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Title: Real South African News
Post by: Private on 18 March 2009 at 19:18
Since the Jewish media always shows the distorted images about SA here is the true news. Zuma is going to be "released" of all his charges of corruption and become the next "president" of SA. But the WHITE GIANT is edgy once again. The AWB has been reactivated and ready for action !!! My belief is that the Boers, which I`m a proud member of, will rule this country once again, with or without the conscent of the mudraces. Also fighting for controll is the Jew Helen Zille`s "Democratic Alliance"; which after the Jews put the niggers in controll, now wants to controll. The ZOG machine couldn`t rule the Boer and then used the Oppenheimer money power to put the ANC in power, so that they could rule them, and rob this country of all its gold, something the Jew have since the beginning of time been in love with. The right wing in SA is on the move you Jew-ass kissers. You are sitting on a time bomb, your Israel is not going to be built on our soil !!! It has been prophecised by our prophet [Siener Van Rensburg] that the Whites will get this land back after the death of a black leader [Mandela or Zuma] and fierce race battles. We are ready, bring it on. RAHOWA NOW !!!

Title: Re: Real South African News
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Big Brother Takes Over Cellphone Networks In RSA

Wonderful news for the citizens of the most crime-ravaged country on earth ! For your safety and protection, and to assist authorities in "fighting serious crime", all mobile phone SIM cards must be registered from July the 1st, identity proved and residential address details verified. My question : do you honestly believe that the criminal is going to give you an legal adress - answer : "Those in an informal residence should provide the address of a school or church closest to the area in which they lived." - another question : Aren`t these people which lives in the informal settlements [squatter camps] the criminals ? - answer : no answer !  :-\

Once again, just like the gun-act, ordinarily, law abiding citizens ... are being enslaved under the jewish new world order while the criminal runs free ... just another excuse for the coming dictatorship the earth is gonna face not long from now. Customers would have 18 months from implementation date to register both their prepaid and contract SIM cards. SIM cards of subscribers failing to comply within the specified time period would have their cards deactivated. Maybe this is a good time to get rid of the cell phone ... never liked it much anyway.  ;)

This will enable officials of the ANC-misruled state to eavesdrop on your mobile conversations without a court order, and on the flimsy premise of "suspecting you of committing a serious crime." This is sure to be amended to include mere suspicion of right wing activity, use of racial epithets and other thought crime while on the blower [this is the real reason, crime only being used as an excuse]. The RICA act forced the three cellular networks to obtain at their own huge cost, sophisticated surveillance systems that will facilitate a massive invasion of your privacy. RICA is sibling to FICA, which was introduced to "counter money laundering, financial racketeering and expose major crime syndicates" and also required ordinary citizens to provide detailed personal information. Why not start with the marxist government ?

And what a roaring success FICA has been ! Just ask Arthur Brown of Fidentia, or Barry Tannenbaum of Frankel Chemicals who each sucked up R1.5 Billion in their respective dodgy schemes. Actually, back in 2006 Rand Merchant Bank picked up "irregularities" in Tannenbaum’s account and dutifully snitched him out to FICA suits, who did absolutely nothing with the info. Not that the over-eager, kow-towing RMB is at fault - FICA compels them to report "unusual and irregular" account movement, much like the totalitarian states of East Germany and the Soviet Union created a system of snitches, even conditioning children into reporting their parents for subversive thought. This would be the next step in RSA ... and the world.

The RICA act which comes into effect today, will allow all your voice calls, 3G data transmission, text and MMS messages to be monitored and recorded. But first, they need to register 30 million odd cellphone users, many of whom do not have a fixed abode, and are the real criminals. These same idiots who cannot even run a bath or register one million gun owners in five years … but this time they were clever - they’re letting the cellphone networks do their dirty work. Vodacom [until recently half owned by Telkom, that bastion of black economic empowerment and affirmative racism] hailed this new Orwellian legislation but the other two, MTN and Cell-C were more circumspect. The ANC regime promised that once RICA becomes law, they will keep the data "confidential and in a secure database." Yeah right ! Never mind the recent spook fiasco when Zuma was let off the hook courtesy of the NIA’s spying, your personal info is in good black hands !
Title: Re: Real South African News
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Police Corruption

"Police" in azania’s three major provinces are implicated in a conspiracy to make it appear that they are winning the war on crime. Evidence of manipulating crime statistics — including destroying dockets and failing to register cases — has been exposed in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. At least five stations in the Western Cape, four in Gauteng and one in KwaZulu-Natal have been fingered in alleged fiddling and indications are that the fraud could be far more widespread.

In the past few weeks, "police stations" have been accused of : stockpiling, hiding and burning dockets; ditching dockets of crimes on the increase, including child rape; failing to register crimes that have a low chance of prosecution; and reducing serious crimes to lesser charges. Four "senior officers" in Cape Town have been implicated in fiddling crime statistics, while Western Cape Community Safety "MEC" Lennit Max — embroiled in a war of words over the issue with his "commissioner" Mzwandile Petros — has claimed that the fudging of crime numbers is "common".

The Sunday Times was also shown photocopies this week of about 200 unregistered dockets allegedly stashed in a KwaZulu-Natal "police" station. Mulaudzi Hangwani, the spokesman for "minister of police" Nathi Mthethwa, said the "stations" under investigation made up "zero" percent of the country’s 1500 "police stations".

The Independent Complaints Commission confirmed this week that six stations were under investigation. This excludes Gauteng, where researcher Lisa Vetten from the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre also claims there is fiddling. Vetten said Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) officers handling rape at more than four "police stations" in Gauteng had reported in a recent study that statistics manipulation was "definitely" happening. "It is making some police officers very uncomfortable, " Vetten said. [I bet !]

Pietermaritzburg’s Mountain Rise "police station" is under investigation by the Independent Complaints Directorate for allegedly stockpiling and destroying dockets, after it jumped from 40th position to the province’s top-performing station in a year ! The 200 unregistered dockets seen by the Sunday Times are alleged to have been stockpiled in a room at this station since 2007.

Meanwhile, Max said this week that his calls for an audit of all 147 Western Cape "police stations" were being ignored. He claims that rape cases involving children as young as five were not registered or investigated. Vetten said the decision in 2004 to reduce crimes like rape by 7% to 10% every year had most likely put pressure on "police" as it is not in "the realm of possibility". Craig Josiah from Mountain Rise station, who was suspended after blowing the whistle on the manipulation of figures, has had his pay reinstated and disciplinary charges put on hold pending finalisation of a court application to have his suspension overturned.
Title: Re: Real South African News
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Cop Moves Into Police Station

Johannesburg - The "commanding officer" of an East Rand "police" station has moved lock, stock and barrel into his office. "Senior Superintendent" mud David Matlahola has been living in his office at Ratanda "police" station near Heidelberg since the "police" stopped paying him [with taxpayers’ money] approximately R8 000[$1025] per month to stay in a guest house.

Beeld[local newspaper] was told that staff at the "police" station have no option but to stand by and watch as Matlahola washes himself in the kitchen every morning. Apparently he’s also held meetings in his pyjamas, and has sent "officers" out to buy his lunch when they should be working. Matlahola has been on sick leave for the past two weeks, while still staying in his office, said Johan Bester, chair of the Heidelberg Community "Policing" Forum[CPF].

"Staff couldn’t get to the photocopiers and fax machines to send or receive important documents". When Beeld visited Matlahola’s office, boxes containing his personal belongings, as well as furniture, mattresses and bedroom suite, among other things, were standing in his office. Matlahola admitted that he’s been living in his office. According to Bester, Matlahola, the former "commanding officer" at the Heidelberg "police" station, was suspended in 2002 after a charge of sexual harassment was investigated against him.

"Apparently he was transferred to Limpopo province, before being transferred back to Ratanda". A source at Heidelberg "police" station told Beeld that Matlahola appealed against the suspension and won the case, upon which he was offered the post in Ratanda. Bester said the "police" have been paying for Matlahola’s lodging in a local guesthouse for about three months at R8 000 per month, while he was supposed to be looking for permanent accommodation. "Matlahola insisted that he be provided with a government house, but as senior superintendent he doesn’t qualify for this benefit. About two weeks ago, he had all his possessions stored in his office and other "police" buildings, and is now living there." His private vehicle, which is broken down, is parked outside the "police" station. A "police" official said Matlahola often sends officers to buy food for him.

"Ratanda’s size and crime levels don’t even justify the presence of a senior superintendent. We’ve always just had a superintendent as commanding officer". The complaints of several outraged taxpayers and "police" officials from Ratanda have fallen on deaf ears, and they are now seeking help from the Heidelberg CPF, said Bester. Matlahola didn’t want to comment any further, and referred all queries to provincial police spokesperson Superintendent Eugene Opperman. Opperman, however, was not aware of the situation. "We thank Beeld for bringing the matter to our attention. The situation will be dealt with internally," was all he would say.

[Source : Beeld]
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South Africa Admits They Are Considering Selling Arms To Zimbabwe  :o

The MDC provincial leadership in South Africa says it is "stunned" by weekend revelations that South Africa’s National Arms Control Committee is considering the sale of rounds of ammunition to Zimbabwe. The allegations were first made by the opposition Democratic Alliance who said the arms committee had approved a number of "dodgy deals" with Iran, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Committee Chairman Jeff Radebe denied any deals with Iran and North Korea, but confirmed they were considering selling arms to Zimbabwe.

Sibanengi Dube the Publicity and Information Secretary for the MDC in South Africa said there was no doubt in their mind that Mugabe would use the arms to "butcher MDC supporters and leaders". He said it was "way above our wildest imagination that South Africa, whose President and SADC Chairman Jacob Zuma is the Chairman of SADC, a guarantor of the Global Political Agreement being implemented in Zimbabwe, could supply ammunition to trigger-happy Zanu PF Sadducees". Dube said they would also lobby the top leadership in the MDC to put the brakes on the deal.

African National Congress Chief Whip in Parliament Mathole Motshekga justified the proposed sale by saying "contrary to the DA (Democratic Alliance) disinformation, there is no arms embargo imposed against either Zimbabwe or Syria by the United Nations Security Council". Dube however told Newsreel, common sense had to prevail. He said the country was desperate for things like food, drugs, power and an improvement in infrastructure, instead of wasting money on arms.

Last week, the Democratic Alliance accused Mugabe of preparing to go to war against the MDC ahead of the next elections. Two of their MP’s, Wilmot James and Kenneth Mubu traveled to Zimbabwe on a fact finding mission and reported that credible sources had told them Mugabe was also trying to procure ammunition from South Africa, and was in discussions with Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea about funding a "war chest". The MP’s called on South African President Jacob Zuma to impose an arms embargo on Zimbabwe.

Opposition shadow defence Minister David Maynier who blew the lid on South Africa’s dodgy deals, and now faces a government investigation, has meanwhile hit back saying the deals confirm, "that the ANC government is either exhibiting, selling or has sold arms to a number countries with dubious human rights records, several involved in regional conflicts and a great many under the undemocratic rule of a dictator".

[Source : http://allafrica.com/stories/200908101486.html?viewall=1 (http://allafrica.com/stories/200908101486.html?viewall=1)]
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Police Station Turned Gun-shop

The Story is a bit old, but still worth posting.

A clerk working inside the Alexandra police station has been arrested for selling high-calibre R-5 rifles and handguns from police safes to the criminal underworld. Detectives from the Joburg Organised Crime Unit are investigating whether the weapons sold were used by syndicates in the recent spate of violent robberies at shopping malls. The administrative clerk from the station's logistics unit may have sold as many as six R-5 rifles and 16 handguns that should have been used by officers at his station and the Sandton police station. Police sources close to the investigation say the guns have not been recovered and may have been sold for as little as R3 500[$1=R7.80] for a rifle and R1 000 for a handgun. A police weapons expert said this was roughly one-third of their worth.

It's suspected the sales could have been going on since March. "We're fighting these guys on the streets and our own is arming them," one angry police officer from an affected station said on Thursday. A lot of questions about how the weapons were allowed to vanish from the safes, and why it took several months before the crime was spotted, now need answering. Mud Tshamana was arrested on Monday after it was discovered that the weapons were missing. The 26-year-old appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate's Court (previously Wynberg Magistrate's Court), where State prosecutor Adele Barnard charged him with theft and possession of unlicensed firearms. His case was postponed to the week after next and he will be kept at high-risk holding cells. During questioning, he allegedly gave police several leads that led to two further arrests.

The pair, who are civilians, were likely to appear in court today. They are suspected of either buying the weapons or helping to sell them. When asked why police had brought the docket to court after 11am, an unidentified police officer from the Organised Crime Unit - who escorted Tshamana - said the delay was because he was ordered to report first at the police's provincial head office. "It's a massive thing," he told the court. Magistrate Renier Boshoff then said : "He can probably tell you who he sold the guns to. He can probably solve a few cases if you investigate properly"[or if you persuade him with a stun gun]. A police source at the Alexandra police station said Tshamana worked in the logistics department, which sources and distributes firearms, vehicles and other equipment. He allegedly managed to order weapons from the Sandton police station for the purpose of selling them.

"He had access," the source said. "And that's why he managed to get away with it". The mud is a civilian working at the police station. He has allegedly been there for more than five years. Detectives are trying to trace the recipients of the weapons in an attempt to get them back. If their efforts to link the weapons to armed robberies at malls pay off, they could be in a position to charge Tshamana with much more serious crimes.

http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=vn20090820040535593C106339 (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=vn20090820040535593C106339)
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Julius Sees More Racism

It's everywhere. Zuma mini-me calls Zille a racist. Of course. Why? She dared question the acquisition of the many ridiculously exorbitant million-rand cars by ANC ministers. Our Malema is a simpleton. In that empty vessel of a mind, whites criticising blacks = racism. He is a future president in the making.

Methinks Malema knows exactly what he's doing. He speaks to the mindless unwashed masses who see everything in black and White. Whites "have" and blacks "do not have" and explains things to them in the simple terms that they can understand. Julius is the litmus test for the ANC. He puts out the crap and sees whether it takes hold. And it distracts the masses from the ANC's non performance and shifts blames to Whites who will not "share". Explain why he has never, not once, been brought to account by the hierarchy of the ANC. I say again, fear the fool who has the president's ear.

Will this nigger ever grow up ? I think not !

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Mad Mudlema

Malema`s back in the paper today. At first glance his comments are very funny indeed and suited to his insane antics, but when you actually consider what he is saying to his audience, and think of the quality of that audience - and by quality I mean their intellectual ability (which we know consists of an average IQ of around 67), their disaffection with da gubbamunt, and the contiuous anti-White rhetoric spouted, he is continuing a worrying trend.

Remember , he is playing to his audience. They absolutely adore him and whatever he says is fallen for, hook, line and sinker. They actually believe what he says. When he makes these comments about Zille, to us they are so absolutely ludicrous that we dismiss them with the contempt they deserve. But not his followers. So by accusing Zille, what message is he actually relaying to his followers ? That Whites are out to get him, Whites are his enemy, that a mainly White opposition party plays foul, etc.

Sometimes I wonder when, instead of if, this powder keg is going to blow. Starting with Peter Mokaba’s well known chants of kill the Boer, kill the farmer a few years ago through to today with Mud Malema, the economy, the ANC’s persistent failure to deliver, people`s warnings about an Algerian type scenario here, etc … it cannot but not happen. All it needs is a small incident to trigger it and it will sweep through the country like wildfire. Remember the so-called xenophobic outbreaks ? Quite a few people reckon he should be ignored for the fool he is - I reckon not. There is an agenda of sorts being played out here and he definitely has the ANC’s support.

http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=vn20090922063213307C804681 (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=vn20090922063213307C804681)

Allegations that Julius Malema assaulted a police reservist who tried to break up his all-night party at the weekend were part of a conspiracy hatched by Helen Zille and her opposition party. This, and the fact that Malema did not need a police appointment card to be a reservist, were among his fiery responses to the news that broke yesterday about a house-warming party he held in Sandton.

Standing outside the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, Malema kicked off by telling his supporters that they did not need permission to gather on the pavement. The court in which his hate speech trial was conducted was too small and they therefore had a right to be in the road, he said. "The police want permission ! What permission ?" the ANC Youth League president shouted. "No one must provoke us, otherwise next time you are saying we beat up police officers." The joke was well received, and he continued. "I’m a police reservist myself. I don’t need a letter of appointment. I know my responsibility is to fight crime." He told the crowd that a "permanent agenda' existed to undermine the ANC Youth League leadership. He said "spies from Helen Zille" were responsible for this latest scandal.

http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-09-21-the-world-according-to-julius-malema (http://www.mg.co.za/article/2009-09-21-the-world-according-to-julius-malema)

Malema claimed the ANC won the youth vote by making the ANC "cool". Part of that was projecting a lifestyle image that they would find aspirational. He insists that he lives within his means, but his rise to riches happened in a flash — he’s never had a job outside the ANC. Parties are held at the trendiest clubs in Johannesburg, where there is no limit to the consumption of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky and Veuve Clicquot French champagne. He lives in a big, smart house in upmarket Sandton and is always seen in expensive cars, from BMWs to Lexus’s to Mercedes Benz’s. Very comfortable in designer labels such as Fabiani, Malema insists that his flashy lifestyle shouldn’t be an issue. "It’s not me, it is this office. When I come here they give me a cellphone, a laptop, and they’re trying to make my work easier. I don’t know which car is which one. When they come to me and say, 'chief, we are using this car today', I get in and we go."

There is nothing wrong, he says, with a flashy lifestyle "if you can afford it. We have deployed many young people in parliament, their salaries are far beyond the duties they are responsible for. They don’t have kids, they don’t have big families. So if they think they must invest their money in houses, cars, why stop them ? They are doing that legally. As long as they don’t forget where they come from and their obligation of serving the working class. The car that I drive means it meets my salary and the ANC car scheme. The house that I have, it means my salary can afford it, so I didn’t rob anybody, I didn’t take from the poor to have what I have."

Then Malema gets to the main rationale for his (and supposedly for other ANC personalities') ostentatious lifestyle : "If we are going to refuse the youth to drive these cars it means they are only good for White youth. Ours will never drive those cars. So we must sit and appreciate the good things by Whites and not by one of our own. That's what we're trying to break." In similar vein he told Sowetan in December 2008 : "We are the elite that has been deliberately produced by the ANC as part of its policy to close the gap between Whites and blacks in this country. It was the ANC that made it possible that, as part of the elite, some of us are now able to live in the suburbs."

Mudlema admits that patience is no virtue for him. He describes his leadership style as "down to earth" but impatient with change. He uses the words militant, radical and revolutionary a lot in describing himself and his organisation. "We are radical, impatient with change, if you want to see things happening they must happen now. So that’s what characterises who we are." Malema may be tactically clever and politically street-smart when it comes to the disaffected youth, but he is definitely not one of the greatest political theoreticians in the ANC. For instance, he refuses to read newspapers. When Crwys-Williams asked him about this during her interview with him on Talk Radio 702, he said : "I’ve listened to people who read papers. They replace political education through editorial comments. I don’t want to suffer from that illness."

Title: Re: Real South African News
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No one is safe. Not even in your home, let alone on the street or in a shopping centre. No matter how much money is spent on securing homes, malls and neighbourhoods, criminals will continue to kill and maim - unless you take responsibility for your own safety. This was the message from the country’s top criminologists as another three Pretoria families were ripped apart last weekend by violent criminals hellbent on wreaking destruction. With hijackers and house robbers committing an average of 105 offences before they are caught for the first time, criminals, according to Unisa criminologist Rudolf Zinn, are becoming more and more daring and violent.

Nearly 2.1-million serious crimes were reported to police in South Africa in the 2008/2009 financial year. Of these, 18 148 were murder cases and 18 438 house robberies. Business robberies increased by 41.1 percent to 13 920, while house robberies increased by 27 percent. Hijackings increased by 5 percent to 14 915. In Pretoria 582 residents were murdered, 1 205 motorists hijacked, 953 businesses robbed and 1 719 families attacked in their homes.

Pretoria University criminologist Dr Christiaan Bezuidenhout said the government’s recent change in attitude towards crime had to be bought into by all South Africans. "The police cannot operate without intelligence, which is why we need to be their eyes and ears [then give us back our tax money and we`ll secure ourselves ... we pay your salary asshole !]. It is a 50-50 partnership with communities needing to play their part, especially as criminals are born and created in our communities [no ... in niggers communities and in ziMUDwe]. There are many people who are aware of criminals and their activities, but do not become involved in the fight against crime because they are afraid, which is ridiculous."[what is ridiculous is that the police can`t do their job because of niggers infesting the force with an IQ of 10].

Unisa criminologist Professor Anthony Minnaar said that no matter what security measures were in place, a determined criminal would get through them. "While we can delay and detect criminals with security systems, the ultimate answer to security and personal safety is vigilance. People need to be aware of their environment and surroundings," he said. "Attacks often occur because of human error [crap ... they occur because we have 50 million niggers in SA]. If you do not lock your doors and put your alarm on at night your security measures are useless and will fail to keep you safe," he said.

(http://www.zasucks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/gov2.jpg)  >:(
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Malema : You Stole Our Land :o

Johannesburg - The land in South Africa has been stolen from its people, ANC Youth League president Julius Malema said on Friday. "At the negotiations, they said to us that for them to agree we must accept the willing buyer-willing seller idea," he told the annual conference of the Black Management Forum[sound racist ?] at Midrand. "But now we must say we can't buy the land from you because you stole it from us," he said to laughter from mud delegates.[Stole ? No, the Boers kicked your ass in countless kaffir wars to obtain the land; you stole it from us after the `94 "election"]

The nigger said political freedom meant nothing if the people did not control the means of production. "The means of production are still in the hands of white males - not even females." He said this did not mean Whites would be driven into the sea. "We must live together in harmony, but whites must open up a place and let us participate. They must allow us to be equal partners." Malema also had a message for those leaving the country : "Don't leave before you transfer your skills."[It cant be transfered ... it needs grey matter to stick !] The mud said freedom should not be reduced to satisfying service delivery demands or changing street names. "We didn't fight to change the names of the streets. We fought to control the economy of this country."

Source : http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/Politics/1057/c7c923333a4b41779ddb10187a940715/09-10-2009-10-09/Malema_You_stole_our_land (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/Politics/1057/c7c923333a4b41779ddb10187a940715/09-10-2009-10-09/Malema_You_stole_our_land)

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Afrikaner Poor In Forced Removals : Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp -- Forced-removal threats against a 200-member, empoverished, homeless community of Afrikaners which has been occupying about 10% of a municipal park, Kroningspark for the past six years with their caravans, tents and shanties – but who are now in a face-off with the local ANC-run municipality of Mogale City – the former Krugersdorp, in the gold-mining East-Rand region.


The ANC-regime wants to force these often very frail and impoverished Afrikaners to move to the black squatter camp of Muniesville. The elders in the Kroningspark camp however are sick, frail pensioned-off mineworkers with lung-diseases who had initially started living in the campsite of Kroningspark, paying fees to the municipality. Amongst them also are their children and grandchildren and other destitute relatives : 45 school-aged children are attending a nearby Afrikaans school. Now most residents cannot afford the campsite fees any more and they also built a small camp for farm-animals such as goats and chickens to provide them with subsistence-food. They also installed a small electricity-generator, begging to buy the fuel for it each month. Their women get up at the crack of dawn to run their communal outdoor kitchen. At the moment, it’s a stand-off because the Afrikaners have obtained a Johannesburg High Court interdict as they are balking at being forcibly removed. They said in their High Court application that their rights were being attacked by this move : their cohesive cultural community would be scattered, the forced move would mean the loss of all their survival tools : namely their few meagre possessions, shacks and livestock and their old-age pensioners, many frail and ill, would probably not survive the move. The court agreed, issuing a successful interdict in the Johannesburg High Court barring Mogale City municipality from attempting any forced removals of this tiny, destitute white community. This sets a precedent for all such communities – but still the threats and animosity against this small group continues.


The ANC-government maintains that before any of these more than 800,000 empoverished, unemployable Afrikaner artisans, teachers, nurses and former officials (130,000 households households are registered with Helping Hand charity at the moment) can even qualify to be placed on their waiting lists for public "HOP" housing, they will first have to go and live in black squatter camps to "qualify for registration".


And the municipality refuses to move their treasured shanties and caravans and other belongings : these poor people are supposed to only bring their clothes and cooking equipment. Residents balked, saying that all their belongings were survival tools for them, their only earthly possessions – and without these, they would all face certain death in the cold Highveld winters. At Kroningspark, they have the old ablution-blocks and the artificial lake for fresh water : but the municipal spokesmen say these are "luxuries" and if they want reticulation or sewerage facilities, they’ll send a few portaloos.


The Johannesburg High Court agreed with the squatters : recently issuing an interdict to Mogale City council to stop its forced-removal programme of the Afrikaner squatters. However even with this legal precedent, the threats of forced removals still continue for Afrikaner communities like these : many have moved into former campsites and private holiday-resorts which used to be run by the privately-funded Federasie vir Afrikaanse Kultuurverenigings [the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Organisation] to provide holiday camps for working-class Afrikaner families. Other families have moved into empty government buildings such as schools and even the giant abandoned leprosy-hospital of the Witwatersrand. Keep this in mind : all these people were taxpayers before 1994, and most also were employers of blacks : the average Afrikaner family had at least a gardener and a housekeeper in their employ. Thus hundreds of thousands of blacks have also become unemployed and destitute when these Afrikaners lost their job-rights.
At Kroningspark, this handful of Afrikaners can still protect each other somewhat, although none are of course armed : these destitute Afrikaner pensioners and their families have over the past six years however created a cohesive, reasonably self-reliant community of beggars -- and their women get up each morning at 4am to run their centrally-organised kitchen. Most camp-inmates survive by going out to beg and living off the meagre mining-pensions of their elderly grand/parents, combined. They are all achingly poor, as they have no rights to even apply for state-benefits at all – they do not even qualify for food-aid from the government, being "previously advantaged", i.e. "whites". Municipalities maintain their own policies when dealing with the Afrikaner poor : in Port Elizabeth and some municipalities in KwaZulu do provide food-aid to the school-aged children as part of the government ‘s feeding schemes. However in Krugersdorp, they face daily animosity from local council officials.


800,000 out of the 3-million Afrikaners are homeless, destitute and unemployable - The private charity Helping Hand paid for with fees from members of the Solidarity trade union, has set up a programme, wholly reliant on private donations, to try and keep such communities scattered across South Africa, alive with donated fresh food from the few commercial farms South Africa still has left and annual handouts of coats and blankets. There now are more than 800,000 Afrikaners, but probably many more, living in these conditions says Helping Hand – and South Africa only has 3-million Afrikaners.


And each month, more of even the most skilled Afrikaner artisans lose their homes, are denied jobs under the ANC-laws denying them all access to the labour market -- and have to join this army of destitutes. The Kroningspark community ‘s cohesion also means that they can help protect each other against outside attacks by the many armed youth gangs which roam most of South Africa now, looting, raping and killing at such a rate that more than 1,2-million serious violent crimes were recorded in the latest SAPS statistics.

Many greater-Pretoria and Vaal-triangle smallholdings where such retired Afrikaner workers often live, earning extra income with produce-gardens, such as in Cullinan are under near-nightly attack from such armed gangs. Strangely, hardly anything of value is ever stolen during such organised attacks by these armed youth gangs -- except cellphones with which residents could have called the police. But usually the home-owners are murdered execution-style – the gangs just walk into their bedrooms and gun them down.

Where are the white liberals thrash now that said this would never happen in South Africa under the niggers ?  >:(
Title: Re: Real South African News
Post by: Private on 14 October 2009 at 21:34
I watched a documentary about the homeless Afrikaner communities. Most of them have also been public servants in the government who have been sacked after the 1994 nigger revolution.

And now after all they have been through, all that they have right now is each other, the * skin nigger scum want to take that away from them as well.

* you, niggers. One day you will be eradicated from this planet.
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Re-examine Gun Laws - Zuma

President Jacob Zuma opined at a Tzaneen, Eastern Transvaal ANC rally that "there were too much guns in South Africa". So far, I readily agreed - too many stolen police guns in the hands of black criminals - as we reported yesterday, 2 944 guns "lost" by police in the past 12 months alone, including almost 150 R5 automatic rifles which are then used in mall, bank and cash heist robberies.

But then my heart sank as the illustrious comrade leader went further : he didn’t mean there were too many guns in the hands of criminals … no, he was far more concerned about the number of legal guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens ! As if to make sure he is not being misunderstood, he then stated "we need to look at the law, whether we all should have guns". The problem you see, is that legal guns may get stolen from their licensed owners. So therefore private gun ownership must be legally "reviewed" - such an innocuous sounding term for complete communist disarmament of the bourgeois White population. Zuma’s actual words were : (this is unedited, verbatim as uttered by our comrade president with his grade four education) "They [criminals] even take them from the police. So having guns so much, we are actually helping arm the criminals," said Zuma.

One is dumbfounded to immediately figure out which is more breathtakingly stupid - the fact that he wants to now completely disarm the Whites [the 2001 Firearms Control Act is already an austere, heavy-handed attempt to achieve 80% disarmament of a populace reeling under constant armed attacks at home, at traffic lights, in shopping malls, restaurants, banks and any other social event], or his ape-like 50 IQ point illogical rambling and mangling of the English language.

That an armed White man is more difficult to rob, and an armed White woman less easy to rape doesn`t escape the ruling criminal regime, and since they wield legislative and executive power, why shouldn`t they try make things easier for the comrades on the ground, the footsoldiers of the ANC - those referred to as the eyes and ears of the National Democratic Revolution being "our black mothers who work in the homes of the White enemy, and our black sons who work in their gardens" who will retake "what the White man stole from them over centuries".

[Source : News24.com]

Just another commie way to disarm the Whites before the final onslaught !  >:(
Title: Re: Real South African News
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This is how it works: Someone White with legally owned weapons murders approximately twenty muds. The laws are changed and within three months, all legally owned firearms are destroyed. And in the following years, knives, screwdrivers, nail-files and hairspray (can be used as mace and at one time could be carried in a woman's handbag without any problems) become criminal items. And now they are talking about banning all toy guns from children. That is the way it has and still is happening in Australia.

I think the UK has even outlawed possession of sticks that fall out of trees.

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'Here we shoot to kill'
Polokwane - Seven armed men were shot dead by police in a hail of bullets at a security company's cash depot on Sunday morning, after police received a tip-off about the planned robbery. After the shootout, more than 30 shells lay scattered at the Protea Coin security group's cash depot in an industrial area of Polokwane. The bloodied bodies of four of the armed men lay outside the entrance, while three other bodies lay inside the building. No members of the police or the public were injured in the shootout, and no money was stolen.

'This is a warning'
On Sunday the Polokwane police were ordered by Bheki Cele, national chief of police, to refrain from revealing information about the incident. Cele said in an official statement that the police had simply reacted to a distress call. However, Beeld has heard from more than one source that the police had received a tip-off on Saturday night, and a special task force was given the order to "get ready".

In the statement Cele says : "Our Saps members have prevailed yet again. They were ready to strike in the early morning hours. "People often forget that it might just as well have been members of the police force who were shot and killed," said Cele. "This is a warning. Anyone who attempts to challenge the police will lose. With the festive season upon us, we are bound to see more people try their luck. But we are ready ensure that our people are not held to ransom by criminals and violent thugs."

A detective believed to have been involved in the shootout, told Beeld at the scene : "The thugs must know this is Limpopo. Here we shoot to kill." The police opened fire on the men with heavy calibre firearms and pistols. Three 9mm pistols were found in the robbers' possession.

Angle grinders
The seven men struck at the cash depot on Sunday morning at about 00:30. Security cameras and lights at the building's main entrance were shot out. Apparently the men had been wearing gloves and balaclavas, and had angle grinders with them. Some of the building's burglar bars were sawn off, and there was evidence of tampering with the alarm system. The Protea Coin group's Petrus van Niekerk said security guards, who had been hiding in another part of the building, phoned the police when they heard the shots as the men were destroying the cameras.

"The police reacted in a flash," said Van Niekerk. People who live across the road from the depot, on the corner of Nikkel and Sapphire streets, said they had hidden under their beds during the shootout. Hardwick Ramogale said : "It sounded like 100 shots."

'It felt like we were in Baghdad'
A friend of his said he peeked through a window, "but every time a shot went off, I fell to the floor. It felt like we were in Baghdad." Saps spokespeople and members in Limpopo have been forbidden from talking about the incident. All inquiries were referred to Cele's office.

Van Niekerk said they are very grateful that the robbery was foiled, and that no Saps members or security guards were injured. The company has already launched an independent investigation into the incident. Members of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) were at the scene, and are investigating the shootout.
Source : Beeld

This is clearly an attempt to give SA a better image overseas with the 2010 World cup coming up. A few weeks ago Cele gave the police the orders "to shoot to kill" ... all in the name of sports !

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South Africa Adds Drugs, Prostitution To Economic Growth Figures

South Africa included figures for drugs and prostitution in its economic growth calculation for the first time on Tuesday, but analysts said the estimated $465 million for illegal activities last year was too low. Statistics South Africa said illegal and underground activities make up only 0,2% of the economy in the country, which has one of the world’s highest rates of violent crime.

Analysts immediately cast doubt on the estimate of 3,5 billion rand ($465 million) for 2008. “I think it is a bit conservative,” said Freddie Mitchell, economist at research group Efficient.“The international community sees South Africa as a haven for drugs, so I think 3,5 (billion rand) is a bit of an under-estimation.”

The statistics agency released previously “non-observed” activities in its gross domestic product calculations for the first time, in line with international standards. The new category includes many activities like prostitution, abalone poaching and the growing and selling of drugs.

Carjacking is common in South Africa and drug use is rife in some areas and among young people. Marijuana is seen as a cash crop in many rural areas. Stats S.A. said in the release of third quarter data, which also revised and rebased previous figures, that Africa’s biggest economy measured 2,284 trillion rand, of which illegal activities make up 0,2%.
It stressed the figure was an estimate and could not give a breakdown of specific activities, including prostitution. “It’s difficult enough to estimate normal GDP before delving into the dark world of organised crime and illicit activities,” said Russell Lamberti, an economist at market analysts ETM. “We appreciate what they are trying to do but we need ... to treat the figures with caution,” he said.


Source : http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=1091468 (http://www.sowetan.co.za/News/Article.aspx?id=1091468)
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Whites Growing Poor, Homeless The Fastest

Since 1996, the proportion of Whites moving into informal dwellings has grown the fastest of all population groups. Whites are a minority of less than 3-million, blacks number 40-million. Thus it’s also logical that black shackdwellers outnumber White, mostly Afrikaners shackdwellers by about 300 to one.

These statistics appear in this year's edition of the South African Survey, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). http://www.sairr.org.za/press-office/press-releases/survey-8-press-release-12-11-2009-2.pdf (http://www.sairr.org.za/press-office/press-releases/survey-8-press-release-12-11-2009-2.pdf) In the period under review, the number of White households living in informal dwellings rose by 197%; Indians households registered growth of 92%,; the number of White households living in open-space shacks grew by 309% while those moving into backyard shacks rose by 101%. For Indians the corresponding figures were 100% and 81%.

This confirms the 2008 census by the Helping Hand charity of Solidarity trade union, which fund that more than 800,000 Afrikaners were living in ‘informal housing’ by that year in abougt 102 squatter camps and backyard-settlements. In contrast, the number of black households residing in informal dwellings grew by a relatively low 25%, albeit from figures of 1,386 637 to 1,732,604 in the period under review. For coloured households, the increase was from 57,582 to 62,365, or by 8%.

The SAIRR report notes that overall, “there was a significantly higher growth in the number of Afrikaner (they refer to this ethnic minority as a generic ‘White’ group) households residing in backyard shacks (46%) as opposed to those who erected their structures in open spaces (16%) between 1996 and 2007. This might be an attempt in some instances to ‘circumvent eviction laws’, the SAIRR writes. In the case of the Indian and ‘White’ populations they experienced more growth in open-space shacks than in backyard informal dwellings mainly because this former home-owning class now are losing their properties.

Kerwin Lebone, a researcher at the Institute, said there seem to be different motivations for the different population groups to move into informal dwellings. For the Indian and ‘White’ population groups, Lebone said, the loss of jobs, income and subsequently their homes are the primary impetus for moving into shacks.

"There are few documented cases where Africans [blacks] inhabit shacks because they have lost their homes," said Lebone. "For the majority of Africans informal settlements represent a cost-effective manner of breaking into the economic mainstream." In general, blacks seemed to migrate from rural areas, where the prospects of employment were bleak, to areas that could offer economic advancement. [meaning that the niggers move closer to White areas where they can beg for money, that failing ... rob Whites]

There is a puzzling disparity between these two SAIRR reports this week. The same institute reports (a) that ‘Whites represent the highest-income group in the country’ :  Press Statement- Disparities in wealth continue to plague South Africa - 23rd November 2009 but they also report (b) that ‘Whites’ (which we know are primarily Afrikaners) are moving into squatter shacks at a much more rapid rate than do blacks, Indians and coloureds. http://www.sairr.org.za/press-office/press-releases/survey-8-press-release-12-11-2009-2.pdf (http://www.sairr.org.za/press-office/press-releases/survey-8-press-release-12-11-2009-2.pdf)

Clearly there are two kinds of ‘Whites” as there have always been – the Afrikaner working- and middle-class, who now are proportionally becoming poorer the fastests nd moving into marginal land-sites and ‘informal housing’ faster than any other population group. And then there are those ‘other Whites,’ the English-speaking liberals who are supported by big-business enterprises and indeed still earn the highest incomes in the country. But the SAIRR does not differentiate by ethnic-identification – it’s politically not correct – so the real facts about Afrikaner poverty remain hidden behind inaccurate and confusing research reports.

Only by perusing the reports from Helping Hand, the charity run by Solidarity trade union can one ascertain the true facts.
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The ANC use Communism as the tool to gain their racial gratification. Can anyone prove otherwise?

Title: Re: Real South African News
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The ANC use Communism as the tool to gain their racial gratification
True ... but the time is coming when the communists are going to push the monkeys aside ... afterall, they are only using them ... then they will be the sole rulers.

Malema Comes Out Guns Blazing

African National Congress Youth League President Julius Malema said on Tuesday the organisation would accept a declaration of war from the South African Communist Party if it was offered. [this idiot cant even organize a piss-up in a brewery] He again lashed out at the SACP’s leadership, accusing the party of trying to impose undemocratic leaders on the country.

Malema said the treatment he received at the SACP’s conference was a planned tactic to throw down the gauntlet to the youth league, something he said would be accepted. “It was an invitation to war and I knew this. We have to leave it to the youth league to decide whether they are accepting this invite to war. The youth league accepted the invite and we are not going to retreat,” said Malema. [this should be fun if organized correctly]

The controversial young politician and his lieutenants were addressing the National Press Club in Pretoria. The league’s Deputy President Andile Lungisa said the ANC’s silence about the booing of Malema at the SACP conference was because ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe was not objective on the issue. “The ANC is silent because the ANC secretary general, comrade Gwede Mantashe, is conflicted and does not want to speak against the SACP where he is a chairperson,” said Lungisa.

He said the SACP’s Jeremy Cronin would be taught a lesson after his statement that the treatment Malema received should serve as a lesson to him. “The ANC Youth League [national working committee] is of the view that the booing of the ANC Youth League president by some delegates in the conference was planned by the leadership of the Communist Party,” said Lungisa.

Source : http://www.ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=28613 (http://www.ewn.co.za/articleprog.aspx?id=28613)
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Shaik : Why Is Zuma Free ?

President Jacob Zuma was considering convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik's application for a pardon, a spokesman said on Monday. Presidential spokesman Vincent Magwenya said Shaik had applied for pardon and it was being considered by the president. "The president is considering a number of applications and Shaik's is among them," said Magwenya. "His application is not enjoying any special consideration." Magwenya said there was no deadline for Zuma to make a decision.

"The president is not obligated to keep to any specific timeline. The Constitution allows him to grant a pardon when he has considered all the facts before him". Shaik was convicted for having a "generally corrupt" relationship with Zuma while Zuma was deputy president. The matter related to South Africa's arms deal with the French weapons company Thint. Shaik was sentenced to 15 years in prison and started his prison sentence in November 2006.

He was released on parole on medical grounds for being in the "last stages of a terminal illness" in March, but a Sunday newspaper photographed him driving around and shopping in Durban during the week [... it was a miracle ... suddenly he is in top health !] He reportedly chased after the newspaper's photographer, swearing at him in Afrikaans. Speaking to the newspaper, Shaik demanded a "f**king pardon". [... heard of a pardon, but never a "f**king pardon"!]

The newspaper Rapport quoted him saying that as long as he remained a prisoner, "other people are equally guilty. Why should I ask for pardon at all ? If three people were part of a so-called plot to elicit money out of the French, why are the French free, why is the president free and why is Shaik still a prisoner ? [clearly Shaik has never heard of a scapegoat !] Come on !" he said.

Magwenya said Shaik's pardon application was among "hundreds" of others, including those of former Vlakplaas commander Eugene de Kock and hundreds of IFP supporters who were still serving sentences for political violence [... as if the terrorist wing of the anc(mk) and pac(apla) were never guilty of political violence]. He declined to comment on Shaik's statement on why he was in prison, while the president was still free.

Source : http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20091221130306995C210030 (http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20091221130306995C210030)
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80% Of Matrics To Fail Maths

Pretoria - Over 80% of matriculants will fail maths exam paper 1 (algebra) if their grades aren't adjusted [... in order for the muds to pass]. This is the opinion of Jurg Basson, a mathematics consultant and part-time maths lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). Basson, who's seen the controversial exam paper, confirmed on Sunday the complaints of hundreds of grade 12s, subject teachers and moderators.

Once the moderating process was completed, several moderators indicated an impending "crisis" with regard to maths results [ ... the muds being the "crisis"]. A moderator in Mpumalanga, who prefered to remain anonymous, said candidates who aren't very strong fared extremely poorly, and that there are some who achieved only 2 out of a possible 150 points for the paper [... no wonder its a "crisis" ... a "no-brain crisis"].

Basson says he was very disappointed by the exam paper. It was too difficult and not compiled according to the prescribed guidelines. According to the guidelines, there must be sufficient questions on levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. "That means the compilation of questions must be done in a way that there are enough questions for weaker and very strong pupils". According to Basson, there were very few questions on level 1, while it should amount to about 30%.

"The implication is that all the weaker pupils which one hoped would pass, are not going to make it" [ ... they never do, that why the Whites have been carrying them]. He said there will be no other alternative than to adjust the grades. Basson said the candidates' achievement in maths won't improve unless the core of the problem - the teaching of the subject and the quality of the exam papers - is remedied [ ... rephrase - "the mud candidates' achievement in maths won't improve unless the papers are made easier].

Basson said while teachers in top schools might be satisfied with the paper, there are those in rural and township schools who wouldn't be able to complete the paper themselves [ ... be careful Basson, that sounds "racist" to me !]. When matriculants wrote the paper on November 6, Beeld[newspaper] reported about complaints which came streaming in, including that it had been "utterly unreasonable" and "incredibly difficult".

Granville Whittle, spokesperson for the department of basic education, said on Sunday that the department has received reports that the paper had been too difficult. The department will submit all the exam grades to Umalusi, the council for quality assurance in general and further education and training on Monday. Umalusi will have to decide whether the degree of difficulty of this particular maths exam paper was fair, as well as whether the grades should be adjusted.

Prof Kobus Maree, an educational psychologist at the University of Pretoria (UP) who also has a doctorate in subject didactics in mathematics, said adjusting the grades would be pointless. "Adjusting the grades artificially would be an injustice to the pupils, but also to lecturers who must work with them at university next year, while they don't even have the basic skills". He said the exam paper should be independently analysed. According to Maree it seems as if the majority of pupils should rather take mathematics literacy, because the current teaching of maths clearly does not make provision for them. [ ... the truth at last !]

Source : http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/cf4eb09dd4334af68a4579d2e599bc7b/21-12-2009-07-36/80_of_matrics_to_fail_maths (http://www.news24.com/Content/SouthAfrica/News/1059/cf4eb09dd4334af68a4579d2e599bc7b/21-12-2009-07-36/80_of_matrics_to_fail_maths)