Feminism & Multiculturalism = Twin Evils of Marxist Social Engineering for Social Revolution

“Women’s power is difficult to see and measure. But we better get a grip on it. As long as women can pretend they don’t have any power, we can’t call them on how they use – and misuse – it. And they get to keep what they have all to themselves.”
If Men Have All The POWER – How Come Women Make The RULES?

It’s just typical of society that the author of the above quote/book (although I do thoroughly recommend it as an excellent read) not only fails to realise the correlation between sexism and racism, but also denies it. Prejudice comes in all forms and no matter what you call it, it is still discrimination.

Being White and an heterosexual male I have been and continue to be a victim of racial and sexual discrimination. I have learned that any heterosexual male who happens to be in competition with a female in any civil or legal situation will most likely come off second best. The same goes for any so-called minority. Heterosexual versus homosexual. White people versus black/brown/yellow/red.

One hundred years ago, the situation was different. We would have just shoved pitchforks up their arses. Something the homosexuals would probably have enjoyed. But a hundred years ago political correctness had not yet come to dominate our society and culture.

In The Historical Roots of Political Correctness, Raymond V. Raehn explains it thus:

“In 1924, as a result of a meeting the year before attended by Georg Lukacs and other Marxist intellectuals associated with the Communist Party of Germany, there came to be founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University in Frankfurt, Germany. This Institute became known as the Frankfurt School. Its model was the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. The members of this Institute prepared numerous studies on the beliefs, attitudes and values they assumed led to the rise of German national socialism. These were critical studies that combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis. The sum of these critical studies became known as Frankfurt School “Critical Theory.”

“Frankfurt School Critical Theory was essentially destructive criticism of the main elements of Western culture such as Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalties, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism….

“Frankfurt School Critical Theory encompasses a group of specific sub-theories such as matriarchal theory, androgyny theory, personality theory, prejudice theory, authority theory, family theory, sexuality theory, racial theory, legal theory and literary theory. These various sub-theories are used to induce an inversion of the prevailing belief system so the Marxist revolutionaries can engineer a non-violent social revolution.

“As the Marxist social revolutionaries readily proclaim among themselves, their avowed purpose is to DESTROY THE HEGEMONIC WHITE MALE STRUCTURE OF POWER. This requires the inversion of beliefs of white males so that they feel impelled to relinquish their positions to women and minorities. This reflects the psycho-dynamics of social revolution that lies at the core of Political Correctness.”

You might think that it ended there and National Socialist Germany put a stop to the Frankfurt School “Critical Theory,” but you would be wrong. Being good little Marxists, they fled the “Nazi tyrant” choosing to settle in the very place they were planning to destroy with their social revolution, the United States of America. There they were welcomed by the Internalist Elite of that country and installed in its universities to begin the work of perverting America’s youth. This form of social revolution (after spreading to other nations) came to a head in the sixties with the youth becoming the foot-soldiers of Marx. i.e. Feminists, civil rights, sexual liberation/moral perversion, the drug culture, the counter culture, ad nauseum. Fastforward thirty years and the moral reprebates of yesteryear now run the system. There is much more to the article, but that is the essence of it.

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Multiculturalism is the new religion and together with its preacher, political correctness, it has turned society on its head. Not – as is thought by the gullible – for the purposes of the betterment of humanity, but for the purposes of a Marxist take over. And just as in Marxist dictatorships, anyone or any group that speaks out against the new regime is determined to be a thought-criminal.

The Internationalist Elite at work again.

So let us rephrase the opening quote to this blog entry.

Minority power is difficult to see and measure. But we better get a grip on it. As long as minorities can pretend they don’t have any power, we can’t call them on how they use – and misuse – it. And they get to keep what they have all to themselves.