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Title: South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'
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South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'

Date Posted: Sunday 02-Aug-2009

The SA National Defence Force is in an "appalling" state of readiness. It could not handle much beyond the most trivial crisis, experts and politicians say.

Despite the purchase of big-ticket items in the controversial arms deal, the defence force is "unravelling" rapidly.

They blame ageing equipment, a skills shortage and the lack of a budget to match the increasing demands being made on the force.

"Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has expressed happiness with the readiness of the defence force," says Jane's Defence Weekly Southern Africa correspondent Helmoed-Romer Heitman.

"The reality is that the state of readiness is appalling: The SANDF is in no way capable of handling anything but the most minor crisis."
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Heitman says the present SANDF could not mount an effective intervention to stabilise Zimbabwe or rescue its peacekeeping troops in places such as Darfur.

It would struggle to patrol the Mozambique Channel if piracy moved south and hit our shipping directly.

"It lacks the aircraft and ships to patrol our waters effectively," he says.

It also lacks the troops to take over border security from the police, as Sisulu has suggested it should.

Henri Boshoff of the Institute of Security Studies in Pretoria, a retired officer, agrees the defence force "would struggle to execute some simple operations".

He adds that it cannot even deploy a cohesive battalion but must deploy composite units, because too many of the soldiers are "over-age and medically unfit". And budget cuts have had a severe effect on, for instance, firearms training.

He agrees with retired Brigadier-General George Kruys of the University of Pretoria that a high proportion of vehicles deployed for peace support operations are unserviceable.

"The roots of the problem are multiple," says Heitman. "Most obvious is the mismatch between defence funding and what is demanded of the defence force.

"The SANDF is doing an 18-battalion job with an 11-battalion army. That cannot be sustained."

Professor Renfrew Christie, dean of research at the University of the Western Cape, believes that "the secretariat and the generals have self-censored the requirements of the defence force.

"The result is that the real needs have not been communicated to the Treasury. They should be saying what they really need to do the job."

Another root cause of the problem is "the overdone defence cuts after 1989, which created a massive bow wave of obsolescence that threatens to overwhelm the army in particular", says Heitman.

He also blames the wasted cost of "re-engineering" the defence force according to business principles, which must now be undone.

And he fingers "the unwillingness to enforce discipline or demand integrity, even from senior officers".

The result, says Heitman, is a defence force "that is unravelling, and that will unravel ever more quickly as equipment runs out of useful life, as pilots leave for lack of flying and technical personnel for better salaries, and as experienced officers retire and good junior officers leave in disgust".

But not all the news is bad, he says. SA troops have performed well in Burundi, the Central African Republic, Darfur and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The government's bold decision to deploy troops in Burundi 10 years ago and "the professional conduct of our troops" stabilised the country.

He says emerging young officers and special forces in particular are keen, properly trained and want to do the job professionally.

But he warns that the defence force must move quickly to keep them.

Despite the huge controversy around the arms deal, Heitman says "the actual equipment is good, suited to our requirements and was acquired on excellent terms.

"The four frigates, in particular, were a stunning bargain compared with what other navies paid for similar ships in the same period."

Despite the good news, the defence force "is running on empty".

The government must urgently review what it wants the defence force to do and the force must then set out clearly what it requires to do its job properly.

"The government must either provide adequate funding or cut back the demands it makes of the defence force," says Heitman.

DA shadow minister of defence David Maynier says that if it does not do that, the country will be left with "soldiers without vehicles, ships without sailors, planes without pilots, and military hospitals without doctors".

Source Url: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=vn20090802062434798C127223 (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=vn20090802062434798C127223)

He adds that it cannot even deploy a cohesive battalion but must deploy composite units, because too many of the soldiers are "over-age and medically unfit".
And 90% has Aids ...

"The roots of the problem are multiple," says Heitman.
The problem is that there are no Whites in it ... only MUDS

Despite the huge controversy around the arms deal, Heitman says "the actual equipment is good, suited to our requirements and was acquired on excellent terms.
Nice to hear equipment is good !  :D

Title: South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'
Post by: Private on 26 August 2009 at 18:18
Rubber Bullets Used On Soldiers

Hang onto your hats, chaps. Here we go ! When the army begins to riot, it’s a sure sign that there’s trouble in the camp. It’s normally in tin-pot States with President-for-Life despots that these things happen. The army is a sure indicator that there is trouble on the way. It is also a good indicator of how the rest of the nignog population are going to behave.The same army that was the pride of Africa has now descended into rabble, africoon style.

There have been comments in a few previous posts about a possible coming civil war in South Africa. What the mud people fail to realise is the following very important fact : White people are law abiding citizens. They elect leaders to watch over them, who in turn pass laws that they adhere to. White people in South Africa, even under the rulership of the current ANC, adhere to the laws of the land, and try to be law-abiding as much as possible. The nigger population, and the government in particular, fail to realise this. It is the reason that so many White citizens are being slaughtered at the rate they are. We follow the rule of law.

The time will come when we cannot be pushed any further. That will be the day that the descendants of the soldiers in the photograph will arise, and the hand of friendship that has been held out for so long will be withdrawn. We have suffered much in the 15 years of jew communist rule. We lost our country, we lost our National pride, and with it went our future in the form of AA/BEE and any other crap that the ANC have dreamt up to prop up their corrupt incompetent regime. Nignogs have much to say about the brutal Boers. They owe their very existence to the fact that the Boers were not savages like they were. 

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto : "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"

http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/1efe8741c29d4ebb87b1ebb2ab4773b8/26-08-2009-03-26/Rubber_bullets_used_on_soldiers (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/1efe8741c29d4ebb87b1ebb2ab4773b8/26-08-2009-03-26/Rubber_bullets_used_on_soldiers)

Title: South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'
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Soldiers Threaten Retaliation Against Police

27 Aug 2009

"Soldiers" who demonstrated outside the Union Buildings on Wednesday have threatened to retaliate after police opened fire on them with stun grenades and rubber bullets. A protest against working conditions and low salaries turned ugly with running battles between the two "security forces". One "soldier", who would not give his name, said the "police" would regret their actions. "We are going to turn every street into a battlefield because we have been shot at by police. We are going to arm and we’re going to repeat what they’ve done".

The Tshwane metro "police" say the action by law enforcement agencies was completely within their rights as the Union Buildings are a national key point which has to be protected at all costs. Over three thousand striking SANDF members marched to the Union Buildings to protest apparently low salaries for army personnel. All of them were on AWOL, dressed in civvies. The Union Buildings is for obvious reasons considered a key national security point just like the White House or Capitol complex in Washington.

SA "police" members refused to allow the rowdy, out-of-control SANDF "soldiers" access to the Union Buildings, which refusal erupted things into a full-blown war. "Soldiers" tried to force the gates open and then scaled the fences to get in. They started pelting "cops" with rocks, bottles and bricks, and vandalised cars and breaking windows. "Cops" then opened fire with rubber bullets, teargas and a water cannon. The "soldiers" then hurled petrol bombs. [in true APLA/MK terrorist fashion] They pounced on a army vehicle and tried to get hold of an R5 automatic rifle but couldn’t get it and firebombed the vehicle with Molotov cocktails. Great advert for 2010 ! Now you know why all the Whites left the military.

It was complete chaos and mayhem, with SA National Defence Force "soldiers" being chased around and fired on by SA "Police" Service members – all of this happening at our symbolic seat of government, of all places ! Can you imagine US Marines chimping out like this in front of the Capitol, White House or Pentagon ? True africoonism I tell you !

http://www.ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=20604 (http://www.ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=20604)

Title: South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'
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Title: South Africa: SA army is 'unravelling'
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The only time these nignogs run like hell ... is when they get a bullet up their ass !  ;D