Doctor Toben Wins Extradition Case

Adelaide resident and campaigner for truth in History, Doctor Frederick Toben will not be extradited from Britain to Germany for his refusal to believe established dogma that falsely claims 6 million jews were exterminated during WWII.

Dr Toben’s solicitor, Kevin Lowry-Mullins said: ‘The offence is not made out in the UK. If Dr Toben had been extradited back to Germany for Holocaust denial, which does not exist as an offence in this country, then we would have found ourselves in a situation where hypothetically, the Iranian Government could have asked for all the gay Iranian asylum-seekers to be extradited back to Iran.’

The German Government abandoned its claims after the High Court in London decided that British authorities have no legal right to hand Dr Toben over to German authorities if he has not committed an offence under British law.

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Doctor Toben Wins Extradition Case
Doctor Toben Wins Extradition Case
Doctor Toben Wins Extradition Case
6 million minus 3 million = 6 million?

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In the 1990’s the Polish Government released new figures revising the Jewish deaths in Auschwitz during WWII. This lowered the deathtoll by 3 million. So why does 6 million minus 3 million = 6 million? Historians should be allowed to openly conduct their own investigations into all matters and not be bullied by the dogma of recalcitrant governments.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park

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