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Author Topic: Malcolm Fraser: The Australian that Helped put Mugabe in Power

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In reference to the lack of complete open door policy in Australia regarding so-called refugees, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser whips out the race card and accuses the government and opposition of today, of holding racist double standards. Fraser, who participated in the destruction of Rhodesia and the putting of Mugabe onto his thrown, thinks that any White man, woman or child arriving in Australia from Southern Africa is automatically granted refugee status, $10,000 in cash grants, given a home to live in and permanent residency. The sad truth is that few Whites from Southern Africa are even permitted to migrate to Australia at all. Most often, Whites from Southern Africa first have to migrate to the United Kingdom before being able to successfully migrate to Australia.

Read the Comments: Australians remember the part their criminal prime minister played in the destruction of Rhodesia. I just wish they'd wake up to the part Fraser and his successor, Prime Minister Hawke played in the rise of the ANC and the destruction of neighbouring South Africa.

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