Cinema brawls can Lebanese gang flick

Daily Telegraph | March 01, 2009,22049,25122225-5001021,00.html

GREATER Union has pulled an Australian movie about Lebanese gang violence in Sydney within days of its release after brawls erupted outside screenings.

The film’s distributor, Australian Film Syndicate, said Greater Union informed them of the decision last night following violence outside cinemas, some of which occurred at Parramatta [more …]

Lebanese film star sentenced to prison for violence:,22049,25123833-5001021,00.html

The following comment was refused by the Daily Telegraph.

This movie is being portrayed differently around the country. In Sydney it’s about Lebanese gang violence. In Adelaide it’s portrayed as documentary style fiction about how difficult it is for the poor Lebanese victims of White racist violence to get anywhere in life unless they form gangs to fight Whitey.

And what a coincidence! There is also an almost total blackout on news in Adelaide about the Lebanese cinema brawls in Sydney.

Cailen Cambeul of Oaklands Park

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Updated: 1 March 2009 — 05:47