Chiulli explained.

“It just breaks my heart,” Beth added with a sigh.

Paul Chiulli believes the dispute may have started over the ice cream shop's growing popularity and disputes over parking spaces in the lot the businesses share.

“We didn’t even know she was mad. But I’m guessing it’s from the parking and us being popular,” Chiulli elaborated.

Chiulli says they are upset but won't let the crime impact their livelihood.

“We’re the type of people that brush ourselves off and pick ourselves up and we'll go back to doing what we do best: Serving good Ice cream to the community,” he explained.

Chiulli says they threw out all the frozen treats in the store and restocked with fresh products. They also cut off access to the back room and bathroom shared between the two businesses. Chiulli says they hope to reopen the store on Wednesday, July 10th.

Daniel Bozarth, a customer of Lu Lu's, says it's upsetting. “That’s a shame to hear this happened because Lu Lu's owners are very nice people," he said.

“We feel like we just woke up in the middle of a war that we didn't even know was going on. This is pretty scary. I never wanted to be famous and certainly not like this!!! We just wanted to sell ice cream on the beach and make people happy," the Chiullis wrote in a message to ABC Action News Reporter Sarah Hollenbeck on Facebook.

Arrest records show Wypcha bonded out of jail but she did not answer the door at her home on 37th Avenue North in St. Petersburg when ABC Action News crews knocked Tuesday.

Her husband, who was manning the food market on Tuesday, refused to comment on the arrest. 
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Niggers out of control. They don't even know how to behave and act civil at what the call the "happiest place on Earth".




Family in violent Disneyland brawl claimed fight never happened before video went viral, police say

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

Brutal fight breaks out in Disneyland

A feuding family was escorted from Disneyland on Saturday after getting into a violent brawl in the Toontown section of the park.

The violent brawl among family members that took place at California's Disneyland last weekend is currently being reviewed by prosecutors, who may file criminal charges, authorities said.

The Anaheim Police Department presented the case to the Orange County Prosecutor's Office this week after investigating the wild altercation that was caught on a now-viral video. The "uncooperative" family involved in Saturday's fight initially denied their involvement and claimed it actually never happened, according to police.

The feuding family was escorted from the theme park after the fight, which took place in the park's Toontown section. Footage of the fight shows a man punching a woman repeatedly after she spat on him during an argument with her and another man.

The two men are then seen fighting each other before the other man, too, punches a different woman seen in the video, presumably in retaliation. Before the fight is broken up, the first man again attacks both women, knocking one to the ground and punching her repeatedly while she’s down. Park officials are seen responding to the melee as the footage ends.

But the family, according to the Anaheim Police Department, initially claimed that nothing ever happened at Disneyland on Saturday.

"The parties involved all denied anything occurred and we were not there to witness it," the department tweeted on Monday. "The videos that were not available at the moment [now] make things clear and the case has been presented to prosecutors."

The department said on Saturday that they were aware of the fight and tried to investigate but all parties were "uncooperative." They filed a report, but since there was no footage at the time showing what happened, they said there wasn't much else they could do.

A Twitter user responded: "This is a joke. You had many eye witnesses. Disneyland has cameras."

When asked if such a fight was a common occurrence, Anaheim police said "it does happen when families get together in the heat and get irritated with each other" — but noted "what happened is unacceptable and we are presenting the case to prosecutors."

The Orange County District Attorney's Office confirmed that they are reviewing the case after police presented it to them on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Police believe there is the possibility of felony conduct,” spokesperson Kimberly Edds said.

It was not immediately clear what charges were recommended to prosecutors but in a tweet about the brawl, the Anaheim Police Department urged victims of domestic violence to seek assistance.
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An ultra-violent MS-13 group entered the U.S., then stalked L.A. with blades and bats

JULY 16, 2019
8:42 PM

One by one, the victims were lured to remote locations: an abandoned building in downtown Los Angeles, an empty rooftop in Hollywood, a quiet park in the San Fernando Valley.

Each was accused of a transgression against the notorious MS-13 street gang. Each would meet their end in a manner federal investigators described as “medieval.”

In one case, court records show, a 16-year-old boy was lured to a canyon and beaten to death in 2017. His body went undiscovered for so long that his remains wound up charred in a wildfire, according to coroner’s records. Earlier that year, another man suspected of defacing an MS-13 graffiti tag was abducted and dragged into Angeles National Forest. Six gang members cut him apart with machetes, according to prosecutors, who alleged that one cut out his heart.

The gruesome slayings were among seven Los Angeles-area murders linked to the Fulton clique of MS-13 in the last two years, according to an indictment unsealed Tuesday that charged 22 members of the gang, most of them in connection with first-degree murder and racketeering.

The sweeping, 78-page indictment marks the latest salvo between California law enforcement and the notorious gang, which was formed decades ago in Los Angeles and has recently escalated its violent tactics to increase its power, investigators said.

MS-13 has also become a bogeyman used by President Trump to justify stronger immigration enforcement by linking the issue to crime.

Nineteen of the 22 defendants charged in the indictment had entered the country illegally in the last four years, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles. Several of the victims described in the indictment were also new arrivals to the U.S. from Central America, officials said.

“These gang members sought out young victims in their teens and early 20s who were new to this country. Many had recently immigrated from El Salvador and Honduras. They were alone looking to fit in with others from native countries,” said Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, whose office will prosecute several of the defendants on murder charges at the state level. “But instead, they met their demise quickly at the hands of gang members who preyed upon them.”

U.S. Atty. Nick Hanna, center, announces an indictment charging members of the MS-13 street gang in a series of violent attacks across the Los Angeles area.

(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Four people were killed in the Angeles National Forest by members of the clique who wielded machetes, baseball bats and knives, the indictment alleges. A fifth victim was slain in the Malibu hills and a homeless man was shot and killed earlier this year in Whitsett Fields Park in North Hollywood, which prosecutors described as the clique’s “stronghold,” according to the indictment.

The slayings were motivated in part by a schism within MS-13. Paul Delacourt, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, said some younger members of the gang wanted to employ more violent means “to exert their dominance in Los Angeles as opposed to maintaining allegiance to the Mexican Mafia,” the sprawling criminal network that holds sway over most Latino gangs in the county.

“We’re seeing an influx of younger gang members coming into the area associating themselves with the Fulton clique who are extremely violent, who have to commit murders to join the clique,” U.S. Atty. Nick Hanna said.

All 22 of the alleged MS-13 members are in custody. Eighteen had been apprehended in the last year on a range of federal and state charges, authorities said. Three were arrested in recent days in the Los Angeles area by a task force composed of FBI agents, LAPD officers and Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies. Another was captured over the weekend in Oklahoma.

Authorities filed two more cases under seal against juvenile defendants in federal court. Some of the suspects were high school students at the time of the slayings, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss the case candidly. Some of the killings were also recorded by the perpetrators, the official said. In one case, a suspect posed for pictures holding items he’d stolen from a butchered victim.

MS-13 has about 20 active cliques in Los Angeles, but police had previously said the gang had waned in size and influence recently. Last year, then-Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told The Times the number of active MS-13 members in the city had dropped from about 1,000 in 2011 to between 700 and 800 in 2018.

Beck said the gang was not among the five most active in the city, but stressed that he still considered them a threat. LAPD officials declined to discuss the gang’s size or territory Tuesday.

Earlier this year the department arrested several MS-13 members in an operation in the San Fernando Valley that stemmed from an investigation into the murder of Bradley Hanaway, a homeless man whose death was among those detailed in the indictment. In announcing that investigation, the LAPD said detectives had noted an uptick in MS-13 graffiti and activity in the area.

Claude Arnold, who once ran the Los Angeles field office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and spent the bulk of his career investigating transnational gangs, said similar surges in bloodshed have taken place in other MS-13 havens, including Long Island, N.Y., and Washington, D.C., when the areas saw an influx of new members from outside the country.

“These are newer entrants, so they’re making their bones with the gang, it’s just how it is,” Arnold said. “They want to make a name for themselves, and those are the people who are generally the most violent members of street gangs.”

The Fulton clique targeted people they believed to be cooperating with law enforcement, who belonged to a rival gang or who’d fraudulently claimed membership in MS-13, Lacey said. Six of the slayings described in the indictment unsealed Tuesday were committed to join or advance within the Fulton clique, authorities said.

The defendants identified in Tuesday’s indictment are: German Hernandez, Angel Guzman, Ever Morales, Fernando Parada, Jose Baquiax Alvarez, Kevin Gomez, Kevin Arteaga, Edgar Velasquez, Walter Chavez Larin, Yefri Revelo, Wilfredo Vides, Gerardo Alvarado, Roberto Carlos Mendez Cruz, Bryan Alberto Ordones, Roberto Alejandro Corado Ortiz, Edwin Issac Mendez, Josue Balmore Flores Castro, Luis Arturo Gonzalez, Edwin Martinez, Steven Emmanuel Linares, Marco Antonio Ramos and Erick Eduardo Rosales Arias.

Attempts to contact their defense attorneys were unsuccessful.

Authorities began digging into the Fulton clique’s activities in late 2017, when detectives investigating the disappearance of 16-year-old Brayan Alejandro Andino discovered the teen’s body in Lopez Canyon, said LAPD Deputy Chief Horace Frank. The teen was lured to the Lake Balboa area by two female associates of MS-13, and then beaten to death.

Frank said the brutality of MS-13’s attacks was almost unparalleled.

“No parent should ever have to experience what Brayan’s and the other parents and family members have endured, and continued to endure,” he said.
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Florida woman accused of aggravated assault after being refused pizza slice

By David Aaro | Fox News

Police in Florida say a woman was arrested this week and accused of aggravated assault when she attacked another woman who denied her a slice of pizza.


The St. John's County Sheriff's Office says De'Erica Cooks, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and is being held on a $1,500 bond.

According to the St. Augustine Record, Cooks became angry after the unidentified woman said "no" to her request for a slice. An offense report says Cooks told the woman "I'm going to cut you" with a steak knife in her hand, and then tried to attack her.

The report adds that a male bystander was able to take the knife away from Cooks, but she soon found another one.

Cooks told investigators she did not remember much of the incident. She remained in jail as of Saturday evening.
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The bible is true and Jesus has returned to save the sinners. Oh my mistake, just another nigger out of his mind on drugs.


Man claims to be Jesus Christ after wild crash near Bethany

POSTED 10:00 PM, JULY 23, 2019, BY PEYTON YAGER, UPDATED AT 03:00PM, JULY 24, 2019

Man claims to be Jesus Christ after crash

BETHANY, Okla. - A man who claimed to be Jesus Christ now faces several felony charges after plowing his car into a busy Bethany street corner.

Police say the driver was high on drugs and had a revoked license.

Back on July 11, an SUV was flying down Northwest 39th street in Bethany, even hitting triple-digit speeds before flipping several times.

The crash uprooted trees and took out a light pole just across the street from the Southern Nazarene University campus.

“It was crazy,” witness John Metcalf said.

This week, felony charges seal the fate of the man behind the wheel: Anthony Wallace.

“We looked to the right and saw a massive wreck,” Metcalf said.

Frightened witnesses rushed outside to see shoes and clothes scattered and the SUV was a mangled mess.

“He wasn`t moving and his eyes were open,” Metcalf said. “We assumed he was dead.”

But according to police, Wallace was very much alive.

Newly released court documents reveal he “began swinging his fists at officers” while “growling” saying multiple times “he was Jesus Christ and he didn’t have to comply”.

Wallace was so uncooperative police say they were forced to tase him before he was taken to a hospital.

While being treated for his injuries, Wallace was allegedly “hallucinating,” “because very abusive” and “belligerent.”

Doctors say all of this was a dead giveaway that Wallace was on drugs.

To make matters worse, Wallace had his driver’s license revoked and the car had no insurance.

But the good news for this busy street corner: no one was hurt.

“It could've been awful,” Metcalf said.

Wallace is no stranger to these types of charges. He pled no contest back in 2013 to driving under the influence of drugs.
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Three people involved in a violent brawl between a family at Disneyland in California have been hit with a slew of charges, after a video of the shameful incident went viral

Avery Robinson, 35, his sister, Andrea Robinson, 40, and her husband, Daman Petrie, 44, are charged in connection with the fight, which broke out in the middle of Toontown on July 8.

The shocking video showed two men and two women getting into a heated fight where they exchanged punches and spat at each other in front of crying children.

Avery Robinson, the man wearing a pink t-shirt in the video clip, was hit with five felonies for allegedly beating up his girlfriend, domestic battery and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as child abuse and endangerment.

Robinson even turned his aggression on his own partner, punching the woman in the face multiple times having already slapped his sister and punched his brother-in-law.

The appalling moment comes as a shock to the entire family as, having already assaulted his sister and brother-in-law, he suddenly started punching his partner,  after another family member accused the girlfriend of hitting Robinson's mother in the melee.

During the fight inside the park he also made several comments, including 'I'm ready to go to jail tonight' and referenced a Southern California gang

Robinson also allegedly tried to hit a Disneyland employee with his car and threatened to kill his sister and her partner.

The accused, from Las Vegas, is also charged with nine misdemeanors, and he faces up to seven years and four months in state prison if convicted.

'During the fight inside the park Avery Robinson made several comments, including "I'm ready to go to jail tonight" and referenced a Southern California gang,' the statement from the office added

Robinson's sister is facing five misdemeanor charges, including four changes of battery for attacking her brother Avery, his girlfriend, and a Disneyland employee.

She is also facing one count of misdemeanor assault for attacking her brother's girlfriend.

Andrea Robinson, 40, of Compton, faces a maximum of two-and-a-half years in jail if convicted on all counts

Daman Petrie, 44, of Compton, is facing one misdemeanor count of battery. Petrie, who is married to Andrea Robinson, is accused of punching Avery Robinson's girlfriend in the face during the melee


When “toon town” becomes “coon town” Disneyland looses it’s reputation as being “ The happiest place on earth”. Just look at the black on black attack! She-boons getting bashed by male Apes who should know better not to react like that!

Not just hitting Women but doing it in front of every child there!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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New rides at Disney are getting crazy..  BTW..  Fun fact..  this happened out front pf Goofys house.
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Texas man arrested after allegedly stealing an ambulance to buy KFC chicken, cigarettes

Jul 26th 2019 4:00PM

A Texas man who allegedly stole an ambulance from a psychiatric hospital Thursday morning had a pretty simple explanation for his crime.

Police said the man, who was described as being in his 60s, took the vehicle so he could buy fried chicken and cigarettes, according to KHOU. 

The ambulance was taken from Cypress Creek Hospital, a mental health facility in Houston, just after midnight. The man, a former patient at the hospital, was likely able to steal the vehicle because it was left outside with its engine running, 6abc reported.

Police were called around 2:30 a.m. Officers were able to electronically track the ambulance to a nearby gas station, where they found the man sitting in the vehicle with fried chicken and cigarettes.

The man had reportedly used the vehicle to run a number of errands, including a food stop at KFC. When asked why he stole the vehicle, he told police he needed a ride.

KHOU reported that the man was taken into custody and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. His name has not been released.
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Police trying to identify nigger in beating at Sun Prairie gas station



Excerpt: Police say the suspect hit the victim in the head, causing the victim to lose consciousness and fall down.

The suspect continued attacking the victim, kicking and stomping on the victim’s head multiple times, as you can see in still photos of surveillance video.

The suspect left the area on a hover board and the victim was taken to a hospital.
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Nigger picks fight on plane ...


Busta Rhymes was hauled off a British Airways flight by police as it landed at London's Heathrow Airport after getting into a row with a passenger in first class

Excerpt: The US rapper was escorted off the passenger jet after the heated argument with a fellow flyer shortly before take-off in New York.

The 47-year-old hip hop star is understood to have boarded the flight just before the doors closed carrying five bags – before angrily demanding to know: 'Who's got all their stuff in my locker?'

Witnesses to the altercation said Busta - real name Trevor George Smith Jr - became 'agitated, aggressive and rude' as he hurled insults at the married woman in her late 20s, from London, on the Monday evening flight from JFK Airport in the US.

He was met by police officers at the request of a passenger when the plane landed in London at 6.52am on Tuesday

Speaking to MailOnline, an unnamed passenger said: 'Busta got on the plane and saw that this woman had put her luggage in his section of the overhead locker.

'He turned around and demanded to know whose stuff it was.

'This British woman stood up and said the bags belonged to her.

'He was ranting and raving, getting really angry and demanding to know why she had used his locker.

'He told her to move her stuff immediately.

'He began shouting and behaving extremely aggressively and the woman was getting more and more upset, she began crying.

'As she got more and more tearful, her husband, who is British and works in London as a trader, intervened and told him he needn't be so rude to his wife.

'He said that he was upsetting her when she was clearly happy to move her things.

'The husband was trying to diffuse the situation, to which Busta replied, 'Let's go homeboy'.'

The witness said that as the argument became increasingly heated, other passengers stepped in and another called BA staff to intervene.

One source said the star was given a dressing-down by the airline's cabin service director before he was allowed to make the journey to London.

The cabin crew gave the singer a glass of water watermelon and took him to the first class galley and spoke to him in order to diffuse the row ....

What can you expect from Africans? It didn’t need to get nasty and the English guy tried reasoning with him but he chimped out to get his own “Hulk smaaaash! Way”.
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Another stupid nigger. Guess that was a little redundant.


Ohio man allegedly uses demand note with full name, address to rob bank

 By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

Tip for aspiring bank robbers: Don't use your real name on the slip of paper you're using to demand other people's money.


Michael Harrell, 54, allegedly robbed a U.S. Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday morning, the FBI said.(Cleveland Division of the FBI via WJW)

He's accused of passing a note to the teller — but the note was written on the back of a document from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles...complete with the alleged crook's full name and address.

"When the teller took the note, and looked at it and looked at the other side, she saw his name. He had used a note that he had used earlier at the BMV and it had his name on it,” said Special Agent Vicki Anderson, of the FBI's Cleveland field office, told WJW.

The bank teller at U.S. Bank in Cleveland reportedly referred to the alleged thief by his first name.

The teller referred to Harrell by his name and gave him an unknown amount of money before calling 911, Anderson said. Investigators reportedly confirmed Harrell's identity on security cameras and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Anderson said Harrell isn't the first person to allegedly incriminate themselves during a crime.

“We've had individuals drop cell phones that have all their identifying information in it,” the special agent said. "A lot of times, we're sending out pictures, we have no idea who this person could be or what part of town they could be from. And when you present a note that has your name already on it, and address, it helps law enforcement tremendously."

Despite the head start, authorities haven't yet taken Harrell into custody.

Anyone with information on Harrell's location is urged to contact the Cleveland Division of Police at 216.623.5000 or the FBI's Cleveland field office at 216-522-1400.
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U.S. attorney's aide accused of helping gang member son find snitches

Tawanna Hilliard was allegedly used government computers to help a high-ranking member of the 5-9 Brims set of the Bloods gang.

Aug. 14, 2019, 1:20 PM CDT
By Elisha Fieldstadt

A paralegal in the New Jersey U. S. Attorney’s Office is accused of using government equipment to try to identify and expose snitches for her Bloods gang member son, according to federal prosecutors.

Tawanna Hilliard, 44, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of obtaining information from government and protected computers, conspiracy to tamper with a witness, tampering with a witness, conspiracy to obstruct justice, conspiracy to harass a witness and harassment of a witness, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

Her son, Tyquan Hilliard, who is a member of the 5-9 Brims set of the Bloods gang and serving ten years in prison for robbery in New York, faces the same charges, according to an indictment filed in Brooklyn federal court.

Tawanna Hilliard, who lives in Brooklyn, was working in the federal office in Newark when she "used her DOJ-issued equipment to conduct computer searches to determine whether certain individuals were cooperating with law enforcement" in 2016, according to court documents.

She was trying to help a high-ranking 5-9 Brims member, identified in court documents as Brim-1, find out if two other gang members had provided information to law enforcement.

Brim-1 suspected the two other gang members were federal defendants and had snitched, but Tawanna ended up finding neither of them had active federal cases, which she "described as a 'red flag,'" court documents said.

Tyquan Hilliard, who at the time was serving six years for possession of a loaded firearm, was in a dispute with Brim-1 and "expressed irritation" that his mother had tried to help Brim-1 out, the documents said.

She then logged into a DOJ search engine from work to find information about Brim-1, including his address, and shared it with her son. Tawanna and Tyquan discussed ways to harm Brim-1, but no evidence shows they ever did, according to prosecutors.

In 2018, Tawanna was intent on identifying and outing two other snitches. Tyquan and two others, identified in court filings as John Doe and Jane Doe, had been arrested for allegedly robbing a New York cellphone store.

Both John Doe and Jane Doe were interviewed by police, at which point John Doe identified Tyquan as "a prominent member of the 5-9 Brims," court documents said.

Tyquan and Tawanna obtained videotapes of both interviews, and Tawanna posted John Doe's recorded statement on YouTube, titling it "NYC Brim Gang Member Snitching Pt. 1.” Jane Doe's recorded interview was also posted to YouTube, with the title “NYC Brim Gang Member Snitching."

Both John Doe and Jane Doe started getting threats after the videos were posted, prosecutors said.

“No Snitching” is the 5-9 Brims "first rule" and multiple witnesses told investigators that people in the gang who cooperate with law enforcement "must be punished with physical attacks or even death," court documents said.

Tawanna Hilliard faces up to 20 years in prison on the obstruction charge alone, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. She was released on $75,000 bail on the condition that she has no contact with gang members, including her son. Her electronic communications will be monitored at all times.

Tyquan Hilliard will be arraigned at a later date.

Tawanna Hilliard's lawyer did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey declined to comment.

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All I say is that these muds are animals and this is what our enemies are trying to fill our country with.


Florida delivery man allegedly attacks elderly woman with mallet, sets her on fire

Aug. 20, 2019, 4:36 PM CDT / Updated Aug. 20, 2019, 5:23 PM CDT
By Doha Madani

A Florida delivery man was charged with murder for allegedly attacking the elderly woman in Boca Raton who paid for him to install appliances purchased from Best Buy.

Jorge Luis Depre Lachazo, 21, allegedly attacked Evelyn Smith Udell with a mallet and set her on fire after he installed a washer and dryer for her on Monday morning, according to a police report from the Boca Raton Police Department.

Jorge Dupre Lachazo.Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Udell, who would have turned 76 next week, died after being treated at a local hospital for a brain bleed and severe burns, police said.

Police found her unresponsive on the floor of her laundry room, her clothing "fully engulfed" according to the report, with blunt force trauma and severe burns after another delivery driver partnered with Lachazo called 911.

The second driver, David Gonzalez, told officers he stepped outside to make work calls and heard screams from the house. Gonzalez found Udell on the ground with blood on the floor when he rushed back into the house.

"Lachazo was acting very strange and told Gonzalez multiple times that they needed to leave," the police report said. "Gonzalez was in fear for his life and stepped outside the residence."

Lachazo allegedly fled the scene with the delivery truck while Gonzalez was on the phone with 911 dispatch.

Police quickly tracked down the truck and found Lachazo sweaty, nervous and shaking, according to the report. Officers observed the hair on his legs looked as though it was burned off and there appeared to be ash on his legs.

Evelyn Udell was beaten and burned to death by a delivery driver in Florida.

The suspect later confessed to detectives that he used a wooden mallet to hit Udell on the side of the head. Lachazo told police he then grabbed a "chemical agent" from the garage.

"He then made a motion with his hands indicating that he doused Evelyn Udell and the room with the chemical agent," the police report said. "He then made a motion with his hands that the chemical agent spontaneously combusted. He denied knowing the ignition source that was used to start the fire."

The police report stated that responding officers found an open container of acetone in the kitchen, where the stove was pulled away from the wall.

Detectives said Lachazo also confessed to recently using cocaine and vaping marijuana.

Lachazo was denied bond on charges of murder without premeditation, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon on a person over the age of 65, and arson.

The Boca Raton Best Buy where the appliances were purchased was closed on Tuesday in the wake of the attack.

Best Buy CEO Corie Barry said in a statement that the company has severed ties with the delivery company Lachazo worked for and is fully cooperating with the police investigation. Best Buy will also hire an independent security firm to review our existing screening and safety programs.

"For more than 20 years, millions of Americans have trusted us to come into their homes and, on days like this, I am fully aware of how precious that trust is and how vital it is that we do everything in our power to earn it," Barry said. "Today, we redouble our efforts to do just that.”
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Legal/Illegal, it doesn't matter what kind of immigrant one is, if they're from a nigger or mud country they don't belong in a White Civilization. They don't have the capacity/will to assimilate into our way of life.


Former Texas health care worker gets 2 life sentences for raping 74-year-old patient with dementia

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A Fort Worth man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for raping a 74-year-old patient – who could not move or speak – at a nursing home last year.

Anthony Mamboleo Nyakeo, 53, was convicted Wednesday of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Nyakeo could have been sentenced to probation but jurors on Thursday sided with prosecutors and sentenced him to two life terms in prison.

Anthony Nyakeo is a Kenyan immigrant and former health care worker of a Texas nursing home. (Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office)

Nyakeo worked at a nursing home in Grapevine, Texas, about 25 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

In January 2018, prosecutors accused Nyakeo, a Kenyan immigrant to the U.S., of raping the elderly woman after DNA linked him to the attack, the Star-Telegram reported.

During his trial, Nyakeo testified that someone must have planted his DNA from a used condom in the body of the victim.

The victim, whose identity has not been released, died last year from Alzheimer’s disease at age 75.
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New Jersey man allegedly found with mummified remains at home pleads not guilty

By Louis Casiano | Fox News

A New Jersey man, allegedly found with a human head, a torso dressed in a suit jacket and necktie and part of an arm in his home pleaded not guilty Monday to desecrating human remains, in addition to child sex abuse charges.

Prosecutors called Robert Williams of Newark "dangerous to society" during Monday's hearing and argued he should remain in custody pending a trial.

He also faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child and child luring.

Investigators said Willams, 52, practiced Palo, a religion tied to African and Latin American countries, NJ.com reported.

Detectives said they found the mummified remains in a plastic bin in his closet during an investigation into the alleged sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy. During a search of his home, they said they found the remains and an altar.

The remains were being examined, a spokesperson for the Essex County prosecutors office said. Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Michael Morris said they weren't related to the sex abuse charges.

Morris said the remains “raise the specter of a person out of step with society and dangerous to society.”

Williams’ lawyer, public defender Susan Friedman, had argued he could be released on home confinement and electronic monitoring. She said he'd lived in the area for 18 years and had one disorderly-person offense on his record from over a decade ago.

Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler ordered Williams held until his trial.

Wigler said Williams could be sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison for the most serious charge, the aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13. Statements by Williams corroborated the alleged victim’s statements, he said.

Williams' next court appearance has been scheduled for Sept. 16.
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That he-nig that got in a fight infront of Goofys house at Disney might get 7 years of prison..  Thats umm..   alot for slapping some she-nigs.

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Disneyland a huge tourist attraction. Brings in $$$$ to the US economy.
They want it’s reputation to be the “Happiest place on earth” for sure! It’s not like Disney are getting too many tourists at Hong Kong Disney land right now?!

7 years Gaol for the disturbance. Can any penalty make blacks quit chimping out?
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7 years Gaol for the disturbance. Can any penalty make blacks quit chimping out?

Nothing short of the death penalty. That's why we need to ship them off to Africa. Not only is it cheaper on the White taxpayer but it will drastically reduce our prison's recidivism rate as well.
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Surprised the nigger didn't rape her. We all know what kind of animals they are.


Naked intruder arrested after stealing items from college student’s home: police

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A California man was arrested early Sunday after fleeing the room of a college student who had woken up to find him lying naked next to in her bed, police said.


Jaquane Baldwinbadger, 19, was arrested just before 6 a.m. on suspicion of first-degree burglary of an occupied dwelling, according to the Chico Police Department.

Police say Sacramento resident Jaquane Baldwinbadger entered the unlocked home of a university student early Sunday before fleeing with stolen items. (Chico Police Department)

Baldwinbadger allegedly walked into the Chico State student’s unlocked home while she was sleeping and began stealing items, Sacramento’s Fox 40 reported. The 21-year-old reportedly woke up and saw the nude suspect before he fled the residence.

Police searched Chico State University’s campus – which is about 90 miles north of Sacramento – and found Baldwinbadger as he was about to drive away, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Baldwinbadger allegedly had multiple stolen items from the woman’s home when he was found, according to the paper. He was booked into the Butte County jail, police said
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You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger. This is why niggers shouldn't be granted any authority over White Folks. Their low IQ and higher levels of testosterone make them more violent and less capable of controlling themselves.


Arizona trooper arrested on sex-related, kidnapping and fraud charges: police

By Vandana Rambaran | Fox News

An Arizona state trooper was arrested Tuesday and charged with 61 counts -- ranging from alleged sexual abuse and extortion to kidnapping and fraud -- after his department said he was using his position to trade "leniency for favor."


Tremaine Jackson, 43, worked for the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) for 13 years and was assigned to the department's Metro Motors District when authorities say they started receiving calls from women alleging that he'd made inappropriate comments and sexually abused them while on the job.

Former trooper Tremaine Jackson, 43, was arrested and charged with 61 counts ranging from sexual abuse, sexual extortion, kidnapping, harassment and fraud.

Col. Frank Milstead, director of AZDPS, said at a press conference Tuesday that on May 19, the department received its first complaint from a female motorist. who said Jackson made inappropriate comments to her during a traffic stop.

While investigating that complaint, police received a second complaint that alleged Jackson made inappropriate comments and engaged in "criminal behavior to the extent of sexual abuse," Milstead said. Jackson was put on administrative leave.

As the AZDPS's special investigation unit began to further probe Jackson's behavior while on duty, it contacted several women who had been stopped or cited by him dating back to Oct. 29, 2018, when police believe the first account of inappropriate and unlawful contact occurred.

Milstead said the investigation revealed at least eight women were alleged to have been harassed or sexually abused by Jackson while he was in uniform and in a marked or unmarked Arizona Department trooper car. Further, Milstead said, "we believe this may not be all of our victims."

"I implore anyone who has contact with Trooper Jackson, who may have been affected by contact with him, who may have been victimized, either through commentary or through physical action by Trooper Jackson to please come forward," Milstead said.

Jackson will be booked at the Maricopa County Jail on Tuesday afternoon.

In addition to 13 charges of sexual abuse, Jackson also faces eight counts of forgery, a dozen counts of fraudulent schemes and eight counts of tampering with a public record for allegedly falsifying department worksheets or citations, Milstead said.

He also faces eight counts of unlawful imprisonment and eight counts of kidnapping for "keeping people an inordinate amount of time and not allowing them ... to leave when they were not under arrest."

Milstead said Jackson used his positional authority to extort sexual favor from women and called the allegations "horrifying."
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Another niggress teaching her nigglet how to be strong pillar of the black community.


Florida 'porch pirate' caught on camera stealing package while little girl watches

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News


A woman was caught on camera allegedly stealing a package from a Florida home — with a young child, who followed along, watching her.

The unidentified "porch pirate," as described by the Tampa Police Department, was captured on home surveillance video Sept. 7.

The woman is seen walking up to the front porch of the house, located in the neighborhood's Audubon Drive, and taking a package that's seemingly hidden behind a pillar of the porch.

While she takes the package, a young child is seen following closely behind. The two soon leave the house, heading toward the street's sidewalk and walking away.

Investigators explained in a Facebook post they want to find the adult, and the child — "to explain about consequences to actions."

Anyone with information on the theft is urged to contact the Tampa Police Department at 813-231-6130.

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I'm not sure why these muslim mud races are still allowed to be around our planes. I believe they have proven through their past obsession of aeronautical terrorism, they are not to be trusted.


American Airlines mechanic who allegedly sabotaged plane has ISIS ties, prosecutor says

The 60-year-old man, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iraq, allegedly had ISIS videos on his phone and a witness said he claimed to have a brother in ISIS.

American Airlines mechanic who allegedly sabotaged plane has ISIS ties, prosecutor says

Sept. 18, 2019, 3:00 PM CDT
By Doha Madani and Associated Press

A Miami aircraft maintenance worker who allegedly tampered with an American Airlines plane over the summer has possible terrorist ties with the Islamic State, prosecutors said in court Wednesday.

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, is being held without bond after a judge ruled that Alani posed a flight risk after prosecutors argued that the mechanic had a brother who was a member of ISIS.

Alani, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Iraq who has worked as an airline mechanic for 30 years, allegedly had ISIS propaganda on his phone, Assistant U.S. Attorney Maria Medetis said. A video depicting people being shot was allegedly sent from his phone. Alani also told the individual he sent the video to that he wanted Allah to cause harm to non-Muslims, prosecutors say.

Two witnesses also told prosecutors that Alani mentioned to them he had a brother who was in ISIS, but gave conflicting accounts according to the prosecutor.

An American Airlines coworker claimed that Alani said he had to go to Iraq to visit a brother who was a member of ISIS, but a roommate alleged Alani said he had to go because his brother was kidnapped.

Investigators found no evidence of the brother being kidnapped on the phone, nor did prosecutors provide evidence of a brother in ISIS.

Alani has not been charged for a terrorism-related crime.

Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani appears in federal court in Miami on Sept. 6, 2019.Daniel Pontet

Alani was charged earlier this month with willfully damaging, destroying, disabling or wrecking an aircraft for allegedly tampering with an "air data module" on a passenger plane.

A flight crew noticed an error related to the plane's system on July 17 and called off an American Airlines flight from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas, with 150 people on board.

Alani allegedly used super glue to attach a piece of foam into an inlet on the air data module, which reports information like an aircraft’s speed, pitch and other data, according to court documents.

An affidavit from a federal air marshal said that Alani tampered with the plane in hopes of obtaining overtime pay.

NIGHTLY-NEWS American Airlines mechanic who allegedly sabotaged plane has ISIS ties, prosecutor says

His attorney Christian Dunham, a federal public defender, said as an experienced mechanic Alani knew the sabotage would keep the aircraft from flying and, even if it did take off, there are redundancies built in that would have kept it safe.

"We don't think they are going to be able to prove he intentionally put people in danger," Dunham said. "The plane would have been fine to fly."

Alani has been fired from his job at the airline and the Federal Aviation Administration recently revoked his certificate as an aircraft mechanic. He is expected to enter a plea at another hearing Friday.
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Another nigger chimping out with their child.


Nashville mom helped daughter beat up classmate at school bus stop: police

By Bradford Betz

A Nashville mother was arrested Monday morning after helping her daughter beat up a classmate at a school bus stop, police said.

Kalina Gaines, 30, is facing criminal assault charges for her alleged role in the fight.

Kalina Gaines (MNPD)

The altercation took place around 8:30 a.m. after Gaines and her daughter approached the victim at a bus stop, according to an arrest affidavit cited by The Tennessean.

Gaines and her daughter held the victim and took turns assaulting her because of an unspecified Friday incident between the two juveniles, the affidavit reportedly said.

A video filmed by students allegedly shows the victim on the ground while Gaines and her daughter assault her.

The victim later told police Gaines allegedly kicked in her in the face and struck her with her hands, the paper reported.

Gaines was arrested and booked into jail but was later released on $7,500 bond. Her hearing on the case is scheduled for next month. It’s not immediately clear whether she has an attorney.
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New York City man sought for breaking jaw of woman, 71, in ‘unprovoked’ attack: police

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News

A man in New York is wanted for breaking the jaw of a 71-year-old woman walking on a Brooklyn sidewalk last month in what policehave called a random and unprovoked attack.

The incident occurred Sept. 19 on New York Avenue in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood, police said. Detectives released photos and video of the suspect and the attack.

The victim is walking down the sidewalk when the unidentified man approaches her and suddenly punches her in the face, according to surveillance video. She then falls to the ground and the suspect leaves the scene.

The attack left the 71-year-old with a broken jaw and other serious injuries, police said. Paramedics rushed her to Kings County Hospital in serious but stable condition, FOX5 New York reported.

Detectives have asked the public for help in identifying the suspect. Anyone with information can call 1-800-577-TIPS. Police said all calls are confidential.
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Florida man wanted for allegedly pouring boiling water on boy, 3, one year after being accused of putting girl in oven

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

A Florida man who allegedly put a little girl in an oven last year is wanted again -- this time on suspicion of burning a child with boiling water.

Terry May, 47, was wanted Thursday for allegedly burning a 3-year-old boy by pouring a pot of boiling water down his back. The boy claimed he accidentally urinated on the floor while May was watching him.

"The poor kid has a burn mark across his back," Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood wrote on Twitter. "The word 'bully' gets thrown around a lot, but to me there is no bigger bully than the kind of coward who picks on 3-year-olds. Stay tuned for more on this case.".

Last year we arrested Terry May on a charge of abusing a 3-year-old girl who said he beat her with a belt and burned her in an oven.

Unfortunately it was her word against Terry's, and prosecutors weren't able to make the case. The charge was dropped.

The boy's burn were discovered by day care workers, who reported it to the Florida Department of Children and Families, WOFLreported, citing an incident report.

May turned himself in last year after he was accused of placing a 3-year-old girl in an oven and beating her with a belt. Chitwood tweetedthat May was arrested last year in connection with the alleged abuse, but "unfortunately it was her word against Terry's, and prosecutors weren't able to make the case. The charge was dropped."

On Thursday, a judge issued a warrant for May's arrest on a felony charge of child abuse causing great bodily harm.

"Based on the statements made & evidence collected, Terry May willfully & maliciously inflicted physical injury to the victim that will cause a permanent scar," the sheriff's office wrote online.
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Illinois man accused of driving SUV into family, killing 1 and injuring 4

By David Aaro | Fox News

An Illinois man was charged with first-degree murder Saturday after he allegedly drove his SUV into a family outside a soccer game, killing a man and injuring four other people.


Priscilian Carranza, 22, of Waukegan, fled the scene but was later taken into custody after a patrol officer stopped a damaged SUV that fit the description provided by witnesses.

According to a Waukegan police statement, officers responded to reports of a fight at the Lake County Sports Center parking lot on the city's west side.

“It was also reported that someone was struck by a vehicle,” the statement said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “While en route officers were updated that the suspect vehicle had fled the scene. The suspect vehicle was described as a black SUV. Upon arrival, officers located multiple victims that had been struck by the suspect vehicle."

A man in his 40s was taken to an area hospital where he later died from his injuries. His identity is currently being withheld pending an autopsy scheduled for Monday, according to the Tribune.

Three of the injured - two teenagers and a 10-year-old girl - were reportedly related to the man who was killed. A fourth injured person was described as a man in his 20s who is not related to the other three. All the injured victims except for the 10-year-old girl were taken to an area hospital and are expected to survive, according to Fox 32.

Police told the outlet that the altercation began at a parking lot in the complex as a soccer match was finishing up.

"As the investigation was beginning, a patrol officer spotted a black SUV with front-end damage and conducted a traffic stop," the statement added. "The black SUV was occupied with three people. Those three people were brought to the Waukegan Police Department."

Carranza appeared in court on Saturday and was ordered held in Lake County Jail on a $5 million bond. He is next scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 29.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 08 October 2019 at 11:41
The  propaganda media has always tried to spin the narrative of Whites being the most dangerous. How the Whites are the mass shooters or serial killers. Well, now a nigger is at the top of the list for U.S. serial killers. As if we didn't already know niggers are one of the most violent races/species. So this news of a nigger becoming the top of a list of killers comes as little surprise to me.


FBI confirms Samuel Little's confession: He is the worst serial killer in U.S. history


The FBI has verified at least 50 murders connected to Little, outnumbering the crimes of the Green River Killer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

FBI asks public for help in connecting cold cases to 'most prolific serial killer in U.S history'

Oct. 7, 2019, 2:59 PM CDT / Updated Oct. 7, 2019, 6:17 PM CDT
By Doha Madani

Samuel Little is being called the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history after authorities verified more than half of the 93 murders he's confessed to during a 35-year span.

The 79-year-old inmate was already serving three consecutive life sentences in California when he confessed to another 90 killings last year. On Monday, the FBI confirmed that its investigators verified 50 of those deaths and are seeking help to confirm the rest of the unmatched confessions.

The FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program, also known as ViCAP, began connecting Little to unsolved murders after a Texas Ranger tied the inmate to a 1994 cold case in the city of Odessa.

Not long after, Little confessed to strangling 93 women across the country between 1970 and 2005.

Gary Ridgway, dubbed the Green River Killer, was convicted of 49 murders and confessed to about 20 more. Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy each murdered upwards of 30 people, but Bundy was suspected of more.

“For many years, Samuel Little believed he would not be caught because he thought no one was accounting for his victims,” Christie Palazzolo, a ViCAP analyst, said. “Even though he is already in prison, the FBI believes it is important to seek justice for each victim — to close every case possible.”

Little, who is in failing health, was extradited to Texas last year where he entered a guilty plea in December for the 1994 death of Denise Christie Brothers. He's likely to spend the rest of his life in prison in the Lone Star State.

A number of factors helped Little escape justice for decades, including the former boxer's nomadic lifestyle. Little moved from city to city targeting vulnerable women, such as sex workers or drug addicts, who sometimes went unidentified and their deaths weren't investigated, according to the FBI.

Limitations of DNA evidence also played a role in how long it took for authorities to pin down Little's killing spree.

Authorities were finally able to convict Little after he was arrested in Kentucky in 2012 and extradited to California to face a narcotics charge. The Los Angeles Police Department tied Little's DNA to three murders between 1987 and 1989.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 October 2019 at 12:44
More unnecessary nigger violence...


St. Paul cop offers alleged shoplifter a break, gets stabbed

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A Saint Paul cop was stabbed by a homeless woman Monday evening after he had offered to give her a break for allegedly shoplifting from a grocery store, according to a report.


Officer Joe Ryan approached the woman around 8 p.m. after store employees told him that a woman had hidden items in her clothing without paying for them, the Star Tribune reported. He offered to let her return the stolen items without punishment, according to the paper.

Articia L. Moore is accused of assaulting a police officer. (Ramsey County jail)

The woman – later identified as 23-year-old Articia L. Moore – denied having stolen anything, even though Ryan could allegedly see the concealed items. She then returned a single item. Ryan told her to return the rest.

The woman explained she was homeless and became uncooperative, The Tribune reported. Ryan grabbed her arm after allegedly seeing a knife handle in her pocket.

A scuffle ensued, and the woman allegedly struck Ryan in the chest with a screwdriver and in the arm with a knife, according to a criminal complaint. Ryan brought her under control and arrested her.

Ryan’s vest protected him against the screwdriver, while his left bicep had a minor cut, according to the charges.

Moore was charged Tuesday in Ramsey County District Court with second-degree assault and assaulting a police officer.
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Post by: Private on 12 October 2019 at 12:29

Disabled teen allegedly raped by employee at her Massachusetts school

A 28-year-old man surrendered to police on Friday after he was accused of raping teen at school for disabled students.

Phillip Houtman is a staff member at the Chamberlain International School.

Oct. 11, 2019, 11:05 AM CDT / Updated Oct. 11, 2019, 2:34 PM CDT
By David K. Li

A 28-year-old male who worked at a Massachusetts school for disabled students surrendered to police on Friday, and was charged in connection to the alleged rape of a female student, authorities said.

Phillip Houtman turned himself in at Wareham District Court, at about 2 p.m. on Friday, Middleborough police spokesman Benjamin Paulin announced.

An arrest warrant for Houtman had been issued on Thursday afternoon. Heallegedly raped the 19-year-old cognitively disabled student in her dorm at Chamberlain International School in Middleborough, about 35 miles south of Boston, police said.

Phillip Houtman is a staff member at the Chamberlain International School.via Middleborough Police Department

The New Bedford man has been charged with two counts of indecent assault and battery on a person with an intellectual disability, rape, assault to rape, and open and gross lewdness, police said.

The alleged rape happened on Sept. 29 at the boarding school that serves students ages 11 to 22 with cognitive and developmental disorders and disabilities, officials said. It was reported to police on Sept. 30.

Houtman worked an overnight shift at the school, but a police spokesman did not specify what his exact job was.

The school removed him from its work schedule as soon as the allegation surfaced, NBC Boston reported.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 15 October 2019 at 02:28
Proof for anyone who doubts that nigger females aren't as violent and White hating as the nigger males.


North Carolina assisted living facility workers accused of running dementia resident fight club

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

Three employees at a North Carolina assisted living facility were arrested after police said they ran a fight club with elderly residents with dementia battling it out against each out.


The women were accused in court documents of watching, filming and even encouraging a fight between a 70-year-old woman and a 73-year-old woman at the Danby House assisted living and memory-care facility in Winston-Salem, Fox 8 High Point and other local media reported.

Marilyn Latish McKey, 32, Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, 20, and Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, 26, were each charged with assaulting disabled persons, according to the reports.

Winston-Salem police announced their arrests Friday following an investigation into a June complaint of elder abuse at the facility.

Mugshots for Tonacia Yvonne Tyson, 20, Marilyn Latish McKey, 32, and Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, 26.  (Winston-Salem Police Department)

“When you’re talking about someone who can’t take care of themselves, we’ve got to give specific attention to that,” Lt. Gregory Dorn told Fox 8.

Documents from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services show that during the filming of the fight one of the combatants was heard yelling “let go, help me, help me, let go” as McKey, Tyson, and Jordan continued to watch, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

According to the documents at some point one of the staffers told the resident to “stop screaming (expletive),” the paper reported.

Danby House said in a statement that McKey, Tyson, and Jordan were fired in June when managers were alerted to the situation.

"Additional staff training and a more rigorous vetting process for all new and existing employees at Danby House have been implemented," the statement said.

Fox 8 reported that two of the arrested women could not be reached for comment and that the third declined to comment.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Where was their spook in the sky to stop this savage nigger?


New Hampshire church shooting: The accused gunman is facing more charges, prosecutors say

By Christina Maxouris and Rebekah Riess, CNN

More charges have been brought against the gunman who allegedly barged into a wedding at a New Hampshire church and began shooting, wounding the bride and the bishop.


Dale Holloway is accused of the shooting inside the New England Pentecostal Ministries in Pelham on Saturday that left 60-year-old Claire McMullen in the hospital with arm injuries and 75-year-old Stanley Choate in serious condition, after he was shot in the chest, the state attorney general's office said.

The groom, CNN affiliate WHDH reported, was 60-year-old Mark Castiglione, who was struck in the head with a weapon during the shooting and was treated and released from a local hospital, the office said.

The 37-year-old accused gunman initially faced a charge of first-degree assault.

He is now also charged with attempted murder in Choate's shooting, second degree assault in McMullen's shooting, simple assault for "striking (Castiglione) in the head with a firearm" and with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald said in a statement.

Holloway will make his first appearance in Hillsborough County Superior Court on Tuesday. It's not clear if he has an attorney.

Pelham is 40 miles north of Boston.

Guests confronted the shooter

Other wedding guests were treated for minor injuries, Pelham Police Chief Joseph Roark said Saturday.

He said the officers who arrived found the guests already had subdued the suspect.

"From my understanding, they basically gang-tackled him," Roark said.

Angelo Castiglione, the groom's father, described the shooting to CNN affiliateWMUR.

"I saw a figure in black just run right up the stairs and face the bishop," said Castiglione. "(The) bishop turned around. Just 'boom, boom' and then (the suspect) turned around and aimed at my son and his future wife."

Castiglione said his other son grabbed the suspect and wrestled with him. Castiglione said his son and the suspect rolled down the stairs and his son got the gun away.

"It's just a shame. It's the world we live in today, unfortunately. Nothing is safe," Castiglione said.

The shooting followed another one

Now, investigators are working to determine whether the shooting is linked to a previous killing involving Brandon Castiglione, the groom's son, who is accused of killing pastor Luis Garcia this month.

Garcia, 60, worked in the same church in which Saturday's shooting took place. His body was found at a home in Londonderry on October 1, WHDH reported.

"We are certainly looking into that right now ... whether there is, in fact, a clear connection between these two events. That is something we're trying to put together," said Benjamin Agati, a senior assistant attorney general.

A memorial service was scheduled to be held for Garcia at the same venue after the wedding.

"It's just surreal," Donna Maciver told CNN affiliate WCVB. "Luis was shot, and now there's a shooting at his church.
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These niggers are out of control. They have such little regards for our society, they can't even be bothered to pay a dollar forsome  gum and they are so violent they have to take it at knife point.


Knife-wielding robber steals only pack of gum at Thomasville store after employee screams

POSTED 2:23 PM, OCTOBER 18, 2019

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A scream potentially changed the course of a robbery in Thomasville.

At about 8:24 p.m. Thursday, Thomasville police responded to a robbery at Family Dollar at 530 National Highway.


An employee told police that a man came into the store and put a pack of chewing gum on the counter.

When the employee went to open the cash register, the man pulled out a knife and demanded money.

At the sight of the knife, the employee let out a scream, and the robber bolted out the door with only the pack of gum.

No one was injured.

Police are now trying to track down the robber. He was last seen running north toward Unity Street wearing a dark hoodie sweatshirt, blue jeans and boots. The employee described him as light-skinned.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (336) 476-8477.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Niggers being niggers


Police: 68-Year-Old Woman Sucker Punched Outside Her Own Home

October 23, 2019 at 5:22 pm

Filed Under:Christina Fan, Harlem, Local TV, Manhattan, New York, Sucker Punch

WATCH LIVEWoman Miraculously Survives Hit And Run

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD is searching for a suspect in what it says is the second random attack in the city in less than a week.

This time, officers say a man sucker-punched a woman standing outside her home in Harlem.

Police say the attack was completely unprovoked.

The woman was leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette when a man walked up and clocked her in the head.

It came out of the blue. No words were ever exchanged.

The victim is 68. She was holding a cane and just fell over.

The attack happened around 5 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12 on 137th Street and Adam Clayton Boulevard.

“That’s crazy because I come home all times of the night, coming home from work, around this time of morning,” Melody Jones, who lives nearby, told CBS2. “That’s crazy, never heard of it.”

“Unsafe, unsafe in my own neighborhood, very unsafe. We have no means to protect ourselves,” another neighbor, Julia Crum, said.

The victim had to be taken to the hospital for pain and cuts to her ear.

This was the second random attack to happen in a week in Manhattan.

Last Thursday, near Lincoln Center, a 57-year-old woman was also sucker-punched as thieves tried to steal her purse.

Police are looking for four people connected to that case.

Anyone with information about either attack is asked to call NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or 1-888-57-PISTA (74782) for Spanish. You can also submit a tip via the Crime Stoppers website, by Tweeting @NYPDTips or by texting a tip to 274637

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Another nigger doing what niggers do best. Chimping out!


New York City man shoves woman head-first into subway train, video shows

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

A woman was shoved head-first into the side of a New York City subway train Wednesday by a seemingly deranged man in what appeared to be an unprovoked attack, stunning video shows.

A video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, in a bid to get the attention of police, shows a man hopping up and down and moving about the platform at DeKalb Avenue station in Brooklynaround 7:20 p.m. when he appears to suddenly shove someone on the crowded platform.

As he shouts, "What?" the man, dressed in a dark jacket and tan pants, then suddenly shoves a woman — and she dives head- or possibly face-first into the side of the train car. The video cuts off, but people can be heard screaming in the background.

Brooke Sabel, the user who posted the video online, tweeted the woman who was shoved "left the scene without getting any help."

Authorities were called to the station, but the crowd cleared the area by the time cops arrived, the New York Post reported.

Further information was not immediately clear, and the NYPD did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment.
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Some more "fine, upstanding" members of the nigger species.


3 arrested in Philadelphia shootings of 2 children

By Theresa Waldrop and Chuck Johnston, CNN
Posted at 4:26 PM ET, Fri October 25, 2019

Philadelphia police said they arrested three men, Francisco Ortiz, Freddie Perez, and Tayvon Thomas, in two separate shootings involving children.

(CNN) — Three men have been arrested in two separate shootings in Philadelphia last weekend that left a 2-year-old girl dead and an 11-month-old child critically wounded, police said.


Freddie Perez and Tayvon Thomas were arrested in the death of Nikolette Rivera, Philadelphia police said. The toddler was killed Sunday when someone fired a 7.62 mm rifle into a home in Kensington, in northern Philadelphia, hitting her in the back of the head. She died at the scene.

Francisco Ortiz was arrested Thursday in the shooting of the 11-month-old child, who remains in "very, very bad condition," said Philadelphia police Capt. Nicholas Brown.

The baby was shot four times while sitting in a vehicle Saturday in the city's Hunting Park area around 8 p.m., Brown said. The baby was hit once in the head, once in the neck and twice in the buttocks with rounds from a 9 mm gun, he said.

Related Article: Weekend shootings in Philadelphia leave a 2-year-old dead and an 11-month-old in critical condition

Police arrested Perez Tuesday in Chester, Pennsylvania, and Thomas was arrested Thursday in Philadelphia. Both were charged with murder, nine counts of attempted murder, criminal conspiracy and related offenses, police said.

Perez had 17 previous arrests, including 11 related to narcotics, Philadelphia police Capt. Jason Smith said. Thomas had nine prior arrests, according to Smith.

Ortiz was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses, police said.

Nikolette's mother, who was holding the 2-year-old when she was hit, was shot in the arm and a bullet grazed her head, police said after the shootings. A man who had been in the house to clean carpets was shot in the abdomen. Three other small children and the girl's grandmother were also in the house at the time.

The motivation for both shootings appears to be to disputes over territory between rival drug dealers, according to police.
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At least a Creator doesn't have to worry about someone getting out of line in their home and a crucifix is laying around for them to used as a weapon.


Texas woman fractures mother’s skull with 10-inch crucifix: police

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A Texas woman gave her mom a fractured skull on Sunday after repeatedly striking her with a heavy 10-inch crucifix during what appeared to be a domestic altercation, police said.


San Antonio resident Christian Lydia Martinez, 25, returned to her family’s home Sunday afternoon after a night of drinking and began quarreling with her 45-year-old mother, police allege.

Christian Lydia Martinez was being held on a charge of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. (Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

During the argument, Martinez grabbed a 10-inch wooden crucifix off the wall and began hitting her mother with the object, according to arrest papers obtained by The San Antonio Express-News.

Martinez allegedly hit her mother several times across the head, fracturing her skull. Her mother was taken to a San Antonio hospital.

Martinez was arrested on a charge of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, WOAI-TV reported. Jail records cited by The Express-News indicated she was being held in Bexar County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bond.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Imagine that. A White nigger loving race traitor killed by the nigger she associated with. Not surprising at all. And definitely no tears will be shed. It's near impossible to associate with the niggers and muds and not find yourself in illegal situations or worse, dead. White People can't seem to be able to get this through their heads, these niggers and muds hate Whites.


Alabama 'Bonnie and Clyde' robbery suspect found dead in Ohio: police

Fox News

The 18-year-old female suspect in an Alabama “Bonnie and Clyde”-style stick-up reportedly has been found dead in Ohio with a bullet in her head.


Cincinnati cops said they discovered Baylee Wall, of Jackson County, Miss., on Wednesday after responding to a high school for a report of “a person down.” Her death was being investigated as a homicide, FOX10 Mobilereported.

Police in Daphne, Ala., said two days earlier Wall helped her boyfriend, Gary Eubanks Jr., rob the Microtel Inn of cash at gunpoint.

Baylee Wall, 18, left, and Gary Eubanks, 25. (Daphne Police Department)

Eubanks, 25, was being sought as of Monday.

Steven Tillman told FOX19 Cincinnati that Hall was his stepdaughter and that she was “just your typical 18-year-old girl.”

He said she began dating Eubanks in August.

Police released images from surveillance video they say show Baylee Hall, 18, left, and Gary Eubanks, 25, robbing a hotel in Daphne, Ala., on Oct. 21. (Daphne Police Department)

“I still can’t believe it,” he told the station. “I really can’t on either issue. That’s not how she was raised. That’s not how she was.”

He said police told him his stepdaughter was shot in the head.

As Cincinnati police sought to identify Hall they released photos of her tattoos and the clothes she was wearing when she was killed, the station reported.
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No drugs or alcohol involved? Must have been the low IQ of the nigger to believe such a story.


South Carolina man says he stabbed woman because he was afraid she would feed him to zombies: cops

By Brie Stimson | Fox News

A South Carolina man arrested Saturday in the stabbing a woman allegedly told police he did it because she threatened to feed him to zombies.

William Berry, 29, of Aiken, which is in the western part of the state, was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed the victim in the back multiple times.


The suspect and the alleged victim, who was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, were acquaintances.

Berry reportedly ran away after the stabbing and was found by police wandering on a highway. When questioned, he allegedly told investigators he “poked someone” because she was trying to feed him to zombies and was being mean to him.

Alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the incident, according to a police report, The Aiken Standard reported.

Berry was booked into the Aiken County Detention Center and has been denied bond, according to The Standard.
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No drugs or alcohol involved? Must have been the low IQ of the nigger to believe such a story.

I once had a nigger attempt to murder me because it was afraid my White Supremacy would beat its Black Magic.


It lost.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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This happens to be the next town over from me. An example of what happens to a small town American city when it has a University/College mind polluting its residents. Here in Illinois the Universities or colleges always draw the niggers and mud races from Chicago, destroying the normally majority White town.


3 wanted in fatal Carbondale shooting

Posted: Nov 03, 2019 12:32 PM CST
Updated: Nov 03, 2019 12:35 PM CST

CARBONDALE (WSIL) – Authorities are looking for three armed and dangerous suspects after a fatal shooting in Carbondale.

It happened around 1:20 a.m. Sunday in the 500 block of South Illinois Avenue.

Carbondale Police say Keon Cooper, 27, of Carbondale was talking with three men outside his vehicle in a parking lot when he was shot. The three suspects then took off in a black, newer model Kia Optima or similar style vehicle.

Cooper was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale where he was pronounced dead.

Carbondale Police describe the suspects as:

Suspect 1:  Black male, average build, unknown height, gray or white and black zip up hooded jacket, white t-shirt underneath, long black braided or dread-lock hair, baggie clothes, early 20’s, armed with a handgun.
Suspect 2:  Black male, average build, unknown height, white hooded sweatshirt, faded blue jeans with a dark stripe down the outside, long black dread-lock style hair, early 20’s.
Suspect 3:   Black male, thin build, dark colored hooded jacket with a white symbol or name on the left chest area, armed with a handgun.

Police say the suspects are considered armed and dangerous. The investigation is ongoing.  

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, S.I.U. Department of Public Safety, Jackson County Ambulance Service, Jackson County Coroner’s Office and Illinois State Police assisted in the investigation.
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2 gang-related murder suspects escaped from California jail through small hole in ceiling

By Frank Miles | Fox News

21-year-old Santos Fonseca and 20-year-old Jonathan Salazar are on the run after escaping from the Adult Detention Facility in Monterey County; Robert Gray reports from Los Angeles.

Authorities said two gang-related murder suspects, considered dangerous, escaped early Sunday from a central California jail through a hole less than two feet wide, according to reports.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office said the inmates managed to take advantage of a blind spot in the housing unit surveillance, as Fox 2 reported.

The jail in Salinas, a farming city of about 160,000 people roughly 100 miles south of San Francisco, is surrounded by barbed wire; authorities told the news outlet that the inmates escaped through a hatch in an construction area where there isn’t any barbed wire.

Santos Fonseca, 21, and Jonathan Salazar, 20, had been jailed since 2018, and were awaiting trial on unrelated murder counts “along with numerous other felony charges,” a sheriff’s statement said.

Fonseca was being held on two counts of murder and attempted robbery on a $2.25 million bail, Fox 2 reported.

Escape from Monterey County Jail. Inmates Santos Fonseca (left) and Jonathan Salazar (right) escaped from jail this morning. Both were in custody for murder and other violent charges. Please call MCSO at 755-3722 with any information of their whereabouts

Fonseca is accused of shooting Lorenzo Gomez Acosta, 37, to death on June 2, 2018, the Californian newspaper in Salinas reported. Fonseca told police that his gang leader told him to kill someone to prove his loyalty to the “Boronda gang,” Detective Gabriela Contreras testified. Acosta was reportedly chosen at random.

Three days later, Fonseca shot and killed Ernesto Garcia Cruz, 27, in a Salinas park, authorities said. He told police that his gang leader also ordered the murder, and that he picked his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend “to send him a message,” Contreras said, according to the newspaper.

Salazar was arrested in the shooting death of 20-year-old Jaime Martinez; police investigated the Oct. 12, 2017, shooting as gang-related.

Officers said at Salazar’s preliminary hearing earlier this year that his tattoos, including the letter P on his cheek, refer to his Sureño offshoot gang, La Posada Trece, the Californian reported.

The sheriff’s office is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the fugitives’ arrests.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Never get between a nigger and his chicken.


Photo of suspect in fatal stabbing over Popeyes chicken sandwich released by police


Authorities identified the victim as 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis.

Officials detail fatal stabbing that took place at a Maryland Popeyes

Nov. 5, 2019, 5:17 PM CST
By Doha Madani

Police are asking for the public's help in tracking down a suspect in the fatal stabbing outside a Maryland Popeyes location in a fight over the chain's wildly popular fried chicken sandwich.

Prince George’s Police Department released a photo Tuesday of the man suspected of stabbing Kevin Tyrell Davis, 28, at a restaurant in Oxon Hill, outside Washington D.C.

The unidentified man wanted for fatally stabbing 28-year-old Kevin Tyrell Davis of Oxon Hill outside of a local Popeyes, along with an unidentified woman.Prince George's County Police

The suspect and a woman who appeared to be with him were in the Popeyes Monday night when Davis cut in front of several people in line to order food.

Sources told police the line was designated specifically for those who were waiting to order the restaurant's famous chicken sandwich, according to NBC Washington. The suspect and Davis then got into a verbal altercation, police said.

"They both then got out of the line, walked out of the front door together and the suspect immediately stabbed Davis," police said. "The suspect and the female who he was with then fled the parking lot."

Authorities who responded to the scene administered first aid to Davis until an ambulance arrived, but he died a short time later.

Popeyes recently brought back the sandwich after it went viral on social media in August and sold out in just two weeks.

The fast-food chain said in a statement to NBC News that it was unsure what caused the dispute, but that "there is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday night in a parking lot."

"Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends and we are fully cooperating with local authorities," the company said.
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It’s funny how life imitates art and how art imitates life!

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 08 November 2019 at 12:29

New York City man wanted for punching woman, 53, outside church, police say

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

NYPD searching for suspect after a woman was assaulted outside a church in Queens

Raw video: NYPD releases surveillance footage of assault outside a Church in Flushing, Queens

Police were searching Thursday for a man who was caught on video punching a woman as she left a New York City church late last month.

Surveillance footage of the Oct. 28 incident in front of St. Michaels Church, located on 41st Avenue in the borough of Queens, shows the man, described by police as Asian and between 20- to-30 years old, assault the 53-year-old woman

She can be seen opening the door as the two appear to speak to one another. But when the woman walks through the door, the man punches her in the back of the head before fleeing the scene.

The woman — who police say was telling the man not to sleep outside the church — was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition, WABC-TV reported.

In the video, the suspect is wearing a yellow shirt, blue jacket and blue pants, with a big, dark-colored backpack.

Anyone with information on the suspect's identity or further information about the attack is urged to contact NYPD Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 November 2019 at 13:07

Philadelphia man allegedly used 11-month-old son as human shield during shooting

By Morgan Phillips | Fox News

The father of an 11-month-old son in Philadelphia has been charged with recklessly endangering a child after he allegedly used the boy as a human shield against gunfire, according to prosecutors.

The toddler, Yaseem Munir Jenkins, was shot four times including once in the head and taken to the hospital in critical condition on Oct. 19.

Authorities said the boy was in the back of a car along with his father, Nafes Monroe, his stepmother and another man when shots rang out. They said Monroe was using his son as a human shield to thwart off a potential upset drug dealer, according to 6 ABC.

“He was using counterfeit money to purchase drugs, knowing that counterfeit money is something that is very upsetting to drug dealers, and when they find out that they're being burned with counterfeit money, they act violently,” Anthony Voci with the district attorney’s office told 6 ABC. 

"It's our belief and our investigation has led us to believe that he intentionally had his child with him when he was making such types of purposes purchases with the idea or belief that if someone saw that he had a child in the car that they would not fire upon him," Voci added. "A human shield is probably the term that I would use."

Investigators said he drove his son who’d been shot to a house before taking him to the hospital. Voci said Monroe then “dropped his child off at the hospital and never looked back."

As of Tuesday, the child was still fighting for his life.

A suspect has been taken into custody but no charges have yet been filed.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 November 2019 at 18:08

Texas man steals woman's purse, drags her down mall escalator

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

Robbery suspect seen dragging victim down the stairs by purse strap


Raw video: Surveillance camera shows a robber approaching a woman in an attempt to snatch her bag and then dragging her down the escalators at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas.

A man was caught on video last month brazenly stealing a woman's purse in broad daylight at a Texas mall — leaving the woman to tumble down a moving escalator.

Surveillance video released by authorities in Houston shows the suspect following the woman as she drove into the parking lot of The Galleria mall around 2 p.m. on Oct. 17. He had apparently followed her to Saks Fifth Avenue at the mall from a Bank of America location, where she had just withdrawn money.

The woman exited her car in the parking garage and was heading up the escalator when "she was suddenly jolted back and observed an unknown male trying to take her purse," the Houston Police Department's Robbery Division wrote online Tuesday.

As the woman held onto her purse, she was pulled down the escalator and dragged to the doors leading toward the parking garage, where she let go of her purse. The woman's family told KTRK she suffered scratches and bruising.

The suspect then fled in a burgundy-colored four-door Buick and fled the scene, investigators said. He's described as a black male, aged 20- to 30 years old. The man, who was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans on Oct. 17,  is believed to be tall with a thin build.

A reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to charges or the suspect's arrest is being offered by authorities. Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 18 November 2019 at 13:18
Looks more like a porch monkey than a pirate.


Serial 'porch pirate' seen stealing from multiple Sacramento homes

Updated: 11:45 PM PST Nov 15, 2019
Walter Makaula   

A porch pirate is caught in the act over and over again in Sacramento.


The same man can be seen snatching packages from the front doors of several homes in north Natomas.

Neighbors in the Natomas Park West Neighborhood started sharing their surveillance videos with each other and noticed it was the same thief behind all the stolen packages.

Sukh Sandher was one of his victims.

On Friday morning, the thief was caught on surveillance video walking up behind the pillar at Sandher's front door and scooping a giant envelope and a box. He then turns around and jumps back into his car, which is parked in the driveway.

"I would say in the last six weeks, he's probably been caught on video eight times and that's to only talk about the instances where they caught him," Sandher said. "I don't know how many times he stole packages from homes that don't have a video camera."

The same man is recorded pulling up in front of Richard Nevada's home down the street. He arrived in the same dark gray, four-door compact car with black rims.

Nevada was home Nov. 4 and heard a delivery driver drop something off outside his house. Several minutes later, he took a glance at his camera and saw someone running away.

When he rewound the footage, he saw the same dark gray car, first pass his house and then reverse back in front of his driveway.

From a different angle, another camera showed an accomplice bending over and snagging Nevada's package. She then runs back to the car.

Nevada depends on some of the items delivered to his home to keep him alive.

"I'm paralyzed from the chest down," Nevada said. "So, the things that I get medically is because I can't go to the hospital all the time. So, they send me things."

He said the deliveries are a medical necessity, and without them he can get very sick.

Sacramento police Officer Karl Chan issued a statement that reads in part:

"The Sacramento Police Department is aware of the package thefts that appear to be related to this suspect. We believe that the suspect is responsible for at least a half dozen package thefts in the north Natomas area over the last week. Detectives are working to identify the suspect and the investigation is active.

"The police department would like to remind the community, especially that the holidays are approaching, to take extra precautions with their packages when having them delivered. We encourage the community to use in-person pickup lockers if possible. Network with your neighbors to have them take packages into their home, instead of leaving them on the porch. Also, SPD has an extensive and successful bait package program that is used regularly to pro-actively combat package theft."

Anyone with information about the package thefts is urged to call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-808-5471.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 November 2019 at 00:24
Curry shonks rob Canadians with bogus call centre scams!

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 20 November 2019 at 12:41
Just goes to show you, it doesn't matter how much money you give these niggers, they're still closer to monkeys than human beings on the evolutionary scale. You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.


Mark Walton Cut by Dolphins After Allegedly Assaulting Pregnant Woman | Bleacher Report

The Miami Dolphins announced Tuesday they waived running back Mark Waltonafter learning he was involved in a "police matter."


ESPN's Cameron Wolfe reported the release came after Walton was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman. Walton, 22, has been accused of "pushing [the woman] into a wall and punching her several times in her face and head.".

"We were made aware of a police matter earlier this morning regarding Mark Walton," Dolphins general manager Chris Grier said. "We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously. We will have no further comment at this time."

Walton received a four-game suspensionin early November for a violation of the NFL's conduct and substance abuse policies related to three offseason arrests.

He released a statement through his agent after receiving the suspension:

"As most of you know, I was involved in some incidents this offseason that I am now receiving a 4-game suspension for. I want to apologize to the Miami Dolphins, the fans, my friends and family and I take full responsibility for my actions. I want to thank the Dolphins for giving me this opportunity and will make the most of this chance as a person and player when I return."

Walton was waived by the Bengals in April after his third arrest and signed by the Dolphins in May.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 21 November 2019 at 13:30

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez faces 21 new child porn charges

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, Felipe Vazquez, is facing 21 new child porn charges in relation to his arrest for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez, who was arrested in September for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, was slammed with 21 additional charges Tuesday after investigators said they found evidence of child pornography on his phone and laptop in connection to the same case.

We want a pitcher not a child toucher

District Judge Charles D. Moore in Mount Pleasant also denied Vazquez’s request to be released on $1 million bond while he awaits trial. The 28-year-old MLB all-star from Venezuela had offered to turn in his passport and green card and live under house arrest, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Vazquez was initially charged in September with statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of minors and indecent assault of a person younger in connection with an alleged inappropriate relationship he had with a 13-year-old in 2017 who first reached out to him on social media.

During Tuesday’s preliminary hearing, Trooper Michael Thompson testified that Vazquez admitted to having “sexual intercourse inside of his vehicle” in the driveway of the girl’s home in Scottdale, Penn., after driving about an hour to meet her, the Post-Gazettereported.

“Initially, he told me nothing had happened between them,” the trooper said. “He indicated she was too young.” Vazquez was 26 at the time of the alleged incident. The girl is now 16 and lives in Florida.

The 21 additional charges were tacked on Tuesday after police found seven photos and three videos Vazquez and the girl exchanged in which they both were “in various stages of nudity,” according to court documents. The graphic imagery was discovered on electronic devices confiscated from Vazquez when he was first arrested.

The additional charges include 10 counts of child pornography, 10 counts of unlawful contact with a minor and one count of corruption of a minor, the New York Postreported, citing Westmoreland County, Penn., records.

The judge in Pennsylvania on Tuesday also rejected a request to extradite Vazquez to Florida where he’s charged with solicitation of a child and providing obscene material to a minor in connection to the same case. The girl’s mother first reported the crime from Florida. She told the pitcher he was talking with a minor after finding her daughter's messages.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 November 2019 at 19:54
If she was White, it'd be Hate-Crime charges and hard time, rather than simple probation. So WGF!? ...

Sudanese-Australian model, 25, who avoided jail in the U.S. over a racist plane rampage and drunken attack on a flight attendant is arrested AGAIN and 'locked up indefinitely without a trial'


A Sudanese-Australian model who avoided jail in the US over a drunken rampage on a flight has been arrested again and locked up in immigration detention since September


Maria said her sister arrived the United States with a valid 01 visa that expires on December 26, 2021.

'She's not in the country illegally,' she wrote.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the department is assisting an Australian being held in US detention

'The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to an Australian detained in the US. Owing to our privacy obligations we will not provide further comment,' a spokesman said.

The GoFundMe page claims ICE agents revoked Mornyang's visa without telling her as pay back for her avoiding a prison sentence. 

'This no-jail outcome must've infuriated ICE officials who proceeded (without Adau's knowledge) to revoke her valid visa and subsequently arrested her for being in the country illegally,' Maria wrote. 

'Meanwhile, a judge never ordered that Adau should leave the country. My sister has been in jail for over two months, she's not been given any trial since arrest by ICE nor found guilty of overstaying her visa, just kept in jail indefinitely

'Adau expected that she was going to be deported after her arrest on September 17, 2019 - that didn't happen either.' 

The 25-year-old, who was born in South Sudan before migrating to Australia as a refugee aged 10, was convicted of felony interference with a flight crew and misdemeanour assault

She was acquitted of a third count of assaulting an air marshal

In March a jury heard Mornyang ordered 'several glasses of wine' on the January 21 United Airlines flight. 

Passengers were forced to complain to staff about Mornyang's disruptive behaviour about nine hours into the flight

'When the flight attendant approached to assess the situation, Mornyang began to shout at the flight attendant and then slapped him across his face,' the court heard.

She was cut off from drinking more, yelled obscenities and racial slurs, struck a flight attendant, had to be handcuffed by an air marshal, refused to leave a toilet and had to be held at the rear of the plane.

The flight attendant said he was so shocked after he was assaulted he 'could not physically do anything except sit for nearly half an hour to process what had happened to him'.

Her fellow passengers complained to the crew. But she only lashed out more when flight attendants attempted to calm her, and she slapped one of them.

Several air marshals had to come out from undercover to help deal with her, prosecutors said.

The former Miss Australia finalist claimed to have no recollection of the commotion
All I remember was waking up after sleeping for eight hours,' she said in a text message after the incident.

She claimed to have mixed two glasses of wine with prescription pills to help her sleep, but attendants insisted it was closer to five or six glasses before she was cut off.

Mornyang said at the time: 'I was so confused and begging and pleading for them to tell me what I did.

'I was ignored, I was in and out of consciousness, and was later locked up in federal prison still with no memory of what I was arrested for.

'This whole alleged slapping is a big shock to me and I cry every night wondering why I have no memory of it. How I could of done it while asleep,' she said.

In March a Los Angeles jury found Mornyang guilty of a felony charge of interference with a flight crew member and a misdemeanour count of assault.

Mornyang was required throughout her three-year probation to submit to drug tests and receive mental health counselling.

The model was previously a global campaign face for makeup giant Sephora and was a Miss World Victoria top eight state finalist in 2017.

She arrived with her family as a refugee to Australia when she was ten and used her promising modelling career as a platform to become an outspoken advocate on social issues, particularly in South Sudanese communities

OK , here’s the plan! The five eyes network is taking mud refugees who are real trouble, stitching them up  and Gaoling them in their efforts to recruit a new breed of “Charlie’s Angels” to go to foreign lands on missions to destroy the adversaries! Once they have wreaked havoc with their chimp outs they are just going to leave them there!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 01 December 2019 at 12:03
Always in total support of a nigger's right to late term abortions.


North Carolina woman accused of shooting, killing daughter on Thanksgiving, police say

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

A North Carolina family’s Thanksgiving ended in violence after a mother allegedly shot and killed her adult daughter, according to local police.

Officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department arrived at the family’s apartment in the 300 block of Krupa Court shortly before 10 p.m., Fox 8 reported, citing a news release.

The officers found a woman with a gunshot wound who was transported to the hospital. The woman, identified as 37-year-old Chante Lavarche Alexander, was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Police said the woman's mother, 56-year-old Elvira Elizabeth Alexander, has been charged with murder and possession of a stolen firearm.

Investigators described the crime as "domestic-related."

A police spokesman said he didn't know whether the suspect has a lawyer who can speak on her behalf.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 03 December 2019 at 13:02
One stupid nigger...


Georgia man calls out of work drunk on Thanksgiving, shows up with gun to rob it, police say

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News

A Georgia man who claimed to be too intoxicated to work his Thanksgiving shift at a Steak ‘n Shake, nevertheless showed up at the franchise hours later -- apparently still drunk -- clutching a gun to try and rob it, officials said.


Kentarias Gowans, 20, of Flowery Branch, went to the steakburger and hand-dipped milkshake eatery around 10 p.m. Thursday and, instead of punching in, held a handgun to a co-worker’s head while demanding money, Oakwood Police investigator Todd Templeton told the Gainesville Times.

Numerous panicked employees and patrons alerted 911 and police arrived less than a minute after the bizarre incident began, authorities said.

Gowans was apparently still drunk when he showed up to the restaurant with a handgun in an attempted robbery, police said. (Hall County Sheriffs Office)

The officers first on the scene were greeted by the sight of frantic customers and workers fleeing the restaurant, police told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Officials said they soon encountered Gowans, who was apparently still intoxicated, and ordered him to drop his weapon.

Police told the paper Gowans initially began to raise his gun at officers before throwing it to the ground.

Officers used a stun gun to subdue Gowans when he struggled during the arrest, police said.

Gowans faces numerous charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, armed robbery, public drunkenness, underage consumption of alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon, according to Hall County Jail records.

It’s unclear whether Gowans has a lawyer – or a job.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 December 2019 at 12:33
Here's an excerpt from an article on a recent shooting.  I see that the propaganda media has made a title change since last night. I guess the J.O.G. had to remind the media that they're only allowed to spin an anti-White narrative and can't be so blatant when criticizing the actions of the niggers and mud races. What b.s., actually this story isn't even being televised on the propaganda media channels. We all know the coverage this would generate if this was committed by Whites or even  White looking.


A Jersey City shooter has been linked to Black Hebrew Israelites, report says

By Nicole Chavez, Jason Hanna and Julian Cummings, CNN
Updated 10:04 PM ET, Wed December 11, 2019

One of the assailants of the deadly attack in Jersey City market has been linked to the Black Hebrew Israelites movement, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The shooter, David N. Anderson, appears to have a connection to the movement but the extent of his involvement in that group is unclear, a law enforcement official told the newspaper.

The Black Hebrew Israelite movement is best known for its confrontational brand of street preaching in urban areas but it has a complex history in the United States, with sects and branches splintering over theological and leadership disputes. Scholars say what unites most Black Israelites is the belief that African Americans are the true descendants of biblical Jews.

Some members have expressed anti-Semitic sentiments in the past.

Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50, went on a shooting spree and had an hours-long gunbattle with police Tuesday that left four people dead -- three people in the market and a police officer, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities did not discuss the pair's background and said only they are the "prime suspects" in the killing of an Uber driver in Bayonne, New Jersey, Grewal said.

Authorities were checking into a note found in a stolen U-Haul truck used by the shooters Tuesday that contained both anti-Semitic and anti-police writing, a law enforcement source told CNN.

Posts with similar sentiments also have been found on social media linked to the shooters, the source said.

Law enforcement officers found a operable pipe bomb in the back of the U-Haul, Newark FBI Special Agent in Charge Gregory W. Ehrie said.

"It's down at the FBI laboratory right now. It was a viable device, meaning it could be a device that would have exploded," Ehrie told reporters Wednesday.

Quote from: Private
This is the only mention I found in Australia ~ From Rev.Cambeul

No mention of a description of the shooter/shooters at Martin Luther Koon Drive, but the witnesses were all Yids and no immediate declaration of NAZIS DID IT!? I can read between the lines; Niggers shooting their Jewish protectors.


Excerpt: Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop said there were “multiple deceased” inside a commercial building on Martin Luther King Drive. At least six people have been killed, including one police officer, three civilians, and the two suspected shooters, officials confirmed. The slain police officer was not immediately identified.

A witness described how the shooting started.

“I was standing by the salad bar in the grocery and I heard three shots, bullets shattered the glass of the grocery,” said one witness in the store, according to Chabad.org (http://Chabad.org), a Jewish news source.

“Suddenly I saw two people come in, with long black raincoats and long guns. They tried to point the gun at me, I pushed it away and ran away.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 December 2019 at 21:02

Australian article here on the matter.

Niggers are “racists” only if it’s hate directed at Jews (The protected species).
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 December 2019 at 13:34
Nothing feminine about the negroid species.

Not only do the niggresses and the male niggers tend to look very similar. They also are just as violent and have that same criminal mentality.


Kentucky police charge 5 Illinois women in $25,000, multi-state shoplifting scheme

DEC 13, 2019 | 5:49 AM


Suspects identified, from left, as Jocelyn Jackson, 37, Elena Rios, 24, Kanissha Price, 28, Kimberly Coffer, 45, and Antoinette Avant, 32, were arrested by police in Elizabethtown, KY. (Hardin County Detention Center)

Authorities in Kentucky have charged five Illinois women in a $25,000 shoplifting scheme they say stretches from Illinois to Georgia.

Each woman is charged with offenses including engaging in organized crime, local news outlets report. The women were arrested early Tuesday after two of them stole more than $1,500 worth of items from a local Kroger, Elizabethtown police said.

Court records indicate the women are from Chicago.

A security guard tried to stop the women, who then fled into an awaiting van that had a temporary Illinois license plate, police said. The van was stopped nearby and officers said it was filled with stolen merchandise including beauty products, makeup and “high value” merchandise.

Additionally, police said they found records that indicated two 300-pound packages of suspected stolen property had been shipped to Chicago from Atlanta.

Police also found a “log of locations” in the van that indicated where the thefts happened, according to an arrest citation. The logs detailed the items stolen, by which person and on what date, it says.

The women are being held on $25,000 bonds. It’s unclear if they have lawyers. Police were still working Thursday to determine if the women’s provided names and ages were accurate as they have been known to use aliases in past court cases, according to the arrest citation.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 December 2019 at 12:58
The federal authorities should of let this mud leave our country and if we actually had some border defense we could make sure he didn't return. How I see it, let him live in a cave with the rest of the sand niggers. So basically what happen was that we could have gotten rid of this mud from our midst; but now he will be imprisoned and my taxes will be used to house, feed, and pay for his medical care. Sounds like a terrible trade off to me.


Man who wanted to join ISIS arrested waiting to board ship, authorities say

A Connecticut man was arrested over the weekend as he prepared to flee the U.S. to join ISIS, federal authorities said.

Ahmad Khalil Elshazly, 22, of West Haven, was arrested Sunday near the Stonington shoreline, where he expected to board a container ship and embark on a trip to Turkey to fight for ISIS, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Elshazly arranged to travel by ship to Turkey because he was concerned about being stopped by law enforcement at an airport, prosecutors said. He allegedly paid someone $500 with the expectation that it would be used to pay for a portion of his trip.

"Worried that his efforts here would be too small and that he would be stopped at the airport, he planned to travel overseas aboard a container ship to join and fight for ISIS," Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers said in a statement Monday. "The National Security Division is committed to identifying and holding accountable those who continue to seek to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations." 

Federal prosecutors said Elshazly was "bent on supporting ISIS."

Last year, Elshazly allegedly began telling people -- both in person and through online messages -- that he planned to travel to Syria and surrounding areas to fight on behalf of ISIS, prosecutors said.

In February, Elshazly stated that he had saved approximately $1,000 with the intention of using the money to travel to Jordan and then Syria to join ISIS, according to federal prosecutors. He also expressed a desire to kill 100 "kaffirs," or infidels, during a meeting in October, prosecutors said.

"God willing! May this country [United States] burn the same way they burned Muslims! May they burn in fire at the end," Elshazly said during the meeting, according to prosecutors. When he was asked to lower his voice when talking loudly, Elshazly proclaimed, "I am not scared."

During the same meeting, Elshazly allegedly said, "I want to go to the caliphate and fight there. I can kill maybe … like a hundred kaffir. I can kill them. A hundred kaffirs. If I do something here how many kaffirs could I kill? One, two, three and then I get shot and I die. It is more benefitting if I go there, I could kill more and will get more faithful rewards."

Elshazly allegedly sent another individual a series of YouTube videos earlier this month, explaining how various high-powered firearms and other weaponry work.

"It is crucial the citizens of Connecticut, and across the country, know we at the FBI and our task force partners are unwavering in our work to successfully identify and disrupt potential terrorist activities, as this case demonstrates," Brian Turner, FBI special agent in charge of the New Haven Division, said in a statement. "Through nonstop intelligence gathering and great investigative techniques, we will continue to pursue those who seek to bring harm to U.S. citizens and dismantle potential terrorist actions wherever they may be."

Elshazly has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization and could face as many as 20 years in prison if convicted as charged
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 21 December 2019 at 13:26
It really looks like these mud races are the upstanding pillars of our communities as the propaganda media always wants to portray. What happen to the "evil White supremacists" being the number one threat to the world. It's funny how when the nigger and mud race gangs make the media and it's like this story, with damn near a 100 them causing chaos, but never these stories about "evil White supremacist" gangs in these types of criminal organizations. Worse case scenario, they may arrest a crazy White loon every once in a while, which somehow becomes a larger news story than the coloreds.


MS-13 crackdown -- the largest ever in New York -- ensnares nearly 100 members, associates, report says

 By Greg Norman | Fox News


New York prosecutors are gearing up Friday to announce criminal charges against nearly 100 members and associates of MS-13 in what reportedly is the largest crackdown against the gang in the state’s history.

The charges come following a two-year investigation involving law enforcement from the local to the federal level in Suffolk County, one of the gangs’ longtime hotbeds, according to ABC 7.

The probe also has foiled seven alleged murder plots, the station adds.

MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, recruits young teenagers from El Salvador and Honduras, though many gang members were born in the U.S. The gang has been blamed for dozens of killings since January 2016 across a wide swath of New York's Long Island – where Suffolk County is -- the Los Angeles area and the D.C. suburbs.

MS-13 also has been singled out by President Trump for its brutality, which has led to a series of crackdowns by law enforcement.

Earlier this month, the FBI unveiled a new tip line in the hope of gathering information to combat the violence MS-13 uses to terrorize American communities.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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What the hell is wrong with these niggers. I understand that most of that species are borderline retarded, but why would anything believe this is a proper response to something so minor. I can think back to a couple of bad hair cuts (long ago when I had the hair to cut) and never did it cross my mind to kill that person.


Texas barber shot over 13-year-old's haircut, sheriff's office says

By Dakin Andone, CNN
Updated 2:41 PM ET, Sun December 22, 2019

(CNN)Texas law enforcement officials are searching for a suspect accused of shooting a barber over his 13-year-old son's haircut, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies responded Saturday to the barber shop on Franz Road in Katy, near Houston, the sheriff's office said on Twitter, where a male employee was apparently shot around 5 p.m. by a customer. The customer fled the scene, the sheriff's office said.

Harris County Det. Wallace Wyatt toldCNN affiliate KPRC that the argument was over the haircut given to the suspect's 13-year-old son.

"He went home, came back. They fixed the haircut for free and then that's when the altercation occurred," Wyatt told KPRC.

"That is one of the worst ones I've heard," he added, "especially with your son being here, witnessing what you're doing."


The barber is expected to survive, investigators told KPRC. He's listed in stable condition.

The sheriff's office described the suspect as a black man who may be driving a gray four-door sedan, possibly a Honda Accord.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 24 December 2019 at 10:38
Little gangbanging beaner brats getting off with a slap on the wrist. The J.O.G. court system is definitely bias . These mud races get 30 days for what I assume is a gang murder, while Whites are having guns and gun rights removed (red flag laws) without committing any crimes, other than the "crime" of  being racially conscious. I won't even get into our Brothers and Sisters in other countries looking at longer than 30 day sentences for trumped up "hate crime" charges. My question is, when does this White privilege" start working in our favor.


New Mexico teen gets 30 days in jail for killing man, shouting 'that's what you get!' after shooting him

By Nicole Darrah | Fox News

Santiago Armijo received a 30-day sentence for his role in the shooting death of 25-year-old Larry DeSantiago. The New Mexico judge attached to the case said juvenile court rules did not allow him to sentence the teen longer. Armijo was 15 at the time of the shooting.


A New Mexico teen who allegedly fatally shot a man — and told him he deserved it — will serve just 30 days behind bars for murder, according to officials.

Santiago Armijo, 17, is one of two teens involved in the murder of Larry DeSantiago, 25, at a park in Albuquerque in March 2018. Witnesses told investigators they saw DeSantiago chase Armijo and his friend, Jeremiah De La Pena, 16, toward the top of a hill before Armijo shot him in the chest.

“That’s what you get!" Armijo shouted at DeSantiago, according to the Albuquerque Journal, which reported Santiago later died at a hospital. Armijo and De La Pena were later arrested in a nearby neighborhood and police found the weapon in De La Pena's jacket.

Santiago Armijo, left, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the murder of Larry DeSantiago last year. Jeremiah De La Pena, right, has pleaded in the case but has not yet been sentenced.

On Thursday, Judge Christina Jaramillo sentenced Armijo to 30 days in juvenile jail after the teen, who was 15 at the time of the shooting, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, one misdemeanor count of unlawful possession of a handgun and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Jaramillo told the victim's family her "hands were tied" because the maximum possible sentence for the teen would be four years in juvie. Prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence.

“I can only do so much, but, whatever I do, it will not bring back Larry,” she told the family. “It will not heal your hearts or the hole that’s left in your hearts. There’s nothing that I can say or do that will help that.”

While Armijo could've been held in detention until he turns 21, Jaramillo said she was choosing treatment for him, instead of incarceration. She also ordered him to be on supervised probation and the teen will be required to speak at high schools to lecture students about the consequences of their actions.

Prosecutor Natalie Strub said during the sentencing hearing that Armijo and De La Pena had texted about a plan to rob someone days before Santiago was killed.

“This isn’t a drug possession or a car theft. This is the most serious charge, taking the life of another person,” Strub argued, per the Journal. "Four years for taking the life from a family that will never get to see a 25-year-old man grow up. It’s not justice, but it’s something, and that’s what the state’s asking for.”

Armijo's defense attorney argued that De La Pena was a bad influence on the 17-year-old. De La Pena has also pleaded in the case but has not yet been sentenced.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 25 December 2019 at 06:52

A 20-year-old man *Jigaboo animal*in Missouri was fatally gunned down over a pair of shoes
Police with the Grandview Police Department were called to a home in the Kansas City metropolitan area around 9pm on Sunday night, where they discovered the body of Jaylen Blackmon on the sidewalk

According to the victim's family, Blackmon and his girlfriend went to meet a boy outside of the home - located on Terrace and Overhill Road -  so that he could buy some shoes.

They said that Blackmon realized that the shoes may have been a fake. Blackmon's family share that he was shot and killed when trying to get his money back

'Our family and friends are devastated over the loss of such a beautiful, loving young man,' his family said in a statement.

'There are no words to adequately express the heartache we are walking through at this time. Jaylen was the most tender-hearted, caring, fun loving and joyful people you could ever meet. He was a friend to everyone and a best friend to all his siblings.

'Loved by His dad, mom, step mom, step dad, siblings, cousins, grand parents, aunts, uncles, girlfriend, church and so many more. Jaylen has always loved cars, basketball, music and to make those around him laugh

'He was a complete goofball and would light up a room. This senseless murder is a huge and devastating lose to our family and so many more. The only comfort we have is knowing that he is with Jesus.'

A GoFundMe made for Blackmon has raised just under $5,400 of its $8000 goal

'Jay's family and those whom loved him need our prayers and financial support during this terribly hard time,' the fundraiser stated. 'They are unexpectedly having to plan and pay for a funeral. All finances raised will go directly to the Blackmon family for this very purpose


Now that is a good idea! Make the niggers chimp out by going to Bali and buying Phoney Nike’s and then ripping them off for them! Heaven forbid! They won’t be “The big man at the Basketball stadium now”! No Bling!

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 December 2019 at 14:12
As our enemies in the government continue their attempt to disarm the us, we keep finding niggers and mud races with these cache of weapons. White People be aware and make sure to keep yourself and family protected by any means necessary.


Police say 200 people arrested, high-powered weapons seized in Philadelphia drug bust

DECEMBER 24, 2019 / 1:34 PM / CBS NEWS

Police have arrested more than 200 people and seized several high-powered weapons after a major drug bust in North Philadelphia, CBS Philly reports. The arrests happened over the course of several days.

Officials reportedly received tips from people in the city's Fairhill and Kensington neighborhoods about drug deals happening right before their eyes. Police said 200 people were arrested on drugs and weapons violations.

Police, working with federal drug enforcement agents and the FBI, confiscated drugs including cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin and other hard drugs with a street value of more than $600,000. They also seized almost $150,000 in cash.


Inspector Joseph Fredericksdorf of the Philadelphia Police narcotics bureau said drug dealers were "upping their game, so to speak," by arming themselves with "military-style weapons."

He said removing 21 guns off the streets will have the biggest impact on the neighborhoods.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 December 2019 at 22:25

A man who prosecutors said fatally stabbed his girlfriend during a Christmas morning attack in Philadelphia has been charged with murder and other counts.

Josue Quino had been drinking heavily during a family house party, where there were six children between the ages of 8 and 16, police said.

Quino, 33, reportedly had been fighting with other guests before authorities say he attacked Juana Us-Perez, 35. The children witnessed at least part of the attack, and one was wounded.

Police said Quino grabbed a knife in the kitchen and stabbed Us-Perez's 14-year-old son in the right thigh when the teen tried to disarm him. Quino then allegedly got another knife, stabbed Us-Perez and chased her outside the home.

When officers arrived minutes later, they said they found Us-Perez outside, bleeding heavily from her abdomen, and Quino standing over her. She and her son were taken to a hospital, where she died a short time later. The boy, whose name wasn't released, remained hospitalized Thursday in stable condition




A Texas man surrendered to police and was arrested on a weapons charge, three days after he allegedly was seen in a viral Instagram video laughing and firing a semiautomatic rifle while traveling in a car on a highway

Jonathan Jay Oneal, 26, from El Paso, turned himself in to police on Monday and was booked into the county jail on a charge of discharging a firearm in certain municipalities. His bond was set at $50,000.

Oneal's arrest came after the El Paso gossip Instagram page Fit Fam El Paso shared a cellphone recording on Saturday showing the suspect discharging a firearm while riding as a passenger in a car along Patriot Freeway South near Spur 601 at around 11.30pm on Friday

No injuries were reported in connection to the shooting.

The caption that accompanied the recording read: 'absolutely disgusting footage surfaced last night of yet another person firing a weapon out of a moving vehicle on El Paso highways. A multitude of cars can be seen driving past in the opposite lane.

'This is the second such incident in less than a month. Although this is not a video you’d like to see just days before Christmas, we’re posting it because it’s the reality of El Paso right now, and you MUST be cautious out there, because there are many people who aren’t.'

The video has been viewed more than 97,700 times and caught the attention of the E Paso Police Department's Gang Unit, which identified the man grinning while firing shots in the video as Oneal, according to a press release

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 27 December 2019 at 14:10
Here's evidence that the niggers and mud races will steal our money and property but that's not their only intentions. The truth is that these animals just want to hurt us.


New York City man, 60, beaten by muggers over $1 in brutal attack caught on video

By Dom Calicchio | Fox News

Surveillance video shows a group of muggers punching, kicking and stomping on a 60-year-old man in New York City early Tuesday, in an attack that left the victim critically injured.

The suspects, who remained at large early Wednesday, got only one dollar from the victim, city police officials said.

The crime happened about 1:30 a.m. in the Morrisania section of the Bronx, authorities said.

One of the suspects was captured on video picking up a nearby trash receptacle with the apparent intention of striking the victim with it, police told WCBS-TV of New York City.

The beating began when the victim and a 29-year-old man walking with him were approached by the group, which demanded their property, WCBS-TV reported.

The 29-year-old also was attacked but reportedly refused medical attention, the station reported.

Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), or visit the website www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 29 December 2019 at 13:32

An update to the previous post (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,8648.msg32863.html#msg32863 (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,8648.msg32863.html#msg32863))


A 60-year-old man who was beaten and robbed of $1 has died
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 01 January 2020 at 14:19
More mud race gangs causing havoc on our country. If our enemies in the government really wanted to fix these issues "they" would do more to focus on the 32,000+ gang members in the U.S. Definitely don't delete the list of gangsters like Chicago. Or in relevance of this article, spin the narrative of how Asian mud races are less violent than even Whites, also that "they" (our enemies) can lull our people into a false sense of security.


California backyard party shooting: Fresno police arrest 6 suspected gang members

By Frank Miles | Fox News


Shooting at California NFL-watch party leaves 4 dead, 6 wounded

A manhunt for suspects is underway in Fresno, California after gunfire breaks out at a backyard football party.

Six suspected gang members have been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of four men in November at a backyard gathering of family and friends in Fresno that they believed was a rival gang’s party, California police said Tuesday.

Fox 26 reported that the suspects each admitted to being members of the Mongolian Boys Society gang, and said they were evening the score against a rival gang called the Asian Crips.

Fresno Police Chief Andy Hall said at a news conference that the suspects believed the rival gang was responsible for killing a member of their gang hours earlier.

Four people were killed and six others injured on Nov. 17 when gunmen entered the back of a Fresno home through an unlocked gate and used semiautomatic weapons to open fire on people watching a football game in the backyard.

The news outlet reported that the six suspects who were arrested in connection with the deadly shooting are 25-year-old Billy Xiong, 27-year-old Anthony Montes, 26-year-old Porge Kue, 25-year-old Johnny Xiong, 31-year-old Pao Vang and 19-year-old Jhovanny Delagao.

The police chief didn’t say who the shooters were specifically, but that all six planned the attack.

The six men who were arrested are all being held $11 million bail each, and it’s unclear if they had lawyers yet who could speak on their behalf.

Billy Xiong's brother, Randy Xiong, was the gang member who was slain 16 hours before the backyard shooting.

“We know now that this was a retaliatory shooting toward the gang believed responsible for Randy Xiong’s death,” Hall said.

All the victims were of Hmong descent; the shooting rattled the central California city, home to the second-largest Hmong community in the country.

Hmong, an ethnic minority group from East and Southeast Asia, fought on the side of the United States in the Vietnam War. After the war, the U.S. moved them to places in California, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

In California, Hmong settled in Fresno and the Central Valley, where sponsors hoped they could find work given their agricultural background.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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What a couple of dumbass niggers. I wish they had shown the lottery ticket. In my mind I got an image like a kindergartner made it in craft time. The numbers were the wrong size and covered in dripping glue as the nigs passed it to the employee.  ;D


Mississippi men tried cashing in lottery ticket after gluing on the winning numbers, officials say

By Louis Casiano | Fox News

Two men in Mississippi wanted to claim a $100,000 lottery prizes so bad, they glued the winning numbers onto a losing ticket, authorities said.


Odis Latham, 47, and Russell Sparks, 48, both of Columbus, tried to claim the scratch-off winnings at the lottery headquarters in Flowood on Monday, Mississippi Lottery Corp. spokeswoman Meg Annison told the Clarion-Ledger.

The ticket was immediately determined to have been altered using glue to paste on the winnings numbers to match the prize. The lottery agency called the Flowood Police Department about two adult males allegedly trying to claim the ticket.

Latham and Sparks were arrested at the lottery headquarters and have been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony and uttering a counterfeit instrument over $1,000. Latham was also charged with false identification information.

Both are being held in the Rankin County jail and are expected to appear in court Tuesday.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 17 January 2020 at 14:19
This is what a 62.99% nigger population with primarily niggers in their political positions turns a city into. 


Baltimore shootings: 12 wounded, five dead, in single day of violence

The city recorded 348 homicides last year, its fifth consecutive year with more than 300 murders and the most violent year ever on a per-capita basis.


Baltimore protesters call for more police support after 12 shot, 5 dead over weekend

Jan. 13, 2020, 7:08 AM CST
By The Associated Press

BALTIMORE — Twelve people were shot, five of them fatally, in eight separate weekend shootings in Baltimore, authorities said.

The first of Saturday's shootings was reported at about 2:30 a.m. and involved three female victims, all found with apparent gunshot wounds in a car in a northeastern section of the city. One victim, a 28-year-old woman, died shortly after arriving at a hospital.

A few hours later, police responding to a shooting in southeast Baltimore found a 46-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the leg. Then, a second shooting victim, a 40-year-old man, walked into a hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to his leg.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m. Saturday, police found a man fatally shot in southeast Baltimore. That was followed less than half an hour later by a shooting in central Baltimore that left a 37-year-old man wounded.

A 38-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound around 7 p.m. Saturday in northeast Baltimore.

A shooting in southwest Baltimore about an hour later left one man wounded and another dead. More gunfire a few minutes later in northeast Baltimore left a 37-year-old man fatally wounded.

Saturday's violence ended shortly before 11 p.m., when officers found a 24-year-old man fatally wounded in northwest Baltimore.

The city recorded 348 homicides last year, its fifth consecutive year with more than 300 murders and the most violent year ever on a per-capita basis.

City council president Brandon Scott, a Democrat running for mayor, issued a statement Sunday condemning the violence.

"A day that should have been met with pride and community was once again flooded with violence and loss," Scott wrote, an apparent reference to an NFL divisional playoff game hosted by the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday night.

"This violence is heartbreaking and must stop now," added Scott, who said he plans to question Baltimore's police commissioner and other agency heads about what they were doing in the affected communities before and after the shootings.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Another example to why we should never place these niggers and mud race in positions of authority over any White Person.


Georgia sheriff's deputy arrested and charged with rape, police say

By Amir Vera, CNN
Updated 6:27 PM ET, Fri January 17, 2020


Kendrick Quick, 38, of Augusta, faces one count of rape and one count of violation of public oath.

(CNN)A Georgia sheriff's deputy has been arrested on a charge of rape after a female suspect alleged that he had inappropriate contact with her, according to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.


The deputy, Kendrick Quick, 38, was arrested Thursday on charges of one count of rape and one count of violation of public oath, according to sheriff's office spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Lee. The county is along the state line between Georgia and South Carolina and is home to consolidated city-county of Augusta-Richmond County.

The investigation began Wednesday after a female suspect reported that he had inappropriate contact with her while she was in his custody, a news release from the sheriff's office said. A joint criminal and internal investigation led to Quick's arrest, according to the release.

He was booked at the Charles B. Webster Detention Center and will have a bond hearing Tuesday, according to Quick's attorney.

Quick was placed on paid administrative leave and will remain on leave until an internal affairs investigation is completed, according to the release.

Keith B. Johnson, Quick's attorney, said in a statement to CNN that his client "is a loving father and husband who is eager to clear his name of these very serious allegations." Johnson said Quick was very transparent during the investigation even before he hired an attorney.

"He has a proven record of public service as a member of the US Navy. Despite the allegations, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence, which is one of the pillars of our criminal justice system," Johnson said.

Quick has been working for the sheriff's office since July 2018 and was assigned to road patrol, the release said.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Accused bank robber sprung under New York's new bail reform law sent to jail

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

A man accused of robbing two banks shortly after he was freed under New York’s controversial new bail reform law has been detained by a federal judge as he awaits trial for robbing four banks in a nine-day crime spree.


Gerod Woodberry, 42, of Walterboro, S.C., appeared before the judge in Brooklyn Federal Court Sunday.

Prosecutors sought Woodberry’s detention as a danger to the community in a letter to the judge. They said his rap sheet shows five “strong-arm” robbery convictions in South Carolina.

Federal prosecutors say Gerod Woodberry passed this note to a teller during a robbery that occurred after he was released under New York's bail reform law. (Brooklyn U.S. Attorney's Office)

“How is he here today?” Judge Steven Gold asked at Woodberry’s arraignment Sunday, according to the New York Post.

The judge pointed out that Woodberry’s most recent South Carolina robbery conviction was in 2018 and included a lengthy prison sentence, according to the paper.

Woodberry didn't apply for bail and Gold told him he could apply for it Friday, according to the paper.

Woodberry was caught robbing a fourth Manhattan bank in nine days on Jan. 8, police said.

Two days later he was released under the newly enacted bail reform law that requires the release of persons accused of non-violent crimes without bail. Police said Woodberry robbed the banks without a weapon.

Just four hours after being sprung, police said he walked into a Brooklyn bank and handed a teller a note demanding money. The teller gave him about $1,000, police said.

Nigger writes like a six year old ... Someone's been getting an education!

Police said Woodberry also robbed another bank in Brooklyn on Jan. 14.

FBI agents arrested him Friday when he showed up in Manhattan Criminal Court and said, "I'm the one that's been robbing banks," the Post reported. last week.

Woodberry has been charged in federal court with the Jan. 10 bank job.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 22 January 2020 at 13:03
I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times. Stop employing niggers and other mud races, especially for positions of authority. The coloreds barely follow the laws as they are, once they are in a position to enforce the laws they seem to then believe they are above the law.


Cleveland police officer charged with urinating on child, attempted kidnapping sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison


CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) - A Cleveland police officer charged with trying to kidnap a child and urinating on her at a bus stop was sentenced Tuesday to four and a half years in prison.


Solomon Nhiwatiwa was arrested in August.

Prosecutors said Nhiwatiwa approached the victim while she was waiting for the school bus on Euclid Avenue in Euclid.

Prosecutors say Nhiwatiwa was off-duty at the time and asked if the 12-year-old needed a ride to school, urinating on her when she refused.

The FOX 8 I-Team confirmed Nhiwatiwa struck a plea deal last month.

The maximum sentence he faced was 7 and a half years.

He must also register as a tier 1 sex offender.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Another nigger cop abusing its authority.


Maryland officer charged with murder after fatal shooting of man handcuffed in car

The man was taken into custody by Prince George's County police responding to reports that a driver had struck multiple vehicles.

Maryland officer charged with murder in shooting of handcuffed man inside cruiser

Jan. 28, 2020, 6:11 AM CST / Updated Jan. 28, 2020, 8:26 PM CST
By The Associated Press


TEMPLE HILLS, Md. — A Maryland police officer who fatally shot a handcuffed man in the front seat of a police cruiser will face a murder charge, the police chief said Tuesday.

Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said during a news conference that he asked his special investigations response team to file multiple charges, including a second-degree murder count, against Cpl. Michael Owen, Jr., a 10-year veteran of the force.

Owen was also charged with voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, first-degree assault and use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence, according to a news release. He was arrested on Tuesday, department spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said.

The victim was identified as William Howard Green, 43, of Washington, D.C.

Stawinski called the announcement the most difficult of his tenure as police chief.

“I am unable to come to our community this evening and provide you with a reasonable explanation for the events that occurred last night," the chief told reporters. “I concluded that what happened last night is a crime.”

The deadly shooting occurred Monday night during an apparent struggle inside the cruiser after Prince George's County police officers responded to reports that a driver had struck multiple vehicles near the Temple Hills community, department spokeswoman Christina Cotterman told news outlets during an earlier news conference.

When officers located the driver, they smelled PCP and believed the man was under the influence, Cotterman said.

The officer got into the driver's seat after the the suspect was taken into custody and placed in the front passenger seat, according to Cotterman, who said that conforms with department policy.

“A short time later, for reasons that are now at the center of the investigation, Green was shot seven times by the officer’s duty weapon,” according to a news release issued Tuesday night.

After the shooting, Owen and another officer removed Green from the cruiser and provided medical aid to Green, who died at a hospital a short time later.

"There are no circumstances under which this outcome is acceptable,” Stawinski said. “You have my assurance that all our methods and practices will be examined as this investigation proceeds.”

Officers performed lifesaving measures and took the man to a hospital. He died a short time later.

The shooting wasn't caught on body-camera video because the officer didn't have one, Cotterman said. Investigators were looking for surveillance cameras in the area that may have recorded the shooting.

Owen had been placed on administrative leave prior to the announcement that charges would be filed against him.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy said in a statement Tuesday that her office will conduct a "thorough and independent investigation.”

“We will seek truth, and will vigorously pursue justice in a way that is fair and responsible,” Braveboy said, according to The Washington Post. “Once we have received all information and completed our own investigation and analysis, I assure you that my office will be transparent and accountable to the public about our findings and how we will move forward.”

Deborah Jeon, legal director for the the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland, said in a statement that there is no reason for an officer to shoot a handcuffed suspect multiple times inside a patrol car. Jeon called it “completely unacceptable” that Prince George's County's police department doesn't equip all its officers with body cameras.

“These deaths are completely preventable,” Jeon said. “Police characterize them as unavoidable, but they are not. And body camera footage will show that.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Michigan woman who allegedly bit off part of man’s tongue while kissing gets charged

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

Police in Michigan say a woman bit off an inch of a man’s tongue on Tuesday during a consensual kiss.


Youlette Wedgeworth, 52, is facing a charge of aggravated assault after the injury, Detroit’s Fox 2 reported.

Youlette Wedgeworth was arrested this week for allegedly biting off a chunk of a man's tongue.  (Macomb County Sheriff's Office )

The consensual kiss-turned-tongue bite unfolded in the victim’s apartment in Center Line, a community about 15 miles north of Detroit.

Officers responded to a call from the house, where they found the man bleeding from his mouth. A piece of his tongue – measuring approximately one inch long – was found in a bedroom, WDIV reported.

The victim was taken to an area hospital, and Wedgeworth was arrested.

The accused appeared Wednesday at Center Line’s 37th District Court, where a judge set a $25,000 cash bond surety.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith told WDIV it was “the first case of this nature in my 27 years in the prosecutor’s office.”

Wedgeworth’s pre-trial conference is scheduled for next month.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Male or female, it doesn't matter. These niggers are out of control.


Police searching for two people accused of spitting on, robbing a 60-year-old man on CTA bus



Police searching for two people they believed spit on and robbed a 60-year-old man on a CTA bus. (Chicago Police Department)

CHICAGO — Chicago police are searching for two people they believe are responsible for an aggravated battery and robbery against a 60-year-old man on a CTA bus.

Police said two people spit on the 60-year-old, sprayed him with pepper spray and took his possessions while he was on a CTA State Street bus on Roosevelt Road around 3:30 p.m. Jan. 18.

Police described one of the offenders as an African American female wearing a black-colored jacket with grey colored hoodie, black pants, white shoes and pink head band.

Officials said the second offender was also an African American female who was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, black shoes and beige-colored plaid headband.

More Mud Crime:

BROWN man posing as delivery driver sexually assaults woman in Albany Park

Chicago police looking for BLACK man after woman sexually assaulted, robbed on Red Line

Cicero police investigating after BLACK burglars target home of missing teen

WHITE victim speaks out after multiple late-night assaults on the Red Line this weekend
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 08 February 2020 at 13:09

North Carolina man accused of setting woman on fire

The interim police chief of Kinston says that there doesn't yet appear to be any relationship between the suspect and the woman set on fire.

Feb. 5, 2020 By Phil Helsel

A North Carolina man accused of dousing a woman with a flammable liquid and setting her on fire while she was in her car has been charged with attempted murder, officials said.


It was not known if the suspect, Venice Taylor, 41, who was arrested Monday evening, knows the woman he attacked, local media outlets reported.

"It appears at this time that there is no relation whatsoever between those two. It does appear to be a random act," Interim Kinston Police Chief Tim Dilday said, according to CBS affiliate WNCT of Greenville.

This booking photo provided by Kinston Police Department shows Venice Taylor of Jacksonville, NC. Kinston Police Department via AP

The incident happened sometime before 10:52 a.m. in Kinston, N.C., when an officer was flagged down by a bystander and found the 24-year-old woman with severe burns, police said.

Police said she suffered severe burns to her upper body, and she was reported to be in critical condition at a hospital burn unit Tuesday.

Taylor was arrested Monday evening after a traffic stop on charges of attempted murder, malicious maiming and other counts, police said in a statement.

He appeared in court Tuesday and was to be assigned a court-appointed attorney, NBC affiliate WITN reported, and is being held in lieu of $2 million bail. It was not immediately clear Tuesday night who that attorney is.

A bystander, Kenyari Fields, told WITN Monday that "it was just a very eerie situation," and that he heard screams during the attack.

About an hour before the officer was flagged down Monday morning, police believe Taylor forced his way into a home of a relative and tried to set a fire inside. No one was home, and the fire extinguished itself before the resident returned, police said. WITN reported that the fire was set at Taylor's mother's home.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Nigger's death sentence overturned due to stupidity ...

Death sentence overturned for Texas killer who murdered his mother, aunt and three others in a drug-fueled rampage after original trial ignored the fact he had a mental disability

* Charles Brownlow Jr, 43 killed his aunt and mother in October 2013
* It's believed Brownlow was high on drugs during rampage that killed five
* He was sentenced in 2016 but will now be taken off death row
* An appeals court took into account the fact he was 'intellectually disabled' and had been diagnosed with several psychological disorders STUPID!

Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 13 February 2020



Excerpt: Brownlow was arrested in October 2013 after a series of five killings in Terrell, about 25 miles east of Dallas.

Experts during Brownlow´s sentencing testified that he had tested when he was five years old as intellectually disabled and that he had been diagnosed with several psychological disorders STUPID!

The appeals court says the judge and prosecutors applied the state standard correctly at the time of his May 2016 sentencing, but the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 2017 opinion that rejected that standard, requiring a new hearing.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 15 February 2020 at 22:04

 Florida man attacked his daughter and her teen sister with a machete, police say

By Jason Hanna and Melissa Alonso, CNN
Updated 1:21 PM ET, Sat February 15, 2020

(CNN)A Florida man is in police custody after he attacked and severely injured his 10-year-old daughter and her teenage sister with a machete in South Florida on Friday morning, police said.

Dennis Reid, 47, cut the girls with a machete at a home in Lauderhill after arriving there earlier in the morning to care for them, Lauderhill police Lt. Mike Santiago told CNN.

Police were called to the home around 10 a.m. when a frantic 911 caller said "there was an individual chopping up females," Santiago said separately to reporters at a news conference.

When officers arrived, Reid had fled, and police saw the girls had cuts to their upper extremities, including to the head and neck, Santiago told CNN.

The girls were taken to a hospital in serious condition, and they underwent surgery Friday afternoon, according to Santiago.

Reid turned himself in to police a short time after fleeing, Santiago said.

The attack happened at a home in Lauderhill, Florida, on Friday morning, police said.

Reid was being held without bond Saturday in Broward County's main jail on two counts each of attempted murder and aggravated child abuse, county jail records show. CNN's attempts to determine if Reid had an attorney weren't immediately successful.

Police are trying to determine what led to the attack.

Reid arrived at the home around 7 a.m. to take care of the children, with the mother intending to leave for a trip later that day, Santiago said. Court records show Reid lives at a different address -- in Lauderdale Lakes, just north of Lauderhill.

At some point, Reid and the mother argued, and the woman went upstairs, the police lieutenant told CNN.

Eventually, the mother heard screams, and came downstairs to find the girls injured. Reid attacked the mother, but she wasn't injured, Santiago said at the news conference, without elaborating.

Reid left the machete at the home, Santiago said. It wasn't immediately clear where the weapon had come from.

Neighbors and family friends gathered outside the home Friday as news of the attack spread.

"For somebody to do that to kids, I am very much hurting," Lilly Middleton, a family friend, told CNN affiliate WSVN.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 18 February 2020 at 01:31

NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: 'Bail reform, it’s lit!'

 By Danielle Wallace | Fox News


A New York City man who’s now been arrested 139 times thanked Democrats for guaranteeing his immediate release despite repeatedly swiping hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting subway commuters since the state’s new bail reform law went into effect Jan. 1.

Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested six times since the start of this year. He’s been released each time without having to post bail under New York’s new bail reform law since his alleged offenses were nonviolent, the New York Daily News reported. In the past, Barry’s served several stints in state prison and has a lengthy record, including six felonies, 87 misdemeanors and 21 missed court hearings, the newspaper reported, citing court records.

“Bail reform, it’s lit!” Barry yelled to reporters Thursday outside the NYPD Transit District 1 headquarters in the Columbus Circle station before officers transported him to Manhattan Central Booking. “It’s the Democrats! The Democrats know me and the Republicans fear me. You can’t touch me! I can’t be stopped!”

Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested six times since New York's new bail reform law took effect Jan. 1.

After his most recent arrest Thursday, Barry was held in custody for about 36 hours until his Saturday morning arraignment hearing in his Manhattan Criminal Court. He was then released before trial without paying bail. He had two warrants out for his arrest for missing court dates related to past alleged subway theft, including one instance in January when he allegedly snatched a $50 bill out of a woman’s hand while she was trying to buy a Metro card at a Bryant Park stationmachine.

Officers arrested him Thursday after he was spotted jumping a subway turnstile in Penn Station. Barry, a career criminal, has repeatedly duped subway-goers by dressing as MTA officials and robbing people after offering to help them buy their tickets, police said.

“I’m famous! I take $200, $300 a day of your money, cr----r! You can’t stop me!” Barry shouted to reporters.  “It’s a great thing. It’s a beautiful thing. They punk’ed people out for bullsh-- crimes.”

A high-ranking official in the New York City Police Department said because of the new bail reform law, offenders like Barry are released and then repeat the same crimes because judges cannot order them to be held in jail before trial. Sometimes, what begins as a nonviolent crime often turns violent if a robbery goes awry, he added.

“At least before, he’d be remanded and be behind bars for a couple of days. He wouldn’t be able to victimize people,” Assistant Chief Gerald Dieckmann, the No. 2 officer in the NYPD’s Transit Bureau, told the New York Daily News. “When someone doesn’t pay them or give them the money, it’ll turn into a robbery, a slashing an assault.”

But Legal Aid Society, which represents Barry, argued the NYPD is using a few cases to spread fear over the new bail reform law.

“Mr. Barry’s case underscores the need for economic stability and meaningful social services, not a need to roll back bail reform,” the society said in a statement. “Locking up Mr. Barry on unaffordable bail or worse, remanding without bail, ultimately does nothing to protect the public and fails entirely to address his actual needs.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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North Carolina woman found alive in woods after convicted felon drugged, held her captive, sheriff says

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News


A North Carolina woman has been found hiding out in the woods in below-freezing temperatures after escaping from a man who drugged her and held her captive in a South Carolina home for over a week, investigators said Monday.

Deputies found the woman in a backyard in the town of Elgin after the homeowner called 911, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The woman told deputies she had escaped from a nearby home where she was drugged and kept prisoner.

An investigation into the home revealed all the windows were covered or painted, and padlocks were on all the bedroom doors, the release said.

"She was not free to leave," Sheriff Lee Boan told WLTX-TV. "She was kept inside of a room, they had the room locked up. The windows had dark blinds on it or either painted inside the house."

McIlwain was arrested and charged with kidnapping. Deputies are investigating the incident as a possible case of human trafficking. (Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office)

Investigators determined the woman’s boyfriend had left her at the home over a week ago. He had owed money to 45-year-old Demetrius Raynard McIlwain, who resided at the home.

Two other victims were found inside the home, the sheriff’s office said. They told deputies McIlwain gave them drugs for performing sexual acts with other people. They both declined help from the deputies.

McIlwain was arrested Friday and charged with kidnapping, the sheriff’s office said. Meanwhile, the woman has been taken to a safe house.

Deputies are investigating the incident as a possible case of human trafficking. Boan called McIlwain “the head of that snake” in their investigation.

McIlwain has a long criminal past, including convictions for assault and battery with intent to kill, criminal sexual conduct with a minor, and first-degree burglary, deputies said.

“As long as Demetrius McIlwain is in custody, the citizens of Kershaw County have no reason to fear him,” the sheriff’s office said. “Your KCSO deputies did an outstanding job of investigating and quickly arresting this predator.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 03 March 2020 at 05:23
For years Black Supremacist group, Black Lives Matter have attempted to set up a meeting with the LA County District Attorney with the presumption being that all Black people are victims and all White people are racist criminals. LA County DA is a Black woman ...

LA County District Attorney’s Husband Pulls Gun on Black Lives Matter Activists

Nate Church | Breitbart (https://www.breitbart.com/) (USA) | 2 March 2020



Excerpt: Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s husband brought a gun and deadly threats to the front door of their home on Monday morning as Black Lives Matter activists beat drums and chanted about DA Lacey.

Video from the scene credited to Black Lives Matter LA clearly shows David Lacey at the doorway of their Granada Hills home, pointing a weapon and shouting, “I will shoot you. Get off of my porch.”

“I don’t care who you are, get off of my porch, right now,” Lacey continued, once again raising the handgun toward an off-screen individual identified by the Real Justice PAC as California State Professor of Pan-African Studies Dr. Melina Abdullah. “We’re calling the police,” Lacey said. “Okay, good,” she can be heard answering before he closes the door.

Abdullah and roughly 30 other Black Lives Matter activists had shown up in front of the embattled DA’s house early on Monday morning, protesting her refusal to meet with activists within the southern Los Angeles community. “She hasn’t met with the Black community since 2016.”

Lacey has long been at odds with many of her constituents for a perceived lack of action toward addressing issues of racism and violence during her tenure. Still, she maintains that harassment at her home steps well over the line.

“Our home is our sanctuary,” Lacey said in a press conference hours later. “I do not believe it is fair or right for protesters to show up at the homes of people who dedicate their lives to public service.” While she said she was “profoundly sorry” for her husband’s response, she maintains that it was “rooted” in genuine fear.

“It was just him and I in that house and we really didn’t know what was about to happen,” she told the press.


This is what happens when you allow Black Supremacy to take control. If the DA had done her job, it wouldn't be harmless White Activists that would have been hounded into prison, it would instead have been rioting Black Supremacists locked up with their leaders sentenced to life imprisonment for inciting riots leading to multiple arson and murder.

... But no. Charging a Black Supremacist for committing a criminal offence in today's world is RACIST! Let's instead look for a White Man and get him on trumped up Hate-Speech charges.
See: Federal Funds Used to Research ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media

How many White Men has that Black DA locked up on bogus Hate-Crime charges?

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 07 March 2020 at 12:20
Niggers chimping out again.

Niggers rarely can do anything one on one, as you see in the video. They're like pack animals once one attacks they all pounce. Especially when the victim is White. And what for some shoes and what little money a 15 year old could have. Niggers aren't evolved enough and will never assimilate into any part of a White society. So the only chance of a peaceful civilization is to remove the black plague from our midst (N.E.R. - Book one Chapter five).


Horrific video: Vicious New York City mugging caught on camera

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

New York City police have released "sickening" surveillance video that captured a vicious street corner mugging of a 15-year-old girl.

A group of teenage boys, according to reports, attacked her Thursday afternoon in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

“A 15-year-old female was approached by a group of individuals, and was punched and kicked to the ground and had her property removed,” police said Friday.

Video captured a group of teenage boys kicking a 15-year-old girl and stealing her Air Jordan sneakers during a mugging in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon. (NYPD)

NYPD Brooklyn North Commanding Officer Jeffrey Maddrey called the video “sickening” in a tweet Friday morning.

"We cannot allow this behavior in our community," he said.

The video begins with the girl already on the ground and one of the boys kicking her in the chest and face, the New York Post reported. He is then joined by the others, including one who jumps on top of her, then kicks her in the head.

The paper reported the girl was robbed of her Air Jordan sneakers.

They also took her cellphone and debit card.

Police said they are investigating a 15-year-old girl's vicious mugging that was caught on video.  (NYPD)

She was treated at the hospital for bruises and head trauma, the paper reported.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 March 2020 at 12:18
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. The only thing one can expect by associating with niggers and other mud races is incarceration, robbery, bodily harm and even death.

I hate to see this young White girl's life cut short from her assignation with these animals. Unfortunately she was indoctrinated into thinking that it was alright to not stay with her Race. I blame the parents. The parents should have taught her proper way to interact with the other races.


Murder of South Mississippi teen revealed by doorbell camera

By John Fitzhugh | February 25, 2020 at 10:00 PM CST - Updated February 26 at 10:00 AM

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The family of the 16-year-old girl who was murdered in her home Monday say their Ring doorbell shows the five suspects entering and leaving the house.

Madison Harris was shot in her grandparent’s Biloxi home on the afternoon of Feb. 24, 2020. Five teens were later charged with capital murder in her death.

Black Friends: Once you go Black, you don't come back ...

Madison Harris was killed in her own home on Feb. 24, 2020. Five teens are now charged in the 16-year-old's death. (Source: WLOX)

James Waldeck, who is engaged to Madison’s grandmother and lives in the house where the murder took place, said he learned something was wrong when his Ring Doorbell app showed an ambulance at their home.

According to him, the camera at the garage door revealed much more about what happened in his home.

The family of 16-year-old Madison Harris says a Ring doorbell caught the five juveniles charged in her death entering and leaving the home on Feb. 24, 2020. (Source: WLOX)

“Madison was here with her very good friend Paul, and her dad was in the back yard raking leaves,” Waldeck said. “One girl came in, I saw on the Ring Doorbell about a half-hour before. And then, according to my Ring Doorbell, four of them charged in an unlocked door here at the carport. And within a matter of ten seconds, the shooting and screaming, and then them running out the door being chased by Paul, her friend, and then her dad.”

Madison had lived with in the house with Waldeck, her grandmother, and her dad for the last four years ever since her parents divorced.

Five teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 were charged with capital murder in Madison’s death. Waldeck said Madison considered some of those suspects friends.

“They were in our house a number of different times, I thought as friends, yes,” Waldeck. “They just lived two or three houses down and across the street.”

These five Biloxi teens are each charged with capital murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Madison Harris. Pictured from left, Jasmine Kelley, Jarvis Cook, Yakeshia Blackmon, Jaquez Porter, and Willow Blackmon (Source: Biloxi Police Dept.) (Source: Biloxi Police Dept.)

But Waldeck said something changed.

“We think they were involved in a burglary at the house two weeks ago,” Waldeck said. “Of course, the police were called and we were pressing charges against that first crime, and we’re afraid this may have been retaliation against us reporting their crime.”

After the burglary, Madison’s family was worried about another break-in and took special precautions.

“We screwed the window shut so they couldn’t get in there,” Waldeck said. “We put deadbolts on the doors so that they had to be locked with a key to get in or out, but the carport door was unlocked and that’s where they made their way in.”

Biloxi police have said the suspects were attempting to rob Madison but Waldeck said he thinks the teens came in with the plan to murder Madison.

“Premeditation. Definitely. 'Cause the video doorbell lasts 15 seconds or 30 seconds for them to come in, shoot. You hear screaming, then everybody running out the door,” Waldeck said.

Due to the pending investigation, police are not releasing the doorbell video.

Now, Madison’s family and friends are struggling with grief as they try to understand why their child was taken from them.

A candlelight vigil will be held for Madison Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Biloxi Lighthouse.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 11 March 2020 at 06:10
Just a standard Black on White crime.  The only surprising thing is that it actually hit the media. That is, the local mainstream media. If the races were reversed, this would be World-Wide MSM for the next three months and lead to race-riots by Blacks in the US, Britain and possibly Australia ...

Portland woman charged with hate crime. Where’s the media on this one?

Gregory Hoyt | Law Enforcement Today (https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/) | 3 March 2020




Portland, Oregon – A black woman is facing hate crime charges after allegedly assaulting a white woman outside of a bus in North Portland. Reports indicate that the suspect allegedly said “I hate white people” while engaging in the assault.

Read that again: “I hate white people.”


Janae Jordan was allegedly pummeled right in front of her husband and child on January 19th by 42-year-old Nimo Jire Kalinle. The incident allegedly occurred right after Kalinle had stepped off of the bus stopped at North Fremont Street and Gantenbein Avenue.

During the unprovoked assault, the victim asked Kalinle why she was attacking her. According to a probable cause affidavit, Kalinle stated:

“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people.”

The husband of the victim intervened, and was able to restrain the suspect while waiting for police to arrive. Court documents showed that the suspect was apprehended and charged with fourth-degree felony assault, first-degree bias crime, second-degree bias crime, and two counts of interfering with public transportation.

Court documents further alleged that the victim had no previous interaction with Kalinle, citing the time of the assault as the first time ever seeing her. Kalinle went before a judge regarding the case on February 24th, where she pled not guilty to the charges levied. She’s scheduled for her next court appearance on March 6th.

While every form of crime motivated by a racial or ethnic bias is disturbing, it’s not often to see suspected black offenders make headlines similar to suspected white offenders. This is despite the fact that for every 2 reported hate crimes involving a white suspect, there’s on average 1 reported where the suspect is identified as black or African American.

During the unprovoked assault, the victim asked Kalinle why she was attacking her. According to a probable cause affidavit, Kalinle stated:

“It’s because you’re white and I hate white people.”

The husband of the victim intervened, and was able to restrain the suspect while waiting for police to arrive. Court documents showed that the suspect was apprehended and charged with fourth-degree felony assault, first-degree bias crime, second-degree bias crime, and two counts of interfering with public transportation.

Court documents further alleged that the victim had no previous interaction with Kalinle, citing the time of the assault as the first time ever seeing her. Kalinle went before a judge regarding the case on February 24th, where she pled not guilty to the charges levied. She’s scheduled for her next court appearance on March 6th.

While every form of crime motivated by a racial or ethnic bias is disturbing, it’s not often to see suspected black offenders make headlines similar to suspected white offenders. This is despite the fact that for every 2 reported hate crimes involving a white suspect, there’s on average 1 reported where the suspect is identified as black or African American.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Bloody “mud race” bitch bashed up shop assistant for trying to stop her pinching stuff.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Amidst the endless flood of Corona Virus articles, if you dig deep enough you are reminded that the niggers and muds still hate White People.


Man accused in Fresno rampage said he was fed up with racism, ‘found some white men to kill’: Police recording

by: Associated Press
Posted: Mar 10, 2020 / 10:59 AM PDT   / Updated: Mar 10, 2020 / 03:49 PM PDT


A man accused of killing four people in California told detectives in a recorded interview he was fed up with racism against black people and since he was suspected of killing of one white man he may as well kill more.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, was taken into custody on April 18, 2017, in connection with the killings of three people in downtown Fresno. (Credit: Fresno Police Department)

The recording was played Monday in the trial of Kori Ali Muhammad, who could face the death penalty if he is convicted, the Fresno Beeand ABC30 (KFSN-TV) reported.

Muhammad, a black man whose defense says he is mentally ill, was recorded by detectives on the day of his arrest in 2017.

“I didn’t want to do nothing to law enforcement so I just found some white men to kill,” Muhammad said to police.

He explained on the recording how the killing of motel security guard Carl Williams III, 25, led to the other three killings.

Muhammad said he tried to visit a friend at the motel in April 2017, but Williams was disrespectful to him.

According to earlier testimony, Williams noticed Muhammad and told the motel manager, who asked Muhammad to register and pay a nominal visitor’s fee. Muhammad went to the office to register, but the manager testified he felt threatened and kicked out the guest and Muhammad.

A security camera recorded Muhammad come up behind the security guard and shoot him.

On the recording, Muhammad spoke about disrespect and racism.

“It starts taking its toll on you and you get fed up with the racism,” he said. “You get tired of letting things slide.”

While on the run after the shooting, Muhammad stopped at a coffee shop to use WiFi and learned via a news app that he was wanted for Williams’ killing.

On the recording, he said that if he was “going down for murder” the best thing was to “kill as many white men” as he could.

Several days after the motel shooting, three more men were slain, beginning with Zachary Randalls, 34, who was in a Pacific Gas & Electric truck.

“When I walked up to the truck, I saw a Mexican driver and a white guy,” he said. “I didn’t want to target the driver because he was Mexican so I shot the white dude.”

Mark Gassett, 37, and David Jackson, 58, were then slain in the downtown area.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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California man who worked as agent for China sentenced to 4 years

Xuehua "Edward" Peng was accused of acting as a courier for China’s Ministry of State Security after the U.S. launched a “double agent operation” in 2015.

March 18, 2020, 12:27 AM CDT
By Phil Helsel

A Northern California man who was charged with acting as an agent of China's government and arrested as part of an FBI sting operation was sentenced to four years in prison Tuesday, federal prosecutors said.

Xuehua "Edward" Peng, who arrested last year, was caught acting as a courier for China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) after the U.S. launched a "double agent operation" in 2015, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.

Peng, 56, of Hayward, pleaded guilty to acting as an agent of a foreign government without notice to the attorney general on Nov. 25, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California said in a statement.

Peng is a naturalized U.S. citizen from China, and he admitted as part of a plea agreement that he was approached by an official from the People’s Republic of China while on a business trip in China in March 2015, prosecutors said.

Sept. 2019: California man arrested, charged with working as foreign agent

That official wanted Peng to help the Chinese government by using his U.S. citizenship, and Peng agreed even after coming to understand that the official was working with that country’s Ministry of State Security, prosecutors said.

As part of the investigation, a confidential FBI source — the "double agent" — met with MSS intelligence officers, provided them with classified information relating to national security concerns, and received financial payments in return, the criminal complaint says.

On six occasions, Peng showed up to collect packages at hotels in California and Georgia, the criminal complaint says. In four of the cases, the parcels contained secure digital memory cards containing classified information, and Peng left behind a total of $70,000 for the source who dropped them off, the complaint says.

U.S. Assistant Attorney General of National Security John C. Demers said in a statement Tuesday that the case exposed how Chinese intelligence services work to get classified information from the U.S., and that it was just one example of what he called "the Chinese government’s multi-faceted espionage efforts."

Peng was also sentenced to pay a fine of $30,000, the U.S. attorney's office said. Peng admitted to being paid at least that much by the PRC official to act as a courier.
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Florida Woman Accused Of Assault Also Coughed In Paramedic’s Face: Police

The female suspect allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” before coughing what the police report called “copious amounts of saliva” into an EMT’s face.

By David Moye
03/23/2020 02:04 PM ET

A Florida woman accused of assaulting her boyfriend also allegedly shouted “I have the coronavirus” and then coughed in the face of a paramedic.


LaDonald Shakkie Holmes, 38, was arrested on March 18 after officers for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence call in Lady Lake.

Holmes’ boyfriend told officers that she had broken his nose after he declined to have sex with her, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun.

The report said Holmes is a black belt in martial arts and allegedly “roundhouse kicked” her boyfriend in the nose and then punched him, according to local news website Villages-News.com. He then left the house and called 911.

Holmes was in bed when deputies arrived on the scene and thwarted their attempts to arrest her by repeatedly falling to the ground. Concerned that she might be suffering a medical episode, the officers summoned paramedics to the scene.

When the paramedics attempted to secure Holmes to a stretcher, she allegedly coughed in the face of one EMT and shouted, “I have the coronavirus.”

The report said “copious amounts of saliva” exited Holmes’ mouth and landed on the paramedic’s face.

Holmes was then taken to a local hospital for evaluation, though the probable cause affidavit does not say if she did have the coronavirus. The report also does not mention if the paramedic received an evaluation for the possible health risk.

Holmes was charged with two felony counts: domestic battery and battery on a paramedic.

Jail records show she was released on Thursday after posting a $7,000 bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned on April 13.
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Niggers are sexual predators with no self control. Until we ship them back to Africa our society will never be safe.


Police: Suspect accused of raping nine-year-old in Frayser

by: Eryn Taylor, Melissa Moon
Posted: Apr 1, 2020 / 06:30 AM CDT   / Updated: Apr 1, 2020 / 04:23 PM CDT


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested after he reportedly admitted to raping a nine-year-old girl.

The charges against Darious Cortez Gory stem from a weekend incident in Frayser.

According to police, the victim told them she was in a bedroom when Gory put his tongue in her mouth before raping her. He left the bedroom when she began to cry.

When officers initially interviewed Gory, he denied the event happened, police said.

He eventually admitted to everything, saying the child told him to stop but “he was high on cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and Bacardi Rum and not aware of what he was doing.”

Gory was charged with rape of a child and aggravated sexual battery.

Court documents show that Gory has a criminal record that goes back to at least 2008. He pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and aggravated robbery back in 2013.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Once again another nigger in an authority position and this is how it behaves. You can take the nigger out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the nigger.


Alabama Detective Charged With Murder in ‘Love Triangle’ Killing

Tracy Connor
Executive Editor
Updated Apr. 11, 2020 4:31PM ET Published Apr. 11, 2020 3:22PM ET

Birmingham Police Department


A Birmingham, Alabama, detective was charged with murder Saturday after she allegedly shot and killed a woman sitting in an unmarked police car with an off-duty detective in what investigators said was “a love triangle gone wrong.”

“This is not a press conference that I wanted to give today or any other day, but it’s about the facts and realities of life,” Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said at a press conference announcing the arrest of Alfreda Fluker.

Smith did not provide details of the entanglement except to say “it’s something that has been going on for a little while without our knowledge.”

The male off-duty detective who was sitting on the car, who was not identified, was not hurt. The victim was identified as Kanisha Necole Fuller, 43.


The incident unfolded just after 11 p.m. on Friday when cops responded to a call of shots fired. They arrived to find a woman shot numerous times and rushed her to UAB Hospital, where she was pronounced dead early Saturday.

Hours later, Fluker—a 15-year veteran of the force assigned to the crime prevention team—was taken into custody at her home in west Birmingham. Local police have called in state investigators because one of their own is involved.

“We’ve spent all of this night tracking down everything we possibly could on this case,” Smith said. “Even when it leads to one of our own we’re going to make the tough call and we’re going to take the right actions.”
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Man released from jail due to coronavirus then committed murder, deputies say


TAMPA, Fla. — A man arrested on a murder charge Monday had been released from the Orient Road Jail last month under measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, deputies said Tuesday.

It is the only known case of an inmate in the county who went on to commit a new crime after they were approved for release under the precautions, a spokesperson for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.


Joseph Edward Williams, 26, was arrested Monday in connection with a March 20 murder in the 8000 block of Ash Avenue, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

At about 10:40 p.m. that day, deputies fielded multiple 911 calls reporting gunshots. Responding deputies found a man who had been shot. Authorities took him to Tampa General Hospital, where he later died. In a news release, deputies said they did not believe the shooting was random.

Deputies didn’t release any additional details Tuesday, including the victim’s name.

Williams is charged with second-degree murder, resisting an officer, being felon in possession of a firearm and possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. His bail has been set at $280,500.

Officials across Florida and the U.S. have tried to shrink jail populations in an effort to prevent the coronavirus from rapidly spreading among inmates and jail staff living and working in packed quarters. On March 19, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister released 164 county jail inmates accused of low-level, non-violent crimes. They included a housekeeper charged with cocaine possession, a student facing burglary and petty theft charges and a man picked up on a trespassing offense.

Williams was also released that day. He had been booked into jail on March 13 for possession of less than four grams of heroin, a third degree felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor. He was already eligible for release under a $2,500 bond — meaning he could have walked out after paying $250.

Chronister said officials around the country are facing difficult decisions balance public safety concerns with efforts to protect deputies and inmates from the virus during the COVID-19 crisis, and called for Williams to be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

“There is no question Joseph Williams took advantage of this health emergency to commit crimes while he was out of jail awaiting resolution of a low-level, non-violent offense,” he said in an e-mailed statement. Williams’s past history includes arrests on 35 previous charges, according to the Sheriff’s Office. He was convicted for burglary of an unoccupied conveyance in 2012, and being a felon in possession of a firearm in 2018.

Since the coronavirus first appeared in the United States, civil rights groups have sounded the alarm that jails and prisons have ideal conditions for the virus to spread quickly and urged officials to limit their inmate populations.

So far, 56 employees and 35 inmates in the Florida Department of Corrections system have tested positive for the virus. At least nine inmates in Broward County jails were infected. One has died.
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Man charged with killing four members of Texas family, including 2-year-old

APR 18, 2020 | 11:07 AM

A 20-year-old man accused of killing a toddler and three of its family members was being held without bond in a Texas jail Saturday morning.


Samuel Enrique Lopez was arrested Friday and booked into the Webb County Jail on two counts of capital murder — one involving multiple persons and another involving a child under the age of 10. The charges stem from the slayings of four members from the same Laredo family, all found dead on Thursday.

Authorities responded to a home in the Vanesita Court neighborhood late that evening, where they found visible signs of a potential crime but none of the residents, Laredo Morning Timesreported. A subsequent search of the area turned up three bodies in an adjacent lot.

The body of a 2-year-old child was also discovered at a separate location about a mile away, police said.

A preliminary investigation, which included door-to-door interviews and a review of surveillance and security footage, prompted officers to arrest Lopez, police said.

It was a brutal week in Laredo. A customs and border protection officer was arrested in connection with the shooting death of a firefighter on Wednesday night.

If convicted on the capital murder charges, Lopez faces potential punishments including life behind bar or death penalty by lethal injection.
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Since the beginning of mass Mestizo immigration in the 1950's ...

Miami goes SEVEN weeks without a homicide for the first time since 1957 with other major cities including Los Angeles and Baltimore seeing a fall in violent crime

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 April 2020 at 01:35
I notice that this article was only available in a single international newspaper, and then only for about twelve hours before it disappeared completely from the recent news streams.

Consider if the perp was White and had deliberately targeted Blacks for murder? This would be the Go-To News Event for the next several years. Remember Charlottesville? You're not allowed to forget that one - and the death of that anti-fa land-whale was just an accident.

Also consider that the MSM repeat the murdering nigger's words and opinions verbatim. If he was White, there would be a list of denunciations followed by a list going back a hundred years of so-called White Supremacist history.

Mud man, 42, who killed four random men in 2017 California 'race hate' shootings is found GUILTY - but prosecutors drop the death penalty in exchange for him not pleading insanity

* Kori Ali Muhammad went on a racially-motivated murder spree in April 2017

* Muhammad first killed Carl Williams at a Motel 6 in Fresno on April 13 

* On April 18, Muhammad fired 17 rounds as he walked around in downtown Fresno, killing Zachary Randalls, Mark Gassett, and David Jackson

* Muhammad told police after his arrest: 'I didn't want to do nothing to law enforcement so I just found some white men to kill'

* He later told detectives that he was fed up with racism against black people

* Muhammad was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday, and is expected to be sentenced to life in prison

Andrew Court | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 25 April 2020


A black man who said he was fed up with racism has been found guilty of killing four men in a race-related rampage in California.

Kori Ali Muhammad, 42, was convicted by a Fresno County jury Wednesday of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted murder and other crimes.

On Friday, he withdrew a previous plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. In exchange, prosecutors announced that they would not seek the death penalty.

Muhammad is expected to be sentenced next month to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Muhammad, whose defense said he was mentally ill, was accused of a series of shooting attacks in April 2017 in Fresno, central California.


Muhammad began his rampage on April 13, 2017, shooting Motel 6 security guard Carl Williams II.

In a record confession to investigators that was played at his trial, Muhammad claimed he killed Williams because he felt he had been disrespected when he went to visit a friend.

A security camera recording showed Muhammad coming up behind Williams, 25, and shooting him.

'It starts taking its toll on you and you get fed up with the racism,' Muhammad said in the recordings. 'You get tired of letting things slide.'

After that shooting, Muhammad ran behind the  Motel 6 and climbed onto the roof of a nearby 7-Eleven, where he hid through the night.

The next morning, he watched police officers investigate the crime scene and by evening he was in a ravine, where he told police he conducted voodoo rituals for three days. Muhammad says he is Muslim but prays to seven different gods.

Black security guard Carl Williams III (pictured top left) killed because his skin is too light
Zachary Randalls (top right), 34, Mark Gassett (left), 37, and David Jackson (right), 58

After emerging from the ravine, he cut his braided hair and burned it, altering his appearance from the 'wanted' photos police would release while searching for him in the death of the security guard.

Then, on the run, Muhammad learned that he was wanted for Williams' killing. On the recording, Muhammad said that if he was 'going down for murder' the best thing was to 'kill as many white men' as he could.

On April 18, 2017, Muhammad drove through downtown shooting at white men, he said. He surrendered to police after, at one point, firing nearly 20 shots in less than a minute.

Zachary Randalls, 34, was shot in a Pacific Gas & Electric truck.

'When I walked up to the truck, I saw a Mexican driver and a white guy,' Muhammad said. 'I didn't want to target the driver because he was Mexican so I shot the white dude.'

He also was convicted of killing Mark Gassett, 37, and David Jackson, 58, and trying to shoot three other men.

Muhammad was convicted of first-degree murder for Jackson's slaying; second-degree murder for Williams, Randalls and Gassett; four counts of attempted murder; one count of shooting at an occupied vehicle and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He will be sentenced on May 22.

In a previous interview from jail, Muhammad admitted to the killings and told KGPE: 'Someone has to fight for all the people who died at the hands of racist white men.

'I wasn't thinking like... I'm going to kill, kill, kill. All I knew was white supremacy has to die and the people who benefit from white supremacy... are white men.

'I gave my life for the freedom of my people, the ultimate freedom of my people.'
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Baton Rouge police shooting suspect stood over dead officer and kept firing, investigators say

By Vandana Rambaran | Fox News

Police in Baton Rouge, La., revealed grisly details Monday of a shooting standoff in which the suspected gunman ambushed two officers sent to interview him about a killing hours earlier, then allegedly stood over a dead officer’s body while continuing to shoot him at point-blank range.


Ronnie DeWayne Kato Jr., 36, engaged in a four-hour standoff with officers and SWAT team members on Sunday while he was barricaded in a house, investigators. One officer was killed while another remained in critical condition but was "doing a lot better," Sgt. L'Jean McKneely Jr., a spokesman for the Baton Rouge Police Department, told reporters Monday.

Earlier in the day, Kato allegedly ambushed his girlfriend of 18 years at her mother's house, kicked down the door and pistol-whipped her, according to an affidavit supporting the first warrant for Kato's arrest.

The girlfriend's mother stopped him before he entered the house, but he went back outside, retrieved a rifle and shot and killed a man at the house, who was one of five adults living there, detectives said. Police identified the man as Curtis Richardson, 58, news outlets reported.

Officers then went to the house for a "knock and talk" with Kato and tried to secure the backyard to prevent him from escaping, the second affidavit read.

Police did not immediately identify the two officers involved in the shooting but said the officer who died was a 21-year veteran of the police force.

Evidence, including what appeared to be close-contact wounds, indicated that Kato had stood over the dead officer's body and kept shooting him, the statement read.

Kato was arrested on two counts of murder, six counts of attempted murder, five counts of home invasion and one of aggravated battery.

His girlfriend said Kato had threatened to kill police several years ago, threatening to "Gavin Long" officers, according to a complaint the girlfriend filed against him in 2017. That was a reference to Gavin Eugene Long, whose case from four years ago in Baton Rouge bore familiarities to Sunday's shooting incident with Kato.

Long was a member of a black anti-government movement who shot six police officers in 2016, killing three and wounding three others. He was arrested after an hours long standoff in which shots were exchanged with a SWAT team. That ambush unfolded two days after a white officer shot and killed a black man in Louisiana's capital.

Kato did not have any known links to such groups, McKneely said.

Despite the complaint by Kato's girlfriend, no charges were filed against him, according to reports by The Advocate.

Prior to that, Kato had two drug possession cases against him, in 2001 and 2010, but charges against him were dropped in the second case.

Civil court records also showed no signs that Kato's girlfriend or anyone else had requested temporary protection from abuse, the newspaper reported.

UPDATE: Baton Rouge Police officials released the names of the two officers involved in a shooting that left one dead and one critically injured Sunday afternoon. Lt. Glenn Hutto Jr. died from gunshot wounds sustained during the shootout. He was promoted posthumously to lieutenant. Cpl. Derrick Maglore was critically injured.


Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Carbondale man wanted for shooting

April 29, 2020 4:11 pm
Mandy Robertson

CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Police are searching for a Carbondale man involved in a weekend shooting and traffic crash.


Stephen L. Moultrie, 23, of Carbondale, is wanted for aggravated discharge of a firearm, aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful use of weapons by a felon.

Just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, officers with the Carbondale Police Department were called to the 700 block of South Lewis Lane for a report of shots fired and a crash.

One person with a gunshot wound was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators say Moultrie was in a moving vehicle when he fired shots at at a second vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Both vehicles crashed, and Moultrie fled the area.

Carbondale Police say Moultrie is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about the incident or the whereabouts of Stephen Moultrie is asked to call the Carbondale Police Department at (618) 457-3200 or Crime Stoppers at (618) 549-COPS.
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4 Suspects Rearrested In Connection To 2006 Terrell Pizza Hut Murders

Syndicated Local – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

TERRELL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) — Four suspects have been rearrested in connection to the murder of two Terrell Pizza Hut employees in 2006.

At 12:31 a.m. Sept. 3, 2006, Pizza Hut employees Patricia Oferoskey and Stephen Mitchelltree were found dead inside the restaurant — initiating the start of a lengthy investigation involving multiple suspects.

During the original investigation, it was determined that the suspects, some former and some current Pizza Hut employees, planned and carried out a robbery that led to their deaths.

Four suspects were eventually arrested, each charged with capital murder. However, the district attorney later released them.

The four suspects include:

Justin Prox, 32
Anthony Holliman, 32
Bianca Newman, 36
Darius Hubbard, 33

For the next 14 years, the case remained open, pending additional leads or any new evidence.

Recently, a team of TPD investigators, along with the Texas Rangers and the Kaufman District Attorney’s Office began another re-examination of the case. And on Friday, May 1, a special grand jury session convened.

New technological advances and a fresh investigative perspective allowed the multiagency team to obtain criminal indictments and led to the arrests of the same four suspects.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 05 May 2020 at 12:49

California man arrested 3 times in a day, given citations and released due coronavirus restrictions

By Travis Fedschun | Fox News


Suspects arrested, released under California zero cash bail

Hundreds of California inmates released amid the coronavirus pandemic; Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. Ray Kelly weighs in.

A man in California was arrested three times over the course of 12 hours on Wednesday -- including for allegedly leading officers on a pursuit -- and was only given citations and released each time due to the statewide zero-bail policy amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to officials.

The Glendora Police Department said Friday on Facebook that 24-year-old Dijon Landrum from Monterey Park racked up three citations between 8:28 a.m. and 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday after three incidents in the city located about 23 miles east of Los Angeles.

"We want to thank all of the citizens that helped with this investigation, particularly those that called when they noticed something suspicious," police said.

According to police, the first incident happened around 8:28 a.m. when officers responding to a call of a man who was attempting to break into a vehicle on the 1400 block of South Grand Avenue.

When officers arrived at the scene, they contacted Landrum, who was attempting to drive away in a stolen vehicle from the East Los Angeles area. In addition to driving a stolen vehicle, police said the 24-year-old had stolen property and narcotics with him.

Dijon Landrum, 24, from Monterey Park, Calif., was arrested three times and released with citations on Wednesday after an alleged series of crimes in Glendora, Calif., according to police. (Glendora Police Department)

"Landrum was arrested," police said. "Due to the California Zero-Bail Policy, he was issued a citation and released."

One hour after Landrum was released, officers received a call around 2:20 p.m. of an unknown man carrying a box and walking through the front yards of homes.

"It appeared that the male was placing items in this box as he was walking through the properties," police said.

When officers arrived on the scene, they encountered Landrum for the second time, reportedly with a box of stolen property. He was issued a second citation and released.

Several hours later around 8:50 p.m., officers received a call of a vehicle that had been stolen out of a parking lot on the 1300 block of South Grand Avenue.

Officers tracked the vehicle and located it heading along the westbound 100 freeway in La Puente, with assistance from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office and California Highway Patrol.

California sheriff warns against forced release of felons amid coronavirus pandemic

San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon says he was forced to release a repeat offender.

A pursuit eventually ended in Pasadena, where Landrum was once again arrested, this time for allegedly being in possession of a stolen vehicle and for evading officers.

"Due to the California Zero-Bail Policy, Landrum was released with his third citation of the day," police said.

The zero-cash bail emergency mandate in California, which has lead to reduced prison populations to reduce the spread of COVID-19, is continuing to be a challenge for law enforcement as alleged criminals are released back into the public, according to FOX11.

Last weekend, a man in Chino Hills was arrested four times over the course of two days for allegedly trespassing on the same property, only to be released due to the zero cash bail policy.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 06 May 2020 at 13:40

Michigan Police Say Store Security Guard May Have Been Killed For Enforcing Mask Policy

Tuesday, May 5th 2020, 12:39 pm


Three people have been charged in the fatal shooting of a security guard at a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan. Calvin Munerlyn, 43, was shot dead after an altercation May 1 when he refused to allow a customer's daughter inside the store because she wasn't wearing a face mask, a local prosecutor said Monday.

Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23; Larry Edward Teague, 44; and Sharmel Lashe Teague, 45, all face first-degree premeditated murder and gun charges in connection to Munerlyn's death. Sharmel Teague is in custody. Police are still searching for the two men, who are considered armed and dangerous.

In a news release, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said Sharmel Teague "began yelling at Munerlyn and spit at him and Munerlyn told her to leave the store and instructed a cashier not to serve her."

Sharmel left the store. About 20 minutes later, she returned with two men who officials identified as Larry Teague and Ramonyea Bishop. The two men confronted Munerlyn, and Bishop shot Munerlyn in the back of the head, the prosecutor's office said.

Bishop is Sharmel Teague's son, the office said. The daughter was not identified or charged.

Police discovered Munerlyn "unconscious and bleeding from his head" at the scene, the release said. He was later pronounced dead at a local medical center. "The death of Calvin Munerlyn is senseless and tragic and those responsible will be held accountable to the fullest extent under the law," Leyton said. "From all indications, Mr. Munerlyn was simply doing his job in upholding the governor's executive order related to the COVID-19 pandemic."
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 09 May 2020 at 06:19
Black Woman Shoots at White McDonald’s Workers After Being Told Dining Area Closed Due to Chinese Death Virus Restrictions




Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD) received a call about a shooting at the restaurant located at 9001 S. Pennsylvania Ave., the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Quote from: Private
The suspect, Gloricia Woody, entered the restaurant and was told by employees the dining area was closed. Ms. Woody was asked to leave but refused. A physical altercation ensued between Ms. Woody and an employee. Ms. Woody was forced out of the restaurant by employees. She reentered the restaurant with a handgun and fired approximately three rounds in the restaurant.

One employee was hit in the arm, a second was hit with shrapnel in the neck/shoulder and a third employee was hit with shrapnel in the side. The employee who was in this initial physical confrontation sustained a head injury, the cause of this injury in [sic] unclear.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 May 2020 at 11:27

Palm Desert dad accused of throwing young daughter off cliff, killing her after stabbing attacks and car crash

by: Tracy Bloom
Posted: May 7, 2020


A man was arrested on suspicion of homicide after he allegedly threw his young daughter into a ravine following a pair of stabbings and a rollover crash near Palm Desert, authorities said Thursday.

Adam Slater is seen in a booking photo released by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident began around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday when deputies were called out to a reported stabbing in a parking lot located in Indian Wells, according to a news release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Responding deputies found an injured woman with multiple unspecified injuries sustained during a domestic violence incident, authorities said. She was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

The suspect was identified as 49-year-old Adam Slater of Palm Desert, according to the release. Deputies broadcast a description of him and his vehicle as they sought to locate him.

Around 9 a.m., the California Highway Patrol was dispatched to a crash off a stretch of Highway 74 south of Vista Point, about 5 miles from Palm Desert. The vehicle had gone off the highway and overturned several hundred feet away from the road.

The car’s description was similar to that of Slater’s, sheriff’s officials said.

Bystanders went to help the occupants in the overturned vehicle, but witnesses told deputies the driver exited and stabbed someone who had removed the small child from the passenger side, according to the release.

“The suspect then took the girl from the arms of the male he stabbed. Multiple witnesses saw the suspect take the child and throw her over a steep cliff into a ravine,” the release read. “The suspect then fled on foot into the canyon.”

Bystanders directed deputies to the man’s location, and Slater was detained a short time later after a brief foot pursuit, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The child was found dead. Her name and age have not been released, but authorities identified her as Slater’s daughter.

Slater was transported to a hospital for injuries from the crash. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of second-degree murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, inmate records showed.

The bystander who tried to help the little girl was able to seek medical treatment on his own.

An investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call sheriff’s Investigator Munoz with the Central Homicide Unit at 951-955-2777 or submit a tip through the Sheriff’s Homicide Tipline online form
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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As our enemies are still trying to mind pollute the public into believing the death of a nigger jogger was the work of "evil White supremacist" hunting down and killing the "righteous people of color". Here's another Interracial attack/murder that the MSM and our enemies refuse to report since it doesn't fit their narrative.


Black Man “Randomly” Stabs Elderly White Man At Miami Gas Station

By Sasha O'Conner
-May 15, 2020

Police are still looking for a black man caught on surveillance video stabbing an elderly white man at a Miami gas station back in March.

The stabbing occurred just after 8 a.m. on March 18 at 6201 N. Miami Avenue, Miami Police said.

The 76-year-old man was pumping gas when he was approached from behind, police said. Within seconds, the suspect stabbed the man and ran away.

Nearly two months later, police still need help looking for the suspect. He was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and red shoes.

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Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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A man Sick minded nigger has been arrested and charged for allegedly having sex with a dead woman outside a homeless shelter in Georgia

Bibb County officers responding to a 911 call were dispatched to the 100 block of Walnut Street on Sunday morning, following reports that two people were having sex on the front steps of the property.


Deputies say they discovered 55-year-old Kenny Obryn Whitehead outside the Daybreak Resource Center having sex with the woman

Emergency services say she 'had been deceased for some time', according to officials.

Officers are investigating the woman's cause of death though they do not suspect foul play, Fox5 Atlanta reported.

They are not releasing her identity until next of kin have been  informed of her death.

Whitehead has been charged with necrophilia and is being held without bond

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Texas police union voices outrage after recently released career criminal fatally stabs grandma, 80, in broad daylight

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News


A Texas career criminal who was recently released from jail despite being arrested nearly 70 times is accused of fatally stabbing an 80-year-old woman out shopping Saturday, police said.

The suspect, 38-year-old Randy Roszell Lewis, was shot and killed by a responding officer who was flagged down by witnesses at the scene. Police said the man was armed with a 6-inch blade.

The incident sparked outrage from the Houston Police Officers' Union, which blamed the "total failure" of criminal justice reform for his release weeks earlier -- without paying bail.

Lewis allegedly stabbed 80-year-old Rosalie Cook in the chest as she returned to her car after shopping inside a Walgreens in Houston. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Her son, Chuck Cook, said his mother was a “perfect” grandma to six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“Nobody should have to go through this, an 80-year-old woman, disabled, had to walk with a cane,” Cook said.

Police said officers were already in the area after receiving calls around 10:15 a.m. about a man matching Lewis’ description demanding money from shoppers at knifepoint by a nearby grocery store.

Two years ago, Lewis was charged with assaulting a public servant -- breaking the person’s nose -- while being transferred to county jail, KHOU reported. In all, he had been arrested 67 times and has faced dozens of charges throughout his life, including assault, theft, trespassing, the possession of marijuana and burglary of a vehicle, the Houston Police Officers’ Union said.

Police said Rosalie Cook, 80, was fatally stabbed in a Houston parking lot by 38-year-old Randy Roszell Lewis, who was recently released without having to pay bail.

“Randy Lewis should never have been free. Now an innocent woman has been murdered. Everyone deserves better. This is absolutely shameful,” the Houston Police Officers' Union tweeted Monday, sharing his public record.

In response to the tweet, union president Joe Gamaldi tweeted, “The monster who stabbed, murdered, robbed an innocent 80 yr old grandmother over the weekend, has been arrested 67 times! And was out on 2 felony PR bonds! The colossal failure of bail and CJ reform in Houston is on full display here. Innocent people are dying. This has to STOP!!”

The monster who stabbed, murdered, robbed an innocent 80 yr old grandmother over the weekend, has been arrested 67 times! And was out on 2 felony PR bonds! The colossal failure of bail and CJ reform in Houston is on full display here. Innocent people are dying. This has to STOP!!

A mental examination conducted in October 2019 deemed Lewis “temporarily incompetent,” and he was committed to a psychiatric hospital, KTRK reported. In March, a judge approved a request from the head of the mental facility that Lewis’ stay be extended by 60 days.

On April 30, a judge waived two bonds -- one for felony theft, the second for the assault on the peace officer – and approved his transfer to a private residential care facility. By May 1,  he was released to the Royal Personal Care Home. He somehow escaped before Saturday’s incident, but few details were released by authorities.

“The defendant had a history of mental illness and he should have been kept off the streets. He recently absconded from the personal-care facility where the judge ordered he live instead of being held in jail,” the Houston District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

“The judge had not issued a warrant for his arrest even when he had absconded, so police did not even know to look for him and unfortunately this tragedy occurred before he could be returned to court.”

“Where’s the outrage when our cops are putting their lives on the line arresting the same person time and again who’s got a violent history,” Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told KHOU.

He said the department would review body camera and security footage of the incident. He added the officer who shot Lewis was a nine-year veteran of the force.
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Cops arrest man after videos emerge of man beating elderly patients at a senior care home

By Rachel Sharp For Dailymail.com (http://Dailymail.com) | 21 May 2020


Detroit police have made an arrest after disturbing videos surfaced appearing to show a black man beating white elderly patients to a pulp at a senior care home.

Shocking video footage emerged on social media Thursday showing the young man repeatedly punching elderly victims as they lay defenseless in their beds.
In one video, which seems to have been filmed by the abuser, the man calmly faces the camera and then appears to lay multiple punches on the face of an elderly man lying face down on the bed.

Detroit police have made an arrest after disturbing videos surfaced of a black man beating white elderly patients to a pulp at a senior care home

Shocking video footage emerged on social media Thursday showing the young man repeatedly punching elderly victims as they lay defenseless in their beds

Male nurse films himself brutally beating an elderly man

The victim tries in vain to shield his head from the rain of punches before he tries to get up.

The abuser then grabs him by the neck and pulls him off the bed.

He then turns the camera round to show the injuries he has caused to his victim, with blood seen streaming down the old man's face.

The aggressor is then heard saying: 'This b**ch-a** n**r wouldn't get off my bed.'

A separate horrific video was also posted on social media appearing to show the same man abusing another elderly victim.
In the footage the suspect holds his fist in front of the camera and then launches the attack on the elderly victim who is lying in bed.

Detroit Police Department confirmed Thursday afternoon they had arrested someone over the incident which they said took place at a 'senior home'.

'Thank you to everyone for your assistance in bringing the senior home incident to our attention,' the police department said in a tweet.

The suspect then turns the camera round to show the injuries he has caused to his victim, with blood seen streaming down the old man's face

'The Detroit Police Department is investigating the situation, and an arrest has been made. Thank you again.'

The authorities have not named the suspect or the location of the incident.

It is also not clear if the abuser was a staff member at a senior home, as has been claimed on social media.

DailyMail.com (http://DailyMail.com) has reached out to the Detroit Police Department for comment.

Comments on social media initially said the incident took place at a psychiatric hospital but both the hospital and the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services have denied this. 

'A social media post was saying that this occurred at one our department's state psychiatric hospitals, but that was incorrect,' Michigan Department of Health & Human Services told DailyMail.com over email.

In the second video the same man appears to repeatedly punch another elderly victim

Detroit Police Department confirmed Thursday afternoon they had arrested someone over the incident which they said took place at a 'senior home'

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"peaceful protester"


South Carolina man busted with gun, 70 rounds of ammo during anti-police brutality protest

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

A 19-year-old man was carrying a gun and 70 rounds of ammo when he was among 50 people arrested at protests over the weekend in Columbia, S.C., authorities said.


Dominic Gladden, of St. Matthews, S.C., was arrested Sunday and charged with unlawfully carrying a pistol and illegal acts during a state of emergency, Columbia police said.

“Gladden was among the crowd of agitators who refused to disperse once the curfew took effect at 6 p.m., Sunday,” police said in a news release. “Once in custody, the weapon and ammunition were found in a backpack he was carrying.”

Police announced 50 arrests between Saturday and Sunday during protests over the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man who died in police custody May 25 after an officer kneeled on Floyd's neck for more than 8 minutes in a moment caught on cellphone video. The police officer, Derek [url=https://www.etymonline.com/word/chauvinism][url=https://www.etymonline.com/word/chauvinism]Chauvin (https://www.etymonline.com/word/chauvinism)[/url][/url], has been charged with third-degree murder.

Ten of those arrested in Columbia were charged with looting, police said. Thirty-one were charged with violating curfew. The other nine arrests were for other charges, including disorderly conduct.

The Columbia Police Department tweeted that three officers assigned to the protests were injured and two of them suffered facial cuts after being struck by broken glass.

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South Carolina police seek couple accused of holding Pizza Hut manager at gunpoint, stealing Pepsi

By Thomas Barrabi | Fox News

Police in Richland County, South Carolina, are asking for the public’s help Wednesday to identify a man and a woman who were caught on video stealing a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi from a local Pizza Hut at gunpoint.

The alleged robbery unfolded May 29 at a Pizza Hut in Columbia, WIS News 10 reported.

The restaurant manager said the unidentified man and woman confronted him and claimed their delivery person did not include a bottle of soda with their pizza order.

The man was accused of pulling a gun on the manager while the woman stole the 2-liter bottle from behind the counter, investigators said. The pair then took the soda and left.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department posted stills of the two suspects taken from surveillance footage on its Twitter account.

Police asked the public to call their local crime stoppers hotline with any information on their identities.

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South Carolina police seek couple accused of holding Pizza Hut manager at gunpoint, stealing Pepsi

By Thomas Barrabi | Fox News

Police in Richland County, South Carolina, are asking for the public’s help Wednesday to identify a man and a woman who were caught on video stealing a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi from a local Pizza Hut at gunpoint.

The alleged robbery unfolded May 29 at a Pizza Hut in Columbia, WIS News 10 reported.

The restaurant manager said the unidentified man and woman confronted him and claimed their delivery person did not include a bottle of soda with their pizza order.

The man was accused of pulling a gun on the manager while the woman stole the 2-liter bottle from behind the counter, investigators said. The pair then took the soda and left.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department posted stills of the two suspects taken from surveillance footage on its Twitter account.

Police asked the public to call their local crime stoppers hotline with any information on their identities.


All I wanted was just one Pepsi! ... Just one Pepsi ...and she wouldn’t give it to me!
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MS-13 gang members arrested in Maryland man's ambush killing

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

Five members of the violent MS-13 street gang -- four who are in the country illegally -- have been accused of gunning down a Maryland man who was ambushed as he left his home to go to work.


Their arrests in the May 26 shooting death of Francisco Anton Medrano-Campos, 29, were announced Wednesday, according to reports. Police said two gunmen were lying in wait for Medrano-Campos that morning when he emerged from his Wheaton apartment just outside Washington.

Montgomery Couty police said Medrano-Campos had no connections to MS-13 or any other gang, according to The Washington Post which was the first to report key details on the arrests and the link to the gang.

“By all accounts, he was a hard-working guy who was headed to work that morning,” Capt. Edward Pallas, commander of the major crimes unit, told the Post.

The victim shared an apartment until January with Carlos Andres Orellana, 21, one of the men accused of his murder, WJLA-TVreported.

Mugshots for Top Left: Victor Alfonso Cruz-Orellana Top Middle: Carlos Andres Orellana Top Right: Daniel E. Huezo Landaverde Bottom Left: Oscar Effrain Zavala-Urrea Bottom Right: Romeo Almengor Oxlaj-Lopez. Police accued the MS-13 members of participating in a man's May 26 ambush murder in Maryland. (Montgomery County Police Department)

That’s when Orellana left, unable to the pay the rent.

Police say the gang targeted Medrano-Campos after he beat Orellana with a lead pipe for stealing cash, a PlayStation and an Xbox from him after moving out, the station reported.

Orellana was arrested the day after the murder, the station reported.

In custody, he told police he held no grudge against Medrano-Campos for the beating, which he said was over a girl, according to the station.

The other suspects all from Maryland were arrested June 5. Police identified them as Daniel Huezo-Landaverde, 19, of Silver Spring; Oscar Effrain Zavala-Urrea, 19, of Fairland; Romeo Almengor Oxlaj-Lopez, 20, of Glenmont; and Victor Alfonso Cruz-Orellana, 21, of Glenmont.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Orellana, an El Salvador national; Zavala-Urrea, a Honduras national; Oxlaj-Lopez, a Guatemala national; and Cruz-Orellana, an El Salvador national, were in the U.S. illegally, the Post and WJLA reported.

All four had entered the country as unaccompanied minors, according to ICE, which also reported that two of the men, Orellana and Oxlaj-Lopez, have skipped immigration hearings.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 June 2020 at 04:57
Nigger gang warfare in Washington DC


Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 June 2020 at 07:22
Crazy situation in the above video!
The only way to stop them is with guns! But how can you live in a neighbourhood with that going on? That is third world behaviour!
It makes Australia’s worst communities look like a “Sunday school picnic”!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 June 2020 at 01:30



Group attacks customer outside Texas convenience store: cops

By David Aaro

Authorities are looking for multiple suspects captured on video punching and kicking a man outside a gas station convenience store in Texas on Sunday, in what was described as a "brutal attack," police said.

Graphic video shows a customer carrying grocery bags out of the Harris County establishment around 7 p.m., when a group of at least five men attacked, knocked him to the ground, and continued to strike him before fleeing the scene, according to authorities.

"LAW ENFORCEMENT NEEDS YOUR HELP IDENTIFYING THESE SUSPECTS IN A BRUTAL ATTACK!!"  Mark Herman, constable of Harris County Precinct 4 wrote on Facebook.

The unidentified victim, 24, informed deputies that he was waiting to buy grocery items at the convenience store when a group of up to six young men tried to cut in line, according to Houston's KTRK-TV.

"I looked over and said, 'There's a line for a reason,'" the victim said. He told police the group mocked his hair and clothes before attacking him when he exited the store.

"I don't know what else I could do," he told KTRK-TV. "The fifth one at the end came out of the store after purchasing goods, and came up to me and kicked me in the face and said, 'Black Lives Matter, [expletive].'"

The criminal case is being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO). Anyone with information on the identity of the suspects is asked to contact HCSO assault investigators at 713-274-9100 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477

"I really hope they're caught before someone else gets hurt," the victim's girlfriend told the station. "I hope that the people take this and don't say, 'It's white against black.' I don't want this to be the statement. I want it to be, here's a man who was checking out and stood up for himself and he was targeted for that.'"

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 June 2020 at 13:32
^I hope they get caught too, because it is a racist hate crime and people will be hurt if they are on the loose longer!

Well right now Niggers seem to be the flavour of the month?!
“The squeaky wheel who gets the most oil”?!

Oh well?! Who wants another expensive riot?
It’s “inhumane” to do one of three things that should be done to make them quit , so let’s make some laws up stopping further police brutality against black and abolish choke holds?! That ought to make it look like they are doing something?! ... until the next tantrum in the near future.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 20 June 2020 at 17:41
By listening to the propaganda media, I thought niggers were the holy protected race/species. It's crazy how I keep finding all this carnage caused by the black plague.  ;D


Man arrested in shooting of eight people outside San Antonio bar

All of the victims are expected to survive. The shooting happened after a group was denied entry to a bar because they were inebriated.

June 18, 2020, 10:18 PM CDT / Updated June 20, 2020, 12:31 AM CDT
By Phil Helsel

A man accused of shooting eight people outside a San Antonio bar after he was turned away because he was too inebriated was arrested Thursday by U.S. marshals and Florida sheriff's deputies, police said.


Jenelius Crew, 37, was arrested at a Miami hotel by a regional fugitive task force, San Antonio police said in a statement. On Wednesday, the department obtained eight aggravated assault and deadly weapon arrest warrants for him, the statement said.

Crew is accused of opening fire on people outside a bar Friday night after he and others were denied entry because they were too drunk, police said. The victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries, officials said.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said the night of the shooting that a group had been at one bar and then went across the street to the second bar where they were denied entry by a doorman.

The gunman "made a statement that 'don't you who I am, I'm a UFC fighter from California,' McManus said.

CORONAVIRUSLife in Arizona has almost returned to normal. A coronavirus surge could send it back.

The group left, and the gunman then got what was described as a long rifle from his car and opened fire on people in a parking lot, McManus said.

Crew is not affiliated with the UFC, the company said.

Crew was being held without bail on a fugitive warrant in Miami, according to online jail records. It was not clear if he had an attorney.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 June 2020 at 03:43
A healthy, fit, young Black male punches a 78 year old White woman in the street then appears to accuse her of calling him a Nigger - making himself the victim. It's an obvious racially motivated Hate-Crime, and yet the world ignores it. According to police and MSM, he's just a thug. Not even a mention of the race of the assailant or the victim. If it wasn't for the pictures and video, we wouldn't know the truth. However, swap the races and this becomes a riot-provoking, international incident with Whites attacked in the street with revenge killings accepted as normal ...

Man punches elderly woman, 78, in the head in random attack in Brooklyn - and then acts like HE is the victim


Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 28 June 2020 at 12:41
Where's the hate crime enhancement?  We all know that race was the motivation for these niggers' actions. If the races where reversed, all we would hear about is how a poor black boy was beaten by Whites in a violent "hate crime ".


Man, 18, charged for 'unprovoked' assault of Macy's manager in viral video


Damire Palmer, of Mount Morris Township, Michigan, faces one count of felony assault with intent to do great bodily harm for the attack inside the department store.

New York Post

Michigan authorities have charged an 18-year-old black man for the “unprovoked,” caught-on-video assault of a white Macy’s manager, officials said.

Damire Palmer, of Mount Morris Township, faces one count of felony assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder for the June 26 attack on the employee inside the Flint department store. Palmer is still in the wind.

“This was an unprovoked attack on a Macy’s employee,” said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton in a statement. “This behavior as seen on the video is unacceptable, it is criminal, and it cannot be allowed.”

The Uprovoked Attacker is Black
Hate Crime?

Damire Palmer, of Mount Morris Township, faces one count of felony assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder for the June 26 attack on the employee inside the Flint department store. (Flint Township Police Department)

Contrary to initial claims, police and prosecutors didn’t uncover any evidence that Palmer assaulted the staffer after he’d allegedly used the N-word, officials said.

“We don’t believe any racial slur was made by the store manager,” Leyton said.

In surveillance video that prosecutors obtained from Macy’s, Palmer walks around the store then approaches the manager from behind and clocks him in the head, knocking him to the floor, officials said.

While the manager is on the ground, Palmer pummels him, the footage shows, according to authorities. Palmer then exits the store with his brother.

In the cellphone footage that went viral, the Macy’s staffer is shown wearing a mask and speaking on a cellphone when a black man punches him from behind and he drops to the floor. “What are you doing that for?” the manager asks then tries to crawl away. “I’m sorry,” the staffer says, cowering on the ground, before Palmer lands two more blows.

Prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to support a hate-crime charge.

If convicted, Palmer faces up to 10 years in prison. Authorities do not plan to charge his brother, who allegedly filmed the attack, since they don’t believe he committed a crime, a source told The Post.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Race is not mentioned in the original article. If it wasn't for the video ...

NIGGER steals and swings terrified puppy on a leash as she uses the helpless pet as a weapon in road rage attack

 * Police in Canada are investigating a road rage incident in which a woman is seen violently swinging a small dog by its leash 
 * Video shows a woman pulling a dog out of a car which she then uses to whip its owner by its leash
 * The two struggled for a few seconds before the owner took the dog back
 * Although the WHITE owner is not pressing charges, an animal cruelty investigation is now underway

James Gordon | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 6 July 2020


Excerpt: Cellphone video shows two women fighting outside of their cars in Dartmouth, Halifax, when of them snatches the pet from another driver and begins hurling it round.

The attack was so sudden and swift there was nothing the woman could do to  protect her dog.
The puppy ended up being slammed against the woman's head several times before finally the victim was able to wrestle her pet back.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 10 July 2020 at 11:27
White skinned Mexican, brainwashed College graduate kills biker - because the biker is WHITE ...


Wisconsin man Indian 'targeting a White person' killed motorcyclist, prosecutors say

The victim, Phillip Thiessen, was a Marine veteran and former law enforcement officer

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News

Police in Fond du Lac, Wis., say a 27-year-old man intentionally slammed his pickup head-on into a motorcyclist because he was “targeting a White person,” leaving the rider dead last week, investigators said Thursday.

Daniel Navarro allegedly swerved his father’s 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup into the victim’s path without braking on July 3, Fond du Lac Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt said at a news conference Thursday.

Looks White but claims Mexican College Education Decides Kill Whitey

Authorities identified the deceased as 55-year-old Phillip Thiessen, a Marine veteran and former Virginia police officer who had retired from a career with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, where he’d investigated crimes against children. After his retirement in 2018, he volunteered at the local food pantry.

Investigators arrived at the scene to find Thiessen’s body, witnesses trying to render aid, and Navarro standing nearby waiting for deputies, authorities said.

Daniel Navarro allegedly swerved his father’s 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup into the victim’s path without braking on July 3, Fond du Lac Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt said at a news conference Thursday. (Fond du Lac County Jail)

When a patrol sergeant arrived, the sheriff said Navarro stated he had intentionally slammed into the motorcycle and passed a field sobriety test.

Navarro allegedly targeted the motorcycle due to the rider’s race and the fact that injuries in such a crash would likely be fatal, Waldschmidt said. Navarro was unhurt.

A criminal complaint said Navarro told investigators that he had been “poisoned” by friends, co-workers and neighbors and that he could hear neighbors making “racist comments through the walls,” Milwaukee-based Fox 6 reported.

His purported antagonists were all “Caucasian,” according to the criminal complaint, and he claimed they were targeting him because he is “Mexican.”

Navarro allegedly chose his target because “White people drive motorcycles,” especially Harley-Davidsons, according to the report.

He also claimed he wanted to go to prison to be “free from the people that harass him in his home,” according to Waldschmidt.

Investigators said they filed homicide and hate crime charges, adding that although the attack was targeted based on race, Navarro did not know Thiessen was a retired member of the law enforcement community.

The court set his bond at $1 million, Fox 6 reported. He’s due to return on July 17.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 July 2020 at 12:12
Niggers are out of control. The only solution is to ship them back to Africa.


Detroit police release video of man firing at cops before officers fatally shoot him



Newly released body and dash-camera footage by Detroit police in a deadly officer-involved shooting shows the suspect fired at police first before officers fatally shot him.

The death of 20-year-old Hakeem Littleton Friday sparked protests throughout the city, but Police Chief James Craig said the video puts rumors that Littleton was unarmed to bed.

Craig said at a news conference following the shooting that Littleton was no more than 3 feet away from officers when he suddenly pulled a 0.25 caliber semi-automatic pistol out of his pocket and began shooting at officers as they faced each other.

“It’s simply a miracle he wasn’t struck in the head,” Craig said about the officer, who was unharmed.

Officers were investigating a shooting that occurred at a block party during July Fourth weekend and arrested a separate man, Darnell Sylvester, who had an outstanding warrant against him for drug distribution.

Police were not investigating Littleton and were not planning on arresting him for anything but Craig said Littleton, who was standing next to Sylvester during the arrest, said "you are not going to take my man, in other words, take him into custody," before he began firing at police.

Littleton fired two shots before three officers returned fire with four shots. Littleton continued shooting even as he fell to the ground, firing two more shots that missed police.

"There were eight shots fired in five seconds. Four fired by three officers, one officer fired two shots, and then four shots fired by the suspect," Craig said.

"As Littleton raised the gun in his left hand he was aiming at the head of the officer," Craig added.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan bolstered the police's account of the events and commended the chief for releasing the video swiftly, as protesters called to "Defund the police" in the city.

"The video is clear that the officer was suddenly and unexpectedly fired upon," Duggan said on Twitter.

"Public confidence requires citizens to be able to judge for themselves the actions of our officers. I commend Chief Craig for moving so quickly to release the video publicly," he added.

The incident ratcheted up already heightened tensions across the country as protesters decried police brutality and racial injustice stemming from the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

Protesters outraged by Littleton's death got "very violent," Craig said, throwing bottles, rocks and even a water cooler at officers from the Detroit Police Department's 12th precinct. Officers deployed tear gas to break up the crowd and made several arrested.

"This officer is a hero even though he did not have his gun out. He put his own life in jeopardy when he was being fired upon," Craig said of the shooting incident.

All of the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation of the case.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 July 2020 at 11:37
Unfortunately this tends to be the outcome for Whites who associate with niggers and muds.  This young White girl was was not only in a mixed race relationship but thought that "all lives mattered". If she wasn't mind polluted into thinking that everyone is equal when speaking to a mob that believes that Whites are inferior, she most likely would still be alive today.


Young mom, 24, shot dead ‘after telling BLACK LIVES MATTER peaceful protesters protesters “ALL LIVES MATTER” during argument about movement’

Lucy Sherriff
11:45 ET, Jul 12 2020

A YOUNG mom was shot dead in Indianapolis in front of her fiancé after an argument about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Jessica Doty Whitaker was walking with her partner Jose Ramirez and two friends at 3am on July 5 when they came across four men and a woman and an argument broke out.



Jessica Doty Whitaker, 24, was shot through the head by BLM for saying

Her life partner - Ramierz - was allowed to live because Brown is Down with Black
Maybe Ramierz was White and the gun helped him survive?
Notice there's no pictures?

The groups clashed over language and the Black Lives Matter movement, WTHR reported.

"I'll never probably ever get that image out of my head of what happened," Ramirez told the local news station.

According to Ramirez, the groups got into a racially charged argument, and one man pulled out a gun, and so Ramirez did too.

One article, published in far right news organization The Daily Wire, reported that Doty Whitaker had said "all lives matter" to the group, who allegedly were supporters of the BLM movement.

"The Daily Wire spoke to Mr. Doty [Doty Whitaker's father] to confirm," the article reads.

"'Yes that is accurate,' Doty said when asked if his daughter said 'all lives matter' during the argument about BLM."

Following the argument, the groups managed to talk things over and both parties walked away.

But minutes later, shots rang out along Canal Court.

"I was actually holding her when it happened," Ramirez said. "She just fell. I turned around, and I opened fire too. But that's just a reaction. I didn't see nobody. Hopefully I didn't hit nobody."

He told Fox News: "It was squashed and they went up the hill and left we thought, but they were sitting on St. Claire waiting for us to come under the bridge and that’s when she got shot."

Doty Whitaker, a home health nurse, was taken to hospital was taken to hospital where she died.

"I'm never going to get to hold her again," Arlena Doty, Whitaker's mother, told WTHR.

"I just want the people who are responsible to be held accountable."

Ramirez added: “She shouldn’t have lost her life. She’s got a three-year-old son she loved dearly."

Explaining to Doty Whitaker's son Greyson that he’ll never see his mom again has been the hardest part for the family, he said.

“It’s hard to tell him his mom is in heaven and if you want to talk to her you have to look up and say, ‘I love you mom,’” said Ramirez.

A GoFundMe page that has been set up to raise funds for Doty Whitaker's funeral has already garnered almost $19,000 in donations.

"We are asking for you to donate whatever you can to help our family give her the most beautiful service she deserves," the page reads.

"Also to help with the beautiful son she left behind. That was her pride and joy."

On Facebook, Doty Whitaker's father, Robert J Doty Sr, called for justice for his daughter and said he believes the killing "is considered a hate crime".

A comment posted onto Doty Sr's page by a woman calls for "more than justice".

"Demand BLM be labeled a terrorist organization," Elizabeth Lopez wrote on Doty Sr's page.

"I agree totally," Doty Sr responded.

The dad also posted a picture showing a recent tattoo of his daughter's name across his shoulder, along with a quote that read: "Have you ever missed someone so much that even the thought of them made you cry."

Police are still investigating and searching for suspects.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 July 2020 at 12:01
Black on White Violence? The kid is definitely Black. The woman - perhaps a light skinned Mulatto or a Mudshark? White or Black, they all look like gorillas ...

Teens Beating Pregnant Mom, Kicking Toddler Caught On Video





A group of teens were reportedly caught on camera beating a pregnant woman and kicking her toddler.

The fight was caught on camera and circulated around Twitter on Monday. The fight reportedly took place Friday outside of a home in Brooklyn, according to a report published by the New York Post.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 22 July 2020 at 11:27
The criminal activity and violence of the nigger species seem to start at an early age. It's almost as if their born that way.


Gun-toting Chicago carjacking suspects range in age from 10 to 17 years old, police say

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has torn into Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot over recent reports of rampant crime in the city

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News

A group of gun-toting kids is behind a string of Chicago carjackings, with suspects ranging from 10 to 17 years old, according to local police.

A group of four to six African American males allegedly approached more than a dozen victims between June 23 and July 18, demanding their vehicles and property, the Chicago Police Department said.

On two occasions, the suspects allegedly fired gunshots, but no injuries were reported.

“I’m scared to use my garage,” one of the victims, a 44-year-old elementary school teacher named Alyssa Blanchard, told Fox 32 Chicago. “I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood.”

The group approached her as she was pulling into her garage on July 14, the outlet reported. She said she saw a group of children approaching, one around 11 years old -- and at least two of them were carrying handguns.

They aimed the guns at her head, ordered her out of the car, and stole it along with her purse, which she said had about $300 in cash inside.

The thieves used Blanchard’s stolen BMW the next day to carjack a 21-year-old woman in a hospital parking lot, Fox 32 reported.

The suspects are all male with thin builds and range from 5 feet to 5 feet, 10 inches tall, according to a police news release. The victims were mostly in parked cars or pulling into gas stations.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has torn into Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot over recent reports of rampant crime in the city.

“This is on a street in America run by a derelict Democrat mayor who is doing nothing to stop this so the president is very upset with this,” McEnany said Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” a day after Chicago police leaders said dozens of officers were ambushed and injured during clashes with protesters near a Christopher Columbus statue.

Weekend gun violence in the Windy City left at least 10 people dead and 60 injured -- including at least 10 minors, police said.

“You have children who have been shot,” McEnany said. “People who have died, roughly a dozen people, every single weekend, more people are dying in the city than in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is incredible.”

For her part, Lightfoot has been making appeals to city residents for peace in the streets.

“Thoughts and prayers are simply not enough at this point,” she said in response to the death of a 7-year-old girl named Natalia Wallace, who was shot and killed while playing outside her grandmother’s house on Independence Day. “Sorrow itself is not enough. What it says is we need to do better as a city.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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All I can say is that the bell curve of Racial IQ is real.


Chicago Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for Firing Gun Into Murder Victim's Grave


Elston Stevenson pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon

Published July 6, 2020 • Updated on July 6, 2020 at 4:06 pm

A Chicago man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for firing a gun into a murder victim's grave during a 2017 burial service at a cemetery in suburban Evergreen Park, prosecutors said.

On Nov. 22, 2017, at Evergreen Cemetery, Elston Stevenson displayed a handgun and said words to the effect of, “You ain’t [expletive]. You got what you deserved.” Stevenson fired a single shot into the grave of the unidentified deceased man, who had been murdered two days earlier, according to the U.S Attorney's Office.

Stevenson then waved the gun in the direction of the mourners as he fled the service. He was arrested a short time later near the entrance of the cemetery.

The suspect pleaded guilty to one count of illegal possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon and received a 15-year sentence on July 1. 

“When a felon brings a loaded gun to a populated area and uses the gun to threaten and endanger strangers, this conduct will not be tolerated,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Cornelius A. Vandenberg argued in the government’s sentencing memorandum. “The mourners were all in the immediate vicinity of the defendant when he produced the loaded weapon and were placed in danger by the defendant’s reckless firing of the weapon into the gravesite.”
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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No more than a pack of wild animals.



NYPD releases video of violent assault, injuring woman and her father


The NYPD has released disturbing surveillance video showing a man and his 22-year-daughter cowering in fear as they are being beaten by thugs in a bodega.

At one point the video shows one of the assailants grabbing a beer bottle from the store's refrigerated case and cracking it over the woman's head.
The New York Post reported that the vicious attack knocked the man unconscious, sending him to the hospital.

“A 39-year-old had her phone taken as she tried to call the 911,” the NYPD tweeted Friday. Police are investigating the case as a robbery.

The incident happened at a bodega in Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood late on the night of July 7.

The man who was attacked, Victor Martinez Medina, told the Daily News that it happened very fast.

“I just started to feel punches all over,” he said. "They just grabbed me ... everything is fuzzy. (My wife) says I was thrown on the floor, and I don’t even remember that. I just remember them coming and starting to punch and kick me.”

A police source told the paper ongoing tensions between Medina’s daughter and another woman in the neighborhood led to the violence.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 02 August 2020 at 12:20
Another story of interracial violence where the news article conveniently omits the race of the people involved.  We already know how this story would have played out if the racial roles were reversed.


Hartford police say man decapitated landlord during rent dispute, claimed 'sovereign' status

 By Peter Aitken | Fox News

A Connecticut man decapitated his landlord with a sword during a dispute over unpaid rent, authorities said.

Hartford police responded to a  911 call the morning of July 25 from landlord Victor King, who said his roommate, Jerry Thompson, had been waving a Samurai sword at him, according to the Hartford Courant.

The pair was arguing about Thompson’s overdue rent, with King telling Thompson he had to move out if he couldn't pay.

The following morning, police received calls from King’s friends who were concerned for his safety after they couldn't reach him.

Officers forced their way into King’s home later that afternoon and found his body slashed and covered in bedding, with blood everywhere.


Jerry Thompson is charged with murder in the slashing death of Victor King, a retired Travelers employee and champion bridge player. (Hartford Police Department)

A medical examiner’s report observed injuries consistent with a large, edged weapon, noting “lacerations to the … right arm, upper chest and across the neck causing decapitation,” KTLA 5 reported.

Victim: Victor King. Dead because he rented to a Nigger.

Quote from: Private
Commandment VII. Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.


“It was pretty brutal,” King’s cousin, Jim Banks, told the Courant. “I can’t imagine him doing anything that would provoke somebody. That just wasn’t in his personality.”

Following his arrest, Thompson was unresponsive, but at one point he wrote, “paper in glove compartment in Jeep is all you need.” Police searched the glove compartment and found paperwork suggesting that Thompson believed he was a sovereign citizen, and thus not subject to U.S. laws.

Thompson, 42, was arraigned on a murder charge in Hartford on Tuesday and ordered held in lieu of $2 million bond, according to the Courant.

He appeared without an attorney and refused to speak with a public defender. His next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 18.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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A mass shooting broke out at the short-term rental property, owned by former Sullivans child star-turned property mogul Susan Hannaford, in the affluent LA neighbourhood of West Mulholland Drive

The unidentified victim, a 35-year-old woman, was rushed to hospital after being shot when a gun fight broke out at 1.15am on Tuesday.

Dramatic footage captured on mobile phones shows shocked revellers fleeing as gunfire echoed throughout the mansion

Party-goers were captured running, screaming and swearing as emergency vehicles swarmed to the scene.

'Hey be careful my boy, they're shooting over there,' a male reveller behind the camera could be heard saying to a friend. 

Hundreds of men in chains and scantily-clad women were seen fleeing out the front of the property, where several luxury cars were parked.

The man filming made his way inside to warn other confused party-goers 'they're shooting out there
In a separate video, several shots could be heard ringing out as the same man with the camera ran outside.

'Oh somebody got hit! Somebody got shot,' he yelled while fleeing, as police sirens sounded in the background.

'I wanna get out of here and get my car. F**k this, I'm gonna leave. I'm gonna get out of here.'

Footage taken before the shooting showed at least 50 revellers gathered around the pool and on the three balconies of the mansion

Initial reports from partygoers said hundreds of people had gathered at the sprawling property to celebrate an unidentified football star making the NFL draft.

However, police sources told TMZ they believe the party was hosted by the notorious LA gang 8-Tray Gangster Crips and that there were no NFL players in attendance

LAPD Lt. Chris Ramirez said at a news briefing on Tuesday morning that cops were called to the scene to find two women and a man with gunshot wounds.

They were rushed to hospital with one patient in grave condition and two in a critical condition.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed one woman later died in hospital.

The two other victims were said to be in a stable condition by about 8am on Tuesday.

The male victim is in his 30s and the second woman in her 40s, CBS reported.

A fourth victim - a woman - suffered a wrist injury while trying to flee the scene, while another man checked himself into a local hospital but was later released.

Ramirez said the incident is being treated as gang-related. No suspects have yet been identified or arrested, he added



Looks like the Niggers saved up their drug money for a party only to have a “chimp out” and murder somebody at it? I am glad our coons find it hard to get guns or you can bet they’d be trigger happy! Hot headed cave men!
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 05 August 2020 at 22:08
I am glad our coons find it hard to get guns or you can bet they’d be trigger happy! Hot headed cave men!

You're fortunate Brother. The niggers and muds are definitely out of control over here. If there's any silver lining to their violence, it does help stifle their population. I wouldn't even want to imagine their population percentage if they would stop killing themselves off with gangbanging and abortions.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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NYC gang member involved in 3 drive-by shootings after being released without bail in May: report

His 'violent spree over the last year has left at least 7 individuals with gunshot wounds,' court papers claim

By Stephanie Pagones | Fox News

Video Link: Bernard Kerik on NYC crime: Stress on cops 'beyond comprehension,' need new mayor
Bernard Kerik, former NYPD commissioner, reacts to the spike in homicides and crime in New York City amid calls to defund police (http://video.foxnews.com/v/6177836175001)

An alleged gang member in New York City was involved in three drive-by shootings just weeks after he was released without bail following an attempted murder arrest, according to reports.

Darrius Sutton, 23, was previously nabbed in connection with a shooting on May 16 in Brooklyn’s East New York, where Justice Department officials said he shot and seriously injured a man, according to the New York Daily News. He was reportedly charged with attempted murder, assault with intent to cause injury and criminal possession of a weapon.

However, he was released without bail after the only witness withdrew their statement, according to the report.

“At the time of arraignment the sole eyewitness had recanted so we did not have sufficient evidence to keep the defendant in custody,” a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office told the outlet. “The investigation is continuing and we hope other witnesses come forward.”

Since his release, the alleged Bloods gang member committed three drive-by shootings in the month of July alone, federal prosecutors said, according to the report.

Even before his May arrest, he was reportedly up to no good.

In one case, on April 20, he allegedly shot his victim, whom the outlet identifies as a “rival gang member,” three times in the back from roughly six feet away, court papers show.

“The defendant’s violent spree over the last year has left at least seven individuals with gunshot wounds,” federal prosecutors wrote in July 29 court papers. “The defendant is extraordinarily violent by any measure and he has shown total disregard for the lives of others.”

Court papers show Sutton was previously convicted on March 9, 2015, for assault with intent to cause bodily injury. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Sutton was arrested by federal law enforcement on July 29 and charged for possessing a weapon despite being a felon, according to multiple reports. He is being held at a federal jail in Brooklyn New York and faces up to a decade behind bars.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 12 August 2020 at 07:21
Five Year Old Little White Boy Murdered by Nigger in Execution Style Killing - Hate Crime!

 * MSM bury story
 * Police treat Hate Crime as a random murder
 * Family too Libtarded to comprehend ...

Five-year-old boy is shot dead at point blank range by neighbour, 25, as he rides bike in his own front yard in front of his two sisters, 8 and 7

 * North Carolina police charged Darius Sessoms, 25, Monday with the murder of five-year-old Cannon Hinnant

 * Hinnant's family say the boy was riding his bike in front of his father's house in Wilson on Sunday when Sessoms approached and shot him in the head

 * The young boy's two sisters, 7 and 8, witnessed the shooting

 * Sessoms is their next-door neighbor and the families are said to have known each other for years

 * Neighbors say Sessoms had visited Hinnat's father Austin earlier that day

Frances Mulraney | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 12 August 2020



Excerpt: Hinnant's family said they have known the suspect for years and did not believe he could be capable of murder.

'We used to play together and I never thought he’d kill someone.

Neighbor Doris Labrant witnessed the shooting through her window from across the street.

She told WRAL she saw Sessoms run up to the young boy, put the gun to his head and fire before running back to his own house.

'My first reaction was he's playing with the kids,' Labrant said. 'For a second, I thought, "That couldn't happen". People don't run across the street and kill kids.'

'Really everybody just wants answers as to why this was done,' said Allan Wooten, the boy's uncle.

The Sixteen Commandments of Creativity
Commandment VII.

Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Black Lives Matter Loots Gun Store — Where is the National Guard?

By Sasha O'Conner - August 11, 2020

Invalid Tweet ID

In what appears to be two separate incidents, mobs of black gang members can be seen on camera looting gun stores. The incidents, caught on security camera, appear to continue without interruption from law enforcement.

Black Lives Matter mobs continue to ruin American cities while law-makers blame police departments for unrest.

All of this comes more than a week after the Trump administration promised to fill US cities with the National Guard, something we have yet to see take place.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 August 2020 at 01:51
Five Year Old Little White Boy Murdered by Nigger in Execution Style Killing - Hate Crime!

 * MSM bury story
 * Police treat Hate Crime as a random murder
 * Family too Libtarded to comprehend ...

His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor... for Riding His Bike in His Lawn

Paul Kersey | vDare (https://vdare.com/) | 11 August 2020



Excerpt: It’s hard to read these stories few people seem to care about, and the corporate media completely ignores. Perhaps a few family members and friends will remember their name and how they died, but not many others (think Amanda Blackburn).

And for daring to care, for even considering their life had value and how they died (murdered) is worth remembering, you become a pariah. One family member of Rebecca Pletnewski—a white woman who along with her daughter was murdered by a black man in 2018—demanded her story be taken down during the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter orgy of violence.

Rebecca and her white daughter were murdered by a black man, but their white lives had less value than being woke in the face of the Black Lives Matter tsunami washing over America, forcing all white people to kneel before their new moral overlords.

I don’t believe that, though.

All Lives Matter. White lives, too.

Darius Sessoms, a black man, walked up to his neighbors kids (three white children) who were riding bikes outside their home, placed a gun to a 5 year old white boy’s head and executed him in front of his two sisters for accidentally riding his bike on his lawn.

His name is Cannon Hinnant.

Many times, when doing the whole “His Name is/Her Name is” trope, I think back to a July 2011 day, when a friend got a text that Brittney Watts had been murdered in the streets of Atlanta. A year later, we’d find out it was an anti-white racial murder, perpetrated by the black shooter to rid the world of white privilege.

With what happened to Cannon Hinnant, though, we might be seeing the early stages of a profound shift in thinking, where the story of a five-year-old white child murdered execution-style by his black neighbor and the complete silence from the corporate media (that just spent nearly three months canonizing a black man who once put a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman he was robbing in a home invasion and then died of fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest in Minneapolis) provides the much-needed realization to a lot of people that to our elite, white lives don’t matter.

It takes dramatic examples to shake people from their apathy and indifference toward the evil peddled as morality by our elite.

His name is Cannon Hinnant. Right now, tens of millions are learning his name and how he died. They are starting to realize that to our elite, white lives don’t matter. They are asking why this story isn’t all over every media outlet, yet George Floyd — a convicted felon — somehow became a hero worthy of burning down cities, tearing down statues, and momentarily losing all sanity over.

And once they realize why this is, they’ll learn the truth of interracial crime.

What most people implicitly know, stories such as Cannon Hinnant’s execution-style murder by his black neighbor make the explicit possible.

Their Lives Matter Too.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 13 August 2020 at 03:08

Neighbors say Sessoms had visited Hinnat's father Austin earlier that day

Can you imagine their conversation?
“ Yo Bitch ass , honkey tell yo’ boy yah quit wid his bike on mah grass owh I goes bust a cap in his ass”!

“*singing* KKK chasing the- blacks -away.... can you tell me how to get to “Sessom’s street”?
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 August 2020 at 11:24

Wisconsin police shooting suspect taken into custody in Gary, Indiana

The two exchanged gunfire, and the suspect escaped after hitting the officer in the abdomen.

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News

A Wisconsin fugitive accused of shooting a police officer has been taken into custody in Gary, Ind., authorities said Wednesday.

Following the report of a car break-in in Kenosha, Wis., on Aug. 8, the responding officer met a man at the scene fitting the suspect’s description, according to the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office.


That suspect, identified as 29-year-old Jonathan Massey, fired at the officer with a handgun, according to authorities.

The two exchanged gunfire, and the suspect escaped after hitting the officer in the abdomen. He was taken for surgery and authorities later said he was stable.

Law enforcement officers from two states and the federal government tracked Massey to Gary, where they took him into custody Tuesday night, according to investigators. They said they found him with a gunshot wound and took him to a hospital. He was treated and transferred to a local jail, where he was awaiting extradition.

Once he returns to Wisconsin, he is expected to face a charge of attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

He also was wanted on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and two counts of bail jumping, according to Milwaukee-based Fox 6. He may face additional charges from the Kenosha County district attorney.

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 16 August 2020 at 11:51

VIDEO: Three Black Men Arrested for Abducting Young White Woman — Victim Bound with Tape, Narrowly Escapes

By Sasha O'Conner - August 15, 2020

Authorities in Georgetown S.C. say three people were taken into custody after a woman reported she had been abducted from a home in Georgetown County. While the country falls into chaos over the death of a black man in police custody, stories such as this receive virtually zero coverage.

“They have been identified as Shakiem White, Gerald Lamont Irvin and Todd Kevon Young,” deputies said.

Invalid Tweet ID
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 17 August 2020 at 10:44
BLM praise the Hate-Crime murder of a 5 year old White boy

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 17 August 2020 at 18:03
This pisses me off niggers do this. a 5 year old boy gets killed, no one gives a * cause hes white, then they wanna call us racist? * niggers. It saddens me knowing there is nothing we can do.
Prepare for the white race to die in about 2 decades or sooner. Hopefully the jews will help us fight these niggers. But I doubt it cause jews are on the nigger team.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 18 August 2020 at 01:23
This pisses me off niggers do this. a 5 year old boy gets killed, no one gives a * cause hes white, then they wanna call us racist? * niggers.


It saddens me knowing there is nothing we can do.


Prepare for the white race to die in about 2 decades or sooner. Hopefully the jews will help us fight these niggers.

Incorrect again. And you are no Creator either. Account deleted.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 22 August 2020 at 11:12

2 men facing murder charges in connection to Marion, Ill. shooting

By Jessica Ladd | August 18, 2020 at 10:20 PM CDT - Updated August 21 at 3:39 PM

MARION, Ill. (KFVS) - Two men are facing murder charges in connection to a shooting.


Jamonte Allison, Jr., 22, and James Moore, 36, were arrested by Illinois State Police about an hour after the shooting in Anna, Ill. They were each charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery.

Jamonte Allison, Jr. (seen here) was arrested by Illinois State Police in Anna, Ill. on Tuesday. James Moore was also arrested. (Source: KFVS)

They were in court on Friday and bond was set at $2 million each. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for August 31.

According to Police Chief David Fitts, they are being held in the Williamson County Jail.

Marion police responded to the 1200 block of W. Cherry St. around 5:10 p.m. on Tuesday, August 18 for a reported shooting.

Police were told two men stopped their vehicle in front of a home and started shooting. They then drove westbound away from the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Two victims were taken to an area hospital for treatment. They were identified as Marquavian Purdiman, who later died from his wounds, and DeAndrew Edward.

Jamonte Allison, Jr. is the son of the man shot and killed in Carbondale on Monday night.

That shooting happened in the 1000 block of North Robert A. Stalls Avenue. Jamonte Allison, Sr., 44, was caught in the gunfire and later died at a Carbondale hospital.

Carbondale police are looking for suspects in the shooting.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 26 August 2020 at 12:12

Kentucky mall shooting victim was 17-year-old boy, police say; 2 arrested


The victim of a fatal Kentucky mall shooting was identified Monday as a 17-year-old boy and two people associated with him were arrested and charged with tampering with evidence, authorities said.

Kenneth Wayne Bottoms Jr. died Sunday at the University of Kentucky Medical Center of a gunshot wound, the Fayette County Coroner’s Office said in a statement. The manner of death was listed as a homicide.

Two others who were wounded in the shooting late Sunday afternoon outside a store at the Fayette Mall in Lexington are believed to be uninvolved bystanders, police said in a statement. The 41-year-old man and 17-year-old girl suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

The shooting appears to have followed a verbal altercation between the shooter, Bottoms and others, police said in a statement. A single suspect is believed to have fired shots at Bottoms and then fled the scene, the statement said.

Officers evacuated the mall and checked each store after the shooting, police said in a statement.

Police have not released details on the shooter, but have sought tips from the public to help in the investigation.


Meanwhile, officers arrested Nasir Lyons and Cion Townsend, both 18, who were at the mall at the time of the shooting and were associated with Bottoms, police said. Both men were seen removing evidence from Bottoms’ body and then running away, news outlets reported, citing arrest citations.
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Still don't think there's a racial preference between the races?

It appears the Niglet took a toy away from a white child (not surprised) and the white child was trying to get it back.
The Nigger daycare worker comes and hits the white child and throws the white Child to the ground, picks him up and slams him, but does nothing to the niglet.

No media, no protest, no uproar.
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Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover has been arrested on drug charges

By Elizabeth Joseph and Dakin Andone, CNN


Jamarcus Glover, Breonna Taylor's ex-boyfriend, has been arrested on drug charges, according to Louisville Metro Department of Corrections records and his attorney.

Glover was booked on Thursday on a number of drug-related charges, including complicity possession of a controlled substance for cocaine and heroin, complicity trafficking in marijuana, complicity tampering with physical evidence and complicity to trafficking cocaine, records show. He's being held on bond of $50,000.

Glover was a focus in a narcotics probe by Louisville, Kentucky, police that eventually led officers to Taylor's home in the early morning hours of March 13. There, police executed a "no-knock" warrant and returned gunfire after Taylor's current boyfriend fired a warning shot because he thought they were intruders.

No drugs were found in the apartment, but Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman and EMT, was fatally shot. Like the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, her death has fueled ongoing nationwide conversations over racial injustice and police brutality.

Glover was arrested the night Taylor was killed but released on bail. His arrest Thursday stemmed from his failure to pay bail on separate drug offenses last month, according to Jeff Cook, a spokesman for the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

An attorney for Glover confirmed to CNN his client had been arrested Thursday morning but declined further comment. An attorney for Taylor's family also declined to comment on Glover's arrest.

Glover and Taylor had a past relationship. But Glover was not Taylor's boyfriend at the time of her death, and he was not at her apartment that fateful morning.

A CNN investigation found that detectives had linked Taylor's home to Glover, who was suspected of supplying a local drug house. Police said Glover had recently used Taylor's residence as his "current home address," according to an affidavit for a search warrant. The detective who wrote the affidavit said he saw Glover walk into Taylor's apartment in mid-January and leave with a package before going to a "known drug house."

Taylor's apartment on Louisville's South End was one of five locations police obtained search warrants for as part of the investigation.

One officer later told investigators he believed Taylor was alone. But in fact, she was asleep beside her current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Walker told investigators he heard banging at the door and assumed it was Glover. Walker grabbed his gun, which was legally owned, per his attorney.

The two got dressed and made their toward the front door when it flew off the hinges. Walker fired a shot. That's when police returned fire.

Meantime, Glover was arrested across town, the CNN investigation found.

Taylor's sister, Ju'Niyah Palmer previously told CNN that Taylor, an EMT, was not involved in Glover's alleged drug operation and had forbade him from bringing that aspect of his life into her personal life.

"You cannot come up in my house with any drugs," she quoted her sister as telling Glover. "My sister live(s) here and I can't jeopardize her getting hurt because of what you do."
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Around blax,
Expect attacks. >:D
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Nigger attempts to MURDER A WHITE MAN in a genuine HATE CRIME, but the charges are F. ALL - just AGGRAVATED ASSAULT ...

Black man 'stabbed AutoZone employee because he felt the need to find a white male to kill after watching videos of police brutality'

 * Jayvon Hatchett, 19, allegedly attacked the AutoZone worker on August 25
 * He walked into the store and stabbed him seven times, then ran away
 * Police say Hatchett told them he 'felt the need to find a white male to kill'
 * He said he'd been watching Facebook videos of police brutality before the attack
 * Hatchett is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon
 * He was on bail after charges three days earlier of criminal property damage

Harriet Alexander | Daily Mail (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/) (UK) | 30 August 2020


A black teenager allegedly stabbed a white Auto Zone employee after watching Facebook videos of police brutality and feeling felt 'the need to find a white male to kill', prosecutors claim.

Jayvon Hatchett, 19, appeared in court in Columbus, Georgia, on Thursday charged with with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

He entered the Auto Zone near his home in Columbus on August 25 at 8:36am, and asked the employee for a thermostat.

When the worker told him they did not have one and turned to walk away, Hatchett allegedly stabbed him multiple times, then fled from the store.

Surveillance footage appears to show him running from the scene.

Jayvon Hatchett, 16, has been charged with aggravated assault

The worker was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Authorities say he is to be lucky to be alive.

Police were tipped off by members of the public after releasing images captured on surveillance cameras.

On Thursday, Hatchett appeared before Judge Julius Hunter for his arraignment.

Sgt Ray Mills told the court that Hatchett smiled at officers when they came to arrest him at his home, and confessed to stabbing the employee.


Mills claimed Hatchett told him he was angered by clips of police brutality he had seen on social media, and targeted his victim because he was white.

'Mr Hatchett told me that he had been watching Facebook videos of police shootings in other parts of the country and that he felt the need to find a white male to kill,' Mills told the court, according to WRBL.

Just three days before the stabbing, Hatchett had been freed on bond after being charged with criminal damage to property, WLTZ reported.

And he was arrested six months ago for two felonies including aggravated assault.

Judge Hunter declined to issue bond after the latest charges, and ordered a mental health evaluation.

Hatchett's case has been sent up to Superior Court.
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Another animal not intelligent enough to control its actions.



NYPD hunts suspect seen in video attempting to rape woman on subway platform



The NYPD is looking for the suspect seen in disturbing cellphone video attempting to brazenly rape a woman on a Manhattan subway platform.

Police said the "brutal sexual attack" happened as the 25-year-old woman was waiting for a Q train at a station in midtown Saturday morning.

Transit Police Chief Edward Delatorre said Sunday on Twitter that officers want to hear from subway riders who intervened, saving the woman from further harm.

“We’re seeking the public’s help finding this man, wanted for attempted rape after this brazen and brutal sexual assault yesterday at the 63rd St / Lexington Ave station,” Delatorre said.

The video shows the man on top of the woman and then walking away after picking up a pair of sunglasses he had dropped.

Police said the victim suffered minor injuries but refused medical attention.

NBC 4 New York reported that those who saw what was happening yelled at the attacker, “Hey get off her!” as the woman screamed for help.

"This is disturbing and disgraceful. No one should ever have to experience this type of horrific attack in the transit system," MTA spokeswoman Abbey Collins told the WNBC-TV.

“The MTA is working closely with the NYPD to find the suspect and hold him accountable to the fullest extent of the law," she said.

Putting the Ape in Rape
The 70's called, they want their rapist back
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If these animals will do this to their own, image what they will do to you. Do your part to save your Racial Family and secure their future. Join the Church of Creativity and became a Creator today.




Texas infant dies in sexual assault, father charged


A Houston man faces capital murder charges in connection with the death of his 9-month-old daughter, whose body investigators said showed signs of sexual assault.

Harris County sheriff’s deputies went to an apartment complex just after midnight on Aug. 24 for reports of an unresponsive infant, according to authorities.

When they arrived, emergency medical workers already were treating the child, identified as Savayah Mason – but she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A Harris County Institute of Forensics autopsy found that she had been sexually assaulted and died of asphyxiation during the attack, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.


Authorities launched a homicide investigation and interviewed her father, 23-year-old Luis Luna. On Monday, they charged him with capital murder in connection with his daughter’s death. He was taken into custody without incident.

“Heartbreaking,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted after the arrest. “Worst type of cases. May this little angel rest in peace.”

Luna was being held at the Harris County Jail and was due in court Tuesday. A search of the registry Tuesday evening found no entries under Luna’s name.

The slaying comes weeks after another Texas couple was arrested on charges connected to their death of their infant. Deputies in Collin County found their missing 3-week-old dead in a tar bucket.

Roland Grabowski, 42, and Donna Grabowski, 41, told investigators that they found their son, Micah, dead in his bed July 29. Deputies found his body in the bucket in their shed.

Roland Grabowski is listed on the Texas Public Sex Offender list as a high risk whose past convictions include sexual assaults of two girls, ages 12 and 14, in 2008.
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Here's some more of those "peaceful protests".


NYC woman, 74, punched in face after teens snatch purse, police say


A 74-year-old woman in Manhattan was punched in the face after she confronted a group of teenagers who snatched her purse, police said.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. Thursday as the woman was standing on East 14th Street in the East Village, the NYPD said.

Security video obtained by WPIX-TV shows three people passing the woman, one of whom grabs the woman's purse.


As she turns to confront the thieves, one of them punches her, knocking her to the ground.

.The NYPD said the person who grabbed the purse dropped it and all three fled. No arrests have been made.

“Although the victim sustained bruising and swelling to her face, and cuts and scrapes to her hands, she refused medical attention,” police said.

The suspects, two males and a female, were described by the NYPD as between 14 and 18 years old.

The woman told WABC-TV she's lived in New York City since 1963 and never experienced anything like what happened Thursday, saying she wants the neighborhood "cleaned up."

The incident came a day after the NYPD announced that robberies and assaults are edging up in the nation's largest city.

There were 1,276 robberies reported last month compared to 1,226 in August 2019, a 4.1% increase. Assaults also climbed in the Big Apple, with 2,027 last month compared to 1,987 in 2019, an increase of 2.0%.

More importantly, gun violence is surging in the city, up 166% in August compared to the same month last year, the NYPD said.
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If the nigger will do this to authority, you know they won't hesitate to do the same to you. Stand up to the black plague and join the Church of Creativity today.


Do your part to help wake our racial family. RaHoWa is real and we are currently in the fight for our race's future.


Two deputies shot in 'ambush' at Los Angeles-area train station

The man and woman were in critical condition, officials said.

Sept. 12, 2020, 10:37 PM CDT / Updated Sept. 13, 2020, 12:11 AM CDT
By Andrew Blankstein and Dennis Romero

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were shot Saturday night in what officials called an "ambush" near a transit station.

The department tweeted that the man and woman had been ambushed as they sat in a parked patrol vehicle. They were in critical condition at a hospital, officials said, and the suspect remained at large.

The department tweeted security video of the incident, saying, "The gunman walked up on the deputies and opened fire without warning or provocation."

Deputy Morgan Arteaga said the attack was reported about 7 p.m. at a train station in the city of Compton. The sheriff's department has a unit that patrols Los Angeles Metro trains; it's also contracted to police that city.

"They are still alive," Arteaga said.

The Metro Blue Line train station where Deputy Eric Ortiz said the attack took place is near the sheriff's Compton Station.

Homicide Capt. Kent Wegener told a late-night news conference that the suspect approached the deputies from behind in their patrol vehicle and acted like he was going to walk past.

Then he raised the pistol and fired several rounds inside of the vehicle, striking both deputies, Wegener said.

As the suspect fled, the deputies were able to radio for help, he added.

“We have a very, very generic suspect description of a dark-skinned male and that came from one of the deputies, one of the victims," he said.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that the two deputies graduated from the sheriff's training academy about 14 months ago.

"One is a 31-year-old mother of a 6-year-old boy," he said. "The other is a 24-year-old."

The deputies were ambushed"in a cowardly fashion," he said adding that they were both shot multiple times.

The deputies were taken to the nearby St. Francis Medical Center, where they underwent surgery, Villanueva said.


The FBI offered resources to the sheriff's department Saturday night as authorities searched for the suspect.

Villanueva noted the attack came amid a backdrop of nationwide protests against police after the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May.

"This is just a sober reminder it’s a dangerous job," Villanueva said. "Actions, words have consequence. And our job does not get any easier because people don’t like law enforcement."

President Donald Trump tweeted that whoever shot the deputies are, "Animals that must be hit hard!"
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Illinois college shooting suspect surrenders in Chicago, school says

'Our thoughts are with our student who remains hospitalized, and we pray for a speedy recovery'

By Louis Casiano | Fox News

An Illinois college student accused of shooting his roommate during a dispute turned himself over to authorities in Chicago, the university said Wednesday.


Kavion Poplous, 18, is accused of shooting his roommate in Thompson Hall on the Western Illinois University campus around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. The school said on its Facebook page that Poplous was taken into custody by the FBI Wednesday afternoon.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

Western Illinois University freshman Kavion Poplous fled the campus after allegedly shooting his roommate Tuesday night. The school canceled all classes Wednesday and locked all buildings and residence halls.  (Western Illinois University)

"I want to thank the swift work of our Office of Public Safety and other law enforcement personnel and first responders for the assistance they provided," said university Interim President Martin Abraham. "I'd also like to thank law enforcement, as well as our student services staff and so many others, who worked quickly to ensure our students' safety. Our thoughts are with our student who remains hospitalized, and we pray for a speedy recovery."

Poplous, a freshman at the Macomb, Ill.,-based university, fled after the shooting. The victim, who has not been publicly identified, was taken to a hospital and underwent surgery. His condition was not known, the school said.

As a precaution, all campus buildings and residence halls were locked Wednesday and all in-person and online classes were canceled. The university will resume regular operations Thursday.

It was not clear what led to the shooting. University spokeswoman Darcie Shinberger told WIFR-TV that the shooting occurred in a dorm room. Investigators are trying to determine a motive.
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Video: Moment man, 25, viciously assaults lone female rider, 29, in unprovoked attack on Miami metro where he punched her more than 20 times, kicked her and slammed her head, 'before beating two more men that same day'


Andrea Puerta was riding the Maimi Metromover when Joshua James King viciously started punching and kicking her during an unprovoked attack


Shocking footage on original and just what you can expect from a black man! The white girl did nothing at all to him!
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The black plague is out of control. This nigger doesn't even need a trial, just a rope and a tree.

RaHoWa is Real!!!


Suspected Ohio gunman in killing of 4-year-old boy surrenders

The suspect surrended to federal authroties Monday night

By Louis Casiano | Fox News

A suspect connected to a shooting that killed a 4-year-old Ohio boy and wounded four adults, including the boy's mother, was arrested Monday night, authorities told Fox News.


Kimonie Bryant, 24, surrendered to the U.S. Marshals Service around 8 p.m., Struthers police Chief Tim Roddy said.

He is being held with no bail in the Mahoning County Jail on aggravated murder charges. Authorities said a gunman barged into a two-story home in Struthers, near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, early Monday and opened fire in the living room.

Kimonie Bryant, 24, is charged in connection with a shooting that killed a 4-year-old boy and wounded four adults early Monday.  (Mahoning County Jail)

* 33451326-8757019-image-a-73_1600719411891.jpg (37.6 kB)

* 33451332-8757019-Alexis_Schneider_left_suffered_gunshot_wounds_to_the_legs_in_the-a-1_1600727787893.jpg (43.07 kB)

* 33451590-8757019-image-a-74_1600719448285.jpg (61.05 kB)

A 4-year-old boy, Rowan Sweeney, died at the scene. Four other victims -- Andre Stephon McCoy, 20, and Yarnell Green Jr., 30, who are both of Youngstown, and Cassandra Marsicola, 20, of Campbell and 22-year-old Alexis Schneider, the child's mother -- were injured.

One man was shot twice in the back of the head and the other was hit twice in the back. The women sustained leg wounds. Roddy described the two women as friends and said they were cooperating with investigators.

The two women were in surgery Tuesday morning, he told Fox News. An update on their conditions was not available.

The chief said the nature of the attack suggested it was not random.

"It's just a matter of piecing everything together," he said.

Sarah Schnieder, Rowan Sweeney's grandmother, declined to comment when reached by Fox News.

On a recording of a 911 call, she could be heard saying: "My son is dead!"

Neighbors reported hearing five to eight gunshots, but they did not see the gunman. On Monday, the boy's father, David Sweeney, pleaded for the suspected gunman to turn themself in.

“Whoever did this, man, just turn yourself in. Just be a man," he said. "You took my son from me. This is my baby boy. You took him because you’re sick. You can live with that for the rest of your life, but this is my baby,”
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When I was younger I had a few friends who chose to have negros for boyfriends and every single time they ended up physically abused and treated like trash.  When will these girls ever realize they are not special.
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BREAKING: Video Analysis Shows Suspect Who Shot Louisville Police Officers During Black Lives Matter Riot


Video analysis of a police shooting in downtown Louisville appears to show the exact moment officers were shot by a gunman in the Black Lives Matter crowd.
Invalid Tweet ID

Official sources are claiming multiple officers shot, and one suspect in custody.

The chief of police in Louisville tells us the suspect is in custody, two officers are shot but in stable condition. “I am very concerned about the safety of our officers,” he says.
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Sounds like gangbangers causing havoc again.


Suspect sought in shooting involving rival groups at Nashville mall


by Anthony Glover
Thursday, October 1st 2020

Opry Mills Shooting Suspect (Photo/MNPD)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Police are working to identify the man who shot and wounded a member of an apparent rival group yesterday at Opry Mills Mall.


As the two groups approached each other from opposite directions, a man in the group of three suddenly pulled a pistol and opened fire, police say. Guns were also drawn on the other side.

A 19-year-old in the group of five was shot in the chest and helped to the parking lot by one of the people with him. The victim is at the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect left the mall. Surveillance photos captured the alleged shooter, who was wearing a blue mask, and two people standing with him when he opened fire.

Two pistols were recovered by police in the parking lot, one of them was reported stolen.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.
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I hate to constantly post about the continuous crimes and violence committed by the sub-races. One day, when Creativity is followed by the entire White race, I won't have to. I never want to fall into the flat tire syndrome (Expanding Creativity; Issue No. 1 - C), but we must not forget how dangerous our enemies are/can be. These stories must always be brought to the attention of our Brothers and Sisters, so that they always remember to never let their guard down around the colored masses.


Four suspects face attempted murder charges for shooting at cops home in New Jersey

Michael Sheridan

Authorities nabbed four men who shot up the home of two police officers in New Jersey, but say the suspects didn’t know cops lived at the house.


The quartet was arrested over the weekend and face several charges, including attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder, after opening fire on the home in Camden back on Sept. 15th, authorities said.

The suspects were identified by police as 18-year-old Jeremiah McDonald, along with Julio Nieves and Jaqwa Styles, both 19. All three are from Pennsauken. Collingswood resident Kobbie Johnson, 30, was also arrested.

Two police officers, who had just recently brought home a baby, were inside the house on Clinton St. when the gunfire erupted shortly before midnight, authorities said. No one was injured in the shooting as bullets tore through the first floor of the home.

The Camden officers, identified as Randy Cintron and Jaihna Ibanez, were on the second floor at the time with their 10-day-old newborn. The married couple had lived together in that house for three years, officials said.

Clockwise from top left: Jeremiah McDonald, 18, Julio Nieves, 19, Jaqwa Styles, 19, and Kobbie Johnson, 30.

Police said two suspects exited a dark 1988 Honda Odyssey and opened fire on the home. At least 10 shots were fired. The gunmen then jumped back into the vehicle before it sped off.

What’s ahead for Sustainable Investing?Allianz Global Investors

Authorities on Monday did not provide a motive for the shooting or specify who fired the gunshots, but stated the suspects were unaware police officers lived inside the home.

“They intentionally shot weapons into the home, attempting to kill those inside the home, but they didn’t know our officers lived there,” Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said at a press conference.

The investigation into the shooting involved local police, as well as agents with the FBI, DEA and ATF, officials said.
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Florida woman accused of setting Taco Bell employee on fire deemed competent to stand trial: report

Suspect allegedly doused Taco Bell employee in gasoline and lit her on fire

By Paul Best | Fox News

Mia Williams, a 32-year-old Florida transgender woman accused of setting a Taco Bell employee on fire last year, was deemed competent to stand trial by Circuit Judge Frank Allman during a virtual court hearing Wednesday, WCTV reports.


She is accused of entering a Taco Bell in October 2019, dousing an employee in gasoline, and lighting her on fire before fleeing the establishment.

The victim was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries, and Williams was arrested by Tallahassee Police the next day.

WCTV reports that Williams was found incompetent to stand trial in January but has been undergoing treatment at a state mental hospital in Chattahoochee since then.

Williams faces six felony charges related to the attack and subsequent arrest, and is due back in court in December, according to the local news station.
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Brooklyn gang member posing as cop gets over 18 years in prison for robbery, rape

Brooklyn man who goes by 'Moneybags' was sentenced Friday

New York Post

A Brooklyn man who goes by the nickname “Moneybags” was hit with 18 1/2 years in prison Friday for posing as an NYPD cop to rob a drug dealer then rape the pusher’s sister, officials said.


Devone Jefferys, 28, was convicted at trial of robbery conspiracy, attempted robbery of heroin and cash, and the unlawful use and possession of a firearm for the July 31, 2015, home invasion and rape in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Jefferys, a reputed Bloods gang member,  and his co-defendant impersonated police officers when they stormed into the apartment, their guns pointed at a pregnant woman who was in labor and the dealer’s mother and sister.

The duo ordered them to lie on the floor and bound them with duct tape. Jefferys ransacked the apartment searching for drugs and cash, while he and his cohort aimed their guns at the victims’ heads and the pregnant woman’s stomach, authorities said.

After Jefferys realized that the dealer’s sister tossed a bag of heroin out a window, he dragged her outside to an alleyway and raped her, according to federal prosecutors.

“Today’s substantial sentence will protect the community by incapacitating this violent predator, who inflicted injury and terror upon his victims before he was brought to justice,” stated Acting U.S. Attorney Seth DuCharme.

U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto handed down the sentence in Brooklyn federal court.
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Carbondale Murder Suspects Arrested in Florida


Two men have been arrested as suspects in a murder investigation dating back to this past summer in Carbondale.


Police say 23-year-old DeVale Johnson of Carbondale and 30-year-old Victor Purdiman of Paducah were taken into custody Tuesday in Orange County, Florida. They're charged with First Degree Murder and Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm in the killing of 44-year-old Jamonte Allison of Carbondale.

The homicide occurred on August 17 in the 1000 block of North Robert A. Stalls.
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Chicago man, 18, accused of molesting cousin, 7, in online view of girl’s teacher, classmates“

I don’t know why. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the tearful suspect reportedly told prosecutors after he was taken into custody

By Dom Calicchio | Fox News

A Chicago teacher and her young students were shocked last week when they reportedly saw an 18-year-old man molesting a 7-year-old girl as the class participated in an online learning session, according to reports.

The teacher alerted the school’s principal and the man -- who was identified as the child’s older cousin -- was soon arrested, Chicago’s FOX 32 reported.


Authorities said the suspect, Catrell Walls, a resident of the city’s South Side, faces a felony charge of predatory criminal sexual assault in connection with the Thursday incident, the station reported. A judge denied bail for Walls when he appeared in court Saturday, the report said.

“I don’t know why. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” a tearful Walls told prosecutors after he was taken into custody.

The suspect, a high school senior, has trouble controlling his impulses because he suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), his defense attorney said, according to FOX 32.

The alleged sex crime reportedly happened in the home of the cousins’ grandmother, where the girl had been staying during the day for online classes. After the teacher alerted the school’s principal, the principal contacted the girl’s family, Chicago police and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

During a visit to the child to get more information about what happened, the girl reportedly told the school principal that Walls had molested her other times as well, the report said. That alleged history factored into the judge’s no-bail decision regarding Walls.

“This ongoing history of assault, for approximately a year, according to the victim, leads me to believe this is not something that will just stop because I have ordered it to,” Judge Charles Beach said. “This history and his actions from this case lead me to believe that he is a threat to an individual and the community as a whole.”

The child was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, police said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In recent years Chicago Public Schools has increased its support for students who are victims of sexual assault or other harm because teachers and counselors are often the first to spot a problem, schools CEO Janice Jackson told the Tribune.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 24 October 2020 at 12:38
Always keep in mind, When Around Blacks, Never Relax, even the nigresses are as violent as the niggers.


Florida woman used tire iron to beat 3-year-old boy to death, police say


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Police in north Florida arrested a woman accused of repeatedly beating a 3-year-old boy with a tire iron before he died.


Tallahassee police said 23-year-old Te'Lea Jefferson is charged with murder and aggravated battery for the toddler's death.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Jefferson brought the unresponsive boy to the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital at 6:58 p.m. with severe trauma to his head and face.

The toddler had a body temperature of 88 degrees when he arrived at the ER. He was pronounced dead six minutes later by hospital staff, who called Tallahassee police.

Jefferson told responding officers that the little boy was standing on the sink while brushing his teeth when he fell, WCTV reports.

She claimed he struck his head on the toilet, and broken pieces of porcelain caused cuts on the boy's body.

But the arrest affidavit said the toddler's injuries were not consistent with a fall, noting he had severe cuts on his face and hands, along with bruises on his arms and legs. There were also indications of older injuries on his torso and shoulder.

After police said her timeline of the events didn't add up, Jefferson reportedly admitted she attacked the boy because he wouldn't stop standing on the sink.

The arrest report said she threw the tire iron at him, and admitted to using it to hit the child several times, including after he tried to run away. She then told police she hid the tire iron outside of the home.

Police said she also believed that the little boy was likely already dead before she drove him to the hospital.

Investigators said Jefferson also admitted to physically punishing the boy before, telling officers he was stubborn and "often required more strikes or blows than his older sibling," the arrest report said.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports that Jefferson lived with the victim and his 6-year-old brother, both of whom had suffered abuse in the past. According to WCTV, she is in a relationship with the parent, and said she stayed home five days a week to watch the children while the parent went to work.

A judge ordered Jefferson to be held without bond. She is expected to appear in court again on Thursday.
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 * Mark Matthew Bender Jr., 35, was shot dead by a San Bernardino cop Thursday

 * The incident took place around 11:16 p.m. outside King Tut Liquor

 * The cop was responding to a 911 call of someone jumping on cars

 * Bystander cellphone footage shows Bender and the cop struggling on the ground before the officer stands, pulls out his gun and opens fire four times

 * Police bodycam footage was also released, revealing the cop pointed his gun at Bender as soon as he spotted him strolling outside the store

 * Bender asks 'Why you got a gun on me?' and keeps walking

 * The cop tries to restrain him and the two men end up struggling

 * Police defended cop Friday saying Bender was armed with an unregistered gun

 * The male cop has not been identified but footage appears to show he is white

 * Demonstrators gathered at a police press conference and around the scene of the shooting Friday in outrage at yet another cop killing of a black person

Here we go again!  ::)
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Philadelphia police release video of stabbing at convenience store

The assault allegedly followed a verbal dispute over theft

By Paul Best | Fox News

The Philadelphia Police Department is asking for the public's help finding a man suspected of assaulting and stabbing a convenience store employee Wednesday morning. 

The man is accused of attacking the employee after a dispute over theft. 

Video released by Philadelphia police shows the suspect charging and overpowering the store employee with what appears to be a knife.

When the victim's shirt is ripped off, blood can be seen on his back and ribs. 



Philadelphia police described the suspect as a Black male in his 30s. He is "bald with a trimmed beard wearing a black long sleeve shirt, grey shorts, red and grey tights and black boots and carrying a Gucci shoulder bag."

Anyone with information about this crime or the suspect, call the Northwest Detective Divison at (215) 686-3353/3354. 
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Manhunt underway for 'armed and dangerous' suspect after shooting in South Carolina leaves 1 dead, 3 injured

Police say that suspect Shawn David Durham should be considered 'armed and dangerous'

By Peter Aitken | Fox News

South Carolina police are looking for a man who allegedly shot four people, killing one of them, at a sports bar on Saturday night. 

Rock Hill police issued a warning that Shawn David Durham should be considered "armed and dangerous" after he reportedly fled the Sports Unlimited Bar and Lounge on Albright Road in Rock Hill, according to WSOC TV. 

Officers responded to a shooting at 12:23 a.m. Saturday, finding four people shot. All four victims were taken to Piedmont Medical Center, according to WBTV. '

A 27-year-old man and a 35-year-old man were treated and released with minor injuries, while a 25-year-old man remains in the hospital with serious injuries. 

A 30-year-old man died in the shooting. 

Police are still searching for Durham, who is wanted for murder, three counts of attempted murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a crime of violence.

 Authorities are asking for residents to call 911 with any information that can help lead to his arrest. 

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Manhunt continues for second suspect after Houston police sergeant killed in hotel parking lot


A manhunt continued Wednesday for a second suspect who remained at large just two days after Houston Police Sgt. Sean Rios was fatally gunned down after entering a hotel parking lot on his way to work, leaving behind four children.


The first suspect, Robert Soliz, 24, was arrested without incident at about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday during a traffic stop on Interstate 10 in west Houston on a warrant accusing him of Rios’ murder Monday. Police released security camera footage showing Soliz, seen in a white T-shirt, with another heavily tattooed Hispanic male, with a beard and mustache, and wearing a black T-shirt, authorities said.

That man, who hasn't been named by police, is wanted for questioning in connection with Rios’ death and was also seen in the video with a black pickup truck. 

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo initially played the footage during a press conference Tuesday announcing Soliz’s arrest before the department’s account also shared the video on Twitter.

“That person is a person of extreme interest in the murder of Sgt. Sean Rios. To that individual: We’re coming for ya, we’re going to find ya, so you might as well turn yourself in,” Acevedo said, without identifying the second suspect by name.

“The video we're going to show this community is clear,” the chief said. “The person, when they see themselves, will know who they are, but they're going to know that other people will know who this person is. We need this person in custody.”

Investigators believe Soliz had been involved in road-rage incidents involving firearms, Acevedo said, though he was initially uncooperative with detectives who were questioning him. Soliz has since been booked into the Harris County Jail.

Rios, 47, was fatally shot while driving his black KIA sedan to work on Interstate 45 in north Houston. The 25-year veteran of the Houston force staggered into the office of a small motel bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. He collapsed and died about 1:30 p.m. Monday, and a manhunt ensued for the suspect.

Shortly before the Rios shooting was reported, police received 911 calls of gunshots being exchanged between a white pickup truck and a blue Mercedes matching the description of one belonging to Soliz.

“And so we believe there’s a high probability that Sgt. Rios saw that incident between those two vehicles and, sadly, ended up losing his life in trying to intervene,” Acevedo said. The chief said witnesses told officers two Hispanic males fled the scene, one in the blue Mercedes, another in a black Chevy truck, like the one seen in the surveillance video.

Rios is the second Houston police officer to be killed in the past three weeks and the fourth since December. Police Sgt. Harold Preston was shot and killed on Oct. 20 while responding to a domestic violence situation. The 41-year veteran of the department was preparing to retire this year.

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Woman attacks California Air Force veteran after he allegedly won't give her money



A woman in California was caught on video assaulting an Air Force veteran who had allegedly tried to help her after he wouldn’t hand over money, police said Thursday.

The Santa Ana Police Department released the shocking footage on Wednesday that shows the stranger, who is believed to be homeless, kicking and punching the 62-year-old man shortly after 8 p.m. on Oct. 21.

A police spokesperson told Fox News on Thursday the man told authorities he lives in a building on West First Street, which is housing for veterans, and could hear the woman yelling. The man, who told police he was formerly homeless and had previously served as a paramedic in the U.S. Air Force, thought she needed help, and let her into the lobby of his building so she could stay warm while calling for help.

But when the woman asked him for money so she could get a hotel room, he rebuffed her and asked her to leave. Video shows the pair began arguing before the woman appears to spit at the man. He’s later seen re-entering the building, but the woman follows, prompting the pair to begin kicking at each other.

As the woman holds the door open, they continue brawling, at which point she grabs him by the shirt collar and begins repeatedly punching him in the head and face.

A good Samaritan can be seen stepping in to break them up. The attacker then fled from the area.

Police said the victim suffered cuts and bruises but did not need to be hospitalized.

Meanwhile, police are still searching for the suspect, whom they described as being 20 to 30 years old and approximately 5-foot-2 to 5-foot-4, with a heavy build. She was last seen wearing a pink jacket and tan leggings.

Anyone who believes they have information is asked to contact Detective Cpl. Angel at (714) 245-8404.
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Colorado authorities search for convicted felon nicknamed ‘Psycho’ after skeletal remains of 3 found

www.foxnews.com (http://www.foxnews.com)

Colorado's Bureau of Investigations launched a manhunt Wednesday to find a convicted felon they identified as the suspect in the deaths of three people,  after human remains were found last week at two separate properties in the San Luis Valley.

A homicide warrant has been issued for the arrest of 26-year-old Adre Jordan Baroz, who authorities say goes by the nickname “Psycho.” He is from the town of Sanford, near the hamlet of Los Sauces in Conejos County, and has a criminal history in Colorado that includes assault on a peace officer, attempted escape and theft.

CBI said the skeletal remains of three people were discovered last week at two separate properties in Los Sauces or Lasauces, a rural community and former 19th-century stagecoach stop outside the small city of Alamosa, more than 200 miles south of Denver.

State investigators partnered with at least four law enforcement agencies in the agricultural region bordering New Mexico – the Monte Vista and Alamosa Police Departments and Conejos and Saguache County Sheriff’s Offices – to form a task force to further investigate.

It could take weeks, if not months, to identify the remains, and it isn't known whether the remains are male, female, what age they may be or how long they were at the properties, said George Dingfelder, police chief of the small community of Monte Vista.

Alamosa Police Chief Ken Anderson said authorities consider Baroz armed and dangerous and that any sightings should be reported to law enforcement. Baroz also has open criminal cases against him that include several drug charges, possession of a weapon by a felon and assault, according to state court records.

“The San Luis Valley is very small. It’s a tight-knit community,” Anderson said at a Zoom press conference. “Most of us have grown up here. We’re just trying to keep the community safe right now.”

“Our priority is to get him into custody and identify the remains,” said CBI Deputy Director John Camper, referring to Baroz.

Dingfelder said authorities got a search warrant last week for a property near Las Sauces, found human remains there and then found more on a nearby property. Authorities are still searching the second property “to ensure all remains and all evidence is found,” Conejos County Sheriff Garth Crowther said.

In first announcing the discoveries Tuesday, CBI said this case does not appear to be related to the disappearance of Suzanne Morphew, “but all possibilities are being considered.”

Last week, authorities renewed calls for information about the 49-year-old wife and mother of two daughters on the sixth month anniversary of her disappearance.

A neighbor dialed 911 after Morphew left for a bike ride from her home in the Maysville area in Chaffee County and never returned. Investigators have yet to name a person of interest. She was last seen by her husband, 52-year-old Barry Morphew, who was reportedly away in Denver for a landscaping job.
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Niggers chimping out in Detroit over their nigglet being called ugly.

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Chicago man killed during fight over hands in Thanksgiving leftovers: police

James Dixon, 28, is charged with killing boyfriend of the Thanksgiving party host

Associated Press

CHICAGO — A Chicago man has been charged with murder after a fatal fight that began when he began digging his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers, authorities said.


James Dixon, 28, is charged with killing Vincell Jackson, 52, who was the boyfriend of the Thanksgiving party host.


This undated photo provided by the Chicago Police Department shows James Dixon, who has been charged with murder after a fatal fight Friday, Nov. 27, 2020, that began when he put his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers, authorities said. (Chicago Police Department via AP)

Jackson was trying to escort Dixon out of the Chicago house because he had put his hands in leftovers early Friday, Assistant State’s Attorney Susie Bucaro said. The fight moved to the porch, where Jackson was stabbed at least nine times, Bucaro told a judge Sunday.

Dixon fled but was caught with a blood-covered knife, the prosecutor said.

Defense attorney Patrick Ryan said Dixon was properly defending himself. A judge set bond at $350,000, the Chicago Tribune reported.
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Kentucky mayor falls asleep in White Castle drive-thru, crashes into pole

By Elizabeth Elizalde
December 3, 2020 | 12:58am

A Kentucky mayor was arrested for driving under the influence after falling asleep in a White Castle drive-thru line and crashing into a utility pole Tuesday night, authorities said.


Louisville Metro Police officers found Shively Mayor Beverly Chester-Burton standing outside her silver Cadillac after smashing into a pole as she was trying to leave the parking lot around 11 p.m., the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

Witnesses said Chester-Burton fell asleep behind the wheel at the fast-food drive-thru line, and people even had to knock on her window to wake her up, according to a police report obtained by the outlet.

Cops reported Chester-Burton reeked of alcohol and failed a sobriety test when she couldn’t walk in a straight line.

Chester-Burton, who was elected Shively’s first black mayor in 2018, told police she had dinner and two apple martinis at 5 p.m., but then changed her story, saying she had the drinks at 9 p.m., the police report states.

The mayor was booked into the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections and released Wednesday. She’s set to be arraigned Friday.
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Woman charged in 11-year-old Marion girl's death is girl's dad's longtime partner | Crime/Courts


Killed by the POC

MARION — Williamson County’s top prosecutor says a longtime partner who shares the home with the family killed 11-year-old Jade Marie Beasley on Saturday, stabbing her to death.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Williamson County State’s Attorney’s Office charged Julia Bevely, 29, of 11304 Songbird Road in Marion, with three counts of first-degree murder.


She has been arrested and is being held at the Williamson County Jail on a $2 million bond, according to State’s Attorney Brandon Zanotti, who held a press conference in Marion shortly after she was taken into custody. Each charge carries the potential for penalties of 20 to 60 years in state prison, he said.

Zanotti described Bevely as the longtime live-in partner of the girl’s father.

In describing the alleged circumstances leading to the charges, he detailed a harrowing scene, and a delay in arrest due to a false report from the suspect. Zanotti said officers responded to a 911 call to the family’s home Saturday afternoon. They arrived to find the girl deceased with multiple stab wounds.

According to Zanotti, Bevely initially told officers that she had left Jade home for a short while, and that she returned to find the girl had been stabbed. She claimed that she observed an unidentified man running from the residence upon her arrival home.

“The investigation has proven this story to be false,” Zanotti said.

Jade’s father was at work at the time, and the little girl's other siblings also were not home, he said. Bevely was the one who placed the 911 call, he said. Zanotti said officers poked holes in her story through ongoing interviewing of the suspect and investigation of the scene. She did not confess to the crime. After initially agreeing to speak to law enforcement, she invoked her right to counsel later Saturday, Zanotti said.

Zanotti said autopsy findings are still pending, but an initial report indicated Jade Marie Beasley died as a result of blood loss from the stab wounds.

Zanotti thanked law enforcement for their work in the case. He said some 20 investigators across numerous departments are assisting.

“Given the gruesome nature of this violent crime that caused the death of an 11-year-old girl, to say this has been difficult for all of us is a very vast understatement,” he said.

Bevely will have an initial court appearance on Friday, Zanotti said. A spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services said the agency has not had any involvement with the family.

Private funeral services for Jade's family and friends will take place at 1 p.m. Friday at the Marion First Baptist Church. Her obituary described the Marion Junior High sixth grader as "funny, smart and sassy." She liked playing outside and swimming, and enjoyed art, drawing, painting and playing video games.

"Jade loved her friends, adored her pets, and cherished her siblings," the obituary with Blue Funeral Home of Marion read.

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Texas man charged with murder following police chase, discovery of woman's body in trunk of car

The body of a Houston woman Briana Teirra Johnson was found last month

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News

The suspect accused of leading Texas police on a car chase that ended with the discovery of a 28-year-old woman's body in the trunk of his car last month has been charged with murder, authorities said Wednesday.


Victor Campbell Jr., 35, has remained in custody since Nov. 28 when officers found the body of Briana Teirra Johnson. Campbell was charged with felony evading arrest, driving while intoxicated, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse, local media reported at the time.

On Wednesday, police told KBMT-TV that Campbell was also being charged with murder. Police said Johnson’s preliminary cause of death was “manual strangulation.”

Police initially received calls about a reckless driver on I-10 in Beaumont on the morning of Nov. 28.

After being spotted by a trooper, the driver, later identified as Campbell, refused to pull over. Officers pursued Campbell, and eventually he lost control and crashed into a concrete barrier, coming to a halt in a church parking lot, Fox 26 Houston and other media reported.

Troopers conducted a search of the vehicle, and when they popped the trunk they found Johnson's body, according to the station.

Police have not elaborated on the relationship between Campbell and Johnson, though friends told KMBT the two were a couple.

Campbell was being held at the Jefferson County Jail.
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How many more of our racial family need to die by the hands of the black plague? Do your part to help aid in the survival, expansion, and advancement of our beautiful White Race. Join the Church of Creativity today!




North Carolina Craigslist Camaro ad leads to shooting of granddad, grandson

The ad was for a $4,000 2011 Camaro,

By Robert Gearty | Fox News

A 23-year-old North Carolina man was shot and killed while responding to a Craigslist car ad with his grandfather, according to a report.


Leeann Stump said the ad was a set-up to rob her son Tristan Stavee and her father, George Stump Sr., 73, WRAL-TV reported Tuesday.

"They killed my son and he's only 23,” Leeann told the station “And my dad ... they don't know if he's going to make it or not. They were just ambushed, and they stole the money, and beat and shot both of them."

On Nov. 29 at a small church in Whiteville, Stump arranged to meet the seller of a 2011 Camaro.

The seller wanted $4,000 and Stump had the cash in his pocket. They drove from Hope Mills to see the car. Authorities said Stump was critically wounded.

Last week, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office reported two arrests in the case.


Mark Anthony Nelson, 24, and Tamika Shatavia Ford, 29, both of Tabor City, were arrested days apart this month on charges of murder, attempted murder and robbery.

Nelson was jailed without bond. Ford was being held on $1.25 million bond.
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Should've been LA wind chimes after their arrests. They'll sit in the pen for the next 40 year's at taxpayers expense.
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PA cop-shooting suspect manhunt: $15G in rewards offered

Koby Lee Francis is being sought by police

 By Greg Norman | Fox News

A combined $15,000 in rewards is now being offered in the manhunt for a Pennsylvania cop-shooting suspect whom police are describing as a "danger to the community."


Koby Lee Francis, as of Thursday, is still on the run following the brazen incident that unfolded outside of the McKeesport police station, near Pittsburgh, on Sunday afternoon. The 22-year-old is accused of firing at a police officer three times while handcuffed and then fleeing the scene.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has announced a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest..   

Richard Bazzy, the owner of Shults Ford car dealerships, is also offering a $5,000 reward

"This is an armed suspect who is obviously dangerous. He fled still armed. There is a danger to the community," Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said Monday, according to KDKA. "We want it to end right here. We want this to be the last harm inflicted by that individual or any other individuals. That’s our primary concern."

The officer wounded in the incident, 32-year-old Gerasimos Athans, suffered nonlife-threatening injuries and is expected to recover.

Francis previously was charged and sentenced in a 2017 home invasion case, reports say. 

He is now being sought for attempted homicide, escape and aggravated assault, among other charges.

Police describe Francis as a Black male around 6-feet-2-inches tall with black hair.
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Video shows Mixed-Race Gang Attack in NYC



Disgusting behaviour that could only be done by muds!
You can’t see their faces but it has the hall marks of Niggers!
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No matter how successful a nigger is/was, violence and destruction are ingrained in its DNA.


Mike Richardson, former Chicago Bears player and Super Bowl winner, arrested in connection with Phoenix homicide

JANUARY 1, 2021 / 7:25 AM / CBS NEWS

Mike Richardson, a former Chicago Bear who was on the Super Bowl-winning 1985-1986 team, has been arrested in connection with a homicide in Phoenix. Investigators believe Richardson, 59 — also known as L.A. Mike — shot a man over $200 worth of cocaine, CBS affiliate KPHO-TV in Phoenix reported.


The station reported Phoenix police found the victim – later identified as Ronald Like – shortly after 9 a.m. local time Tuesday. Like, 47, was pronounced dead at an area hospital, the station reported.

Richardson was arrested in Mesa, Arizona on Wednesday afternoon, the station reported. Court documents indicated that police said witness statement said Richardson is "considered to be a drug dealer," and has a history of felony drug offenses, the station reported.

He was booked on suspicion of second-degree murder and weapons misconduct, and was also wanted on a felony warrant that was issued just over a week before the shooting, the station reported.

Richardson played for the Bears from 1983 until 1988 and was part of the Super Bowl XX winning 1985 team. He also appeared in the famed "Super Bowl Shuffle" video.

Published reports noted that Richardson played 88 games for the Bears and was an All-Pro in 1986.

He also faced a 13-year prison sentence after his 21st drug conviction in 2008, but ended up only serving one year after former Bears Head Coach Mike Ditka came out in his support at trial, reports said.

Richardson also appeared in the infamous "Super Bowl Shuffle" video after the Bears won the Super Bowl.

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Nigresses dance as they steal wigs to culturally appropriate Whites straight hair. All while the nigress store employee makes excuses for the actions of the thieves from its species/race.


Dancing wig thieves wanted by Memphis police

WREG Staff and Joneé Lewis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A seemingly bold theft as two women were caught on camera dancing their way into a Hickory Hill beauty shop before grabbing expensive wig.

The manager wasn’t angry and even said she hopes they get help to be on a better path.

“Some people are really going through hard times,” said Kashina Dudley.

Which is why they’ve offered customers discounts during the pandemic to help. The lace front wig taken can cost up to $600. It seems like a big hit for a business, especially now, but Dudley said she’s more concerned with the circumstances that led them to steal in the first place.

“Everyone that steals, they’re not bad people,” she said. “They just come from a different background.”

Managers said they’ve never seen the women in the store before, so they’re hopeful this will be a situation they will learn from.

“I don’t want them to characterize them as bad people, the ones that do come in here and steal,” said Dudley. “Just pray for those people.”

She did have a message for the women.

“Don’t go through life doing this. There are people out here that can help you and this is not the way,” she said.

They got away in a green Honda Accord. If you can help police identify them, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.
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“Everyone that steals, they’re not bad people,” she said. “They just come from a different background.”
A third world country that has a hot climate ,that made their ancestors unevolved and lazy to work.Also never gaining problem solving skills only to answer with :- fists or crime.

Managers said they’ve never seen the women in the store before, so they’re hopeful this will be a situation they will learn from.

“I don’t want them to characterize them as bad people, the ones that do come in here and steal,” said Dudley. “Just pray for those people

 :ok :angel
I guess punitive measures and racial segregation never solved anything before? Just let the blacks go back to the trees with a “free for all” let them have their way with some prayer or risk an expensive riot?!

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In my former home state of Ga they account for 30 % of the states population but 65% of it's prison population. And according to them it's a direct result of RACISM! Dumb sumbitches. 88
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In my former home state of Ga they account for 30 % of the states population but 65% of it's prison population. And according to them it's a direct result of RACISM! Dumb sumbitches. 88

I heard Atlanta is full of blacks. Sounds like a crazy place to live?

Our Aboriginies are 2% of Australia but represent 27% of the gaol system nationally. Hmm so why are so many in gaol? ... Racism?!

 It’s not like Leonardo Da f’n Vinci is equal to a boong when he was a genius :- Painter, Engineer, Sculptor and Doctor and the last Boongs they found living traditionally were in the 1960’s!

That means the Granny at the start of her life carried a spear and Boomerang. Today she’s got IPhone 12!
There is a vast evolutionary distance between those items that that race has not been exposed to!

Whites have had challenges due to the cold forcing them to work. Building Castles, developing weapons against neighbours with more evolved ones who were threats. Mining, farming , planning for projects, reasoning, inter personal skills, co-operation. The coons havn’t had those elements. It’s just “Hulk smaaash”! when they want their way.

I can’t believe people don’t get “Race is real and it matters”! They are so brainwashed to believe in racial equality!

What’d occur if you got the white rats in the pet shop and let a wild sewer rat breed in there? Would the offspring be suitable for children’s pets?

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As the propaganda media spends hours and hours a day pushing the narrative of the "evil White supremacists" and the threat they cause to the U.S., here is a short thread dedicated to a few of the true terrorist in our country. These articles are only the tip off the iceberg when it comes to the violence and crime committed daily by the niggers and muds.


Chicago-area shooting spree leads to at least 5 deaths, including suspect: reports


A woman who was held hostage during a shooting spree Saturday that stretched from Chicago to Evanston, Ill., reportedly died early Sunday, potentially bringing the death toll from the rampage to five – including the suspect – according to reports.


At least two other people, and possibly a third, were critically wounded, reports said. The shooting of a 15-year-old girl was still being investigated, according to police.

"But for the brave conduct of Evanston police officers, many more people would have been injured," Chicago police Supt. David Brown told the Chicago Sun-Times.

"But for the brave conduct of Evanston police officers, many more people would have been injured."

The suspect was identified as Jason Nightengale, 32. Authorities said he killed three people randomly in Chicago and wounded several others, then traveled to Evanston, north of the city, where he shot and wounded a woman at an IHOP restaurant before getting killed himself in a shootout with police, FOX 32 of Chicago reported.

A woman who claimed to be Nightengale’s sister wrote on Facebook that he "hadn’t been in his right mind for a long time," the Sun-Times reported.

A weapon was recovered when the gunman was killed, Evanston police posted on Twitter.

A Chicago Police mugshot showed Nightengale after a past arrest, wearing a security guard shirt and badge. He had been charged in five separate domestic violence cases but all were dismissed, the newspaper reported.

According to authorities, the spree began in Chicago’s Hyde Park section, where Nightengale shot a 30-year-old in the head, killing him. He then went to the Kenwood neighborhood, a short distance away, where he fatally shot a security guard after asking to use a phone at an apartment building, FOX 32 reported.

At the same location, police told the station, the gunman fired at a 77-year-old woman who was checking her mailbox. She was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to her head, according to the news station.

Nightengale then visited someone on the 19th floor of an apartment building, threatened that person and later stole their car. He then traveled to a convenience store to rob it, killing a 20-year-old man and critically wounding an 81-year-personin the process, according to FOX 32.

The gunman then drove off after exchanging gunfire with police at the convenience store.

Some time later, in the evening, police in Evanston – about 19 miles north – received reports of a man with a gun at a local pharmacy. As police arrived, Nightengale fled from the pharmacy to a nearby IHOP restaurant, where he took a woman hostage and shot her. She later died in a hospital, Chicago’s WGN-TV reported.

Officers eventually killed Nightengale in the parking lot of Dollar General store, FOX 32 reported.
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BLM Niggers Attack Woman - Declare She's a "Nazi" & "Trump Supporter"
Blaming Whitey: Australian MSM - too scared to offend Darkies - calls them AntiFa

Title: Re: American Mud Crime
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Seattle police search for man who kicked two women in the head in attacks caught on video


Both women suffered injuries in the violent attacks

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News

Seattle police are hunting for a man seen on video kicking two women in the head in separate, seemingly random attacks last week.

Investigators said the man attacked a 56-year-old woman who was planting flowers at the base of a tree on a sidewalk in the city's Belltown neighborhood on Jan. 7.

Police released video that shows the man approaching the woman from behind as she is on her knees and kicking her in the side of her head. The woman was hospitalized with serious injuries, including about 10 fractures to her cheekbone, nose, sinuses and eye socket.

Andrea Suarez, who volunteers with the victim around the community, told KOMO News that she has "no more words" and asked, "What do we have to do as a society to get security in this city?"

"Down on her hands and knees planting tulips in January and has this random act of violence, is just unimaginable," Suarez said.

Police said the man is suspected in a second attack against another woman from the day prior. (Seattle Police Department)

Detectives believe the same man boarded a Metro bus in the University District a day earlier and attacked another woman.


This still image taken from surveillance video aboard a Metro bus shows a man kicking a woman in the side of her head. (Seattle Police Department)

The man had become upset at the woman, who was talking on her phone, and kicked her in the head, police said. The woman suffered a concussion in the attack.

Investigators are asking the public to help identify the suspect. Anyone with information on the attacks can call the police tip line at 206-233-5000.
Title: Re: American Mud Crime
Post by: Private on 19 January 2021 at 22:34

North Carolina men arrested after police pull over car for speeding, find dead body in trunkThe men were charged with murder

By Stephen Sorace | Fox News

Four men were arrested in North Carolina early Monday after police stopped their car for speeding and discovered a dead body inside the trunk, authorities said.


Officer C. Roberts with the Roanoke Rapids Police Department pulled over the vehicle at 1 a.m., the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Shortly after the traffic stop, the sheriff’s office said Roberts discovered the body of a man inside the trunk. The man, identified as 23-year-old Trevon Quantavius Fields of Roanoke Rapids, suffered apparent gunshot wounds. Investigators later learned he was likely murdered just outside the city limits.

Ralik Robinson, 22, Trevathann Myquan Shearin, 20, Shantron Avondre Person, 20, and Deluntae Jaequon Squire, 23, were all charged with murder, authorities said. (Halifax County Sheriff’s Office)

Police detectives called deputies from the sheriff’s office to assist in the investigation, which led to the arrests of the four occupants of the vehicle.

Ralik Robinson, 22; Trevathann Myquan Shearin, 20; Shantron Avondre Person, 20 – all of Roanoke Rapids – and Deluntae Jaequon Squire, 23, of Halifax, were all charged with murder, according to the sheriff's office.

The four men were booked into Halifax County Detention Center with a pending court date set for Jan. 20.