Custer’s Last Stand

Custer’s Last Stand

The White Race is being pushed into its last stand. Whether it will end in a feeble whimper or a heroic confrontation remains to be seen. General Phillip H. Sheridan is credited with the observation that “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” In July of 1874 he sent Lt. Col. George A. Custer on a special mission to wage war against the Plains Indians who had been raising havoc with the White settlers moving West. Gold had been discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming. Emigration to the West was on the increase as the railroad spanned the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 1869. Railroad surveyors were trespassing on lands the Indians considered theirs. The number of battles between the U.S. Calvary and the western Indian tribes had been sporadic but accelerating ever since the Civil War. As the White Man pressed westward the conflict gained momentum, and the friction and hatred between the Red Man and the White Man increased. One of the most hated by the Indian tribes was the colorful and dashing Col. George A. Custer himself, whom they called Yellow Hair. They did not forget his no-holds barred attack on Chief Black Kettle’s village on the Washita River Nov. 27, 1868. In this charge through the Cheyenne’s camp, Custer’s men killed 103 Indians, including Chief Black Kettle himself.

The culmination of this sporadic, but unfocused warfare came to a climax on June 25, 1876, at the Battle of the little Big Horn in Montana. In this encounter a conglomerate of approximately 5000 Indians, mostly Sioux and Cheyenne, led Custer’s contingent of cavalry in to a trap. As at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.E., and at the Alamo in 1836, the White Man made a gallant stand and fought to the last man. All 225 cavalrymen, including Custer himself, were massacred. The news of the massacre hit the nation’s capitol like a thunderclap when it was publicly announced on July 4, 1876, as the nation was celebrating its first Centennial. It led to the galvanization of public opinion and the White Man’s determination to settle the “Indian question” once and for all. The U.S. Army went about it in earnest and the back of the Indian resistance was broken at Wounded Knee on Dec. 29, 1890. In this short-lived skirmish, in which the 7th Cavalry again participated, the White Man lost one officer, six non-commissioned officers, and 18 privates. It is not known how many Indians were killed, since many escaped and died elsewhere, but 146 Indians were interred in a huge trench on the battlefield by the burial detail.

So ended ignominiously the resistance of the Indians in a botched-up battle that was of little credit to either side. It ended in a whimper for the Indians, and their mixed, mongrelized and debauched descendants, and they have been whimpering ever since. There are some hard and eternal lessons the White race could and should learn from its centuries-old experience with the Indians on the American Continent.

1) The first and foremost lesson is that the White Man, when overwhelmed by superior numbers of dark races, can be massacred and wiped out, even though at the last minute he chooses to fight, even though he fights heroically. This happened at the Alamo, it happened in San Domingo (See Creative Credo No. 30, “The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo,” in the White Man’s Bible). It has happened time and again in the history of the White Race.

2) The race issue is the foremost and most overwhelming issue in history. It has been with us since the dawn of civilization and will remain with the White Race until it resolutely decides to resolve it in its own favour, ac advocated by Creativity; or, for lack of resolution or determination it will be solved by its enemies with the total destruction of the White Race on a worldwide scale. Such a program of genocide is now in high gear, and if not reversed promptly the White Race will be finished within the next generation.

3) A weak, wavering and pusillanimous attitude by the White Race toward the racial issue will not solve the problem, nor will it appease our enemies. No amount of concessions on our part will mitigate the hatred of the Jews and the dark races towards us. They will not now, or ever, agree to live and let live as far as the White race is concerned. Their hatred is eternal until the White Race is wiped out, at which time the races will again turn on each other, as did the Indians before the arrival of the White Man.

4) In this ongoing battle of the races are three possible outcomes as far as the White Race is concerned.

(a) The White Race will be browned, mongrelized without a confrontation, without offering a fight, thereby losing its divine seed and becoming extinct. This is the lingering death, the most horrible, the most shameful, the most ignominious of all possible ends. We of the Church Of Creativity denounce and deplore such a course as the worst of all non-decisions and would much sooner face a confrontation and fight to the last man if necessary, as did the valiant men of the Alamo, as did Custer’s gallant 7th Calvary.

(b) The White Race will be sitting idly by while the darkl races expand in a population explosion as never before witnessed in history. The dark races will then turn on the reduced numbers of the White Race and massacre them at the propitious moment, such timing organized and orchestrated by the sinister Jewish powerhouse. This is what happened in San Domingo, in the Belgian Congo, in Angola, in Rhodesia, and is rapidly coming to a climax in South Africa. It also happened in formerly French Indo-China, and a number of other areas of the world that the White Man controlled as late as a decade after W.W.II, but these lessons have never been publicized or brought home to the White Race.

(c) The third and only alternative that we of the Church Of  Creativity consider as even worthy of entertaining is unabashed, total victory for the White Race. In this matter I want to quote two famous generals of this century. General MacArthur said it all when he observed “There is no substitute for victory.” We agree whole heartedly. We Creators have taken this position from the beginning and have no reservations about it whatsoever. We want total victory for the White Race until we inhabit all the good lands of this planet Earth — exclusively. There is no compromising, no appeasing, no peaceful living side by side with the dark races, the Jews and all the free loaders. We do not make this choice arbitrarily. History and Nature have made this choice for us and demonstrated clearly that there is only one other choice — only death. Speaking of dying, I now want to quote another general as colorful and dashing as was Gen. Custer. General George A. Patton said “Instead of dying for your country, make sure the enemy dies for his country.”

The point is that instead of making a desperate, unplanned and unprepared last-ditch stand and being wiped out (as was Custer’s valiant band) let us do it differently. Let us realistically confront the situation and prepare and act accordingly. We are not helpless. The situation is there for every one to see. It is clear as day. All you have to do is look. When I (Ben Klassen) wrote Nature`s Eternal Religion in 1971 I predicted (among other items) the demise of two White dominated South African countries, namely Rhodesia, and the Republic of South Africa, because of their tolerant but rather stupid racial policies, (but no more so than the U.S.). Rhodesia has now been fully “liberalized” and the White Man massacred and/or driven out, as South Africa soon will be. I remember attending a lecture at the sumptuous home of the late Countess Guardabassa in Palm Beach, Florida in the early 70’s. The speaker was the late Carol Dunn of Liberty Lobby. I remember her ebullient report on how wonderful things were in Rhodesia, what a beautiful clean city was Salisbury, one of the finest little cities in the world. All these bad reports of the world press about Rhodesia mistreating the blacks were all wrong. Why Rhodesia was doing everything possible for the blacks, giving them work, giving them homes, trying to educate them, and as some got a scintilla of education, they were taught to partake in, and given, an ever increasing role in the government itself. To hear her gush and bubble with optimism, Rhodesia was a negro paradise, and it probably was, or is as close as the negroes can ever realistically wish for.

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Anyway, she, too, thought it was great and the world at large was all wrong in heaping condemnation on Rhodesia’s alleged mistreatment of the blacks. In an area that was built by the White Man and that a century ago had very few aborigines, the nigroes at that time (1970) already outnumbered the Whites 16 to 1. A friend of mine and I privately discussed her speech later. We came to the (then) astounding conclusion that Rhodesia was actually “farming blacks”, in short feeding and breeding them at a rate that would soon consume the country. And that is just what happened. Even at that time (1970) I suspected that lan Smith, the then darling of the Kosher Konservatives, was a race traitor and selling the Whites down the river. History proved I was right. We now come to Rhodesia and what do we find ? Rhodesia is no more. The land is still there but the White Man is no longer in control, nor in existence, except for a few toadies that hold the ruins together, such as they are. The “country” is now called Zimbabwe and the once clean, beautiful city of Salisbury is called Harare. Two rival gangs of black savages are now fighting each other for control of the corpse. There is an article in the January 13, (85) Atlanta Constitution telling about the peculiar political workings of black “democracy” in that now black dominated country. It seems that opposition leader Joshua Nkomo came into town for a campaign stop in Harare and supporters of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe fired nine bullets into his bullet proof car and hurled an avalanche of rocks to properly top it off in true black fashion. This is black “uhuru” (freedom) at its best and even that shabby structure will survive only as long as the White taxpayers of the United States can be kept snookered into subsidizing these blacks to the tune of hundreds of millions.

The Republic of South Africa is larger and more formidable than was little Rhodesia, but it is going down the same track to black oblivion as did Rhodesia a few years earlier. We have the same techniques being utilized by the Jewish powerhouse, the same slogans, the same accusations and the same line of traitors undermining the structure from the inside. The finances, the news media and the government of South Africa are in the hands of the Jewish Oppenheimer family and their racial cohorts who own the vast DeBeers gold and diamond mines, and just about everything else in South Africa. Manipulating him on a string, the Jews have placed their own puppet at the head of the South African government. The treachery of Prime Minister P.W. Botha is matched (or perhaps exceeded) by that lowest of all human cretins – the race traitor from our own country who is now “visiting” that black-plagued country and agitating the negroes. His name happens to be Senator Edward Kennedy, who is following in the footsteps of his late brother Robert who was in South Africa on a similar “Hate Whitey” mission nineteen years earlier.

Lately I listened to “Crossfire”, a nightly program where a celebrity or public figure is interviewed by Tom Braden “on the Left” and Pat Buchanan “on the Right”, supposedly representing two diametrically opposed views. They play a good game on the average boob-tube yokel who is easily convinced that he is genuinely hearing both sides from diametrically opposed viewpoints. This particular night they had the South African Ambassador to the U. S. on the hot seat, with Pat Buchanan supposedly defending the Ambassador, and the Ambassador supposedly defending apartheid and the Republic Of South Africa’s position. To an experienced observer it seemed exceedingly strange how the two defenders consistently failed to review the grisly fate that befell the White citizens of the Belgian Congo, of Angola, or Rhodesia, when the blacks took over. At best they quibbled over the academic issue of “rights” and other demagogic trappery but never considered the fate or the interests of the White people. Tom Braden “on the left”, however, kept admonishing repeatedly the impending horrors of race war (horrible ! horrible ! horrible !) unless the blacks got it all, and such race war was to be avoided at all costs, even though the Whites who built the country went down the drain, even though civilization reverted back to the barbarism of the blacks.

Which brings me to a vital point in this dissertation. Why to it that when the consequences of a confrontation between Whites and Whites (such as World War II) may be a worldwide war of horrendous dimensions, there is no hesitation whatsoever about promoting it ? In fact, they can’t get such wars going fast enough. However, when a race war might be engendered, a war that would be short and strictly limited, with the White Race coming out as an easy winner, then, perish the thought ! Such horrors are unthinkable ! When 350,000 of the best White people were incinerated in a matter of a few days by “Allied” bombing raids over Dresden, Germany, during 1945, the blubbering, bleeding hearts were not particularly upset. But when so much as one black gets killed, all hell breaks loose. Why is that, you might ask ? The answer is plain. A worldwide war between Whites such as in W.W.II kills millions of Whites. There is nothing more efficient than Whites killing Whites. Nothing could make the Jews happier. A race war in the U.S.A., or in South Africa however, would kill only a few Whites, but it would totally wipe out the blacks, and the race problem would be solved. This, of course, the Jews don’t want. The Jews are looking forward to a race war alright, but they are nursing and delaying the situation until such time as they have totally softened up the White Man’s will to fight and reduced their numbers to where (like Custer) they would be wiped out even if they did have the will to fight. Each day that goes by the balance is shifting more to the benefit of the dark races, as their numbers increase, as the White Race shrinks, and as the White Race becomes pathologically more and more drugged into the stupor of a zombie. Hence the delay. But the race war is coming whether we like it or not, and it will come as soon as the dark races and the Jews are ready — and it will be bloody.

The White Race has never really had a firm, consistent policy regarding its position towards the Jews and the dark races, except for the brief period during Hitler’s regime in Germany. Even in Mussolini’s Fascist Italy, race was not really the issue, but rather the issue focused on the relationship between the state and the individual. The policy of the United States government towards the Indians, even during and before the nineteenth century, was one of vacillation and indecision, becoming softer and more pro-Indian as time went on until today one Indian is worth twenty White Men in the eyes of the Jewish occupational government. On this issue, as always, Jewish Christianity was constantly invoked about how we must love our human fellow men, how we are all God’s children and how we are all equal (oh, so equal !) in the eyes of the Lord. Strangely, when the Christians were fighting each other in the Thirty Years War and all the other religious wars, no such pangs of conscience were invoked, not in the Civil War, nor in W.W.I or in W.W.II, when the White Man was slaughtering White Men by the millions. Do you get the picture ?

It is high time we come to our senses, protect our own, get the free loaders off our back and crowd the dark races into oblivion. We Creators are not advocating a policy of going out and slaughtering anybody, not even Jews or blacks. What we are saying is, let us stop subsidizing these free loaders and they will soon wither on the vine of their own accord. Let us polarize around our own racial religion and let the dark races fend for themselves, if they can. Only when they (the Jews and the dark races) stop us from exercising our constitutional and our natural rights and wage an attack against us, then, and only then, will we spring to our own defenses and heap retribution and warfare against our enemies. (Read again Creative Credo No. 64 in the White Man Bible entitled “Law and order vs. Violence, Terrorism and Self-preservation”, esp. Article No. 8 regarding our official position).” >Print Friendly Page