Creativity Alliance in an Australian Newspaper

White supremacists target Penrith

Omar Hamwi: Penrith Press | March 29, 2010

Creativity Alliance in an Australian Newspaper

WHITE supremacists are targeting Penrith in a recruitment campaign for a group that first emerged in the US.

The Creativity Alliance has distributed flyers at Glenmore Park and Kingswood and posted a banner on the Kingswood Rd M4 overpass recently.

A Glenmore Park resident contacted the Press about the group, which has a Penrith postal address.

The resident, who asked for his name to be withheld, said he was “disgusted” by the group’s message.

“I saw the flyers and thought they were junk mail,” the 18-year-old said.

“Then I had a good look at one and thought, “What’s the point?’.”

He said the contents of the flyers didn’t have a place in Penrith.

After receiving about 10 in the past few months, he saw the banner while driving on the M4.

Creativity Alliance in an Australian Newspaper
Creativity On The Road To Success
Creativity Alliance in an Australian Newspaper

“I remembered the flyers when I saw the flag,” he said.

“I ripped it down and ditched it in a bush, but someone put it back up.”

On the group’s website, its NSW co-ordinator is listed as Chris Smith.

The Press contacted him by email and he responded to questions.

Mr Smith said the group hoped to educate white Australians about “what is really going on in the world”.

“(We are) helping them see through the everyday hypocrisy of a morally bereft society … rather than relying on a biased media and a corrupt government telling them what, how and where to think,” he wrote. “It is time white people awaken to reality and realise that doing what is best for the white race is best for themselves.”

Asked how many members the g ...

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